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Georg Soros – Clinton – EU – Zoran Zaev System: Zhurnal: SDS Selling Ministerial Roles for €60k

Zhurnal: SDS Selling Ministerial Roles for €60k
Tuesday, 28 February 2017
The SDS at the moment is without a leadership, their central committee cannot make a decision without approval from Zaev. At the moment, all decisions are made by Zoran Zaev and his brother Vice Zaev, also known as the „cash register“.Pay to Play system seen by the Clinton/Obama in the US where they were selling Ambassadorial posts to „donors“  is now adopted by the SDS

Accordiong to Zhurnal, there are two things that infuriated even the most hardened supporters of Zaev.

The first i is that the SDS leadership gave up the most important posts to DUI – including the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education and Science, Ministry of Environmental Protection, Ministry of Economy, the Secretariat for European Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Labour and social policy and director of the Public Revenue Office. Essentially, it is as if DUI won the elections, they will have 90% control of the Government and budget while having only 10 MPs.

The second thing that somehow caused an even bigger revolt was the price one has to pay for ministerial post. Two days ago prior to seeking a mandate from President Gjorge Ivanov, the SDS leader through his brother Vice Zaev conveyed a message to several people interested from SDS‘ central committee that ministerial positions in the government cost 60,000 euros in cash. The explanation was that these funds will be allegedly used for the election campaign for the upcoming local elections, adding that future ministers from SDS will certainly have incentives, opportunities and resources to reclaim (steal) their money during their tenure. Several of the possible candidates for ministers from SDS refused these conditions but for other ministers, the offer still looked attractive – reports Zhurnal.

The SDS hasn’t gotten to power yet, and are already commiting criminal acts.

Also, the SDS has a fee for a candidacy for a mayoral position, which cost 20,000 euros, also payable to Vice Zaev.  Zhurnal reports SDS‘ Muhamed Zekiri who wanted to nominate himself for mayor of Chair, now has second thoughts, the risk is too big to pay 20,000 euros just to become a candidate. The wealthier segment of the SDS, don’t mind paying the 20,000 euros fee knowing they can steal much more than that, reports Zhurnal.

Georg Soros’s Albanian Mafia with Edi Rama

Judicial Watch: US Embassy Financed the destabilization of Macedonia Macedonia Thursday, 02 March 2017


Macedonian Farmers block Roads: Ask for Traitors to be Jailed
Thursday, 02 March 2017
Kumanova Teroristen, 2015 aus Polizei Archiven und Albanischen Medien

Καζάνι που βράζει η Αλβανία - Συνεχίζονται οι διαδηλώσεις κατά της κυβέρνησης Ράμα (pics)

Macedonia, President Ivanov refuses to authorize Zaev, due to Albanian platform
Macedonia, President Ivanov refuses to authorize Zaev, due to Albanian platform

Macedonia, President Ivanov refuses to authorize Zaev, due to Albanian platform

The post-electoral crisis in Macedonia was escalated even further today.

President Djordje Ivanov refused to authorize LSDM leader, Zoran Zaev, to form a new government with the Albanian parties.

Ivanov made his decision public in a press released held in front of the media today at 16:30.

He claimed that the platform of the Albanian parties in Macedonia was drafted by a foreign country, and that it would undermine the independence and sovereignty of Macedonia.

The platform of the Albanian parties, led by the BDI, who represent one third of Macedonia’s population, is to have Albanian as the second official language.

Zaev agreed to this condition, but Gruevski has strongly opposed it, with his supporters claiming that it would bring to a federalization of Macedonia.

After this decision, the country may hold new elections.



Georg Soros: Marionette von Martin Schulz und Steinmeier: Zoran Zaev bei den Radikal Islamisten in Skopje

Die unendliche Geschichte einer Verbrecher Klasse, die sich „Eliten“ nennen, für einfachste Dinge wie Justiz in den Balkan zu korrupt und kriminell ist.

Zaev’s Kolede Song in front of BESA’s Radical Islamists
PES Budapest 2015: Gangster Treffen der Korruption: Zoran Zaev Ma
Friday, 06 January 2017 This morning thousands of Macedonian kids ventured out into the snowy conditions to sing traditional Christmas Kolede songs. Apparently, so did SDSM leader Zoran Zaev who with former interim MoI Oliver Spasovski were filmed by Zhurnal journalist visiting the headquarters of the islamic radical movement BESA who won 3MP spots in Parliament.

Zaev has given up on forming a Government with DUI. The SDSM leader called Ahmeti an illegitimate representative for the albanians in Macedonia. Apparently, Zaev is their legitimate representative and the radicals in BESA.

We have no information what was discussed at this meeting, but if the Soros and USAid financed media is any reference, they have been discussing to prep for violent protests because the SDSM will be in opposition for another four years.

Zaev’s plan for Macedonia:


Georg Soros, Zoran Zaev gathers Bitola Criminals: Igor and Vasko Angelovski

PES Budapest 2015: Gangster Treffen der Korruption: Zoran Zaev Ma
Zaev gathers Bitola Criminals, Thanks them for their Support
Thursday, 15 December 2016

Instead of heading to a scheduled Court appearance where he is criminally charged, SDSM leader Zoran Zaev headed to Bitola to thank local criminals for their election support.


Among the few dozen people gathered, Bitola based media reports the brothers Igor and Vasko Angelovski known for their ties to the undeground were seen.

A man nicknamed by locals as „Ukach“ was also seen embracing Zaev. Ukach is known for narcotic dealings, whose brother is currently in jail for transporting illegal substances.


Meanwhile, in Bitola SDSM thugs attacked Jove P (68) known for leading the only Macedonian expedition to Mt. Everest. They broke three ribs and injured his eye after they overheard him say that he wasn’t happy what the SDSM has done to Macedonia. The attackers, who were in their 20’s asked him if he was a VMRO supporter, to which he replied „No, but I am also not a traitor“.


It would be good if police sources release the names of the attackers… //Gorazd Velkovski

Circus at SEC, BESA member brings his neighbor as „witness“
Thursday, 15 December 2016
At this point, we’re turning into a Banana Republic, though we were certainly headed there before the elections.The SEC is still debating appeals by BESA and the SDSM. Both the SDSM and BESA signed off that the elections were regular, however after they lost, they are working very hard to gain extra seats. Lacking any sort of evidence for their appeals, a BESA member brought a completely confused old lady as a „witness“ of election irregularities. This is no joke.

The joke begins when it was SDSM members of the SEC who were telling the old woman to say there were voting problems, even though she is suppose to be a witness for a BESA appeal.


The old lady arrived with BESA’s SEC member, however few minutes later the BESA rep changed his story that she came alone, but was his neighbor!


Right now, it is not clear who is representing BESA and who SDSM. BESA members work for SDSM, SDSM members work for BESA, they both have the same goal, take 1 or 2 MP seats from VMRO-DPMNE.


The circus called the SEC continues.



Die EU, US, Berliner Ratten versuchen mit ihren Banden in Mazedonien die Wahlen zufälschen

Mit Terroristen und Kriminellen eng verbunden, die von Berlin, USA und Berlin unterstützten Vandalen der SDSM Banden

PES Budapest 2015: Gangster Treffen der Korruption: Zoran Zaev Ma
PES Budapest 2015: Gangster Treffen der Korruption: Zoran Zaev Ma

Die Sonder Staatsanwältin Janeva, ein altes SDSM Mitglied, eine billige Betrügerin, wo man dann beim Niveau der Berliner Politik ist.
Die US – Berliner AA – CIA Mafia in Mazedonien: „CANVAS“ – Georg Soros’s Revolution Center mit Zoran Zaev SDSM

It begins: 3 SDSM activists, 1 policeman arrested for paying people not to Vote

Friday, 09 December 2016
Image result for skopje mvr4 SDSM activists were arrested in Kocani for paying people 1000 denars in exchange for their IDs so they wouldn’t be able to vote on Sunday.


This evening at 19:00 hrs two individuals from the village of Trkanje near Kochani called police reporting there were SDSM activists going from house to house asking residents not to vote on Sunday. All they had to do was gave up their personal identifications (which are required in order to vote) in exchange they would receive 1,000 denars ($18) each.


The leader of the group, according to police sources is Sashko Mitev, who is SDSM’s representative in the villlage.

Police quickly showed up at the scene, and apprehended four individuals.


In Mitev’s possession they found a list of people, the names of people and the amount they were paid not to vote on Sunday.

Police is currently awaiting an order from a judge to investigate the home of Sashko Mitev.


Update: Among the arrested is policeman Zarko Borisov, who as a symphatizer of the SDSM shockingly was part of the group bribing voters not to vote. The third individual was Vice Janev (1969) who local residents described as quiet good person and were disappointed to find out he was part of the group. We don’t have information who the fourth detained person is.



EU – US Betrug erneut: Langzeit SDSM Mitglied: die Generalstaatanwältin Katica Janeva

Korrupter Idiotie Club der Amerikaner, der EU, NATO Mafia und immer dabei diese Betrügerin als Sonder Staatanswältin einzusetzen. Katica Janeva, ist Mitglied der Georg Soros Partei von korrupten Kriminellen rund um Zoran Zaef  der SDSM, versucht so ihre eigenen Betrugs Immobilien und Grundstücke zulegalieren. Deutschland macht auch in diesem Betrug in Mazedonien 20 Jahre schon aktiv mit. Katica Janeva wie Martin Schulz, vollkommen korrupt, Georg Soros finanziert, wobei SDSM, die Gender Parteien automatisch von der Open Society finanziert wird, wie der Müll Haufen der Grünen Partei in Deutschland, viele Rote Gangster und auch Knut Fleckenstein und der Bordell Besucher Elmar Brok.

PES Budapest 2015: Gangster Treffen der Korruption: Zoran Zaev Ma
PES Budapest 2015: Gangster Treffen der Korruption: Zoran Zaev

Mazedonien Generalstaatsanwältin Katica Janeva, eine US installierte Betrügerin wird von Allen boykottiert

Dnevnik: SPO’s Janeva has SDSM Party Membership

Saturday, 05 November 2016
katicajanevaName: Katica Janeva.

Birth Date: 09.02.1965

Member of the SDSM.

Party Membership obtained in 2004.

Membership ID signed by former SDSM leader Branko Crvenkovski.


Skopje based daily „Dnevnik“ managed to get their hands on probably the most scandalous piece of paper yet, the party membership of Katica Janeva, the leading prosecutor in the SPO.

Although the entire country suspected Katica Janeva of being an SDSM member, now, we have the proof that she is in fact affiliated with the opposition – says Dnevnik.


Dnevnik was able to verify her party ID issue number 038196, it matches to Katica Janeva.

„As soon as we received Janeva’s SDSM ID, we reached out to the SPO and Janeva, we have not received a response for four days. Her non response is the best confirmation, Katica Janeva is a member of the SDSM, and according to her ID, her membership was issued in Gevgelija back in 2004“ says Dnevnik.


The Macedonian public is already well aware of Janeva’s ties to Zaev and the SDSM. All of SPO employees are either Janeva’s relatives or with deep connections to the SDSM. Most recently, Janeva’s daughter was married into the highest ranking SDSM family in Gevgelija which further deepened her ties to the opposition.

The US has been increasingly fed up with Janeva who not just that is not popular at all, but has been involved in numerous scandals, and has practically no knowledge of the law. Janeva’s GPA at University was 6.24, which is having the same as 1.24 GPA for our American and Canadian readers. To make matters worse for the professional prosecutors, Macedonia’s top prosecutor Marko Zvrlevski’s monthly salary is 2,000 euros less than Janeva’s salary.



Janeva, however is not the only useful idiot to go. Fatime Fetai will be axed as well, after our American coup sponsors weren’t happy with her overly theatrical performance as well. „She overdid it, instead of acting to gain sympathy from the public, her theatrics did the opposite“ reports Infomax. This is the reason the US Embassy isn’t happy with her. Although, her relationship with Gavril Bubevski who is the messanger between Zaev and Janeva did not help either. Fatime is said to have been in relationship with Bubevski and are often the two remaining prosecutors in the office, staying until very late. Bubevski brought Fatime Fetai into the SPO, even though she lacked the qualifications. Bubevski is also the godfather of Zaev’s personal attorney Filip Medarski, whose mother Elica Medarski is the prosecutor in the public prosecution office.



The most interesting thing over the past several weeks is that the US is not even trying to hide their involvement in the coup and the management of the SPO. To this end, the US Embassy is paying their stooge Lenche Ristovska a two months stay in the US where she is to undergo specialized „training“ on how to better serve the Empire of chaos. Currently, what the SPO has done and is doing isn’t working. //Marija Nikolovska

Die US – Berliner AA – CIA Mafia in Mazedonien: „CANVAS“ – Georg Soros’s Revolution Center mit Zoran Zaev SDSM

Wenn man keine Wahlen gewinnen, kann, werden Berufs Kriminelle, Mörder, Nazis, Terroristen angeheuert und die EU Mafia und aus Berlin ist wieder voll in Aktion, wie mit dem Verbrecher Clan: Barzani, der Hashim Thaci Verbrecher Familie aus Drenica und so geht es rund um den Globus.

EU Verbrecher an die Front, wo Guido Westerwelle, Elmar Brok, Frank Walter Steinmeier, die Grünen Pädphilen Bande, im Spektakel des Völkerrechts widrigen Einmischung und Finanzierung von Kriminellen und Nazis nicht fehlen durfte.

Ashton Null Kompetenz mit Verbrechern in Kiew
Ashton Null Kompetenz mit Verbrechern in Kiew

Regierungs Gebäude werden aktuell mit Farbe besprüht, mit selben Methoden wie in Bosnien vor 10 Jahren (unten), denn Zerstörung ist das Einzige, was die US, Georg Soros und EU Spinner wie in Berlin kennen. Zuvor wurden schon die neuen Antiken Brunnen mit Farbe besprüht, also übelster Vandalismus, weil man keine Wahlen gewinnen kann, das EU, Berliner Demokratie Konzept.

Fotos der Zerstörung von USAID aus Berlin finanziert, um endlich die eigenen Super korrupten Betrugs Gestalten an die Regierung zubekommen, weil man Wahlen nicht gewinnen kann. EU finanzierte Schwulen Banden, wie immer bei der Zerstörung dabei.

Grandma dumps Pepsi on Irena Ristic, calls her a ‚Colorful Prostitute‘

Bei dem Spiel der Verbrecher, übernehmen die Deutschen immer den Part in den vielen Schmieren Komödien: ich bin der Gute, vermittle eine Lösung, was die verbrecherische Energie seit 17 Jahren im Auswärtigen Amte aufzeigt, wie auch in Phristina, Kiew, mit den Saudis, Katar, VAE, und Weltweit.

Deutschland ok pp

Georg Soros kriminelles Enterprise: Zoran Zaev, SDSM Partei, EU finanziert und vom CIA Pyschopaten Frank Walter Steinmeier und seinen Banden und von Martin Schulz sowieso: vollkommen korrupt und kriminell. Man finanziert auch die NGO: „Most“ verbreitet wie in der Ukraine für Verbrecher reine Desinformation und Lügen.

Financial Police: NGO MOST has questionable Money wires from Lebanon, Albania, Kyrgistan, Jordan

Thursday, 07 April 2016

Macedonia’s financial police reported it has received a tip of suspicious financial transations from and to the banking accounts of NGO MOST. The Skopje based NGO has received substantial sum of money from places such as Lebanon, Jordan, Kyrgistan, Albania, Tunisia and Palestine. Most has also sent money out to individuals as well as other „NGOs“ based in the above mentioned countries.

PES Budapest 2015: Gangster Treffen der Korruption: Zoran Zaev Ma
PES Budapest 2015: Gangster Treffen der Korruption: Zoran Zaev

George Soros, NATO and the Western Color Revolution in Macedonia


© Unknown

With tensions heating up between the United States and Russia over a number of issues – Ukraine, BRICS, sanctions, and NATO encirclement to name a few – the West continues its move in toward Russia’s borders. The latest target in the Anglo-American destabilization campaign has now come forward – Macedonia.

In the attempt to destroy the elected government of Macedonia, George Soros, NATO, and the Western Color Revolution apparatus have all come together to ensure that the will of the Macedonian people is denied as is the will of populations in all Western-style democracies.

As informed observers might well suspect, any color revolution taking place in Eastern Europe will involve the heavy hand of George Soros.

George Soros is most well-known for playing a major role in the funding and facilitating of the „Bulldozer Revolution“ in Serbia that overthrew Slobodan Milosevic in 2000, Georgia’s „Rose Revolution“ of 2003, the 2006 push to move Turkey toward a more Islamist governing structure, and even the Occupy movement in the United States among a great many others – none of which brought anything other than greater misery, impoverishment, and police state mechanisms to bear on the general public. The Occupy movement, being the only exception, still brought nothing to its participants except the opportunity to burn off excess anger and energy along with a few cracked protester skulls. It was otherwise an incredible waste of time…..https://www.sott.net/article/296717-George-Soros-NATO-and-the-Western-Color-Revolution-in-Macedonia

Katerina Bekiri, the wife of notorious criminal Zahir Bekiri – Chaush is part of the Zaev family, reports popular TV host Vasko Eftov . „I am not saying this is the connection between Zaev and Chaush, however this fact cannot go unnoticed“ says Eftov during his popular TV show „Vo Centar“.


The closeness between Katerina Bekiri and Zoran Zaev is most notable during their Viber conversation on 18-12-2015 at 22:29pm:
Zoran Zaev: Did they (police) take his phone?  

Katerina: Yes, they took it.

Zoran Zaev: That’s not good.

Katerina: They also took all the state IDs.

Zoran Zaev: Don’t worry, we’ll negate everything.

Katerina: But they already have all the evidence!

Zoran Zaev: You know who is behind us, this is going nowhere.


Katerina Bekiri was hired by SDSM Centar mayor Andrej Zernovski when he took over. Zahir Bekiri was close with Zaev, considering the fact both frequently met in the late hours at the SDSM headquaters.


Chaush was tasked with heading the operation for producing fake IDs and passports in an effort to set up the VMRO-DPMNE for being behind it, however police uncovered the operation before the SDSM can proceed with their plan.


On top of it, police found thousands of wiretapped conversations both on Zahir Bekiri’s home computer as well as two USBs.

Canvas sold Bosnia’s colored ‚revolution‘ from 2006 to SDSM
Saturday, 18 June 2016
Opposition Buys Tricks from Sarajevo from Ten Years Ago
Serbia’s Srdja Popovic (considered a terrorist by Russia, China, Egypt, Ukraine….) and his CIA financed organization CANVAS through the so-called color revolutions are trying to subvert legitimate and democratically elected governments around the globe, sold the same used project already seen in Bosnia in 2006 to SDSM’s Zoran Zaev, reports Kurir.What do you think about the „Colourful Revolution“? Do you approve of the paint throwers?Many would think that this questions relates to the current developments in Macedonia, this is precisely the question Bosnian TV „Hyatt“ asked its viewers 10 years ago, during their „Colorful Revolution“ organized by CANVAS and carried out by the opposition activists and mercenaries of the Soros Foundation in the country – identical to the situation in Macedonia.This denounces SDSM’s theses and also it confirms that a completely identical trick that ‚CANVAS‘ and Srdja Popovic used in Bosnia in 2006, was now sold to Zaev and the SDSM as something new and original. The idea is to overthrow a legitinate Government and install the opposition in power without elections.MINA already reported that the daily protests of the so-called „Colorful Revolution“ are not just a spontaneous gatherings of citizens who express dissatisfaction with the situation in the country. Every move of the local „revolutionaries“ is well thought out and organized and presented in the book „Sample for revolution“ that was given out to the sorosites in Macedonia. The painting of the monuments, throwing color in the fountains, protests, blocking streets, graffiti all over the city … all of this, is in CANVAS‘ manual. http://macedoniaonline.eu/content/view/29629/2/

US, EU Mafia bezahlt Vandalismus in Skopje: Frustrated SDSM bots paint Alexander the Great fountain

Die Mord- Todes Schwadronen, die Finanzierung von Kopf Abschneidern Terroristen und Nazis ist schon einmalig in der Welt, in der Geschichte, was die Deutsche Politik, die EU so treibt.

Die EU, US finanzierten Schwulen Verbände – NATO konform in Aktion

Aktuelle Justiz Verfahren gegen Albanische Terroristen Mafia aus Mazedonien, als Duka Brüder bekannt, mit dem Anschlag auf Fort Dix

The Duka brothers, dubious convicted as part of the „Fort Dix Five,“ were rejected in their bid to say their lawyers coerced them against testifying.

Georg Soros Stile und die Deutschen korrupten SPD Ratten immer dabei von Steinmeier bis Martin Schulz,

angela merkel

der direkt der Top Albanischen Mafia erhebliche Geldsummen für den Wahlkampf gibt, wie Ilir Meta, Dritan Prifti und dann werden Journalisten angelogen, das man niemanden finanziert. Da gibt es ein vom FBI hergestelltes Video in einem anderem Kriminal Fall, wo die Geldverteilung und Unterhaltung deutlich macht, woher das Geld kommt. Steinmeier ist sowieso nur mit Dumm Kriminellen und möglichst korrupten Gestalten unterwegs wie Barzani Clan, oder gleich in Katar und Riad, wenn man Pfründe erhält für Terroristen Finanzierungen.

PES Budapest 2015: Gangster Treffen der Korruption: Zoran Zaev Ma
PES Budapest 2015: Gangster Treffen der Korruption: Zoran Zaev SDSM Ratte des Georg Soros

Kriminelle Botschafter finanzieren mit System nicht nur Mörder, Schwulen Vereine, Terroristen, wo man im Mafi 2015 etliche erschoss, nun sogar Vandalismus.

EU, GMF, Georg Soros Money Laundering Party SDSM in Macedonia: (Zoran Zaev) and NGO „MOST“ from Lebanon, Albania, Kyrgistan, Jordan

siehe Lazim Destani merr pjesë në konferencën e nivelit të lartë në Berlin

siehe auf welchem Niveau man sich bewegt, vor allem der SPD Schleuser und Waffen Lobby, wie Bestechungs Mafia:

Echolog Web Archiv, über Vorstrafen von Lazim Destani, Mitarbeiter usw..
Frustrated SDSM bots paint Alexander the Great fountain

Friday, 03 June 2016



unglaublich, was heute mit Deutschen Steuerngeldern finanziert wird.

US Bürger schrieben eine Petion an Obama, den Verbrecher und US Botschafter Jess Baily abzulösen

Aktiv dabei ist und war auch im Sinne der im Mai 2015 elminierten Terroristen, die Deutsche Botschafterin Christine Althauser,  auch als „Six horseman of the apocalypse“ bekannt, weil man die Genfer Konvention ignoriert, im Sinne der korruptesten Oppositions Politiker im Solde von Georg Soros aktiv ist.

Das Völkerrecht, die Genver Konvention, welche auch den Diplomatichen Dienst regelt ist heute im Auswärtigem Amte unbekannt, man finanziert lieber Kriminelle für Demonstrationen, stiehlt Milliarden mit dubiosen Gestalten und Projekten und feiert sich selbst.

Bei Georg Soros NGO’s, mit dem korrupten Banden rund um Zoran Zarv, gibts es direkt eine Anleitung, wie man Farb Ballons für Demonstrationen füllt.

Soros Media Desperate: Here is How to Make Paint Balloons

Typisch: EU, GMF, Georg Soros Money Laundering Party SDSM in Macedonia: (Zoran Zaev) and NGO „MOST“ from Lebanon, Albania, Kyrgistan, Jordan oder die „Grüne“ Ulrike Lunacek im EU Parlament, wo ein Wettrennen stattfinden, wer am meisten korrupt ist, oder man versucht seine Profil Neurose zuheilen.

Rückblick: 2.2.2015
Die korrupten EU und US Banditen sind entsetzt, als man ihre Georg Soros Vertreter in Mazedonien verhaftete

Georg Soros ist wegen Bestechung und Korruption in Frankreich sogar vorbestraft, eine Aufhebung des Urteiles, wurde vom EU Menschenrechtshofes verweigert. Die Deutsche Botschafterin Christine Althauser,  plappert wie ein Kind, dem US Botschafter Jess Baily, etwas nach,

Korrupte EU, die Britischen und US Gangster sowieso finanzierten seit über 14 Monaten Demonstrationen in Skopje mit Schlägern und Kriminellen wie in Kiew und überall in der Welt.

Auch in Skophje ist einer dieser Geistig gestörten EU Botschafter eingesetzt, der von Nichts eine Ahnung hat, selbst aus korrupten Kreisen kommt, wie etliche andere EU Botschafter und Botschafterinnen.

Mazedonien: Abschaum der Menschheit: EU Botschafter Aivo Orav und der US Botschafter Jess Baily als Terroristen Finanzier


Korrupter Deppen Club in Aktion in Skopje = EU Deppen Club der Korruption und Hirnlosigkeit

EU Ambassador Aivo Orav and US Ambassador Jess Baily | Photo

To Recall the US Ambassador to Macedonia Jess Baily

We, the undersigned citizens of the United States of America ask President Obama to:

– Recall Jess Bailey, current ambassador of United States to the Republic of Macedonia (henceforth Macedonia), because of his continuous actions in violation of diplomatic conventions and norms, and for engaging in hostile activities against Macedonia;

– Direct US diplomatic staff to stop interfering in the internal affairs of Macedonia, particularly in investigating activities to destabilize the country and force a change of Macedonia’s legitimate and democratically elected government;

– Direct US officials to cease and desist preventing the Macedonian people to freely choose their government in the elections scheduled for June 5, 2016;

– Stop funding and supporting allegedly non-governmental organizations, such as the Soros Foundation, that promote ethnic and other tensions; engage in violence and acts of vandalism; and serve as instruments of political pressure in Macedonia’s politics and policies;

– Stop exerting pressure on Macedonian media to censor news and shows that are critical of US policies and actions, including of instances of US aggression, bullying, corruption and hypocrisy.

– Reveal the names and sanction appropriately all individuals involved in the mass wiretapping of Macedonian citizens. The more than million secretly recorded conversations, presumably by US and allied intelligence agencies, have been used to blackmail Macedonian government officials in an attempt to topple the legitimately elected government.

President Obama, we, the undersigned, desire excellent relations between the United States and Macedonia. However, we put you on notice that Ambassador Baily’s actions continue to cause grave damage to bilateral ties, as well as to US credibility and standing. If Ambassador Baily’s actions have been conducted to ultimately effect a change in Macedonia’s name to usher the country into NATO, be aware that the Macedonians, a sovereign people, will resist such efforts by any and all means. We hope you will agree that at a time when unfortunately, the US foreign policy is suffering defeats, recalling Ambassador Jess Baily will be a welcome change in doing the right thing and recasting the United States as beacon of freedom and liberty.


June 3, 2008 – Soros’ destabilization of the Balkans: Creating a haven for drug trafficking
publication date: Jun 3, 2008
Soros’ political and economic interference results in growth of organized crime in Europe………….

EU, GMF, Georg Soros Money Laundering Party SDSM in Macedonia: (Zoran Zaev) and NGO „MOST“ from Lebanon, Albania, Kyrgistan, Jordan

Bulgarian president: We have information of scenarios to destabilize Macedonia and the region

Video from War – crime – organisation: GMF



The German – Georg Soros: AIIS Mafia and Enver Hasani, Alber Rakipi

PES Budapest 2015: Gangster Treffen der Korruption: Zoran Zaev Ma
PES Budapest 2015: corruptioin Gangster Meeting: Zoran Zaev – Martin Schulz

Rothschild: „America Is The Biggest Tax Haven In The World“

!!!Zaev announces SDSM won’t go to elections !!!!

Financial Police: NGO MOST has questionable Money wires from Lebanon, Albania, Kyrgistan, Jordan

Thursday, 07 April 2016


Macedonia’s financial police reported it has received a tip of suspicious financial transations from and to the banking accounts of NGO MOST. The Skopje based NGO has received substantial sum of money from places such as Lebanon, Jordan, Kyrgistan, Albania, Tunisia and Palestine. Most has also sent money out to individuals as well as other „NGOs“ based in the above mentioned countries.


MOST has so far refused to cooperate with the financial police and allow it to review its accounting books. The financial police issued the following information to the press:


„Despite the professional approach by inspectors from the Financial police and our timely request to review the accounting practices at „MOST“ which included the wiring of substantial amount of money from individuals  and organizations of questionable background, the man in charge at MOST responded that he would not collaborate and will not provde any documents“, says the financial police in their response to media.


The financial police says if MOST does not collaborate, they will proceed with instruments according to the law for criminal investigation. The financial police adds their main duties are to control the money from and to Macedonia, particularly to prevent money laundering.

For now, the financial police is not sure whether MOST have broken the law, because they haven’t provided any documents.


MOST has very close connections with both Soros and the SDSM leadership. Its manager Darko Aleksov is said to be worth several million euros even though he has never held an actual job, apart from being the head of the NGO. All of MOST’s membership, roughly 100 people, belong to the SDSM. 

Georg Soros Gangster schlagen sich um die Beute bei den bezahlten Demonstrationen




wo man Kriminelle Weltweit anheuert, für Sabotage Aktionen, Drogen Schmuggel und Betrug ohne Ende. Secret Operation = George C. Marshall Center.

Führende Trottel Abteilung der Politik Abzocker und Banditen und geleitet von einem Berufs Betrüger: Niemand braucht sowas! http://www.ecfr.eu/img/logo.jpg

European Endowment for Democracy (EED) und European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR), als Ableger des CFR: Front Organisation im Drogen und Waffen Handel


Georg Soros Standard propaganda: Member of the War and crime organisation:

GermanMarshallFund and here by the GermanMarshallFund youtube canal

ZAEV natürlich nun mit Albaner Flagge

ZAEV natürlich nun mit Albaner Flagge

Georg Soros ist für Drogen Handel und Betrug, und so destabilisiert er Länder um Geschäfte zu machen. Besonders bei der Geldwäsche spielt Georg Soros Leute aus dem Drogenhandel eine besonders wichtige Rolle.

Unsere Nonsens Politiker aus Berlin, die Nichts mehr in der Welt noch in der EU zu Sagen haben, sind Geschäftspartner dieses Welt Verbrechers.


George Soros und die zwangsoffene Gesellschaft
Von Leandra Bernstein

George Soros läßt seit langem seine spekulativen Milliardengewinne in korrupte Kanäle fließen, die nach außen als „philanthropische“ oder „Menschenrechts“- Organisationen getarnt sind. Sein Ziel ist die Abschaffung jeder Form von nationaler Souveränität.
Jede Nation, die die Globalisierung (d.h. den britischen Imperialismus) ablehnt, ist eine geschlossene Gesellschaft und wird zur Zielscheibe von Soros und dessen Schattenregierung.
Das Open Society Institute (OSI), Human Rights Watch, die Soros Foundation, Extractive Industries Transparency Institute sind alle geheimdienstliche Einrichtungen britischen Stils unter der Oberaufsicht von Soros.

Soros? Programm richtete eine Katastrophe an: wahllose Privatisierung der Staatsbetriebe, schmutzige Geschäfte zum Ausverkauf militärindustrieller Bestände, Rohstoffschmuggel, Waffen und Drogen.
In nur fünf Jahren rutschten weite Teile der produktiven Arbeitnehmerschaft in
kriminelle Aktivitäten ab, und Rußland erlebte eine massive Ausdehnung des
Drogenhandels und -konsums.4
In den Jahren nach dem Zusammenbruch der Sowjetunion gründete Soros Stiftungen in 23 Ländern. Nach Beginn des Balkankriegs 1991 pumpte Soros Millionen in die Region; allein nach Kroatien flossen Gelder in Höhe von 15 Mio. $ für politische Subversion. Im Dezember 1996 stellte der kroatische Präsident Franjo Tudjman fest:
?Mit Soros? Hilfe haben [seine Organisationen] die Gesellschaft vollkommen infiltriert
An ihrem Projekt sind 290 verschiedene Institutionen und Hunderte von Menschen beteiligt.
Der Bankenapparat der Rothschilds mit seinen internationalen Verflechtungen stand und steht im Zentrum schmutziger britischer Geldoperationen von Geldwäsche über Rohstoffspekulation bis Drogen-für-Waffen-Geschäfte, Finanzierung internationaler Verbrechernetze und weitgehender Kontrolle über den Goldhandel.
Quantum-Vorstandsmitglied und Schweizer Topfinanzier Edgar de Picciotto war Mitte bis Ende der achtziger Jahre an Angriffen auf die europäische LaRouche-Organisation beteiligt, als er über die schweizerische Denkfabrik Geo-Pol Geld an den damaligen LaRouche-Mitarbeiter Laurent Murawiec leiten ließ, der jetzt für das neokonservative Hudson Institute arbeitet.6 De Picciotto ist derzeit Chef der Union Bancaire Privee,
Ableger eines dubiosen Zusammenschlusses mit Edmund Safras Trade Development Bank, die wegen ihrer Verwicklung in die Iran-Contra-Affäre bekannt wurde. Safra, der selbst den Briten zu schmutzig wurde, wurde 1999 ermordet, als Schweizer und
US-Behörden gegen ihn ermittelten, weil er Anfang der neunziger Jahre über seine Republik Bank of New York Milliarden Dollar an US-Bundesschatzbriefen auf mafiakontrollierte Banken in Moskau transferierte.
Außerdem liefen Ermittlungen gegen ihn wegen des Verdachts der Geldwäsche im türkischen und kolumbianischen Drogenhandel.
Nach Darstellung früherer Geheimdienstoffiziere des US-Außenministeriums, die mit dem Fall Soros vertraut sind, bezog Soros? Quantum Fund seine Milliarden von ?stillen Anlegern? wie Marc Rich sowie von den Mossad-Agenten Shaul Eisenberg und Rafi Eytan. Während des sowjetischen Niedergangs war Quantum-Investor Marc Rich7 eine wichtige Figur im Rohstoffschmuggel.