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Most criminal terrorist in balkan: Ejup Kabashi and the Bytyqi killer swadron

Die Bytyci Verbrecher, welche dort ihre Schmuggler Basen ebenso hatten. Mitglied der Atlantik Brigade, wo Kinder mit der Waffen am Kopfe u.a. von Daut Haradinaj zur UCK gezwungen wurden.

Most criminals in albania: the killer swadron of the Bytyqi brothers and Skender Kapiti

Sahit Muja, the killer Clan: Bytyci and partner of the International drug and arm Mafia

The Terror UCK – KLA Organisation from Ramuz and Daut Haradinaj: The “Atlantic Brigade”

UCK – KLA Terrorist Milazim Bytyqi verhaftet wegen Mord an Zivilisten

04 Feb 13
Kosovo Albanians Cleared of War Crimes Against Serbs

A court in the town of Prizren acquitted seven ethnic Albanians of terrorising Serb villagers and forcing them from their homes during the late 1990s conflict.

Edona Peci


The prosecution said it would appeal after the court found ex-fighters Ejup Kabashi and Sokol Bytyqi not guilty of “war crimes against the civilian population” in July 1998 in Opterusha/Opterusa, a village in Kosovo’s western municipality of Rahovec/Orahovac.

The court on Friday also acquitted Mustafe Hoti, Milaim Hoti, Naser Hoti, Nexhmedin Berisha and Jetullah Kabashi of “assisting the perpetrators after the commission of criminal offences”.

Kabashi and Bytyqi, who according to the prosecution were members of the Kosovo Liberation Army, KLA, were accused of intimidating and terrorising the civilian population of Opterusha/Opterusa by forcing local Serbs out of the village.

But the defence said the indictment was based on inaccurate testimony from two ethnic Serbs and the judges concluded that the prosecution had not proved its case.

The KLA took control of villages in Rahovec/Orahovac between July 11 and July 28, 1998.

During that period, more than 40 people were killed and more than 100 Serbs and Roma were kidnapped, although most were released when the Red Cross intervened.

The bodies of some of the men who disappeared were found in a mass grave in 2005.

Kosovo’s Humanitarian Law Centre accused the court of failing to shed new light on the killings.

“This verdict cannot be considered final as this crime is one of the gravest committed against Serb civilians in the area,” the Humanitarian Law Centre said in a statement on Monday.

During the 1998-99 war in Kosovo, more than 13,000 people are estimated to have been killed and more than 1,700 remain missing.

Most of those still missing are considered to be Albanian, while some 2,000 to 2,500 were Serbs, Roma, Bosnians and Albanians who were loyal to Belgrade.

EULEX durchsucht in Durres, die lengdäre Verbrecher Hochburg Bar-Hotel DRENCIA, wo erst in 2009 der Nachbar zum Spaß erschossen wurde. Grund die Bar-Hotel, soll auch für Entführungen, Folter und Ermordung von Dritten und von Serben gedient haben. DRENCIA, war 1998 als Drehscheibe der Hashim Thaci, Sabit Geci Todes Schwadronen im Raum Durres bereits den Geheimdiensten bekannt! 1998! DRENICA
Aktuell sieht das Hotel so aus, wo nur noch das Denkmal steht. Keine Bau Genehmigung für so einen Bau besteht natürlich, für diese Verbrecher Organisation, noch Grundstücks Dokumente. Das Aussehen wurde auch jüngst komplett, wohl wegen der Angst vor der Blutrache (Sprengstoff Anschläge sind normal in diesem Umfeld) geändert.

Kapiti Clan

Süd Durres, speziell die “Pista Ilyria“, ist Hochburg der Drenica, Kosovo Verbrecher Banden und das seit weit über 10 Jahren und in dieser Hochburg der primitiven Verbrecher Banden aus der Kosovo Politik, wurden auch im August 2009, die 4 hochrangigen Polizei Chefs von Durres erschossen. Dort lebt die komplette Kosovo- und Mazedonischen Verbrecher Clans, inklusiver der Vertreter der US Super Mafia Clans um den Gambino, Luchese, Genovese Clan, vor denen schon vor zig Jahren das FBI warnte.

Eine von 6 Bars, welche ebenso illegal gebaut wurden von der Verbrecher Familie von Hashim Thaci, Sabit Geci, Selimi Clans aus Drencia und US Gangsters, welche die Bar DRENICA direkt zum Umschlags Platz von Drogen und Waffen machten.

Der US – Albanische Mafia Politiker John Goci, wurde mit dem KLA Gangster Tomo Duhanaj verhaftet

3 Terroristen der Bytyki Brüder wurden in Montenegro erwischt, nachdem sie illegal die Grenze überschritten, ausgestattet mit US Department of State Pässen, durch Chefin der Terroristen in 1999.
lt. damaligen Berichten wie auch OSCE Berichten, sind die UCK Terroristen, feige und desorganisiert.

Nur im ermorden von Kindern, Frauen, Entführungen und Morden an 1.500 Albaner Zivilisten waren sie Welt Spitze. lt. Lord Roberston, ermordeten die feigen Banden der UCK, mehr Albaner, als die Serben!

One of the injured children is seen with his mother in the K. Mitrovica hospital (Tanjug)
Two Serb children wounded in blast in K. Mitrovica
Tuesday 5.02.2013 | 10:09 | Source: B92, Beta, Tanjug | Comments: (34) | Send comment KOSOVSKA MITROVICA — A 9-year-old Serb girl and her 3-year-old brother were injured on Monday in Kosovska Mitrovica, when an explosive device was thrown through their window.

Greek police arrest 2 suspected terrorists after robberies

Saturday, February 2, 2013


Kozani Bank Robbers Linked to Terrorist Organization



View of kozani
View of kozani (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Two of four people arrested for a simultaneous armed robbery of two banks on Friday in the town of Velvento, Kozani, are wanted as suspected members of a terrorist organization, police confirmed on Saturday, a day after the counter-terrorism squad took over the investigation into the incident.

The four were arrested Friday after a police pursuit and another four were wanted, hours after a double bank hold-up by eight suspects of an Agricultural Bank (ATEbank) and Post Office Bank (TT-Postbank) branch in Velvento on Friday morning. According to a dispatch from the state news agency, the counter-terrorism squad took over the investigation after heavy weaponry was found in their possession.

The four detainees were taken in for interrogation by the Thessaloniki police counter-terrorism squad, where it was found that arrest warrants were outstanding against two of the suspects for participation in the „Conspiracy of the Cells of Fire“ organization, while the other two detainees are university students active in the anti-establishment sphere.

The four detainees will be taken at the Kozani prosecutor, under draconian security measures, for indictment.

Meanwhile, police were continuing a search by land and air to locate the other four suspects of the double bank robbery that were still at large, while an extensive investigation was being conducted in the wider Kozani region for a possible safehouse used by the suspects.

ATHENS, Greece – Four suspects, including two members of a domestic terrorist group, have been arrested in Greece for alleged robbery, police said Saturday.

Yannis Michailidis, 24, and Dimitris Politis, 21, are suspected members of the anarchist group Conspiracy Nuclei of Fire, police said. They each have three arrest warrants on them from 2011 and 2012.

A third suspect, Nikos Romanos, 20, became well-known in December 2008 when his close friend, 15-year-old Alexandros Grigoropoulos, was fatally shot by a police officer after a verbal altercation in the central Athens. Grigoropoulos‘ death sparked days of riots and afterward a new generation of armed anarchist groups emerged. The police officer, Epaminondas Korkoneas, was sentenced to life imprisonment.

The four suspects were arrested shortly after a bank and a post office branch were robbed in the village of Velvendo, near the northern Greek city of Kozani, on Friday. Police released the four suspects‘ photos and urged citizens knowing anything about them to call a special hotline.

Four other suspects were being sought.

Conspiracy Nuclei of Fire has claimed responsibility for several bombings, including attacks on the homes of two former ministers and a ministry, all of which caused no injuries. The militant group also has claimed responsibility for a series of mail bombings in 2010 targeting embassies and European officials, including an attempted attack on German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s office in Berlin.


Four of the suspects were caught by police.

Daily: Ex-KLA’s (Fatmir Limaj) defense financed with “dirty money”

 payed by the Kosovo Mafia: the most corruption and criminal Person in the EULEX Mission: Troy Wilkinson

 EULEX Mission im Kosovo mit korrupten Staatsanwälten: Troy Wilkinson wurde von der Gruppe Limaj gezahlt

Daily: Ex-KLA’s defense financed with “dirty money”

PRIŠTINA — Kosovo’s Special Prosecution suspects that a part of the money spent on ex-KLA commander Fatmir Limaj’s defense came from criminal activities.


Fatmir Limaj (FoNet, file)

Fatmir Limaj (FoNet, file)

This is according to Priština-based Albanian language daily Koha Ditore.
Limaj’s defense before the Hague Tribunal cost EUR 1mn and another EUR 1mn was spent for his defense in Priština in the case of war crimes in an illegal detention camp of the now disbanded ethnic Albanian terrorist group Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) in the village of Klečka.

EUR 1mn came from the Limaj Fund while prosecutors suspect that the second million came from criminal activities.

The Special Prosecution has indicted Limaj and two of his brothers, Demir and Florimi, for money laundering and they are facing up to ten years in prison and a fine three times bigger than the amount of the money suspected of being illegally obtained.

Kosovo’s Special Prosecution’s German Prosecutor Johannes Picker suspects that Limaj’s lawyer Karim Khan was paid with “dirty money”. Picker stated in the indictment that Demir Limaj had sold an unregistered property to Arbon Desku of Klina for EUR 500,000 in November 2011.

“In December 2011, Demir Limaj transferred EUR 316,900 and on January 12 another EUR 120,000 to the account of Fatmir Limaj’s attorney Karim Khan in the Netherlands,” the prosecutor said.

Khan was Limaj’s defense attorney in war crimes cases in The Hague and in Priština. Limaj was found not guilty for war crimes against Serbs and ethnic Albanians in the KLA camp in Lapušnik. He is facing a trial for kidnapping and murdering Serb civilians and members of the Yugoslav Army (VJ) in a KLA camp in Klečka in 1999 before the Priština court.

Mbrojtja e Limajt u pagua me afro dy milionë euro

Rreth dy milionë euro i kanë kushtuar dy procese gjyqësore deputetit Fatmir Limaj. Një milion në Gjykatën e Hagës dhe një milion në Prishtinë në rastin “Kleçka”. Njëmilionëshi i parë burim ka fondin “Limaj”, e njëmilionëshi i dytë dyshohet se e ka krimin. Mbi këtë bazë, Prokuroria Speciale ka ngritur akuzë për shpëlarje parash kundër deputetit Limaj dhe dy vëllezërve të tij, Demirit dhe Florimit, vepër kjo e dënueshme deri në dhjetë vjet burgim dhe gjobë tri herë më të lartë sesa vlera e parave që dyshohen se rrjedhin nga krimi.

më shumë

Tracey Jacobson und die Fortsetzung der US kriminellen Orgien bei der Privatisierung im Kosovo

Das BND-Dokument, ursprünglich als streng vertraulich angedacht, ist unter zu finden.

30/10/2012Rule of law assistance to Kosovo not sufficiently effective

The World Gangster Nr. 1: Frank Wisner and Albania Govt Signs US Lobby Firm Ahead of Poll

Vollkommen illegal, das aus einem Staats Budget, Lobby Verträge bezahlt werden.

The US Gangster Syndicat of former American officials in Kosovo  

Frank Wisner
Frank Wisner: World enemy Nr. 1
29 Jan 13
Albania Govt Signs US Lobby Firm Ahead of Poll

As Albania’s government signs a new contract with the Washington-based law and lobbyist firm Patton Boggs, to improve its image in the US ahead of the June elections, questions remain about the sources of funding for parties‘ PR agencies.

Besar Likmeta



Albania Prime Minister Sali Berisha during a meeting with Frank Wisner, foreing policy advisor at Patton Boggs

The consulting firm has represented Albania’s government several times and also served as an adviser in the privatization of the state-owned oil refinery, ARMO.

It is also supporting the ongoing privatization process of Albania’s state-owned oil company, Albpetrol.

Data compiled by the US-based Sunlight foundation show that all Albania’s main political parties, from Prime Minister Sali Berisha’s Democrats to Edi Rama’s opposition Socialists, have sizable contracts with influential lobby firms.

They include Podesta Group, Blue Star Strategies, Dutko International, BKSH & Associates and Rasky Baerlain Strategic Communications.

Even the relatively small Justice and Integrity Party, which represents Albania’s Cham minority, has its own agent in Washington.

While the lobbying firms charge hundreds of thousands for their services, it is unclear where this money has come from. In 2009 and 2010 alone, Albania’s government and its main parties spent $1.38 million in lobbying in the US.

Watchdog organizations say it will be hard to source this money as the financing of Albanian political parties in general is far from transparent.

Lufti Dervishi, head of Transparency International Albania, says that the fact that lobbying contracts are not made public by the government, or by the political parties, is highly problematic.

“It’s unclear where this money comes from because the political parties don’t declare it to the Central Electoral Commission, or during audits,” Dervishi told Balkan Insight.

The parties are using lobbyists “to compensate for the lack of legitimacy at home by buying it abroad,” he concluded.


Profi Gangster Frank Wisner und Patton Boggs, erhält neues Lobby Geld von der Berisha Regierung


AlBPetrol: Historic: 20 Jahre kriminelles Enterprise der Salih Berisha Gang

4. Ein spezieller Fokus sollte jetzt auf Albanien gerichtet werden, welches derzeit in eine Mischung aus US Flugzeugträger und Mafia Drehkreuz auf europäischem Boden transformiert wird. Die EU sollte den Schwerpunkt auf Albanien legen, mit dem Ziel, es 2014 bereit für den Weg zum EU Beitrittsprozess zu haben und dazu, die autonome Region Kosovo zu integrieren. Albanische Infrastruktur, albanisches Erziehungswesen, albanisches Rechtswesen, usw. müssen 2014 das durchschnittliche Niveau der ganzen Region erreichen. Es ist Zeit für die EU, der Tatsache ins Auge zu sehen, dass Albanien im nächsten Jahrzehnt Teil der EU sein wird und dass es einen Schlüssel für die Stabilisierung der Region darstellt. Das bedeutet, dies muss eine EU Priorität für die Region werden anstatt einem ‚Relikt’, was es jetzt über ein Jahrzehnt war.

5. Ein langsamer, aber effektiver Prozess der Umwandlung der serbisch, albanisch und kroatisch sprechenden Regionen von Bosnien, Montenegro, Mazedonien und Kosovo sollte zum Ende dieses Jahrzehnts begonnen werden. Durch die Verwendung nur eines Bruchteils der Gelder, mit denen die Region jedes Jahr den EU-Haushalt und den der Mitgliedsländer belastet, wird ein ‚Umsiedlungs-Fond’ geschaffen. ………..

Wem so eine Politik zu tollkühn, zu politisch inkorrekt klingt, der sollte im Juni 2009 nicht für Newropeans stimmen. Aber wer, im Gegenteil, der Ansicht ist, dass die Zeit reif dafür ist, dass auf der Ebene der EU eine wirkliche Führung in Erscheinung tritt, die fähig ist, komplexe Herausforderungen wie diese auf innovative Art und Weise in Angriff zu nehmen, mit einer wirklich gemeinsamen europäischen Vision und dabei immer ausgehend von den Interessen der Menschen und nicht den „verbrieften“ Interessen der verschiedenen Mafia- und Nicht-EU-Gruppen, für den ist Newropeans die richtige politische Wahl.

Franck Biancheri
Präsident der Newropeans
Cannes – Frankreich

Übersetzt vom Englischen Christel Hahn: European Union – the betrayal of elites – Kosovo-Serbia-Bosnia-Balkans: A Political trap… (NM 03/03/2008)

Balkan Investigative Reporting – BIRN’s JUSTICE REPORT



Vlahovic: Verdict for Grbavica Crimes on March 15

Once the Defence of Veselin ‘Batko’ Vlahovic, who is charged with crimes in Sarajevo, completed the presentation of its closing statement, the Court scheduled the pronouncement of a verdict for March 15.

Vlahovic: Child Cannot Be Trusted In its closing arguments, the defence for Veselin “Batko” Vlahovic, charged with crimes in Sarajevo, emphasised that protected witness  S-44 cannot be trusted because in 1992 she was a “child of 12 years”.

‚Bosnian Book of the Dead‘ Published A Bosnian research group has issued a book with the names of around 96,000 victims of the 1990s conflict, intended to be the most accurate memorial yet published.

Grujic: Verdict Due February 14 Presenting its closing statement at the trial for crimes in Zvornik, the Defence calls on the Court to pronounce a verdict of release against indictee Slobodan Grujic. The Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina will pronounce its verdict on February 14.

Vlaco: Sarajevo Detention Camps Trial Opens Prosecutors accused Branko Vlaco of persecuting non-Serbs at camps in the Vogosca suburb of the Bosnian capital and in neighbouring villages in 1992.

Koricanske Stijene: Defendant „Logistics Inspector“ In the closing argument at the retrial for crimes committed at Koricanske stijene, the defence of Dusan Jankovic said that the Prosecution’s evidence cannot be sufficient to find Jankovic guilty in any capacity.

Koricanske Stijene Verdict on February 15 The Appeals chamber of the Bosnian State court will render its verdict at the trialof the four ex-policemen from Republika Srpska charged with murdering more than 150 Bosniak civilians on Koricanske Stijene, near Mount Vlasic.

Silos: Bosnian Serbs ‚Abused and Killed‘ at Prison Camp Detainees were beaten, humiliated and murdered by detention camp guards in the Sarajevo suburb of Hadzici, a witness told a war crimes trial in the Bosnian capital.

Silos: One Slap Testifying at the trial for crimes in Hadzici, a State Prosecution witness says that he was not mistreated or beaten during his stay in Silos and Krupa.

Avdovic and Vintila: Ex-Detainee Recalls Sarajevo Barracks Beatings A Bosnian Serb witness testified how a guard repeatedly attacked him while he was imprisoned at the Viktor Bubanj army barracks during wartime.

Jukic: Unauthorized Defence of Indictee At the trial for crimes in the Prozor area, the Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina announces its intention to file a criminal report against attorney Zlatko Milovic due to the unauthorised representation of indictee Zeljko Jukic.

Zivkovic and Tadic: Closing Statements on February 6 After examining a military court expert at the trial for crimes in Cajnice, the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina sets the presentation of Prosecution’s closing statements for February 6.

Gasal et al: Retrial Begins January 30 As agreed at a status conference, the beginning of the retrial of Nisvet Gasal, Musajb Kukavica and Senad Dautovic, who are charged with crimes in Bugojno, is scheduled for January 30.

Bojadzic: Jablanica Prison Guards Speak of Beatings and Rape At the trial for crimes committed in Jablanica, a prosecution witness said that prisoner Miroslav Stipanovic told him that defendant Nihad Bojadzic beat him up in 1993.

Krsmanovic: Brother’s Wartime Abduction A prosecution witness testified at the war crimes trial of former Bosnian Serb soldier Oliver Krsmanovic that fighters abducted and killed his brother.

Mladjenovic et al: Bratunac Witness Testifies about Brother’s Disappearance At the trial for crimes in the Bratunac municipality, a prosecution witness said that in May 1992 she saw imprisoned men in the village of Hranca, among them her brother, whom she saw there for the last time.

Babic: Witness ‚Transported Corpses on Tractor‘ A prosecution witness at the Bratunac war crimes trial said he had moved Bosniaks‘ decomposing bodies to a pit where they were buried.

Planincic et al: Airplanes above Vecici Village Na suđenju za zločine počinjene u septembru 1992. u selu Serdari kod Kotor-Varoši, svjedok Odbrane govorio je o dešavanjima u obližnjem selu Večići dva mjeseca ranije.

Kovacevic: New Defence Attorney Needs Three Weeks to Prepare The State Court accepts a request to release Branka Praljak from her duties and appoint Bajro Avdic as new Defence attorney of Zemir Kovacevic.

Request for Extension of Prohibiting Measures for Marinic The State Prosecution requests that prohibiting measures against Zoran Marinic, who is charged with crimes in Busovaca, be extended. The Defence does not object to the request.

Mladic: Passersby Shot Intentionally As the trial of Ratko Mladic continues, a former French UNPROFOR Officer says that the Republika Srpska Army, VRS “constantly and randomly” shelled the city and “intentionally” opened sniper fire at civilians in 1995.

Mladic: Corpses Brought from Other Locations During the cross-examination of Prosecution witness RM-055 the Defence of Ratko Mladic suggests that the corpses of people, who were killed at other locations, were placed among the bodies of victims of the second explosion at Markale in August 1995.

Mladic: Grenade Came from the Direction of Serb Positions During the last part of his three-day testimony at the trial of Ratko Mladic at The Hague a French UNPROFOR Officer says that it was determined, through an investigation, that the second explosion at Markale open market in August 1995 was caused by a projectile fired from the direction of positions held by the Republika Srpska Army, VRS.

Mladic: Warned about Massacre Former UNPROFOR Commander Rupert Smith says at the trial of Ratko Mladic that, following the fall of Srebrenica in mid-July 1995, he warned Mladic about crimes against Muslims and requested permission to visit prisoners, but he rejected his request.

Mladic: UNPROFOR Trusted Only Evidence Cross examining former UNPROFOR Commander in BiH Rupert Smith, the Defence of Ratko Mladic tried to dispute his claim that Bosnian Serb forces fired the mortar that killed and wounded dozens of Sarajevo citizens in the summer of 1995.

Karadzic: No Deportations from Foca By examining witness Trifko Pljevaljcic before The Hague Tribunal, Radovan Karadzic tried to deny the allegations that he persecuted Muslims from Foca in 1992.

Karadzic: International Forces‘ Partiality Testifying in defence of Radovan Karadzic, retired lieutenant colonel of the Republika Srpska Army, VRS Milenko Indjic says that, during the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina the Serb Army constantly proposed a general ceasefire and the demilitarisation of Sarajevo with the aim of ending the war.

Karadzic: General Overjoyed with ABiH’s Knowledge Former Commander of the Sarajevo-Romanija Corps with the Republika Srpska Army, VRS Dragomir Milosevic testifies in defence of Radovan Karadzic and says that his forces did not intentionally shell and target civilians by snipers in Sarajevo in 1994 and 1995.

Karadzic: Provoked Murders in Srebrenica Retired Lieutenant Colonel of the Republika Srpska Army, VRS Milenko Indjic says at the trial of Radovan Karadzic that “Muslims organised and provoked” and “Serb forces committed” the mass murders of Bosniaks in Srebrenica in July 1995.

Local Justice:

Local Justice – Doboj: Verdict against Ribic on January 31 The District Court in Doboj is due to pronounce a verdict against Senahid Ribic, known as Beslaga, who is charged with crimes against civilians in the Odzak area, on January 31 this year.

Local Justice – Markovic: Trial Begins in February As agreed at a status conference, the trial of Mladen Markovic, who is charged with crimes against the civilian population in the Visegrad area, is due to begin before the District Court in Eastern Sarajevo on February 19.

Local Justice – Markovic: Torture in Sokolac Testifying at the trial of Milan Markovic for crimes in the Sokolac area, Prosecution expert witnesses say that witness Hasan Dugic has symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder caused by the arrest, detention and torture he suffered in 1992.

Local Justice – Zenica: Kadic Pleads not Guilty Asim Kadic appears before the Cantonal Court in Zenica and pleads not guilty to the charges that he committed crimes against the civilian population in Visoko.

Local Justice – Doboj: Injuries Caused by Baton As the trial of Miroslav ‘Piko’ Pijunovic, who is charged with crimes against Bosniak and Croat civilians in the Teslic area, continues, court expert Ljubomir Curkic says before the District Court in Doboj that the injury on Jozo Martinovic’s body was caused by a mechanical weapon.

Local Justice – Curtic: Hit with Leg At the trial for crimes in Stupni Do village, Vares municipality witness Muamera Mahmutovic says that indictee Ermin Curtic hit her in her mouth with his leg and robbed her in 1993.

Week ahead: Retrial for Bugojno Crimes Begins The retrial of Nisvet Gasal, Musajb Kukavica and Senad Dautovic, who are charged with crimes against Croats in Bugojno in 1993, before the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina is due to begin next week. Verdict for Grbavica Crimes on March 15
Vlahovic: Child Cannot Be Trusted
‚Bosnian Book of the Dead‘ Published
Grujic: Verdict Due February 14
Vlaco: Sarajevo Detention Camps Trial Opens
Koricanske Stijene: Defendant „Logistics Inspector“
Koricanske Stijene Verdict on February 15
Silos: Bosnian Serbs ‚Abused and Killed‘ at Prison Camp
Silos: One Slap
Avdovic and Vintila: Ex-Detainee Recalls Sarajevo Barracks Beatings
Jukic: Unauthorized Defence of Indictee
Zivkovic and Tadic: Closing Statements on February 6
Gasal et al: Retrial Begins January 30
Bojadzic: Jablanica Prison Guards Speak of Beatings and Rape
Krsmanovic: Brother’s Wartime Abduction
Mladjenovic et al: Bratunac Witness Testifies about Brother’s Disappearance
Babic: Witness ‚Transported Corpses on Tractor‘
Planincic et al: Airplanes above Vecici Village
Kovacevic: New Defence Attorney Needs Three Weeks to Prepare
Request for Extension of Prohibiting Measures for Marinic
Mladic: Passersby Shot Intentionally
Mladic: Corpses Brought from Other Locations
Mladic: Grenade Came from the Direction of Serb Positions
Mladic: Warned about Massacre
Mladic: UNPROFOR Trusted Only Evidence
Karadzic: No Deportations from Foca
Karadzic: International Forces‘ Partiality
Karadzic: General Overjoyed with ABiH’s Knowledge
Karadzic: Provoked Murders in Srebrenica

Local Justice:
Local Justice – Doboj: Verdict against Ribic on January 31
Local Justice – Markovic: Trial Begins in February
Local Justice – Markovic: Torture in Sokolac
Local Justice – Zenica: Kadic Pleads not Guilty
Local Justice – Doboj: Injuries Caused by Baton
Local Justice – Curtic: Hit with Leg
Week ahead: Retrial for Bugojno Crimes Begins

Türkisches Schiff schmuggelt Waffen für Libyen und Mali

Turkish Ship With Tonnes of Weapons Sails To Volos!

credit enkripto

Port and customs officials were put on alert on Thursday after finding out that a cargo ship that had requested to be refueled (transit oil) at the port of Heracles (in Asteria Agrias) was carrying heavy weaponry and ammunition. Officials immediately informed the ministries of Foreign Affairs, Finance, Merchant Marine and the headquarters of the Hellenic Coast Guard. Following this, officials secured the area around the port and special forces from the Coast Guard conducted a thorough investigation.

According to a report from the Thessaly Journal, the ship „Alexandretta“ -which was flying the flag of Saint Vincent- was from Turkey, and although it is registered as a cement bulk cargo ship was in all reality suspiciously transporting a huge quantity of weapons and ammunition. It said that unconfirmed reports also spoke of portable antiaircraft guns and anti-tank missiles, ammunition and infantry weapons such as Kalashnikov guns, etc.

The newspaper noted that the ship was bound for Libya, but also said that it could have been headed towards Mali (which boarders Libya) to arm Islamic rebels fighting there.

The newspaper, quoting reliable sources, said that as soon as Greek authorities were notified, they surrounded the ship, and prevented any embarking and disembarking to be conducted. For security purposes the ship was then forced to dock at the port of Volos, where it was immediately quarantined and under the watchful eye of competent authorities.

According to legislation, ships transporting weaponry -bound for countries such as Libya, Iran, Syria- are forbidden to pass through Greece. The newspaper said that the ship’s capacity is 4,000 tonnes, but it did not disclose the exact weight of the cargo.

It should be reminded that Yemen authorities had discovered a similar shipment from a Turkish ship last November on the outskirts of the Anten port. The report in the Thessaly Journal noted that at the time, authorities were shocked to discover the $120 million shipment, and even more so when they uncovered that the ship was transporting 3,000 Turkish made pistols with silencers that were well hidden in biscuit boxes!

Source: Journal of Thessaly
Featured on the Greek news site

Dick Marty – EULEX: Kosovo organ trade probe will be „inevitably long

Re-Analyzing Dick Marty’s Report Opposing New NATO Strategic Concept – EU-Report Says Kosovo PM Hashim Thaci: Head of Organ Ring
Kosovo: “EULEX panic” after organ smuggling revelations

EULEX: Kosovo organ trade probe will be „inevitably long“

BRUSSELS — A spokesman for the EULEX Special Investigating Task Force says that „progress has been made in key areas“ in the investigation of organ trafficking in Kosovo.


The work of this team may not always be visible, but that it is consistent with the usual procedures of investigation and prosecution, Juri Laas said in Brussels on Wednesday.

According to him, the investigation „will inevitably be long and complex“.

The statement came after Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said the EU is maintaining an unconstructive attitude towards the investigation into the trafficking in human organs in Kosovo, and that Moscow supports Serbia’s request for the United Nations to join the investigation.

Speaking at an annual news conference in Moscow about the results of Russia’s foreign policy in 2012, Lavrov said the EU had „usurped the investigation“ which is at a standstill, and that it is even „slowly closing it down“.

In a statement to Serbia’s Beta news agency, Laas reiterated that „since its formation in September 2011, the SITF has made progress in a number of key areas, including the collection of relevant information from institutional sources, securing regional cooperation agreements, bolstering witness protection arrangements and in the conduct of its own operational investigating activities.“

The probe concerns allegations that ethnic Albanian Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA;UCK) in 1999 and 2000 kidnapped Serb and other civilians in Kosovo, illegally imprisoned them in northern Albania, to then sell their body parts in the international black market for human organs.

A report was filed in late 2010 by the Council of Europe (CoE) Special Rapporteur Dick Marty, and a resolution was subsequently adopted based on his report, calling for an investigation to be launched.

The allegations first surfaced in a book published in 2008 by former Chief Hague Prosecutor Carla Del Ponte.

The Serbian War Crimes Prosecution is conducting an investigation of its on into the atrocities.

Sämtliche Chefs der Besatzungsverwaltung UNMIK, die laut Pack der faktischen Unterstützung von Korruption schuldig sind, stammten aus EU-Staaten, allein zwei davon aus der Bundesrepublik. Deutschland ist der Staat, dem stets der größte Einfluss auf die UNMIK-Verwaltung zugeschrieben wurde.[12] (PK) ……………………………

Bicaj, das UCK Terroristen Camp bei Peskopje, des US Botschafters Josef Limprecht
Was durchaus bekannt ist, weil die KFOR damals mit Ärzten und einem Hubschrauber den US Botschafter retten wollten, starb der US Botschafter Josef Limprecht im Organ Handels Terroristen Camp Bucja, bei Peskopje am 19. Mai 2002. Limprecht, holte persönlich Drogen ab, von Frachtern im Hafen Durres, zur Verteilung über seine UCK Terroristen und Verbrecher und war schon optisch schwer krank, so das er wohl auch ein neue Niere, damals erhielt. Richtig war, wie Insider der US Botschaft berichteten: Im Terroristen Camp, wurden wie der Dick Marty Bericht schreibt, auch Frauen gehandelt und beim Sex mit einer sehr jungen Sex Sklavin, hatte Limprecht, eine Herz Attake und wurde dann umgehend ausserhalb des Todes Camps abgelegt und der Fahrer von Limprecht, verständigte die NATO, welche noch mit einem Hubschrauber und Ärzten kam um das Leben des Botschafters zu retten.

Joseph Limprecht
Foreign Service officer
Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary
Appointment: July 7, 1999
Presentation of Credentials: Sept. 8, 1999
Termination of Mission: Died in northern Albania, May 19, 2002

Dead by sex with a very young sex sklave near a terrorim camp by Peskopje

Spezialität: Drogen Pakete abholen im Hafen von Durres und Waffen verschieen nach Montenegro und Nord Albanien

Joseph Limprecht, U.S. Diplomat, 55

Published: May 21, 2002

Joseph Limprecht, the United States ambassador to Albania, died of a heart attack on Sunday. He was 55.

The diplomat was ending a tour of northern Albanian districts and was about to stop in the scenic Lura Lakes area when he was stricken, an embassy official said.

Die dreisten Lügen, des “Minister” Lulzim Basha, rund um UN – EU . ITCY Ermittlungen.
Bicaj, das Terroristen Camp bei Peskopje, des dort verstorbenen US-Botschafters Josef Limprecht.

Der Pyschopat Lulzim Basha, heute als Albanischer Innenminister unterwegs und eng mit der Top Balkan Mafia verbunden, u.a mit Damir Fazllic, versucht doch mit allen Mitteln, wie andere hoch kriminelle Partner der Politik, Ermittlungen in Organ Geschäften rund um die UCK Veerbrecher zu verhindern, indem er bestreitet je für den ITCY tätig gewesen sein, bei Ermittlungen in Albanien. Zuvor, wurde Lulzim Basha, als Drogen Aussenminister prominent und zuvor auch als Transport Minister, als Anklage gegen ihn wegen Korruption erhoben wurde.

Dummerweise steht das sogar auf der Website des Innenministeriums, was wir hier beweisen und andere zig Zeugen, wie auch HRW usw.. ebenso.

Aber so dumm sind halt Leute, die auf merkwürdige Weise, zu ihren Titeln kommen und noch merkwürdigerweise in hohe Ämter, ohne jede Berufs Ausbildung und Erfahrung. Peinlich, wenn solche Berufs Ganoven heute frei herumlaufen, denn noch dümmer hätte man nicht lügen können.

Der Kosovare, Experte Tefnik Gashi, bestätigt ausdrücklich hier, das der heutige Innenminister Lulzim Basha, für die ITCY und den Ermittler Baraybar gearbeitet hat.

Gashi: Basha, përkthyes për Baraybar
Lulzim Pasha
Lulzim Basha – Minister i Brendshem
i Republikes se Shqiperise


Kosovo: Organhandelsvorwürfe bereits seit 2001 bekannt?

Kosovo: Organhandelsvorwürfe bereits seit 2001 bekannt?

Im Juni hatte die Parlamentarische Versammlung des Europarats den Schweizer Ständerat Dick Marty zum Berichterstatter über den angeblichen Handel mit Organen im Kosovo ernannt. Entsprechende Vorwürfe hatte die ehemalige Chefanklägerin des Haager Tribunals, Carla Del Ponte, in ihrem im April in Italien erschienen Buch “La Caccia” (”Die Jagd. Ich und die Kriegsverbrecher”) erhoben.

Enver Robelli: Kur dhelpra kalli bishtin e vet – und der Frankenstein des Balkans: Shaip Muja

“Geheimes” NATO Dokument, dokumentiert nochmal die Top Verbrecher im Kosovo: Hashim Thaci und Xhavit Halili

Der Terroristen Idiot Hashim Thaci, macht nun seine Mord Drohungen, gegen die Helfer von Dick Marty

Favorite in Czech elections calls Kosovo „terrorist“

PRAGUE — The favorite to win the Czech presidential elections runoff, Miloš Zeman, has voiced strong criticism of Kosovo.


Speaking for the ČTK news agency he said that if elected, he would „not allow a Czech ambassador to be sent to Priština“.
„I would withdraw even the charge d’affaires that is there now, let alone send an ambassador. I consider Kosovo a terrorist regime financed by narco-mafias,“ Belgrade-based daily Danas is quoting Zeman as saying.

According to opinion polls, Zeman is more likely to win in the second round of the elections, scheduled for late January. His opponent is Karel Schwarzenberg.

It was the opposition of the outgoing president, Vaclav Klaus, that prevented the appointment of an ambassador in Priština, although the Czech Republic is among the 22 of EU’s 27 nations that have recognized Kosovo.

Ethnic Albanians there five years ago unilaterally declared independence – a proclamation that Serbia rejects and considers unconstitutional.

Albanian Mafia Judge: Albanian Judge Injured in Acid Attack

Corruption in the judiciary is pervasive. Many judges issue rulings that do not appearto have any basis in law or fact, leading some to believe that the only plausible explanation is corruption or political pressure. Broad immunity enjoyed by judges prohibits prosecutors from investigating corruption allegations until they make a public request to the High Council of Justice to lift the accused judge’s immunity, and receive its approval. Few judges have been prosecuted for corruption because most criminal investigations must remain secret, at least initially, in order to be successful.


Joseph Limprecht Memorial Website
[30] Speech to the National Judicial Conference — December 5, 2001

17 Jan 13
Albanian Judge Injured in Acid Attack

Mirela Mishgjoni, a criminal judge in the city of Vlora, suffered injuries to her face after an unknown suspect sprinkled her with a medical acid compound on Tuesday.

Besar Likmeta


Hetimet për sulmin me acid ndaj gjyqtares në Vlorë



Mishgjoni was attacked as she left her apartment for work and has been recovering in Vlora’s regional hospital.

Judges in the city of Vlora suspended work in protest, while the Supreme Court and the High Council of Justice condemned the attack.

“We express our solidarity with the judge’s family and strongly condemn this attack,” the deputy head of the Council of Justice, Elvis Cefa, said.

The Supreme Court underlined that after a series of attacks on judges, the authorities needed to do more to protect them.

“This grave assault is an attack on the whole judicial community in Albania,” the Court said.

“In the name of Albanian judicial corps we call on the authorities to respect the legal requirement to protect judges,” it added.

In 2011, a 33-year-old judge from the same court was killed in mafia-style attack, after a bomb exploded in his car. The bombers have yet to be identified.

70-90 % der legalisierten Grundstücks Urkunden der Vlore Mafia sind gefälscht, oder entsprechen nicht den Gesetzen

[5] Rexhepi Dilaver – Kemal Mulla 75% Grundstücks Urkunden, direkt gefälscht durch die AKKP in Durres

Zu inkompetent, korrupt und dumm, um ein Land überhaupt je in Funktion zubringen.

in der Schweiz hat man ebenso festgestellt, das der [25] Bildungsstand der Kosovo Albaner noch geringer ist, was nicht verwundern kann, wenn man mit Null Schul Abschluss, sogar einen Lehrer Posten erhält.
[26] Wikileaks: Albanien ein Produkt der US – NATO Verbrecher Syndikate
[27] Ausländischer Investor: “banditët ordinerë” und Interpol Suche, nach Banditen mit erkauften “biometrischen Pässen

Der Justiz Rat, diskutiert nun die Umbesetzungen in der Justiz

Kurz gesagt: Nichts wird geschehen, denn man muss nur die neuere Historie der Albanischen Justiz nachlesen, was primitive Gangster wie Salih Berisha, Ilir Meta, Fatos Nano so in 20 Jahren trieben, um jede Art von Justiz zuverhindern und die höheren Posten an die Mafia verkauften, gegen Cash, niedrigere Posten, an Partei Gänger und Verwandte. Man nennt es: Klientel Politik, wie es die Mafia nicht besser machen könnte und den westlichen Justiz Aufbauhelfer redet man nach dem Mund und verkauft das unter Reformen, was lächerlich ist.  Nichts wird geschehen, mit diesen Leuten, was auch nicht möglich ist. Die Geschichte, zeigt das Leute wie diverse Justiz Minister, max. einmal einen 6 Monats Kurs besuchten, oft sind alle Schul Zeugnisse und Diplome gefälscht.

Es gibt ja viele Konferenzen, aber weil die Polizei praktisch in allen Gebieten Anzeigen verweigert, man oft nicht einmal plötzlich Computer hat, die Polizisten Analphabeten sind, gibt es kaum Anzeigen noch. Also hat man auch keine Gerichts Fälle und Arbeit für Staatsanwälte, welche oft inkompetent sind.

Das Verfassungs Gericht in Albanien hat eine lange Tradition der peinlichen Inkompetenz mit Willkür Entscheidungen, denn die Richter sind käuflich, wie die Minister, Richter und Staatsanwälte. Schon Thimjo Kondi, fälschte eigene Grundstücks Urkunden und die käuflichen Urteile sind Legende. Alles ist dokumentiert, was die Profi Gangster der Regierung nun seit 20 Jahre treiben und wie die Posten besetzt werden mit inkompetenten Kriminellen und Spinnern. Bujar Nishani, Eduard Halimi und diese Dumm Mafia Truppe, betreiben nur erneut eine Theater Show, einer Justiz Reform, weil auch die EU desaströse Naivlinge entsendet.

Man sollte die geschichtlichen Fakten nachlesen, wo dann das desaströse Scheitern der US und EU Justiz und Polizei Missionen ab 2007 vollkommen unverständlich wird, weil ja Alles gut bekannt war. Seite 78-91
Erfolg und Scheitern von Demokratisierungsprozessen: Fallstudien Albanien ...

Die Peinlichkeit des Elis Cefa, an praktisch die hoechste Gerichts Kontroll Stelle, zeigt das man in Albanien keine Probleme hat, wenn solche Leute in Aemter gebracht werden, obwohl zig Anzeigen rund um kriminelle Grundstuecks Geschaefte gegen Elis Cefa anhaengig sind und er nun durch die Immunitaet, erneut geschuetzt ist.

Neritan Tabaku Der Richter Neritan Tabaku, der von einem verurteilten Moerder gekauft wurde, wie es Standard ist, das man sich bei Richtern und kriminellen Ministern freikauft. Richter Neritan Tabaku, ist spurlos verschwunden, die Justiz kennt plötzlich keine Adresse, Vorladungen wurden ignoriert. identisch wie in anderen Fällen, wo u.a. die Handys aus der Aservaten Kammer verschwanden, wie im Falle der Polizisten Mörders Dritan Dajti.

Muster Beispiel auch der Richter Neritan Tabaku, rund um die Morde einer kriminellen und korrupten Banditen Polizei, was nicht nur in Sarande in das totale Chaos fuehrte rund um Landraub und illegale Bauten.

Das EU Desaster mit der Justiz und Polizei in Albanien und die Beerdigung des erschossenen Polizei Chef: Adem Tahiri

The Gangster paradies: Top Albanian Officials Named as Tax Debtors

04 Jan 13
Top Albanian Officials Named as Tax Debtors

Data obtained by Balkan Insight shows Albania’s president, parliamentary speaker, several ministers and more than a third of parliament owe vehicle registration taxes.

Besar Likmeta



Albania’s parliament during a plenary session

According to Albania’s road tax collection agency, President Bujar Nishani and speaker of parliament Jozefina Topalli both have unpaid taxes from 2010 for their personal vehicles.

Officials listed as debtors by the agency also include finance minister Ridvan Bode, transport minister Sokol Olldashi, health minister Vangjel Tavo and culture minister Aldo Bumci.

Apart from the four ministers, 45 other MPs from the 140-seat parliament owe vehicle registration taxes, including lawmakers from both the governing centre-right coalition and the Socialist opposition.

Albanian Officials and MPs Who Owe Vehicle Registration Taxes   Tag nr.    Owner                   Region              Date

  1. TR0231F Sadri Ismail Abazi TIRANE  25.07.2005
  2. TR7170F Arben Novruz Ahmetaj TIRANE  16.05.2008
  3. TR5110K Ilir Andrea Bano TIRANE  25.02.2005
  4. TR2909L Besnik Mitat Baraj TIRANE 02.12.2010
  5. TR3885S Bujar Faik Nishani TIRANE  20.05.2010
  6. TR2800S Koço Spiro Barka TIRANE  14.07.2010
  7. TR5508J Fatos Asllan Beja TIRANE  20.05.2009
  8. TR0402M Marko Naun Bello TIRANE  19.06.2006
  9. TR8426N Ritvan Vait Bode TIRANE  03.08.2009
  10. TR9839J Luçiano Dhimiter Boçi TIRANE  29.04.2005
  11. TR2571U Erion Mirdash Braçe TIRANE  09.08.2010
  12. TR2155N Raimonda Skënder Bulku TIRANE  28.04.2010
  13. TR1490I Aldo Tonin Bumçi TIRANE  04.08.2010
  14. TR5390U Ramiz Myftar Çobaj TIRANE  05.11.2010
  15. TR0566L Arben Kristaq Çuko TIRANE  01.11.2010
  16. TR0902L Arta Agim Dade TIRANE  25.08.2005
  17. TR2942I Alfred Maliq Dalipi TIRANE  25.06.2010
  18. TR1497T Ndrec Ndue Dedaj TIRANE  18.11.2010
  19. TR6444U Mesila Fatmir Doda TIRANE  06.12.2010
  20. TR8767D Asllan Shaban Dogjani TIRANE  05.02.2009
  21. TR1853L Tom Gjek Doshi TIRANE  09.03.2010
  22. TR7746T Vangjel Jorgo Dule TIRANE  23.04.2010
  23. TR4254F Besnik Xhafer Dushaj TIRANE  10.09.2009
  24. TR8575T Damian Lek Gjiknuri TIRANE  13.05.2010
  25. TR3182S Sybi Reshit Hida TIRANE  15.05.2010
  26. TR2191L Shpetim Hysni Idrizi TIRANE  09.10.2007
  27. TR8787N Arben Astrit Isaraj TIRANE 03.09.2007
  28. TR7077F Gjovalin Pjeter Kadeli TIRANE  04.04.2009
  29. TR2422M Fatbardh Agim Kadilli TIRANE  28.10.2010
  30. TR8788T Ndue Marash Kola TIRANE  14.05.2010
  31. TR5560J Valentina Abedin Leskaj TIRANE  20.05.2009
  32. TR4184J Shegush Osman Ligori TIRANE  30.04.2009
  33. TR3148N Mark Pjeter Marku TIRANE  27.05.2008
  34. TR5949L Florjon Prokop Mima TIRANE 12.08.2010
  35. TR8808T Qemal Tahir Minxhozi TIRANE  18.05.2010
  36. DR0350F Gazmend Nuri Oketa DURRES  22.10.2010
  37. TR0003N Sokol Vangjel Olldashi TIRANE 14.07.2009
  38. TR0055T Ndue Llesh Paluca TIRANE  16.10.2009
  39. TR8362N Dashamir Myslim Peza TIRANE  09.09.2008
  40. TR8419L Dritan Vlash Prifti TIRANE 23.06.2010
  41. TR0008N Xhemal Myslim Qefalia TIRANE  01.03.2007
  42. TR6194F Eduart Pajtim Shalsi TIRANE 29.04.2003
  43. TR4281P Tritan Masar Shehu TIRANE  10.03.2010
  44. TR7922K Luan Shyqyri Skuqi TIRANE 27.05.2005
  45. TR1581M Paulin Nikolle Sterkaj TIRANE  21.07.2006
  46. TR5385U Vangjel Llambi Tavo TIRANE  05.11.2010
  47. TR0379R Dashamir Mehmet Tahiri TIRANE  06.07.2009
  48. TR1995L Jozefina Filip Topalli TIRANE  13.10.2010
  49. TR6767N Arenca Vehbi Trashani TIRANE  19.07.2007
  50. TR1600R Fatmir Sezai Xhafaj TIRANE  28.07.2010
  51. TR2107L Luiza Mihal Xhuvani TIRANE  16.12.2009

The spokesperson for the president’s office, Irma Toptani, declined to comment on the allegations when contacted by Balkan Insight.

However parliamentary speaker Topalli told Balkan Insight through a spokesperson that the taxes on her vehicle have been settled, but were simply paid slightly late.

“The taxes have been paid, not on the due date but a month later, as it is a vehicle that her husband uses,” said her spokesperson Suela Ruseti.

However, the head of Albania’s General Directorate of Services for Road Transportation, Arben Pinari, told Balkan Insight that the agency’s list of debtors is constantly updated.

“Our register has been updated on a day-to-day basis over the course of this year,” Pinari said.

Although the agency itself cannot directly collect the unpaid taxes, Pinari underlined that every year it sends the list of debtors to the tax authorities to ensure they are collected.

“We are legally bound to send the list to the tax authorities, which should start the procedures for their collection, through orders of sequester or by sending the names to the state police,” he said.

According to Pinari, a part of these unpaid taxes relates to vehicles that might not exist any more but whose owners have failed to deregister them; however, he stressed that such cases represent a small portion of the debts.

The agency does not list only high officials as debtors but also state institutions such as the president’s office that have outstanding taxes owing for their vehicles.

Pinari explained that the problems with state institutions, which represent a small part of the list, arise not only because they do they not pay their bills, but also because they sometimes do not bother to deregister a vehicle that has been scrapped.

“Sometimes accountants in a state institution would simply forget to pay the bill or their funds would run out,” Pinari said. “There are institutions that have put the vehicles out of service, but have failed to deregister them, which costs only 600 lek (4.30 euro),” he said.

Albania protests report of massive corruption


The opposition said a recent report on money that was transferred out of Albania through illegal activities proves that the government is corrupt.

By Erl Murati for Southeast European Times in Tirana — 03/01/13



photoDespite a ‚zero tolerance‘ policy by the government, Albania is the most corrupt country in Europe, according to a 2012 Transparency International report. [EU]

Members of the Albanian government are disputing a Global Financial Integrity that said that almost $1.3 billion were moved illicitly out of the country from 2005-2010 through a combination of corruption, tax evasion and other illegal activities.

The report prompted the opposition Socialist Party to label Prime Minister Sali Berisha’s government as corrupt and had the state’s finance minister urging critics to view the report from a regional perspective.

„Serbia ranks at 16th place with a negative influx of $5 billion per year, Bulgaria with $1.5 billion, Croatia with $1.5 billion and Montenegro with $1 billion a year,“ said Finance Minister Ridvan Bode, who indicated that Albania does not look bad by comparison.

But Global Financial Integrity does not agree.

„It’s an enormous amount of money for a country like Albania to lose. If this money had stayed inside the country, it could have been used in infrastructure, education and to pull people out of poverty,“ Clark Gascoigne, a spokesman for the organisation, told reporters.

Arben Doçi, the head of the Money Laundering Prevention Agency, said that the figure published in the Global Financial Integrity‘ report is exaggerated.

„There is no data in the report regarding the nature of these transactions and the way this money flowed out of Albania. I can only say that we’re talking about much exaggerated monetary volumes. Our institution scrutinises all suspicious transactions and cash movements over a certain threshold, and didn’t run into such volumes,“ Doçi told SETimes.

Opposition leader Edi Rama said blame lies with the government. „In the best case the government turns a blind eye to this [money] that ‚escaped‘ from Albania through an evasion, in the worst case it is part of the criminal links,“ Rama said.

When Berisha’s government took over in 2005, the prime minister promised it would maintain a „zero tolerance“ policy on corruption. But the government has spent the past seven years mired in a corruption scandal.

Erjon Braçe, vice chairman of the socialist parliamentary group and a member of the economic parliamentary commission, said that financial crime is eroding the economy………