Romain Hacker Arrested After Stealing Confidential Information From NASA And Pentagon

Hacker Arrested After Stealing Confidential Information From NASA And Pentagon


A Romanian hacker by the name of Razvan Manole Cernaianu, also known by his nickname TinKode, was arrested after he hacked into NASA and Pentagon. Governments take hacking very seriously as for one, confidential information is hidden on servers and two, if it’s known that they can be hacked, well, that opens them up to even more attacks.


The guy was known for hacking into US government and military websites and exposing security issues in their systems.

To go after computer systems such as NASA and the Pentagon, you’ve got to have some serious guts. Or be stupid, one of the two. Sooner or later, you will be caught. Just ask infamous hacker Kevin Mitnick or give his recent book, Ghost In The Wires, a read.

Via PCMag:

“The accused hacker, Razvan Manole Cernaianu, accessed high profile computer systems without authorization, including those belonging to the Pentagon and NASA, then posted evidence of his attacks online, the Romanian Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism, said in a statement Tuesday. Cernaianu, a 20 year-old IT student from Timisoara, Romania, broke into servers belonging to the U.S. Army and stole confidential information, which he published on his blog, authorities said.”

That’s likely where he went wrong which is posting the evidence online. Sooner or later, someone screws up and leaves clues that help authorities track them down even further or, expose them completely. On the plus side, at least white hat hacking helps improve the security of systems and makes them less prone to these kinds of attacks in the future.

How long of a sentence do you think the hacker should have to spend, or should he not serve any time at all?

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012


NASA, Pentagon hacker arrested in Romania


By Lucian Constantin, IDG News Romanian authorities have arrested a 20-year-old man from the city of Timisoara on Monday under accusations that he hacked into computer systems belonging to NASA and the US Department of Defense. more
PCWorld ( 2/1/2012 10:12:00 AM -08:00 )
‚TinKode‘ suspect arrested for NASA, DoD cyberattacks
By Matt Liebowitz Romanian police have arrested a man believed to be TinKode, the notorious hacker responsible for several daring, high-profile cyberattacks, including last year’s breach of NASA’s servers. Razvan Manole Cernaianu, 20, from Timisoara, more ( 2/1/2012 8:55:01 AM -08:00 )
NASA, Pentagon Hacker TinKode Arrested in Romania
By Angela Moscaritolo Police in Romania said they have nabbed the notorious hacker TinKode, who is known for breaking into US government and military Web sites and exposing security shortfalls in their systems. The accused hacker, Razvan Manole more
PC Magazine ( 2/1/2012 8:29:34 AM -08:00 )
NASA hacker arrested in Romania
By Dave Neal A HACKER alleged to have attacked the the US Pentagon and NASA servers has been arrested in Romania. Prosecutors from Romania’s Investigating Directorate for Organised Crime and Terrorism announced the arrest of 20 year old Razvan more
Inquirer ( 2/1/2012 6:29:48 AM -08:00 )
Romanian cops cuff suspected serial hacker TinKode
By John Leyden • Get more from this author Romanian police have arrested a man suspected of breaking into the websites of NASA and the Pentagon in a series of high-profile hack attacks. Razvan Manole Cernaianu, 20, from Timisoara, is accused of more
Register ( 2/1/2012 5:41:52 AM -08:00 )
NASA, Pentagon hacker falls
Police in Romania have arrested a hacker suspected of breaking into the servers of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration and the Pentagon, a computer security firm reported Wednesday (Manila time). Sophos cited a news release by Romanian more
GMA News ( 2/1/2012 2:19:58 AM -08:00 )
Romanian arrested on Pentagon, NASA hacking charges
by Elinor Mills January 31, 2012 5:12 PM PST Follow @elinormills A 20-year-old Romanian has been arrested on charges of hacking into Pentagon and NASA servers, stealing confidential data, and posting it on his personal blog, according toa statement more
CNET ( 1/31/2012 5:15:57 PM -08:00 )
Romanians Probe Man Suspected of Hacking Pentagon
Romanian authorities are investigating a 20-year-old who is suspected of hacking into several Pentagon and NASA servers and posting confidential data he retrieved from those servers on his blog, officials said Tuesday. The suspect was identified as more
ABC News ( 1/31/2012 11:14:23 AM -08:00 )
Romanian prosecutors probe man who hacked Pentagon
Organized crime prosecutors say they are investigating a 20-year-old Romanian suspected of hacking into several Pentagon and NASA servers. Prosecutors said that Razvan Manole Cernaianu posted confidential data he retrieved from those servers on his more
Sydney Morning Herald ( 1/31/2012 8:06:57 AM -08:00 )
Hacker of U.S. sites arrested in Romania
BUCHAREST, Romania, Feb. 1 (UPI) — Police in Romania said they’ve arrested a notorious hacker known for breaking into US government and military Web sites to expose security faults. Razvan Manole Cernaianu, known by his hacking alias of TinKode, more ( 2/1/2012 1:16:36 PM -08:00 )
NASA, Pentagon hacker arrested in Romania
NASA, Pentagon hacker arrested in Romania Police in Romania have arrested hacker TinKode, who is notorious for hacking into US military and government websites. The 20-year-old IT student, Razvan Manole Cernaianu, was accused of breaking into NASA and Pentagon servers, stealing confidential more
SlashGear ( 2/1/2012 12:48:49 PM -08:00 )
Romanian authorities arrest suspected TinKode hacker
One of the websites operated by the Royal Navy was shut down yesterday, after a hacker called TinKode gained unauthorised access to the server using an SQL injection attack. The integrity of anonymizing services – which claim to protect the identity of more
Infosecurity Magazine (US) ( 2/1/2012 12:34:06 PM -08:00 )
Hacker Arrested After Stealing Confidential Information From NASA And Pentagon
A Romanian hacker by the name of Razvan Manole Cernaianu, also known by his nickname TinKode, was arrested after he hacked into NASA and Pentagon. Governments take hacking very seriously as for one, confidential information is hidden on servers and two more
The Inquisitr ( 2/1/2012 10:54:11 AM -08:00 )
Romanian Hacker Sells Secrets
The US Embassy in Bucharest explained to the Associated press yesterday that a 20 year old information technology student has hacked into several Pentagon and NASA servers. “used sophisticated hacking tools to gain unauthorized access to government and more
WebProNews ( 2/1/2012 9:00:57 AM -08:00 )
Romanian Hacker Breaks into Pentagon, NASA Databases, Draws Investigation
Romanian Hacker Breaks into Pentagon, NASA Databases, Draws Investigation By Danny Fenster A 20-year-old Romanian hacker is suspected of breaking into several NASA and Pentagon servers and posting confidential data from the servers on his blog, the Associated Press reports. more


Hashim Thaci akzeptiert die UN Resolution 1244 nicht mehr: ICG Report Key Recommendations – Kosovo

Statt, das die Kosovo Mafia Regierung, etwas für die Wirtschaft und die Bevölkerung zuunternehmen, debattieren diese Mörder (sogar verurteilte Schwer Verbrecher wie Daut Haradinaj, Gestalten wie Shaip Muja, Xhavit Halili usw..) das man die UN Resolution 1244 nicht mehr akzeptiert. In Wirklichkeit wird keine Justiz, noch irgendwelche International gültigen Regeln akzepiert, weil der Parlaments Club, ein extrem dummer Sauhaufen ist, ohne Bildung und Kultur, welche 1998 und danach, viele ehrliche UCK Kämpfer ermordeten und die Rugova Elite sowieso.

K. Albanian authorities „to end supervised independence“

PRIŠTINA — The assembly in Priština on Tuesday adopted a resolution „on ending the supervised independence of Kosovo“, reports said.


Radical ethnic Albanian Self-Determination Movement, which is represented in the assembly, opposed the resolution, referring to it as „an attempt by the Kosovo government to hide painful compromises made on Kosovo and the conditions it would face“.
Premier Hashim Thaci told the assembly that by passing this resolution, „united as always when unity was needed, lawmakers would open the door to the ending of supervised independence“.

The resolution was also supported by the opposition, with the exception of Albin Kurti’s Self-Determination.

While expressing their disagreement with the draft resolution, the Self-Determination representatives proposed their own version, but it was not put to a vote because the draft from the Democratic Party of Kosovo had majority support.

In eight points, the resolution welcomes the recommendations of the International Steering Group for Kosovo – made up of country’s that support Priština’s UDI – of Jan. 24, on the ending of supervised independence in this year.

Ethnic Albanians in Kosovo four years ago unilaterally declared independence, basing the proclamation on former UN envoy Martti Ahtisaari’s plan for „supervised independence“.

February 2, 2012

Kosovo: ICG Report Key Recommendations


The International Crisis Group has traveled some distance on Kosovo over the last few years.  The latest report follows recent ones in noting the need to find a compromise approach to the north.  It begins:

A violent standoff in northern Kosovo risks halting Kosovo’s and Serbia’s fragile dialogue and threatens Kosovo’s internal stability and Serbia’s EU candidacy process. Pristina’s push to control the whole territory of the young state, especially its borders with Serbia, and northern Kosovo Serbs’ determination to resist could produce more casualties. Belgrade has lost control and trust of the northern Kosovo Serb community, which now looks to homegrown leaders. The international community, especially the EU and U.S., should encourage Belgrade to accept the government in Pristina as an equal, even if without formal recognition, but not expect it can force local compliance in northern Kosovo. All sides should seek ways to minimise the risk of further conflict, while focusing on implementing what has been agreed in the bilateral technical dialogue. They should build confidence and lay the groundwork for the political talks needed to guide a gradual transformation in northern Kosovo and eventually lead to normal relations between Kosovo and Serbia.

Its key recommendations include:

To Both Serbia and Kosovo:

— Agree on a mutually acceptable process to ensure that persons elected as northern Kosovo officials are viewed as legitimate by all parties.

— Complete technical preparations, gradually implement the agreement on integrated management of border crossing points (IBM) with EU support and normalise traffic through customs gates 1 and 31.

To Kosovo:

— Abstain from operations to assert authority over the North in the current environment and without preliminary agreement of all concerned.

— Engage with all elected representatives of the northern Kosovo Serb community without preconditions and without derogatory rhetoric against local leaders.

To the International Community:

— Do not in the current environment and while Kosovo and Serbia are talking remove barricades or attempt to change the reality on the ground in northern Kosovo by force.

The ICG also calls on both sides to continue to engage in dialogue and on the Serbs to bring down the barricades.  ICG says it visited the barricades and found that „they have broad local support despite persistent charges by Pristina, internationals and even Belgrade that thugs man them.“

ICG notes that EULEX started ferrying Kosovo customs officials to the boundary in September on orders from EU foreign affairs chief Ashton.  But the ICG fails to call on EULEX to begin acting in a status neutral fashion and stop transporting Kosovo customs to the northern boundary until the formula for joint presence agreed by Belgrade and Pristina can be implemented.  Without such commitment by EULEX, the northern Serbs are likely to continue their blockade.

ICG believes that northern Kosovo Serbs „should not be disenfranchised“ but should have „elected officials Pristina, Belgrade and the international community accept as legitimate.“  But to finesse the question of holding Serbian local elections this year, ICG recommends that UNMIK „extend the mandates of existing municipal officials or conduct a vote under its own or OSCE authority.“

The ICG notes the existence of a „middle option“ between the expectations of the two sides for integration or partition – the „Ahtisaari Plus“ special autonomy.  But it says that „there are no easy solutions.“  Any agreement would have to be implemented gradually and would likely require „an executive international presence to mediate and enforce what is agreed for several years beyond the lapse of the ICO and EULEX mandates elsewhere in Kosovo.“

The complete ICG report can be found here.

Kuvendi i Kosovës i njëjtë me këtë të Shqipërisë

Club: Idiote, Alkoholista, Mafiosi -Kuvendi i Kosovës i njëjtë me këtë të Shqipërisë

Kuvendi i Kosovës i njëjtë me këtë të Shqipërisë

ARTICLE | 27 JANAR, 2012 – 15:29

Klasat politike në Tiranë e në Prishtinë janë identike, dhe një fakt që e provon këtë është jeta parlamentare. Kuvendi i Shqipërisë ka vite që dallohet për dhunë verbale, kacafytje të paprincipta, sjellje mujshare, etj. Por edhe Kuvendi i Kosovës nuk mbetet pas. Duke marrë shkas nga një ballafaqim mes deputetëve të PDK-së e atyre të Vetvendosjes (më saktë, nga fjala që mbajti deputeti i PDK-së me nofkën ‘Kamishi’), Milaim Shefkiu kish shkruar një artikull për Zërin, dhe aty nënvizonte faktin që deputetët e kanë larguar vëmendjen nga shqetësimet reale të njerëzve, dhe janë fokusuar në sherre banale mes tyre.

“Në kuvend shpesh dëgjohen fjalët: “mbylle gojën kur flas unë”. Tjetri shan me nanë, një i thotë: “je sa një buburrec për mua”. Një deputet tjetër akuzon për takime të fshehta me serbë dhe për tradhti kombëtare…“ju jeni idiotë” etj. Pra kësilloj “perlash” të natyrës kush-kujt, janë frazeologjitë më të shpeshta që deputetët i përdorin gjatë debateve në Kuvend,”, shkruan Shefkiu nga Prishtina. Por në vend të tij mund të ish secili gazetar i Tiranës.

Klasat politike në Tiranë e në Prishtinë janë identike, dhe një fakt që e provon këtë është jeta parlamentare. Kuvendi i Shqipërisë ka vite që dallohet për dhunë verbale, kacafytje të paprincipta, sjellje mujshare, etj. Por edhe Kuvendi i Kosovës nuk mbetet pas. Duke marrë shkas nga një ballafaqim mes deputetëve të PDK-së e atyre të Vetvendosjes (më saktë, nga fjala që mbajti deputeti i PDK-së me nofkën ‘Kamishi’), Milaim Shefkiu kish shkruar një artikull për Zërin, dhe aty nënvizonte faktin që deputetët e kanë larguar vëmendjen nga shqetësimet reale të njerëzve, dhe janë fokusuar në sherre banale mes tyre.

“Në kuvend shpesh dëgjohen fjalët: “mbylle gojën kur flas unë”. Tjetri shan me nanë, një i thotë: “je sa një buburrec për mua”. Një deputet tjetër akuzon për takime të fshehta me serbë dhe për tradhti kombëtare…“ju jeni idiotë” etj. Pra kësilloj “perlash” të natyrës kush-kujt, janë frazeologjitë më të shpeshta që deputetët i përdorin gjatë debateve në Kuvend,”, shkruan Shefkiu nga Prishtina. Por në vend të tij mund të ish secili gazetar i Tiranës.


Münchner Sicherheitskonferenz die “”Munich Young Leaders”, der Körber Stiftung und Mafia PM Adviser:Herr Glori Husi

Munich Young Leaders 2012 bei der Körber Stiftung: beim Georg – C. Marshall Centrum mit dem selben Methoden: „die neuen Führer, des 21. Jahrhundert“, finanziert vom Steuerzahler.

Vollkommen gescheiterte EU-Justiz Missionen wie EURALIUS, oder der aktuelle DW-Artikel:
21.01.2012 „Kultur der Straflosigkeit“ in Albanien

Zitat: Die Munich Young Leaders sind 25 herausragende jüngere Vertreter von Regierungen, Parlamenten, Think Tanks, Medien und Unternehmen aus Deutschland, ausgewählten NATO-Mitglieds- und Partnerstaaten sowie aus weiteren G20-Staaten im asiatisch-pazifischen Raum. = Real: totale Inkompetenz und tief mit hoch kriminellen Clans, Islamischen Terroristen und Verbrechen verstrickt! Inklusive Verkauf von NATO Geheimnisse auch an Islamische Terroristen, Verleih von geheimen NATO Laptops (welche plötzlich verschwanden,als der Skandal aufgedeckt wurde) hier als Beispiel: Glori Husi, wobei das totale Desaster in Albanien genügene aussagt, über solche Fake-Adviser, denn es gibt 1.500 Adviser in Albanien und einen Glori Husi, kennt niemand. Herausragend ist nur die Theater Darstellung einer Schausteller Truppe und wie man Steuergelder abzockt. Einfluss Null in Albanien real gesehen.

Die Körper Stiftung und ihr Elitennetzwerk und was für Leute auf die Münchner Kriegs Konferenz eingeladen werden! Man nennt das dann: Politik! Ein echter Fachmann, derEx-GIS und SWP-Berlin Chef: Christoph Bertram zum Thema, der absurden Lobby Rüstungs- und Kriegs Spinner, der Lobby Bestechungs Zirkel rund um die Welt Verbrecher des Georg Soros, MarkRich und Co.!, wobei gegen Mark Rich und Georg Soros, Haftbefehl in mehreren Ländern erlassen wurde.TV by Tom Heneghan, International Intelligence Expert

Direkte Mitarbeiter, ja Direktoren rund um Georg Soros NGO’s, erzählen nur von Betrug, Täuschung, Drogen Handel, Geldwäsche ohne Ende und Bestechung, was man leicht hinterfragen kann. Für die Körber Stiftung, Deutsche Politker, Deutsche Diplomaten reichen solche Gestalten, inklusive Mörder als Partner. Deutschland gilt als Bestechungs Lehrmeister im Balkan, vor allem unter Rot-Grün und ebenso den Georg Soros Zirkeln.

10 Jahre Null Deutsche Aussenpolitik im Balkan und in der Welt

Christoph Bertram Die angebliche Deutsche Aussen- und Entwicklungs Politik, reduziert sich auf, Wirklichkeit gar nicht gibt, wie welche es in

Ausschnitt aus einem Interview vom 3. April 2009, von Glori Husi, in Albanien veröffentlicht und Zeitgleich praktisch stellt die EU Kommission im Oktober 2010 fest, das in Albanien, keine Institutionen funktionieren, und die Justiz vollkommen korrupt und inkomptent ist. Der Antrag auf den Kandidaten Status wurde abgelehnt, was eine Premiere war. Gesetze, gerade rund ums Bauen und Grundstücke gelten genauso wenig und wie die bestätigten wikeleaks cabels dokumentierten, schrieb der US Botschafter Withers, das Zeit gleich zum Interview von Herrn Glori Husi, verurteilte Mörder, Drogen Bosse, sich bei amtierenden Minstern freikaufen konnten. Banditen im Tausender Paket, liefen dann plötzlich rund um Wahlkämpfe durch das Land und Zeitgleich verkauften die Banditen Regierung: NATO Geheimnisse an Serben, Islamische Terroristen, China, Russland und Iranische Länder. Gerichts Urteile kauft man sich, wie jede Art von gefälschten Dokumenten.

Zitat, des Herrn Glori Husi: Interview vom 3.April 2009, was mehr wie ein Schwachsinn ist und vollkommen an der Realität vorbei, ja es handelt sich um eine peinliche Täuschung von Investoren, als Partner eines Volks Terroristen und Verbrechers: Salih Berisha!

„“In diesem Rahmen kann ein Anleger nicht auf seine Investitionen in einem Land, wo die Sicherheit fehlt, zu kommen. Beim Eintritt in die NATO, Albanien ist ein sehr wichtiges Zeugnis und ein Land, in dem Institutionen funktionieren und Ihre Rechte sind garantiert.““

Real sieht das u.a. so aus, im Banditen Staat Albanien, wo Investoren Freiwild sind:

Das Mafia Ministerium MTKS, will 130 illegale Parteibuch Bauten in Lezhe im Archälogischen Parks privatisieren

Welche Gesetze sollen denn in Albanien funktionieren, oder gar Internationale Verträge?! Herr Glori Husi, einer gut dokumentierter ordinären Banditen Regierung, wie im Detail bestens dokumentiert.

Mafia Clan of Democratic Party of Albania

Inzwischen hat man 12 Punkte als Grund Voraussetzung einer Funktion des Staates den Albaner vorgehalten.
Glori Husi: Themelore per nje shtet, te kete siguri per popullin
Bisedoi: Fatjona Mejdini
E Premte, 03 Prill 2009
Glori Husi Salih Berisha
Koordinatori kombetar per ceshtjet me NATO-n, Glori Husi flet per perparesite e Shqiperise, si nje vend anetare i Aleances. Ne nje interviste per „Koha Jone“, Husi shpjegon se Shqiperia tashme konsiderohet si nje vend i sigurt dhe se shtetet me te fuqishme te botes, te cilat jane pjese e aleances, do te jene ne krahe te Shqiperise ne cdo kercenim qe ajo mund te hase. Nje aspekt i rendesishem qe lidhet me anetaresimin, sipas Husit lidhet me faktin se perfaqesuesit e larte shqiptare do te kene mundesine e kontakteve te here pas hershme, me kreret me te larte te vendeve qe jane pjese e NATO-s.


In diesem Rahmen kann ein Anleger nicht auf seine Investitionen in einem Land, wo die Sicherheit fehlt, zu kommen. Beim Eintritt in die NATO, Albanien ist ein sehr wichtiges Zeugnis und ein Land, in dem Institutionen funktionieren und Ihre Rechte sind garantiert. (google Übersetzung, des Salih Berisha Blattes kohajone)

Eine glatte Lüge, was hier über Rechtssicherheit und der Funktion der Institutionen  erzählt wird, was nur durch totale Bestechung erklärbar ist.

Bei dieser Art von Null Nummern Advisern, die nicht einmal verstehen was sie tun, musste die NATO sogar den Zugang der Albaner Mafia rund um Salih Berisha, einschränken, wo man keinen Zugang mehr hat, zu den geheimen Operationen usw.

Nationality Albanian
Date of birth 13.04.1972
Profession Lawyer
Professional activity
Mr. Husi is Advisor to the Prime Minister, Prof. Dr. Sali Berisha
Before being appointed in this function, Mr. Glori Husi has worked as Scientific Collaborator at the Center for European Integration Studies (ZEI), in Germany.
Education and qualifications
2002 Master of European Studies (M.E.S.), („Excellent“) Universitety of Bonn, Germany
2001 Degree in Law („Excellent“), Law Faculty, University of Athens, Greece
Degree in conclusion
Doctor of Legal Sciences, Univeristy of Bonn, Germany
Mr. Glori Husi is a qualified specialist primarily in European and International Right. Mr. Husi has a long work experience in the European Right of Competition, European Rights in the fields of State’s Economic Support as well as Public Procurement,


Fest integriert



(Eigener Bericht) – Die Organisatoren der Münchner Sicherheitskonferenz schwören Nachwuchseliten aus strategisch relevanten Weltregionen auf die deutsche Außenpolitik ein. Als Instrument hierfür fungiert das Netzwerk der „Munich Young Leaders“, ein exklusiver Zirkel junger Führungskräfte aus dem In- und Ausland. Während die deutschen Mitglieder des Netzwerks zumeist aus dem Außen- und dem Verteidigungsministerium stammen, werden die ausländischen Teilnehmer von den deutschen Botschaften in ihren Heimatstaaten nominiert.



Künftige Entscheidungsträger

Wer in den exklusiven Kreis der „Munich Young Leaders“ aufgenommen wird, bestimmen die von dem NS-Rüstungsindustriellen Adolf Körber gegründete Körber-Stiftung[3] und der Leiter der Münchner Sicherheitskonferenz, Wolfgang Ischinger[4]. Bei den Angehörigen des Netzwerks muss es sich den Auswahlkriterien zufolge um „zukünftige Entscheidungsträger“ und „herausragende Mitarbeiter“ von Regierungen, Parlamenten, Think Tanks, Medien und Unternehmen handeln, die das 40. Lebensjahr noch nicht vollendet haben. Während die deutschen Teilnehmer zumeist aus dem Auswärtigen Amt und dem Verteidigungsministerium stammen, werden die ausländischen Nachwuchskräfte von den deutschen Botschaften in ihren Heimatstaaten nominiert. Hierbei liegt der Fokus auf denjenigen Weltregionen, in denen Deutschland strategische Interessen verfolgt: Die ausländischen „Munich Young Leaders“ kommen aus dem Nahen und Mittleren Osten, aus aufstrebenden asiatischen „Schwellenländern“ wie Indien und aus den traditionellen deutschen Einflussgebieten in Ost- und Südosteuropa.[5]


Systemwechsel per Krise

Im Rahmen der Münchner Sicherheitskonferenz erhalten die „Munich Young Leaders“ die Möglichkeit zu vertraulichen Gesprächen mit hochrangigen westlichen Politikern, Unternehmern und Militärs. Neben der Auswahl der Gesprächspartner sorgen dabei die deutschen Angehörigen des Elitennetzwerks dafür, dass deutsche Interessen und Positionen die Diskussion bestimmen. So berichtet etwa „Munich Young Leader“ Ina Schütt aus der Politischen Abteilung des Auswärtigen Amts, man habe bei der letztjährigen Sicherheitskonferenz „sehr offen“ mit dem serbischen Außenminister Vuk Jeremic über die „Spannungslage beim Umgang Serbiens mit dem Kosovo und die europäische Perspektive Serbiens“ gesprochen.[6] Ihr Kollege Markus Meyer, Bundeswehrmajor und Mitarbeiter der Planungsgruppe im Bundespräsidialamt, resümiert ein ebenfalls 2011 erfolgtes Zusammentreffen mit dem US-Finanzmagnaten George Soros zum Thema China. In seinem Report fordert er von der Volksrepublik, ihr politisches und ökonomisches „System weiter (zu) verändern“ – und prognostiziert gleichzeitig, dass es „keine Veränderung ohne eine Form von Krise geben“ werde.[7]


EIR Investigation Executive Intelligence Review (EIR), über die Georg Soros Mafia

Partner der EU, vor allem der Deutschen SPD, von Joschka Fischer, der NATO: das Gangster Syndikat des Georg Soros: Der CIA Direktor Baer, über den Drogen Handel des Georg Soros und seines Partners Mark Rich, wie Geldwäsche ohne Ende

US Real Estage Mafia: SIVA Group, will Miliarden in Albanien, Kosovo und dem Balkan investieren :“The Millennium Casino & Resort”
Mero Baze, schreibt deutlich über die Betrüger Familie Frangaj, Initiator des Projektes SIVA, Bankrott als Immobilien Makler in den USA, vor 5 Jahren, wir schrieben ebenso über diese Bildungslose Familie, als engste PR Berater des Salih Berisha: Die PR Berater des Salih Berisha: Eduard Frangaj und Alexander Frangaj!

Der Welt Gangster Georg Soros, bei der Körper Stiftung, was schon wieder mal Alles sagt!

05.02.2011 Soros

05.02.2011 Soros zurück zu »Fotogalerie« Samstag, 5. Februar 2011, Diskussion mit George Soros zum Seitenanfang


Chinas neue Rolle: George Soros diskutierte mit de…

Chinas neue Rolle: George Soros diskutierte mit den Munich Young Leaders George Soros (Foto: Marc Darchinger) Meldung vom Sonntag, 6. Februar 2011 Chinas neue Rolle: George Soros diskutierte mit den Munich Young Leaders George Soros, Vorsitzender des Soros Fund Management und Open Society Institute, …



Soros zurück Diskussion mit George Soros München, 5. Februar 2011 George Soros (Foto: Marc Darchinger) In der Diskussion mit George Soros wurde das zweischichtige Finanzsystem Chinas … Form von Krise geben. Den Munich Young Leaders riet George Soros: »Don’t loose your idealism, when you become a …


… für Energie, Europäische Kommission Dr. Wolfgang Schäuble , Bundesminister der Finanzen George Soros , Vorsitzender des Soros Fund Management und des Open Society Institute Teo Chee Hean, Stellvertretender …

Kommentar: das gehört zur Geschäfts Grundlage, der duviosen Steuer finanzierten Zirkel, das man seine Leute auch bei Mördern, Terroristen, Banditen, wie bei der Mafia als Adviser unterbringt, denn diese Leute zu inkompetent, eine normale Arbeit zufinden. Dafür betreibt man Lobbying, hier u.a. für den NATO Beitritt. So kommen solche Leute zu Adivser Posten und die jeweilige Regierung erhält Visa’s, Stipendien, denn die Mafiösen Netzwerke müssen ausgebaut werden. siehe auch BKA Bericht, über die Umtriebe der Deutschen Botschaft in Tirana, noch vor 6 Jahre, rund um den Visa Skandal. Die USA, haben wie die Weltbank, EU, Deutschland dem Albanischen Premierminister Salih Berisha, mit Konsequenzen gedroht!

Selbst die NATO Website Setimes, brachte schon einen Artikel, über den Verkauf von NATO Geheimnissen der Terroristen Bande in Tirana:
NATO restricted information access to Albania – Albania sold secret documents!

NATO schränkt den Geheimniss Zugang für die Mafia Regierung in Tirana ein – Sekreti, NATO rrit vëzhgimin ndaj Shqipërisë

2004, schrieb der UN Sonder Gesandte Kai Eibe, ein Norweger: das Europa und vor allem Deutsche Politiker, schwerste Fehler gemacht haben im Balkan. Man machte aber dann weiter mit der totalen Korrumpierung im Balkan, für private Geschäfte und im Auftrag, der Rüstungs Industrie, Betrugs Banker und in einem kriminellen System, wo Geldwäsche u.a. aus Drogen- Waffen Handel eine wichtige Rolle spielt.

Grenspan, über das Betrugs System der Banken und damit auch Georg Soros!

„Persona non Grata“ in Washington: Mafia Mayor of Tirana: Lulzim Basha

 31 Jan 12 / 17:30:47
Albanian Media Embellish Mayor’s US Visit

A spokesperson for the mayor of Washington told Balkan Insight that the mayor did not invite Lulzim Basha to the US as local media have erroneously reported.

Besar Likmeta



Tirana Mayor Lulzim Basha

Tirana’s Mayor is visiting the United States and the government-friendly media in Albania have already added several twists concerning the nature of the visit, even though the municipality has given few details.

Contacted by Balkan Insight on Tuesday, a spokesperson for the municipality of Tirana, could not say if the visit was „official“ or who had invited Basha to Washington.

“We will compile a press statement later on and give details on the visit,” Erald Kapri said.

But pro-government newspapers in Tirana, citing sources inside the municipality, have for days filled their pages with stories about Basha’s visit, claiming he was invited to Washington by the city’s mayor, Vincent Gray.

A spokesperson for the mayor, Doxie McCoy, told Balkan Insight that no such invitation had been forwarded.

“A short meeting will take place tomorrow, Tuesday,” McCoy said. “A resident of Albanian descent asked Mayor Gray to grant the Albanian Mayor a courtesy visit and Mr Gray complied, as he often holds these kinds of meetings with visiting dignitaries,” he added.

Basha is a controversial figure in Albania. As Minister of Transport, in 2008 he was indicted for abuse of power in a highway project, which allegedly cost the state about 230 million euro. The indictment against him was thrown out by the Supreme Court on procedural grounds.

His election as Mayor of Tirana followed a controversial race. The battle for Tirana was seen as the key contest in the May 8, local elections , pitting former interior minister Basha, candidate of the centre-right government of Sali Berisha, against the opposition Socialist leader and incumbent Tirana mayor, Edi Rama.

After two months of legal wrangling, Albania’s Electoral College declared Basha the winner with a razor-thin victory, following a recount of miscast ballots, which opposition Socialists challenged as illegal.

The United States is Albania’s most important ally and local officials and the media have frequently distorted the nature of visits by officials to Washington.

After attending President Obama’s inauguration on January 20, 2009, for example, the press staff of parliamentary speaker Jozefina Topalli passed around a photo of her posing with a “congressman,” Bill Hanbury, who later turned out to be a tour operator.

Although blaming the mistake on a staff glitch, Topalli had more trouble explaining the fabricated news on Albanian state television, TVSH, which claimed that she had met with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during her visit.

A similar case was reported in 2001, when Iir Meta –than Socialist Prime Minister –held a meeting with the former US Vice-President, Dick Cheney.

After coming out from the meeting with Cheney, Meta briefly ran into President George Bush in the corridor. This casual meeting was also blown-up by the media at the time.

Albanian politicians, both from the government and the opposition, spend hundreds of thousands of dollars every year in lobbying in the United States.

A review by Balkan Insight of the filings of these lobbying companies under the Foreign Agent Registration Act, FARA, showed their activities were concentrated on securing meetings with American officials for Albanian politicians and media access during their visits.

The government of Albania pays currently for the services of two lobbying firms in Washington, the Podesta Group and Patton Boggs.

Lobbyist have been employed often in the past two decades also by the opposition Socialist Party and by the current government’s junior partner party, The Socialist Movement for Integration.

Die Drogen Mafia Partei LSI des Ilir Meta, hat einen Lobby Vertrag mit der US Firma: “Bluestar Strategies”

28.1.2012: Berufs Betrüger Lulzim Basha fliegt nach Washington: „Innovation in Albania: Changing Government’s Relationship to its Citizens“

Fake Meeting in September 2011 !

false meetings: gefakte US Treffen des PM Salih Berisha mit Obama und Aussenminister Edmond Haxhinasto mit Clinton
Alle angeblichen Treffen und Meetings, zwischen Salih Berisha, mit Obama und seiner Frau, ebenso des Aussenministers Haxhinasto mit Hillary Clinton (Fotos in der Albanischen Presse), sind zusammen gefaelscht, bzw, es sind alte Fotos, von frueheren Treffen. Es gab kein Haende schuetteln etc.. und Nichts ist in den Protokollen des Weissen Hauses erwaehnt.

Das war sowieso jedem im voraus klar, weil solche Treffen mit Profi Gangstern (im Null Funktion Staat) zu peinlich waere. Der Luegner Haxhinasto, einem uralt Partner des Super Verbrechers Ilir Meta und seiner Bande, behauptet er haette ein Treffen mit Hillary Clinton gehabt! Eine Luege, es gibt ebenso, keinen Vermerk, um US Statedepartment hierueber.

Sali Berisha, traf in einem hochgeheimen Treffen,  Williams Burns !

4 Tage, die Protokolle des Weisses Hauses und des US Statedepartsments, ueber alle Treffen und Fakten.

23 Shtator, 2011

Flash / Politikë | nga AMA-News

Provat/ Zbulohen mashtrimet Berisha-Haxhinasto, për takimet Klinton-Obama
Për të gjithë lexuesit e agjencisë AMA, për shkak të konfuzionit që është krijuar për vizitën e kryeministrit Sali Berisha në SHBA dhe zëvendësit të tij Edmond Haxhinasto, po japim një sqarim të plotë dhe me prova. Zyra e Kryeministrit dhe Ministrit kanë njoftuar këto ditë zhvillimin e takimeve të rëndësishme me Sekretaren e Shtetit Hillari Klinton dhe Presidentin Barack Obama.

Peinlich, was wir schon länger sagen und für praktisch fast alle Politker gilt in Albanien:

  Former US ambassador in Tirana, John Withers

“Unfortunately, the Albanian leaders, even when they are at the age of Prime Minister Berisha or Lulzim Basha, they lack of this trust. It has a vital importance for Albania to find other leaders, men or women, young or old, from whatever religion or ethnicity, but that have democracy fire is still shining”, Withers” Top-Channel


“Gerdeci, government concealed truth”
16/03/2012 19:30

Gerdeci, government concealed truth

After the letter sent to Top Channel, through which he explained his role regarding the cables sent to Washington and the critical declarations on Voice of America, for the danger that threaten Albania, the former US ambassador in Tirana, John Withers, launches harsh critics towards the Albanian government, for which he says that it reigns, rather than governing.

In an interview for JAVA Magazine, Withers considered the Gerdeci tragedy a criminal act about which the Albanian government has concealed the truth.

“The government’s reaction about the Gerdeci strategy remains one of its biggest failures. We must not forget that Gerdec was a human tragedy, and people lost their children and relatives in an event that can be described only as a criminal act. It is a basic responsibility of this government to guarantee justice, so that the victims of this terrible deed can see the people who bear legal and moral responsibility to answer for their actions. But the Albanian government not only has neglected finding the truth about Gerdec, but it has also used its maximum power for not allowing the truth to come to light”, Withers declared.

The former US diplomat to Tirana analyzed the verdict that doesn’t mention the word “death”, although 26 people were killed.

“After the Tirana Court verdict, other questions have surfaced. No one has defended more than me the independence of the Albanian judicial system. But even those who strongly believe in the autonomy of courts, these verdicts are strange and disappointing. The court verdict was about the violation of the security regulation at work, and property destruction due to negligence. But how is it possible that they avoided the key element, the central fact of the Gerdeci tragedy: that 26 innocent people were killed by those explosions, and that someone is responsible for those lives?”, Withers underlined.

“Albania needs new leaders”

What should change in the behavior of the Albanian politicians? This is the answer given by John Withers:

“What should change most than everything in the Albanian political elite, is the mentality. The Albanian ruling class is based on an old and regressive concept, thinking that they enjoy more privileges compared to the common people, that they are immune to the rule of law, that they do not have to submit to the people’s will. Nothing has influenced more than these archaic behaviors of the ruling people for undermining the democratic progress that the country needs. Albania is a young democracy. In the last 20 years, after the fall of communism, their biggest need was the construction of the basic democratic institutions: an independent and reliable judicial system, a free media, a honest and free electoral system, a rule of law that really fights corruption. Nothing of these has been achieved”, Withers emphasized.

“Look at the current government. The work that they have left behind is completely against the concept of democracy construction. They have consistently threatened courts, even under the facade of an anti-constitutional lustration law. They have attacked the Prosecution with the most humiliating way, while they tried to find an answer for the tragedies of Gerdec and for the January 21st events. They have tried to limit the media freedoms through non-democratic laws and through pressures in the media premises. They have manipulated the most basic and democratic right, the electoral process”, he underlined.

For this situation to change on behalf of the Albanian citizens, the former Ambassador Withers gives some suggestions.

“What Albania needs are not politicians who are younger in their age, but a new mentality. The real men of states, such as Nelson Mandela in South Africa, or the late Vaclav Havel of the Czech Republic, were very old aged men, but their trust on democratic principles was the essence of their character and their being. Unfortunately, the Albanian leaders, even when they are at the age of Prime Minister Berisha or Lulzim Basha, they lack of this trust. It has a vital importance for Albania to find other leaders, men or women, young or old, from whatever religion or ethnicity, but that have democracy fire is still shining”, Withers added.

Der Ukrainische Oligarch: Rinat Akhmetov, will die bankrotte Serbische Stahlfirma: „Smederevo“ kaufen

Der Vetrag zum Abkauf des Eisenwerks Smederevo unterzeichnet Drucken


 Der serbische Premier Mirko Cvetkovic und Vertreter des amerikanischen Unternehmens „U.S. Steel“ unterzeichneten den Vertrag zum Abkauf des Eisenwerks Smederevo, sodass die Regierung der Republik Serbien zum Eigentümer dieses Unternehmen wurde. Im Namen des „U.S. Steel“ unterzeichnete den Vertrag der stellvertretende Direktor für Europa David Lintur. Cvetkovic betonte dabei, dass die Regierung keine Absicht hat, Inhaber und Leiter des Eisenwerks zu sein, aber sie werde alles tun, um einen guten strategischen Partner zu finden, und die Zukunft für diese Fabrik abzusichern. Die Regeirung werde sich bemühen, die Herstellung aufrechtzuerhalten, einen strategischen Partner zu finden, und dass die Fabrik nach einer Krise wieder mit Gewinn wirtschaftet, so Cvetkovic.

Ukrainischer Stahl, wurde schon vor über 10 Jahren, auch nach Albanien geliefert, Zeitgleich mit Kokain, weil neue Drogen Wege erschlossen werden mussten.

Rinat Akhmetov, Ukrainian tycoon in Serbia
Owner of ‘Shakhtar’ FC to buy steel factory in Smederevo

Ukrainian king of steel Rinat Akhmetov is interested to purchase the steel factory in Smederevo. As ‘Blic’ learns his closest associate was in Belgrade on Monday where he talked with Serbian leadership about takeover of the ‘US Steel’, a company that Serbia Government yesterday purchased from the Americans for one Dollar.

Rinat Leonidovič Ahmetov, Ukraininan businessman and oligarch

Akhmetov (46) is owner of several steel factories in Europe and Ukraine. An individual from Ukraine well acquainted with his business claims that Akhmetov is the most important steel manufacturer in the EU but a serious trader with electric power as well. As ‘Blic’ learns the talks with Ukraine are being led at the highest
‘His biggest competitors are German steel factories but also the ‘US Steel’ in Serbia. That is the reason for such serious interest. On the other hand, he meets all requirements you set’, our source says.

In Ukraine Akhmetov is known as someone who is permanently introducing contemporary technologies in production and whose workers are receiving regular pays. In public he is also known as the owner of the ‘Shakhtar’ FC.

Due to low prices of steel on European market and high production costs in Serbia, the steel factory in Smederevo has extinguished the first furnace last year. The second furnace as well as the plant in Slovakia continued working with decreased capacity.

Viktor Yanukovych, president of Ukraine with Rinat Ahmetov at football mach

Americans decided to leave Serbia two weeks ago. It was then that Serbia Government decided to takeover the company.

Serbia President Boris Tadic confirmed the other day that ‘Serbia Government has negotiated with a strategic partner’.

‘The future strategic partner has to fulfill two conditions, to have iron ore and coke necessary for production of steel’, Tadic said.

Serbia Government yesterday became formal owner of the steel factory for a symbolic amount of one Dollar. One could say it was a good deal since the Americans shall write-off up to 450 million Dollars in business books what the book-keeping value of the plant is. After signing of the contract Prime Minister Cvetkovic said not to be happy about such outcome.

‘We feel sad today because we remember how successful the ‘US Steel’ once was. When we learned that the partner from America intends to leave, the Government had two options – to close the factory and leave 5400 people without job or to takeover the factory and find a strategic partner as soon as possible. We chose the least bad option’, Cvetkovic said.

Costs 200 millions

The ‘US Steel’ yesterday publicized business results according to which the last year loss at the steel factory in Smederevo was 200 million Dollars. John Surma, President of the Company from Pittsburgh explained that ‘because of the costs the best option for the Company was to leave the steel factory to the Government of Serbia’.

Kosovo: SHIK-u është organizatë kriminale e formuar nga PDK-ja e Hashim Thaçit, Xhavit Halili, Kadri Veseli, Azem Syla

 31 Janar, 2012 Opinione | nga AMA-News
SHIK-u është organizatë kriminale e formuar nga PDK-ja e Hashim Thaçit!

Kur rusët ”çliruan Çekinë nga gjermanët, hynë në shtëpitë e çekëve u morën gjithçka që kishin dhe u dhunuan gratë me slloganin:”unë të çlirova unë të q…”.
Kështu është edhe puna e ”çlirimit” të Kosovës nga Hashim Thaçi dhe Kadri Veseli me bandat e tyre.
SHIK-u është një organizatë kriminale e formuar dhe e kontrolluar nga marksistë-leninistët e PDK-së me në krye enveristin Hashim Thaçin, stalinistin Kadri Veselin, titistin Xhavit Halitin -Zeka, leninistin Azem Syla -Daja .
SHIK-u në Kosovë ka qenë dhe është organizatë ilegale. SHIK-u ka qenë dhe është organizatë kriminale ( me elemente të terrorizmit). SHIK-u kontrollohet nga njerëz që janë në pushtet. Gjithë veprimtaria e tij që nga fillimi e deri tash është në thelb veprimtari kriminale ( vrasje, rrëmbime, shantazhe, uzurpim i pasurisë, kontrabandë me armë e me qenie njerëzore, reketime dhe një mori aktivitete tjera kriminale).
Dihet botërisht se pas luftës dhe instalimit të diktaturës së pashpallur në Kosovë nga SHIK-u, populli filloi ta humbasë simpatinë për luftëtarët e lirisë. Këta njerëz vendosën lista nëpër Prishtinë për gjoja 6000 ”spiunë” që do t´i vrisnin në emër të luftës kundër ”spiunëve” të Serbisë. Ata likuidonin ish-punëtorët e UDB-së sepse dinin shumë për të kaluarën (lexo të zezat)e këtyre patriotëve, pra që të mos u dilnin në shesh.
E ku ka ndodhur që populli gati-gati të urrejë ”çliruesit” e vet, veçse në Çeki dhe Kosovë?
Edhe gjatë luftës shumë komandantë u vranë pas shpine dhe shumë të tjerë sot përballen me varfëri ekstreme. Pastaj këta ”çlirimitarët” që ”çliruan” Kosovën nga Hotel Tirana (15 katëshi) në Tiranë, privatizuan dhe vodhën gjithë Kosovën.
Themë hapur se nëpër të gjitha bordet e të gjitha ndërmarrjeve të mëdha shtetërore janë kryekëput njerëz të SHIK-ut ilegal.
Kjo organizatë antiligjore ka bërë krime të rënda ekonomike, politike, ka bërë vrasje e likuidime kundër të gjithë atyre që ngrenë zërin kundër tyre ashtu siç po bën sot Florin Krasniqi.
Raportet ndërkombëtare për korrupcionin (pra hajni)krimin e organizuar, mungesën e lirisë së shprehjes, për varfërinë ekstreme etj, flasin mjaft për të zezat e këtyre ”çlirimtarëve” të Kosovës.
Sipas Komitetit Kombëtar për Politikën e Jashtme Amerikane:
Në Kosovë, Krimi i organizuar përfshin struktuarat e fuqishme dhe partitë politike.
SHIK-u si strukturë e intelegjencës (e nëntokës), merr diku mbi 200 milionë dollarë përmes ryshfeteve, grabitjeve, reketimit dhe shërbimeve të sigurimit.

PDK-ja është Alfa dhe omega e krimit politik!
Shërbimi Informativ i Kosovës i drejtuar nga Kadri Veseli dhe PDK-ja, është alfa dhe omega e krimit politik, ekonomik në Kosovën e pasluftës.
SHIK-u mund të jetë krijuar për t’i likuiduar shërbëtorët që i kanë shërbyer okupatorit, mirëpo ne jemi dëshmitar dhe i shohim çdo ditë, që pikërisht emra të lartë të shërbëtorëve të armikut shëtisin nëpër rrugët e Kosovës, pa asnjë frikë. Madje, një pjesë e madhe e tyre janë të shpërblyer me poste nëpër institucionet vendore. Kurse ata që njëmend luftuan, u harruan, u nëpërkëmbën, u burgosën dhe u njollosën.
Shërbimi Informativ i Kosovës i drejtuar nga Kadri Veseli dhe PDK-ja, është alfa dhe omega e krimit politik, ekonomik në Kosovën e pasluftës. Flasin, dëshmitë( sipas dëshmive të ish pjesëtarit të SHIK-ut, Nazim Bllaca), faktet, datat, se kush është SHIK-u dhe çfarë ka bërë në Kosovën e pasluftës, kush është vrarë dhe nga kush është vrarë( një pjesë e tyre nga Gjykata e EULEX-it në Kosovë u dënuan para ca kohësh për vrasje, tentim vrasje, reketim etj, e ndër ta edhe eprorë të lartë të SHIK-ut, si Shpresim Uka, Fahredin Gashi etj).
Dihen edhe urdhërdhënësit, dihen edhe ata, që kanë marrë pjesë në të gjitha vrasjet, prej vrasjes së parë politike në Kosovë e deri të fundit, andaj duhet ta kenë të qartë politikanët e Kosovës që mbështesin SHIK-un se faktet flasin ndryshe, nga akuzat dhe fabrikimet që nuk kanë forcë as peshë dhe janë të drejtuara ose të dorëzuara organeve jo përkatëse, kjo edhe dëshmon se është e tëra lojë e SHIK-ut të Kadri Veselit dhe Azem Sylës që janë të mbështetur nga politikanët e ekstremit të majtë, me qëllim të fshehjes së gjurmëve të krimit të tyre, që tash e 13 vite kanë vënë Kosovën në një vend të pasigurtë me gjithë praninë e NATOS-KFOR-it përsëri vriteshin (vriten) njerëzit mu në pikë të ditës nga “persona të panjohur”.

(Autori është publicist nga Prishtina dhe anëtar i Këshillit Drejtues të Lëvizjes”ALEANCA KUQ E ZI”)

Privatization of Albanian Monuments to be sold, by Tirana for Albanian Boss

Monday, January 30, 2012


Porto Palermo (Panormo) to be sold, by Tirana for Albanian Boss

Mysterious Investments, continue to threaten The Himara Region

The Albanian government has decided to sell about 40 items of cultural monuments of Albanian State, for which the Ministry of Culture, has made ​​nearly sales prices.

In objects that are targeted for privatization, is the castle of Porto Palermo (Panormo) for which efforts are to be bought by Boss Albania, in Tirana.

Development Plan the Himara Region, also includes Castle which is emerging in sale, and tunnels of Albanian Navy submarines.

According to sources from Himara main requirements for privatization, there are several companies that are investing mysterious stains just in tourism development plan of the Himara Region, which is expected to be approved next month in Tirana.

Annyway, the Civil Society, the orthodox Church and Community, stand against the Albanian Government and municipal administration of Himara, for the development of this plan.

As are published, all civil society organizations and communities Himara in the Diaspora, have considered this plan, as economic vassalage and attempt to change the ethnic composition of the Himara Region.31 Jan 12 / 10:43:16

Privatization of Albanian Monuments Opposed

A proposal to sell off some 40 castles and towers has encountered stiff opposition among archeologists and historians.

Besar Likmeta

BIRN Tirana

Albania Castle | Alexandr Zykov/ Flickr

The plan, spearheaded by the head of the Institute of Monuments, Apollon Bace, envisages the sale of 99-year leases to private companies.

These will then have the right to turn the historic sites into bars, cafés and inns while investing in their restoration.

In an interview for the daily newspaper Shqiptarja, Bace maintained that this is standard practice „all over the world“. He says it is also backed by Prime Minister Sali Berisha and the Minister of Culture, Aldo Bumci.

However, the proposal, which could be acted on as soon as next month, has drawn a fierce response from historians, archeologist and architects, some of whom accuse the authorities of failing to safeguard the nation’s heritage.

“The proposal from the Ministry of Culture to give concessions for cultural heritage monuments is an awful idea,” historian Auron Tare said.

“The state’s rejection of its responsibilities for cultural heritage and the transfer of this responsibility to private hands is testimony to the collapse of state institutions,” Tare said,  adding that the consequences “will be unimaginable and unrecoverable”.

The Institute of Monuments has in the past rented two medieval castles to private companies and Tare maintains that the results of this exercise were poor.

“If the authorities cannot even control two single projects, the question is how will they be able to control more monuments?” he asked.

Castle of Clarendon, wie es

geplant durch die Ministerium Mafia rund um die LSI Banden.

Das Ministerium MTKRS Banditen Mafia, Schutz unverändert keine Guter Kultur, Alte Stätten – “Zone Touristik”

28.1.2012: MTKRS – Mafia: SKANDALI: Pse 40 kala dhe monumente të Shqipërisë do të “shiten” nga Instituti i Monumenteve?

update: 20.2.2012

18 FEB 12 / 16:33:34

Privatizing Albanian Castles Worries Heritage Experts

Historians and archeologists oppose plans to let entrepreneurs turn ancient monuments into bars, cafés and motels.

Fatmira Nikolli

 BIRN Tirana

Illyrian and medieval castles in Albania could be soon turned into bars and restaurants according to a government plant to lease cultural monuments to local businessmen. 

According to the plan unveiled in late January by the head of Albania’s Institute of Monuments, Apollon Bace, some 40 monuments would be leased for a period of up to 100 years, mainly because the government is unable to preserve them.

Bace says detailed plans for the use of these monuments will determine which parts of them are suitable for commercial activities and which parts should not be touched.

Rich with monuments dating back to Roman times, Albania has struggled for years to preserve them properly, as government after government failed to invest enough in restoration. 

However, the proposal, which could be acted on as soon as next month, has drawn a fierce response from historians, archeologist and architects, some of whom accuse the authorities of failing to safeguard the nation’s heritage.

They point to the fact that two castles privatized under the previous Socialist government have not been preserved properly, and they argue that other monuments could have the same fate if the latest government proposal is finalized.   

“The Ministry of Culture’s proposal to grant concessions for cultural heritage monuments is an awful idea,” historian Auron Tare said. 

“That the state is rejecting its responsibilities for cultural heritage and transferring this responsibility to private hands is testimony to the collapse of state institutions,” he added. 

Bace, from the Institute of Monuments, declined to be interviewed for this story, but Enton Derraj, an adviser to the Minister of Culture said the accusations made against the project were politically motivated. 

“Any interventions in these monuments will be carried out in accordance with the international treaty on restoration of cultural monuments,” Derraj said.    

The ruins of the Illyrian castle of Akrolisit, close to the town of Lezha were leased ten years ago to a local businessman, Gjovalin Kadeli, now a Socialist MP in parliament. 

For the past decade the ruins have housed a number of mobile phone antennae built on a concrete platform, which preservation specialists say has damaged the site. 

However, Kadeli defends his investment, arguing that what he bought was only a ruin, so talking of a “castle” makes no sense. 

“I bought it lawfully and there was no castle there, just a two- metre-high wall, which they call a castle,” he said. The antennae have been put up on a hill and not on “the castle,” Kadelli added. 

The medieval castle of Lekurs, close to Saranda, has also been the object of controversy after it was leased 12 years ago. The new owners restored it but also added a bar and a restaurant. 

Cultural heritage specialist have complained repeatedly about the restoration of the monument, now owed by Vangjel Tavo, an MP for the Socialist Movement for Integration. 

Lulzim Iljazi, manager of the Lekurs castle and its bar and restaurant, dismisses complaints that the monument has not been properly preserved. The accusers just want the castle for themselves, he says. 

“We have worked a lot on this castle and everything has been done to preserve its historical value,” Iljazi said. 

Gjergj Frasheri, a well known Albania archeologist, says that what has happened with leased out cultural monuments in the past should serve as a lesson. 

He believes transferring more monuments to private hands will be a mistake as Albanians are notorious for carrying out building work for which they have no planning permission. 

“Albania is a country of [hundreds of thousand] of buildings built without permits, where neither the state nor the law punishes people who build illegally,” Frasheri noted.

“Damage to monuments damages our historical record, and it is irreparable and unrecoverable,” he added. 

Auron Tare, historian and former director of the Butrint Archeological Park, agrees. 

“If the authorities cannot even control two single projects, the question is how will they be able to control more monuments?” he asked.

This article is funded under the BICCED project, supported by the Swiss Cultural Programme. 

Europas last Neanderthaler in action: Church Almost Burned in Struga, Macedonia



31 Jan 12 / 12:24:15
Church Almost Burned in Struga, Macedonia

An Orthodox church was set on fire on Monday night in the latest in a series of violent incidents that started when Muslims in Struga took offence at a local carnival.

Sinisa Jakov Marusic


Struga | Photo by: idobi

Unknown arsonists on Monday night set ablaze an Orthodox church near Struga in southwest Macedonia in the latest in a series of ethic and faith-related incidents in the area.

The trouble dates back to a village carnival where locals wore masks deemed offensive to Muslim Albanians.

Firefighters fought till midnight to douse the fire at the St Nicolas church in the ethnically mixed village of Labunishta near Struga.


The information attracted attention as in the last few days tensions have increased in this part of the country, after ethnic Albanians living in this area launched protests due to, as they put it, offenses against them at the recent traditional carnival in the nearby village of Vevcani, in the surrounding of Struga. B92




 Paljenje makedonske zastave

Paljenje makedonske zastave


By our dpa-correspondent and Europe Online

Skopje/Belgrade (dpa) – A church caught fire in Macedonia late Monday, as underlying tensions between the Slavic and Albanian population resurfaced, more than a decade after the country tottered on the verge of a war along ethnic lines.

Police were determining Tuesday whether the St Nikola church in Labuniste, a village near Struga in southwestern Macedonia, was attacked by arsonists, Interior Ministry spokesman Stefan Dimovski told the news website.

The incident followed the burning of a Macedonian flag in Struga by Albanians and the raising of Albanian and Islamist flags, in reaction to a local carnival in the previous week in which Islam was mocked.

The ethnic-Albanian mayor of Struga, Ramiz Merko, said Monday that he believed the fire had not been set, and urged the carnival organizers to apologize to Muslims. Most Albanians are Muslim.

Reports said the situation in the area was tense and people were frightened.

Struga is an ethnically mixed town on Lake Ohrid, Macedonia‘s best-known vacation destination. It lies directly on the de facto line of separation between the Slavic and Albanian Macedonian population.

Macedonia had come to the verge of a civil war in 2001, when Albanians – who make up between one-quarter and one-third of the population – rebelled, demanding more rights.

An escalation of the conflict was averted with a peace-and-reform deal brokered by NATO in Ohrid after six months of fighting.

The deal improved the position of Albanians: Albanian was promoted to an official language; a university in an Albanian town was recognized; and the country‘s administrative boundaries were redrawn.

As a consequence, Macedonia‘s population was virtually divided, with Albanians dominating municipalities in the west, along the border with the country of Albania.

Many Macedonians resent the Ohrid peace accord because they feel their country has been lined up for partition along ethnic lines.

Macedonia is governed by a coalition of the conservative Slavic Macedonian VMRO-DPMNE party and the ethnic Albanian Democratic Union for Integration. dpa bb ncs hm Author: Boris Babic

Die Profi Betrugs Banker: Goldman Sachs – Deutsche Bank – Ackermann

Grenspan erklärt, das die Banken ein pures Ponzi und Betrugs Schema sind, welche Geld stehlen!

 1 Milliarde € Schaden durch den Betrug der Deutschen Bank allein rund um Immobilien Finanzierungen. Betrug ohne Ende.

Merkozy, Goldman Sachs und das „andere“ Europa


Das Goldman Sachs-Verschwörung

Die amerikanische Privatbank hat ihre Gewährsleute an den Kommandopositionen unserer Geldpolitik platziert: an der Spitze von Europäischer Zentralbank und vom Euro-Rettungsschirm.

Die Euro-Krise wurde von Goldman Sachs langfristig geplant. Dabei nutzte das Geldhaus die Gier der politischen Klasse Griechenlands, die – unabhängig von der jeweiligen Parteizugehörigkeit – zu den korruptesten der Welt zählt. Als im Jahr 2000/2001 der Beitritt des Landes zur Euro-Zone anstand, halfen die New Yorker Banker der Linksregierung von Konstantinos Simitis bei der erforderlichen Reduzierung des Haushaltsdefizits und organisierten nicht nur Kreditbuchungen in Höhe von 15 Milliarde Euro, sondern ertüftelten auch die Tricks, um die Schuldenaufnahme gegenüber Brüssel zu vertuschen. Die Hilfestellung hat sich angeblich ordentlich rentiert: Goldman Sachs soll eine Milliarde Euro kassiert haben, fast sieben Prozent der Darlehenssumme. Die Wallstreet-Banker verkauften die griechischen Anleihen an gutgläubige Kunden, darunter Finanzinstitute in Deutschland und Frankreich, weiter.


Bei diesem räuberischen Angriff auf das Euro-System bedient sich Goldman Sachs folgender Personen:

Mario Draghi: Der italienische Zentralbank-Chef folgte im Oktober 2011 anstelle des gemobbten Bundesbank-Chefs Axel Weber dem Franzosen Trichet nach und trat an die Spitze der EZB . Von 2002 bis 2005 war er Vize-Direktor von Goldman Sachs International – und half mutmaßlich bei der Schönung der griechischen Bilanzen.

Klaus P. Regling: Der Deutsche ist seit dessen Einrichtung zu Jahresanfang 2011 Chef des Euro-Rettungsfonds ESFS und dürfte, wenn die vorläufige Institution unter dem Kürzel ESM ab Sommer 2012 in eine dauerhafte umgewandelt wird, in dieser Position bleiben. Regling war im Jahr 2001 der Komplice von Draghi: Als Generaldirektor der Wirtschafts- und Finanzabteilung der Europäischen Kommission. In dieser Funktion hätte er die von Griechenland eingereichten und von Goldman Sachs vorher frisierten Kennziffern über die Verschuldung des Landes prüfen müssen.


Lucas Papademos: Griechischer Zentralbank-Präsident von 1994 bis 2002, kommandierte als solcher den Übergang von der Drachme zum Euro und muss in die entsprechenden Tricksereien von Goldman Sachs eingeweiht gewesen sein. Nach dem Sturz von Premier Papandreou Anfang Dezember 2011 – Sie erinnern sich: Sein Verbrechen war, dass er einen Volksentscheid zum Euro ansetzen wollte – wurde Papademos griechischer Regierungschef, ohne Wahl.

Auf dieselbe undemokratische Weise wurde Marion Monti italienischer Regierungschef. Berlusconi musste zurücktreten, als die großen Fonds Mitte November in einer koordinierten Aktion Geld aus Italien abzogen. Monti gehörte nach 1995 zur informellen Gruppe der „internationalen Ratgeber“ von Goldman Sachs.

Vor dem Hintergrund dieser Personalentscheidungen titelte Time Magazin am 11. November 2011: „Regime Change in Europa: Läuft in Italien und Griechenland ein Bankiersputsch?“ Und der Londoner Independent hatte am 18. November 2011 die Überschrift: „Ist das der Preis der neuen Demokratie? Goldman Sachs erobert Europa“.


Goldman Sachs und die angelsächsische Finanzoligarchie wollen meines Erachtens den Euro nicht zerstören, sondern als Melkmaschine benutzen, um kontinentaleuropäisches Kapital in ihre Taschen umzuverteilen. Für dieses verbrecherische Vorhaben gibt es zwei konkurrierende Modelle, das deutsche und das französische. Der Plan Merkel lautet: Zuerst sollen Griechen, Spanier, Italiener den Gürtel noch enger schnallen, erst dann bekommen sie Hilfsgelder aus dem Euro-Rettungsschirm. Der Plan Sarkozy ist umgekehrt: Zuerst sollen Stützungsgelder, möglicherweise auch über Eurobonds, fließen, erst im zweiten Schritt greift die Schuldenbremse. Beide Pläne bauen auf die Abschaffung der nationalen Souveränität zugunsten einer diktatorischen EU-Wirtschaftsregierung. Der Unterschied der beiden Modelle ist, wer am meisten bluten muss bei der Errichtung der Diktatur: Im Modell Sarkozy fließt deutsches Steuergeld zur Rettung Griechenlands, also zur Rettung der dort am stärksten engagierten französischen Banken und ihrer angelsächsischen Partner. Im Modell Merkel müssen Griechen, Spanier etc. ihre Infrastruktur verschleudern, um die genannten Banken auszuzahlen, Deutschland wird eher geschont.

Ich betone: Beide Modelle laufen auf eine Diktatur hinaus, auf eine EUdSSR. Von der historischen UdSSR unterscheidet sich die EUdSSR dadurch, dass sie nicht auf einer sozialistischen, sondern einer finanzkapitalistischen Grundlage ruht, und dass ihre Befehlszentrale nicht im Moskauer Kreml, sondern in der Wallstreet und der City of London ist.

Obwohl Merkel für eine diktatorische Tendenz steht, ist der Vergleich zwischen ihr und Hitler absurd. Hitler vertrat in all seiner Scheußlichkeit die Interessen des deutschen Kapitals. Merkel vertritt die Interessen der internatonalen Finanzoligarchie. So etwa die der Deutschen Bank, die schon längst von London aus geführt wird, und der großen deutschen Aktienunternehmen, die schon längst mehrheitlich im ausländischen Besitz sind. Das deutsche Volk und die genuin deutsche Industrie, also die großen Familienunternehmen und der Mittelstand, stehen der Euro-Politik unserer Regierung skeptisch bis ablehnend gegenüber, haben aber keine politische Vertretung in Berlin. Das Problem sind nicht die Zombies der Vergangenheit, auch nicht der deutschen. Das Problem sind die postmodernen Retortenmonster wie Merkozy, die in den Labors der Finanzfrankensteins zusammengekocht wurden.


Dubiose Geschäfte: US-Aufseher ermitteln gegen Deutsche Bank – Unternehmen – 29.01.2012 Der Deutschen Bank droht in den USA massiv Ärger. Die US-Börsenaufsicht SEC ermittelt gegen die Bank wegen ihrer Immobilien-Wertpapiergeschäfte vor der Finanzkrise. Goldman Sachs hatte in einem ähnlichen Fall 500 Millionen Dollar gezahlt. Die KfW befürwortet indes eine Betrugsklage gegen die Deutsche Bank. mehr…

Georg Soros, Ackermann und der grösste Betrug der Welt Geschichte: Banken und der Papier $

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    • 13.04.2011

    Ex-IWF-Chefökonom über Bankenkrisen
    „Ackermann ist gefährlich“

    Die nächste Krise kommt, sagt Ex-IWF-Chefökonom Simon Johnson – und warnt vor dem Chef der Deutschen Bank. Der setze auf hohe Renditen, weil er weiss, dass der Steuerzahler notfalls haften wird.

Man druckt in den USA einfach Geld, ohne Deckung, wie Grenspan erklärt

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