Media Abuse Becomes Strategy of Choice in Albanian Politics

27 Oct 1

Media Abuse Becomes Strategy of Choice in Albanian Politics

As Albania’s prime minister slammed journalists in an attempt to deflect scrutiny after parliament blocked the arrest of the former interior minister, reporters were also verbally abused in the street – a development that could have consequences for press freedom.

Gjergj Erebara


Georg Soros Mafia Staff in Albanien: Romana Valuhtin – Edi Rama (Olsi Rama)
Edi Rama, Albanian Prime Minister. Photo: Malton Dibra/LSA

Journalists in Albania are used to insults. When the army of online trolls backing the party attack them each time they dare to criticise their beloved leaders they either ignore it or give it back. But last week, the keyboard warriors seemed to have left the bedroom for the street.

On Saturday morning at the parliament gates, journalists questioned MP Saimir Tahiri, the former Interior Minister, in relation to the charges of corruption and international drug trafficking against him.

What they got was a barrage of abuse from his supporters. While they might normally keep their threats to comments section, this time the charges were serious enough to bring the mob outdoors.

The charges

Tahiri’s luck in keeping the Interior Ministry’s top job for nearly four years went sour last week, when Italian police put out warrants and arrested about 11 members of a criminal organisation responsible for trafficking tons of marijuana from southern Albania to Sicily.

Authorities had four years of interceptions outlining the logistics for thousands of kilos of cannabis and implicated Mr Tahiri in the trade.

All 420 pages of the Italian court documents were published on opposition leader Lulzim Basha’s Facebook page causing a political storm.

The gang, from a village near Vlora in Albania’s south, spoke about Tahiri as one of their friends, claimed to control the police in town and had spies in a military radar station to help direct their operations.

The intercepts document conversations involving a kind of jealous rivalry between the gang members and the MP, including boasts that even though Tahiri can make 5 million euro a month, they still have more money.

The gang also spoke about „giving Saimir 30,000 euro“ and having purchased bracelets worth 2,000 euros for his wife and “their mother” [it remains unclear on whom they were referring]. Italian police also noted that at one time the criminals used a car owned by Tahiri.

Besides the transcripts of one member claiming the police chief helped to carry their drugs in person, the evidence against Tahiri sent shockwaves through the political establishment and wider society.

Albanian Serious Crime Prosecutors claims that they have other ’secret‘ evidence supporting their case for Tahiri’s arrest.

Tahiri denies the charges, claiming the gang members’ comments were just empty boasts about having influence over him. He also claims he sold them his car but the transaction was never finalised. Overall, the criminals are just „his cousins of the tenth grade,” he says.

Tahiri is born in Tirana but his family hails from the same area as the Habilaj brothers, the suspected leaders of the drug ring. Thus, Tahiri is allegedly related by blood with them and he says that the relation is very remote.

But Tahiri’s position is further complicated by the fact that eight months after selling his car to the gang, he borrowed it while on holiday in Greece.

Prosecutors say that a car in Tahiri’s name was useful to the criminals as a way to protect them from police controls and that its loan after the sale confirms their close relations.

Trolls, ‘jammers’ and nitwits

MPs from his party have dismissed the case as baseless and say there is a “political agenda” behind the charges.

On the internet, an army of trolls has attacked every person that said the prosecutors were doing their job by asserting the authorities came from former Prime Minister Sali Berisha’s region of Tropoja, and are therefore his puppets.

The journalists that were critical of the government’s stance saw abuse in the comments under their articles and on social media reach an all-time high. On TV both the government and opposition used various propaganda and disinformation techniques to support their cases.

And then came the “jammers”. This is the term Albanians have invented for party activists that go on TV to support difficult causes not through the force of their arguments, but by derailing serious discussion with insults and yelling to jam the argument, often without offering an alternative view.

Forget fake news or alternative facts. Here, in Albania, the concern is factual based reporting. We should be concerned with the journalist’s right to ask questions.

On Saturday, this right was rejected. When Tahiri spoke to journalists in front of the parliament gates, they had questions. But his supporters shut them down with abuse.

„Nitwit“, „ugly devil“ and „garbage“ were some of the offences used, followed by threats like „let’s throw her out by her clothes“, while others applauded. Deaf to the abuse, Tahiri thanked and kissed supporters.

With the trolls now turned lynching mob, the atmosphere felt dangerous.

Rama weighs in

The controversy grew later this week after MPs from the ruling Socialist Party voted on Wednesday to deny prosecutors’ requests to arrest Tahiri, citing lack of evidence but raising serious concerns.

As a rule, members of the parliament have immunity from arrest or police search in order to protect those in opposition from possible government abuse.

But parliament has no right to judge the quality of criminal proceedings or the evidence supporting them.

And by blocking the prosecutors warrant for Tahiri, the Socialists may be creating a dangerous precedent whereby charges against any MP can be dismissed without providing any evidence that the charges are politically motivated.

And this is where Prime Minister Edi Rama joined the fray. Supporting his vote, he said Albanian MPs do not have full immunity from investigation and that prosecutors can still work to support their case despite his decision.

He further emphasised that parliament had allowed prosecutors to raid his house but not arrest him.

But journalists wanted answers to more serious questions about whether the constitutional system had been damaged by a parliament acting as judge of both the evidence and the legality of the prosecution’s request.

But in an apparent attempt to avoid the discussion, Rama preceded each of his arguments with rants against the journalists.

„You and all those like you that have not yet understood what we are discussing should be ashamed, because you are putting the millet [an Ottoman term for the people] into disarray with such senseless questions,“ he told journalists….

Edi Rama

US Ambassador Lu Responds to Tahiri–Habilaj Affair

US Ambassador Lu Responds to Tahiri–Habilaj Affair

After days of silence, US Ambassador Donald Lu has responded to the Tahiri–Habilaj affair. During a speech at a conference on fighting corruption in higher education, the US Ambassador said the following: But first,…

yesterday, 11:2

Non – Stop NATO Skandale in Albanien nun mit promineter Mafia Tochter: Olta Xhacka: „Idea-Tel“ Tirana, für Januar 2016.

Wenn ein Land so kriminelle und korrupt ist, das man sogar die Militär Einrichtungen an Kriminelle (Idea-Tel Sh.P.K.)verkauft, kontrollieren lässt, ist man im NATO Land Albanien. Freie Fahrt für Schmuggler Boote, man schaltet die Radare aus, 2 Jahre lang, überweist einer Mafia Firma, grosse Geldbeträge für Nichts, welche nicht einmal Ersatzteile haben.

Bei dem Super Debakel mit der US Küsten Kontroll Stelle, will nun die Hostess: Olta Xhacka, welche sich bei Georg Soros einkaufte und sich Verteidigungsministerin schimpft, US Radare auch für die Flugraum Überwachung anschaffen, erneut bei einer der berüchtigsten Bestechungsfirmen der Welt: Lockheed Martin.

General Brigade: Vladimir Qirjazi i.R. beschuldigt den Albanischen Generalstabs Chefs Xhemal Gjunkshi und Minister Arben Imani der Korruption

Die Bande, mit Petri Koci, Mimi Kodheli und dem Pseudo Flotten Kommandanten Ylber Dogjani, der keine Nautische Ausbildung hat.

Links: Generalstabs Chef: Jeronim Bazo, ebenso (bis 28.8.2017) zu 100 % Verantwortung. Spaziergänger im Solde der Mafia.

Die Pentagon - CIA Ratte in Zivil
Die Pentagon – CIA Ratte in Zivil

Dann die Ratte Petro Koci, Memi Kodheli, Pseudo Flotten Kommandant: Yiber Dogjani.

Kinderhandel in Tradition, mit Edi Rama und Freunden, wo 500 Kinder bis heute in Griechenland verschwunden sind. Sogar der EU Commissar kritisiert den Kinderhandel in Albanien, was bei Edi Rama, Olta Xhacka und der Mutter Natasha Xhacka und Umfeld nicht verwundern. Die haben so eine Art Tradition, was vor 15 Jahren schon ein Super Skandal wurde. Die korrupte EU Commission, EU Botschaft hatten noch im Herbst den Beginn der EU Kandidaten Gespräche empfohlen, was inzwischen sogar Edi Rama bestätigt, das Alle von Kriminellen übernommen war, KfW, EU und Weltbank finanziert, deren Vertretungen von Kriminellen kontrolliert wird.

3 October 2017
Answer given by Mr Hahn on behalf of the Commission
The Commission is aware that child marriage remains a concern, particularly amongst members of certain vulnerable groups. Underage marriages occur mostly in rural areas and are observed amongst Roma children, as highlighted in the 2016 Commission Report on Albania(1). The Commission is aware of concerns from civil society organisations monitoring this practice, which point out that girls as young as seven and boys as young as nine were ‘considered’ married (i.e. promised away). Some non-governmental organisations (NGOs) also report that early and forced marriages occur in rural communities as part of human trafficking schemes, with parents consenting to underage daughters marrying older foreign men, who subsequently move them to other countries.

The Commission will continue to closely follow the situation in Albania and raise the issue with the authorities. Albania is party to the Council of Europe Istanbul Convention(2), which requires criminalisation of the act of forcing a child to enter into a marriage, and of luring a child to another country in order to force her or him to enter into a marriage. The Commission also maintains that Albania, as candidate country, should address all forms of exploitation, and should ensure that victims are offered protection and assistance, including gender and age-specific approaches.


Niemand schreibt, wer der Eigentümer der Firma war, im Register findet man auch Nichts mehr. Eine Kriminal Story, welche erneut bei den Doppel Standards der Amerikaner unter den Tisch gekehrt wird, denn die Betrugs Geschäfte der Amerikaner sind unendlich im Balkan und nicht nur in Albanien. Viele Fragen sind offen, rund um die damalige Verteidigungsministerin:Mimi Kodhelit, ihren Gangster: Xhemal Gjunkshi, der als Generalstabschef eingesetzt wurde. Auffällig auch hier, das der Rechnungshof die Sache nicht aufgreift, denn US Betrugsgeschäfte, sind immer durch die US Botschafter geschützt, wie auch hier. siehe auch GERDEC, die Betrugs Waffengeschäfte des Pentagon, US Department of State, mit Bechtel usw.. US Marketing: Kaufst Du Nichts, wirst Du gebombt und zerstört, wie Libyen, Syrien.

Phantom Firma der Mafia erhielt illegal die Installations und Wartungs Verträge im Marine Oberkommando in „Plepa“ und dann funktionierte Nichts mehr, wie auch gut dokumentiert wurde.

Die Firma „Idea-Tel“ Tirana, für Januar 2016. Real funktionierte Nichts, auch die besonders wichtigen Radare von Durres, funktionierten nicht, was aber vor Ort bekannt war, die Küstenwache fuhr ja nicht einmal. Der selbst ernannte Flotten Kommandant:  Gjeneral Brigade Ylber DOGJANI, der zum Schluß mit Admirals Uniform herum lief, obwohl er keinen Seemanns Knoten kannte, unter dem Niveau eines Sportführerschein Besitzers war. Man kassierte aber für viel Geld über einen Wartungs Auftrag, obwohl man nur für In- und Export eine Firma besitzt.Immer mehr Details kommen ans Licht, nur der Name wer der Administrator der Firma IDEA-TEL Sh.P.K ist und war findet man nicht heraus. Das Grundsystem funktionierte schon in 2011 nicht mehr, was richtig ist, die neuen Anlagen, von Lockhed & Martin haben nie funktioniert, beauftragte Firmen, haben nur viel Geld kassiert, für Nichts, weil auch noch Alles von der VAT befreit war, konnte man Super Phantom Geschäfte machen. Der letzte Wartungs Auftrag, an IDEA-Tel Sh.P.K. da wurden 48.750.00 LEK bezahlt, aber Nichts geschah. Also ca. 150.000 €, wo man etwas bezahlte, ohne Beleg, ohne Rechnung an eine bereits damalige Phantom Firma. Aktuelle Verlautbarung des Verteidigungs Ministerium, mit der vorstehenden Schwieger Tochter: Olta Xhacka, eines Super Mafiosi und Betrügers: Alles ist nach Gesetz und den NATO Bestimmungen erfolgt. Bekanntlich kennen diese Leute keine Gesetze, was durchaus bei der gut organisierten Marine, noch vor 10 und 15 Jahren reine Routine war.  Die Frau, welche nur Betrug kennt, nennt sich nun Verteidigungsministerin.

Anti Mafia Lecce – DIA Bericht: Albanische Minister, Abgeordnete sind Mitglieder der Albaner Mafia und im Drogen Geschaeft

Erst 2014, wurde der Kinderhandel Albanischer Minister gestoppt, was damals eine ganz Grosse Sache war durch den Staatsanwalt Styhlla, der von Edi Rama  in die Wüste geschickt wurde. 500 Kinder sind bis heute spurlos verschwunden in Griechenland, welche nur 3-500 DM kosteten. Die Mutter von Olta Xhacka: Natasha, war damals Partner des Edi Rama im Kinderhandel, wo es andere Skandale ebenso gab, rund um das Kinderhaus der Doris Schröder-Köpp und dubiosen Deutschen Diplomaten, mit dem Visa Skandal. Der Staatsanwalt Sthylla, stoppte diese Schweinereien, auch den Organ Handel (Italienische Ärzte) damals, wurde erst unter der neuen Regierung von Edi Rama, gefeuert. 500 Kinder sind bis heue spurlos verschwunden in Griechenland, was die Deutsche Mafia damals ebenso in 2000 bis 2004nicht interessierte, weil man selbst in alle möglichen Mafiösen Geschäfte aktiv war. siehe Visa Skandal.

Damals wurden 5 Deutsche auch in Albanien ermordet und ein BKA Bericht gibt Aufschluss. Ex-Gatte: Artan Gaci, mit der Boutique „Florence“ in Tirana, war eine der Geldwäsche Stellen des Edi Rama.

Deputetja e PS, Olta Xhacka, duke folur gjate nje konference shtypi, ku ka komentuar ne lidhje me pjesmarrjen e gruas ne politike./r/n/r/nLawmaker, Olta Xhacka, speaks during a press conference, where she commented on the participation of women in politics.

Olta Xhacka,

Typsiches Georg Soros Produkt des Betruges über „Mjfat“ und korrupter EU Kreise mit G-99, wie auch Bosch Stiftung, Erste Stiftung. Olta Xhacka, ist uralter Kommunisten Hochadel, ebenso Ex-Schwieger Tochter des Super Betrügers, Gangsters. der Pyramid Firma: von Gani Kadrise und der Ehefrau: Shemsije Kadrisë, Pyramid Firma “Gjallica”, ein ganz übler Betrugs Laden vor 20 Jahren. In Folge Betrugs Firmen, des Shmesje Kadrise, war Olta Xhacka, Managerin, Teilhaberin, bis Shemsije Kadrise zuletzt 2013 verhaftet wurden, wegen Betrug. Letzte Verhaftung 2013,  Ihr Ehemann und Vater sind ein Langzeit Gangster, der Schmuggler Boote als System ansieht und promotete, als Vlore Gangster.

Das Albanische Militär gilt als vollkommen verrottet und zerstört, wie letzte Skandal mit dem abgestürzten Hubschrauber zeigte mit den Piloten, welche keinerlei Erlaubniss hatten, noch eine Ausbildung für den neuen Hubschrauber Typ, wo der zuständige Chef, eine eigene Privat Helikopter Schule aber hatte und nie anwesend war.

Die US Mafia, neue Schmuggler Routen, wo das Albanische NATO Personal, die Radar Stationen ausser Funktion setzten

Die Oberste Rechnungshof Prüfung SAI, mit Bujar Leskaj, mit Brief vom 30.9.2015 Prot. Nr. 125/54 empfahl damals Lockhed Martin wegen technischer Mängel von jedem weiteren Verfahren auszuschliessen und die besseren und günstigeren Britischen und Deutschen Anbieter zunehmen. Durch die damalige Verteidigungsminister Mimi Kodheli, wurde ein Schaden von 41 Millionen LEK schon im Ausschreibungsverfahren festgestellt. Das Angebot über die die Phantom Firma Ideal-Tel Sh.P.K wurde kritisiert.

Der Generalstaatsanwalt A. Llalla: Ermittlungen gegen Betrügerische US Firmen wurden auf Hinweis der US Botschafter gestoppt werden

Die US Mafia, neue Schmuggler Routen, wo das Albanische NATO Personal, die Radar Stationen ausser Funktion setzten

Einweihungs Show in 2015, wo schon Nichts mehr funktionierte.

Mosfunksionimi i radaravë detarë dhe “policia moderne” e RamësQendra Ndërinstitucionale Operacionale Detare, Durrës
Mit Brief vom 31. August durch den hoechsten Polizei Direktor Haki Cako, wurden die Luegen der Verteidigungsministerin: Mimi Kodehli publik, welche behauptete, das das System funktioniert,

Allein die Vergabe, an Firmen die Steuer- oder Strom Schulden haben, ist per Gesetz verboten, denn auch das höchste Berufungs Gericht entschied im November 2015, das der Klage nur teilweise stattgegeben wird, der Idea-Tel Sh.P.K., vom höchsten Richter Xhezair Zaganjori entscheiden (5 Richter insgesamt). Idea-Tel Sh.P.K. stieg in den Treibstoff Handel ein, wollte seine VAT Befreiung per Gericht durchsetzen, verweigerte Vorlagen auch in der Berufung, für welche Fahrzeuge, Verbrauch usw. er Treibstoff Befreiung und Gutschriften haben will. Der ganz normale Betrug also in Albanien auch mit den VAT Gutschriften, über angeblich bezogenen Treibstoff. Ausserdem verlangte das Gericht (Im Beschluß), das die angeblichen Fahrer, von Fahrzeugen benannt werden, ihre Sozial Versicherung und Abgaben nachgewiesen werden, was damals eine grosse Aktion, noch unter dem Finanzminister Ridvan Bode war.

Erstaunlich das man aber im Search Zentrum der Firmen Registrierungen, weder unter dem Namen, Appartment Bauschrott Mafia Haus, als „Hawai“ Komplex bekannt, wo der Investor, merkwürdig verstarb, oder entsorgt wurde, also Bauschrott ohne Beton Rüttler gebaut. Die Hawai Komplexe, gehören zu den grossen Betrugs Manövern des Edi Rama, weil er das damals duldete, welche Teil legalisiert wurden, ohne Grundstücke, erst unter der Regierung des Edi Rama.

Bauschrott Legenden des Edi Rama in Tirana:

Admiräle, welche nur Ziegenhirten hüten gelernt hatten in 1996, 1997 aus Tropoj

Steuer Nummer:  NIPT: J72902830L

  Handelsregister QKB:

Company NameIDEA – TEL SH.P.K.
Address:203 Rruga Dritan Hoxha  (203 /7/27)
CityTIRANE – 1000
Höchste Politik Beziehungen, zur Edi Rama Mafia, auch in die Justiz, wenn man eine merkwürdige Gerichtsache sieht, das Verfahren:

Detajet e Çështjes:

Nr. i çështjes: 31001-02822-00-2013
Tipi: Administrative
Titulli i çështjes: SHOQERIA TREGTARE „IDEA-TEL“ SH.P.K Kund


Relatori:  Xhezair Zaganjori

Data e vendimit: 10.11.2015
Nr i vendimit: 00-2015-3903
Shkarko vendimin ]
  Die Grenzlinie auf der Karte, die in der neuen Radarsoftware PRT-14 und PRT-20 dargestellt ist, wurde nicht installiert / konfiguriert.
Die eigenen technischen Fachleute stellen fest, das Nichts funktioniert, halten es auch schriftlich fest und Nichts passiert wie immer im Albanischen System, ausser das man viele Millionen jeden Monat an eine Phantom Firma bezahlt, welche es offensichtlich nicht mehr gibt, welche auch nie einen Auftrag erhalten hätte dürfen, auf Grund entgültiger Rechtskräftigen Gerichts Urteilen und real im Treibstoff, Zoll Betrug Handel aktiv war zuletzt. Woher die Qualifikation kommt, für IT Systeme, ist ebenso die übliche Betrugs Manipulation diesmal im NATO Militär Bereich, der Amerikaner, der Verteidigungsministerin und des korrupten Generalstabschef und Flotten Kommandanten.

shis Albania

Die wikileaks Cables aus 2007, sprechen deutliche Worte

Henry Kissinger hat es noch deutlicher ausgedrückt: Militärpersonal ist blödes, dummes Vieh, welches man als Bauernopfer in der Aussenpolitik benutzt.

Verbrecher Duo: Mimi Kodheli – Edi Rama: Identisch wie im Innenministerium: mit Samir Tahiri

 2 Jahre fing die Albanische Küstenwache, keine Schmugglerboote, wo die System, die teure Küstenüberwachungs Zentrale mit Radaren von inkompetenden Kriminellen übernommen wurde. Das war offensichtlich, als die „Sondereinheit „Delta Force“ ausgebaut wurde, von den Amerikaner erneut mit Millionen gesponsert und mit US Booten, und
Erneut zum Vize Verteigungsminister, auch in der neuen Edi Rama Regierung:
Petro Koci** tauchte auf. (Entlassen, wegen Mafiösen Umtrieben in 1997, als Innenminister und Verkauf des Innenministeriums an Kriminelle Clans.)

Berisha nxjerr raportin zyrtar: Ndrikull Kodheli ndihmoi trafikantët me radarët e saj

Ish-kryeministri Sali Berisha ka bërë publik një raport zyrtar në lidhje me radarët detar. Ky raport është dërguar nga oficerët e grupit të punës gjeneralit të forcave detare Ylber Dogjani. Në raport liston të detajuara të gjitha mosfunksionalitet dhe parregullsitë që vërehen në pajisjet teknike. POSTIMI I PLOTË I BERISHËS: Ja se si ndrikull Kodhel…

Ish-kryeministri Sali Berisha ka bërë publik një raport zyrtar në lidhje me radarët detar. Ky raport është dërguar nga oficerët e grupit të punës gjeneralit të forcave detare Ylber Dogjani.

Në raport liston të detajuara të gjitha mosfunksionalitet dhe parregullsitë që vërehen në pajisjet teknike.


Ja se si ndrikull Kodheli ndihmoi me sukses trafiqet dhe trafikantet me radaret e saj!

Ketu me poshte keni nje raport zyrtar per radaret, te derguar nga oficeret e grupit te punes, gjeneralit te forcave detare Ylber Dogjani dhe injorimi total i raportit nga ndrikull Kodheli. sb

„Ja nje nga informacionet periodike qe i shkonin Komandantit te Forcave Detare Ylber Dogjanit nga grupet e punes se FD ne lidhje me mos funksionimin e sistemit te radareve, por sigurisht qe Oficeri i Logjistikes ne krye te Forcave Detare kishte ardhur me mision te dedikuar nga cifti Kodheli-Kraja, vetem e vetem per te mbuluar kete afere korruptive duke mos mare asnje mase per radaret (sepse per specialist ne fushen e veprimtarise detare thone qe sdi as not).

Me posht nje nga raportet qe grupet e punes i dergonin Dogjanit, por ky i fundit dhe firma fituese s’mernin asnje mase sepse kishin “mision” tjeter:

Lënda :​ Raport mbi kontrollin e shërbimeve/riparimeve në SIVHD të kryera nga Shoqëria “Idea- Tel” sh.p.k. Tiranë, për muajin Janar 2016.

Drejtuar​:​ Gjeneral Brigade Ylber DOGJANI
​​Komandant i Forcës Detare

I nderuar Zoti Gjeneral,
– Komisioni për zbatimin e Kontratës me Nr. 233/3, datë 11.08.2015 me objekt “Shërbimi i Mirëmbajtjes Tekniko-Operacionale të Sistemit të Integruar të Hapësirës Detare (SIVHD) për një periudhë tre vjecare”, i ngritur me Urdhrin e Komandantit të Forcës Detare Nr.274, datë 24/08/2015 , i ndryshuar.

– Nga data 20 – 22.01.2016 realizoi kontrollin e shërbimeve/riparimeve në SIVHD të kryera nga Shoqëria “Idea – Tel” sh.p.k. Tiranë, gjatë muajit Janar 2016.

– Nga kontrolli i ushtruar rezultoi se nga shoqëria “Idea Tel” sh.p.k. Tiranë, nga data 01 – 22.01.2016 nuk ishin kryer kontrolle/shërbime në SITE-et e PRT-11 Ksamil, PRT-VQ Sarandë, PRT-13 Portopalermo, QO Pashaliman dhe PRT-19 Gur Lushnje.

– Sipas Aneksit Nr.2 të Kontratës, Neni 1 Paragrafi I “Shërbimet e Mirëmbajtjes Parandaluese”, Pika B “Inspektimi mujor dhe eleminim i problematikave të konstatuara”, firma ka për detyrim të inspektojë në cdo vend- instalim “site”, paisjet sipas moduleve të SIVHD.

– Anëtarët e komisionit të zbatimit të kontratës pasi verifikuan/kontrolluan gatishmërinë e paisjeve të SIVHD-së konstatuan edhe këto problematika:

– PRT- VQ Sarandë:

1. UPS i kompiuterit të postoperatorit ka probleme me bateritë,
2. Mikrofoni i radios IP 1616 ndodhet jashtë gatishmërie,
3. Kondicionieri i sallës së postoperatorit nuk kalon në ngrohje, ka nevojë për shërbime,
4. MG i paisjeve të sallës nuk ndizet auto, por manualisht,
5. Dritat e sinjalizimit të kullës nuk ndizen.

– PRT-11 Ksamil:

1. MG 2 gjatë punës fiket, u kontrollua dhe ka të nevojshme ndërrimin e filtrave dhe vajit,
2. MG1 ndizet në mënyrë manuale, ka probleme me karikuesin e baterisë, duhet ndërruar.

– PRT-13 Portopalermo:
1. MG i dërguar nga Durrësi nuk është montuar dhe të vendoset në gatishmëri pune,
2. MG1 nuk ndizet auto, por manualisht,
3. Më datë 24.12.2015 në MG 1 është ndërruar skeda elektronike PCC Control me 771 orë/pune dhe është instaluar skeda elektronike me 4561 orë/pune, e cila është marrë nga MG e hequr të PRT-17 Ishull Sazan,
4. Voltmetri tek paneli i ATS nuk punon,
5. Dritat e sinjalizimit të kullës nuk ndizen.

– Salla Operacionale Pashaliman Vlorë:
1. Paisjet e njërit prej postoperatori nuk punojnë,
2. Dy radiot IP 1616 nuk janë gatishmëri pune,
3. Njëri prej telefonave Cisco ndodhet jashtë gatishmërie,
4. Rrjeti i ndricimit në sallë ka nevojë për riparim.

– PRT-14 Maja e Thanasit Llogara:
1. Paneli i ATS ne shelter ka nevoje per riparime/zëvendësime te disa prej automateve pasi janë dëmtuar nga shkarkesat elektrike,
2. Ventilatori i shelterit duhet vendosur në gatishmëri.

– PRT-19 Gur Lushnje:
1. MG1 ndodhet jashtë gatishmërie, duhet vendosur karta e kontrollit dhe dinamo,
2. Dritat e sinjalizimit të kullës nuk ndizen.

– Qendra Operacionale Durrës (QNOD):
1. Radio konsole IP 1616 (tavolina III), është marrë për riparim nga firma dhe nuk është instaluar radio tjetër,
2. Radio konsole IP 1616 (tavolina I), ka probleme në marrje,
3. Vija e kufirit në hartën e paraqitur në softin e ri të radarit PRT-14 dhe PRT-20, nuk është instaluar/konfiguruar.

– Pjesët dhe paisjet rezervë më të domosdoshme të parashikuara në kontratë sipas paragrafit V (76 shtatëdhjetë e gjashtë artikuj), të cilat janë një kusht për të siguruar një ndërhyrje të shpejtë për riparimin e sistemit brenda kërkesave operacionale, nuk janë në gjendje në një makazinë të rakorduar midis dy palëve. Për këtë problem kemi bërë me dije edhe përfaqësuesit e shoqërië ”Idea Tel”, por nuk kemi marrë ndonjë përgjigje.

– Përsa i përket ndërtimit të sistemit Back-up të Softit të Menaxhimit të Trafikut Detar, Ju bëjmë me dije se:
– Implementimi i sistemit back-up duhej të ishte realizuar nga shoqëria ”Idea Tel”, brenda 120 ditëve kalendarike nga hyrja në fuqi e kontratës dhe e instaluar në të gjitha SITE-et e SIVHD-së ,sipas paragrafit (Implementimi i Sistemit).

– Aktualisht është instaluar sistemi back-up vetëm në SITE-et: PRT-14 Llogara, PRT-20 Durrës, Qendra e Serverave Plepa Durrës, QO Durrës dhe QBO MM.

– Gjithashtu specialistët e shoqërisë ”Idea Tel” sh.p.k. Tiranë kanë instaluar në cdo SITE të SIVHD-së kamera vëzhgimi për ruajtjen e shelterave dhe paisjeve të SIVHD-së gjë e cila nuk është parashikuar në kontratën e shërbimit. Kërkojmë nga firma që serveri i këtyre kamerave të instalohet në QVD Plepa Durrës dhe të monitorohet nga QO Durrës. (Qe do te thote qe firma kontrollonte aktivitetin e personelit ushtarak neper PRT se mos ngaterronin “misionin e mare persiper prej tyre”)

– Mbi këto probleme të konstatuara gjatë këtij muaji në SIVHD, i është dërguar e-mail në adresën zyrtare shoqërisë ”Idea Tel” sh.p.k. Tiranë, për marrjen e masave dhe eleminimin sa më shpejtë të difekteve të konstatuara, në të kundërt do të procedohet me penalitete sipas Neneve të Kontratës së Shërbimit.

– Për sa më sipër, me qëllim ndjekjen dhe monitorimin më të mirë të punës së sistemit propozojmë:

– Të njoftohet Shoqëria ”Idea Tel” sh.p.k. Tiranë lidhur me problemet e konstatuara dhe t’i lihet afat riparimi i tyre brenda datës 02.02.2016.
– Në muajt në vazhdim kontrolli i gatishmërisë së sistemit SIVHD të bëhet nga Komisioni në prezencë dhe të specialistëve të Shoqërisë ”Idea Tel” sh.p.k. Tiranë.
– Rikontrolli i gatishmërisë së sistemit SIVHD do të kryhet nga data 03 – 05.02.2016.”

FOTO/ Denoncimi me dokumente për skandalin e radarëve. Rama: Kush janë gjeneralët e korrupsionit

LSI’s Deputy Chairman Luan Rama shows new details from the radars scandal

10:49, 02/10/2017

Deputy Chairman of LSI Luan Rama has continued today exposing new details from the scandal of turning off the coast radars, giving the drug traffickers the possibility to traffic hundreds of kilos of cannabis with their dinghy boats towards Italy.

Rama made public some documents showing the monthly payments of 97 million Lek for a maintenance company.

“The Ministry of Defense pays each month 97 million Lek to a private company for the maintenance of the radars that do not work”, Rama said.

“The radars installed to observe on the sea space of the Republic of Albania have been out of function for over two years. Said in the military language, the Integrated System of Sea Space Surveillance is not operational”.

“In me evaluation, we are facing a criminal activity, Mafioso organization for damaging the system, intentional threatening of people at sea, threatening of the fundamental elements of the national security”.

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Bauschrott Legenden des Edi Rama in Tirana:

Das die illegalen Hawai Komplexe in Durres und Tirana legalisiert wurden, sind übelste illegale Bauten aus der Regierung Fatos Nano und vor allem in Tirana in der Verantwortung von Edi Rama. Die Bauten sind totaler Bauschrott, ohne Beton Rüttler wo auch Jahre lang niemand Strom und Wasser bezahlte.

Instituti i ndërtimit nis verifikimin për sigurinë e pallateve nga tërmetet

Postuar më: 18 Janar, 2015 tek Aktualitet

Legalizohen pallatet e Arabit 900 perfituesit ne Selite dhe Don Bosko Pallate-Hawaineue Administration Nichts davon weiß

An der Küste gibt es neue illegale Bauten, durch Edi Rama Klientel. Edi Rama beschäfigt den EU Menschenrechts Hof in Strassburg, mit über 500 Fällen, von Grundstücks Raub in Tirana und 500.000 qm Grundstücken, wobei die nun legalisierten Hawai Komplexe in Durres und Tirana, ein Muster Beispiel der Geldwäsche sind.

Der CIA – Pentagon nahe Betrugs Fund: „Anglo Adriatic Investment Fund“, klagt nach 20 Jahren gegen Albanien

Linja 400 kv Kosovë- Shqipëri drejt zgjidhjes, Gjermania merr në dorë negociatat

Man beginnt wieder Verhandlungen, weil Nichts funktioniert, nur teure Kredite unterzeichneten die Staaten mit der KfW, wo Hirnlose schon lange das Sagen haben.

2009:KfW Betrugs Projekte im Balkan: Die Strom Leitung Albanien nach Montenegro

Die KfW ist der Investor, Deutschland übernimmt nun Verhandlungen, was ebenso illegal ist, wegen der Nicht Funktion der 400 kv Leitung durch den Kosovo nach Albanien. Von vertritt einseitig sich Selber praktisch, inklusive Erpressung bekanntlich gegen Serbien.

Kryeministrat Rama dhe Mustafa si dhe Ministrat e Energjisë Gjiknuri dhe Stavileci në ceremoninë e inagurimit të linjës së interkonjeksionit Shqipëri - Kosovë më 26 qershor 2016. Linja nuk është përdorur ende. Foto kortezi: Ministria e Energjisë dhe Industrisë

Botschafterin: Angelika Viets nach Albanischen Modell: Null Kompetenz, Geisteswissenschaftlerin aus dem Murks Mafia Haufen, der DAAD

Rede der deutschen Botschafterin anlässlich eines Fortschrittsbesuchs bei der 400kVam 10.92015 KfWVertreter:

Dr. Hengster, member of the executive board of KfW,
Rückblick, als der PM von Albanien Salih Berisha und der Finanzminister Ridvan Bode, den Deutschen im Parlment Erpressung vorwarf, die Deutschen KfW Geschäfte als Mafia bezeichnete.

13.02.2017 RS | AL | KS


Weiter Streit um Stromleitung Albanien – Kosovo

( Albanien hat sich an die Europäische Kommission gewandt und eine Intervention im Streit um die Stromleitung ins Nachbarland Kosovo gefordert. Energieminister Damian Gjiknuri erklä … (Wörter:196)
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Leitung zwischen Kosovo und Albanien in der Nähe von Obiliq/c am 10.09.2015

Kosovo Betrugs Desaster mit einem Kraftwerk: 8 Jahre KfW Geschäfte mit einer Strom Trasse nach Albanien und nie in Funktion

Linja 400 kv Kosovë- Shqipëri drejt zgjidhjes, Gjermania merr në dorë negociatat

Postuar: 15/09/2017 – 08:00

Linja 400 kv e interkonjeksionit Kosovë- Shqipëri, e cila qëndron jashtë funksioni prej dy vitesh pavarësisht përfundimit të saj, duket se do të hyjë në një fazë të re. Kjo lidhet me përpjekjet për zgjidhjen e ngërçit mes Kosovës dhe Serbisë që mban peng vënien në punë të këtij investimi dhjetëra milionë euro. Sekretariati i Komunitetit të Energjisë bëri me dije se qeveria gjermane i ka kërkuar Sekretariatit që të marrë rolin e interlokutorit. “Qeveria e Republikës Federale të Gjermanisë, përfaqësuar nga Ministria e Zhvillimit dhe Bashkëpunimit Ekonomik (BMZ), i kërkoi Sekretariatit të Energjisë për të lehtësuar negociatat midis Serbisë dhe Kosovë për të zgjidhur mosmarrëveshjet midis EMS dhe KOSTT. Ministria gjermane është veçanërisht e shqetësuar pasi mosmarrëveshjet po mbajnë peng investimet në sektorin e energjisë në rajon dhe po bllokojnë integrimin e tregut rajonal të energjisë në Ballkanin Perëndimor”, thuhet në njoftimin e Sekretariatit të Komunitetit të Energjisë, i cili ka ndërmjetësuar zgjidhjen e mosmarrëveshjes midis EMS dhe KOSTT edhe më parë, ndërmjetësim i cili rezultoi me nënshkrimin e një marrëveshje dypalëshe. Gjithsesi, këto marrëveshje nuk janë zbatuar dhe konflikti ka mbetur i pazgjidhur. Ndërmjetësimi i mosmarrëveshjes midis EMS dhe KOSTT është parashikuar nga programi CONNECTA për tregun rajonal të energjisë në gjashtë vendet e Ballkanit Perëndimor, të cilin Sekretariati e zbaton për llogari të Komisionit Europian. Sekretariati tashmë do të ndërmjetësojë zgjidhjen e mosmarrëveshjes midis dy qeverive. Roli i qeverisë gjermane nuk është i rastësishëm në kushtet kur vetë banka gjermane KFË ka qenë financuese e këtij investimi.

/Agjensia e Lajmeve Sot News/

400 KV Stromübertragungsleitung ALB-MKD (Teilleitung Elbasan – Fier)

Im Rahmen der FZ-Maßnahme „400 kV Stromübertragungsleitung Albanien – Mazedonien“ soll eine dritte grenzüberschreitende Stromübertragungsleitung in Albanien gebaut und so die letzte Lücke im Übertragungsnetz mit seinen Nachbarländern geschlossen werden. Die vorgesehenen Investitionen haben eine große regionale Bedeutung, da die geplante Stromübertragungsleitung einen wichtigen Baustein im regionalen Netz darstellt. Unter dem Programm sollen die zwei Teilleitungen (i) „Übertragungsleitung Elbasan – Fier“ und (ii) „Übertragungsleitung Elbasan – Qafe Thane“ gebaut werden. Der Leitungsteil auf mazedonischer Seite wird komplementär durch die mazedonische Stromübertragungsgesellschaft MEPSO errichtet und durch ein Darlehen der EBRD finanziert.
Darlehensnehmer und Programmträger ist die albanische Stromübertragungsgesellschaft Operatori Sistemit Transmetimit (OST). Das Programm soll im Wesentlichen durch Entwicklungskredite (zinsverbilligte Darlehen) von bis zu 50,0 Mio. EUR und einen Investitionszuschuss des WBIF i.H.v. 14,0 Mio. EUR finanziert werden. Die Kredite sollen zu einem Darlehen mit zwei Tranchen i.H.v. 20,0 Mio. EUR und 30,0 Mio. EUR zusammengefasst werden, für die Zinsverbilligungsmittel von bis zu 2,0 Mio. EUR und bis zu 5,0 Mio. EUR zur Verfügung stehen. Die Laufzeit des Darlehens beträgt 12 Jahre mit 3 Freijahren. Der Entwicklungskredit soll durch den Gewährleistungsrahmen des Bundes zu 80 % gedeckt werden. Als Sicherheit soll die Republik Albanien eine transaktionsbezogene Staatsgarantie stellen. Der Eigenbeitrag des Trägers OST wird 5 Mio. EUR betragen.

Elektrizitätsversorgung Südalbanien I / II und Übertragungsleitung Albanien-Montenegro 

PDF \ Evaluierung \ Ergebnisse-und-Publikationen \ PDF-Dokumente-A-D

Elektrizitätsversorgung Südalbanien I / II und Übertragungsleitung Albanien-Montenegro

Neue Verträge für die Stromtrasse zur albanischen Grenze 


Ein Mafiöser Selbst Bedienungs Verein, wo Aufträge im „Camorra“ Stil, die eigenen Consults erhalten. KfW Langzeit Geschäfte, wo es hohe Millionen Kick Back Bestechungs Geschäfte gab schon unter Berisha in angebliche Infrastruktur Projekte, womit das Land Albanien vollkommen korrumpiert und ruiniert wurde. Die inkompetende Mafia und vollkommen korrupt feiert die Einweihung. Nun weihte man die Starkstrom Leitung ein. rama interkonjeksjonji me kosovenrama interkonjeksjonji me kosovenrama interkonjeksjonji me kosovenrama interkonjeksjonji me kosovenOra 11:40 Isa Mustafa: Linja 400 kv, ekuivalente e “Rrugës së Kombit”Im Politischen Deutschen Sumpf wieder einmal. Wie ein Roter Faden * ziehen sich solche Geschäfte der Entwicklungshilfe durch das Land. Fast kein Projekt hatte je längeren Bestandteil, sogar Phantom Betrugs Geschäfte wurden bei Deutschen Gerichten festgestellt, wie die Phantom Industrie Zone Spitale. Hirnlose Berlinwasser Projekte, mit vollkommen inkompetenden Gangsters, waren vor über 10 Jahren schon ein Skandal der KfW, der damaligen BMZ Minister Spitze. * Alles bekannt seit Jahren, wie Geld versenckt wird, in dunklen Kanälen auch in Geheimen Berichten der EU und UN. Die Steigerung wäre dann Afrika, vor allem Nigeria und Mali im Deutschen Sumpf, einem Steinmeier Modell * Die Firma Dalekovod, ‚Damir Fazlic, sind Beide Geschäftspartner der GTZ in Bosnien, Kroatien gewesen und die Super Bestechungs Geschäfte von RWE mit einem um 500 % überteuerten Müll Entsorgung Anlage, rund um Wasser und Energie sind Standard. Die Albanische Regierung muss durch einem Vergleich, an die Kroatische Firma Dalekovod, 6,8 Millionen € Entschädigung zahlen, weil die KfW, durch Erpressung die Albanische Regierung zwang, den Vertrag für den Bau einer Hochspannungs Strom Leitung von Montenegro nach Albanien zubrechen. Die KfW und die prominente Betrugs Bank: Deutsche Bank im Hintergrund brauchen solche Verträge, weil man elegant Geldwäsche Geschäfte betreiben kann, weil niemand die angeblichen Baukosten und Ausgaben kontrolliert, wo eigene Betrugs Consults der KfW auch noch tätig werden. Man bedient sich also selber. Wie das System läuft, mit weit überhöhten Kosten, für Projekte ist allgemein bekannt auch in der EU. Eine gemeinsame Untersuchungsgruppe (ITF) aus der EU-Antibetrugsbehörde Olaf, den Vereinten Nationen und der italienischen Finanzpolizei hat in der Vergangenheit 50 Stichproben gemacht: “Davon gab es in 12 Fällen Hinweise auf kriminelle Machenschaften”, heißt es in dem Geheimbericht der Gruppe, der der WELT vorliegt. In weiteren 27 Fällen wurden “Unregelmäßigkeiten” und “die Verletzung von UN-Regeln” festgestellt. Vor allem bei der Verwendung von EU-Geldern im Energiebereich – immerhin mehr als 400 Millionen Euro seit 1999 – wurde offensichtlich betrogen. Geschäfts Gebaren: wie bei der Bestechung für Waffen Exporte nach Griechenland. Bekanntlich hat die Deutsche Bank, der Tochter der KfW, der IKB Bank für 10 Milliarden € Betrugs Papiere, Derviate verkauft, wo die Bank dann in die Insolvenz ging, mit ihren 58 Aufsichtsrats Posten korrupter Politiker. Mega Betrug, Profi Fälschungen sind Voraussetzung für eine KfW Partnerschaft. Die Albanische Regierung unterschrieb vor 2 Jahren dann nochmal einen neuen Vertrag mit der KfW, wo als Kick Back Geschäft weitere Millionen zur freien Verfügung (Wasser Projekte) der Albanischen Regierung überlassen wurden. Im Kosovo ist man dann wieder Partner, wo Vuk Hamović: Haupt Eigentümer von der EFT Group, praktisch dann wieder Co-Partner wurde. Die KfW baut die weitere Strom Leitung Albanien zum Kosovo, im Kosovo die „Dalekovod“. Er hat Internationale Business ethics, die Deutschen nicht, wo Politiker Straffrei korrupt sein dürfen, aber Auslands Bestechungs ist auch in allen EU Ländern strafbar. Diese Bad Hombacher Pseudo Firma Consult, sollte die Ausschreibung manipulieren im Auftrage der KfW und Deutschen Bank was schief ging. Billig Kopien der Italienischen „Camorra“ oder „Nghradeta“, wie man Staatsgelder stiehlt, über eigene Consults und Firmen.

Alles Chaos im Kosovo, denn die Internationalen waren dort, wollten mit Kriminellen einen Staat aufbauen

Public security in Kosovo worsens

Public security in Kosovo worsens

Public security in Kosovo is worsening. This is confirmed by experts of security, while authorities in the country claim that the security situation remains stable.In order to fight different crimes, experts of security stressed the serious need to take concrete steps to improve security in the country.

Security expert, Burim Ramadani says that public security must be handled through cooperation between the central government, local government, police and community.

“Police of Kosovo must apply the concept of community policing. Authorities must also invest in the installment of cameras, growth of cooperation between the community, local institutions and Kosovo Police”, Ramadani said.

Meanwhile, spokesman of the Kosovo Police says that the situation in the country is stable.

He says that authorities have constantly taken action to prevent cases that could put security at risk.  According to the police official, in the recent years, authorities have managed to solve over 75% of murder cases taken place. /

„State Caputure“ der Albaner Mafia auch der Albanischen Marine, Militaer, Kuestenwache

Das Edi Rama bestens als Drogenboss vor 10 = 15 Jahren gut dokumentiert wurde, wird von korrupten EU und Berliner Kadern ignoriert, wobei Edi Rama sich in 2012 einen Foto Termin mit Obama in 2012 kaufte, wie das FBI feststellte. am 1.7.2013: Was gibt es zum Jubeln, wenn Edi Rama gewinnt?

Das Albanische Volk klassifiziert diesen Verbrecher, als grossen Drogen Mafia Boss und Nr. 1 in der Geldwaesche und im Betrug


Bestechungs und Betrugs Experten in Hamuburg: 10.10.2016:Hamburg: Hans Jürgen Müller, Edi Rama
Bestechungs und Betrugs Experten in Hamuburg: 10.10.2016:Hamburg: Hans Jürgen Müller, Edi Rama
German Chancellor Angela Merkel (R) and Albania's Prime Minister Edi Rama inspect the honour guard during a welcome ceremony in Tirana, Albania, July 8, 2015 (Photo: REUTERS/Arben Celi)

Die Liste korrupter Internationaler, Deutscher Politiker ist extrem lange, weil die KfW u.a. ihre Betrugs Projekte betreiben will.


Schweine Grippe Betruegerin:  Ulla Schmidt mit dem Frankenstein der Albaner Politik: Ilir Meta

Damit Schmuggler Boote Freie Fahrt haben, uebernahm die Albaner Mafia auch die Kuestenkontroll Stelle, setzte alle Radar Stationen ausser Kraft, so das seit Jahren nie ein Schmuggler Boote gefunden wurde und die vollkommen korrupte Verteidigungsministerium Mimi Kodheli organisierte nur noch Show Paraden und Betrug ohne Ende. Persoenlich verkaufte sie auch diese Show Vorfuehrung als Funktion eines Locked Martin Systemes was schon damals ausser Kraft gesetzt war.

Wie die IEP Militär Studie Kosovo 2007, dokumentiert, sind alle Institutionen von der Mafia unterwandert, inklusive der NATO Stäbe im Kosovo und die KAS und CDU Vertretung sowieso.

Die Paten der Albaner Mafia, neben den Amerikanern

Georg Soros Mafia Staff in Albanien: Romana Valuhtin – Edi Rama (Olsi Rama)

Nur auf dem Papier: eine Kuesten Ueberwachung!

The Non-Functional Radars of Rama’s “Modern” Police

3 hours ago
The Non-Functional Radars of Rama’s “Modern” PoliceThe Interinstitutional Naval Operations Center in Durrës

On letter written August 31, 2017 to the Ministry of Justice, Director-General of the Police Haki Çako discussed an operation dated August 11, in which a speedboat, supposedly used for drug trafficking, escaped during a police action near Zvërnec.

The fact that no information was given created confusion and there cases where the boats that took part in the operation started to follow each other on the open sea. After the speedboat was captured below the radar, it turned out that the system hadn’t noticed any movement.

The system Çako refers to here is the radar system deployed by the Interinstitutional Naval Operations Center (QNOD), which is supposed to aid in capturing drug trafficking at sea. Çako continued that

in quite a few cases the police has requested to retrieve from the system events with concrete times and dates, […] but in none of the cases evidence was found in the system, even though the boats captured by the Guardia di Finanze in Italy have been of the size that should have been discovered and identified by this system.

Immediately after the Çako’s letter became public, the Ministry of Defense, which is responsible for operating QNOD, denied the claims of the police director:

Through this joint declaration we inform the public that the integrated system for observation of the naval space, a system installed in 2009, is fully functional.

Any other claim is without merit, untrue, and ill-willed.

The ministry didn’t clarify whether it will investigate the incidents mentioned by Çako or when the system was inspected for the last time. If the claims of both the police director and the ministry turn out to be true, the only conclusion can be that there have been intentional interventions into the system. Nevertheless, in spite of the “interinstitutional” nature of the QNOD, the back and forth of the last few days that much is to be improved as regards cooperation between institutions,


Rama’s modernization of the police

Since coming to power in 2013, Prime Minister Edi Rama has spoken often about the modernization of the State Police, calling investments in the police “fundamental instruments for the radical and incontrovertible transformation of the State Police, from a disorganized and perverse structure into a structure that is a spitting image of the police structures in EU countries.”

The Ministries of Interior Affairs and Defense have often organized shows to present new motors, new electric cars, and a double performance of the new police uniforms (with “thanks” to Turkish President Erdoğan). Last year, Prime Minister Rama even tried to turn governance into entertainment by organizing a spectacle around the “police fair.”

Around the world, the aim and slogan of the police is to stay close to the people and to serve and protect them, wherever they are and whenever they are in need. In a regular European country, the police is considered “up close,” protecting life, property, and public order.

Meanwhile, in Albania, the institutions that are responsible for public order blame each other for “ill-willed declarations,” fail to investigate any public denunciation, even from the Director-General of the State Police, even when dealing with one of the most greatest problems of the last years, international drug trafficking.

No new car, motor, or uniform can make up for that incompetence.

Albanische Paraden, dienen nur der billigen Theater Show und Selbstdarstellung.


Grosses Kaspar Theater für die Norweger, weil man ein Vermessungs Hydrographie „Bötchen“ verschenckte

Edi Rama, direkt bei der ueblsten Mafia, hatte die erste Kabinetts Sitzung bei dem Super Mafia Boss in seinen illegalen Gebaeuden in Velopoje.

Sait Jakup Fishta

Sait Fishta, Kandidat für die SP Partei des Edi Rama, engsten mit den bekannten Gangstern Tom Doshi, Mark Frroku verbunden. Grosse Privat Mafia Universitäten werden sogar illegal gebaut, wie die UFO Unis.

Ermittlungen gegen die Edi Rama Mafia Partner Partei: PDUI, mit S.Idrizi, Sait Fishta, Shkëlqim Murati, Fatos Hoxha, Robert Bano

Altes Edi Rama System: Erste informelle Kabinetts Sitzung in Velipolje, in den illegalen Appartments Blocks der „Sait Fishta“ Mafia

Betrug als System von Kriminellen

Geldwäsche, korrupte EU Politiker, haben sich mit 2,8 Milliarden Euro von der Aserbeischan Mafia bestechen lassen und die TAP Gas Pipeline

Edi Rama’s, Damian Gjiknuri, Fidel Ylli, Sabi Brokaj Verbrecher Kartell, will keine Funktion der Justiz

20 Jahre Wahlbetrug in Albanien: Im Solde von Verbrecher Gangs: EU, Knut Fleckenstein, Johannes Hahn, Wolfgang Grossruck und Co.

Wenn Kriminelle in der EU sich mit Vorsatz austoben dürfen: Betrug in Milliarden Höhe überall und Inkompetenz zum EU Kultur Projekt erhoben: Generalsekretär des Europarates: fordert unabhängige Ermittlungen in das Mafia Projekt der TAP Pipeline auch gegen die EU-Commission

So sieht das Wahl Modell der EU in Albanien aus, was sogar gelobt wird und alle anderen OSCE Berichte (welche auch oft gefälscht sind) werden in die Mülltonne geworfen. Offensichtlich sind die EU Leute „Functional illerate“ kapieren die eigenen EU Berichte nicht, haben nur einen Auftritt vor Ort, mit unnützen Tarn Workshops, Konferenzen, um kriminelle, korrupte Phantom Projekte zuerfinden, die Millionen inzwischen Milliarden mit Shows und Bauschrott zustehlen.

The Curious International Acclaim for the Elections – By Vincent W.J. van Gerven Oei

Besonders peinlich, das bereits (um 2004) der damalige EU Botschafter Lutz Salzmann in Tirana, publik machte, das man vor allem Posten kauft rund um Wahlen

Alle Details sind seit den Wahlen in 1996 bekannt, bei wikileaks ebenso festgehalten, aber Wahlen fälschen, Regierungen stürzen, Kriminelle finanzieren, gehört zum System der EU, wie man in der Ukraine, Kosovo, Moldawien, Montenegro, Mazedonien, Bulgarien, Rumänien, Afrika usw.. ebenso sehr deutlich sah. AShton war schon eine dumme und peinliche Kriminelle, aber Federica Mogherini, kommt direkt aus dem Mafiösen Construct von Berlusconi, wo Festnahmen in Rom zeigten, das die Familie den Prominenten VIP Koks Vertrieb in Rom betrieb in einem Prominenten Club.: Folge der Konsenz Politik der EU und von Mogherini.
Wahlen Albanien

wikileaks beschrieb schon vor Jahren in allen Details etwas was jeder in Albanien weiß, die Geheimdienste und wenigen seriösen komptenden Info Stellen sowieso, weil die Fälschungen vor aller Augen organisiert werden, nachdem zuvor kriminelle Clans sich mit hohen Geldsummen als Kandidaten aufstellen liessen, bzw. fest Posten kauften für Wahlkampfhilfe, nachdem US Modell bekanntlich

Wahlen finden in Albanien schon lange nicht mehr statt, sondern ein peinliches Schmieren Theater, damit kriminelle Clans, die Aufbau Mafia, kriminelle und inkompetende Gangster sich über gekaufte Regierungs und Administrations Posten, ausl. Firmen wie die US Firma BECHTEL, Mafia Geldwäsche Banken wie ABI, Alpha Bank, American Bank of Albanian (AAEF), bereichern können. Die Verbrecher Clan, brauchen Absatz Möglichkeiten für Drogen und Waren aller Art, auch für Kinder und Frauen.

23 % Wähler Stimmen nur, was der Anteil von Familien Mafia Clans, welche sich Posten erkauften bei den Wahlen in Albanien, mit der üblichen Mehrfach Wahl und den gekauften Stimmen. Eine vollkommen korrupte EU Botschaft, EU Commission geben dann auch die dubiostesten Statements zur Wahl ab

(EU Citizens pay for Misused or Non-Existent ‚Ghost‘ Offices)


, obwohl die Suppen Kaspar auf dem Papier zwar 10 Wahlbeobachter Delegationen entsandten, welche nur ein paar angemeldete Besuche machten, keine Wahl Auszählung kontrollierten, aber längst in den „Clubs“ in Tirana gut versorgt wurden, um neue kriminelle Partnerschaften für Geld und Projekt Diebstahl zu organsieren.


Vertuschen, Stehlen mit kriminellen Partner und Federica Mogherini, fordert wieder den Unfug einer Konsenz Politik

Der Konsens Betrug – Mashtrimi me Konsensusin, altes und aktuelles Justiz Modell der Albaner Mafia

Die bekannten Gangster des DAW, mit dem peinlichen EU Kaspar von Georg Soros: Knut Fleckenstein (SPD) gab es zuvor Treffen mit der tradionellen Hamburger Senats Mafia, was an die Partnerschaften auch mit Ilir Meta, dem Verbrecher Clan: Osmani erinnert, der 1996 schon Schleuser Ringe mit eigenen Flüchtlingsheimen und Bordellen in Hamburg betrieb.

Parlamentswahlen nach EU Modell: Albania’s Election Escapades – Albania has 2,8 Citizens and 3,7m voters and 4,4m ID Cards

Bestechungs und Betrugs Experten in Hamuburg: 10.10.2016:Hamburg: Hans Jürgen Müller, Edi Rama

EU Betrug mit System: die Albanien Wahlen 2017: „State Capture“ : Stimmen- und Posten Kauf: The Curious International Acclaim for the Elections

OSCE – ODHIR kritisiert das von dummen und korrupten EU Gestalten, angerichtete Chaos, als man sich einmischte in die Wahlen am 25. Juni

Der OSCE Botschafter Eugen Wohlfahrt, Raunig, hat ein Desaster in Albanien hinterlassen, geübte Wahl Beobachter existierten nicht, identisch wie bei der Berufsverbrecher Organisation GIZ und KFW, welche für 2,5 Millionen € lt. eigener Auskunft vor 15 Jahren 8 Kommunale Fachleute ausbildeten über die Consult DITECH, welche nie existierten, wo reale Kosten nur von 100.000 € auflaufen hätten dürfen. Mit der Österreicher

Lulzim Basha-Wolfgang Grossruck 3/2017 Tirana

Wolfgang Grossruck, einem von krimineller Energie getriebenen Person, wurde die Botschaft von Kriminellen übernommen.

Wie immer taucht der peinliche OSCE Botschafter Wolfgang Wohlfahrtbei solchen Festen auf, wo es Kostenlos etwas zum trinken und essen gibt.

Solche Leute braucht Albanien bestimmt nicht: Eugen Wohlfahrt, oder einen Wolfgang Grossruck !

Dan Redford OSCE

Dan Reford, Aushängeschild Low Diplomaten vor Ort.

Alles bekannt vor 15 Jahren, nur blieb von den damals noch guten Absichten Nichts übrig: Nichts hat sich geändert, man baute sogar das System aus, überschüttet mit Milliarden aus der EU, Weltbank, USAID, GIZ und KfW, wo keine Projekte kontrolliert werden, sondern es nur eigene Interne Show Kontrollen gibt, für OK Reporting, schlimmer wie bei der „Camorra“.

Der System Betrug der OSCE, mit den Non-Stop gefälschten Wahlen in Albanien und dem Kosovo

Balkan Stile: Albanien, Mazedonien, Kosovo
2009 June 12, 15:29 (Friday)

B. TIRANA 247 AND PREVIOUS Classified By: AMBASSADOR JOHN L. WITHERS FOR REASONS 1.4 (b) AND (d). 1. (C) Summary: Although the conduct of Albanian elections has shown steady improvement over the years, ODIHR election assessments since 1996 read at times like a how-to guide for flawed and rigged elections. Allegations of vote buying, bribery of electoral commissioners, fraudulent voter IDs, voter intimidation, and even violence have marred many previous elections. Although this election cycle has been fairly quiet so far – both ODIHR interim assessments have been generally positive – members of the opposition Socialist Party (SP) allege daily that the ruling Democratic Party (DP) is planning to steal the election (but offering little evidence to back the claim). The ruling Democratic Party (DP) also alleges fraud on the part of the SP – also with little supporting evidence. In order to get a better feel for what form these „frauds“ might take, Post spoke with several SP and DP candidates, and civil society representatives to get a better feel for what a rigged election might look like. It is important to note, however, that ODIHR and other observers have seen no credible evidence as of yet of concerted plans or efforts to manipulate the upcoming parliamentary elections by either side. Sadly, as this cable was being drafted, a DP activist was killed by an SP activist with an AK-47 outside of Durres in a squabble over campaign posters. PM Berisha and SP Leader Edi Rama both condemned the act and appealed for calm.

End summary. It All Began in 1996. . . ————————- 2. (C) The blatantly rigged 1996 parliamentary contest marks the low point for Albanian elections. Marred by serious irregularities including violence, ballot stuffing, police intimidation of opposition candidates and incompetent election administration, the elections were a disaster, and led in part to the collapse of civil order one year later. The masterminds of the rigged 1996 Democratic Party victory were then-President (now PM) Sali Berisha, and then-Ministry of Interior official (now Deputy Interior Minister) Ferdinand Poni. The fact that Berisha is once again the head of government, with Poni now in charge of ID cards, has many in the SP worried that history wil

l repeat itself with these elections. In a sad development that occurred as this cable was being drafted, a DP activist was shot and killed by an SP activist in a dispute over campaign posters near Durres. Both PM Berisha and SP leader Edi Rama have condemned the act and appealed for calm.


JUST DROP THIS BALLOT IN THE BOX PLEASE ————————————— 3. (C) One tactic, used both in Albania and around the world to rig elections, is known as „carousel voting“ and goes like this: early on Election Day morning, one „militant“ will remove an empty ballot from the polling center. (Note: Militant is the preferred nomenclature for hardcore party activists or anyone involved in electoral mischief. End note.) This militant will then fill out the ballot with a vote cast for whichever party he supports. He will then give the ballot to a prospective voter outside the voting center and promise him ALL 5,000 (USD 50) if he puts the completed ballot in the box and returns the empty blank ballot issued to him in the voting center to him. The process is repeated throughout the day and across the country. In other versions of this scheme, less charitable militants will not offer you money but will threaten to beat you up or cause you to lose your job if you do not comply with the plan. This plan is practically foolproof as you are handing someone a previously completed ballot and receiving the empty ballot back, thus not allowing for any deviation once in the ballot booth.

WOULD YOU LIKE A BALLOT WITH YOUR PIZZA? —————————————- 4. (C) Another technique, used to great effect in prior elections, according to some of Post’s contacts, is to have filled-in ballots delivered with pizzas to counting centers on election day. These ballots are then dropped into the ballot boxes and counted as valid votes. Apparently no one checks if a polling center counts more votes than there are people on the voter registry, however this could change this year. Commissioners have also been know to receive „fees,“ sometimes up to EUR 500, to „close their eyes“ for several minutes during the counting process to allow the militants to do their dirty work. Video cameras have been mandated by the new electoral code to combat this type of behavior, but it is easy to imagine them being switched off briefly, someone „accidentally“ blocking the camera, or tricks being pulled outside of the cameras‘ view. Both parties this year have alleged that the other side is bribing or planning to pay off electoral commissioners this year, although no one has of yet offered any proof of said scheme.

MY NAME IS EDI OR BARDI OR VJOSA OR ARDI —————————————- 5. (C) Yet another ploy is multiple voting. According to this scheme, someone will try to vote several times in a district or region using the same identity papers. A bit more complex are schemes where people could obtain multiple voter IDs. Under this plan, militants will apply for and receive IDs for people who are known to be out of the country, are dead, or are not planning to vote for whatever reason. The IDs will all have the same picture on them, matching the militant’s face, but will have different names and personal information. Although the SP firmly believes that such a scheme is possible, ID card producer Aleat and the Interior Ministry claim it is not, and point to the fact that biometric controls on the new ID cards have stopped at least eleven attempts by voters to get multiple IDs using phony identification documents. 6. (C) Nevertheless, manipulation of the ID cards remains the SP’s biggest single worry next to the large-scale disenfranchisement of non-passport holders (reftels). A senior SP official told PolOff on June 11 that the GOA had purposely delayed the rollout of ID registration centers in „five key areas.“ The delay, he alleged, is causing a last-minute rush for IDs in those areas, and the better-organized, better-funded DP is in a stronger position to get IDs quickly to its supporters, while SP and other voters struggle. But on June 11 a DP official told PolOff that SP local officials were purposely hindering the issuance of ID cards to voters in parts of Tirana. Neither the DP nor SP officials offered any proof to back their claims.

SEE, I VOTED DP! DON,T FIRE ME! —————————— 7. (C) The current Albanian patronage system is so entrenched at all levels that it often leads to voter intimidation. For example, it is possible for a janitor in a school in Elbasan to lose his job if the government changes. In the past, state and municipal employees have been routinely forced to attend campaign rallies, do campaign work, or vote for a certain party or risk losing their job. In previous elections some voters even photographed themselves with their completed ballot in order to show it to their superiors at work to prove their loyalty. The threat of losing one’s job for not voting properly is quite real and one SP candidate said her mother would vote DP just to prevent the havoc that is caused when a new government comes to power. To add to the confusion, although the Democratic Party controls the central government, many local governments are controlled by the SP or even the Socialist Movement for Integration (LSI), meaning civil servants can be subject to pressure from any party, depending on where that employee works. ODIHR’s second interim report said ODIHR has received numerous unverified reports of pressure on state employees and even school children to attend DP rallies around the country.

8. (C) COMMENT: Certainly the main burden in ensuring a good election falls on the GOA. However, none of these unsavory tactics are party specific, and could be and have been used in the past by any party in an attempt to gain an advantage. This year both parties have pledged to run a clean campaign, and PM Berisha has repeatedly „guaranteed“ to all who will listen that this year’s election will be Albania’s best ever. However, the stakes are very high for PM Berisha this election, particularly with the persistent rumors concerning the involvement of members of Berisha,s own family in the Gerdec scandal. The winner take all atmosphere that is Albanian politics also does not help matters and probably encourages illicit behavior. Furthermore, while party leaders might not condone fraudulent activities, mid-level hacks looking to make a name for themselves could attempt to pull some shenanigans. Although ODIHR has seen little so far to indicate widespread fraud by any party, the potential is real, particularly given past deeds by both major parties. The more than 3,000 observers will need to be paying close attention on election day. WITHERS



Rückblick, wie lange das Theater schon geht und noch länger, wie ein Spiegel Artikel rund um den Verfassung Gerichts Präsidenten Zef Broci, in 1995 schon schrieb.Plötzlich sterben“

Peinlich wenn die Fakten zeigen aus 2001, 2002 das schon damals die Skrapari Bande jede Justiz in Albanien verhinderte, wie Internationale Reports u.a. vom IWPR, oder Transparency International Corruption Report 2001 aufzeigten.

„Recognising the significance of the problem, Albanian politicians have signalled a rare willingness to unite in the name of national interest

Andere EU, Berliner, Österreicher und US Politiker wie die Mafia Familie Bill und Hillary Clinton spielten eine wichtige Rolle. Gezielt arbeitet man mit der US Mafia Nr. 1 zusammen als Partner mit Hillary Clinton – dem Gambino Clan, verkauft den kriminellen Unfug, das Mafiöse Treiben als Politik. Steinmeier: Politik ohne Skrupel u

Deutsche Aussenpolitik in Syrien, Drebhuch Schreiber: Volker Perthes von der SWP-Berlin, finanziert über das Auswärtige Amt.

In der saudi-arabischen Hauptstadt Riad besuchte
der deutsche Außenminister heute mit seinen Gastgebern eine
landestypische Enthauptung.

dem Höhepunkt der Hinrichtung durfte der deutsche Außenminister noch
ein paar letzte Worte mit dem verurteilten Ehebrecher wechseln, bevor
der Scharfrichter den Kopf des Mannes mit zwei gezielten Schwerthieben
vom Rumpf trennte.
„Ein äußerst faszinierender Brauch, den unser wichtigster Partner in der
Region da pflegt“, erklärte Steinmeier nach der Veranstaltung.
„Hoffentlich hat mein Hemd nichts abbekommen.

Joaquin Urias bestätigte. Joaquin Urias (ein Spanischer Verfassungs Richter) bestätigte im US Sender, das die EU EURALiUS Mission III – 4 Jahre vollkommen sinnlos war, ebenso das die EU Commission Berichte fälscht, was Fakten sind, auch als OK Reporting bekannt.

Knut Fleckenstein, die EU Banden, die EU Botschafterin, spielen die Schlüsselrolle bei der Geldwäsche und den verbrecherischen Strukturen, weil man ich bedient, oder Edi Rama bekanntlich 80.000 $ für ein Foto mit Obama bezahlte, Millionen an US Lobbyisten und Gangster gingen, damit man Straffrei Drogen Handel betreiben kann.

2012: 80.000 $ Foto über Podesta: Journalist Besar Likmeta: Obama : Edi Rama

Christoph Zöbel und die Dummschätz Banden, was in den Visa Skandal mündete

Albanians Corruption Mafia Nr. 1: Romana Vlahutin: The EU Delegation in Tirana, A History of Maladministration

Vlachudin under investigation

Verbotene Wahlkampf Hilfe nach der Genver Konvention: Europa Tag in Gjorokastre 8.5.2017: Edi Rama

Hier ein damaliger Artikel, wo die Panik über diesen Verbrecher Laden, denn Deutsche Politiker ständig immer neu aufbauen deutlich wird. Damals wurde wegen der ungeheuren Geldwäsche, des von der Skrapar Bande von Ilir Meta mit Edir Rama übernommen Mafia Staaten Albanien, sogar von der EU die Aufdeckung der Bankkonten der Politiker gefordert, wobei gerade bie Ilir Meta bekannt ist, das der sogar seine Hotels über Strohleute aus Skrapar laufen lässt, welche teilweise zuvor nur Stadt Streicher waren.

Der TI Report über die Ilir Meta Amts Zeit 2001!

Fighting Corruption in Albania


In the battle to combat corruption among Europe’s less developed countries, Albania is known to be facing one of the toughest struggles. The country’s politicians, however, are coming together in a rare show of unity to tackle the problem.

(ATA, BBC, RFE/RL – 04/03/02; Institute for War and Peace Reporting – 01/02/02; [B]Transparency International: Global Corruption Report 2001[/B])

Many international organisations have identified corruption as one of the main problems of Albania’s post-communist history. …….).

On the basis of local media reports, IWPR concluded that corruption in Albania was highly evolved and ranged from gifts to politicians such as cars and apartments to smaller cash bribes for lower-level officials. “Millions of dollars disappear through this way of governing, money which could be better used on education, hospitals or energy resources,” the IWPR quoted independent analyst Fatos Lubonja as saying.

Pandeli Majko, the new prime minister, has identified the fight against corruption as a top priority of his government. In Lezha on 4 March, he said increasing transparency in the activities of state structures was an obligation of the administration, which, he stressed, was “just a manager but not an owner of the money of the Albanian taxpayers“.

The Citizen’s Advocacy Office is an NGO established about three months ago to fight corruption at the state level. Kreshnik Spahiu, an attorney who heads the organisation, told Radio Free Europe that his office is recording an average of ten new corruption cases a day and that the scope of submitted complaints and accusations was surprisingly wide. He himself was solicited for a bribe by the state telephone company when he wanted to get new phone lines for his office.

Zef Preci, a former minister of economy and privatisation, said there was corruption in almost all branches of the state and that it stood behind public fund transfers. For him, corruption was worst in the justice system, and followed by the government and state-controlled structures.

In Lezha, Prime Minister Majko expressed support for a collaborative effort between politics, “whatever its colours are“, and Albanian citizens. He added, “This is a struggle between the law and anti-law, between progress and regression. Whatever the cost and time it takes, it doesn’t have a chance to fail.”
This content was commissioned for


Weitere Infos über die Aktivitäten des einziges Landes der EU beim Aufbau der Verbrecher Strukturen bei gleichzeitiger Ausheblung sämtlicher Gesetze im Dienste der International operierenden “Cosa Nostra”!

BF Sokol Nako und die Amts Zeit von Ilir Meta

The SP hopes the programme, designed with the help of European experts, would lay the groundwork for the party’s return to power in 2009. At the end of the month, a group of experts from Germany is arriving in Albania to help craft the programme.


„Aufspüren und Rückführug von “Potentatengeldern”

Bettina Stang 04.02.2008
Der Praxis, dass korrupte Potentanten, Regierungsmitglieder und Bürokraten aus den Entwicklungsländern illegal Gelder auf westliche Banken transferieren, soll Einhalt geboten werden
Ferdinand Marcos (Philippinen), Sani Abacha (Nigeria), Suharto (Indonesien), Jean-Claude Duvalier (Haiti) – das sind nur die bekanntesten Köpfe auf einer langen (sehr langen!) Liste von korrupten Staatsoberhäuptern. Sie sollen während ihrer Amtszeit nach Schätzungen von [extern] Transparency International jeweils zwischen 5 und 10 Milliarden US-Dollar an Staatsgeldern veruntreut haben. Insgesamt wird die Summe, die von korrupten “Staatsdienern” Jahr für Jahr aus den Staatskassen auf private Konten im Ausland umgeleitet werden, auf bis zu 40 Milliarden Dollar geschätzt. Jetzt diskutierten Finanzexperten aus rund 100 Staaten auf einer [extern] UN-Konferenz in Bali, wie diesen Praktiken Einhalt geboten werden kann

Die legendäre IEP – BND Studie Kosovo 2007, über das Deutsche Selbstbereicherung System beim Aufbau der Albaner Mafia im Kosovo

Berühmteste Journalisten wie David Binder von der New York Times und Website haben diese Studie nun ins Englische übersetzt und Artikel gebracht

In Kurzform u.a. auch hier

Kosovo: UN-Mission impossible, NATO hilflos, Rolle der USA kontraproduktiv
21:22 | 09/ 01/ 2008

MOSKAU, 09. Januar (Michail Logvinov für RIA Novosti). Eine im Auftrag des Zentrums für Transformation der Bundeswehr erarbeitete Studie zeichnet die niederschmetternde Bilanz der UN-Mission im Kosovo nach.


Deutsche Politiker arbeiten gezielt mit gefälschten Informationen um die Unterschlagung von weit über 100 Millionen € der Aufbau Hilfe und von 6 Milliarden € Kosten insgesamt zu verschleiern.
The Polish daily lists numerous examples of false information, including footage broadcast on Polish television such as, for example, a Serb elderly woman wearing a black head kerchief who was described as an Albanian woman weeping for the loss of her entire family, supposedly massacred by Serb gangs.

Uni Texas

Kosovo: „Zeit für einen Neubeginn“

Auch hier kritisiert Karl Eide der Norweger die UN Verwaltung und hat klar gesagt: Der Westen hat auf dem Balkan 15 Jahre lang, schwere Fehler gemacht

Dieser Artikel aus dem SZ – Magazin zeigt deutlich, das in Zukunft von diesen vollkommen kriminellen Deutschen Politischen Strukturen Nichts im Balkan zu erwarten ist, denn obendrein entsendet man Dritt klassige Leute, welche oft auch noch vollkommen inkompetent und dumm sind. Nur bei der Geld Unterschlagung, Selbst Bereicherung, Fälschung von Berichten und der Belästigung von Einheimmischen Experten und Minister sind diese Dumm Kriminell Leute längst eine Plage im Balkan und erhalten in etlichen Ländern, keine relevanten Termine mehr mit Regierungs Entscheidern und Advisern.

Wir kamen, sahen und versagten


Die EU mit ihrer „Konsens“ Politik: „Kultur der Straflosigkeit“ in Albanien: Concerns are emerging about attempts to block #Albania justice system reforms

Das desaströse Langzeit Debakel der EU, USA mit korrupten Institutionen und Justizbringer in Albanien, dem Kosovo. Justiz EU Missionen, sind eine Langzeit „Camorra“ identische Geldabzocke der EU und von Berlin, denn noch nie gab es eine Verbesserung der „Rechtstaatlichkeit“, aber der Reise und Abzocker Zirkus wuchs ständig heute mit einem kriminellen und korrupten Deutschen Justizminister Heiko Maas. Vor allem Augen finanziert die korrupte EU, KfW, die Zerstörung der Küste, Antiker Stätten, finanziert Geldwäsche Bauten der Mafia und illegales Bauen im Null Funktion Staat. Projekt Kontrollen und Kompetenz Null.

Mit Kriminellen und Idioten, kann man keinen Staat aufbauen, was aber US, EU und Berliner System Politik ist seit vielen Jahren. Von Albanien, Ukraine bis Süd Sudan kommen nur noch „failed state“ heraus, wo Kriminelle, Mörder, Terroristen Partner der sogenannten Aussenpolitik sind.

„Konsens“ Politik, sabotiert praktisch jedes Demokratie System, vor allem wenn die dümmsten EU Gestalten seit 20 Jahren diesen Unfug im Sinne von Erpressung von kriminellen Clans, u.a. auch auf Regierungs Beteiligung wie nun in Albanien zum Kultur Projekt erklärt haben. Gewinner sind nun seit vielen Jahren immer hoch kriminelle Clans, oft mit Terroristen Verbindungen, welche jede Art von Gesetz und Rechtstaatlichkeit verweigern, was diese dummen Banden in Brüssel nie kapieren werden, wie die Ukrainische Kathastrophe ebenso dokumentierte, als man Unterschriften unter einen EU Betrag mit Stefan Füle erpresste und heute macht der Hirnlose und korrupte Johannes Hahn so weiter, wo mininmal Intelligenz wie bei Ashton, heute nicht vorhanden ist, oder Kompetenz. Man schreibt gefakte Berichte, Phantom Projekte ohne Nachhaltigkeit nur noch zum Geld stehlen, wie im korrupten Deutschen BMZ, mit der KfW und GIZ, was zum Kosovo Debakel ebenso führte und stiehlt Milliarden. Insider und im Deutschen TV: Der Jesuit Walter Happel erklärt das „Camorra“ identische  BMZ System, IRZ Stiftung System wo die „Nghradeta“ längst ins Staunen kommt!

Im April 2016, gab es schon ein Ultimatum der Amerikaner, die Justiz Reform zuverschieden, was die extrem dummen Gestalten der EU Politik, die korrupte EU Botschafterin mit ihren dummen Sprüche wie der „Konsenz“ Politik permanent selbst sabotieren. Für die Verbrecher Kartelle, welche identisch mit der Albanischen Regierung ist, gehen deshalb auch der Drogen Anbau, die enorme Geldwäsche, erneut eine Steigerung für 2016 von fast 400 % Drogen Export weiter. Aufgebaut vom Ex-Innenminister Samir Tahiri, wurde nach 2000 mit der Ilir Meta Regierung dieser erneute kriminelle Polizei Aufbau mit Hilfe der Amerikaner, wo das TIMS Polizei Computer System permanent manipuliert wird, ungehindert man rund um Durres illegal aus- und einreisen kann, obwohl der halbe Zoll- und Polizei Apparat inzwischen ausgetauscht wurde. Jeder Kriminelle kann sich neue Identitäten kaufen, als System von Deutschland mit dem korrupten Bundesdruckerei Geschäft mit Ludgar Vollmer aufgebaut.

Der Konsens Betrug – Mashtrimi me Konsensusin, altes und aktuelles Justiz Modell der Albaner Mafia
EU Skandal ohne Ende: Dr. Franz Jung: keine Gesetze, Nichts von der Justiz Reform ist implementiert

Der Gangster „Edi Rama“ sabotiert die Justiz Reform

aus Heft 34/2007Außenpolitik: Wir kamen, sahen und versagten und die Studie des Instituts für Europäische Politik (IEP)  Militär Studie sprachen deutliche Worte in 2007, aber die Mafiösen Strukturen der EU und der BMZ, verhindern jede seriöse Änderung. Zitat der Studie: „alle Institutionen, sind von der Mafia unterwandert, inklusive des NATO KFOR Generalstabes“
Die als „Verschlusssache“ eingestufte Studie des IEP kam bereits Anfang 2007 zu
dem Schluss, dass das Kosovo „fest in der Hand der Organisierten
Kriminalität“ ist, die „weitgehende Kontrolle über den
Regierungsapparat“ hat. Auch deshalb, weil gegischsprachige Gruppen laut Jane’s Intelligence Review große Teile des Heroin- und Mädchenhandels in Europa kontrollieren. Zu diesem
Ergebnis kam auch der IEP-Bericht
womit dann Alles über die EU Botschaften, KfW, GIZ, Weltbank, EBRD, IFC, den sonstigen Institutionen gesagt ist, oder Dummschwätzern wie dem Österreichischen Botschafter: Stadler mit seinen uralten Mafiösen Sigurime Partnern vor Ort, welche den Bankrott der „Alpine“ mit verursacht haben.
56 % der Albaner wollen inzwischen auswandern, weil der „Failed State“, keine
Perspektive, noch Schulen, Ausbildung und Kultur für die Kinder bieten

Edi Rama; Chef Gangster betrügt und sabotiert jede Reform :: kritisiert aber die EU

Show Programm der Albaner Mafia, denn Nichts wird implementiert


Concerns are emerging in Brussels and Washington about attempts to block #Albania justice system reforms

| June 15, 2017 | 0 Comments

Amid a growing chorus of dissent within Albania’s opposition Democratic Party, concerns are emerging in Brussels and Washington about attempts to block the nation’s justice system reforms, 
writes Martinn Banks.

The reforms, aimed at ridding the courts of corrupt and incompetent judges and prosecutors, is a key prerequisite before EU accession negotiations can begin but was being blocked by a three-month parliamentary boycott led by DP leader Lulzim Basha. That was resolved after Socialist Party Prime Minister Edi Rama agreed to delay parliamentary elections by a week and allow the DP to appoint a number of “technical” ministers to the government during the electoral period.

However, factions are now challenging the reforms before Albania’s constitutional court, prompting international concern. “The much needed justice reform in Albania has once again come under attack,” a spokesman for the EU’s External Action Service said yesterday. “We call on all parties to complete the formation of the vetting institutions. Attacking the judicial reform rather than ensuring implementation of vetting, with close monitoring of the International Monitoring Operation, harms Albania’s present and future.”

The US embassy in Tirana issued a similar statement. “The Albanian people should be concerned about these efforts to weaken the reform, in order to defend corrupted judges and prosecutors, including the ones who have connections with the organized crime,” it said.

Simultaneously, criticisms are being aired about the JustizbringerDemocratic Party’s de-selection of a number of DP electoral candidates who had been supporters of the justice reform. In an exclusive interview with this website, one senior party member branded Basha a “petty autocrat”.

The DP member, a sitting MP, said that if, as expected, DP loses the general election on 25 June Basha should resign and “face the consequences.” The MP declined to be named for fear of further retribution.

The MP accused Basha of trying to “silence” critics in the party and blocking their selection as DP candidates in the upcoming election.

Those in the party who had supported judicial reforms opposed by Basha and partly designed to help pave the way for Albania’s EU accession negotiations to re-start, had “paid the price”.

Latest opinion polls show DP, which only recently lifted its boycott of the election, is likely to lose the poll to the ruling Socialist Party.

A poll by Italy’s Istituto Piepoli released on Tuesday (13 June) said that if the election were held today, the Socialist party would take 49-53 per cent of the vote, compared with 29-33 per cent for the DP. Potentially, the pollsters said the SP vote could bring the party close to achieving a majority in the 140-seat parliament.

In Brussels, one of the MEPs closely involved in mediation efforts prior to the election campaign said, “Nothing seems to have been resolved in Albania where one of the two mainstream political parties seems to be descending into political crisis and is dominated by an authoritarian leadership.” The MEP declined to be named…..

Rückblick, in die Ilir Regierung, wo auch schon Alles bekannt war.

Peinlich wenn die Fakten zeigen aus 2001, 2002 das schon damals die Skrapari Bande jede Justiz in Albanien verhinderte, wie Internationale Reports u.a. vom IWPR, oder Transparency International Corruption Report 2001 aufzeigten. Zitat: +++Albanian politicians have signalled a rare willingness to unite in the name of national interest. ***„Justiz unerwünscht, wurde damals schon bei Ilir Meta Regierungs festgestellt. Die Grundstücks Mafia war damals schon gut bekannt.

„Kultur der Straflosigkeit“ in Albanien

Ein Enthüllungsvideo war vor einem Jahr Anlass für die Demonstrationen gegen Korruption in Albanien. Vier Menschen starben. Der damalige Vizepremierminister, der auf dem Video zu sehen war, wurde jetzt freigesprochen.

Albanien KorruptionsschildDie Bürger Albaniens haben genug von der Korruption

In Albanien ist am Montag einer der spektakulärsten Korruptionsprozesse der vergangenen Jahre mit einem Freispruch zu Ende gegangen. Angeklagt war der Politiker Ilir Meta….

(gekaufte IT Gutachter, erhielten Staatsposten, widersprachen einem technischen FBI Gutachten, ein gekaufter Richter akzeptierte das und schon war Ilir Meta, erneut ohne Vorstrafen, organisiert von Spartak Braho, dem „Paten von Durres“)

EU Delegation in Tirana statement for implementation of the Justice Reform – 7 Members of Appeals College Nominated

Die Dominanz dieser Rechtspraxis erstickt dabei jedweden
S[ecurity]S[ystem]R[eform]-Prozess im Keim, da die Regeln des Kanun
bereits vom Ansatz her einer Etablierung rechtsstaatlicher und
demokratischer Strukturen zuwider laufen.

US Medien über die identischen Zustände in Albanien

April 18, 2017, 12:04 am
The American SpectatorAmerican Spectator,American Spectator,

BE për Reformën në Drejtësi: Zbatojeni siç keni rënë dakord, varet anëtarësimi në BE

EU Delegation in Tirana statement for implementation of the Justice Reform

17:53, 13/06/2017

EU Member States Embassies and the EU Delegation in Tirana call on all relevant authorities to adhere to their full commitment to the implementation of the Justice Reform, which was unanimously voted in the Albanian Parliament almost a year ago. Vetting of judges and prosecutors, as envisaged in the legislation that has already been reviewed both by the Venice Commission and the Constitutional Court of Albania, needs to start. The EU recalls that credible and tangible progress on all five key priorities, the implementation of the Justice Reform, and in particular the vetting, are essential for the opening of accession negotiations with Albania.

EU Null Hirn Geschwätz, über Betrugs-, und Show Wahlen in Albanien: Ihr endloses Geschwätz über den Konsens

EU Null Hirn Geschwätz, über Betrugs-, und Show Wahlen in Albanien:  Ihr endloses Geschwätz über den Konsens

This is something that Vlahutin and all here jetset humanist colleagues fail to truly appreciate. Their endless babble about consensus, the inclusion of the opposition, full representation, etc., etc. has led to a political situation in which there is literally no choice.

2012: „A document obtained by BIRN shows that OLAF is investigating complaints against a tender held in May by the EU Delegation in Tirana.“

What Does Vote Buying Mean?

What Does Vote Buying Mean?

On Monday, EU Ambassador Romana Vlahutin called upon Albanian citizens not to “sell their vote” during the June 25 parliamentary elections. This “don’t sell your vote” is a common mantra among the well-willing internationals in this country, as if vote buying were truly a great threat to democracy – a greater threat than the politicians that will be elected.

Because what is vote buying actually? Vote buying means that you give your vote to a party or candidate in exchange for money or goods – the famous bags of flour. But how is that different from voting for a party because they promise to lower taxes? Or because they promise to subsidize childcare? Or because they promise free education? All of these promises basically represent a monetary value for the voter, and especially lower-income households immediately feel the effect of changes in the subsidy and taxation system in their wallet.

So how are these promises for lower taxes or extra subsidies different from vote buying – the exchange of money for a vote?

What the internationals actually want to say is that you should vote for a party based on its content, its program, its values, its ideology, and not purely based on how much money will end up in your wallet. The elections, Ambassador Vlahutin wants to tell us, are about more than just momentary, individual gain; they determine the future of the nation, not just whether you can buy food the next week.

The problem is that Albanian political parties do not have any content, program, value, or ideology – or at least, they all have the same ones. As Gjergj Erebara from Reporter pointed out a week ago, the promises of the major parties in the elections are hardly distinguishable from those made in 2013, and hardly distinguishable from each other.

So citizens of Albania, faced with with a political situation in which all parties promise more of the same, and will all break those promises at the moment they are elected, has logically only one objective criterion for judging where to cast their vote: how much money do I get in hand, right now? Any future monetary gain – through free healthcare, employment, or subsidies – may well turn out to be a mirage, a promise made by everyone and kept by no one.

This is something that Vlahutin and all here jetset humanist colleagues fail to truly appreciate. Their endless babble about consensus, the inclusion of the opposition, full representation, etc., etc. has led to a political situation in which there is literally no choice.

And in such a thoroughly cynical environment, devoid of any potential for a different future, staying at home or selling your vote becomes the only rational thing to do…

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(Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch today announced it filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) for records relating to their funding of the political activities of the Soros Open Society Foundation – Albania (Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Agency for International Development (No. 1:17-cv-01012)).  The lawsuit was filed on May 26, 2017.“

Albanians Corruption Mafia Nr. 1: Romana Vlahutin: The EU Delegation in Tirana, A History of Maladministration

Vlachudin under investigation

Verbotene Wahlkampf Hilfe nach der Genver Konvention: Europa Tag in Gjorokastre 8.5.2017: Edi Rama

Romana Vlachudin, the ambassador of the European Union in Albania, is under OLAF investigation for purchasing a 350-square-metre house in Tirana for €1,6m. This is rather crazy since local experts say this specific house is not worth even a third of the selling price.

At the time of the sale, similar houses in the same area and bigger ones were priced at least €1m less than what the Commission paid.

This investigation is of particular significance because it was opened four weeks ahead of Albania’s general election on June 23.

On more than one occasion, Vlachudin has openly supported Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama’s ruling socialists. The fact, however, that the Rama-friendly EU Ambassador was placed under investigation before the election, may signify that given the circumstances, the European Commission does not wish to take sides in the electoral process of Albania.

Nevertheless, the good ambassador’s pick has few chances of winning the election – and no one wants to be associated with a loser, especially not the European Commission.

Vertuschen, Stehlen mit kriminellen Partner und Federica Mogherini, fordert wieder den Unfug einer Konsenz Politik

Der Konsens Betrug – Mashtrimi me Konsensusin, altes und aktuelles Justiz Modell der Albaner Mafia

EU finanzierte Wahl Systeme: Kosovo has 1.7m citizens and 1.9m voters: Albania has 2,8 Citizens and 3,7m voters and 4,4m ID Cards


Albania has 2,8 Citizens and 3,7m voters and 4,4m ID Cards

Kosovo has 1.7m citizens and 1.9m voters

Balkan Stile: Albanien, Mazedonien, Kosovo
Balkan Stile: Albanien, Mazedonien, Kosovo

Kriminelle werden frei gelassen, als Wahlkampf Unterstützung so in Albanien, vor allem in Durres: hier Kashari aktuell, wo mit AK-47 Wahlkampf durch die örtliche Polizei gemacht wird am hellichten Tage. Und der Deutsche Innenminister, Verfassungschutz Präsident lügen, lügen rund um gefakte Identitäten, was sich in Deutschland aufhält und die grössten Verbrecher Clans, haben direkt höchste Deutsche und Albanische Protektion, wie der Visa Skandal schon zeigte. Man kennt sogar die Adressen, aber die SPD Parteibuch Fuzzis der korrupten Verdummung, fördern das bekanntlich was mit Heiko Maas anfängt, der zur Ablenkung die Rechte Gefahr erfindet.


Frisch aus dem Gefängniss, zur Wahlkampf Edi Rama Unterstützung und mit AK 47 in Kashari

Kosovo: Expected tectonic changes on the political scene

The International Institute for Middle-East and Balkan Studies (IFIMES) in Ljubljana, Slovenia, regularly analyses events in the Middle East and the Balkans. IFIMES has prepared an analysis of the current political situation in Kosovo in the light of the early parliamentary election scheduled for 11 June 2017.  The most interesting sections from the analysis entitled “Kosovo: Expected tectonic changes on the political scene” are published below.


Expected tectonic changes on the political scene


On 11 June 2017 the third (early) parliamentary election is taking place in Kosovo since the country proclaimed its independence for 17 February 2008 .


Kosovo Government lost the vote of no confidence on 10 May 2017,  which was no surprise after constant conflicts between the two leading coalition partners: the Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK) led by Isa Mustafa and the Democratic Party of Kosovo (PDK) led by Kadri Veseli.  The Serbian List (SL) and other minority communities in Kosovo were the third coalition partner.


The Kosovo Assembly (parliament) has 120 members, of which 20 seats are reserved for representatives of minority communities as follows: 10 seats for the Serbian community, 3 for the Bosniak community, 2 for the Turkish community, 4 for the Roma (RAE – Romani, Ashkali and Egyptians) and 1 for the Gorans.


The Serbs as the largest minority community will compete with six electoral lists. If they competed with only one electoral list they could win a larger number of parliament seats. Those who support such option have a strong argument – better chances to win more seats.  However, democracy is based on political pluralism, i.e. the possibility to present different political programmes. Since the Brussels Agreement was signed between Belgrade and Pristina in April 2013, the Serbian community has unified under the auspices of Belgrade, which has aggravated the position of Serbian community in Kosovo as it has had to follow the instructions from Belgrade.


There are in total 1,8 million voters who will have the right to vote at the forthcoming election in 38 municipalities.


Kosovo is one of the countries in the region (such as Macedonia) having problems with the unconsolidated and untrustworthy electoral roll – it is improbable to have almost 1.8 million voters in a country with a population of only about two million.


The right to vote is also given to Kosovo citizens registered as voters who are residing outside Kosovo, predominantly the Serbs who live mostly  in Serbia. However, this time it will be possible for Kosovo citizens who live abroad to vote by post – they will simply print the ballot paper from the Kosovo Central Election Commission (CIK), fill it in and send it together with their personal identification document to the CIK address. This opens the possibilities for various misuses and manipulations, especially since the OSCE Mission will not send its observers to monitor the election due to a very short period of time till the election date.




In 2014 the Kosovo Assembly adopted the Law on ratification of the International Agreement between the Republic of Kosovo and the European Union on the EU Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo which envisages the formation of the special war crimes court and prosecution office which should try alleged human organ trafficking from the Council of Europe investigations based on the report drawn up by Dick Marty.  It was expected to examine some serious allegations from the 2010 Council of Europe report and to prosecute the war crime suspects in Kosovo, especially some of the former commanders of  Kosovo Liberation  Army (UÇK). However, no such court has been established yet.


Analysts believe that the special war crimes court is to be established in order to prosecute war leaders from UÇK, especially those currently performing the highest functions in Kosovo institutions. Despite the facts that Kosovo has its own national legislation, that the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY) operates in the Hague and that the EULEX Mission has been set up as the largest mission ever to be established in the field of rule of law – it is obvious that all these institutions have failed to fulfil their basic tasks. Unless the war leaders are eliminated from political and public life in Kosovo, it will be very hard to achieve any progress in Kosovo. Finding out the truth is the only way to justice and reconciliation. The leading world states are planning that after signing the Brussels Agreement most of the current leaders would be eliminated from the Kosovo political scene, including the incumbent President Hashim Thaçi. After the non-election of Nikola Gruevski (VMRO-DPMNE) in Macedonia it is expected that Thaçi will also leave the politics.


The country’s weak judicial system is not capable of carrying out quality and fair trials of suspects of war crimes, organised crime and corruption. The main nests of crime in Kosovo are the Privatisation Agency, public companies,  customs control, public tenders etc.  The roots of crime in Kosovo stem from its government-in-exile.





The election campaign will only last 10 days. The incumbent Kosovo government (LDK – PDK) has abused the election campaign, as they had started it already before the campaign was officially launched. Kosovo laws do not provide for any sanctions in case of election campaign abuse. Spending public funds on the election campaign and the (ab)use of the media that are controlled by the government or political parties represent the country’s usual practice. The fairness and loyalty of the election campaign depends mostly on the media.

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Die Absurdität, von angeblichen Waffen Embargos der EU, UN, USA mit der Balkan Mafia über die Saudis, an Terroristen

Wenn man zu blöde und korrupt ist, dann wird es schwierig: Seit 25 Jahren wird über Waffen und sonstige Embargos berichtet, über Jugoslawien, über Syrien durch die korrupte EU und real machen die Pentagon, Regierungs Mitglieder und UN Leute ein Bomben Geschäft daraus. So auch EU Länder erneut.

Der Russiche Verteidigungs Minister, über die vielen Idioten die im Pentagon tätig sind.

Russian DM curious why Pentagon hires so many idiots


Russian DM curious why Pentagon hires so many idiots


In a statement published on Saturday morning, the Russian Defense Ministry theorized why so many blowhard windbags are employed by the Pentagon.

The Ministry is particularly amazed by US Special Operations Command General Raymond Thomas and his recent testimony before the Senate, during which he proclaimed Russia “one of the five main threats for the USA”.

The Russian Defense Ministry asked a question that everyone already knows the answer to: Is ‘intelligence’ a prerequisite for commanding US Special Operations Forces? Because all signs point to ‘no’:

Separate generals of the Pentagon are limited by stereotypes of the “cold war” and their incomprehension of real threats should not surprise.

We are often asked what the difference between the officers of the Russian Special Operations Forces and their American colleagues is.

We always say that the main traits of the Russian officers are intelligence and decisiveness.

It can easily be understood from the speech of General Thomas that the Pentagon puts forward some other requirements for the servicemen of the US Special Operations Forces, to put it mildly.

May be therefore they try to compensate them by hawkish anti-Russian rhetoric according to the best traditions of the cold war.

Did the Russian Defense Ministry just call Raymond Thomas and his majestic Special Operations Forces a bunch of knuckle-draggers? Probably.

Welt Terror Zentrale in Brüssel: NATO Haupt Quartier Welt Terror Zentrale in Brüssel: NATO Haupt Quartier

Identisch mit der Albaner Mafia und Josef DioGuardia.

Hilfsgelder für Afghanistan Amerikas verlorene Milliarden

Marode Straßen, Minenkrater, Korruption: Der US-Kontrolleur für den Wiederaufbau Afghanistans stellt der dortigen Regierung ein vernichtendes Zeugnis aus. Milliarden Dollars versickern offenbar in dunklen Kanälen. mehr… [ Forum ]

US Has Killed More Than 20 Million People in 37 “Victim Nations” Since World War II By , April 01, 2017

„Open Society“ – Georg Soros und die neue Betrugs Masche mit AVAAZ – Aktionen


About half of Detroit can’t read

The Coyote’s Trail: A Machine Gun’s Path from Serbia to Syria
by Ivan Angelovski, Jelena Cosic, Lawrence Marzouk and Maria Cheresheva
09 May 2017

Wearing high-top basketball shoes, faded jeans, and a sweater emblazoned with the word “Life,” a young rebel soldier posed online in February 2016 with his latest kit – a heavy machine gun on a tripod. The gun had just been delivered to his battalion, which was fighting President Bashar al-Assad’s forces in Aleppo in northern Syria.

Within weeks of his Facebook post, images and videos of identical guns started to appear on Twitter and YouTube from across other Syrian battlefields, often in their original crates and with instruction manuals.

The Training: An FSA fighter explains how he was sent to Saudi Arabia for training.

The soldiers gave the gun a nickname – “dushka” – after a similar Soviet-designed weapon known as DShK. “It was light and effective and it was the newest weapon we ever received,” one of them later said.

But its distinctive shape and pristine condition soon aroused the attention of online weapons analysts. It was an M02 Coyote – a weapon produced about 1,600 kilometers away in the state-owned Zastava Arms plant in Kragujevac, Serbia.

What route did the Serbian weapons take and how did they end up in Syria?

Reporters for the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN) and the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) spent a year following the Coyote’s trail. What they discovered was the willingness of the Serbian government to turn a blind eye to the systematic, illegal diversion of Serbian weapons from their “intended” destination of Saudi Arabia to combatants on Syrian battlefields.

They found that the powerful weapons were sold to Bulgarian Industrial Engineering and Management (BIEM), a Sofia-based arms broker, for export to Saudi Arabia in 2015 and 2016. From there, the weapons were likely shipped to Turkey, from where arms often cross into northern Syria.
Photos provided by an anonymous FSA fighter show him posing with a Coyote gun which was manufactured in Serbia, purchased by Bulgarian arms dealer BIEM, sold to Saudi Arabia, and eventually found its way to Syria. (Credit: FSA fighter)

Reporters were able to trace the unique serial number of the weapon in the rebel fighter’s Facebook post from the Serbian factory where it was built to BIEM, then to Saudi Arabia, and ultimately into his hands in Syria.

The route taken by the Coyote provides the clearest evidence to date of the €1.2 billion (US$ 1.3 billion) arms pipeline uncovered last year by BIRN and OCCRP – a pipeline financed by Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Jordan, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).
Training Camp in Saudi Arabia
A Coyote instruction manual seized from rebels in Aleppo by Syrian government forces in July 2016 and posted on Twitter by journalist Khaled Iskef. Credit: Twitter

In early 2016, about 150 soldiers of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) crossed the border from Syria into Turkey. Handpicked and vetted by Turkish and Saudi Arabian commanders, they were following a well-rehearsed routine that has operated for years. First they spent a week in Ankara undergoing medical checks and obtaining identification documents. From there, they boarded a military plane – an Ilyushin, one soldier said – which took them to Saudi Arabia.

From the airport, they were taken by buses into the Saudi desert. The base was “well arranged” and guarded by members of the Saudi military, said one of the soldiers, who attended the training camp and agreed to speak to BIRN and OCCRP: “You have a lot of facilities for training and other things.”

Soldiers were told not to use their cellphones.

“There were a lot of different officers [at the training] – from the UK, US, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia. … There were American intelligence officers [too]. They are highly experienced and most of them had fought in Iraq,” he said.

The Coyote Arrives: An FSA fighter describes how the Serbian-made Coyote machine gun was delivered to Syria.

The fighters spent three weeks in Saudi Arabia. It was at this training camp where they were first introduced to the Serbian Coyote.

“I saw [a Coyote] with my own eyes in Saudi Arabia, and there the Americans used it for practice,” the soldier said.

After the training, the trainees returned to Turkey and then on to the battleground. The Coyote was right behind them.

“My gun arrived from Turkey after the training was finished,” he said. He explained that all of his battalion’s weapons passed through the Military Operation Command (MOC) center in Turkey, one of a number of such centers set up in the Gulf, Turkey and Jordan, and operated by Arab, Turkish and Western intelligence agencies. They are used as logistical and training bases.

“I don’t know exactly how many weapons there were, but several pieces arrived and my group got one,” he added. “It was in a box, separated into pieces, and we opened it and assembled it. It was new, there was even a catalogue.”

The new weapon was soon deployed by the fighters in their war against President Assad and the Islamic State.
A screenshot captured from a Free Syrian Army video by Twitter user @ruffthecrimedog. The photo depicts a Coyote with the Free Idlib Army in November 2016. Credit: Twitter
The Deal and the Tycoon

In July of 2016, BIRN and OCCRP reporters asked the Serbian Ministry of Defense about the new machine guns that were showing up in battlefields in Syria. A Ministry spokesperson provided a written statement saying that Zastava had sold “a number” of Coyotes to the Bulgarian arms broker BIEM for export to Saudi Arabia – not Syria – in 2015 and 2016.
On April 5, 2016, twitter User @bm27_uragan, who monitors the spread of weapons in the Syrian conflict, posted a photo of the a Serbian-made Coyote heavy machine gun in Latakia, Syria. Credit: Twitter

In September, BIRN and OCCRP sent photos of a Coyote in action in Syria along with the serial number of a specific gun in use in Syria to the Serbian Ministry. Initially, the ministry said it could not trace the weapon. After several follow-up emails and calls, a spokesman said that a Coyote with that serial number had been sold to BIEM in 2015.

In 2015, BIEM placed a large order with state-owned Zastava Arms, which produces its own version of the Russian AK-47 as well as the Coyote heavy machine gun. While the details of the contract remain confidential, fragments of official information, including Zastava’s 2015 accounts, indicate that BIEM paid €2.75 million ($3 million) for 205 Coyotes. An expert says the figure matches the typical price for such a weapon – about €12,000 ($13,000) per piece.
Bulgarian business tycoon, arms dealer, and Communist-era security agent Petar Mandjoukov. Credit:

The arms broker BIEM is majority owned by the Bulgarian businessman Petar Mandjoukov, 74, who is a long-time arms dealer, a media tycoon, and a former agent of State Security, the country’s Communist-era secret service. Mandjoukov is one of Bulgaria’s most prominent tycoons, with financial interests in construction, media, and wine production. Until 2015, he was a co-owner of the country’s second-biggest football club, CSKA Sofia. His company, BIEM, has been connected to other controversial arms deals. (Read more about Petar Mandjoukov and BIEM.)

A spokesman for BIEM said in a written statement, “We strictly follow national and international legislation.”

“You make connections and draw conclusions based on your own thoughts and assumptions and expect explanations which are neither our right nor our obligation [to give].”

Syria ‘Sucking up’ Weapons

BIEM’s export license for the Coyote deal was granted by the Serbian Ministry of Trade based on a legal document called an “end user certificate,” which guarantees that the weapons will be used by the purchasing party, in this case Saudi Arabia’s security forces.

His Hopes: An FSA fighter asks the world for help in ending the war.

Although any re-export of the equipment requires Serbia’s approval, the Coyotes seen in Syria appear to have been illegally diverted to Syria by the Saudis.

This might not be a surprise to the Serbian officials responsible for issuing arms licenses. Saudi armed forces do not use such guns themselves, relying instead in large part on more modern and sophisticated Western-made weapons. Furthermore, Saudi Arabia has a history of diverting weapons to Syrian rebels….

Natoeinsatz in Afghanistan: „Konflikt verschlimmert“

Britischer Historiker: Stammesführer nutzen westliche Militärs für Clankämpfe aus