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Dashamir Xhiak – EBRD Mafia: Albania: Serenissma Bankrupt, Vlora & Fier Bypass Tenders Reopened

Fraud Mafia Boss Nr. 1 with Draghi:

Suma Chakrabarti
6th President of European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

Das Diebstahl Mafia Imperium des Betruges: des Suma Chakrabarti, EBRD Präsident

July 26, 2016
 | by Xavier Sol

In a letter to the President of the European Investment Bank from July 22, the European Union’s Ombudsman Emily O’Reilly has asked the bank to review its governance arrangements to help prevent potential conflicts of interest in the bank’s governing bodies.

Null Transparenz, weil die inkompetenden Parteibuch Bangster, weder eine richtige Bank Ausbildung, oder sonstige Ausbildung und Praxis Erfahrung in realen Projekten haben

Letter to EIB directors: EIB final draft of transparency policy is insufficient

One week before the European Investment Bank’s board of directors is expected to approve the bank’s new transparency policy, 13 civil society groups warn the EIB’s directors that the draft policy amounts to a weakening of the already dismal transparency standards of the EU’s house bank.

List of groups signing the letter: Counter Balance, CEE Bankwatch Network, BothENDS, WWF Europe, Eurodad, Centre for Law and Democracy, Ibis, Sherpa, Publish What You Fund, Arab NGO Network for Development (ANND), Transparency International (EU office), Action Aid International, Article 19.

Siehe Vertrags Parnter, der EBRD: Alles sofort und total korrumpierte Staaten der übelsten Art, deshalb arbeitet man unverändert mit Dashamir Xhiak in Albanien, obwohl Alles Bauschrott und gefakte Ausschreibungen sind, wie die Staatsaufsicht feststellte, inklusive Phantom Projekten, wo nur noch Geld gestohlen wird und die Akten sind vor über 2 Jahren der Staatsanwalt übergeben worden, welche bekanntlich extrem korrupt und inkomptend ist in Albanien.

Serenissima- A story of Corruption and Economical Crime from the Italian Embassdy, Berlusconi Mafia

Serenissma Bankrupt, Vlora & Fier Bypass Tenders Reopened

19 hours ago

Serenissma Bankrupt, Vlora & Fier Bypass Tenders ReopenedRoad works near Fier. Source: Photobucket/vami1940

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) announced today that tender for the Vlora and Fier bypasses will be reopened. The Italian construction company Serenissima, which had won the tenders for an unrealistically low price, has declared bankruptcy.

The Albanian government will use the remaining sum of its €48.8 million from the EBRD and the European Investment Bank to finish 22 km left of the Fier Bypass. The remaining part of the Vlora Bypass construction will be financed by the EU Delegation in Tirana and the European Investment Bank. The total costs of both projects are around €100 million.

The following parts remain to be completed:

  • Fier Bypass (22 km), which links the axes Lushnja–Fier, Levan–Vlora, and Levan–Tepelena.
  • Vlora Bypass (29 km), starting from the highway to Fier, passing through the villages Babica and Kanina above Vlora, connecting to the Orikum–Saranda road.

Works are expected to restart in late 2017.

The collapse of the Vlora Bypass project is yet another EU-sponsored infrastructural project going awry. Recently, a water supply and sewerage project financed by the EU in Ksamil led to massive economic and environmental damage, as flows of excrement covered the streets and seaside of tourist town Ksamil. In February, EU Ambassador Romana Vlahutin paid a visit to Vlora to inspect the progress on the Vlora Bypass. By then, Serenissima was already in serious financial problems. The EU Delegation in Tirana has a spotty history when it comes to supervising EU-financed infrastructural projects.

The bankruptcy of Serenissima

The Italian company Serenissima Construzioni spa, which was supposed to build the Fier and Vlora Bypasses, has gone bankrupt. The Albanian government seized two working sites and had confiscated the pertinent documentation.

In early April, the Road Authority (ARrSh) notified the company that if the working sites didn’t restart fully before April 6, the contracts would be unilaterally canceled. The work remained stalled and the government unilaterally canceled the contracts with the Italian company for both projects, on the basis of the long delays in the project.

Serenissima won its first contract for the Fier Bypass in 2013, with work supposed to be finished in October 2017. Until April however, only a small part of the work had been actually finished. The Vlora Bypass remains in a similar situation after Serenissima won the contract in 2015.

The Italian company entered the Albanian market in 2013 riding a wave of political and diplomatic support, winning two major contracts with a total value of €80 million.

The way in which the company won both tenders caused much debate among Albanian construction firms, because Serenissima claimed it was able to do the work much cheaper than the maximum tender budget. The price offered by the company was even lower than the actual costs of the work.

These extremely low bid and a suicidal policy toward its subcontractors led to a series of conflicts that blocked the work sites, bank accounts, and a general inability to complete any work on time.

After a series of useless negotiations, in which even Italian politicians tookpart, the Albanian government decided to declare the contracts void.

Meanwhile, the ownership of the company changed in September 2016. The only shareholder of Serenissima, the powerful company A4 Holding spa, was acquired by the largest private European highway management company, the Spanish firm Albertis.

Albertis decided to sell Serenissima, which was bought for little money by an Italian entrepreneur, who failed to convince the Albanian government to let him finish the two main ring roads for Fier and Vlora, while the company was faced with lawsuits from several subcontractors demanding a total of €17 million.

The Albanian creditors have declared that they will file a lawsuit against Serenissima’s previous owner, A4 Holding, for not properly supervising the implementation of the contracts.

The entire situation once again shows that Albanian governments, under influence of foreign lobbyists and diplomats, entrust the construction of public works to fake foreign companies who come to Albania only to perform fake work.

Fieri and Vlora Bypass Project

Bildergebnis für ebrd bank


Procurement ref:8794-GPN-42319


Business sector:Transport

Project number:42319

Funding source:EBRD, EIB, ECD

IFIMES Report: Die Energie Mafia – OSHEE MANIPULATES TENDERS IN THE ENERGY SECTOR und der Mafia General Staatsanwalt: Adriatic Llalla

Dashamir Xhiak

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If the EBRD stands for democracy it should not support TAP – Italian community addresses bank’s directors

… we call on you to not to finance this project. If the EBRD stands for democracy it should not support TAP. These olive … Institution:  EBRD

May 11, 2017, Blog entry

From Enver Hoxha to the EBRD (and back) – hydropower in Albania

… like the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), the World Bank or Germany’s development bank KfW, has set its eyes on … of Bulqizë in central Albania. The plant, financed by the EBRD together with Societe Generale was put into operation last year. …

June 7, 2017, Blog entry

While the majority of bunkers is now being dismantled for scrap metal, the Albanian government, encouraged by international donors like the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), the World Bank or Germany’s development bank KfW, has set its eyes on another concrete folly. Over 300 hydropower plants (HPP) are in various stages of planning or preparation seem to take the place of the bunkers in this predominantly mountainous country.

Two images of a hill with a water pipe of the Ternove hydropower project. They show how the construction is completely inadequate to avoid landslides.
A hill with a water pipe of the Ternove hydropower project. They show how the construction is completely inadequate to avoid landslides.

This week Bankwatch visited the Ternove HPP (8.4 MW), developed by Canadian Hydro Investment and Albanian Theodori company near the city of Bulqizë in central Albania. The plant, financed by the EBRD together with Societe Generale was put into operation last year. Additional canals that will harvest more water are still under construction. The project was brought to our attention because locals in several villages have been protesting for several years against the plant, fearing impacts on irrigation and thus their income and livelihood that is mostly based on farming.

The Ternove hydropower plant is taking water from the glacier lake Liqeni i Zi (Black Lake), a nationally recognised protected site, connecting it with several water streams and several other glacier lakes through tunnels and canals.

With this project the EBRD, proud of its environmental standards, looks as if it was trying to make Enver Hoxha proud, putting aside nature and people while “marching towards the bright future”. Thus it does not matter that the project lacks proper anti-erosion measures, converting the whole hill into a series of cracks that are prone to landslides and erosion. Locals fear this will likely damage the access roads they use to get to the forest and pastures.

The set of canals that is connecting the lake with other streams and lakes brings a significant amount of sediments, changing the hydrology of the glacier lake.

The fact that the company has been repeatedly fined by the Forest Inspectorate for proceeding with excavation works without the necessary permit only adds to the impression that when it comes to the implementation of its environmental policies, the EBRD has not monitored the project closely enough.

A water canal made of concrete, running along a hill.
The several kilometre long network of concrete canals will hardly boost the region’s tourist potential.

Locals fear lack of water

In several villages people protested, fearing that the hydro power plant will deprive them of irrigation water. The protests were clearly sparked by the lack of consultations about the project and its impacts. It is indeed difficult to assess the project’s impact as it not only depends on the availability of water, but also on the irrigation infrastructure.

The Strikçan village, some 22 km east of Bulqizë depends on irrigation from July to September. The villagers collect 20 000 LEK (~150 EUR) every year to pay a local worker to clean the irrigation canal with pickaxe and shovel.

A water pipe lying beneath a very steep dirt hill.
The water pipes are lying under steep hills that are prone to landslides.
Schweigen des Mafia Kabinetts Chef: Krislen Kërit und Dashamir Xhiak: im Edmond Haxinasto Verbrecher Imperium

Charter Fluege von der Mafia bezahlt, bis zu 150 Auslands Reisen machten Minister von Edi Rama

EU finanzierter Langzeit Betrug mit Verbrecher Syndikaten und immer ohne Drainage, oft fehlt der Stahl, wie bei dem Koelner U-Bahn mit Bilfinger & Berger. Qualifizierte Bau Aufsicht, Ausschreibungen, ein Null Nummer Projekt.

Todesfallen fuer Autos:

Langzeit Skandal, das die EU Millionen in diese kriminellen Loechern wirft, praktisch immer daran durch Kick Back Geschaefte diese Verbrechen organisieren.

Die LSI Mafia inspiziert ihren Betrugs Bau Schrott, arbeitet unverdrossen mit den identischen Ziegenhirten Baufirmen ohne jede Ausschreibung und Qualifikation weiter zusammen, wie im Berisha – Sokol Olldashi System identisch.

Gangster LSI Syndikat: Dashamir Xhiak und Edmond Haxhinasto

EU Mafia: Hirnlose EU Bauschrott Finanzierung seit 20 Jahren

„Winter“ der das Land lähmt, durch Gnadenlose Inkompetenz und Klientel Politik

Wie der Abgeordnente Ben Blushi sagt: Regierung der Dummen, Kriminellen und Analphabeten.Die Strassenbehörde wie das komplete Mafia Transport Ministerium, EU gesponsert, um gemeinsam die Milliarden zustehlen. Ermittlungen weil 100 % aller Tender manipuliert sind, laufen seit langem und Nichts passiert. Besonders  peinlich, das die EU überteuerten, finanzierten Palmen an der „Autobahn“ Durres – Tirana, wieder … „Winter“ der das Land lähmt, durch Gnadenlose Inkompetenz und Klientel Politik weiterlesen