Mafia Staat: Montenegro parliament ratifies NATO membership after US approval

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friendship with terrorist and Top ORGANIZED CRIME

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CIA Agent: Christoph Heusgen

Christoph Heusgen, the advisor to the German chancellor Angela Merkel for foreign and security policy, during his upcoming visit to Berlin. In this way, in my opinion, Kupchan signaled that Heusgen was one of the key U.S. agents of influence placed in the top echelon of the German government and therefore a trusted aide in sustaining and furthering the U.S. geopolitical agenda in Europe, especially its aggressive, militaristic stance toward Russia. And, indeed, as I will show, the leaked confidential report of Lukšić’s visit to Berlin, written by the officials at the Embassy of Montenegro in Berlin, bears this out.

Montenegro Opposition: Criminal Structures want to force Country into NATO

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His first real job was as the Prime Minister of Montenegro. He has either been the President or Prime Minister for most of the nearly three decades of his career and the life of his country. While he casts himself as a progressive, pro-Western leader who recently helped his country join NATO and is on track to join the European Union, he has built one of the most dedicated kleptocracies and organized crime havens in the world.

Montenegro parliament ratifies NATO membership after US approval

Montenegro parliament ratifies NATO membership after US approval
Montenegro’s parliament has formally agreed to join NATO – the military bloc that pounded the tiny Balkan country with bombs less than 20 years ago during the Kosovo War. The decision sparked protest among the population and opposition figures.

On Friday, Montenegrin MPs voted 46-0 to become the 29th member of NATO.

Opposition lawmakers boycotted the parliamentary session, while hundreds of protesters gathered outside the parliament building before the vote to express their discontent with the idea of Montenegro joining the alliance.

The protesters chanted “treason” and “thieves” and held a banner that read “NATO murderers, your hands are bloody!” They also burned a NATO flag before peacefully dispersing.

Meanwhile, opposition leaders announced they would not recognize the results of the parliamentary vote and would call a referendum on the issue should they come to power in future, Reuters reports.

“I feel humiliated because others are making a decision in my name,” former Montenegrin President Momir Bulatovic told Reuters. “What is happening now is triumph by force and lies!”

Meanwhile, Montenegrin Prime Minister Dusko Markovic said in his parliament speech that the lawmakers have “a privilege” to take such a decision, adding that NATO membership would guarantee Montenegro’s security and economic development as well as stability in the region.

“This assembly and its members have a historic privilege to make a decision that will be remembered as long as there is Montenegro and Montenegrins,” Markovic said, as cited by Reuters. “This day will be marked among the brightest in our history.”

“NATO and the EU have always been and remain a guarantee of stability and security and cooperation as the main basis for peace in Europe,” he added. “It is about what kind of future we choose for us and generations to come.”

He also said that Montenegro was “drawn” into Serbia’s war with NATO, referring to the three-month bombing of the Balkan country by NATO forces in 1999, and added that membership in the bloc would prevent any such incidents in the future.

At the same time, the decision was criticized by a number of opposition politicians. “Today, the country is being sold just as in 1941,” the head of the Montenegrin left-wing opposition Workers’ Party, Janko Vucinic, told the Russian Interfax news agency, referring to the Nazi occupation of the former Yugoslavia in 1941.

Vucinic also said that the parliament decision “falsifies the will of the Montenegrin people,” adding that his party would recognize only the results of a referendum on the issue. He warned that the decision taken by parliament would only lead to “division.”

His words were echoed by the leaders of other opposition parties and several popular movements, including the Movement for Neutrality and the No to War, No to NATO group.

The approval had been anticipated long before voting day, as the ruling pro-NATO coalition holds a majority of seats in the nation’s parliament. The opposition has branded the approval illegitimate, insisting that NATO membership must be put to a nationwide referendum.

Montenegro, a country with a population of around 622,000 people, was granted a NATO Membership Action Plan (MAP) in 2009. Membership in the military alliance remains highly controversial in the small Balkan nation, which seceded from Serbia in 2006…………………….

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Im Mafiösen Gestrüpp von „NATO“? Staat Montenegro, bekämpft sich die Mafia

Bei 100 % eines Mafia Staates, von Frank Walter Steinmeier errichtet mit Gernot Erler, als Politik der „Deutschen Wertegemeinschaft“, soll es Auftrags Morde auch gegen Dukanovic geben, was nicht verwundert, wenn der Russen Oligarach: Oleg Deripaska, alle Internationalen Gerichtsverfahren gegen Montenegro inzwischen verlor.

Peinlichkeiten der absoluten Inkompetenz und Lüge: Federica Mogherini und F.W. Steinmeier

Oleg Deripaska and the KAP bankrott in Montenegro

Steinmeier ist mit seinen VAE Terroristen dabei Montenegro zu retten, nachdem die Russen dort sabotiert werden im Mafia Staat, der NATO Mitglied werden soll. Alles dabei auch die Aserbeischanische Mafia.

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Montenegro: Auftrag für Mord an Ex-Premier von einem Russen erteilt

Podgorica/Belgrad/Moskau (APA) – Der Auftrag, nach den Parlamentswahlen am 16. Oktober den montenegrinischen Langzeitpremier Milo Djukanovic zu ermorden, war von einem russischen Staatsbürger erteilt worden. Das berichtete die Tageszeitung „Pobjeda“ am Dienstag.

Dies ergibt sich demnach aus den Telefongesprächen eines 45-jährigen Russen mit einem unterdessen festgenommenen Serben, die von dem serbischen Geheimdienst BIA aufgenommen und den montenegrinischen Behörden zugestellt wurden.

Die montenegrinische Polizei hatte am Vorabend der Parlamentswahl in Podgorica 20 vermeintliche Puschisten aus Serbien festgenommen, sechs Personen wurden später wieder auf freien Fuß gesetzt. Anfang Dezember wurden internationale Haftbefehle für zwei Russen und zwei weitere Serben ausgestellt, die in das Komplott verwickelt sein sollen. In der Vorwoche wurde einer der Serben in Serbien auch festgenommen, er befindet sich derzeit in Abschiebehaft.

Die Putschisten hatten nach Angaben der montenegrinischen Ermittler vor, in der Wahlnacht Gewalt in Podgorica auszulösen und Djukanovic zu ermorden.

Die Wahlen im Oktober hat erneut die seit 1991 regierende Demokratische Partei der Sozialisten (DPS) von Djukanovic gewonnen. Der Langzeitpremier entschloss sich daraufhin, den Premierposten seinem Parteifreund und Ex-Geheimdienstchef Dusko Markovic zu überlassen.