Die neue Aussenpolitik: Merkel unterstützt den Weg Serbien in die EU Integration

November 17th, 2009

Merkel empfängt serbischen Präsidenten Tadic

(AFP) – Vor 1 Tag

Berlin — Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel (CDU) empfängt heute den serbischen Präsidenten Boris Tadic. Themen der Gespräche im Berliner Kanzleramt sind die beiderseitigen Beziehungen und die wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit, die politische Entwicklung auf dem Balkan sowie die Annäherung Serbiens an die Europäische Union. Serbiens Nachbarland Montenegro hatte im Dezember 2008 eine Bewerbung um Mitgliedschaft in der Europäische Union eingereicht. Serbien plant diesen Schritt ebenfalls – möglicherweise noch in diesem Jahr.

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Merkel: Germany Supports Serbia’s EU Integration
Belgrade | 17 November 2009 | Bojana Barlovac

Tadic merkel
Boris Tadic and Angela Merkel in Berlin
German Chancellor Angela Merkel has announced that Germany explicitly supports Serbia’s EU integration.

After meeting with Serbian President Boris Tadic on Monday in Berlin, Merkel said “Germany believes that Serbia has fulfilled the conditions for entry into force of the Interim Trade Agreement with the European Union.”

She added that there is a “logical order of steps” on every country’s path toward EU and pointed out that Serbia should submit its EU membership application only when the agreement goes into effect.

The trade pact is part of the Stabilisation and Association Agreement, SAA, signed last spring. It was immediately suspended due to the Netherlands’ strong opposition.

The Dutch are opposed to unblocking the deal before war crimes fugitives Ratko Mladic and Goran Hadzic are delivered to the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, ICTY.

Merkel announced that Germany supported the SAA entering into force soon and that she would lead talks on this with EU partners and countries and that think Serbia hasn’t met the conditions for that to happen.

The Serbian President said that Serbia is doing everything to continue cooperating with The Hague and pursuing the arrest of the two war crime fugitives.

“I believe that the unfreezing of this agreement and submission of [EU] candidacy will be possible this year, after the upcoming report of the ICTY Chief Prosecutor Serge Brammertz,” broadcaster RTS quoted Tadic as saying.

Tadic, accompanied by Serbian Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremic, paid a one-day official visit to Berlin on Monday to meet with German top officials and discuss bilateral relations, political development in the Western Balkans and Serbia’s EU integration.

Merkel and Tadic also discussed regional issues, mainly Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo, which is the only point on which Serbia and Germany do not share the same opinion. Tadic reiterated that Serbia will never recognise the unilaterally declared independence of Kosovo.

Later in the afternoon, Tadic and German Economy Minister Rainer Bruederle attended the signing of a memorandum of understanding between the Serbian power company Elektroprivreda Srbije and the Germany-based integrated energy conglomerate RWE at the German Economy Ministry.

Merkel also offered her condolences over the death of the Head of Serbia’s Orthodox Church, Patriarch Pavle.

Serbian skaters find “freedom” on the pavement

November 17th, 2009

Serbian skaters find “freedom” on the pavement


Skateboarding keeps Belgrade’s youth on the streets — in a good way.

By Bojana Milovanovic for Southeast European Times in Belgrade — 17/11/09
belgrad skater

A skater catches some air at Belgrade’s skate park. [Nikola Barbutov/SETimes]

At the skateboarding park in Belgrade, which opened last year, skaters can be found doing kickflips, grinding rails and pulling off the mother of all tricks, the ollie — where a rider lifts his or her board into the air almost as if by magic.

Two skaters took a break from the course to sit down with SETimes and talk about their love of the sport.

“I’ve been skateboarding for four years now. I first encountered it [skateboarding] through video games and wanted to start doing it for a long time. The whole thing dragged on a bit because I had to gather the money for skateboarding equipment and that costs a little less than the average Serbian salary,” said Misha, 18.

He is one of the co-founders of the skate club Logic.

“Skateboarding might seem easy, but it’s not really. One has to give up a lot in order to skateboard the way we do and to master all the tricks. You have no coaches, all you have are friends who can show you how it’s done,” says Misha. Injuries are common. Despite pleas from his parents, Misha still rides almost every day — even after tearing the ligaments in his ankle a handful of times.

Branislav, 16, once broke his arm trying to pull off a stunt.


Schröder, Verheugen und Joschka Fischers Freunde: Die angeklagten PM von Bulgarien wie Sergey Stanishev

November 16th, 2009

Former Bulgarian cabinet ministers face criminal charges


Former Bulgarian Prime Minister Sergey Stanishev is being investigated in connection with leaked classified information, while a member of his cabinet is probed for criminal breach of trust and another has already been indicted on charges of abuse of power.

(Various sources — 08/09/09 – 09/11/09)

photoFormer Bulgarian Prime Minister Sergey Stanishev. [Getty Images]

Prosecutors in Bulgaria have launched probes against several former ministers and heads of state agencies over their alleged involvement in corruption, embezzlement or other wrongdoings.

The highest-ranking among them is the leader of the main opposition Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) and former Prime Minister Sergey Stanishev. On November 3rd, Chief Prosecutor Boris Velchev asked parliament to lift Stanishev’s immunity, so that he can be investigated in connection with a missing classified report handed to him last year.

“Stanishev will be probed for losing documents and materials containing information which was state secret,” as well as for having “due to carelessness, become the reason for the disclosure of information constituting state secret,” Velchev’s office said in a statement.

The document in question was a memo prepared by the State National Security Agency (DANS) on the “actions of individual and circles exercising a destructive influence on the functioning of ministries and public administration structures”.

The scandal erupted last month when incumbent Prime Minister Boyko Borisov said that former DANS agent Alexey Petrov gave him the missing report. In line with the rules on handling classified information, Stanishev should have returned the document to a special department at the council of ministers, but failed to do so. It was unclear how Petrov, who served as advisor to former DANS head Petko Sertov, got hold of the memo.

Shortly after, the classified report was published on the Internet.

Claiming he had returned the report to the security agency, the former prime minister denied any wrongdoing, but said he would voluntarily give up his immunity from prosecution. According to Sofia city prosecutor Nikolay Kokinov, a person close to Stanishev, who acted as an intermediary, would also be investigated in connection with the case.

Borisov then told the media that the total number of top secret documents his predecessor had failed to handle in line with the established procedures was 11, among them one on contraband channels and another on Russia’s growing energy influence.

The move against Stanishev prompted harsh criticism from President Georgi Parvanov, who jumped in to defend his successor as BSP leader. He said the government would sue the former prime minister over “a misplaced file,” while it did nothing to catch gangland bosses.

photoStanishev met with city prosecutors in Sofia last month. [Getty Images]

“Why doesn’t the government act as swiftly in combating the bosses of organised crime, who have turned into one of the symbols of the Bulgarian transition,” Parvanov said on November 9th. “I can’t shake off the feeling that the big mafia bosses are still untouchable.”

Borisov responded immediately. He reminded the president that there were 11 missing reports, not one, that shed light on the criminal circles impeding the functioning of the state and urged him not to interfere in the prosecution’s work.

“We follow the natural path of logic: we will catch the big sharks first and then we will go after the small fry,” Sofia-based Standart daily quoted Borisov as saying. “Had we started with the bosses, we would have admitted that Bulgaria was run by the heads of organised crime and not by the [previous, BSP-led] three-way coalition. Isn’t that right?”

If Stanishev is found guilty, he could face a prison sentence of up to three years.



Nur wo es stinkt, waren Schröder, Joschka Fischer, Verheugen und die anderen Kriminellen aus Georg Soros Bande immer ganz Vorne weg. Man macht halt so seine Lobby Geschäfte und Null Aussenpolitik.

Dukanovic and the Cigarette Smuggling Case

November 16th, 2009

Cigarette Smuggling Case Discussed in January

Belgrade | 12 November 2009 | Bojana Barlovac


Map of Montenegro

Map of Montenegro

A decision on possible court proceedings against a group of nationals from Montenegro, Italy and Serbia on their alleged involvement in an international cigarettes smuggling ring will be discussed in January, a court in Bari, Italy, decided.According to local media, the decision on possible court proceedings will be determined on 18 January.

They are accused of being involved in cigarette smuggling between 1994 and 2000, and the list includes seven Italians, five Montenegrins and two Serbs, broadcaster RTS reports.

The trial began in November 2001. The Prosecutor of Bari’s court, Giuseppe Scelsi, included Montenegrin Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic in the investigation due to his alleged role in the smuggling.

“For almost a decade, Montenegro has been a haven for illegal trafficking, where criminals acted with impunity, while the ports of Bar and Kotor were used as logistics bases for motor boats, with protection which was guaranteed by the government,” the court’s document says.

Djukanovic was in Bari last year answering questions from the prosecution. Soon after that, the case in relation to him was archived.

In a series of interviews with journalists, held in August, the prime minister’s former ally, Ratko Knezevic, said that tobacco smuggling grew once Djukanovic took power in Montenegro in 1997, referring to Djukanovic as the “cartel boss”.

By 1999-2000 the illicit trade was worth several billion dollars annually, according to EU and US agencies. Djukanovic struck back against these allegations, stressing that no proof has been presented since local media started reporting on his alleged involvement in mafia tobacco trading.

Scelsi told Podgorica daily Dan two weeks ago that Djukanovic could be tried for his alleged involvement in cigarette smuggling once he leaves politics.

“Milo Djukanovic is being protected by immunity while he is the prime minister and chief of state. …….


Actually, the cigarette business declined rapidly after the end of the 1990s. A 2006 Situation Report on Organised and Economic Crime in South-eastern Europe by the Council of Europe states in its Montenegro chapter:

“Smuggling of legal goods (cigarettes, oil and oil derivates) has been significantly diminished since the abolition of sanctions and law enforcement efforts since 2000. The smuggling practices have been changed to adjust to new conditions and still manage to resist law enforcement efforts while integrating into European and global smuggling flows and distributions of illegally and legally produced cigarettes. Smuggling channels from Montenegro were mainly intercepted but new routes have been formed going via Bulgaria, Croatia, Kosovo, Romania and the ‘former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia’.” (p. 96)

Griechische Polizei verhaftet den entflohenen Verbrecher Alket Rizai

November 16th, 2009
Greqi, policia: Alket Rizai u arrestua në gjumë


Greqi, policia: Alket Rizai u arrestua në gjumë
Nga: SUELA GERA ATHINE - Alket Rizai, shqiptari, i cili në fillim të këtij viti u arratis në mënyrë spektakolare, si në filmat hollivudianë, nga burgu i sigurisë së lartë të Koridhalosit në Athinë është arrestuar sot në mëngjes teksa flinte në një banesë në një fshat afër Athinës.

I gjithë operacioni policor ka “habitur” shqiptarin i cili për dy herë radhazi arriti t’i vënte në vështirësi autoritetet greke duke u arratisur dy herë nga burgu me helikopter.

“Ai nuk pati kohë as të përdorte pistoletën e tij apo granadën e dorës” ka thënë një zyrtar i policisë, citon agjencia e lajmeve Reuters.

Gjatë operacionit në pranga kanë përfunduar dhe tre persona të tjerë të dyshuar si bashkëpunëtor.
Alket Rizai, i cili vuante dënimin për vrasje në burgun e sigurisë së lartë Koridhalosit të Athinës arriti të arratisej në mënyrë spektakolare me një helikopter së bashku Vasilis Paliokostas, të dënuar për grabitje banke. Arratisja ndodhi më 22 shkurt 2009 dhe shkaktoi furtunë në administratën e burgjeve.

43 vjeçari Vasilis Paliokostas një prej krimineleve më të njohur në Greqi ende nuk është arrestuar.

Me 22 shkurt 2009, autorietet e policise kishin gjetur helikopterin te braktisur në periferi të Athinës, ndërsa piloti u gjet i lidhur dhe sytë te mbyllur me fasho. Në dëshminë e tij në polici kishte thënë se helikopteri ishte kërkuar nga një cift i cili kishte deklaruar se do të bënin një shëtitje. Helikopteri ishte marrë me qera nga cifti disa herë para se të ndodhte arratisja.

Për ngjarjen e ndodhur, gjykata dënoi me burg dy nga pesë gardianët e burgut Koridhalos të Athinës. Shefi i gardianëve u dënua me tre vite burg dhe gardiani i shërbimit me gjashtë muaj burg.

Kjo ishte hera e dytë që dy të dënuarit kishin arritur të arratiseshin nga burgu i sigurisë së lartë Koridhalosit. Herën e parë kishin arritur të largoheshin nga burgu i Koridhalosit në qershor të vitit 2006. Helikopteri që ishte ulur në ambjentet u burgut arriti të mashtronte rojet të cilët mendonin se kishte ardhur një inspketor i burgjeve. Me ndihmën e gazlotsjellësit të dy arritën të largoheshin të qetë. Të dy ishin arrestuar në gusht të 2008, për të arritur të shpëtonin sërish në shkurt të 2009.

Rikapet Rizai, u arratis në shkurt me helikopter nga burgu i Athinës
Shekulli Online | 16/11/2009


Italienischer EU-Parlamentsabgeordneter spricht offen über Bilderberg und Trilaterale Kommission

November 15th, 2009

Italienischer EU-Parlamentsabgeordneter spricht offen über Bilderberg und Trilaterale Kommission

14 11 2009 Autor: Kurt Nimmo – Infowars.com – 14. November 2009

Mario Borghezio, ein italienischer Abgeordneter des Europäisches Parlamentes, ließ diese Woche in der EU eine Bombe platzen. Im folgenden Video stellte Borghezio während einer Sitzung des Parlaments die Nominierungen diverser Bilderberger und Trilateralen für die Posten des EU-Präsidenten und des EU-Außenministers in Frage.

Borghezio fragte:

„Ist es möglich, dass niemandem auffiel, dass alle drei regelmäßig an Treffen der Bilderberg-Gruppe und der Trilateralen Kommission teilnehmen? Ich glaube, wir müssen die Prinzipien der Transparenz anwenden, über die hier in unseren Institutionen so oft gesprochen wird. Wir müssen klar stellen ob diese Kandidaten zu den politischen Kräften ihrer eigenen Länder gehören oder ob sie einfach nur Kandidaten dieser okkulten Gruppen sind, die sich hinter verschlossenen Türen treffen um über die Köpfe der Leute hinweg zu bestimmen.“

Die drei Kandidaten, um die es geht, sind Jan Peter Balkenende, David Miliband und Herman Van Rompuy. [...]

Den ganzen Artikel auf Englisch lesen:


CNN berichtet über Skull & Bones

November 15th, 2009

CNN berichtet über Skull & Bones

15 11 2009 Leider gibt es immer noch viele Leute, die Fakten nur dann akzeptieren wenn sie in den Massenmedien behandelt werden. Aber auch denen kann geholfen werden:

Da nun sogar CNN über die bizarre, okkultistische Geheimgesellschaft Skull & Bones berichtet, der dutzende Schlüsselfiguren des US-Establishments abgehören, ist die Existenz dieser Organisation nun also „offiziell“ keine „Verschwörungstheorie“ mehr, um es mal wieder mit etwas Sarkasmus auszudrücken.

Die im Beitrag genannte Autorin dürfte ein nettes Buch über Skull & Bones geschrieben haben. Unbedingt lesen sollten Sie jedoch die Bücher des US-Historikers Anthony Sutton, der auch interessante Verbindungen von US-Konzernen und Banken zum deutschen Nationalsozialismus dokumentiert hat. Sutton hat mit „America’s Secret Establishment: An Introduction to the Order of Skull & Bones„ (1983) ein Grundlagenwerk über jenen Geheimbund der Yale University verfasst, viele Jahre bevor die Massenmedien sich nun vorsichtig und immer noch viel zu unkritisch an das Thema heranwagen.

Ein kleiner Tipp noch:

Leute, die sich Totenköpfe als Erkennungssymbol an Wände oder Kleidung heften führen meist nichts Gutes im Schilde. Wenn Sie sich ein wenig mit deutscher Geschichte des 20. Jahrhunderts auskennen sollte Ihnen das bekannt vorkommen.


Und ja, die Piratenpartei ist davon ausnahmsweise ausgenommen. Weil historische Piraten nunmal oft (aber auch nicht immer) den Jolly Roger verwendeten. So, Spaß beiseite.

Rezart Taci: Albanian Journalists Protest Attack on Colleague

November 15th, 2009

Journalist’s beating stirs outrage, soul-searching

Rezart Taci im Gefängnis und der Präsident Bamir Topi hatte ein Meeting deswegen mit dem US Botschafter Withers.

Unser persönlicher Kommentar: Die Welt und Albanien kann auf Leute wie Rezart Taci, Alban Yhillari, Deligori, Damir Fazllic und Andere Müllhaufen Leute gerne verzichten.


A recent incident highlights shortcomings in media freedom.

By Manjola Hala for Southeast European Times in Tirana — 13/11/09

photoAlbanian journalists protest outside the government building in Tirana on November 4th. [Getty Images]

A physical assault on an investigative journalist has alarmed many Albanians.

During an episode of the news programme Faktori+, reporter Mero Baze accused businessman Rezart Taci of using government ties — including Prime Minister Sali Berisha — to evade taxes and privatise the ARMO oil company under dubious circumstances.

Later, the businessman allegedly chose to answer the charges with violence, assaulted Baze at a Tirana café with the help of two bodyguards.

The assault is the latest in a string of attacks against the outspoken journalist. In January, police attempted to close Baze’s daily Tema, and in 2005 his BMW mysteriously exploded.

Taci now faces assault charges, but denies beating up Baze and counter-accuses him of slander.

While the Albanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry denounced the assault against Baze, it also seemed to blame him for speaking out. “Slander campaigns are damaging to foreign investments and to the country’s image,” it opined.

Meanwhile, 135 journalists protested in Tirana last week, and signed a petition requesting new media safety standards in Albania.

That may be an uphill battle. Reporters without Borders ranked Albania 88th in the world this year, nine positions below last year’s ranking. It said investigative journalism in Albania is “struggling to find room in a press belonging either to industrial groups determined to protect their spheres of influence, or to political parties that too often confuse news with propaganda”.

Now bloggers are joining the debate. Alproud captures the majority view, calling the attack “hideous and costly for Albania and its image”, a part of a “dangerous game” in which there are no winners. Keiendi believes the situation is “shockingly similar to [Russian President Vladimir] Putin’s republic”.

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Albania’s Berisha to extend co-operation with SMI


Some blame Baze for his own predicament, or question his allegations against Taci. “If Baze’s accusations against Taci were true,” writes Kenyestrim.fr, “he would have gone to prison.”

Not necessarily, Keiendi retorts. Journalists bring the details of the case to light, while the prosecution goes after the facts to bring criminals to justice. Courts are an arena for another assessment about what a journalist publishes.

“Punches are the absence of arguments in the contest,” he concludes.

Berti sums up the general consensus. Baze, he writes, is “among the media persons that paid [suffered] more than anyone in his profession”. This can happen only to a person who served society and not the government, he concludes.

This content was commissioned for SETimes.com

Medien Hetze gegen die Regierung in Albanien

November 15th, 2009

Amtlich und offiziell auch im neuen EU Report festgehalten, sind Albanische Medien die schlechtesten von Europa. Die meisten Medien sind fest in Hand von Ganoven und dienen der Geldwäsche. Und so schreibt man rein Politisch irgendeinen Müll! Man kritisiert die Regierung wegen Aktionen gegen illegale Land Eigentümer und ist selbst einer der Land Diebe. Alle Medien Inhaber, haben praktisch eine illegale Luxus Villa in “Mali i Robit” (Liste, Namen) ca. 20 km südlich Durres.

Angeblich stiehlt gezielt die Regierung Land im Süden von Albanien. Das ist nun mal vollkommen falsch, denn der sich Mafiös entwickeltende Süden von Albanien respektiert keinerlei Gesetze in Wirklichkeit und deshalb hat sich ein illegal wuchendes Mafia Baus System weiter entwickelt, wo wild Land besetzt wird und ohne Genehmigung irgendein Schrott Hotel gebaut wird und natürlich ohne Abwasser Entsorgung, ohne Vermessung des Grundes und ohne Geologischem Gutachten, was Alles seit 1993 gesetzlich vorgeschrieben ist. Dies zu den Hintermännern der Land Mafia.

Man macht über die Medien massiven Druck, damit die eigenen illegalen Bauten der Zeitungs Promis, legalisiert werden. Bis heute kann niemand ein illegales Küsten Grundstück legalisieren, weil der Durcheinander Mafiöser Gruppen, welche sich auch noch Politiker, Richter, Staatsanwalt oder gar Zeitungs Inhaber nennt, selbst die Motoren der illegalen Land Besetzung und Bebauung sind.

Eine dieser verbrecherischen illegalen Bauten gehört natürlich einem dieser Albanischen Mafiosi Zeitungen der “Liberatas”! Man hetzt gegen die Regierung und hat selbst grosse Landstücke illegal an der Küste besetzt und mit einem Luxus Restaurant illegal bebaut. Dies zu den Medien Inhabern, welche ihre Medien missbrauchen um eigene Mafiöse Praktiken und Geldwäsche zuvertuschen.


Posted by Stavros Markos at 11:20 PM
Press release


construction police


Albanian State, violating basic human rights and private property

Today, Wednesday around 14.00 in my private apartment in Dhrimades, Himara Municipality, entered five persons by force in my property territory with a car type “Volkswagen” TR 0072 P.
They were presented as Inspectors of the State Inspectorate for Constructions based in Tirana. At this moment I was over lunch together with wife and my children in my property.

After they made parking of the car without permission to enter, I asked them to leave the Private territory immediately outside my private building.

aus albania

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Declaration of Socialist Party of Albania

Another Berisha government initiative for the stolen land on the Ionian coast

Double and dangerous play of Berisha Government to conquest lands and properties of native Ionian Coast
According to investigative newspaper “TEMA”, the Socialist Party MP, Erion Brace, denounced Yesterday a government effort to stolen land on Ionian coast.

He said that the Parliament these days are expected to review a bill, “On some changes in the law of the year 1995, for over owned land without compensation
agriculture “.

But just now he will be passed on review to another law. According Braçes the goal is clear,deprived of land on the Ionian coast.
Fatos Lubonja i Sali Berishës

» Dërguar më: 14/11/2009 – 12:38
Lajme te ngjashme
Fatos Lubonja i Sali Berishës
• Datë: Nov 14, 2009

Alba Malltezi
Nismë tjetër e qeverisë për të grabitur toka në bregdet

Nismë tjetër e qeverisë për të grabitur toka në bregdet

Deputeti i Partisë Socialiste, Erion Braçe, denoncoi dje një përpjekje të qeverisë për të grabitur toka në bregdet. Ai tha se në Kuvend këto ditë pritet që të shqyrtohej një projektligj, “Për disa ndryshime në ligjin e…

Liste der Politiker und Hintergründe!

Die Villen des gefeuerten Verteidigungs Minsiter Fatmir Mediu und des angeklagten und in Haft sitzenden Waffen Händler: Mihal Delijorgjit


Villa von Fatmir Mediu

Die Villa des CIA Waffen Händlers: Mihal Delijorgjit

Beschlagnahmte Hochhäuser im Bau, direkt bei der Universität von Delijorgj

Aktiv in die Sache verwickelt ist der Durres Gangster Boss: Gazmir Bizhga, der natürlich auch noch SP Partei Vorsitzender ist und eng verbandelt ist mit dem Mafia Clan der Duka’s , Lefter Koca’s und verwandt ist auch mit den Verbrecher Clans um Natasho Paco.

Gazmir Bizhga: Mafia Boss in Durres und eng verbunden mit den SPD Ganoven aus Deutschland.

Weitere Top Medien übernehmen diese Story als Titel Geschichte.

Prokuroria: AKKP, si abuzonte me pronat

“Plazhi i Gjeneralit”, në pyetje dhjetëra punonjës të Agjencisë. Kontratat tremujore dhe falsifikimet


General Alan Dohrmann, ist der neue Kommandant der Verbrecher Zentrale im Kosovo: Bondsteel

November 15th, 2009

 Mehr Info zur Bondsteel Anlage, welche auch als Folter und Drogen Verteil Zentrum der NATO installiert wurde.der Besuch von Palin dort.

Vollbild anzeigen
Kosovë, Dohrman, komandanti i ri i KFOR-it amerikan
PRISHTINE- Gjenerali Alan Dohrmann, do të jetë komandanti i ri i forcave amerikane të KFOR-it amerikan. Dohrman zënvendëson gjeneral brigadierin, Keith Jones.

Ceremonia e ndërrimit të komandës u zhvillua mbrëmë në kampin Bondsteel në Ferizaj.

Në fjalën e tij të përshëndetëse Dohrmann tha se do të jetë nder për të që të punojë në Kosovë, duke shtuar se në Kosovë janë bërë përparime të jashtëzakonshme.

“Unë me ushtarët e mi jemi të stërvitur mjaft mirë për këtë mision. Ne jemi në proces të stërvitjes më se një vit dhe këta muajt e fundit ne kemi qenë maksimalisht të përgatitur”, tha gjenerali Dohrman, duke marrë komandën.

Zhvillimet në Kosovë, u vlerësuan pozitive nga gjenerali Jones dhe komandanti i KFOR-it, Markus Bentler.