Macedonian Soldiers Attacked In Us Base In Afghanistan

ein Hundert Albanische und Mazedonische Soldaten als Kanonen Futter der NATO und Amerikaner sind in Afghanistan!

Peinliche Pleite der NATO, wie im Kosovo und Albanien!

Das Afghanistan Desaster der NATO – der aktuelle Fortschritts Bericht

Macedonian Soldiers Attacked In Us Base In Afghanistan
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Taliban bracket a U.S / Macedonian base. The first mortar lands long, the second short, and the third strikes inside of the compound.

Die Super Pleite inzwischen mit Albanien


Die Zerstörung des Albanischen Militärs durch die Idioten Klasse des Bujar Nishani, Arben Imani und Salih Berisha


Die Zerstörung der Albanischen Marine, durch Arben Imani und die Salih Berisha Mafia

NATO Desaster mit der Mafia Gruppe des Salih Berisha und dem neuen “Geheimdienst Chef des SHIS“: Ajazi Lika


Zerschlagung Jugoslawiens: Die CIA Operation “Roots”( 1 2)
Nicht nur Bob Dole, war der Ur-Zerstörer von Jugoslawien, sondern sein enger Politischer Partner Reagon gab die Order Jugoslawien zu zerstören und zu zerstückeln
Reagan’s NSDD 133 (1984) “Secret and Sensitive”

November 1988. DioGuardi with President Regan, Congressman Rinaldo and National Security Adviser Poindexter in the Oval Office discussing U.S. foreign policy in Balkans.
aus der Mafia Website AACL

Der angeklagte Ex-Verteidigungs Minister Fatmir Mediu, kassierte 30 Millionen € Bestechungs Geld

Kosta Trebicka, Haupt Zeuge in der Waggen Schmuggler Affäre um MEICO stirbt bei einem Auto Unfall bei Korce

Die uralt CIA Waffen Schmuggler Affäre (bereits ab 1991) der Top Albanischen Politik Mafia um die Gerdec Tragödie

SACEUR visits Albania

4 Oct 2010
Admiral Stavridis is pictured at a working session with the Albanian Chief of Defence Arben Imani.

Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR), Admiral James Stavridis, recently visited Tirana, Albania. This was his first official visit to Albania, one of NATO’s newest member countries.Admiral Stavridis was greeted at the airport by Albania’s Chief of Defence, Major General Maskim Malaj, and then escorted to the Ministry of Defence for an official welcoming ceremony with full honour guard and music by the Albanian Military Orchestra.

SACEUR began his visit with an office call with Mr. Arben Imani, Albania’s Minister of Defence, who then led the Albanian delegation in discussions focused on Albania’s achievements and NATO contributions during their first year of membership and a variety of other topics. One of Albania’s most successful efforts has been in reducing stockpiles of dangerous ordnance and munitions.

He then met with H.E Mr. Sali Berisha, Prime Minister and after their meeting participated in a joint press conference for Albanian media where Admiral Stavridis congratulated Albania for their one year anniversary in NATO, and praised them for their commitment to stability in the region and professionalism of their military members serving in Afghanistan.

Later in the day, SACEUR had an office call with Dr. Leonard Demi, the Chairman of the Parliamentary National Security Commission and then enjoyed a guided tour of the National Historical Museum.

In the evening, Mr. Imani (MOD) and his delegation hosted a formal dinner for Admiral Stavridis and his party.

The SACEUR, Admiral James Stavridis, during his visit to Albania is greated by Maksim Malaj, Albanian Chief of Defence. Photo by SGC Edouard Bocquet
Admiral James G. Stavridis attends a military welcoming ceremony at the Albanian Ministry of Defence. The ceremony was a part of the Admiral’s official visit to meet with top defence leaders.
Admiral Stavridis is pictured at a working session with the Albanian Chief of Defence Arben Imani.
The SACEUR, Admiral James Stavridis is pictured during a press conference with Mr Leonard Demi, the Chairman of the Parliamentary National Security Commission of Albania.