Kosovo Terror Training Camps Re-Open for Syrian Rebels

 Kososo – Macedonia – Preveso Terrorist Clans: Terrorist Boss Yhavit Halili: 47 page NATO secret Report


Albanian Secret Service Chief Fatos Klosi in 16.5.1998 in der “Albania” durch den Albanischen Geheimdienst Chef Fatos Klosi: KLA (UCK) is financed by Bin Laden

Foreign Intelligence Services Have Information For Connection Of Ex-Leader Of Army For Kosovo Liberation Hasim Taqi With Osama Bin Laden Belgrade, February 11, 2002 – Foreign intelligence services, including the US one, have information for the connections of the ex-leader of the Army for Kosovo Liberation /AKL/ Hasim Taqi with Osama bin Laden, the today’s edition of Glas javnosti daily says. The
ex-chief of the Albanian National Intelligence Service Fatos Klosi
confirmed bin Laden has been in Albania in the 90-ies where he had
organized training camps for the AKL fighters.

The candidate for President of Kosovo and leader of the Democratic
Union of Kosovo Ibrahim Rugova also has information in regard of the
connections of Taqi with bin Laden. After the announcement of the
election results Rugova promised to make public the evidences for the
terrorist activity of its political opponent.

The “friendship” between Taqi and bin laden has begun in 1996.
According to the sources of the daily, in the period 1996-2001 bin
Laden has invested some USD 200 M in activities, related to different
criminal deals in Kosovo.

Story of the Day 2001-10-24       Interpol has information that the Albanian terrorists have links with Al Qaida organization and its leader Osama Bin Laden, London-based newspaper the Independent reads. The Independent reports that Interpol’s investigation team was claiming that Osama Bin Laden was related to the Albanian criminal gangs, which have wide network of trafficking in weapons and people, prostitution and racketeering throughout Europe. Interpol also has information that recently people from the Albanian criminal circles met with leaders of the Algerian terrorist organisations. The Albanian police reported that Osama Bin Laden was also present at that meeting. According to information from Interpol, one of Bin Laden’s military commander was appointed for head of the elite terrorist units of the Kosovo Liberation Army, during the Kosovo conflict in 1999


A combination of chaos and poverty in Albania paved the way for Bin Laden to move in. The Times of London quoted Fatos Klosi, the head of the Albanian intelligence service, who said that bin Laden sent terrorists to Kosovo. Using the front of funding a “humanitarian agency,” bin Laden muscled into Albania as far back as 1994.

Kosovo Terror Training Camps Re-Open for Syrian Rebels

by grtv



A delegation of Syrian rebels has made a deal with Pristina authorities to exchange experience of partisan warfare. Syrian opposition is sending militants to Kosovo for adopting tactics and being trained to oust President Bashar Assad’s regime.

On April 26, a delegation of Syrian opposition members made a stop in Pristina on their way from the US to hold talks on how to make use of the experience of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) in Syria, reports Associated Press.

So far, a poorly-organized Syrian opposition has proven unable to self-organize and form a steady front against the forces of President Assad. Terror tactics used by militants allow them to kill military and governmental officials, but do not help to hold positions against a regular army.

“We come here to learn. Kosovo has walked this path and has an experience that would be very useful for us,” says the head of the Syrian delegation Ammar Abdulhamid, a Syrian-born human rights activist and dissident. “In particular, we’d like to know how scattered armed groups were finally organized into KLA.”

Syrian opposition leaders have promised to immediately recognize Kosovo once they seize power in the country.

“We’re in vital need of joint actions as a coalition opposition,” stressed Ammar Abdulhamid, a long-time opponent of the Syria’s President Bashar Assad. In 2005, he left Syria to settle in the US.

The training camp on the Albanian-Kosovo border that has welcomed Syrian attendees was originally organized by the US to help the KLA train its fighters.

The Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) was considered a terrorist organization by the US, the UK and France for years until, in 1998, it was taken off the list of terrorists with no explanation given. The KLA used to have up to 10 per cent of underage fighters in its ranks.

There were numerous reports of the KLA having contacts with Al-Qaeda, getting arms from that terrorist organization, getting its militants trained in Al-Qaeda camps in Pakistan and even having members of Al-Qaeda in its ranks fighting against Serbs.

The same horrors that were witnessed during the war in Kosovo are now apparently being prepared for the multi-confessional Syrian population by Islamist Syrian Liberation Army trained in Muslim Kosovo in the middle of Europe.

The Syrian Liberation Army group that actually formed the delegation to Kosovo has been fighting with the Syrian government for over a year now. This stand-off has claimed well over 9,000 lives, about half of them Syrian servicemen, law enforcers and officials.

Lately, the militants have been squeezed out of the Syrian cities and their positions along the Syrian-Turkish border. Being unable to turn the tide independently, the Syrian Liberation Army has been addressing to its foreign sponsors to start a military intervention into Syria to topple President Bashar Assad.

However, researcher and GlobalResearch.ca contributor Benjamin Schett told RT the Syrian rebels would not learn much in terms of military tactics from the KLA.

“The so-called Kosovo Liberation Army – this terrorist group – had in fact already been defeated by the Serbian army in 1998.”

Schett says that once Serbia agreed on a ceasefire, pulled back troops, and let in OSCE observers, the KLA used this situation to intensify their attacks so as to provoke a military reaction.

He continued that by presenting themselves as freedom fighters and victims to the Western media, the KLA secured a Western intervention in March 1999 after they staged a fake massacre in Račak.

Schett believes the Syrian rebels would go to Kosovo for knowledge in public relations techniques. He says despite their lack of military prowess, they were adept at making the Western public believe they were fighting for a justified cause amid reports they had committed a slew of war crimes and human rights abuses.

Marauder and ethnic-cleansing tactics

Wiping out local minorities after an extensive NATO air-strike were the only combat tactics the KLA had mastered and the only thing the Syrian opposition can really learn from them, foreign affairs editor for the US-based Chronicles magazine, Srdja Trifkovich, told RT.

RT: Just what might the Syrian opposition learn at these camps?

Srdja Trifkovich: Well, first of all I don’t think they can learn much from the KLA veterans in terms of combat efficiency because the KLA was singularly unsuccessful in its rebellion against the Serbian security forces until the NATO bombing. They started their terrorist ambushes in 1997. They intensified their activities in 1998. But all along it was atrocity management that they wanted, for instance, the famous case of Racak where the combat victims were presented as innocent civilian dead slaughtered by the Serbs.

But even during the bombing the Serbian forces maintained full control of all of the key population centers and they even kept the roads open. It’s only that the KLA came in after the Serbs started withdrawing under the terms of the ceasefire with NATO. And even then they were not engaging in combat, they were acting as marauders ethnically cleansing non-Albanians. So the first point is that there is nothing to learn in terms of combat efficiency and in terms of actually organizing a successful guerilla force.

RT: Words that have been associated with the KLA – assassination, terror, bombings – is that really the kind of thing that the Syrian opposition wants to be associated with?

ST: It seems that they don’t care, because I understand that Ammar Abdulhamid, one of the Syrian opposition leaders who came to

3.5.2012: Die „Aracinovo“ murder friends of the terrorist: Ali Ahmeti: Macedonians Charge Five For Skopje Killings

Demonstration in Skopje: friends of murders, killers, terrorist

Bosnia and Islam Terrorist

GIS Balkan Spezial

Hashim Thaci Partner von Bin Laden

Hashim Thaçi – die Eagle Security

EBRD und Co.:Nachdem Deutschland die Bestechungs Kultur auch im Balkan hoffaehig gemacht, ist Griechenland am Ende


Einfach peinlich diese Steuerfinanzierten Bestechungs Lobby Vereine der Deutschen, aber die Amerikaner sind auch nicht besser.

Weniger Beachtung fand dagegen bisher die Tatsache, dass speziell deutsche Unternehmen parallel auch Korruption nach Griechenland “exportierten”, um nicht nur im Rüstungsgeschäft, aber auch auf anderen Bereichen des öffentlichen Sektors die Konkurrenz “auszustechen” und sich lukrative Aufträge zu teilweise geradezu unverschämten Konditionen an Land zu ziehen. Der Journalist Jorgos Papasotiriou zog in einem neulich in der Zeitung “Vradyni” publizierten Artikel (s)ein Resümee, das nachstehend in deutscher Übersetzung wiedergegeben wird.

Omerta …

Diejenigen, die heute Griechenland wegen seiner überdimensionalen Verschuldung tadeln, haben in den Spiegel zu schauen. Weil die Korruption nicht nur das Element irgend eines atavistischen Verhaltens der Griechen, sondern auch von dem deutschen Industrie- und Bankenkomplex importiert ist.

Die ungeheure griechische Verschuldung geht sogar mit der deutschen Korruption einher. Dies ist die Schlussfolgerung eines Artikels, der auf AgoraVox publiziert wurde. Natürlich existieren in Griechenland auch die Steuerkorruption und die traditionelle Mentalität sowie das System der Kundenbeziehungen, was jedoch nicht zu erklären ausreicht, wie wir hier anlangten.

Alles begann also in der Epoche der Explosion der Börsenblase unter der Regierungsführung des germanophilen K. Simitis. Damals begann die Kooperation mit Deutschland, anfänglich mit dem Kauf der Patriot-Raketen (Vertragsabschluss 1999 – 2000). Damals wurden die ersten uns bekannten Schmiergelder (10 Millionen Euro) von Herrn Siekaczek gezahlt. Zwischen 2000 – 2002 haben wir die Vereinbarung mit der Kraftfahrzeugindustrie MAN über den Kauf von Militärbussen, O-Bussen u. a., die – ebenfalls – Gegenstand einer gerichtlichen Untersuchung wurde.

Das “große Fressen” fand jedoch in den Jahren 2000 – 2004 statt, also bei der Vorbereitung der Olympischen Spiele. Der anfängliche Etat der Spiele belief sich auf 1,3 Mrd. Dollar, erreichte jedoch im weiteren Verlauf – auch wegen der Verzögerungen der Regierung Simitis – 14,2 Mrd. Dollar und überstieg mit den Schmiergeldern 20 Mrd. Dollar. Deutschland ist in die Spiele mit Siemens und dem berüchtigten Sicherheitssystem C4i involviert, das übrigens niemals in Betrieb genommen wurde (die Schmiergelder beliefen sich damals auf 10 Mio. Euro).

2004 gab es weitere 100 Millionen Schmiergeld – wieder von Siemens – für die Digitalisierung der OTE. Bezüglich der U-Bahn sind ebenfalls Siemens und Ferrostaal verwickelt, wobei sich die Schmiergelder auf 50 Millionen Euro belaufen. 2007 findet der große Skandal mit den 4 deutschen U-Booten U-214 statt, die 5 Mrd. Euro (nebst 120 Mio. für Schmiergelder) kosteten und unbrauchbar sind, da sie nach links neigen!

Weitere deutsche Schmiergelder, also importierte Korruption aus dem Land der äußerst strengen Herren Schäuble und Rösler und der Frau Merkel haben wir für das Eisenbahnmaterial der OSE, das Telekommunikationssystem “Hermes” des griechischen Militärs (wieder Siemens), die Ausstattung in den Krankenhäusern, den Flughafen “El. Venizelos”, aber auch die Attika-Straße. Wenn wir auch das andere Pharaonen-Projekt, nämlich die Egnatia-Straße mit den 1.650 Brücken und den 76 Tunneln von 100 Kilometern hinzurechnen, ist völlig offensichtlich, dass Griechenland den Aufschwung der europäischen Länder und allen voran Deutschlands finanzierte, unter Mitschuld der etablierten griechischen wirtschaftlichen und politischen Klasse.

Deutschland und konkret der Finanz- und Industriekomplex exportierte Korruption außer nach Griechenland auch nach Taiwan, Pakistan und in andere Länder. Warum wendet es sich jedoch nun wohl mit so viel Dreistigkeit gegen unser Land? Weil laut AgoraVox alle Korruptionshandlungen Deutschlands in Europa von einer Omerta gedeckt werden, die Griechenland mit dem Siemens-Fall brach. Das war das Verbrechen der Griechen! Deutschlands Korruptions-Exporte nach Griechenland

Korruption als Bremsklotz der EU-Erweiterung

Das Finanzdebakel um Griechenland hat es ans Licht gebracht: Korruption ist in Europa zu einem massiven Problem geworden. Die EU muss sich aus vielen Gründen Sorgen machen.

Es geht schon seit langem nicht nur um ein paar Euroscheine, die illegal von der einen in die andere Hand wandern oder nicht versteuert werden. Die Finanzkrise um Griechenland hat allen EU-Beamten auf drastische Weise die Augen geöffnet, wie Schmiergeldzahlungen und Gefälligkeiten im großen Stil mitverantwortlich sind, eine Volkswirtschaft in den Ruin zu treiben. Nach dem Korruptionsindex von „Transparency International“, der 183 Länder umfasst, gibt es auch Probleme in Ungarn, Bulgarien, Kroatien sowie Tschechien und Italien. Griechenland liegt auf Patz 80 der Liste. Aber auch Deutschland ist nicht frei von  Bestechung – die Bundesrepublik liegt bei der Korruption im europäischen Mittelfeld. Weltweit betrachtet belegt Deutschland den 14. Rang. Auf Platz 1 liegt Neuseeland, das am wenigsten unter Bestechung leidet.

Eine Porträfaufhnahme von Cecilia Malmström     (Copyright: AP)Cecilia Malmström fordert mehr Einsatz im Kampf gegen die Korruption

„Korruption verursacht jährlich einen Schaden von geschätzten 120 Milliarden Euro für die EU-Wirtschaft“, sagt EU-Innenkommissarin Cecilia Malmström. „Das entspricht in etwa einem Prozent des europäischen Bruttoinlandsprodukts beziehungsweise fast einem gesamten Jahreshaushalt der EU.“ Zwar unterscheidet sich Korruption in Art und Umfang von Land zu Land, aber als dauerhaftes Phänomen schadet sie gleichermaßen allen EU-Mitgliedstaaten und der EU als Ganzem. Sie führt zu geringeren Investitionen, behindert den Binnenmarkt und schmälert die öffentlichen Finanzen.

Experten vermissen EU-Strategie

Eine Porträfaufhnahme von Dominik EnsteDominik Enste vermisst eine nachhaltige Strategie der EU

Die Union ist in der Korruptionsbekämpfung zum Handeln gezwungen. Sonst droht sie ihre Glaubwürdigkeit und das Vertrauen ihrer Bürger zu verspielen. Nach der jüngsten Eurobarometer-Umfrage der EU-Kommission meinen die Europäer mehrheitlich, dass die Korruption in den letzten drei Jahren zugenommen hat. Beinahe drei Viertel von ihnen sehen dies als ein dauerhaftes Problem an und glauben, dass auf allen Regierungsebenen bestochen wird.

Zudem vermissen viele Experten wirkliche Fortschritte. „Es sind keine Ziel führenden Maßnahmen beschlossen worden“, kritisiert beispielsweise Dominik Enste vom Institut der deutschen Wirtschaft in Köln die EU. Eine wirkliche Bekämpfung der Korruption und der Schattenwirtschaft könne man in Ansätzen in einzelnen Ländern erkennen, aber noch nicht flächendeckend. „Immerhin wird dem Thema eine größere Aufmerksamkeit gewidmet und man hinterfragt kritisch, ob man die Daten, die von den verschiedenen Ländern angegeben werden, wirklich so bedingungslos akzeptieren kann.“ Enste erinnert daran, dass sich Griechenland mit gefälschten Defizit-Zahlen den Beitritt zur Europäischen Währungsunion erschlichen hat. Auch Nienke Palstra von „Transparency International“ reagiert verhalten: „Wir begrüßen es, dass das Thema Korruptionsbekämpfung wichtiger geworden ist, aber nun müssen den Lippenbekenntnissen auch Taten und echte Verbesserungen folgen.“

Mangel an politischen Willen




Legalisierung von Schwarzbauten in Griechenland
Legalisierung ungenehmigter Bauten und baurechtlicher Verstöße in Griechenland.

Kurz vor den Parlamentswahlen in Griechenland im Mai 2012 dreht sich die öffentliche Diskussion paradoxerweise primär um illegale Immigranten und infizierte Prostituierte.

Obwohl sich kontinuierlich die Stimmen und Anzeichen mehren, dass die Griechenland von IWF, Troika und Gläubigern aufgezwungene neoliberale Sparpolitik zum Scheitern verurteilt ist und der wie auch immer geartete Ausgang der anstehenden Parlamentswahlen das Schicksal des Landes auf jeden Fall für viele Jahre oder sogar Jahrzehnte bestimmen wird, stehen in der öffentlichen Diskussion paradoxerweise illegale Immigration, HIV-positive Prostituierte und parteipolitische Hahnen- und Schaukämpfe im Vordergrund.

Der Journalist Giorgos Papasotiriou betrachtet in seinem am 02 Mai 2012 in der Zeitung “Vradyni” publizierten Leitartikel, der nachstehend in deutscher Übersetzung wiedergegeben wird, die Situation aus seiner persönlichen Sicht und kommt zu dem Schluss, dass die Wahlen in Griechenland und noch vielmehr in Frankreich äußerst kritisch sind.

Die Taliban der Europäischen Union töten die Griechen

“Die Taliban der E.U. töten die Griechen”, erklärt zum wiederholten Mal Daniel Cohn-Bendit bezüglich der brutalen Sparsamkeit, die sie Griechenland auferlegen. Aber warum Taliban? Weil von der in Europa und der ganzen Welt ausgeübten derzeitigen neoliberalen Politik manche materiell (Gewinn) und andere ideologisch und politisch profitieren. Letztere sind die fanatischen Politiker, ein Mikro-Kosmos, der sich aus zynischen, gefühllosen Menschen rekrutiert, welche gegen Kummer und Schmerz, die sie hunderten Millionen Arbeitslosen und Armen aufzwingen, abgeschottet sind.

Aber an welchen “Gott” glauben diese Fanatiker? An den Neoliberalismus, die selbstgeregelten Märkte – die wir zu “beschwichtigen” schulden -, die noch größere Kumulierung von Reichtum in den Händen Weniger, die aus den Opfern der Arbeitnehmer hervorgeht, also mit den Kürzungen der Löhne, Renten, medizinischen und pharmazeutischen Versorgung, der Sozialleistungen, sprich des neoliberalen Wohlfahrtstaats. Jetzt werden alle staatlichen Hilfen zu den Unternehmen und speziell den Banken verlagert (wie die letzten 50 Mrd. Euro für letztere, die das griechischen Volk mit hohen Zinsen bezahlen wird).

Paradoxerweise bricht das politisch vorherrschende neoliberale Modell als Wirtschaftsmodell trotz des Gekreisches seiner politischen Diener zusammen. Die Eurozone knirscht, die Verschuldung der USA hat 358% des BIP erreicht, während die Produktionsblase in China (dreifach größer als die der USA) Luft zu verlieren beginnt. Die nächste große Krise steht vor den Toren. Trotzdem fahren die Neoliberalen der deutsch-französischen Achse, aber auch Griechenlands darin fort, die “Einfrierung der Ausgaben” und Senkungen der Löhne und Renten, also Sparsamkeit in der Sparsamkeit vorzuschlagen und in den sicheren “Tod” zu führen!

Neoliberales Wirtschaftsmodell zur Bereicherung der Wenigen

Sie sind sogar dermaßen fanatisch, dass sie trotz des vollständigen Misserfolg des Experiments in Griechenland keinerlei Spielraum für Manöver lassen. Anstatt dass die Diskussion über die Wahlen am Sonntag auf Basis des zentralen Themas – der Wirtschaft – und der Frage erfolgt, ob es ein anderes überlebensfähiges Modell gibt, der Krise zu begegnen, dreht sie sich somit um ein ernsthaftes – allerdings verschlepptes – Problem, die Immigration. Im Schatten dieses großen Problems bestehen die “Fanatiker” auf der Verwaltung des zusammenbrechenden neoliberalen Wirtschaftsmodells und beharren dabei auf dem üblichen barbarischen Einbahnstraßen-Sparkurs.

Dies ist jedoch eine Lüge. In der Wirtschaftsgeschichte ist die amerikanische Lösung des Jahrzehnts von 1930 bekannt (Keynes – Roosevelt). Diese Lösung wird heute von jenen abgelehnt, welche Kurt Vonnegut “… psychopatische Persönlichkeiten, also Menschen ohne Gewissen, ohne Gefühl des Erbarmens oder der Scham …” nannte. Nur dass diese Persönlichkeiten gar nicht so psychopathisch, sondern völlig neoliberale Pragmatiker sind, die tatsächlich weder ein Herz noch Gefühle haben.

Die “psychopathischen” Taliban der Wall Street, von Frankfurt, Berlin, Paris und Brüssel sind absolute Rechner und Rationalisten. Weil die Sparsamkeit letztendlich gewaltsam sein und die realisierten Einnahmen wegen der verursachten brutalen Rezession eliminieren mag, ihre Absurdität jedoch nur die “Unteren” betrifft, während sie sich für die “Oberen” auf weltweitem Niveau auszahlt. Auf nationalem Niveau ist sie – hauptsächlich für periphere Länder wie Griechenland – jedoch irrational, weil sie ein ganzes Land, ein ganzes Volk auslöscht. Deswegen sind die Wahlen in Griechenland und noch vielmehr in Frankreich besonders kritisch … .

(Quelle: Vradyni)


 typische EBRD Bestechungs Geschaefte, wie auch bei Bodo Hombach und der WAZ, wie Balkan Versicherungen. Am Schluss erhaelt die Deutsche Bank und Co. den Balkan Bestechungs Muell!

Die Deutsche Bank, als Profi Betrugs Bank ohnes Gleiches, ist Partner beim bestechen und der Korrumpierung, und kommt hier erneut ins Geschaeft.

Deutsche Bank to buy Komercijalna Banka this summer
Deutsche Bank to buy Komercijalna Banka this summer
The German Deutsche Bank has started negotiation over purchase of 70-percent stake of the Komercijalna Banka, the second… »

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Germany to build factories in Serbia When in 2005 I visited for the first time Serbian exhibiters at the Spring Fair in Hanover, with their exhibition stands in a corner of one of the most distant halls, I was telling them that we had to…»


Die „Aracinovo“ murder friends of the terrorist: Ali Ahmeti: Macedonians Charge Five For Skopje Killings

News 03 May 12 / 08:33:14
Macedonians Charge Five For Skopje Killings

Macedonian police have pressed terrorism charges against five people for the gruesome murders of five people in Skopje on April 12, three of whom have been arrested.

Sinisa Jakov-Marusic



Macedonian police | Photo by: AP/Boris Grdanoski

Police Minister Gordana Jankulovska said on Wednesday that the authorities have charged five men for the brutal murders on the outskirts of Skopje, three of whom have been arrested.

The three men, all ethnic Albanians, were seized during yesterday’s police raids.

“Two of them are at large” and are believed to have fled to neighbouring Kosovo, the minister said.

Police believe that three of the men carried out the killings and two helped them escape from the crime scene.

Not revealing the identity and ethnicity of the alleged murderers, Jankulovska only said that two were brothers from Skopje aged 32 and 33 and one other was 27. Local media reported that the suspects are Alil Demiri, Afrim and Agim Ismailovic.

The European Union delegation to Macedonia on Wednesday urged the authorities to bring the killers to justice “regardless of the ethnic or religious background of the victims and perpetrators”.

The bodies of Filip Slavkovski, Aleksandar Nakjevski, Cvetanco Acevski and Kire Trickovski, all aged between 18 and 20, were discovered on April 12 near Zelezarsko Ezero on the northern outskirts of the capital, a popular fishing destination.
The bodies had been lined up and appeared to have been executed with firearms.

The body of 45-year-old Borce Stevkovski was a short distance away from the rest.

The news of the killings raised tensions in the ethnically divided country after rumours spread that the killers were ethnic Albanians.

On Tuesday police rounded up 20 allegedly radical Muslims in an operation in several villages around the capital. During the raids they seized firearms and other weapons, some of which they believe were used in the murder.

Those not directly implicated in the Skopje killings will now face lighter charges for illegal possession of weapons.

Macedonia’s head prosecutor, Ljupco Svrgovski, said his office will demand the severest penalties for the murder suspects. “When it comes to such grave crimes the law prescribes life in prison,” Svrgovski said.

All main political parties have expressed support for moves to solve the case.

The country’s junior ruling party, the Democratic Union for Integration, DUI, said that ethnic Albanians should not be collectively blamed for the murders.


Macedonian Police Exclude Mafia From Skopje Murders
5 young people executed with firearms in macedonia

26 Apr 12 / 12:04:05
Macedonian Police Exclude Mafia From Skopje Murders

5 Personen rund um kriminelle Albaner aus der Terroristen Stadt: Aracinovo, sind verhaftet, angeklagt! Davon 2, welche den Taetern zur Flucht halfen. Einfach zum Morden los gefahren, und wohl Verwandt mit kriminellen Albaner Familien, die sich dort illegal niedergelassen haben.

03 Maj 2012 – 08:48 | Rajoni
mord albaner

Zbardhen emrat e 5 të akuzuarve për vrasjen në Smilkovc
Zbardhen emrat e 5 të akuzuarve për vrasjen në SmilkovcSHKUP- Ministria e Puënve të Brendshme të Maqedonisë ka bërë publike emrat dhe fotot e pesë personave të dyshuar për vrasjen e pesëfishtë në Smillkovcë të Shkupit. Të akuzuar janë: Halil Demiri 27-vjec nga Haraçina dhe vëllezërit Afrim Ismailovic 32-vjec dhe Agim Ismailovic 33-vjec nga Hasanbegi.

Fejzi Aziri 54-vjec dhe Rami Sejdiu 24-vjec akuzohen se anë ndihmuar autorët e krimit. Ndërkohë, që Afrim Ismailovic dhe Halil Demiri janë në arrati, raporton INA.

Ministrja e MPB-së, Gordana Jankullovska deklaroi sot se këto persona janë anëtarë të grupit kriminal që kanë kryer vrasjen. Sipas versionit të Ministrisë, tre vrasësit më 12 prill rreth orës 20.00 në afërsi të fshatit Smilkovc të Shkupit kanë kryer vrasjen e pesëfishtë me anë dy pushkë automatike dhe një pistoletë dhe se më pas kanë ikur në drejtim të një lokacioni tjetër me makinën “Opel Omega”, që më pas ilegalisht kanë kaluar kufirin drejt Kosovës.

5 young people executed with firearms in macedonia

04 May 12 / 10:19:30
Macedonia Seeks Skopje Killers Through Interpol

Interpol’s help is needed to track down two of the five suspects for the killings near Skopje, police say.



Police Minister Gordana Jankulovska | Photo by: AP/Boris Grdanoski

Macedonian police have asked Interpol to step in after two of the five suspects it believes killed five persons near Skopje fled the country.

Police arrested three of the men in raids this week, namely Agim Ismailovic, 32 Fejzi Azirij, 54, and Rami Sejdiu 24.

But Interpol’s help may be needed to track down Alil Demiri, 27, and Afrim Ismailovic, 33, both from Skopje.All five are ethnic Albanians.

The earlier three were arrested in Tuesday’s police operations around the capital and now face murder and terrorism charges.

An investigative judge in Skopje has meanwhile detained for 30 days nine of a group of 20 alleged radical Islamists, all ethnic Albanians, whom police arrested on Tuesday in relation to the murders.

A woman in whose house the police found an arsenal of weapons was released the same day while the court released the other ten arrested men after 48 hours.

The brutal slaying of five men near the capital on April 12 raised ethnic tensions between Macedonians and the large Albanian minority after rumours spread that the killers were Albanians.

Police discovered the bodies of Filip Slavkovski, Aleksandar Nakjevski, Cvetanco Acevski and Kire Trickovski, on the northern outskirts of the capital at a popular fishing destination.All the victims were aged between 18 and 20.

The body of 45-year-old Borce Stevkovski was a short distance away from the rest.

On Thursday police minister Gordana Jankulovska said that they had determined all the circumstances about the murders but would wait for the trial before revealing details.

Police photo of the two murder suspects who are still at largehttp://www.balkaninsight.com/en/article/macedonia-seeks-murder-suspects-trough-interpol

Killers, murders must be free: Albanian Cultur

Presheva, protest against arrests


Presheva, protest against arrests

Thousands of Albanians from the Presheva valley gathered to protest against the arrests undertaken by the Serbian Police.

The protesters held slogans against the arrests made on what they called mounted charges for terrorism or war crimes.

“The propaganda in Belgrade is that every Albanian is a terrorist, hence we say that we are all terrorists”, declared one of the organizers.

The Serbian Police has arrested eight Albanians at the Presheva Valley, five of whom on war crime charges and three others of petty crimes. The Serbian Interior Minister, Ivica Dacic, warned that the arrested people are related with the 2001 war of the Liberation Army for Presheva, Medegia, and Bujanova (UCPMB).

Official Tirana reacted after the arrests at the Presheva Valley. The Albanian Foreign Ministry condemns the arrests:

“Returning the rhetoric and accusations during the campaign, for the so called war crimes in Kosovo, only for political benefits, damages the democratic standards and the inter-ethnic coexistence in the country”, the reaction says.

This Friday, the Prishtina government considered the arrests as something that damages peace and stability in the entire region.

Presheva, protest against arrests Thousands of Albanian protesters against Serbian police

18 Jan 13
Macedonia Mass Murder Trial Witnesses ‘Saw Gunmen’

Witnesses in the politically-charged case known as ‘Monster’ recalled hearing late-night shooting but could not identify the defendants as the gunmen.
Sinisa Jakov Marusic

The lake near Skopje where the murder took place | Photo by: AP/Boris Grdanoski

The three fishermen who testified told the court hat they were near the murder site at the Smiljkovsko Lake on the night of April 12, 2012, when five people were killed.

They said they saw armed men approaching them.

“When it started to get dark, we headed home… A man appeared dressed in black, [wearing a] bullet vest and [holding] a gun in his hands. He asked us our names and told us to run or he would kill us,” Ahmet Bekir testified.

Another fisherman, Kemal Nesim told the court that while they were running, he heard gunshots coming from the lake.

The prosecution claims that the killings were a terrorist act intended to provoke ethnic turmoil and the case has raised tensions in the country.

So far, four of the six defendants, Agim Ismailovic, Fejzi Aziri, Rami Sejdi and Haki Aziri, have pleaded not guilty to terrorism charges.

They were held when police arrested 20 allegedly radical Muslims during an operationlast May in several villages around the capital.

The two other suspects, Alil Demiri and Afrim Ismailovic, remain at large.

When discovered, the bodies of Filip Slavkovski, Aleksandar Nakjevski, Cvetanco Acevski and Kire Trickovski, all aged between 18 and 20, were laid out in a line and appeared to have been executed.

The body of 44-year-old Borce Stevkovski was found a short distance from the others.

The fishermen said they saw other armed men at the site but failed to recognise any of the four defendants in the courtroom…….

5 Verhaftungen von „Aracinovo“ Terroristen, welche die 5 Morde begangen haben

13 Apr 12 / 11:22:59
Five Men Found Dead Near Skopje, Macedonia

3. Mai 2012, Neue Zürcher Zeitung
Verhaftungen in Mazedonien
Polizei vermutet Terrorakt
Nach Aussage des Innenministeriums sollen Islamisten verantwortlich sein für den Mord an fünf ethnischen Mazedoniern bei Skopje. Die Öffentlichkeit wartet gespannt auf Beweise.

Andreas Ernst, Belgrad

Der rätselhafte fünffache Mordanschlag auf vier Teenager und einen 45-jährigen Mann, der sich am 12. April bei Skopje ereignete, könnte demnächst aufgeklärt werden, berichten mazedonische Medien. Die Staatsanwaltschaft erhob am Mittwoch Anklage wegen Terrorismus gegen fünf Personen, von denen sich drei in Haft und zwei auf der Flucht befinden. Am Dienstag hatten gegen 800 Polizisten Razzien in Skopje durchgeführt, zwanzig Personen verhaftet sowie Waffen und Propagandamaterial sichergestellt.

Innenministerin Gordana Jankulovska sagte, die Verhafteten seien radikale Islamisten, von denen einige gegen die Nato in Afghanistan gekämpft hätten. Mazedoniens Armee hat dort ein Kontingent stationiert. Die Verhafteten seien mazedonische Staatsbürger albanischer Herkunft, heisst es in Skopje. Es gibt im Land seit etlichen Jahren eine Salafistenszene, die bei manchen Jungen Zuspruch findet. Über die Grösse dieser Gruppe gibt es widersprüchliche Informationen. Zweifellos aber sind im liberalen Sunnismus der Albaner die Islamisten eine marginale Erscheinung. Ihr Kampf gilt nicht nur der christlichen Mehrheitsgesellschaft, sondern ist auch ein Generationenkonflikt: Ihren albanischen Vätern werfen die Salafisten die Vergötterung der Nation auf Kosten des wahren Glaubens vor.

Ob es sich bei den Verdächtigen wirklich um Vertreter einer islamistisch-terroristischen Vereinigung handelt, ist aufgrund der spärlich fliessenden Informationen keineswegs sicher. Zumindest die veröffentlichten Polizeivideos, die während der Verhaftungsaktion gemacht worden waren, geben dazu keinerlei Hinweise. Das sichtbare Propagandamaterial ist jedenfalls nationalistischer, nicht religiöser Herkunft. Eine islamistische Urheberschaft käme der Regierung insofern gelegen, als die Tat dann nicht als interethnisches Verbrechen, sondern als religiös motivierter Terrorakt interpretiert werden könnte.
Vergiftetes Klima

Seit Anfang Jahr haben interethnische Gewalttaten die Beziehungen zwischen der mazedonischen und der albanischen Volksgruppe vergiftet. Nach dem fünffachen Mord im April waren albanische Häuser von einem mazedonischen Mob angegriffen worden. In der albanischsprachigen Presse erschienen am Mittwoch Kommentare, die sich von der Bluttat distanzierten und davor warnten, gegenüber den Albanern eine Kollektivschuld zu erheben.

Aracinovo, spielt eine wichtige Terroristen Rolle, rund um Verbrecher wie Ali Ahmeti, die US Soeldner Firma MPRI, welche dem Pentagon unterstellt ist und Islamischen Mord Terroristen, welche von der NATO aufgebaut wurden und deren Verbrecher Kartelle.siehe 2001, die Terror Aktionen hoch krimineller Albaner mit de US Soeldnern, inklusive Entfuehrungen, Folter und Mord, wie im Kosovo.
5 Personen rund um kriminelle Albaner aus der Terroristen Stadt: Aracinovo, sind verhaftet, angeklagt! Davon 2, welche den Taetern zur Flucht halfen. Einfach zum Morden los gefahren, und wohl Verwandt mit kriminellen Albaner Familien, die sich dort illegal niedergelassen haben.

03 Maj 2012 – 08:48 | Rajoni
mord albaner

Zbardhen emrat e 5 të akuzuarve për vrasjen në Smilkovc
Zbardhen emrat e 5 të akuzuarve për vrasjen në SmilkovcSHKUP- Ministria e Puënve të Brendshme të Maqedonisë ka bërë publike emrat dhe fotot e pesë personave të dyshuar për vrasjen e pesëfishtë në Smillkovcë të Shkupit. Të akuzuar janë: Halil Demiri 27-vjec nga Haraçina dhe vëllezërit Afrim Ismailovic 32-vjec dhe Agim Ismailovic 33-vjec nga Hasanbegi.

Fejzi Aziri 54-vjec dhe Rami Sejdiu 24-vjec akuzohen se anë ndihmuar autorët e krimit. Ndërkohë, që Afrim Ismailovic dhe Halil Demiri janë në arrati, raporton INA.

Ministrja e MPB-së, Gordana Jankullovska deklaroi sot se këto persona janë anëtarë të grupit kriminal që kanë kryer vrasjen. Sipas versionit të Ministrisë, tre vrasësit më 12 prill rreth orës 20.00 në afërsi të fshatit Smilkovc të Shkupit kanë kryer vrasjen e pesëfishtë me anë dy pushkë automatike dhe një pistoletë dhe se më pas kanë ikur në drejtim të një lokacioni tjetër me makinën “Opel Omega”, që më pas ilegalisht kanë kaluar kufirin drejt Kosovës.
Alte Tradition: Albanische Terroristen und Verwandte der verdaechtigten Moerdern fordern die Freilassung: Schulbildung zero

Albanian hundreds have participated in the protest held in front of government building on the arrest of 20 persons in operation „Monster“. The rally was led by young, without banners but simply brohorimat „Justice and Freedom“, „Down with the government“, „Gruevski terrorist“, „Jankulovska terrorist“ etc.. The protest initially began to court the center of Skopje, but then stopped in front of government building. Protest organizers had not even told about Vision Plus protesters that gathered to manifest themselves peacefully against the way police action was developed to capture the suspects as perpetrators of the quintuple murder. According to the Ministry of Interior of five brothers are accused of terrorism and Sunrise Ismailoviq Approach, Rami Sejdiu, Fejzi Haziri and alil Demiri, all from Skopje. Three of the accused were arrested, while two are in hiding.

Von der Salih Berisha Mord Bande, ist nun der Ex-National Guard Chef Ndrea Prendi and Agim Llupo verhaftet

Wie TV Aufnahmen zeigen, schoss der Ex-National Guard Chef Ndrea Prendi gezielt auf Journalisten und unbeteiligte Demonstranten damals.
Salih Berisha direkt fuer die Ermordung des Azem Hajdari verantwortlich, denn es waren seine damaligen Liebwaechter ebenso, identisch in die Ermordung des Remzi Hoxha, der von dem geheimen Treffen von Salih Berisha wusste, mit dem Serbischen Verbrecher: „Arkan“ in Skhoder in 1995, mit Serbischen Geheimdienst Chef, die freie Fahrt schon bei der Einreise in Tirana ueber die MALEV Flugesellschaft hatten in 1995. Man machte Geschaefte u.a. um das Treibstoff UN Embargo zubrechen usw..

Albania officials charged over protest shootings

TIRANA, Albania — Two state security service officers in Albania have been charged with murder over the death of four protesters who were shot dead at an anti-government demonstration a year ago.
Albanian prosecutors on Monday charged senior security officers Ndrea Prendi and Agim Llupo with murder, while Prendi’s driver and a computer technician were charged with concealing evidence.
House arrest, for: Albanian Republican Guard Head Ndrea Prendi, the killer of the world crime Boss: Salih Berisha

Primitiv Idiot Mafia Boss in action – Super scandal again: Berisha said that after the general prosecutor leaves office, he will carry out his own investigation and arrest her and President Bamir Topi

“21 Janari” shkon në gjyq, Prendi dhe Llupo nën akuzë për tre vrasjet

Leonard Bakillari

Tiranë Ish-komandanti i Gardës së Republikës, Ndrea Prendi, dhe vartësi i tij Agim Llupo kanë përfunduar në gjykatë me akuzën e vrasjes së tre demonstruesve më 21 janar të vitit të shkuar dhe plagosjen e katër të tjerëve. Pas më shumë se 15 muajsh hetime, prokuroria e Tiranës ka mundur të dorëzojë pasditen e djeshme në Gjykatë dosjen penale në ngarkim të katër personave: Ndrea Prendi, Agim Llupo, Margarit Kume dhe Armando Kasaj. Prendi dhe Llupo, sipas prokurorisë, akuzohen për vrasjen e Faik Myrtajt, Ziver Veizit dhe Hekuran Dedës. Ndaj shoferit të komandantit të Gardës, prokuroria ka ngritur akuzën e veprimeve që pengojnë zbulimin e të vërtetës, pasi Margarit Kume dyshohet se ka ndërruar tytën e armës së tij me atë të ish-eprorit, komandantin e Gardës, Ndrea Prendi. Të njëjtën akuzë, prokuroria ka ngritur edhe për specialistin e IT-së në Kryeministri, Armando Kasaj, i cili fillimisht u dyshua për shpërdorim detyre, por në përfundim të hetimit u akuzua për veprime që pengojnë zbulimin e të vërtetës… mapo

Der National Guard Chef: Ndrea Prendi, fährt mit gefälschten Kennzeichen durch Tirana und das normale Anarchisten Chaos in Albanien

PAMECA sinks the police; here are 11 reasons why crime is flourishing in Albania

Published on Friday, 20 April 2012 08:56
Written by SOT NEWS
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b_95_75_16777215_0___images_Politika_bujar-nishani_7.gif The Police Assistance Mission of the European Community to Albania has drawn a detailed report sinking the Ministry of the Interiors and the State Police while belying all the propaganda of the power on the alleged success of the police in the fight against crime and trafficking.

SOT newspaper is in possession of a copy of the full PAMECA report of more than 100 pages which analyses the failures and successes of the police. Differently from the utopian depiction of the old propaganda of the Ministry of the Interiors, the mission states eleven reasons why the Albanian police has failed.

1. The lack of a data processing directorate to lead and control and take responsibility for the collection and control of intelligence;
2. Lack of computers for all state police officers connected with Memex system;
3. Lack of standard operational procedures to control police information;
4. Lack of a logistic server based on geographic division;
5. Insufficient knowledge on scientific evidence.
6. Lack of consuming articles for the Directorate of the Scientific Police;
7. Insufficient capacities for DNA tests;
8. Unfair division of tasks among specialists (some bear the brunt);
9. The failure of the police can be also attributed to the lack of willingness from the chiefs to ensure a consistent and increasing intelligence supply from the police officers as well as the inquiring structure experts.
10. Lack of civil recruits knowledgeable in certain fields of science and technology;
11. -The State Police can be intruded by the power in decision making processes.

1-Budget caps hamper the efficient enlargement of Memex system
2-Lack of funds to acquire the computer program for analysis specialists in districts
3-Lack of coherent procedures in compliance with the European Convention for Human Rights to control and use intelligence and Secret Human Resources of Information
4-Fund shortage in the Scientific police Department
5Lack of approved procedures in exchanging information
6-Low motivation and insufficient financial treatment

Die Deutsche Politik Mafia in Syrien, mit Georg Soros und als Kriegs Treiber mit dem Kriminellen: Georg Soros

 Georg Soros, ist Partner u.a. mit der Open Society der Deutschen Regierung im Ausland u.a. mit der DAAD. Ebenso bei sehr vielen NGO’s, wie dem ICG, HRW, TI,„European Council on Foreign Relations“

Das man nun eng zusammen arbeitet u.a. mit der rechten Hand des Bin Laden Militär Chefs: Ayman al-Zawahiri, der schon die Balkan Kriege inzenierte, für die Clinton Bande, sollte nicht verwundern. Georg Soros, der CIA Agent für Destabilisierungs Aktionen, für Geldwäsche ohne Ende u.a. mit Mark Rich, kann nicht verwundern.

Avaaz.org und der geheime Informationskrieg um Syrien

Was Sie über die Kampagnenorganisation wissen sollten, bevor Sie klicken


Avaaz gibt sich jung, engagiert, handlungsorientiert – die Internetgeneration in Aktion

Fangen wir an nachzuprüfen!

Avaaz wurde im Januar 2007 in New York gegründet und startete mit einem Kapital von einer Million US-Dollar. Im Januar 2011 konnte die Organisation sich zum ersten Mal in allen Bereichen (Angestelltengehälter, Büromieten, Kosten für die Kampagnen) durch Spenden ihrer Mitglieder finanzieren, so die „Times“2. Begründer sind eine Reihe von Nicht-Regierungsorganisationen (NROs), verschiedene US-Stiftungen sorgten für die Anschubfinanzierung.3 Nachfolgend eine Liste der involvierten Organisationen:

ResPublica, eine US-NRO, die Berufsaktivisten trainiert, die sich für „Good Governance“ und das Gute schlechthin einsetzt. Res Publica startete 2001/2002 als Pilotprojekt in Sierra Leone und wurde offiziell im Dezember 2003 gegründet. Die NRO hat drei Vollzeit-Stipendiaten, unterstützt durch ein größeres Netzwerk der „Freunde der Res Publica“ und ein Global Advisory Board. Ihr Sitz ist in New York. Die Organisation nimmt für sich in Anspruch, Avaaz „erfunden“ zu haben. Verfolgt man die Ursprünge von ResPublica, so finden sich im Hintergrund u. a.

  • Open Democracy, eine NRO, die gefördert wird vom währungskriminellen, vorbestraften Börsenspekulanten George Soros4, der Rockefeller Foundation, dem Rockefeller Brothers Fund, der Ford-Foundation, Atlantic Philantrophies, eine US-Stiftung, die „strategische Philantrophie“ übt und Politik in ihrem Sinne finanziell unterstützt
  • sowie die Open Society Foundations, ebenfalls ein Soros-Projekt.5
  • …………

Es gibt eine Vielzahl von Berichten, die uns über die komplizierte Lage in Syrien weiter ins Bild setzen:

  • Wikileaks veröffentlichte kürzlich Dokumente (E-Mails eines Stratfor-Analysten), welche enthüllten, dass US-geführte, verdeckt arbeitende NATO-Kräfte in Syrien bereits gegen die syrische Regierung arbeiten und bewaffnete Banden trainieren. Es benannte Special Operation Forces (SOF). Es gehe um Guerilla-Angriffe und Anschläge, um die syrische Regierung zu stürzen. Russia Today berichtet über eine Blackwater-ähnliche private US-Militärfirma namens SCG.14
  • ……….

Avaaz in schlechter Gesellschaft

Ist Conroy wirklich nur ein Fotograf?

Paul Conroy (mit blauer kugelsicherer Weste), Mahdi al-Harati, Al-Kaida-Führer (mit schwarzer Weste) und Abdelhakim Belhaj (mit Tarnanzug), Foto: Voltairenet  

Das Foto zeigt den von Avaaz aus Homs evakuierten britischen Fotoreporter Paul Conroy mit zwei Al-Kaida-Größen:

Mahdi al-Harati ist ein Al-Kaida-Führer und mutmaßlicher Mittäter der Anschläge vom 11.3.2004 in Madrid.24 Er kämpfte während des Libyen-Kriegs in Tripolis und ist jetzt in Syrien im Einsatz.

Abdelhakim Belhaj ist die rechte Hand von Ayman al-Zawahiri, der derzeitigen Nummer eins von Al-Kaida und selbst die derzeitige Nummer zwei. Obwohl er offiziell einer der meistgesuchtesten Verbrecher der Welt ist, wurde er von der NATO zum Militärgouverneur von Tripolis erhoben. Er kämpft jetzt ebenfalls in Syrien.

Ein britischer Fotoreporter in der Gesellschaft von Terroristen? Voltairenet schätzt Conroy als Mitglied des britischen MI6 ein.25 Avaaz hat gelinde gesagt recht seltsame Freunde und Mitarbeiter in Syrien!



Libanon fängt Waffen für syrische Terroristen ab

von Freeman am Samstag, 28. April 2012 , unter , | Kommentare (1)


Die libanesische Armee hat am Samstag auf einem unter der Flagge Sierra Leones fahrendes Schiff drei aus Libyen kommende Container mit Waffen für die syrische Terroristen beschlagnahmt. Die Ladung wurde am Freitag im Hafen von Selaata nahe der Hauptstadt Beirut entdeckt. Gefunden wurden Maschinengewehre, Granaten, Raketen, Raketen- werfer und Sprengstoff, wie libanesische…


Hier weiterlesen: Alles Schall und Rauch http://alles-schallundrauch.blogspot.com/#ixzz1tMW0PEgy

Die Freunde Syriens sind die grössten Feinde

von Freeman am Donnerstag, 26. April 2012 , unter , , | Kommentare (8)


Wie wir wissen, bedienen sich die westlichen Kriegsverbrecher schon lange des orwellschen Doppelsprech, wie zum Beispiel „Krieg ist Frieden“. So auch die Gruppe, welche sich „Freunde Syriens“ nennt. Genau das Gegenteil ist der Fall, denn in dieser kriminellen Vereinigung sind alle Feinde Syrien versammelt, die das Land zerstören wollen. Neben den NATO-Staaten auch solche…

Hier weiterlesen: Alles Schall und Rauch http://alles-schallundrauch.blogspot.com/#ixzz1tMVFvp8F


Zionistischer Diversationskrieg gegen Syrien dauert an

28. April 2012

Der von der zionistischen Lobby und ihrer Handlanger in NATO- und GCC-Staaten organisierte Diversationskrieg gegen Syrien zur Schwächung der von Iran geführten Achse des Widerstandes dauert weiterhin an. Trotz der in mehreren UN-Sicherheitsratsresolutionen gegebenen Zusage der im Weltterrornetzwerk NATO zusammengefassten Staaten, auf eine Waffenruhe in Syrien hinzuarbeiten, setzen die von der zionistischen Lobby angeführten Aggressoren ihren Krieg gegen Syrien mit Terror und Propaganda seit Wochen unvermindert fort.

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Christoph R. Hörstel

War Under Table: Ex-Blackwater mercs in Syria ‚backed by US‘

Video, vier Minuten, Russia Today, 26. April 2012. T:I:S, 27. April 2012

Der Westen möchte ganz unbedingt in Syrien das tun, was er zuletzt auch im Iran tun möchte, nämlich einen Regierungswechsel organisieren und eine Marionette installieren, die das tut was Washington will.

Audio-Transkript, IRIB, 2. Mai 2012. T:I:S, 4. Mai 2012

URL dieses Beitrags: http://www.steinbergrecherche.com/levante.htm#Christoph


Waffenschmuggel nach Syrien unter den Augen der Deutschen
Waffenlieferungen an die Rebellen haben seit dem Waffenstillstand im April Rekordhöhe erreicht
Waffen aus einem Depot, das Katar bei Benghasi eingerichtet hat
Deutsche werden ihrem Kontrollauftrag bei Tripoli nicht gerecht

Ein beträchtlicher Teil des Waffenschmuggels an die Aufständischen in Syrien vollzieht sich unter den Augen der deutschen Marine. Dies geht aus einer Vielzahl aktueller Berichte hervor. Demnach werden syrische Rebellenmilizen in grossem Massstab auf dem Seewege mit Kriegsmaterial versorgt; Haupt­umschlagplatz ist die libanesische Hafenstadt Tripoli. Schiffe der deutschen Marine kontrollieren die libanesischen Küstengewässer im Rahmen der Vereinten Nationen (Unifil) – offiziell mit dem Ziel, Waffenschmuggel zu unterbinden. Die Einheiten, denen am 18.6.12 der Berliner Verteidigungsminister einen Besuch abstattete, errichten zudem in Tripoli, einem Drehkreuz auch für salafistische Kämpfer vom Hindukusch, eine Radaranlage zur Küstenkontrolle. Laut renommierten Journalisten haben die Waffenlieferungen an die Rebellen seit dem Waffenstillstand im April Rekordhöhe erreicht. Mit den Waffen kontrollieren die aufständischen Milizen mittlerweile ein umfassendes Gebiet in Syrien, das sie als Rückzugsort nutzen und in dem sie einen «Parallelstaat» unterhalten. Grosse Teile der innersyrischen Opposition lehnen die militärischen Operationen der oft islamistisch ­orientierten Aufständischen ab, da sie die Eskalation konfessioneller Gewalt fürchten. Das Massaker von Hula bekräftigt ihre Sorge.
Einsatzziel: Aufklärung und Kontrolle


HEUTE November 2012

„Glencore“ . Eine Mark Rich Firma, von Georg Soros, eines der grössten Betrugs Firmen in den USA, wo Geldwäsche betrieben wird.

>> Jetzt im Programm>> 22:20 Why Poverty?>> 23:15 Why Poverty?

Mittwoch 28. November 2012



ARTE Journal

ARTE Journal, das europäische Nachrichtenmagazin.



Naturparadiese in Lateinamerika (3/5)

(3): Das Pantanal



Der ewige Gärtner

Die Ermordung seiner Frau Tessa im Norden Kenias bringt den stillen britischen Staatsdiener Justin Quayle völlig aus dem Gleichgewicht. Der Begleiter von Tessa, der kenianische Mediziner Dr. Arnold Bluhm, bleibt spurlos verschwunden…



Why Poverty?

Afrika – Der ausgeraubte Kontinent



Mittwoch, 28. November 2012 um 22.20 Uhr


18.12.2012 um 10:35

Why Poverty?

(Deutschland, Dänemark, 2012, 52mn)


Regie: Christoffer Guldbrandsen

Als im Jahr 2000 die Kupferpreise auf dem Weltmarkt am Boden waren, sah sich das verschuldete Sambia gezwungen, seine Kupferminen zu verkaufen. Als die Kupferpreise dann wieder stiegen, konnte Sambia von dem sensationellen Preisanstieg von über 350 Prozent nicht mehr profitieren. Diese Gewinne macht nun „Glencore“. Deren Geschäftsführer Ivan Glasenberg hat sich im Schweizer Örtchen Rüschlikon niedergelassen. Durch Glasenbergs Zuzug nimmt der Ort nun so viel Steuern ein, dass der Steuersatz gesenkt wurde. Die Dokumentation beleuchtet die Hintergründe und Zusammenhänge, die dazu führten, dass der Großkonzern „Glencore“ solch wirtschaftliche Macht erringen konnte.

Rüschlikon ist ein idyllisches Dorf in der Schweiz, im Kanton Zürich. Die Bewohner führen dort ein geruhsames Leben ohne Stress und Hektik. Hier ist die Welt noch in Ordnung, Hunger und Armut sind nahezu unbekannt. Und Arbeitslosigkeit und soziale Probleme eher eine Seltenheit. Der Wohlstand der Gemeinde wurde durch den Zuzug von Herrn Ivan Glasenberg enorm vermehrt. Denn Ivan Glasenberg ist nicht irgendjemand. Er ist Geschäftsführer des Rohstoffgiganten „Glencore“. Sein Konzern machte 2011 einen Nettoumsatz von 9,6 Milliarden Dollar. Das immense Steueraufkommen von Neubürger Glasenberg spülte Millionen von Dollar in die Kassen der Finanzbehörden in Rüschlikon, so dass sich der Bürgermeister gezwungen sah, den Steuersatz im Dorf drastisch zu senken. „Man hätte ja viel zu viel Geld, man könne das ja gar nicht alles ausgeben“, stellte Bürgermeister Bernard Elsener fest.

Aber woher kommt der immense Reichtum von Herrn Glasenberg? Ein Blick nach Sambia bringt Licht in das finanzielle Dickicht der vielschichtigen Steuermanipulationen. Sambia ist reich an Bodenschätzen und hat das weltweit drittgrößte Kupfervorkommen. Aber die Bürger in Sambia bekommen von den hohen Erträgen aus ihren in internationalem Besitz befindlichen Kupferminen nichts zu sehen. Sie leben in größter Armut: 60 Prozent der Bevölkerung stehen weniger als ein Dollar pro Tag zur Verfügung und etwa 80 Prozent haben keine Arbeit. Wie ist so etwas möglich?

Ein Blick zurück in das Jahr 2000 gibt Aufschluss: Als die Kupferpreise auf dem Weltmarkt am Boden lagen, und die Rettungsaktion durch die Weltbank und den Internationalen Währungsfonds scheiterten, drohte Sambia der Untergang. Der fast bankrotte Staat musste in die unmoralischen Kredit-Bedingungen einwilligen, die den Verkauf der Kupferminen verlangten, um nicht total unterzugehen. Diese Bedingungen fügten Sambia herbe Verluste zu.

„2006 lag der gesamte Wert der sambischen Exporte bei drei Milliarden Dollar“, erklärt die ehemalige Untersuchungsrichterin und Europapolitikerin Eva Joly. „Die Steuereinnahmen, die Sambia davon zurückbekommen hat, betrugen jedoch nur 50 Millionen Dollar.“ Als die Kupferpreise auf dem Weltmarkt dann wieder anstiegen, konnte Sambia, von dem sensationellen Preisanstieg von über 350 Prozent nicht mehr profitieren.

Der Film „Afrika – Der ausgeraubte Kontinent“ deckt die undurchsichtigen und inhumanen Geschäftspraktiken von Ivan Glasenberg und seinen Geschäftspartnern auf, beleuchtet die Hintergründe und Zusammenhänge, die dazu führten, dass der Großkonzern „Glencore“ diese wirtschaftliche Macht erringen konnte. Die Dokumentation zeigt aber auch, wie ein Staat erpresst wird und die Bevölkerung von Sambia hungern muss, damit die Menschen im reichen Rüschlikon weiterhin in einem Finanzparadies leben können. Fraglich bleibt letztendlich, wer die moralische Verantwortung für solches Geschäftsgebaren trägt.


siehe Weltbank und EBRD


Die Salih Berisha Mafia: UN Embargo Bruch: Waffen nach Bosnien mit Hasan Cengic über den Flugplatz Visoko in 1995

Die Salih Berisha Mafia: nicht nur Treibstoff mit dem Serbischen Geheimdienst während dem UN Treibstoff und Waffen Embargor gegen Jugoslawien. Heute Geschäftspartner. Ein Internationaler Schwerverbrecher ist Salih Berisha, Fatmir Mediu und ebenso der in 1998 erschossene Azem Hajdari, welche Feder führend diese Internationalen Verbrechen organisierten auch mit dem Haklaj Clan. Der damalige verantwortliche Innenminister Agron Musaraj, ein Profi Verbrecher des Hauses Salih Berisha, lebt heute in den USA und unbehelligt. Von dem Gangster Ricahrd Holbrook wurde dieser Schmuggel organisiert für Balkan Terroristen, wo 4.000 direkt von den USA in den Balkan gebracht wurde.

Der Lincoln für die Albansiche Regierungs Mafia in 1995 zur Verfügung gestellt, durch den Serbischen Geheimdienst für den Treibstoff Schmuggel. Alle Polizisten am Flugplatz Rhinas kannten den Serbischen Geheimdienst Chef, wenn er anreiste und einflog mit der MALEV in 1995 und danach. 1997, wurden damit die jungen Frauen transportiert rund um die Hasanbeliu Mafia in Durres. Hier im Foto, kurz bevor er verschrottet wurde in der Rruga Taulantia in Durres, in 2007. Dazwischen im inzwischen wieder abgerissenen Hotel „Bel Conti“, in Golem, als US-Albanische Mafia Zentrale immer wieder zusehen.

200.000 Kalashinkow nach Bosnien! mit dem Bruder des Bin Laden Militär Chefs: Muhamed Al Zavahiri! Er organisierte in 2001, mit der Tetova, Kumanova Mafia rund um Bin Laden und Ali Ahmeti auch die Terror Anschläge, Entführungen, Morde an Mazedonischen Zivilisten.

Biography for Hasan Čengić

There’s no disputing Hasan Cengic’s place in the history of Bosnia and Herzegovina, where to many he remains a hero. With Muslims under siege and a weapons embargo keeping them from defending themselves, Cengic used his worldwide contacts to set up a pipeline that smuggled weapons, money and humanitarian aid, mainly with financial help from Saudi Arabia. But those same contacts and smuggling networks have made him a target of international investigators, who say he was involved in smuggling after the war and funneled money and weapons to terrorist causes.

Certainly Cengic sparks controversy. He’s been called a criminal and a terrorist, directed a charity that helped fund a plot to blow up New York City landmarks and was forced to give up his job as Bosnia’s deputy defense minister after complaints by U.S. President Bill Clinton. For more than three decades, Cengic has been a powerful and high-level businessman with connections, business partners and enemies around the world. Investigative records, business financial documents, a CIA report, interviews with associates and thousands of pages of court documents compiled by agents of at least six countries portray Cengic as a wealthy, powerful and very secretive businessman. Those records allege that Cengic handled tens of millions of dollars as a director of the Trans World Relief Agency in Vienna, siphoning millions off for himself. And documents show Cengic transferred more than $4.7 million from TWRA, an accused terrorist front, to a Bosnian charity that immediately established Cengic’s own company, the conglomerate Bosnia Investment Organization. Records obtained by OCCRP accuse Cengic of having associations with some of the world’s most notorious criminals; the files said he attended the wedding of Osama Bin Laden’s son in January, 2001 and is a regular visitor to the home of Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi. OCCRP also obtained a contract in which Cengic’s company leased airplanes to a company controlled by “the Merchant of Death” Viktor Bout, accused by the U.S. as being the world’s biggest arms dealer. A 2003 memo by the United Nations Mission Group investigating Cengic accused him and Bout of working to smuggle weapons to the Chechnyan rebels, but he was never charged with a crime. A joint-terror task force in 2003 made up of investigators from Bosnia and Herzegovina, the United States, United Nations, NATO and other agencies accused Cengic of being an agent for the Iranian intelligence service and setting up a spy network. He drove around Sarajevo in a car sporting Iran diplomatic license plates, the records said. But all of the allegations and hundreds of thousands of dollars spent chasing Cengic have led to nothing. He hasn’t been convicted of any crime since a 1983 conviction for plotting against the former Communist regime to further his religious ideals. In 2005 he was arrested for abusing his authority as deputy Defense Minister during the war, but all the charges were dropped because of a lack of evidence. By all accounts an extremely intelligent man, he lives in a modest home without flash or fanfare. BiH property records show his house is valued at about $200,000 That contrasts with a former employee of Cengic’s who told investigators in a sworn statement that a house in Istanbul rented by Cengic was used to stash huge amounts of cash – “more than you’d see even on TV.’’ A top FBiH investigators gave a blunt description of the man who helped found the SDA political party. “(Hasan Cengic) is a most powerful and dangerous man. More powerful than the state itself,’’ FBiH Ministry of Internal Affairs, Zlatko Miletić, told a joint investigative task force according to a May 23, 2003 investigative note obtained by OCCRP. Cengic’s war smuggling efforts came with the secret aid of both Iranian and United States officials, a sign of his ability to operate in different spheres. Much of the funding came through the Trans World Relief Agency in Vienna, a charity that received more than $6 billion, mostly from Saudi Arabia. Cengic served on the TWRA board along with Dr. Elfaith Ali Hassanein and Wael Jalaidan, who are on the EU and U.S. terror watch lists. Jalaidan is a founding member of Al Queda, along with Bin Laden, according to the United State Justice Department. Cengic was involved in four wire transfers to and from Jailadan totaling more than $7,000,000 in 1993, according to a 2003 secret report on TWRA by the German Federal Office for Criminal Investigation. TWRA during this same period gave more than $150,000 to Rodney Hampton-El and other men convicted with Sheik Abdul Rahman in the 1994 plot to blow up New York City tunnels and bridges, according to Bosnian criminal records and Hampton-El’s trial testimony. Hampton-El trained in Bosnia and smuggled TWRA money into the United States to set up terrorist training camps, Hampton-El testified at trial, adding the group planned action only in Bosnia, not in the U.S. Cengic’s business empire is vast and includes a stake in the Visoko Airport in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and BIO, which is involved in oil, air transit, ground transit and construction. His company, BIO Tours, is one of the largest in the country.


Firma boshnjake drejtohet nga Çengiçët, atyre që Berisha u dhuronte armë dikur

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Pas këmbënguljes së Berishës për t’i dhënë tenderin e ndërtimit të linjës së interkonjeksionit me Kosovën qëndron një kompani boshnjake, që zbulon lidhjet e tij të vjetra me Bosnjën dhe tregtinë e armëve gjatë luftës në Bosnjë, në kohën që Berisha ishte president. Nga të dhënat e siguruara nga gazeta TemA, kompania “Energoinvest” e Bosnjës, për të cilën Berisha këmbëngul që të jetë fituese, rezulton se drejtohet nga Enes Çengiç, i biri i Ahmed Çengiç dhe vëllai i Hasan Çengiç, ish- ministër i Mbrojtjes i Bosnjës myslimane në kohën e Izetbegoviçit. Enes Çengiç dhe Hasan Çengiç janë personazhe të njohur në gjithë botën për manovrat e tyre me armët në Bosnjë gjatë luftës dhe më pas me tregtinë e armëve nga Bosnja drejt vendeve në konflikt të botës myslimane, kryesisht Irakut. Lidhjet e tyre shkojnë tek Damir Fazliç, i cili në disa raste ka ndërmjetësuar kontaktet e tyre me kompaninë e tregtisë së armëve të Shqipërisë MEICO, kryesisht në vitin 2007- 2008. Sali Berisha ka pranuar se ka furnizuar ushtrinë myslimane të Bosnjës me armë kallashnikov dhe fishekë falas në vitin 1995 nga aeroporti i Gjadrit në Lezhë, dhe në atë kohë ushtria drejtohej nga Hasan Çengiç. Më pas lidhjet e Berishës me botën myslimane u forcuan për këtë shkak, deri në spirale të rrezikshme kur shumë nga miqtë e tij u përfshinë në hierarkinë e Al Kaidës. Vëllai i Al Zavahirit, sot pasardhës i Bin Laden, Muhamed Al Zavahiri, ishte për një periudhë të gjatë kohe në Tiranë gjatë kohës që Berisha ishte president, ndërsa disa lidhje të sponsorëve të ushtrisë boshnjake ishin miq të besuar të tij. Enes Çengiç, i cili drejton këtë kompani në funksionin e C.E.O. është pushuar në vitin 2000 si mashtrues nga zyra e përfaqësuesit të lartë në Bosnjë. Ja vendimi ne gjuhen angleze


To remove Mr. Enes Cengic as a member of the Demining Commission and to bar him from any official or appointive public office unless or until such time as I may, by further Decision, expressly authorize him to hold the same.

Çengiçët janë bërë të famshëm më pas dhe me truket që i kanë bërë deri ushtrisë amerikane me furnizimin me armë. Ata blenë me paratë e Pentagonit 200 000 kallashnikovë në Bosnje e Serbi dhe u çuan ne Irak me avionët e Viktor Bout-it, Tregtarit të Vdekjes. Një pjesë shumë e madhe e këtyre kallashnikovëve nuk përfundoi në duart e ushtrisë dhe policisë irakene. Operacioni i transportit u bë përmes një firme moldave dhe më pas kur u zbulua se një pjesë e armatimit përfundoi në duart e terroristëve, u bë problem ndërkombëtar.

Die MEICO Waffen Lieferungen an die Hisbolla gegen Drogen und die Folgen: viele CIA Spione verhaftet und ermordet
Die CIA Bande, welche auch Albanien und den Kosovo ruiniert hat, für ihre Waffen- und Drogen Geschäfte, haben nun ein grossen Problem, weil über ihre Waffen LIeferungen aus Albanien an die Hisbolla und 2 der wichtigsten CIA Spionage Netze in Nah-Ost aufflogen, wo Einige schon hingerichtet wurden. Diese Geldwasch Gelder aus dem Drogenhandel, fehlen nun den Albanischen Mafia Politikern. Der ermittelnde Albanische Geheimdienst Offizier Iso Copa, wurde ja vor einem Monat ermordet, weil er diesen Mafia Geschäften rund um Salih Berisha und seiner Bau Mafia im Wege stand.

Die CIA Systeme: Waffen gegen Drogen: heute mit der Hisbolla, gestern in der Iran Contra Affäre

Orden für Dummheit und Geld Gier, für Frank Wisner, weil es einfach mehr wie dumm ist, wenn man als CIA Legende, einen Posten in Beirut (Trustee, the American University of Beirut) hat, und immer sind die Drogen Geheimdienst Leute ja als Vize getarnt. Jeder kann leicht Geheimdienst Leute, enttarnen, wenn man weiss, wie die Gestalten arbeiten und der frühere CIA Offiziert vor Ort Robert Bear, gibt da gerne Auskunft. Diese Leute sind so strohdumm, was seit Jahren bekannt ist und schon bei Georg Tenet, einen Höhepunkt erreichte, der wohl Jod Mangel in seiner Kindheit hatte, weil er in der Albnischen Hafenstadt Himari geboren wurde und 1948, mit Mutter von einem Britischen U-Boot aus dem Land gebracht wurde. Von der Albaner Mafia, immer gut mit jungen Frauen versorgt, bis zum plötzlichen Ableben, wie der Fall des US – Botschafter Josef Limprecht in Peskopje eindrucksvoll Mitte Mai 2002 zeigte.

Education/ Diplom criminal: Word enemy Nr. 1 for drug and arms buseniss
Drogen – Wallstreet und CIA im Frank Wisner Drogen Kartell
Frank Wisner, with his Iran contry friend: John Negroponte and Daniel Fried.
US Militärs die Geldwäsche nd der Drogen- und Waffenhandel über LOGCAP III US Militärs, Mark Rich, Georg Soros, Ghaith Pharaon oder Oliver North

Teil 2: US – NATO Bundeswehr Geschäfte, mit ecolog und der Familie Destani

Teil 1: US – NATO – Bundeswehr Geschäfte, mit ecolog und einem US General
Die Firma ecolog aus Tetova und eigenen Flugzeugen organisiert eigentlich nur die eigenen hoch dotierten Geschäfte! Im Gebiet um Tetova, wurden etliche hoch kriminelle Operationen (u.a. Waffen Embargo Bruch in 2001) durchgeführt. In alter Tradition machen hohe US Militär, mit Service Firmen, auch noch andere gut dokumentierte dunklen Geschäfte für das US Militärs und Direktoren des CIA’s, welche ihre verdeckten Operationen damit finanzieren. Das war wie jeder Bundeswehr Offizier weiß, der Haupt Grund für die Gründung des Kosovo Staates, weil diese Leute und auch Deutsche Politiker, einen Rechtsfreien Raum in Euroopa benötigen, für ihre dunklen Geschäfte. Die Hintermänner des Balkan Islamischen Terrorismus sind US Politiker, welche identisch sind für die Inzenierung der Iran Contra Affäre!

November 1988. DioGuardi with President Regan, Congressman Rinaldo and National Security Adviser Poindexter in the Oval Office discussing U.S. foreign policy in Balkans.

aus der Mafia Website [4] AACL

Auch noch zur US Armee Beziehungen, die ziemlich viel Dreck am Stecken haben in der Region um Tetova, dem Dreiländer Dreieck mit der MPRI. Damals in 2001 lieferten die Amerikaner illegal 3 Container mittels Hubschrauber auf eine Lichtung mit modernsten Waffen und Kommunikations Technik in die Grenz Region! UN Waffen Embargo, spielt wie die Fakten aufzeigen keine Rolle bei US Militärs, wie Wesley Clark, oder gar Holbrook, wie deren persönliche Verbindungen zur Waffen- Drogen Schmuggler Prominenz auch mit Fotos aufzeigen.

General Steve L. Arnold, im 1. Irak Krieg u.a. Stellvertreter von General Schwarzkopf und später Chef des 3. Armee Korps bis 1997.

General (ret.) Steve L. Arnold
General (ret.) Steve L. Arnold became the first President of Ecolog USA, Inc. in September, 2007. Ecolog USA, Inc. is the newly organised United States affiliate of Ecolog AG, the international specialist for mobile infrastructure services to provide tailor-made logistics and service solutions to armed forces and organisations in contingency areas. Before joining Ecolog, Steve Arnold was the Vice President/Program Manager of LOGCAP III Middle East/Central Asia for KBR. KBR constructed facilities and managed the infrastructure for Army base camps – everything from beds and food service, to laundry, sanitation and utilities. Prior to LOGCAP III, he served with NDC Health, a healthcare information technology services firm. At NDC Health, he managed and consolidated new acquisitions in the US and UK . Prior to April 1997, Steve served in the United States Army for 34+ years, culminating his service as the Commanding General for the Third United States Army. His assignment with Ecolog allows him to proudly support the soldiers of the United States and NATO as well as serve the employees of Ecolog.

General Arnold ist der Mann, mit Know für die Verteilung von Regierungs Aufträgen!

LOGCAP III Middle East/Central Asia for KBR, verteilt ganz kurz die Aufträge in Milliarden Höhe u.a. an Haliburton, wo der Ex-Vize US Präsident Cheney Teilhaber und Präsident war und Cheney war direkt in den US Drogen Schmuggel über Haliburton in der Iran Contra Affäre verwickelt. Cheney war wegen Bestechung auch in Frankreich angeklagt, eines der korruptesten und kriminellsten Amerikaner, welche je gelebt haben. Haupt Initiator für die Irak Lügen und Fälschungen usw..

Altes US Militär System, in Coordination mit dem CIA ist das, wo max. mal ein paar neue Namen auftauchen. Eigene Flugzeuge, der Firmen wie auch bei ecolog sind dabei besonders wichtig. Mazedonien ist ja durch den Marty Bericht bekannt dafür, wie dort angebliche Terroristen von den Amerikaner entführt wurden. Eine extreme illegale Operations und gegen jede Art von Völkerrecht.

Erinnert an eine alte Tradtion des US Militärs, mit wem man halt so zusammen arbeitet! Wie das US Militär Aufträge mit Identisichen Muster vergibt und sogar der selbe US General Steve L. Arnold ist auch in diesem Falle verantwortlich.

Im System hat sich Nichts geändert, denn die BBCI Bank, war eine Schlüssel Bank, für System Betrug, Geldwäsche, Drogen Handel auch von Georg Soros und seinem Partner Marc Rich und das die Abwiclung schon damals und auch Zeit gleich über Dubai erfolgte, kann nicht verwundern.
Bank of Credit and Commerce (BCCI) für Geldwäsche und für die finanzielle Unterstützung islamischer Terrorgruppen.Georg Soros ist ja Vertrags Partner der Frank-Walter Steinmeier Bande bekanntlich u.a. über die DAAD, über den ICG und dem „European Council on Foreign Relations“ und Georg Soros, wo ja aktiv sehr viele Möchte Gern Politiker eine Heimat haben, inklusive der Georg Soros PR Medien wie ESI, vvon Herrn Gerald Knaus.

Alles schon mal da gewesen und vom US Präsidenten Ronald Reagon schon geplant mit der Iran Contra Affäre Nr. 2 für den Balkan. Hier bei der entscheidenden Besprechung, der Verantwortlichen für die Iran Contra Affäre mit dem Haupt Lobbyisten aus dem US Mafia Clan Nr. 1 dem Gambino Clan: Josef DioGuardio, wobei sein Partner der US Kongreß Abgeordnete James Traficant jun. in den USA im Gefängnis sitzt.

Zerschlagung Jugoslawiens: Die CIA Operation „Roots“ ( 1 2)

Noch ein älteres Info!http://balkaninfo.wordpress.com/2009/12/12/die-firma-ecolog-ag-im-visier-der-staatsanwaltschaft-wegen-drogen-handel/June 3, 2008 — Soros‘ destabilization of the Balkans: Creating a haven for drug trafficking
publication date: Jun 3, 2008
Soros‘ political and economic interference results in growth of organized crime in Europehttp://www.waynemadsenreport.com/articles/20080603Bosnian TV alleges Muslim official linked to 9/11 attacks
BBC Monitoring European. London: May 9, 2008.
Excerpt from report by Bosnia-Hercegovina Federation public TV, on 5 May [Host Bakir Hadziomerovic] On last night’s [Bosnian] Federation Television prime-time news, it was reported that the OHR [Office of the High Representative] anti-corruption team was completing an extensive investigation against several individuals involved in economic crime, aiding war criminals and terrorist activities worldwide as well as individuals involved in the wide network of construction mafia. Based on reliable information, tonight we are revealing the names of the people whose illegal, criminal and terrorist activities have already been proven by the anti-corruption team.According to exclusive confirmations [that we have received], the investigation conducted by OHR experts concerns Hasan Cengic, member of the SDA [Party of Democratic Action] Main Board and a person who during the aggression against our country was the master of the TWRA [Vienna-based Muslim charity suspected of helping smuggle arms into Bosnia and channelling funds to radical Islamists] donor chest. In addition to Cengic’s criminal undertakings involving donated funds worth several million, which „60 Minutes“ has repeatedly reported on in detail, the anti-corruption team has allegedly come into possession of a document in which Hasan Cengic personally signed a money transfer intended for the Al-Qai’dah 9/11 terrorist attacks on New York and Washington.[Passage omitted: on other investigations]According to reliable and confirmed information from diplomatic quarters, the anti-corruption team will soon submit all the gathered documentation proving brutal criminality as well as involvement in terrorist activities and in the hiding of war criminals to the B-H [Bosnia-Hercegovina] prosecutor’s office special department for organized crime, after which arrests and trials of those responsible will ensue.Credit: Bosnia-Hercegovina Federation TV, Sarajevo, in Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian 1800 5 May 08   Visoki dužnosnik SDA Hasan Čengić upleten u financiranje terorističkih napada 11. rujna 2001.Piše:
srijeda, 7.5.2008. 08:15 Smanji veličinu slova Tekst Povećaj veličinu slovaVisoki dužnosnik SDA Hasan Čengić upleten u financiranje terorističkih napada 11. rujna 2001.MAGAZIN „60 minuta“ bosanske FTV objavio je kako antikorupcijski tim OHR-a vodi istragu protiv Hasana Čengića, zbog toga što je navodno „vlastoručno potpisao transfer novca namijenjen terorističkim napadima 11. rujna 2001. godine“.Antikorupcijski tim OHR-a završava opsežnu istragu protiv nekolicine osoba umiješanih u gospodarski kriminal, ratne zločine i terorističkim napadima širom svijeta, javljaju s FTV-a. Među otkrivenim imenima vezanim za tu istragu nalazi se i ime Hasana Čengića, člana glavnog odbora stranke SDA.Tijekom istrage antikorupcijski tim navodno je došao u posjed dokumenta u kojem je Čengić vlastoručno potpisao transfer novca namijenjen za financiranje terorističkih napada na New York i Washington 11. rujna 2001. godine.Prema pouzdanim i potvrđenim informacijama iz diplomatskih krugova, navodi FTV, sva prikupljena dokumentacija bit će uskoro predana posebnom odjelu BiH tužiteljstva za organizirani kriminal, nakon čega će uslijediti uhićenja odgovornih osoba.http://www.index.hr

Hasan Cengic was a participant or observer in the following events:  June 1991: Bosnian Muslims Begin Forming and Arming Private ArmyEdit eventHasan Cengic.Hasan Cengic. [Source: Dani]The SDA, the ruling party of Bosnian Muslim President Alija Izetbegovic, decides in private meetings that war in Bosnia is inevitable. They begin forming their own paramilitary force called the Patriotic League, which answers to Izetbegovic and his party, not the Bosnian government as a whole. Hasan Cengic, a radical militant imam, is given control of the Patriotic League and begins arming it. The Bosnian Muslims have no armed force at all at this time while the Yugoslavian army they face is very large and well supplied. Cengic travels to many countries arranging secret arms deals to supply the new force, planned to be 30,000 soldiers strong. By the end of the year, he arranges deals with Slovenia, Lebanon, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and other countries. [Schindler, 2007, pp. 70] Cengic’s efforts will be the start of an illegal arms pipeline into Bosnia of massive proportions (see Mid-1991-1996).Entity Tags:Party of Democratic Action (SDA), Alija Izetbegovic, Hasan Cengic, Patriotic LeagueTimeline Tags:Complete 911 TimelineBookmark and Share Mid-1991-1996: Bin Laden-Linked Charity Front Funnels Billions of Dollars to Bosnia for WeaponsEdit eventElfatih Hassanein (center).Elfatih Hassanein (center). [Source: Magyar Iszlam]In 1987, a Sudanese man named Elfatih Hassanein found the Third World Relief Agency (TWRA). By mid-1991, Bosnian President Izetbegovic contacts Hassanein, who he has known since the 1970s. The two men agree to turn TWRA from an obscure charity into what the Washington Post will later call “the chief broker of black-market weapons deals by Bosnia’s Muslim-led government and the agent of money and influence in Bosnia for Islamic movements and governments around the world.” A banker in Vienna will later call Hassanein the “bagman” for Izetbegovic. “If the Bosnian government said we need flour, he ran after flour. If they said we need weapons, he ran after weapons.” [Washington Post, 9/22/1996; Schindler, 2007, pp. 148] The TWRA is controlled by a committee composed of Hassanein and:
bullet Hasan Cengic. He is in charge of arming a Bosnian militia run by the SDA party (see June 1991).
bullet Irfan Ljevakovic.
bullet Husein Zivalj.
bullet Dervis Djurdjevic.
All of them are important members of Izetbegovic’s SDA party, and all but Ljevakovic were codefendants with Izetbegovic in a 1983 trial. Most payments require the approval of three of the five, except for amounts greater than $500,000, in which case Izetbegovic has to give approval. The corruption from these higher-ups is said to be incredible, with up to half of all money passing through the TWRA going into their pockets. [Schindler, 2007, pp. 148-152] The TWRA is based in Vienna, Austria, and Izetbegovic personally guarantees Hassanein’s credentials with banks there. Soon, machine guns, missiles and other weapons are being shipped into Bosnia in containers marked as humanitarian aid. Hassanein is a member of Sudan’s government party and a follower of top Sudanese leader Hassan al-Turabi. Just like al-Turabi, he works with bin Laden and the “Blind Sheikh,” Sheikh Omar Abdul-Rahman. He becomes the main agent in Europe for marketing and selling video and audio tapes of Abdul-Rahman’s sermons. In March 1992, the Sudanese government gives him a diplomatic passport and he uses it to illegally transport large amounts of cash from Austria into Bosnia without being searched. [Burr and Collins, 2006, pp. 140-141] The Saudi Arabian government is the biggest contributor to TWRA, but many other governments give money to it too, such as Sudan, Iran, Pakistan, Brunei, Turkey, and Malaysia. Bin Laden is also a major contributor. [Washington Post, 9/22/1996] Author John Schindler will later note, “Relations between bin Laden and TWRA were close, not least because during the Bosnian war the al-Qaeda leadership was based in Khartoum, Sudan, under the protection of the Sudanese Islamist regime that was the ultimate backer of Hassanein and his firm.” TWRA also works closely with the International Islamic Relief Organization (IIRO) and most other charity fronts in Bosnia. [Schindler, 2007, pp. 151-152] A later study by the Bosnian government with help from Western intelligence agencies will determine that at least $2.5 billion passed through the TWRA to Bosnia between 1992 and 1995. The study will call the TWRA “a group of Bosnian Muslim wartime leaders who formed an illegal, isolated ruling oligarchy, comprising three to four hundred ‘reliable’ people in the military commands, the diplomatic service, and a number of religious dignitaries.… It was this organization, not the Government [of Bosnia], that controlled all aid that Islamic countries donated to the Bosnian Muslims throughout the war.” [Schindler, 2007, pp. 149-150]Entity Tags:Omar Abdul-Rahman, Osama bin Laden, Dervis Djurdjevic, Alija Izetbegovic, Elfatih Hassanein, Hassan al-Turabi, Third World Relief Agency, Irfan Ljevakovic, Husein Zivalj, Hasan Cengic, International Islamic Relief OrganizationTimeline Tags:Complete 911 TimelineBookmark and Share September 1992: Charity Front Exposed as Illegal Weapons Pipeline, but No Action Taken Against ItEdit eventA secret weapons pipeline into Bosnia in violation of a UN arms embargo is exposed. Large transport planes have been arriving once a week for four weeks from Sudan to Maribor, Slovenia. The cargo is marked as humanitarian aid but in fact the planes are carrying tons of weapons, mostly from surplus stocks of old Soviet weapons. The planes are run by a company belonging to Victor Bout, a notorious illegal arms dealer who will later work closely with the Taliban in Afghanistan (see October 1996-Late 2001). [Farah and Braun, 2007, pp. 50-51, 268-269] Such planes have been bringing weapons through Croatia bound for Muslim Bosnia, but due to deteriorating relations between Croatia and Muslim Bosnia, the Croatian government stops the flights and impounds 120 tons of weapons. At the same time, chartered Russian helicopters fly more weapons directly into Muslim Bosnia. Austrian government agents learn that the Third World Relief Agency (TWRA) is financing all of these shipments. They are working with Hasan Cengic, a radical imam who is also a Bosnian government official. The TWRA and Cengic switch to other routes. The next year, the German government will stumbled across an illegal weapons deal being negotiated in Germany by Bosnian Muslims and Turkish arms dealers and arrest around 30. TWRA was the financial broker of the deal. But despite the exposure of TWRA as a charity front, no government takes any action against it and it will continue to be the main vehicle by which Muslim Bosnia gets illegal weapons. [Washington Post, 9/22/1996; Farah and Braun, 2007, pp. 50-51, 268-269] Bout and Cengic will apparently continue working together. A 2004 Bosnian intelligence report will say that “Victor Bout in collaboration with Hasan Cengic is transporting weapons to Chechnya” via a Bout front company. [Farah and Braun, 2007, pp. 50-51, 268-269]Entity Tags:Victor Bout, Hasan Cengic, Third World Relief AgencyTimeline Tags:Complete 911 TimelineBookmark and Share 1993: US Begins Construction on Airfield Used for Bosnia Arms PipelineEdit eventThe US government, in collaboration with Hasan Cengic and his father Halid Cengic, starts work on an airport in Visoko, Bosnia, northwest of Sarajevo. This will become a major destination of a secret US arms pipeline into Bosnia. [Wiebes, 2003, pp. 179] US Special Forces are apparently secretly involved in the construction. [Scotsman, 12/3/1995] The Cengics are radical Muslims and Hasan Cengic is heavily involved with an illegal weapons pipeline into Bosnia controlled by radical militants (see Mid-1991-1996). The airport will be completed in late 1994 (see Late 1994-Late 1995).Entity Tags:Hasan Cengic, Halid Cengic, US Special ForcesTimeline Tags:Complete 911 TimelineBookmark and Share Late 1994-Late 1995: US Secretly Supplies Bosnian Muslims Through Remote Airport Controlled by Corrupt and Radical Militant ClanEdit eventBernard Janvier.Bernard Janvier. [Source: Dani]Roughly around this time, a new airport is completed in the Muslim Bosnian town of Visoko, northwest of Sarajevo. UN soldiers frequently report seeing C-130 transport planes landing there, and they say the runway is constantly being improved to handle more aircraft. One UN soldiers later says to the British newspaper the Observer, “Why don’t you write about Visoko airport? Planes land there all the time and we think they’re American.” [Observer, 11/5/1995; Schindler, 2007, pp. 184-185] Visoko is said to be the logistics center of the Bosnian army and the airport and area is run by Halid Cengic. Author and former NSA officer John Schindler will later call him head of the “fanatical and thievish Cengic clan.” He is said to make great profits on the materiel coming through the airport. He is also the father of Hasan Cengic, who is one of the key figures smuggling huge amounts of weapons into Bosnia through the Third World Relief Agency, a charity front tied to Osama bin Laden and other radical militants (see Mid-1991-1996). [Observer, 11/5/1995; Schindler, 2007, pp. 195] Mid-October 2002: British Administrator Fires Bosnian Official Vigorously Investigating Terrorism and CorruptionEdit eventMunir Alibabic.Munir Alibabic. [Source: Dani]By 2002, the Muslim Bosnian government is controlled by the Social Democrats, now that Alija Izetbegovic has retired and his SDA party is out of power. To deal with the issues of corruption and terrorism, in July 2002 the new government brings Munir Alibabic out of retirement to run Bosnia’s intelligence agency. Alibabic had been fired in 1994 as head of the secret police in Sarajevo for opposing government corruption and the support of the mujaheddin, and he is widely respected for his integrity. He vows to stop the cover-up of Bosnian Muslim ties to terrorism, stating, “A crime is a crime, regardless which side commits it.” He works aggressively with other intelligence agencies to uncover the al-Qaeda network in Bosnia. He soon completes a report detailing ties between the SDA party and organized crime. The report names Elfatih Hassanein, Hasan Cengic, Irfan Ljevakovic, Bakir Alispahic, and Alija Delimustafic as key co-consiprators. The first three were central figures in the Third World Relief Agency (TWRA), a bin Laden-linked charity front active in the early 1990s (see Mid-1991-1996). But in October 2002 elections, the SDA returns to power. Paddy Ashdown, a British politician serving as the Office of the High Representative in Bosnia, publicly supported the SDA over secularists and reformers in the election and shortly after they win he fires Alibabic. Author John Schindler will later write that “By the end of 2002, it was evident that the post-9/11 drive to run al-Qaeda out of Bosnia and force its local supporters to heel had run out of steam.” [Schindler, 2007, pp. 289-291] The Telegraph will later report that Ashdown fired Alibabic on the advice of the British intelligence agency MI6, but it isn’t clear why. [Daily Telegraph, 9/27/2004]Entity Tags:Hasan Cengic, Alija Delimustafic, Elfatih Hassanein, UK Secret Intelligence Service (MI6), Paddy Ashdown, Party of Democratic Action (SDA), Munir Alibabic, Irfan Ljevakovic, Bakir Alispahic, Third World Relief Agencyhttp://www.historycommons.org/entity.jsp?entity=hasan_cengic Hasan Cengic’s Conspiratorial Logic Academician Muhamed Filipovic, a favorite professor, perpetual opposition politician and one of most interesting personalities on the Sarajevo public scene, an institution with a hat, as one of local jokesters would say, has decided, while he is in strength and his memory still serves him, to testify about the creation of the independent state Bosnia-Hercegovina, the attack on her, her defense and the way she was finally forced to become a creation unprecedented in the political theory! He was a participant, witness and observer and he collected his memoirs in two books. The first one of them will soon be published and we shall publish excerpts from it in Dani starting with this issue! Why did the political alliance between Alija Izetbegovic and Adil Zulfikarpasic fail? What did Hasan Cengic object to Izetbegovic? What happened behind the scenes of the Muslim-Serb negotiations? How did Omer Behmen end up in politics by chance and become de facto more powerful than the Leader of the Party? Why did Tudman accuse Izetbegovic that he had been worked over by the former Yugoslav People’s Army? Who created Ganic? What did Krajisnik say to Izetbegovic? Why did Sabina Berberovic hide her father from big decisions? What is contained in secret tapes of the talks between Milosevic and Karadzic in July 1991? Who hung out with whom in Zenica? by Academician Muhamed FILIPOVICHersh: U.S. Trained M.E.K. in Nevada
Seymour M. Hersh – From the air, the terrain of the Department of Energy’s Nevada National Security Site, with its arid high plains and remote mountain peaks, has the look of northwest Iran. The site, some sixty-five miles northwest of Las Vegas, was once used for …sendenMEK Terroristen die nützlichen Idioten?
Stephan Fuchs – Dieser Artikel erschien bereits 2006 bei Nachrichten Heute, erscheint aber aktueller denn je. In den 80er Jahren wurden mit Drogengeldern illegal Waffen für die nicaraguanischen Contras bereitgestellt. Der Deal, der das Weiße Haus in seinen …………, Albanian organised crime has reached the United States, creating partnerships with the Gambino, Genovese, and Luchese families to facilitate specific crimes.……………….[7] SetimesDer Polizei Chef von Diber: Shemsi Premci tritt zurück, wegen der Hysenbelliu – Salih Berisha Mafia Ehemaliger SHIK Offizier des Salih Berisha, sabotiert die KfW Geschäfte mit der Serbischen Mafia als Partner von Berisha Ohrfeige gegen die Extrem Verbrecher in Tirana: A Bomb Has CoE Finally Exploded in Albania’s Face Defense & Foreign Affairs‘ Strategic Policy
February, 1998SECTION: TERRORISM AND THE BALKANS; Pg. 9Italy Becomes Iran’s New Base For Terrorist OperationsIranian Islamists have established an effective terrorist infrastructure in the Balkans region. Its axis runs from Albania, through Bosnia and Herzegovina, to Italy. There, a forward operations centre in Milan is preparing to export terror into Western Europe. Senior Editor Yossef Bodansky uncovers this clandestine web which has already attempted the assassination of Pope John Paul II.AT THE INTERNATIONAL conference on Bosnia in Bonn on December 10, 1997, the US made a strenuous effort to expand the definition of the „Bosnian problem“ to include all Muslim „causes“ in the Balkans. Indeed, the Conference’s final declaration included a US-inspired warning about the dire effect of the „escalating ethnic tensions“ in Kosovo: a province of Yugoslavia which has nothing to do with Bosnia-Herzegovina (B-H) or the implementation of the Dayton Accords.A leader of the Bosnian Serb delegation, Momcilo Krajisnik, observed that by
riding on the sympathy to the Bosnian Muslims, the conference „tried to sneak the Kosovo issue through the back door“ into the centre-stage of international politics. Indeed, populated with an ethnic Muslim Albanian majority, Kosovo is fast becoming the new „darling“ of the US Clinton Administration’s Balkans policy.Moreover, the White House’s recent discovery of the Kosovo issue as a political priority comes at the time when terrorism and subversion inspired by Islamists are spreading and escalating among Albanians in Kosovo, Macedonia (FYROM), and Albania itself. This recent escalation is the most visible component of the first phase of Tehran’s long-term plan, currently being implemented. This plan includes intense preparations for the eruption of hostilities in Kosovo. Moreover, these activities could not have taken place but for the consolidation of Iranian presence in Albania. Another significant aspect of this effort is Iran’s maintenance of a command structure in Italy run by a veteran terrorist now serving as a senior Iranian diplomat.THE CURRENT ESCALATION of sectarian violence in Kosovo is not a sudden event, but a result of thorough preparations in Albania and Bosnia-Herzegovina, as well as throughout the Muslim World. [Outside the scope of this article, these activities are described in great detail in the author’s book Some Call It Peace, pp. 155-160.]The significance of the Iranian activities in Albania and Kosovo is in their larger context: the growing importance of both the Balkans-based infrastructure as the Islamists‘ primary entry point into Europe, as well as the establishment of an Iranian intelligence, command and control centre in Italy. There has been an overall increase in significance of the Italy-Balkans infrastructure since the Spring of 1997, because tensions between Iran and West European states grew in the aftermath of the verdict in the Mykonos trial, and local security forces now pay more attention to Iranian activities. Meanwhile, the dynamics in B-H compels Iran and the Izetbegovic Administration to keep a low profile in order not to alienate the Europeans to the point of refusing to go along with the US-imposed policies.The first demonstration of the capabilities of the Italy-Balkans system, its
sophistication and resilience, was an attempt on the life of Pope John Paul II
in the Spring of 1997. In March, Ayatollah Khamene’i chaired a special meeting of the Special Operations Committee which scrutinised the details of the proposed operation and assessed its importance. Significantly, despite the backlash throughout Western Europe of the early-April Mykonos verdict, Tehran determined that the operation was too important to be called off. Indeed, teams of the Special Missions Division continued to inspect and activate Lebanese, Turkish, Algerian and Moroccan squads and teams in Italy and elsewhere in Europe.Significantly, the operation was conducted even though the new „nerve centre“ of Iranian intelligence, located in Milan, was not yet ready and thus not used in support of the operation. Several elements of the Mahdi Chamran’s External Intelligence took part in the operation. Most important were: clandestine elements of the al-Quds forces „that take care of [terrorist] attacks and military operations abroad“; special units of the Internal Security Department; and the rear/safe-haven logistical base in Sarajevo from where the foreign terrorists began their operations. An Islamist terrorist, presently held in Western Europe, identified Mahdi Chamran operating with the nom de guerre Mehid Sharam, as the head of this structure.The operation which prompted Tehran to activate the fledgling European operations centre was the attempt on the life of Pope John Paul II. This operation was launched after a detailed pre-mission briefing had taken place in the Hammamet Hilton in Tunisia. Working with an unusually precise intelligence warning, the Italian security forces had been searching for Islamist terrorists, both agents already in-country and agents known to have been arriving since early Spring. This force, in excess of 20 or 30 expert terrorists identified as „close to the Iranian HizbAllah“, was known to be plotting bomb attacks against Pope John Paul II as well as at airports.At its core was a „suicide commando group trained in Bosnia“ comprised of 18 terrorists. They arrived in Italy via Rome’s Fiumicino airport after travelling through several third countries. The key terrorists were from Turkey (including Islamist Kurds), Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Iran. Some of them arrived in Italy by air from Turkey and elsewhere, while others arrived by ship from Tunisia. The detonators were smuggled from Germany, both commercially and in Iranian diplomatic mail.The main mission of this terrorist force was to assassinate the Pope by exploding a car bomb along a route he was to take in Rome. The car, with stolen diplomatic license plates, was to be parked under the colonnade in St. Peter’s square at a point along the itinerary habitually used by the Pope. The car bomb could be exploded by both a martyr inside and by remote control from a nearby observation post.Tehran planned on the attack on the Pope being the curtain-raiser for a campaign of terror throughout Western Europe. Several Iran-sponsored Islamist terrorist groups in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Italy, France and Germany were known to be planning attacks in Europe. The forward operational base of the entire campaign was in Milan, from where communications with the rear headquarters in Bosnia were maintained.Ultimately, the high-level, country-wide security alert and manhunt, which was later extended to Western Europe, deterred the terrorists and prevented the assassination. Yet, as a testimony to the efficacy of the Iran-sponsored terrorist system, all the terrorists known to have been involved in Italy escaped. If the counter-terrorist operations had successfully prevented the attack on the Pope, they had failed to unearth and destroy the Iran-sponsored terrorist infrastructure in Italy. The entire network simply went underground.In late September 1997, Tehran’s Italian network was ready to make another
attempt on the Pope’s life. A network of some 20 terrorists — Croats, Bosnians,
Tunisians, Algerians, and Moroccans — was organised in Bologna. The key members
of this network were former mujahedin who had fought in Bosnia. The network’s
commander, a Moroccan citizen, arrived from Spain on the eve of the operation
with up-to-date instructions. The network enjoyed logistical support from local
networks affiliated with Algeria’s Groupe Islamique Armee (GIA). The operational plan called for repeated attempts to hit the Pope between his
arrival at Bologna airport and the cathedral where he was to attend the congress
of the Congregation of the Holy Sacrament. The Italian security forces located
and arrested 14 members of the network just a few hours before Pope John Paul
II’s arrival at Bologna.MEANWHILE, PROFOUND changes had affected the functioning of Iranian
intelligence, and the terrorism system it sponsors, in Italy. The chief of
Iranian Intelligence in Italy, Hamid Parandeh, had by now not only been exposed
as a spy by the Italian security services, but was directly implicated in
several terrorist operations and plans. Hamid Parandeh had been in Italy for
several years undercover as an Iranian diplomat. He first served with the
Iranian Embassy in Rome and later transferred to the Embassy to the Vatican.
There, he served as a Press Attache from August 22, 1995, to January 25, 1996,
before his stay in Rome became untenable.By early 1997, Italy had emerged as the centre of regional and European
operations. During a visit to Italy, mainly Rome and Milan, in March 1997,
Mohsein Rafiq-Dost purchased a building in Milan that was expected to become a
new clandestine HQ for the Iranian intelligence and terrorism network.
Meanwhile, the support system in B-H had been expanded and made more resilient.Another Iranian diplomat, Mahmud Nurani, has now emerged as the Rome-based
chief of Iranian intelligence. Nurani is a senior terrorist-diplomat who served
in Beirut in the early 1980s as the forward representative of Mohtashemi-Pur. In
this capacity, he was instrumental in the organisation of the HizbAllah and in
its launching of a series of bombing operations in Beirut, as well as the
launching of the hostage-taking campaign. Nurani’s appointment highlights the
network’s priorities. The entire Iranian and terrorism establishment was jolted
into action in the Fall of 1997 after the nomination of Qorban Ali Najaf-Abadi,
a confidant of Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Khamene’i, as Minister of
Intelligence.PRESENTLY, NURANI’s most important mission is overseeing the expansion of the
Iranian intelligence hub in Albania, consolidating a Muslim Axis into Bosnia,
Italy and northwards into Austria-Germany; the source of hi-tech and strategic
materials for Iran’s strategic industries.Albania became ripe for Iranian penetration and subversion in the mid-1990s.
Albania emerged after the Cold War as a European country with a Third World
economy. The collapse of its all-embracing communism, along with its first
exposure to Western media images and its proximity to wealthy Italy, resulted
in an overwhelming desire to attain Western standards of living.Organised crime, initially by Albanians and Italians, later joined by a host
of mafias from China to Russia to the Middle East, became the primary
exploiting element of Albania’s plight. Albania became a primary artery
for the flow of arms, drugs, counterfeit and other goods controlled by Italian
and international organised crime entities.This surge of criminality also created a backlash in Albania’s simple, rural
and morally straightforward society. The „solution“ to social ills which
promises salvation from both criminality and present day chaos and poverty:
Islam. …….

Die Hintermänner des Balkan Islamischen Terrorismus sind US Politiker, welche identisch sind für die Inzenierung der Iran Contra Affäre!

November 1988. DioGuardi with President Regan, Congressman Rinaldo and National Security Adviser Poindexter in the Oval Office discussing U.S. foreign policy in Balkans.

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Elton Metaj elton.metaj@shekulli.com.al Çështja e Bosnje-Hercegovinës dhe ndikimi i Shqipërisë, nëpërmjet kontrabandës së

„Azotara“ Mafia and Hundreds of drug dealers charged in Serbia

Hundreds of drug dealers charged in Serbia


Police found eight house laboratories for the production of marijuana.

By Biljana Pekusic for Southeast European Times in Belgrade — 27/04/12



photoSerbian police found 3.2kg of various narcotics ready for street sale. [Reuters]

The arrest of 200 suspected drug dealers in a massive sweep by Serbian authorities targeting marijuana, heroin, cocaine and amphetamine sales was the most recent strike against illegal drugs in Southeast Europe.

Raids were conducted April 19th in 180 locations throughout Serbia, as police confiscated weapons, money and illegal drugs.

“The aim of this action is to suppress narcotics sales in the vicinity of primary and secondary schools,“ Serbia Interior Minister Ivica Dacic told SETimes.

Security forces searched houses, apartments and about 30 cafes near schools. They found 3.2kg of various narcotics ready for street sale, as well as eight unregistered guns and a large quantity of ammunition. Sixteen cars were seized, including two that had been reported stolen.

Police in Sopot arrested Zeljko Vujic, 35, and found 2.7kg of heroin.

Five suspected drug dealers were arrested in New Belgrade, and police believe the group was part of a larger operation that allegedly had its own laboratory for the production of methamphetamines. Authorities said they also found chemical products and equipment for the production of drugs.

Serbia’s raid is the most recent in a series of police actions to stem the tide of illegal drugs. Police in the region commonly co-operate and jointly plan such operations.

“We have a daily exchange of information and drug criminals are under joint police escort in the region,“ Milorad Veljovic, Serbia police director, told SETimes.

Earlier this year, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), Serbia and Croatia co-operatated in an investigation into the region’s major drug gangs. The operation, under the code name “Kozara,“ was conducted at the request of the BiH Prosecutor’s Office, while Serbian and Croatian police handled the investigation and arrests.


‘Azotara’ destroyed in trade with wheat and fertilizers

‘Azotara’ destroyed in trade with wheat and fertilizers

‘The investigation over trading with wheat has gone further. There is suspicion that ‘Azotara’ has lost about EUR 20 millions… »

Farmers, ministry reach agreement on subsidies

Friday 27.04.2012 | 09:23 | Source: B92, Beta, Tanjug | Comments: (1) | Send comment BELGRADE — The Agriculture Ministry and dissatisfied farmers from Vojvodina and central Serbia have reached an agreement in principle on subsidies.

Macedonian Police Exclude Mafia From Skopje Murders

 5 young people executed with firearms in macedonia

26 Apr 12 / 12:04:05
Macedonian Police Exclude Mafia From Skopje Murders

The murder of five men near Skopje earlier this month was not a mafia killing carried out in retaliation for police actions against them, a senior Macedonian police official has said.

Sinisa Jakov Marusic


Scene of the crime near Zelezarsko Ezero | Photo by: AP/Boris Grdanoski

Ljupco Todorovski, chief of the police’s Public Safety Bureau, excluded a mafia role in the slayings at a regional meeting of police chiefs in Budva, Montenegro.

“Mafia retaliation is excluded as a possibility,” Todorovski said on Wednesday, adding: “We have leads so I think we will solve the case.”

Todorovski’s remarks come after several days of police silence about the gruesome murders that took place on April 12.

The police found the bodies of Filip Slavkovski, Aleksandar Nakjevski, Cvetanco Acevski, Kire Trickovski and Borce Stevkovski at what looked like an execution scene.

The latest remarks appear to have ruled out one of two main theories concerning motives for the murders, one of which was that the mafia killed the men in retaliation for this month’s massive police action against organized crime, known as “Detonator”.

As part of the action, police busted racketeering and gambling rings in Skopje and in other towns, apprehending several dozen people and suspending at least 13 police officers for their alleged involvement. More than a hundred gambling machines were confiscated.

The other popular theory blames the murders on members of the country’s large ethnic Albanian minority.

Tensions between Macedonians and the Albanian minority spiralled after a rumour spread that the killers might have been Albanian.

Four days after the killings, several hundred young Macedonian hooligans in Skopje clashed with police, battling to stop them from entering the parts of the capital where Albanians live, seeking revenge.

Police demanded restraint, repeating that no evidence has emerged concerning the nationality of the killers.

One day after the murders, police found a car, believed to have been used by the killers to flee the crime scene.

Todorovski hinted that the police had found DNA material in the car but asked for more time for proper analysis.

World Bank Offers Macedonia $100 Million
Bank plans to give Macedonia $100 million to pursue economic reforms and address health, education and social welfare issues at a time of crisis.