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Mayor Zagreb: Milan Bandic Nepotismus : Zagreb Could do Without its New Mountain

12 May 17

Zagreb Could do Without its New Mountain

Borna Sor

The inhabitants of the Croatian capital have long lived in the shadow of a mountain – but now they have a second one to contend with, not filled with bears, but with pestilence, garbage, and corruption.

Zagreb’s Jakusevec „mountain“. Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Branko Radovanovic

The capital of Croatia is an ever-growing city. Situated on the slopes of Mount Medvednica, it has doubled in size each post-war period. And God knows, there have been too many wars in this corner of our continent.

Now reaching its first million in population, the cornerstone of the country’s economy, and, since Croatia’s entry into the EU, doubling its tourist numbers, Zagreb can truly be called prosperous.

And yet, its citizens don’t seem too pleased. Maybe you have heard how the citizens of Zagreb – known as «Purgers», from the German word «Burg», meaning «town», not the English «purge» – are generally considered arrogant.

We are. And proud of it. Legend says that long ago our ancestors came to live in the shadow of the holy Bear Mountain, where for generations they fought with the bears over territory, berries, and honey.

Five great wars were fought, with no clear victor. The bloodshed did not stop until the ancient Purgers, led by a vision that only a new mountain would keep them away, built the legendary Bear Castle – Medvedgrad.

And so the bears were defeated, not physically, but psychologically. Within the castle’s strong walls, our ancestors boldly mocked the bears from the inside, coming up with new insults and jokes, slowly pushing them deeper into the forest.

What worked on bears, worked on humans, too. For centuries, Zagreb was protected by its castles, and the population grew confident and proud, claiming the mountain all for itself.

So, yes, we knew we would grow and were not surprised to see so many people coming to live in Zagreb. With the bears gone, that was to be expected. That part we like.

The reason why so many people believe we are not going in the right direction is a matter of another mountain.

Our Mayor, Milan Bandic, has been with us for over 16 years now.  That is 16 year as a mayor, not as a living human. That is longer than your full education should last and longer than all my past relationships combined. And, like all relationships that last for over 16 years, it is either great or something is very wrong with it.

When your boyfriend drunk-drives and runs away from the police, your parents may be worried but you are not going to dump him.

Even when he gets the cop fired, and later forces him to godfather his child in a stunt, you will forgive him. If you really love him, so what if he is under corruption investigations and if the public construction work is as transparent as water in the dark. «All the paperwork is there, you just can’t see it.»

And so the pile of evidence grows. The same roads constantly repaired, the same fishy companies, the same accusations, everything new tainted by suspicion of corruption, every building, square, and fountain ruined by greed.

When something new is built in Zagreb, it feels like being robbed. Whistleblowers come out, the local population revolts, journalists connects the dots, ex-partners confess to police, but, still, nothing can make you dump him, can it, Zagreb? Why?

Why do you love him so much? Is it because he paid you? It is true, he pays those media handsomely that glorify him, or look the other way. But it is not his money to give, so you are not just selling yourself, you are stealing with him.

Or is it because your family loves him? Because he hired them, so creating the biggest local bureaucracy in the region, where nepotism is so high that dating work colleagues is forbidden for the fear of incest?

He also hired them with our money. What seems like saintliness to you seems like thievery to me. And while you look away, the pile of evidence grows – and is now a mountain. It is one hidden by corrupt law officials far away from the public eye. But can you truly hide a mountain and sweep it under the rug? A metaphorical one, maybe, but not a real one.

Over years of and years of accusations, Mayor Bandic has always replied: «I am clean. Everything is clean!» and people believed him, because everything was clean, literally. The streets were so clean, that people from all over the world would come to Zagreb and say «Oh my, it is so clean here.» And we proudly responded, «Yes! Everything is clean.»

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VAT on tourism 6%, minister: It formalizes the sector

VAT on tourism 6%, minister: It formalizes the sector
The reduction of Value Added Tax (VAT) from 20% to 6% for the sector of tourism, will help this sector to formalize, but at the same time, it will also attract more tourists into the country.Such fact has been announced by the minister of Finance, Arben Ahmetaj, according to whom, all the negative effects caused as a result of the reduction of VAT, will be countered by the increase of taxed basis.

His declarations come at a time when the Parliamentary Economy and Finance Committee approved the reduction of VAT for tourism to 6%.

Let us recall that in 2016, revenues from tourism reached record levels of 1.5 billion euros, according to the Bank of Albania, while the number of those who visited Albania was 4.7 million, 15% more than the previous year. /

Zagreb Mayor: Milan Bandic Plays for Premiership Prize

EBRD – RWE Mafia: wastewater treatment: Zagreb Mayor: Milan Bandic Probed Again For Corruption

Corruption City Zagreb: Bozidar Kalmeta and Milan Bandic with the RWE Mafia

Milan Bandic and die Zagreb Mafia

31 Aug 16

Zagreb Mayor Plays for Premiership Prize

Zagreb’s longstanding mayor Milan Bandic is conducting a vigorous campaign to win the prime minister’s post at Croatia’s elections – even though his own political party is tiny.

Sven Milekic


Milan Bandic in the elections‘ campaign. Photo: Milan Bandic 365 – Party of Labour and Solidarity

“Croatia can and must compete with others with its educated people. Therefore we must invest in people. In Zagreb, we have been doing it for nine years,” Zagreb Mayor Milan Bandic told a press conference on Tuesday in the capital, promising free textbooks for the country’s pupils.

“We will do that. Keep the receipts, I publicly urge citizens to do so. And I at the first session of the government I’ll raise the issue,” he promised.

After his party, Milan Bandic 365 – Party of Labour and Solidarity, won two seats in parliament at the last elections in November 2015, Bandic has gathered some familiar faces around him to try and win the post of prime minister.

With the centre-left People’s Coalition led by Social Democratic Party, SDP and the centre-right Croatian Democratic Union, HDZ, being the likely leaders in the election race, with the Bridge of the Independent Lists, MOST, as the likely kingmaker when it comes to forming a government, Bandic appears to have little chance to realising his dream without the support of a larger party.

Corruption City Zagreb: Bozidar Kalmeta and Milan Bandic with the RWE Mafia

EBRD – RWE Mafia: wastewater treatment: Zagreb Mayor: Milan Bandic Probed Again For Corruption

Mafia Syndikat: EBRD, EIB, IFC, Worldbank and RWE:

EBRD, RWE Super corruption in Zagreb: “Right at the beginning of Bandic’s first mandate he signed the contract for Zagreb’s EBRD-financed oversized and overpriced wastewater treatment plant public-private partnership.”

08 Jun 15
Croatian Municipal Officials Indicted for Graft

Croatia’s Bureau for Combating Corruption and Organised Crime has filed indictments against three high-ranking local officials over the past week.

Zagreb mayor Milan Bandic. Photo: Beta

The Bureau for Combating Corruption and Organised Crime, USKOK, filed its latest indictment against Bozidar Kalmeta, the mayor of the Croatian coastal town of Zadar, on Friday.

This follows the anti-fraud body’s indictments of Zagreb mayor Milan Bandic and former Sisak-Moslavina county prefect Marina Lovric Merzel on Wednesday.

Kalmeta is being probed for alleged corrupt activities while he was maritime affairs, transport and infrastructure minister between 2005 and 2010, during which he is accused of leading a group of 12 people who embezzled some four million euro.

A member of the opposition centre-right Croatian Democratic Union, HDZ, Kalmeta was minister during the first mandate of now-incarcerated former Prime Minister Ivo Sanader, who was sentenced to eight-and-a-half years in prison for taking a 10 million euro bribe. Kalmeta remained minister when Jadranka Kosor took over as prime minister in July 2009.

Zadar mayor Bozidar Kalmeta. Photo: Beta

Bandic meanwhile is accused of illegally aiding a conservative NGO called In the Name of Family, which allegedly cost the city of Zagreb some 40,000 euro. The NGO was behind a successful campaign for a referendum to legally define marriage as a union between a man and a woman, effectively outlawing same-sex marriages.

He was initially arrested back in October 2014 over accusations that he was involved in a range of corrupt activities in the city administration, and of embezzling some 2.6 million euro.

Merzel Lovric, who is also an MP, is accused of involvement in wrongdoing that cost the Sisak-Moslavina county budget some 1.7 million euro.

She resigned as perfect of the county in August 2014 during her five months in remand prison. She also lost her membership of governing centre-left Social Democratic Party, SDP, in July 2014.



News Croatian Youth Losing Faith in Democracy, Poll Shows

Serbia Gangster and Murder Syndikat: Veselinovic


A company controlled by the Serbian state has quietly given a multi-million-dollar road construction contract to a consortium linked to Zvonko Veselinovic that has little highway-building experience, BIRN can reveal.

EBRD – RWE Mafia: wastewater treatment: Zagreb Mayor: Milan Bandic Probed Again For Corruption

Kein Geld für den Atom Kraftwerk Rückbau, Betrug ohne Ende

Wer bezahlt den Rückbau der deutschen Kernkraftwerke?

Möglicherweise kommt auf den deutschen Steuerzahler ein bodenloses Fass zu

Mafia Syndikat: EBRD, EIB, IFC, Worldbank and RWE:

EBRD, RWE Super corruption in Zagreb: “Right at the beginning of Bandic’s first mandate he signed the contract for Zagreb’s EBRD-financed oversized and overpriced wastewater treatment plant public-private partnership.”

„It was announced that so far, the City of Zagreb had paid EUR 426 million to ZOV, and it was estimated that this could total EUR 1.48 billion by 2028. “

CEE Bankwatch Network gratefully acknowledges EU funding support.
The content of this website is the sole responsibility of CEE Bankwatch Network and can under no circumstances be regarded as reflecting the position of the European Union.
ZOV d.o.o. – Waste water treatment plant in Zagreb
Zoom The Zagrebačke otpadne vode d.o.o. (ZOV) was founded in 1998 and charged to plan, finance and erect the WWTP Zagreb as well as the related infrastructure.Contract:

  • Financing, planning, erection, operation and maintenance of WWTP Zagreb (for 1,2 mill. Inhabitant Equivalent, IE)

Contract duration:

  • 28 years, until December 15th, 2028

Project structure:

  • ZOV d.o.o. (Project company): 48,5 % RWE
  • SRV d.o.o. (Construction company): 50 % RWE
  • ZOV uip d.o.o. (Operating company): 33 % RWE

Construction time:

  • 5 years (July 2002 – August 2007)



03 Jun 15

Zagreb Mayor Probed Again For Corruption

Croatia’s office for suppressing corruption and organised crime, USKOK, has filled a new indictment against Zagreb Mayor Milan Bandic, for abuse of office.

Sven Milekic


Zagreb Mayor Milan Bandic. Photo: Beta

Croatia’s anti-organised crime department, USKOK, on Wednesday said that it had issued a new indictment against Zagreb Mayor Milan Bandic for abuse of office.

The first indictment was sent back to USKOK by the Zagreb County Court in February. It wanted additional evidence to be supplied.

The fresh indictment issued on Wednesday accuses Bandic, his colleague from the city administration, Ivica Lovric and Zdenka Palac, director of the “Trznice Zagreb” company, responsible for public markets, and giving illegal preferential treatment to the Zagreb-based NGO “In the Name of the Family”.

“In the Name of the Family”, a conservative lobby group, succcessfully triggered a referendum on the constitutional definition of marriage in December 2013, which redefined marriage more closely in heterosexual terms as “a union between a man and a woman”.

Bandic is accused of getting Lovric and Palac to agree that the NGO should be financially helped beyond the agreed level of sponsorship – which specified only the free use of public space. It is estimated that this cost the Zagreb City and “Trznice Zagreb” budgets about 40,000 euro.

Leaflet from „In the Name of the Family“ campaign. Photo:

The city administration instead covered the expenses of printing and delivering 700,000 leaflets, 14,500 posters, 120 billboards and the cost of recording of their radio plugs.

Additionally, “Trznice Zagreb” supplied the NGO with 50 stands at markets free of charge.

All this was used during NGO’s campaign for the introduction of a new system of preferential voting in Croatia.

The campaign in September and October 2014 ended without success, as the petition failed to reach the legal threshold required to trigger a referendum.

Bandic and other accused face prison sentences ranging between six months and 12 years, depending on the amount of money gained from these illegal activities, if they are found guilty.

The Zagreb court will now have to decide once again whether to verify the indictment or again send it back to USKOK for further investigation. ….

October 20, 2014

Blog entry

Something quite amazing happened yesterday evening in Zagreb. The Croatian police and the State Prosecutor announced that several people had been arrested on suspicion of a number of criminal corruption offences, abuse of office and peddling influence. Among the arrested were Zagreb Mayor Milan Bandic, Head of Zagreb Holding municipal company Slobodan Ljubicic, the head of the ZET public transport company Ivan Tolic, head and part-owner of the CIOS metal recycling company Petar Pripuza and around 15 more un-named people.

Bandic holds Responsibility for Collapse of Ground in Zagreb

Bandic holds Responsibility for Collapse of Ground in Zagreb
08 October 2007
The Right to a City initiative and Zelena akcija environmental organization claim that recent collapse of the ground in Zagreb and the scandal involving swap of development lots in Maksimir do result from the unscrupulous policies of exploitation of the city, implemented intentionally by Mayor Milan Bandic.

The said cases demonstrate that the Mayor would not give up on his policies, favourable solely to developers and investors, even if they lead to a catastrophe. The two organizations add that similar incidents are likely to occur during the construction of underground garages under the Cvjetni Trg (Flower Market square).

Zagreb Mayor Milan Bandic brought to USKOK for interrogation. Photo: Beta

Seine Rastlosigkeit ist legendär. Wenn Milan Bandic nicht schlafen kann, dann müssen schon um sieben Uhr die Presseleute bereitstehen, weil er eine Straße oder sonst irgendetwas in Zagreb eröffnen will. Zu dem Zeitpunkt hat er bereits einen Zehn-Kilometer-Lauf hinter sich.
Jeden Tag. Nur diesen Montag war es anders. Denn der Bürgermeister der kroatischen Hauptstadt wachte diesmal in der Korruptionsstaatsanwaltschaft auf: Am Sonntag hatte ihn die Uskok festgenommen. Und nun sagen viele, dass es nur eine Frage der Zeit war. Gegen Bandic liegen hunderte Anzeigen vor. Sie betreffen etwa Widmungen für Bauprojekte, die bestimmten Leuten dienten, aber sicher nicht der Stadtkasse.

Ein Dorfmensch geblieben

Vieles an Bandic ist nur zu verstehen, wenn man seine Herkunft bedenkt. Er kommt aus der Gemeinde Grude in der Herzegowina. Und obwohl er 1974, mit 19 Jahren, nach Zagreb ging, um Politik zu studieren, ist er doch ein Dorfmensch geblieben, der später die Stadtpolitik wie einen herzegowinischen Familienbetrieb gestaltete, seinen Clan um sich scharte, befahl, delegierte und vergönnte.
Seinen Erfolg hat er anderen Zugezogenen, vor allem den Kriegsflüchtlingen vom Land zu verdanken, die in der Vorstadt Zagrebs leben und sich in seiner rauen Sprache wiedererkennen. In Bandics Welt gibt es keine Transparenz, sondern Abhängigkeiten. Doch davon profitierten viele. Die Zagreber verziehen dem Patron sogar, dass er 2002 bei einem Unfall betrunken Fahrerflucht beging. Nur drei Jahre später saß er wieder im Bürgermeistersessel.

Grenzenloser Populist

“Right at the beginning of Bandic’s first mandate he signed the contract for Zagreb’s EBRD-financed oversized and overpriced wastewater treatment plant public-private partnership.”

Ein typisches RWE Betrugs Geschäft in Zagreb, identisch wie mit Berlinwasser und der KfW in Albanien: der Elber Sh.P.K. in Elbasan. Partner bekanntlich: Direkt das BMZ. Die Rote Mafia, der Heidemarie Wieczorek-Zeul, vollkommen korrupt schlug damals zu, trotz Warnungen, was im Desaster endete, wie die komplette Entwicklungspolitik.

EBRD, Weltbank, KfW Betrugs Projekte als Motor der Bestechung: Man übt in Deutschland und macht im Ausland dann ungehemmt weiter. Doku TV Sendung.

Former Croatian Prefect Indicted for Corruption

Croatia’s office for suppressing corruption and organised crime, USKOK, has indicted the former Sisak Moslavina county prefect, Marina Lovric Merzel, for corruption.

Marina Lovric Merzel. Photo: Youtube screenshot

Croatia’s anti-organised crime office, USKOK, on Tuesday said it had indicted Marina Lovric Merzel, the former prefect of the Sisak Moslavina County.

Lovric Merzel, a former member of the  governing Social Democratic Party, SDP, and member of the Croatian parliament, has been under investigation since April 2014, when she was arrested and put into custody for five months.

USKOK accuses her of abuse of office, giving and accepting bribes, money laundering and forgery of an official document.

Five other persons and one company are accused alongside her in the same case. One is Zelljko Zuzic, an entrepreneur suspected of the embezzlement of 50 million euro and who also stated to USKOK in July 2014 that Lovric Merzel asked him for a bribe.


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RWE wollte Führungscrew auf Journalistenkontakte durchleuchten

Identische Methoden: Natürlich frei gesprochen: Bankenbetrüger, Inkompetend und mit krimineller Energie unterwegs: Nonnenmacher CoE (ohne Qualifikation im Banking) NordLB