South-East Europe Cooperation Process (SEECP) in Tirana mit prominenten Gästen

Was Steimeier wieder für einen Schrott produzierte, wenn er weder EU Berichte liest, vollkommen an der Sache vorbei sich produzierte, vor wenigen Tagen, und sogar der Albanische Staatspräsident das nun richtig stellte, mit den US finanzierten Terroristen in Kumanova, welche erschossen wurden und zuvor in Syrien und dem Irak ebenso schon mit US Pässen unterwegs waren. Das Versagen der US, EU, Berliner Politiker ist an Dummheit nicht mehr zu überbieten*

PM Ponta taking part in SEECP summit meeting in Tirana

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Prime Minister Victor Ponta is taking part today in a summit meeting in Tirana, Albania, of the South-East Europe Cooperation Process (SEECP) heads of state or government. The Romanian Government reports that accompanying Ponta to the meeting will be Foreign Minister Bogdan Aurescu.

„At the summit, Ponta will underscore the importance attached by Romania to the consolidation of regional cooperation, which has a special significance particularly because of the latest political developments in the neighbourhood, and also reaffirm support for the continuation of the European Union’s enlargement, based on accession criteria being met. Romania has been an active and overt supporter of the importance and relevance of this regional political dialogue forum, which is the main voice of the region when it comes to the European and Euro-Atlantic aspirations of its members being expressed,“ reads the release. to the schedule released by the Press Office

Visit of the Serb PM to Albania is contested

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Tirana, 26 May 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency Albanian authorities are getting ready for the visit of the Serb PM, Aleksandar Vucic in Tirana. So far, there have been comments on the media and social networks and his arrival has provoked criticism. Today, the Red and Black Alliance, a radical political organization, demanded from the Albanian […]

* Schall Platte ohne Hirn Bujar Nishani sagt, das der Terroristen Angriff in Kumanova kein Ethnisches Problem oder Ursache gewesen ist.

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SEECP, Nishani: Kumanova
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