Abu Bakr al Baghdadi Another Pentagon PsyOp

Abu Bakr al Baghdadi Another Pentagon PsyOp

On this edition of The Geopolitical Report, we examine the Islamic State’s al-Baghdadi and the role played by the Pentagon and CIA in creating terrorist Frankensteins designed to keep the war on terror alive.

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ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi no longer in Mosul 

“The ISIS Leader Does Not Exist”: The US Military’s Stunning Conspiracy Theory Emerges From The Archives

Bush Lawyers Discussed Fate of C.I.A.Tapes

Origins and Techniques of Monarch Mind Control

State-Sponsored Terror: British and American Black Ops in Iraq

Einzige US und Deutsche Aussenpolitik
NATO Politik

Russia Documents Its Successes & U.S. War Crimes & Failures in Syria – Warns of New Terror Attacks

Sibel Edmonds on the Record: The Podesta E-mail Scandal & the Importance of Media Integrity

Seymour Hersh Says Hillary Approved Sending Libya’s Sarin to Syrian Rebels

Seymour Hersh Says Hillary Approved Sending Libya’s Sarin to Syrian Rebels

Eric ZUESSE | 28.04.2016 | WORLD
Seymour Hersh Says Hillary Approved Sending Libya’s Sarin to Syrian Rebels

In an interview with, the independent investigative reporter Seymour Hersh was asked about Hillary Clinton’s role in the Benghazi Libya consulate’s operation to collect sarin from Libyan stockpiles and send it through Turkey into Syria for a set-up sarin-gas attack, to be blamed on Assad in order to ‘justify’ the US invading Syria, as it had invaded Libya.

He said: «That ambassador who was killed, he was known as a guy, from what I understand, as somebody, who would not get in the way of the CIA. As I wrote, on the day of the mission he was meeting with the CIA base chief and the shipping company. He was certainly involved, aware and witting of everything that was going on. And there’s no way somebody in that sensitive of a position is not talking to the boss, by some channel».

This was, in fact, the Syrian part of the State Department’s Libyan operation, Obama’s operation to set up an excuse for the US doing in Syria what they had already done in Libya.

The interviewer then asked: «In the book [Hersh’s The Killing of Osama bin Laden, just out] you quote a former intelligence official as saying that the White House rejected 35 target sets [for the planned US invasion of Syria] provided by the Joint Chiefs as being insufficiently painful to the Assad regime. (You note that the original targets included military sites only – nothing by way of civilian infrastructure.) Later the White House proposed a target list that included civilian infrastructure. What would the toll to civilians have been if the White House’s proposed strike had been carried out?»

Hersh responded by saying that the US tradition in that regard has long been to ignore civilian casualties; i.e., collateral damage of US attacks is okay or even desired (so as to terrorize the population into surrender) – not an ‘issue’, except, perhaps, for the PR people.

The interviewer asked why Obama is so obsessed to replace Assad in Syria, since «The power vacuum that would ensue would open Syria up to all kinds of jihadi groups»; and Hersh replied that not only he, but the Joint Chiefs of Staff, «nobody could figure out why». He said, «Our policy has always been against him [Assad]. Period». This has actually been the case not only since the Party that Assad leads, the Ba’ath Party, was the subject of a shelved CIA coup-plot in 1957 to overthrow and replace it; but, actually, the CIA’s first coup had been not just planned but was carried out in 1949 in Syria, overthrowing there a democratically elected leader, in order to enable a pipeline for the Sauds’ oil to become built through Syria into the largest oil market, Europe; and, construction of the pipeline started the following year.

But, there were then a succession of Syrian coups (domestic instead of by foreign powers – 1954, 1963, 1966, and, finally, in 1970), concluding in the accession to power of Hafez al-Assad during the 1970 coup. And, the Sauds‘ long-planned Trans-Arabia Pipeline has still not been built. The Saudi royal family, who own the world’s largest oil company, Aramco, don’t want to wait any longer. Obama is the first US President to have seriously tried to carry out their long-desired «regime change» in Syria, so as to enable not only the Sauds’ Trans-Arabian Pipeline to be built, but also to build through Syria the Qatar-Turkey Gas Pipeline that the Thani royal family (friends of the Sauds) who own Qatar want also to be built there. The US is allied with the Saud family (and with their friends, the royal families of Qatar, Kuwait, UAE, Bahrain, and Oman). Russia is allied with the leaders of Syria – as Russia had earlier been allied with Mossadegh in Iran, Arbenz in Guatemala, Allende in Chile, Hussein in Iraq, Gaddafi in Libya, and Yanukovych in Ukraine (all of whom except Syria’s Ba’ath Party, the US has successfully overthrown).

Hersh was wrong to say that «nobody could figure out why» Obama is obsessed with overthrowing Assad and his Ba’ath Party, even if nobody that he spoke with was willing to say why. They have all been hired to do a job, which didn’t change even when the Soviet Union ended and the Warsaw Pact was disbanded; and, anyone who has been at this job for as long as those people have, can pretty well figure out what the job actually is – even if Hersh can’t.

Hersh then said that Obama wanted to fill Syria with foreign jihadists to serve as the necessary ground forces for his planned aerial bombardment there, and, «if you wanted to go there and fight there in 2011-2013, ‘Go, go, go… overthrow Bashar!’ So, they actually pushed a lot of people [jihadists] to go. I don’t think they were paying for them but they certainly gave visas».

However, it’s not actually part of America’s deal with its allies the fundamentalist-Sunni Arabic royal families and the fundamentalist Sunni Erdogan of Turkey, for the US to supply the salaries (to be «paying for them,» as Hersh put it there) to those fundamentalist Sunni jihadists – that’s instead the function of the Sauds and of their friends, the other Arab royals, and their friends, to do. (Those are the people who finance the terrorists to perpetrate attacks in the US, Europe, Russia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, India, Nigeria, etc. – i.e., anywhere except in their own countries.) And, Erdogan in Turkey mainly gives their jihadists just safe passage into Syria, and he takes part of the proceeds from the jihadists’ sales of stolen Syrian and Iraqi oil. But, they all work together as a team (with the jihadists sometimes killing each other in the process – that’s even part of the plan) – though each national leader has PR problems at home in order to fool his respective public into thinking that they’re against terrorists, and that only the ‘enemy’ is to blame. (Meanwhile, the aristocrats who supply the «salaries» of the jihadists, walk off with all the money.)

This way, US oil and gas companies will refine, and pipeline into Europe, the Sauds’ oil and the Thanis‘ gas, and not only will Russia’s major oil-and-gas market become squeezed away by that, but Obama’s economic sanctions against Russia, plus the yet-further isolation of Russia (as well as of China and the rest of the BRICS countries) by excluding them from Obama’s three mega-trade-deals (TTIP, TPP & TISA), will place the US aristocracy firmly in control of the world, to dominate the 21st Century, as it has dominated ever since the end of WW II.

Then, came this question from Hersh: «Why does America do what it does? Why do we not say to the Russians, Let’s work together?» His interviewer immediately seconded that by repeating it, «So why don’t we work closer with Russia? It seems so rational». Hersh replied simply: «I don’t know». He didn’t venture so much as a guess – not even an educated one. But, when journalists who are as knowledgeable as he, don’t present some credible explanation, to challenge the obvious lies (which make no sense that accords with the blatantly contrary evidence those journalists know of against those lies) that come from people such as Barack Obama, aren’t they thereby – though passively – participating in the fraud, instead of contradicting and challenging it? Or, is the underlying assumption, there: The general public is going to be as deeply immersed in the background information here as I am, so that they don’t need me to bring it all together for them into a coherent (and fully documented) whole, which does make sense? Is that the underlying assumption? Because: if it is, it’s false.

Hersh’s journalism is among the best (after all: he went so far as to say, of Christopher Stephens, regarding Hillary Clinton, «there’s no way somebody in that sensitive of a position is not talking to the boss, by some channel»), but it’s certainly not good enough. However, it’s too good to be published any longer in places like the New Yorker…..

Video evidence that FSA terrorists use Chemical Weapons in Syria

These are old videos (2012 / 2013) where three terrorists are identified by screenshots. These terrorists appear in a chemical gas test video.


Top US and Saudi Officials responsible for Chemical Weapons in Syria

Evidence leads directly to the White House, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Martin Dempsey, CIA Director John Brennan, Saudi Intelligence Chief Prince Bandar, and Saudi Arabia´s Interior Ministry.
The Strategic Situation, leading up to the Use of Chemical Substances in the Eastern Ghouta Suburb of Damascus on 21 August 2013.

Christof Lehmann (nsnbc) : On 21 August 2013, the Syrian Arab Army launched a major military campaign in Damascus. The campaign, called “Operation Shield of the Capital”, was the largest military operation of the Syrian Arab Army in the Damascus region since the beginning of the war in 2011.

ObamaDempseyBandarAlthough U.S. Intelligence reports repeatedly stressed that the opposition was incapable of launching a major, well coordinated attack, the Syrian Army in Damascus was confronted with an organized fighting force of 25.000 men under arms.

The Saudi Arabia backed Jihadist front had amassed 25.000 fighters, organized in 13 battalions or kitab, to to launch a major assault against the capital Damascus. Most of the battalions belonged to Jabhat al-Nusrah and Liwa-al-Islam. The other battalions that took part in the campaign, were the Abou Zhar al-Ghaffari, al-Ansar, al-Mohajereen, Daraa al-Sham, Harun al-Rashid, Issa bin Mariam, Sultan Mohammad al-Fatih, Syouf al-Haqq, the Glory of the Caliphate, the Jobar Martyrs.

During the night of 20 to 21 August and during the early morning hours of 21 August, the Syrian Arab Army broke through the insurgent lines in the area near the Jobar entrance. The breakthrough resulted in a collapse of the jihadists defensive positions and to a crushing and decisive strategic defeat of the Jabhat al-Nusrah led brigades.

Al-Mafraq to Jobar

The (A) is located in the Jobar district of Damascus.

The Strategic Significance of the Jobar Entrance and the Defeat. Cutting off the Insurgents’ Logistical Life-Line to Al-Mafraq and U.S. – Saudi Supplies.

The significance of the Jobar Entrance was that it both enabled the insurgents to launch attacks against the center of Damascus and that it was the sole remaining logistical supply route.

From Jobar, the insurgents could launch attacks. From Jobar they could infiltrate operatives, bombs and car bombs into the heart of Damascus. Loosing the Jobar Entrance also meant that the insurgents lost their last remaining route through which they could receive reinforcements and U.S. and Saudi supplies from Jordan.

Loosing Jobar effectively cut off the insurgents connection to the Jordanian border town of Al-Mafraq, the most important logistical base for the insurgents as well as for Saudi Arabia and the United States in Jordan….

Al-Mafraq was already used as a major staging ground for the two failed attempts to conquer the city of Homs in June and July 2012. In 2012 al-Mafraq became the staging ground for some 40.000 fighters; more than 20.000 of them fought under the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, which was under the command of Abdelhakim Belhadj and his second in command, Mahdi al-Harati.

The CIA maintains a station, US Special Forces (JSOC) train insurgents, and several other US institutions are present in al-Mafraq. The point is of particular importance with regards to the visit of the U.S. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to Jordan, which will be detailed below. Al-Mafraq has been the major transit point for Saudi and U.S. arms shipments since 2012, and the delivery of advanced Saudi and U.S. weapons to the insurgents since early August 2013.


Javad ZarifIn early September 2013, Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif stated, that Iran had sent a memo to the White House via the Swiss Embassy in Tehran. Tehran had reportedly informed the USA that handmade articles for chemical weapons, including Sarin gas, were being transferred to Syria. The White House failed to respond.


Saudi and U.S. Involvement. Political and Military Responsibility.

There is a growing and substantial amount of evidence that indicates direct U.S. and Saudi involvement in the chemical weapons attack. To begin with one merely has to answer the fundamental question “Who Benefits”, and the answer is definitely not “the Syrian government”.

In fact, the  Federal German Intelligence Service (BND) claims that it has intercepted phone calls between Syrian officers and the Syrian High Command. The BND is convinced that none of the Syrian forces have used a chemical weapon. Leaving alone any moral considerations, the domestic and international repercussions were foreseeable and there would not have been any strategic benefit for the Syrian Army or the government.


Zahran Alloush receives Orders directly from Saudi Intelligence.

Liwa_al-Islam Commander and Chemical Waeapon Expert Zahran Alloush has been working for Saudi Intelligence since the 1980s

Liwa_al-Islam Commander and Chemical Waeapon Expert Zahran Alloush has been working for Saudi Intelligence since the 1980s

Several commanders of al-Qaeda brigades in Syria have stated that Zahran Alloush receives his orders directly from Saudi Intelligence. Russian diplomatic sources stated among others, that many, even opposition members, were appalled by the use of chemical weapons in Syria and that people of many different political observances have provided information to Russian diplomats.


Hersh’s journalism is among the best (after all: he went so far as to say, of Christopher Stephens, regarding Hillary Clinton, «there’s no way somebody in that sensitive of a position is not talking to the boss, by some channel»), but it’s certainly not good enough. However, it’s too good to be published any longer in places like the New Yorker. And the reporting by Christopher Lehmann was better, and it was issued even earlier than Hersh’s; and it is good enough, because it named names, and it explained motivations, in an honest and forthright way, which is why Lehmann’s piece was published only on a Montenegrin site, and only online, not in a Western print medium, such as the New Yorker. The sites that are owned by members of the Western aristocracy don’t issue reports like that – journalism that’s good enough. They won’t inform the public when a US Secretary of State, and her boss the US President, are the persons actually behind a sarin gas attack they’re blaming on a foreign leader the US aristocrats and their allied foreign aristocrats are determined to topple and replace.
Massenmord an Zivilisten, als einziges Programm der NATO, Berlin, USA

US Politiker, EU Mafia, Pentagon, SPW-Berlin die modernen Taliban: How America backed the ISIS Takeover and Destruction of Palmyra

Einmalig die Verbrechen überall, von der KAS angefangen, korrupten Gestalten im Auswärtigen Amte, KfW, Elmar Brok, Martin Schulz immer dabei, Volker Perthes, die Deutschen Aussenminister Mafia beim Massenmorden, Lügen, Ethnische Säuberungen: vom Balkan, Kosovo, über Afghanistan, Libyen, Syrien, bis zur Ukraine: Triebfeder: dumpe kriminelle Energie.

EU Commission

Die Taliban sind Nichts, gegen diese Leute, welche heute die unnützte NATO Terroristen Organisation befehlen.

US-Analyst Stratfor über NATO: Anachronismus ohne jeglichen Zweck

US-Think Tank: Feindliche Übernahme in Deutschland mit Hilfe gekaufter CIA Gangster, wie Volkes Perthes

Korrupter Deppen Club der EU mit dem Türkischen Hitler und IS Capo: Ahmet Davutoglu
Korrupter Deppen Club der EU mit dem Türkischen Hitler und IS Capo: Ahmet Davutoglu

Nigel Farage schockiert mit Erklärung

Schriftgrösse: Decrease font Enlarge font

Der britische Politiker hat gesagt, dass die EU eine Schandtat in der Ukraine begangen habe und das niederländische Referendum eine Wohltat für Europa sei.

Nigel Farage, Parteichef der UK Independence Party (UKIP) und Mitglied des Europäischen Parlaments, schockierte mit seiner Rede über das niederländische Referendum im Europäischen Parlament. Er sagte , dass diese Entscheidung „der Beginn einer neuen Politik“ war und jetzt „würden die Menschen über die antidemokratische EU triumphieren.“

Andere EU-Politiker zögerten nicht, seine scheinbar provokative Erklärung zu attackieren. So fragte der Schwede Peter Eriksson, wie er ein Referendum geniessen könne, wenn dies Putin froh machen würde.“ Der Brite hatte erklärt, dass die Europäische Union eine Schandtat in der Ukraine begangen habe und mit dem Sturz und eine korrupte Regierung förderte.

„Wir begannen tatsächlich mit einem Stock den russischen Bären zu stechen und waren dann von seiner Reaktion überrascht. Das hätten wir nicht tun müssen“,sagte Nigel Farage.


Eine ganz besondere Art den Ausgang des Referendums zu kommentieren, hat El Resitas im spanischen TV in einem Videoclip. Der Mann ist in ganz Spanien für seine speziellen Statements bekannt.

Ein herzzerreißendes Propagandabild, das Entworfen ist, um Eine große US-Militäroperation Innerhalb Syriens gegen das Syrische Militär zu Rechtfertigen.

Ein herzzerreißender Propagandabild, das entworfen ist, um eine große US-Militäroperation innerhalb Syriens gegen das syrische Militär zu rechtfertigen.



How America backed the ISIS Takeover and Destruction of Palmyra

EDITOR’S CHOICE | 17.04.2016
How America backed the ISIS Takeover and Destruction of Palmyra

As explosions from detonated mines continued in the background a Syrian general confirmed in some detail an ugly truth: Washington and its close allies Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Israel backed the ISIS takeover and destruction of Palmyra.

Most of the weapons ISIS used were from the US , with some ammunition from Israel . ISIS had US Hummers, spinning explosive projectiles and military rations from the US , Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

That should not have been a surprise. US officials admitted in 2014 that their allies Turkey , the Saudis and Qatar were backing every single armed group in Syria , in an attempt to overthrow the Syrian Government led by President Bashar al Assad.

Our group of 30 journalists visited liberated Palmyra on 14 April, 18 days after the Syrian Army freed the historic city from a ten month reign of terror. Syrian bulldozers were cleaning debris while Russian sappers continued exploding mines. Three thousand had been cleared and another 30 exploded in the two hours we were there.

We saw the damaged buildings, bomb and mine craters along the roads, and the bizarre steel and wire structure where ‘infidels’ and pro-government people were publicly crucified and beheaded, their bodies drained of blood into what had been a pleasant fountain next to the entrance to the historic sites. We saw the extensive vandalism to the museum, with all human or animal statues beheaded or damaged.

More than 1,600 ISIS terrorists – many from Chechnya , Saudi Arabia , Tunisia and other countries, as well as some Syrians – had converged on Palmyra in May 2015, just as Jabhat al Nusra (al Qaeda in Syria ) led an invasion of NATO-backed Islamists from Turkey into Northern Syria . The ISIS groups invading Palmyra came from the east: from Raqqa, Deir eZorr and Abu Kamal, but also a group from the west.

The US, which since 2014 claimed to be conducting a war against ISIS in Iraq and Syria, and which had air power and sophisticated surveillance of the region, did nothing to stop the huge ISIS advance on Palmyra.

Again, this should have been unsurprising. Eight months earlier General Martin Dempsey, head of the US military, admitted that his ‘major Arab allies’ were funding ISIS . In response, Senator Lindsay Graham, chair of the US Armed Forces Committee, defended the sponsors of ISIS , saying ‘they fund them because the Free Syrian Army couldn’t fight Assad, they were trying to beat Assad’.


Romanian Anti-Corruption Prosecutors Seize Billionaire’s Assets

Romanian Anti-Corruption Prosecutors Seize Billionaire’s Assets

Jailed agriculture magnate Ioan Niculae, Romania’s richest man, still controls some 50,000 hectares of agricultural land.

21 December 2015

Billionaire Ioan Niculae (pictured), already serving a two-and-a-half-year prison sentence for illegally financing Romania’s Social Democratic Party (PSD) in the 2009 elections, has had assets seized under another criminal investigation.


Romania’s National Anti-Corruption Directorate (DNA) seized $ 2.7 million worth of property owned by InterAgro, a fertilizer and agricultural conglomerate he controlled, the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project writes, citing local media.


Romanian prosecutors alleged this week that Niculae has been a party to corruption, tax evasion, buying influence and abetting money laundering, and that Niculae’s companies InterAgro and Intervitt were involved in a major money laundering scheme, Romania Insider reports.


The property seized included 43 plots of land covering more than 100 hectares, two farms, a hotel complex, pastures and apartment buildings, according to the DNA, which had outlined aspects of the investigation in a July press release.


Through his companies, Niculae still reportedly manages approximately 50,000 hectares of agricultural land and owns 170 hectares of vineyards.


The DNA claimed that Niculae bribed Gheorge Bunea Stancu, the former chairman of the Braila County Council Stancu, to intervene with government officials, with bribes allegedly made to high-level officials to obtain tax incentives and public subsidies for the fertilizer produced by InterAgro, Mediafax reported (in Romanian).


“In the 2009 indictment, prosecutors showed that Stancu used his influence and authority as chairman of the Braila County PSD to breach legal provisions on party financing and took a [$ 1.08 million] loan from Niculae to support the election campaign of PSD presidential candidate Mircea Geoana,” the OCCRP writes.


  • Niculae, who owns top flight soccer club Astra Giurgiu, once paid 50,000 euros to shoot an elephant in South Africa, and have it stuffed and shipped to his home, the Mail Online reported.


  • Eight years after joining the EU, and 13 years after the DNA was set up, “Romania seems to be finally getting serious with organized crime” the BBC wrote in February, following the arrest of Elena Udrea, a former minister of tourism and former presidential candidate dubbed „the president’s blonde.“


  • Last year, the DNA, which relies on the secret services for wiretaps of senior figures, convicted 1,138 leading public figures, including top politicians, business executives, judges and prosecutors, according to the BBC.


  • Victor Ponta, Romania’s only sitting prime minister to face trial over allegations of fraud, tax evasion and money laundering, resigned in November. A third of Romania’s political elite face prosecution or are already in jail, a third fear they will be, and a third still think themselves untouchable, TOL columnist Martin Ehl writes.


  • Romania’s corruption-fighting efforts have yet to convince foreign investors it is a safe place to do business, The Economist says. The country came 69th last year in Transparency International corruption index, showing no improvement from its 2013 ranking.

Intelligence Service: Romanian prepaid cards are used in Iraq and Syria

Romanian prepaid cards have been used in several conflict areas, including in Iraq and Syria, according to the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI). These cards can be used by members of terrorist organizations, SRI has told local news station Digi24. The service couldn’t confirm if these cards were related to the attacks in Paris and Brussels. The Romanian Prime Minister Dacian …

Read more.

Kumanova Mafia: Another Macedonian Albanian Reported Killed in Syria

Kumanovo, is in the hand, of some Mafia Clans: One is the familiy of Hashim Thaci: Sejdij Bajrusch

Thaci Sejdui has links with the Pec mafia in Kosovo and with Pec kingpin and Kosovo Prime Minister Hashim Thaci. He also has ties to police and tax official in Macedonia.
Petra Miteva Sejdiu is allegedly close to Petra Miteva, former chief of the Macedonian internal revenue service. His wife is related to Menduh Thaci, a relative of Kosovo Prime Minister Hasim Thaci.

Hashim Thaci’s Schwager sitzt natürlich auch im Knast: Sejdij Bajrusch: Mafia Boss von Kumanovo! Der Dick Marty Report über diese Verbrecher Banden, des Kosovo.

just criminals:
Ein Dumm Krimineller aus der Hashim Thaci Familie festgenommen: Fahredin Gashi
NATO Secret Report, english
Der NATO Geheim Bericht 47 Seiten, über den Super Verbrecher Xhavit Halili und Hashim Thaci, bis Ekrem Lluka

Bin Laden and The murky past of Bill Clinton should be investigated


Bill Clinton and Osama bin Laden ratlines in Bosnia: Clinton is a hypocrite!

14 May 14

Another Macedonian Albanian Reported Killed in Syria

A 31-year-old man formerly convicted of planting a bomb in Kumanovo has reportedly been killed fighting in Syria, increasing the number of Macedonian citizens killed in the violence there to at least six.

Sinisa Jakov Marusic


Syrian rebels | Photo by: Wikimedia Commons

Thirty-one-year-old Adnan Rexhepi from Kumanovo, northern Macedonia, died on Saturday while fighting with a rebel group against the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, Albanian-language media in Macedonia have reported.

He was reportedly killed in the Syrian province of Sham.

„We have received the news that our brother Adnan died as a martyr in Sham, Allah have mercy on him, we feel proud that we had him,“ friends were cited writing on Facebook by the Albanian-language INA news agency.

Rexhepi was a former insurgent of the now defunct National Liberation Army, NLA, which fought the Macedonian security forces during the conflict in the country in 2001. The conflict ended that year with the signing of a peace accord.

In 2003, Rexhepi was arrested by Macedonian police and sentenced to four years in prison for placing a bomb in the centre of Kumanovo along with several other acomplices. The explosion caused by the bomb injured three people.

Rexhepi is the sixth Macedonian citizen who has reportedly been killed in Syria. Some unofficial reports say that more than 300 Albanians from Macedonia might have already joined Syrian rebels. However, Macedonian authorities said it was impossible to obtain a complete picture.

Addressing this issue in January, the head of the Islamic Religious Community in Macedonia, IVZ, Sulejman Rexhepi, warned Muslims not to get involved in the sectarian conflict raging in Syria.

Adnan Rexhepi reportedly died on Saturday

“There is terror going on there between brothers and I do not see what is the point now of helping one side against the other,” the cleric said.

Macedonian law forbids citizens from taking part in foreign paramilitary groups. If evidence exists that some of them fought in Syria, they could face trial in Macedonia.

Experts have suggested that the bulk of Balkan fighters in the Syrian conflict are being recruited in western Europe and that they are entering the country through Turkey.

Local ethnic Albanian analysts say the Macedonian citizens fighting in Syria are not mercenaries.

Albanians make up about a quarter of the population of Macedonia, and are concentrated in the west of the country.


30 Aug 13

Syrian War Claims Macedonian Albanian Lives

Three Macedonian Albanians have been reported killed in Syria – but the fact that they all left from Germany or Austria suggests they were recruited in the West.

In Kondovo, Mujahedin Claims Echo Old Fears

12/5/2004 ( Gruevski’s intervention into the debate over Kondovo on Friday echoed previous complaints made by his party in 1995, when they voiced fears over the opening of the village’s madrasah (Islamic school). They also came at a time when local newspaper Vreme unveiled sensational claims that the US Embassy’s recent closure came about after a mujahedin plot connected with said village. The allegations from the scoop-friendly newspaper came on Friday. Vreme claimed that the reason for last week’s brief closure of the American Embassy, USAID and other offices was due to attempted infiltration by mujahedin from Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. The paper claims that the individuals concerned were attempting to bring large amounts of cash to the fighters in Kondovo, and tried to enter the country through Skopje Airport rather than Kosovo, as the latter option was deemed less likely to succeed.

According to the newspaper, the nefarious action was “…unearthed by Macedonian counterintelligence staffers, who had immediately notified the US embassy about the potential security threat.” According to this story, the mujahedin were “immediately deported” at the airport.

While an interesting story, it is important to note that we have not been able to confirm this allegation from other stories at time of publication.

According to Dr. Ramiz Zekaj’s The Development of Islamic Culture among Albanians in the 20th Century (Albanian Institute of Islamic Thought and Civilization: Tirana, 2002), the Isa Bej madrasah was established in Kondovo to cope with overwhelming demand for Islamic education after Macedonia’s independence. “…For this reason, the group of engineers chose Kondova village in the suburb of Skopje in order to build the medrese’s complex, which included 3 grandiose constructions that are built in an area of 7,000 square meters.” (pp. 86-87).

The author adds that the school contains nine classrooms, a library, bookshop, prayer room, language laboratory, sports hall, etc., and includes foreign Islamic students among its ranks.

However, on 1 March 1995, the opposition VMRO-DPMNE, then led by Ljubco Georgievski, condemned the construction of the madrasah, calling it “…a substitute for the so-called university in Tetovo. It will support Islamic fundamentalism and will lead to a complete destabilization of Macedonia.”

In June 2002, George Soros’ Open Society Institute funded an attempt to foster a dialogue between the Kondovo Islamic center and a Skopje Orthodox church through art. Earlier this year, the long-debated Tetovo University was legalized.

Now, almost ten years after VMRO’s charge, its veracity is again being questioned.

Banditen Leben im Kosovo, der Terroristen Organisationen, auch lt. US Botschafter und Sonder Gesandten Robert Gelbard in 1998 und den OSCE Berichte, ebenso als Bin Laden Partner von Terroristen dokumentiert, u.a. durch den damaligen Geheimdienst Chef: Fatos Klosi. Kumanovo, da fällt einem gleich der Schwager von Hashim Thaci ein: Sejdij Bajrush! Anführer der Terroristen Organisation AKSH und vor Jahren verhaftet, als Schmuggler von Drogen und Zigaretten und natürlich mit “Hummer” unterwegs. Ebenso der Onkel von Hashim Thaci: Fahredin Gashi , wurde wegen zahlreichen Verbrechen, zu 15 Jahren Haft verurteilt, ebenso der Ermordung von Zivilisten. Die Dümmsten fahren eben diese Autos auf dem Balkan. Poroj unweit vonTetovo, Sammelbecken der Taliban Banditen Europas. Hashim Thaci und die Terroristen, seine eigenen Verwandten! Die Familie Gashi, gehört zu den kriminellstenVerbrechern Europas, wobei man guten Erfolg hatte mit dem Kosovo Service spezial, auch mit dem UNMIK Chef Michael Steiner und heute verwandt ist. Morder, Folterer, Terroristen, Drogen Bosse, sind enge Partner der Deutschen SPD, so auch Gernot Erler, Steinmeier und Co. wie Joschka Fischer und vor allem von bestimmten US-Politikern, was Nichts Neues ist.

WILD WEST IN THE BALKANS An ethnic Albanian rebel riding through the village of Sipkovica,
West Macedonia, Aug 2001 photo FONET
Original Albaner Bandit aus 2001!

NLA/UCK rebels
Macedonian Conflict 2001 – not an issue of human rights but
a struggle for territory and Albanian domination (NLA rebels)

Tetovo and Greater Albania:
Tetovo During World War II, 1941-1944

und hier historische Fakten der Albaner Banditen in der Region

Massachusets Institut of Technology (MIT): Syrischer Giftgasangriff vom 21.August stammte von Dschihadisten – nicht von Assad

Die Partner der NATO und USA: Betrug ohne Ende, Lügen und Falsch Informationen für Krieg

Giftgas Angriff, durch den CIA Chef, krorupte US Miltärs und Politiker und Prinz Bandar der auch die Terroristen in den Balkan brachte nach Bosnien und in den Kosovo
Stratfor: from Kosovo to Syria, America and Putin’s Bluff

Russland fordert den UN Sicherheits Rat auf: Saudi-Arabien auf die Terrorliste zu setzen

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Zwei US Forscher belegen: Syrischer Giftgasangriff vom 21.August  stammte von Dschihadisten – nicht von Assad

In ihrer Studie »Possible Implications of Faulty US Technical Intelligence«  untersuchen der ehemalige UN-Waffeninspekteur Richard Lloyd und der Professor des Massachusets Institut of Technology (MIT) Theodor Postol vor allem die eingesetzten Raketen, mit denen nach Erkenntnis von UN-Waffeninspekteuren am 21. August letzten Jahres Saringas in mehrere Ortschaften in der Region Ghouta geschossen wurde.

Im Ergebnis verglichen sie  Geheimdienst-Karten der Region mit der Reichweite der eingesetzten Raketen.


So könne das Saringas nicht aus Gebieten abgeschossen worden sein, die zu dem Zeitpunkt von syrischen Truppen kontrolliert wurden. Die US-Regierung hatte mit eben jenen Karten am 30. August aber die Täterschaft des syrischen Militärs zu beweisen versucht, berichte auch das ND.

Ihre Erkenntnisse stützen die Forscher auf Berechnungen der möglichen Flugbahn und andere technische Spezifikationen der Geschosse. So ließen die aerodynamischen Eigenschaften der Raketen nur eine maximale Reichweite von zwei Kilometern zu. Zum Zeitpunkt des Angriffs seien sämtliche für einen Abschuss in Frage kommenden Gebiete aber in Hand oppositioneller Milizen gewesen.

Lloyd und Postol gehen auch auf die politischen Implikationen der Geheimdienstangaben ein: »Diese falschen Informationen hätten zu einem ungerechtfertigten US-Militärangriff« führen können. Eine genaue Bewertung der eingesetzten Munition hätte zu »einer völlig gegenteiligen Einschätzung der Situation führen müssen.«



Gegenüber der Washingtoner Tageszeitung McClatchy erklärt Postol, dass er selbst zuerst von einem Angriff durch Assad-Truppen ausgegangen war: »Als ich mit dieser Arbeit anfing, war ich der Meinung, dass niemand außer der syrischen Regierung hinter dem Angriff stehen könne. Aber jetzt bin ich mir keiner Sache mehr sicher.« Die Berichte der US-Regierung seien »nicht einmal nahe an der Wahrheit«. Zur Frage, ob Oppositionelle hinter dem Angriff stecken könnten, sagt er: »Die syrischen Rebellen haben sehr wahrscheinlich die Fähigkeit solche Waffen herzustellen. Ich denke, sie könnten eher dazu fähig sein als die syrische Regierung.«

Der Giftgasangriff in der syrischen Region Ghouta kostete am 21. August letzten Jahres nach unterschiedlichen Angaben bis zu 1700 Menschen das Leben. 

Russische Staatsmedien berichteten schon früher über Beweise, die auf eine Täterschaft der Rebellengruppe „Ansar al Islam“ hindeuten.

Demnach gibt es sogar ein  Bekennerschreiben der Ansar al Islam für das Gas-Attatat vom 21. August.

Russiche Medien wie RT berichten aktuell über das Bekenntnis der Rebellengruppe “ Liwa al Islam“ 

Sie gelten als Al Ka<ida nahe udn sudisch gesteuerte Dschihadgruppe,

Die wichtigste ausländische Geldgeberin der Befreiungsfront ist die Regierung Saudi-Arabiens.[2] Im April 2013 sagte diese allerdings zu, sie nicht mehr direkt, sondern nur noch durch das Oberste Militärkommando zu unterstützen.[1]

In Blogs wurde berichtet, dass am 15, September nach einem Angriff syrischer Rebellen auf kurdische Peshmergas drei syrische Rebellen getötet wurden, in dessen Taschen ein Video gefunden wurde, dass vom Tag des Attentates nämlich von 21. August stammt und indem Rebellen mit Giftgasmasken zu erkennen sind, was auf eine selbst inszenierte Aktion der Rebellen hindeutet.


In dem Video gibt es eine Bezugnahme auf eien Militäroperation der Rebellen bei Damaskus am 21. August udn eine Erwähnung der Gruppe „Liwa al Islam“ und auch entsprechende Fahnen der Gruppe sind im Video zu sehen .  

Offensichtlich handelt es sich um einen Angriff bzw eine Militäroperation der Rebellen bei Damaskus, die den Namen “ Reeh Sarsar“ hatte.

Das Video zeigt auch exakt jene Granaten, die von der UN als Giftgasgranaten sichergestellt worden waren.

Es ist natürlich nicht zu verifizieren, ob diese Aufnahmen echt oder gestellt sind, zumal in jedem Krieg zuerst die Wahrheit stirbt.

Aber da die Kurden als Finder der Videos eine gewisse Neutralität im Konflikt haben, ist eine Echtheit der Videos eher wahrscheinlich und auch die russische Regierung hält die  Beweise nach Prüfung für echt.  

Aber es gibt auch weitere Berichte, die auf eine Täterschaft der „Rebellen“ hindeuten. 

Es gibt Beweise dafür, dass die Giftgasattacke vom 21. August im syrischen Ghouta durch den CIA Direktor John Brennan, dem saudischen Geheimdienstchef Prinz Bandar, der saudischen Regierung und dem US Joint Chief of Staff Chef Martin  Dempsey zu verantworten ist.
Am 21. August 2013 startete die Syrische Arabische Armee eine große militärische Kampagne in Damaskus. Die Kampagne, die so genannte „Operation Schutzschild der Hauptstadt“ „, war die größte militärische Operation der syrisch-arabischen Armee in der Region Damaskus seit Beginn des Krieges im Jahr 2011.

ObamaDempseyBandarTrotz der angeblichen Schwäche der ferngesteuerten Dschihad-Rebellen standen der syrischen Armee 25 000 Kämpfer und 13 Batallione der Opposition aus aller Welt gegenüber. 

 Die meisten Kämpfer der Brigaden gehörten der  Al-Nusrah und der Liwa-al-Islam Jabhat an.

Weitere  Brigaden, die an der Aktion teil nahm, waren Abou al-Zhar Ghaffari, al-Ansar al-Mohajereen, Daraa al-Sham, Harun al-Rashid, Issa bin Mariam, Sultan Mohammad al-Fatih, Syouf al-Haqq , Die Herrlichkeit des Kalifats und  die Jobar Märtyrer.

In der Nacht vom 20. bis 21. August und in den frühen Morgenstunden des 21. August brach die Syrische Arabische Armee durch die aufständischen Linien in dem Bereich nahe der Jobar hindurch. Der Durchbruch führte zu einem Zusammenbruch der Dschihadisten.  

Al-Mafraq zu Jobar

Die strategische Bedeutung von Jobar und von dieser Niederlage. Dadurch wird eine wichtige Nachschublinie der Rebellen abgeschnitten. 

Die Bedeutung von Jobar war, dass es zum Stützpunkt der Dschihadisten für Nachschub diente und  aber auch als Plattform für Angriffe auf Damaskus selber. 

Von Jobar aus konnten Autobomben-Attentate und Terror gegen das syrische Volk in der Hauptstadt organisiert werden .  Der Ort war für Nachschub auch von Waffen der Saudis via Jordanien . Die USA haben hier Kämpfer ausgebildet und nach Syrien an die Frontlinie einsickern lassen.

Strategisch wichtig war hier die Grenzstadt Al Mafraq als Ausgangspunkt für Aktivitäten der USA und von Jordanien gegen Syrien. 

Al-Mafraq wurde bereits als ein wichtiger Aufmarschgebiet für die beiden gescheiterten Eroberungs-Versuche gegen die Stadt Homs im Juni und Juli 2012  verwendet. Im Jahr 2012 wurde al-Mafraq das Aufmarschgebiet für 40.000 Kämpfer, mehr als 20.000 von ihnen kämpften unter der Libyan Islamic Fighting Group , die unter dem Kommando von Abdelhakim Belhadj ( Al Kaida Kommandeur)  und von Harati.

Die CIA/NSA unterhält dort eine Station, US Special Forces sind da auch präsent sowie auch andere US-Institutionen .

 Der Punkt ist von besonderer Bedeutung im Hinblick auf den Besuch des US Vorsitzender des Joint Chiefs of Staff in Jordanien. Al Mafraq verkörpert  das wichtigste Transitland für Saudi-und US- Armee Lieferungen seit 2012, und die Lieferung von modernen  Saudi- und US- Waffen an die Aufständischen seit Anfang August 2013.

Al Mafraq NATO Mercenaries in Buffer Zone

Die ausländischen Söldner sahen sich in der Nacht vom 20. zum 21. August und den frühen Morgenstunden des 21. August in einer hoffnungslosen defensiven Situation  Jede Hoffnung auf eien Sieg auch mithilfe der CIA war dahin.  Der von denUS Spezialtruppen geführte Angriff auf Damaskus drohte endgültig zu scheitern. 

Die Aufständischen erlitten auch eine entscheidende, strategische Niederlage am 17-18 August, als eine Brigade eingekreist wurde und zwar in der Nähe der syrischen Grenze zum israelischen Golan, während sie auf dem Weg von der Airbase Ramtha in Jordanien nach Damaskus waren. Es ist sehr wahrscheinlich, dass ein Großteil der neu ausgelieferten modernen Waffen aus Saudi-Arabien und den USA dabei  zerstört wurden. Dazu gehören unter anderem auch erweiterte Panzerabwehrraketen.

Das ist der  Weg ist auch für Waffen und Truppentransporter zum von  Israel besetzten syrischen Golan wichtig, wo israelische Dienste aktiv sind .

Liwa-al-Islam al-und Jabhat Nusrah Elite Truppen in Jobar  .

Der Zusammenbruch der Aufständischen  veranlasste die Kommandeure, von denen die meisten  in Verbindung zu US Special Forces stehen die Stadt Jobar um jeden Preis zu halten . Und da machte man  wohl auch vor dem Einsastz von Giftgas als letzte Chance für die Dschihadisten  keinen  Halt.

Die Mehrheit der aufständischen Kräfte  kamen  von der Gruppe Liwa-al-Islam mit einigen zusätzlichen Truppen aus der Gruppe Jabhat al-Nusrah.

Der kommandierende Offizier dieser  Elite-Kräfte war ein saudischer Staatsangehöriger, der unter dem Namen Abu Ayesha, den Augenzeugen aus Ghouta später als Abu Abdul-Moneim identifiziert bekannt ist. 

Abdul-Moneim hatte ein Arsenal  von Waffen, von denen einige  eine röhrenförmige Struktur hatten  und andere, die wie große Gasflaschen aussahen. Das Arsenal wurde in einem Tunnel in der Ost-Ghouta bei  Damaskus gerhortet.

Berichte über diesen Tunnel und Waffenlager entstanden in internationalen Medien, nach dem Sohn von Abdul- Moneim und 12 andere Kämpfer  dort ihr Leben verloren hatten , weil sie mit  chemischen Waffen experimentiert hatten und dort ein Unfall mit den Substanzen passierte. 

Neben Abu Abdul-Moneim, dem obersten Führer der Liwa-al-Islam und Kommandant ihrer Chemie- Waffen – Abteilung,  operierten Kämpfer auich unter dem Kommando von Zahran Alloush, der Elitetruppen zusammen mit Chemiewaffen-Experten befehligte.

Liwa-al-Islam hat, zusammen mit anderen al-Qaida-Brigaden, die Fähigkeit zur Herstellung primitiver aber nichts desto weniger sehr tödlicher chemischer Waffen. Die chemischen Waffen, die Zahran Alloush nach Damaskus geliefert hatten, waren am ehesten  al-Qaidas Beständen aus dem Irak.

Javad ZarifAnfang September 2013 Irans Außenminister Mohammad Javad Zarif, erklärte , der Iran hatte ein Memo an das Weiße Haus über die Schweizer Botschaft in Teheran geschickt, in dem Teheran die USA informierte, dass selbstgemachte Teile  von Chemiewaffen, darunter Sarin -Gas,  nach Syrien gebracht wurden. . Das Weiße Haus reagierte nicht einmal…………….


Der Chefankläger des Internationalen Strafgerichtshofs hat mehr als genügend Material, um eine Untersuchung über die angebliche Schuld der erwähnten Akteure einzuleiten.



Bandar bin “Bush” Sultan, the former Saudi ambassador to the United States, in collaboration with the former U.S. Ambassador in Lebanon, “Jeffrey Feltman“ current ( UN Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs – who was appointed by Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.) plan to overthrow the regime in Syria and to bring Syria back to the “stone age”, according to sources.

Die USA und ihr Partner: Prinz Bandar: Gift Gas für Saddam und nun nach Syrien

John McCain ist sowieso bei jedem kriminellen Mist dabei.

Yassin Kadi
Yassin Kadi, der Haupt Organisierer des Drogen und waffen Handels für Terroristen.


Giftgas Attake nun im März 2014 der Terroristen unter dem Schutz der Türken

The Collapsing Syria-Sarin Case

The controversial map developed by Human Rights Watch and embraced by the New York Times, supposedly showing the flight paths of two missiles from the Aug. 21 Sarin attack intersecting at a Syrian military base.

From the Archive: At the first anniversary of the Sarin gas attack outside Damascus on Aug. 21, there is a concerted effort to reestablish the original conventional wisdom, blaming the Syrian government for the hundreds of deaths. The goal seems to be to bury  the alternative narrative that later emerged, as Robert Parry wrote last April.


Der ganze Gas Angriff, basierte damals auf falschen Informationen, was extrem durchsichtbar organisiert wurde.

Michael Flynn, Trump’s national security advisor: 2013 gas attack in Syria was a false flag!?

Published on Nov 21, 2016

Credit to RT
President-elect Donald Trump has named retired Lieutenant General Michael Flynn as his new national security adviser. The former DIA chief has been criticized in US circles for refusing to take an anti-Russian stance.

Western intellegince working to remove ISIS from Syria

Most criminals of the world: financing terrorist and criminals is standard perfekt auch Deutsch, wie viele Mossad Agenten und primitiv Kriminelle

The Richard Perle Terrorism Mafia and to-day in Syrie: Iran-Contra Affäre, der Plan des US Botschafters Jeffrey Feltman, mit Prinz Bandar in 2008, wie man Syrien zerstören will

Syrien – das nächste Ziel der NATO?
Von Gilles Munier *

Versuchter Staatsstreich in Saudiarabien

In Washington erhielt Bandar bin Sultan den Spitznamen “Bandar-Bush”, aufgrund seiner Verbindung zum früheren US-Präsidenten, der ihn noch vor Außenminister Powell in das Geheimnis des Plans der Invasion in den Irak eingeweiht hatte. Er ist mit Prinzessin Iffat verheiratet, der Tochter König Faysals, die dafür bekannt wurde, bedeutende Geldsummen an eine karitative Stiftung vergeben zu haben, welche danach auf dem Bankkonto eines der saudischen Luftpiraten vom 11. September wiedergefunden wurden. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Bandar bin Sultan – oberster Christenverfolger Syriens

Western intellegince working to remove ISIS from Syria
 Part of channel(s): Syria (current event)

— As Western countries display increasing alarm at the strength of
multinational Islamist extremists among rebels in Syria opposed to
President Bashar al-Assad, a Syrian official was quoted on Wednesday as
saying Western intelligence agencies had sent representatives to
Damascus to discuss the phenomenon with the government there.If
confirmed, the assertion by the official, Faisal Mekdad, the deputy
foreign minister, would mean that while Western politicians have
publicly called for Mr. Assad’s ouster, their own intelligence
subordinates were privately collaborating with Mr. Assad’s lieutenants.In an interview with the BBC,
Mr. Mekdad was asked whether representatives of Western intelligence
agencies — including those of Britain — had recently traveled to
Damascus. “I will not specify them but many of them have visited
Damascus, yes,” he replied.

these countries ask for security cooperation, then it seems to me there
is a schism between the security and the political leadership,” he
said. “Many of these countries have contacted us to coordinate security
a week before planned international peace talks in Geneva on Syria’s
future, the official’s assertion may have been meant to create an
impression that Western opposition to Mr. Assad’s tenure is not as
absolute as politicians have suggested.The
BBC quoted Khaled Saleh, a spokesman for the opposition Syrian National
Coalition, as saying that, if confirmed, Mr. Mekdad’s assertion would
show a “clear contradiction” between the words and the actions of
supposed supporters of the rebels who had previously “clearly identified
the Assad regime as a source of terrorism in the region.”Western
concern has been growing over insurgency groups in Syria linked to Al
Qaeda, which have attracted hundreds of European jihadists, offering
them training in military tactics that could be used when they return to
their own countries.The Wall Street Journal, which reported
that European intelligence agencies had met secretly with Mr. Assad’s
delegates to share information on European extremists operating in
Syria, said the discussions had focused on at least 1,200 militants.Quoting
unidentified Western and Middle Eastern, the newspaper said the
meetings had been the first such contacts with the Syrian authorities
since European countries, along with the United States, withdrew their
diplomats from Damascus as the country’s civil war deepened following
the first stirrings of revolt in March, 2011.The
Journal said a retired official from MI6, Britain’s overseas
intelligence agency, had been the first of the Western spies to visit
Damascus on behalf of the British government last summer. The British
Foreign Office declined to comment, saying it does not publicly address
intelligence issues.Intelligence
officers from Germany, France and Spain had also been traveling from
Beirut to Damascus since November, The Journal said, citing diplomats
and officials with knowledge of the overtures, but the United States was
not involved.


MIT report challenges US claims over Syria arms
Part of channel(s): Syria (current event)

A new Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) report is challenging the US claim that Assad forces used chemical weapons in an attack last August, highlighting that the range of the improvised rocket was way too short to have been launched from government controlled areas.
In the report titled “Possible Implications of Faulty US Technical Intelligence,” Richard Lloyd, a former UN weapons inspector, and Theodore Postol, a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), examined the delivery rocket’s design and calculated possible trajectories based on the payload of the cargo.
The authors concluded that sarin gas “could not possibly have been fired at East Ghouta from the ‘heart’, or from the Eastern edge, of the Syrian government controlled area shown in the intelligence map published by the White House on August 30, 2013.”
Based on mathematical calculations, Lloyd and Postol estimate the rocket with such aerodynamics could not travel more than 2 kilometers.
To illustrate their conclusion, the authors included the original White House map that depicted areas under Assad control and those held by the opposition. Based on the firing range and troop locations on August 21, the authors conclude that all possible launching points within the 2 km radius were in rebel-held areas.
Moreover, the UN spokesman for the Secretary General, Martin Nesirky said Wednesday that the UN does not have information about a new chemical weapons attack in Syria, Itar-Tass reports.
On Wednesday Syria’s National Coalition accused government troops of using poison gas in an attack on the rebel-held town of Daraya near Damascus.
At least three people were killed in the attack, the group alleged in a statement.
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Bandar bin “Bush” Sultan, the former Saudi ambassador to the United States, in collaboration with the former U.S. Ambassador in Lebanon, “Jeffrey Feltman“ current ( UN Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs – who was appointed by Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.) plan to overthrow the regime in Syria and to bring Syria back to the “stone age”, according to sources.

Die USA und ihr Partner: Prinz Bandar: Gift Gas für Saddam und nun nach Syrien

John McCain ist sowieso bei jedem kriminellen Mist dabei.

Yassin Kadi
Yassin Kadi, der Haupt Organisierer des Drogen und waffen Handels für Terroristen.


October 5, 2006 — WMR’s “Special Alert” on possible links between the favored next UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and the Unification Church of Sun Myung Moon, a strong Bush family political and financial supporter, has brought indignant replies from certain members of Ban Ki-moon’s support network. They are claiming that Ban Ki-moon was carefully vetted before being nominated by the Korean government.

Die “Moon” Sekte und der UN General Sekretär Ban Ki-Moon

Navanethem Pillay

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Navanethem Pillay (2009)

Navanethem Pillay (* 23. September 1941 in Durban) ist eine südafrikanische Juristin. Von 2003 bis 2008 war sie Richterin am Internationalen Strafgerichtshof in Den Haag. Seit dem 1. September 2008 amtiert sie als Hohe Kommissarin der Vereinten Nationen für Menschenrechte (UNHCHR).

Hohe Kommissarin der Vereinten Nationen für Menschenrechte

Im Juli 2008 wurde sie von UN-Generalsekretär Ban Ki Moon für die Position der Hohen Kommissarin der Vereinten Nationen für Menschenrechte (UNHCHR) vorgeschlagen und am 28. Juli ihre Ernennung von der UN-Generalversammlung einstimmig bestätigt. Ihr Amtsantritt erfolgte am 1. September 2008. Sie ist Nachfolgerin der Kanadierin Louise Arbour, die nach Ablauf ihrer Amtszeit Ende Juni 2008 nicht erneut zur Verfügung stand, sodass das Amt einige Monate vakant blieb.

United Nations: Biography of Jeffrey Feltman

United Nations Under-Secretary-General Jeffrey Feltman: zuvor US Botschafter im Libanon, der den Terroristen Plan, mit Kriminellen und Prinz Bandar entwickelte, wie man mordend als Terror Organisation durch Syrien zieht.

US Ambassador Jeffrey Feltman – Prinz Bandar Plan, um Syrien ins Steinzeit Alter zubomben

Stratfor: from Kosovo to Syria, America and Putin’s Bluff

Straffor email hacked!

Re: G2/S2 – SYRIA/KSA/US – Media sources reveal details of a conspiracy by Bandar Bin Sultan and Feltman to “destroy” Syria

Released on 2012-10-10 17:00 GMT

Email-ID 1147153
Date 2011-03-30 11:29:03

I am not amazed that this rumors are coming out at this critical time Asad
regime is going through.
The owners of Sham press have been paid by Syrian authorities (if the
website is not owned by the regime) to publish this in the hope of
diverting people’s attention from anti government protests. As usual, this
is a scapegoat tactic by Syrian regime. With the first look at the Arabic
version of the website, one can tell that this is a pro government
Interestingly, the website citing al Ikhbaraya paper, says today, it will
publish the phone calls made by Bandar to the Islamist activists to oppose
Syrian regime.
Keep in mind that Shampress is run and owned by some so
called independent journalists from Damascus. I assure you that no press
can be run from Damascus unless its sanctioned by Assad regime.


Syria, America and Putin’s Bluff

Tuesday, September 10, 2013 – 04:07

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By George Friedman

In recent weeks I’ve written about U.S. President Barack Obama’s bluff on Syria and the tightrope he is now walking on military intervention. There is another bluff going on that has to be understood, this one from Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Putin is bluffing that Russia has emerged as a major world power. In reality, Russia is merely a regional power, but mainly because its periphery is in shambles. He has tried to project a strength that he doesn’t have, and he has done it well. For him, Syria poses a problem because the United States is about to call his bluff, and he is not holding strong cards. To understand his game we need to start with the recent G-20 meeting in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Putin and Obama held a 20-minute meeting there that appeared to be cold and inconclusive. The United States seems to be committed to some undefined military action in Syria, and the Russians are vehemently opposed. The tensions showcased at the G-20 between Washington and Moscow rekindled memories of the Cold War, a time when Russia was a global power. And that is precisely the mood Putin wanted to create. That’s where Putin’s bluff begins.

A Humbled Global Power

The United States and Russia have had tense relations for quite a while. Early in the Obama administration, then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton showed up in Moscow carrying a box with a red button, calling it the reset button. She said that it was meant to symbolize the desire for restarting U.S.-Russian relations. The gesture had little impact, and relations have deteriorated since then. With China focused on its domestic issues and with Europe in disarray, the United States and Russia are the two major — if not comparable — global players, and the deterioration in relations can be significant. We need to understand what is going on here before we think about Syria.

Twenty years ago, the United States had little interest in relations with Russia, and certainly not with resetting them. The Soviet Union had collapsed, the Russian Federation was in ruins and it was not taken seriously by the United States — or anywhere else for that matter. The Russians recall this period with bitterness. In their view, under the guise of teaching the Russians how to create a constitutional democracy and fostering human rights, the United States and Europe had engaged in exploitative business practices and supported non-governmental organizations that wanted to destabilize Russia.

The breaking point came during the Kosovo crisis. Slobodan Milosevic, leader of what was left of Yugoslavia, was a Russian ally. Russia had a historic relationship with Serbia, and it did not want to see Serbia dismembered, with Kosovo made independent.

There were three reasons for this. First, the Russians denied that there was a massacre of Albanians in Kosovo. There had been a massacre by Serbians in Bosnia; the evidence of a massacre in Kosovo was not clear and is still far from clear. Second, the Russians did not want European borders to change. There had been a general agreement that forced changes in borders should not happen in Europe, given its history, and the Russians were concerned that restive parts of the Russian Federation, from Chechnya to Karelia to Pacific Russia, might use the forced separation of Serbia and Kosovo as a precedent for dismembering Russia. In fact, they suspected that was the point of Kosovo. Third, and most important, they felt that an attack without U.N. approval and without Russian support should not be undertaken both under international law and out of respect for Russia.

President Bill Clinton and some NATO allies went to war nevertheless. After two months of airstrikes that achieved little, they reached out to the Russians to help settle the conflict. The Russian emissary reached an agreement that accepted the informal separation of Kosovo from Serbia but would deploy Russian peacekeepers along with the U.S. and European ones, their mission being to protect the Serbians in Kosovo. The cease-fire was called, but the part about Russian peacekeepers was never fully implemented.

Russia felt it deserved more deference on Kosovo, but it couldn’t have expected much more given its weak geopolitical position at the time. However, the incident served as a catalyst for Russia’s leadership to try to halt the country’s decline and regain its respect. Kosovo was one of the many reasons that Vladimir Putin became president, and with him, the full power of the intelligence services he rose from were restored to their former pre-eminence.

Western Encroachment

The United States has supported, financially and otherwise, the proliferation of human rights groups in the former Soviet Union. When many former Soviet countries experienced revolutions in the 1990s that created governments that were somewhat more democratic but certainly more pro-Western and pro-American, Russia saw the West closing in. The turning point came in Ukraine, where the Orange Revolution generated what seemed to Putin a pro-Western government in 2004. Ukraine was the one country that, if it joined NATO, would make Russia indefensible and would control many of its pipelines to Europe.

In Putin’s view, the non-governmental organizations helped engineer this, and he claimed that U.S. and British intelligence services funded those organizations. To Putin, the actions in Ukraine indicated that the United States in particular was committed to extending the collapse of the Soviet Union to a collapse of the Russian Federation. Kosovo was an insult from his point of view. The Orange Revolution was an attack on basic Russian interests.

Putin began a process of suppressing all dissent in Russia, both from foreign-supported non-governmental organizations and from purely domestic groups. He saw Russia as under attack, and he saw these groups as subversive organizations. There was an argument to be made for this. But the truth was that Russia was returning to its historical roots as an authoritarian government, with the state controlling the direction of the economy and where dissent is treated as if it were meant to destroy the state. Even though much of this reaction could be understood given the failures and disasters since 1991, it created a conflict with the United States. The United States kept pressing on the human rights issue, and the Russians became more repressive in response.

Then came the second act of Kosovo. In 2008, the Europeans decided to make Kosovo fully independent. The Russians asked that this not happen and said that the change had little practical meaning anyway. From the Russian point of view, there was no reason to taunt Russia with this action. The Europeans were indifferent.

The Russians found an opportunity to respond to the slight later that year in Georgia. Precisely how the Russo-Georgian war began is another story, but it resulted in Russian tanks entering a U.S. client state, defeating its army and remaining there until they were ready to leave. With the Americans bogged down in Iraq and Afghanistan, no intervention was possible. The Russians took this as an opportunity to deliver two messages to Kiev and other former Soviet states. First, Russia, conventional wisdom aside, could and would use military power when it chose. Second, he invited Ukraine and other countries to consider what an American guarantee meant.

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Von Bosnien, Kosovo, bis zu Syrien: Von den Saudis bezahlte US Söldner und Terroristen, organisieren den Terror

Die USA ist jetzt als Söldner Truppe unterwegs, finanziert von den Saudis, wie der Kriegs Verbrecher John Kerry (schon in Vietnam , metzelte er nur noch Frauen und Kinder ab) selbst darlegt. Von Bosnien, bis heute in der Türkei, wird Vergewaltigung von Frauen, als Mittel zum Krieg verwendet. siehe unten!

Bereits in Kroatien tauchten vor 20 Jahren die US Söldner auf, ebenso in Mazedonien, Kosovo, welche den Krieg organisierten. die MPRI, wo später der Journalist des Sterns Herr Hutsch berichten wird. Heute gibt John Kerry offen zu, im Solde der Saudi Kriegs Terroristen zu stehen, welche inklusive einer Invasion Alles finanzieren wollen. Joschka Fischer, gab sogar diesen Todes Söldner Truppen, Diplomatische Immunität wie der MPRI, um Waffen Transporte, Giftgas quer durch Deutschland, diesen Verbrecher Banden zuermöglichen. John Kerry, wie John McCain sind von der Albaner Mafia finanziert, was ja durch Fotos belegt ist.

Yassin al-Qadi.Yassin al-Qadi. [Source: Arab News]

Mujaheddin battalions in formation during the Bosnia war. More details are unknown.Mujaheddin battalions in formation during the Bosnia war. More details are unknown. [Source: History Channel]

Profile: Yassin al-Qadi


Die Gallerie der saudischen Terroristen,  bis auf den in der Mitte, die bis heute zusammen mit Mossad und CIA hinter allen Terroranschlägen stecken und die Al-Kaida und den Krieg gegen Syrien finanzieren.

Hier weiterlesen: Alles Schall und Rauch: Die Logik der Unlogik der US-Kriegspolitik



Mit solchen Partnern wie den Internationalen Terroristen wie Yassin Kadi, und Prinz Bandar kann man nur verlieren.

Immer mit Terroristen unterwegs, wobei der Adviser des Recep Erdogan, Erdogan bereits hohe Geldsummen erhielten vor 20 Jahren um Terroristen in der Türkei ausbilden zukönnen und Drogen Schmuggel Transporte, Straffrei passieren können. Es gibt etliche Albanische Firmen quer durch die Türkei, auf der Schmuggler Route, als Zwischen Stopps.

Massen Mord Besprechung auch mit Prinz Turku, dem Kollegen von Prinz Bandar

George W. Bush trifft den saudiarabischen Botschafter Prinz Bandar bin Sultan auf Bushs Ranch inTexas. Bild: U.S. Government

Prinz Bandar, Yassin Kadi als Partner des Recep Erdogan, lieferte die Gift Gas Ausrüstung nach Syrien

1999: Kosovo: “KLA – Luftwaffe in 2013: Syrien”Al-Qaidas Luftwaffe”, greift Kirchen an

Der Bin Laden Financier auch im Balkan: Yassin Kadi, arbeitet nun für die NATO, Erdogan und den Türkischen MIT

Massen Mord als Geschäfts Grundlage der NATO und immer mit Terroristen wie Yasin Kadi

Evidence: Syria gas attack work of U.S. allies – false flag US Operation

Support our War-Profiteer Mer 3.5

Kerry – Arabische Länder zahlen die Invasion Syriens

Donnerstag, 5. September 2013 , von Freeman um 00:05

Die Katze ist aus dem Sack und wir wissen jetzt um was es wirklich in Syrien geht. Wie die Washington Post berichtet, hat US-Aussenminister Kerry am Mittwoch bei einer Senatsanhörung ausgesagt, die arabischen Länder haben sich bereit erklärt, für den ganzen Sturz von Präsident Assad zu zahlen und sogar für eine Invasion, wenn die Vereinigten Staaten die Führung übernehmen. Damit sind wohl Saudi-Arabien und Katar hauptsächlich als Geldgeber gemeint.

Was das Angebot der arabischen Staaten betrifft die Kosten zu tragen, die Antwort ist ein deutliches Ja,“ sagte Kerry. „Sie haben. Das Angebot liegt auf dem Tisch.

Auf die Frage von Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Kongressabgeordnete der Republikaner, wie viel diese Länder beitragen würden, sagte Kerry, sie haben angeboten eine komplette Invasion zu zahlen.

Tatsächlich haben einige gesagt, sollten die Vereinigten Staaten bereit sein den ganzen Weg zu gehen, so wie wir es wo anders gemacht haben, werden sie diese Kosten tragen,“ sagte Kerry. „So engagiert sind sie in dieser Sache.

Das ist eine sensationelle Enthüllung über was wirklich die Absichten mit Syrien sind und wer dahinter steckt.

Kerry und Obama haben immer wieder einen „limitierten Einsatz“ betont, denn es geht nicht um den Sturz von Assad, sondern um eine Bestrafung wegen dem angeblichen Einatz von Chemiewaffen. Jetzt zeigt sich, es ist doch die Entfernung von Assad geplant.

Die stinkreichen Ölstaaten, Saudi-Arabien und Katar, sind die treibenden Kräfte hinter dem Regimewechsel und sind sogar bereit eine ganze Invasion zu zahlen. Geld spielt dabei überhaupt keine Rolle. Invasion heisst, amerikanische Soldaten marschieren nach Syrien ein, mit allem Drum und Dran, so wie in Afghanistan und Irak.

Die US-Truppen sind also die bezahlten Söldner der saudischen und katarischen Scheichs. Das beantwortet auch die Frage, wie können die USA sich den nächsten Krieg leisten, wo sie doch pleite sind? Das Geld kommt von den kriminellen arabischen Regimen.

Es ist wieder eine Lüge, wenn Kerry und Obama sagen, es ist nur ein Luftangriff geplant. Die wollen in Syrien einmarschieren und die Petrodollars zahlen das verbrecherische Vorgehen.

Saudi-Arabien und Katar finanzieren und bewaffnen nicht nur die Terroristen der Al-Kaida die in Syrien wüten, sie wollen eine ganze Invasion durch das US-Militär bezahlen. Unglaublich!

Wisst ihr übrigens wie „Yes we can“ rückwärts abgespielt tönt?

Thank you Satan!

Es steht auch schon fest, wie viele Bodentruppen für den Einmarsch in Syrien vorgesehen sind. Bereits 2012 hat das Pentagon dem Weissen Haus gesagt, es werden 75’000 US-Soldaten benötigt, um die Chemiewaffen in Syrien zu sichern. Das wird dann auch die Ausrede für die Invasion sein, Sicherung der Chemiewaffen, und vordergründig nicht der Sturz von Assad.

Dabei kommt das Gift auch aus der Türkei. „Vor vier Monaten haben türkische Sicherheitskräfte Zylinder mit 2 Kilo Saringas gefunden, nach einer Hausdurchsuchung bei syrischen Terroristen der Al-Kaida und Al-Nusra. Sie benutzen unsere Grenzen um das Gas nach Syrien zu bringen,“ sagte Mohamad Gunes gegenüber Press-TV, ein ehemaliges Ratsmitglied in der türkischen Provinz Hatay. „Der syrische Präsident hat keine Grund seine eigenen Leute zu töten,“ fügte er hinzu.

Amerika und Israel animierten die Al-Kaida Chemiewaffen zu verwenden, um einen Krieg zu provozieren. Niemand will Krieg hier. In der Geschichte von Hatay haben wir friedlich nebeneinander gelebt, jetzt ist der Mossad, die CIA und Al-Kaida überall. Wir haben die Sorge, sie wenden Chemiewaffen gegen uns an,“ sagte Farid Mainy, ein Bewohner von Hatay und ein Aktivist.

Hier weiterlesen: Alles Schall und Rauch: Kerry – Arabische Länder zahlen die Invasion Syriens

Prof: Günter Meyer im ZDF: Obama, John Kerry Kriegs Verbrecher und die neuen Lügen für Krieg

Im Meer der Lügen: Die Amerikaner und Syrien erneut

Rückblick in Kroatien in 1995, mit der US Söldner Truppe MPRI, welche die Ethnischen Säuberungen in der Krainja organisierten

In Memory of the Operation Storm Victims 2

Aug 6th, 2007 | By | In Croatia

Gotovina with US Military advisers
No American has been indicted for Croat pogrom of Serbs, and they should be: Croat general Ante Gotovina (indicted for war crimes, 2nd from the left) with his US military adviser on the eve of Operation Storm.

Canadian Officers: Croat Atrocities Covered Up


from left: Person Nr. 2 = Ante Gotovina + 2 US Verbrecher, welche die Ethnischen Säuberungen und Progrome in der Operation “Sturm” in 1995 kommandierten. Bis heute laufen da ITCY Ermittlungen, wo eine Anklage durch die Amerikaner verhindert wird, genauso gegen Holbrook und Bill Clinton und Georg Tenet. 

Wo Yassin Kadi, mit US Pass auftaucht, kommen bald die tschetenischen Terroristen: im Kosovo, aber schon sehr früh in 1994, waren die ersten Tschetschenen im Kosovo und bei Salih Berisha in Tropoje, kämpfende Terror Einheit im Kosovo für die UCK, heute wie die Festnahmen bewiesen: Transport von Giftgas nach Syrien und Gas Angriff, um ein Eingreifen der Amerikaner zuproduzieren. US Diplomat: später frägt niemand, wer das wirklich war, wie in Bosnien und dem Kosovo
UCK Terrorist, aus Tschetschenien Tropoje
Tschetschenischer Terrorist, rund um Basejew, der auch Partner der UCK war und Immobilien Geschäfte im Kosovo tätigte. Direkt stationiert in den Tropoje Terroristen Camps, in Nord Albanien. Amtlich sind 300 Islamische Terroristen, direkt mit höchsten Kosovo und Albanischen Politikern verbunden. Auch hier schweigt ein Salih Berisha, wie Nord Albanien, zur Terror Ausbildung genutzt wurde, und ein Salih Berisha, direkt bekannt ist mit Bin Laden und Co..!

Der Balkansturm des MPRI

Einer der ersten hochkarätigen Auftritte der MPRI war die Unterstützung der kroatischen Armee bei einer Großoffensive gegen die Serben in der Krajina Anfang August 1995, die als Operation Sturm (serbokroatisch: Oluja) in die Geschichtsbücher einging. Eine erste Anfrage vom kroatischen Verteidigungsminister Gojko Susak gab es schon im März 1994. »Zwischen 6. und 8. August (1994) (…) kam die Clinton-Regierung zur Auffassung, daß die internationalen Unterhändler im früheren Jugoslawien wohl nichts mehr erreichen würden.« (Robert Fox im Sunday Telegraph, 15.10.1995) Bereits im September 1994 schlossen MPRI-Spezialisten mit Zagreb einen Beratervertrag zur Ausbildung der Armee. Ein weiterer mit Sarajevo folgte, der war bei einem Treffen des muslimischen Generals Mehmet Alagic mit DIA-Chef Dyke Hayden und US-Emissär Richard Holbrooke perfekt gemacht worden. Diesen de jure privaten Deals folgte im November 1994 ein offizielles Abkommen über militärische Zusammenarbeit zwischen dem Pentagon und der kroatischen Armee.

Nach Auskunft eines kroatischen Offiziers »brachten uns die MPRI-Berater Militärtaktik und großräumige Kriegsoperationen bei«. Kroatische Quellen berichten außerdem über US-amerikanische Satellitenunterstützung für Zagreb. Fünfzehn hochrangige US-Militärberater, angeführt vom pensionierten Zwei-Sterne-General Richard Griffiths, tauchten Anfang 1995 in Kroatien auf. MPRI-Chef Vuono hielt ein »Geheimtreffen mit dem kroatischen General Varimar Cervenko, dem Architekten der Krajina-Offensive, auf der Insel Brioni vor der kroatischen Küste ab. In den fünf Tagen, die dem Angriff vorausgingen, fanden mindestens zehn Sitzungen zwischen MPRI-General Vuono und Offizieren statt, die in den Angriff mit einbezogen waren.« Der Bundeswehr-Berufsoffizier und spätere Stern-Reporter Franz-Josef Hutsch geht noch weiter: »MPRI hat konkret die Operationen geführt und auch dafür gesorgt, daß während der Operation Sturm NATO-Luftangriffe auf serbische Stellungen erfolgten. Das würde man militärisch als ›Close Air Support‹, also Luft-Nah-Unterstützung für Bodentruppen bezeichnen (…) Ich habe selbst gesehen und gehört, wie ein amerikanischer MPRI-Offizier einem kroatischen Brigadekommandeur bei den Angriffen auf Glina (serbischer Ort in der Krajina – J.E.) während der Operation Sturm Anweisungen gegeben hat.«

Nach Auskunft von John Dinger, einem Sprecher des US-Außenministeriums, half MPRI den Kroaten dabei, »Exzesse und Grausamkeiten bei militärischen Operationen zu vermeiden«. Falls das das Lernziel für die MPRI-Ausbilder gewesen sein sollte, so haben sie es ihren kroatischen Kollegen höchst unzureichend vermittelt: Im Rahmen von Oluja wurden die in der Krajina lebenden 200000 Serben vertrieben – die größte ethnische Säuberung in Europa nach 1945. Nach Ansicht des kroatischen Helsinki-Ausschusses für Menschenrechte kam es während des dreitägigen Blitzkrieges zu etlichen Massakern, denen mindestens 410 namentlich identifizierte Zivilisten zum Opfer fielen. Die serbische Menschenrechtsorganisation Veritas berichtet, daß im Jahre 1995 insgesamt 2 101 serbische Zivilisten in der Krajina und in Kroatien getötet wurden oder spurlos verschwanden – die meisten davon während der Operation Sturm. Kanadische Blauhelmsoldaten waren Zeugen der Greuel kroatischer Truppen: »Alle Serben, die ihre Häuser nicht verlassen hatten, wurden von umherziehenden kroatischen Todeskommandos systematisch ›ethnisch gesäubert‹. Jedes verlassene Tier wurde erschossen und jede mögliche serbische Wohnung wurde geplündert und angezündet.« (The Sunday Sun, Toronto, 2.11.1998)

Außerdem brachte MPRI zwischen 80 und 120 fundamentalistische Gotteskrieger, die im bosnischen Bürgerkrieg (1992 bis 1995) gegen die Serben gekämpft hatten, zur Militärausbildung in die Türkei. Dort durften sie Spezialaufgaben wie Luftunterstützung zum Teil in echten Kampfeinsätzen gegen Kurden im Nordirak ausprobieren. Ab Sommer 1998 schleuste MPRI die Terrorschüler ins Kosovo ein, wo sie im Auftrag der albanischen Untergrundbewegung UCK und der NATO Ziele für den Bombenkrieg (von März bis Juni 1999) markierten. (vgl. dazu ausführlich jW vom 14. Oktober 2004) Wer diese Kooperation zwischen US-Militärs und radikalen Islamisten widernatürlich findet, kennt das Motto der MPRI nicht: »Wenn man es mit Leuten zu tun hat, die Schweine füttern, steht man dort herum, wo es stinkt.« (General Harry A. Soyster, MPRI-Chef für internationale Einsätze)

* Aus: junge Welt, 24. November 2004

In Bosnien-Herzegowina half die Firma bei der sogenannten Stabilisierung des Landes nach dem Dayton-Abkommen Ende 1995. Zwei Mitarbeiter standen im Mittelpunkt eines Sexskandals – sie kauften, verkauften und mißbrauchten Minderjährige als Sexsklavinnen. Teilweise waren die Opfer erst 13 Jahre alt. Die Täter wurden nie juristisch belangt, sondern von DynCorp lediglich in die USA zurückgeflogen. Statt ihrer wurden die beiden Mitarbeiter gefeuert, die das kriminelle Treiben angezeigt hatten. Dem Unternehmen selbst hat die Sache nicht geschadet: Die Firma wurde damit beauftragt, das US-amerikanische Kontingent der Kosovo Verification Mission (KVM) im Herbst 1998 zusammenzustellen. Angeblich waren 150 von 200 US-Beobachtern der KVM Mitarbeiter dieser Firma. In vielen Fällen ist nachgewiesen, daß US-Verifikateure die Überwachung des Waffenstillstandes in der Krisenprovinz nutzten, um Ziele für die späteren US-Luftangriffe zu markieren. Außerdem standen alle Verifikateure, die im Auftrag der OSZE Mitte Januar 1999 ein serbisches Massaker im Kosovo-Dörfchen Racak entdeckt haben wollten (was der NATO dann den Kriegsvorwand lieferte), bei DynCorp unter Vertrag. Nach dem Krieg gegen Jugoslawien 1999 hat DynCorp einen Vertrag über 628 Millionen Dollar für die Ausbildung von US-Polizeikräften im Kosovo abgeschlossen.

Ähnlich gewichtig ist die Firma Vinnell, die die saudische Nationalgarde ausbildet und von der Carlyle Group kontrolliert wird, an der neben der Familie Bush auch die Familie Bin Laden bis zum 11. September Anteile hatte. Unternehmen wie Betac (Auftragsarbeiten für die CIA), die britische Executive Outcomes (Sicherung der Ölquellen in Angola), Ronco (weitere Afrika-Einsätze), Sandline (im Auftrag der Blair-Regierung Aufstandsbekämpfung in Sierra Leone), O’Gara Protective Service (engagiert vom saudischen Verteidigungsministerium) und SAIC (im Vorstand mit John Deutch und Robert Gates zwei frühere CIA-Chefs) vervollständigen die Aufzählung noch lange nicht….

Yossef Bodansky, von Gis Defense Foreign Affairs schreibt als Experte einen klaren Artikel, das Syrien an Bosnien erinnert, wie die Massaker, durch eingeschleuste Terroristen organisiert wurden. Bosnien ist das Vorbild für die Terroristen und immer die Amerikaner und Yassin Kadi dabei.

Wednesday, August 28th, 2013 | Posted by

Mounting evidence raises questions about Syrian chemical weapon attack

Special to

Yossef Bodansky, Senior Editor, GIS/Defense & Foreign Affairs

There is a growing volume of new evidence from numerous sources in the Middle East — mostly affiliated with the Syrian opposition and its sponsors and supporters — which makes a very strong case, based on solid circumstantial evidence, that the Aug. 21 chemical strike in the Damascus suburbs was indeed a premeditated provocation by the Syrian opposition.

The extent of U.S. foreknowledge of this provocation needs further investigation because available data puts the “horror” of the Barack Obama White House in a different and disturbing light.

See: Sarajevo, 1995 and Damascus, 2013: The use of mass attack deception to decide wars

Sarajevo, 1995 and Damascus, 2013: The use of mass attack deception to decide wars

Special to

Yossef Bodansky, Senior Editor, GIS/Defense & Foreign Affairs

In August 1995, Western governments, and particularly the Bill Clinton White House, were in great quandary.

The negotiations with the Serbs were going well as President Slobodan Milosevic was demonstrating unprecedented flexibility and accepting virtually all the demands put forward by the West.
Bodies said to have been killed by nerve gas in the Ghouta area of Damascus, Aug. 21. /Reuters

Hence, it was becoming politically and legally impossible for the U.S.-led West to launch the NATO military intervention which President Clinton had promised Bosnia-Herzegovina leader Alija Izetbegovic the U.S. would launch in order to quickly win the war for the Bosnian-Muslims.

Then, on Aug. 28, 1995, at around 11:00 hrs local, a mortar shell appeared to hit the Markale market place in Sarajevo, killing 38 people and wounding another 90. Russian Col. Andrei Demurenko, then the commander of UN Forces in Sarajevo, immediately rushed with an UNPROFOR team to the supposed Bosnian-Serb mortar positions and ascertained that none of them could have been used to fire the mortar rounds.

Demurenko’s report stated that the Bosnian-Serb forces were falsely blamed for the attack on the Markale.

Nevertheless, ostensibly in response to the massacre, NATO launched the air campaign against Bosnian-Serb forces and shortly afterwards decided the war in favor of the Bosnian-Muslims.

On Aug. 31, 1995, Jean Daniel, then Editor of the magazine Le Nouvel Observateur, wrote an article titled “No more lies about Bosnia”. In the article, Daniel recounted an exchange he had just had with French Prime Minister Edouard Balladur about the NATO air campaign and the motivations for it. “They [the Muslims] have committed this carnage on their own people?” Daniel asked. “Yes,” confirmed Balladur without hesitation, “but at least they forced NATO to intervene.”

The Aug. 21, 2013, chemical attack in Ghouta, a suburb of Damascus, might become the Markale of the Syrian war.

On Aug. 19, a UN expert delegation arrived in Damascus to study reports and evidence of earlier use of chemical weapons. The next day, they were presented with detailed scientific, technical, and military data about the alleged chemical attacks, soil contamination and why the Syrian Armed Forces could not have carried out these attacks.

Russian and other foreign experts who studied the data separately found it compelling.

The Syrian military also presented the UN team with detailed intelligence evidence about chemical weapons and production labs affiliated with the opposition discovered in Syria, Turkey and Iraq.

On Aug. 21, the Syrian opposition announced a massive chemical attack in Ghouta which allegedly inflicted about 1,300 fatalities including hundreds of children. As in previous chemical attacks blamed on the Assad administration, the attackers used the ubiquitous Sarin nerve gas. Immediately, the opposition flooded Western media with pictures of the dead, but provided no conclusive evidence about the attack and the perpetrators.

Moreover, initial opposition reports claimed the attack was conducted by a barrage of rockets. Subsequently, in the context of renewed outcries for a No Fly Zone, the opposition claimed that the chemical attack was a part of a massive bombing by the Syrian Air Force. Yet, the opposition’s pictures show no casualties suffering shrapnel wounds associated with aerial bombing. Stern denials by the Syrian Government of any involvement in the attack were largely ignored by the West. At the time of writing, the UN expert delegation and foreign diplomats were denied access to the attack site by the opposition forces ostensibly because of fear for their safety.

die normale False flag operation im US Stile mit Terroristen, um ein Eingreifen zu organisieren.


Und die Kriegs Terroristen Maschine geht weiter:

„Independent“ Kosovo: Gangland Spills Savagery Worldwide

By Anna Filimonova
Thursday, 20 Sep 2012

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The Western power centers use the „Republic of Kosovo“ as a testing ground for working out the ways to create a quasi-state that could be defined as an abnormal criminal case of global scope. The final goal is reshaping the whole of South East Europe. (


The merger of Albanian mafia involvement in drug trafficking along with international terrorists and radical Islamist groupings is a special case to talk about. Al Qaeda units were based in Kosovo and Metohija during the Kosovo conflict. Bashkim Gazidede, a former head of Albanian secret police unit, headed the organization’s Balkans branch. Muhammad Rabee al-Zawahiri, the brother of Ayman al-Zavahiri, the current Al Qaeda leader, was one of Kosovo Liberation Army commanders. (7) Now Kosovo has become a training center of Syrian militants. The Syrian «opposition» asked the Kosovo Liberation Army for help in April 2012. It promised the recognition of Kosovo by «new Damascus» in return. The terrorist KLA leaders and Islamic extremists from Bosnia and Herzegovina rendered «support» in training Syrian paramilitary groups. Dzevad Galiashevic, member of expert team for South East Europe in fight against terrorism, claims the training centers are still based in the previous KLA locations, including the territory of Macedonia. Abdussamed Bushatlic, a former Al-Mujahedeen militant, a Wahhabi movement leader in Bosnia and Herzegovina, was among those who were seen there. According to Galiashevic missionary and ideological activities are conducted in Macedonia, Kosovo is a place of military preparatory activities. All terrorist activities are done under the patronage of NATO- led Kosovo Force (KFOR). The training camps are located in Drenitsa (the hamlet of Likovats, Yablanitsa and Glodjana). There are new training facilities built for mujahedeen from Muslim countries. One of them is situated in Drenica, another in Metohija (the hamlet of Smonitsa near Djakovica. Zoran Stijovic, former Serbian State Security officer in the 1990s, says the training is conducted for two types of operations: subversive-terrorist activities and intelligence gathering. The instructors are not Albanians only, the export model of Syrian revolution is prepared with the help of CIA operatives, Albanian KLA terrorists and the extremists from Bosnia and Herzegovina. (8) On June 20 2012 the Syrian army started a battle for the second largest city Aleppo, there were 400 «rebels» liquidated. The identification of the dead showed Kosovo Albanians fought on the side of terrorists along with the mercenaries from other countries.

It seems to be unexplainable; while the Western intelligence services «beat the drums» and tell breath taking details about local and international scale «operations» of Albanian criminals’, the Western political circles and international bodies seem to ignore the activities that threaten the security of their own countries…

Wie in Bosnien heute in der Türkei, durch die selben Banditen

Vergewaltigung in den Camps in der Türkei, durch Soldaten und ERdogan Verbündete

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    Secret Meeting to Plan Renewed Rebel Offensive against Syria: Senior Intelligence Officials Meet at British Embassy in Ankara

    According to a Fars News Agency report, senior intelligence officials from US-NATO and allied countries including the US, Britain, France, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Qatar met on June 7, behind closed door at the residence of the British Ambassador…