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SAS – Mi6: British SAS Terror Operation: Balkan, Irak, Pakistan, Libyen

Dienstag, Oktober 11th, 2011

Mi6: British SAS Terror Operation: Balkan, Irak, Pakistan, Libyen
Leadership in Terror Operations and Terror: Mi6 – SAS worldwhite  Teacher for the Islam terrorist

21.4.2011: Die Ratten des Britischen Mi6 : unter welchem Namen die Gestalten operieren

Liste der Mi6 Agenten

‘Al Qaeda Bomber Worked For UK Intelligence’ —————————————————————————(News SKY) An al Qaeda “assassin” accused of bombing Christian churches anda luxury hotel in Pakistan was working for British intelligence at the sametime, according to leaked files.The claim about Adil Hadi al Jazairi Bin Hamlili is made in secret reportson detainees at the US military’s Guantanamo Bay prison camp obtained bythe whistleblowing website WikiLeaks(a) ( b) British military investigator found hung in Basraby Julie HylandOctober 22, 2005World Socialist Web SiteEmail this article to a friendPrint this articleA senior British military police officer in Iraq, Captain Ken Masters, was found hung in his military accommodation in Basra on October 15.Masters was commander of the Royal Military Police’s Special Investigations Branch (SIB), charged with investigating allegations of mistreatment of Iraqi civilians by British soldiers. According to the Independent newspaper, in this capacity Masters “had examined almost every single serious allegation of abuse of Iraqi civilians by British troops,” including “the cases of the fusiliers convicted of abusing prisoners at Camp Breadbasket near Basra and a paratrooper who has been charged in connection with the death of Baha Mousa, a hotel receptionist.”In recent weeks, Masters was thought to have been involved in the investigation into the events of September 19, when Iraqi police arrested two British undercover Special Air Service (SAS) officers in Basra. 

SAS – Basra Rescue

On the 19th of September, 2005, 2 SAS soldiers were on a surveillance operation, in a unmarked car, close to Jamiyat Police station in Basra. The SAS had been tasked with investigating claims that the Iraqi Police had been torturing prisoners in the station. A particular senior Police officer was suspected and it was he who the 2-man SAS team were watching. (note: some sources indicate that the surveillance operation was actually carried out by members of the Special Reconnaissance Regiment(SRR))

Just before the team were about to end the surveillance mission, they were confronted by several plains-clothes Iraqi policemen. A gunfight ensued during which at least one Iraqi policeman was wounded.


Two SAS soldiers were freed from a jail in Basra under the watch of British armoured vehicles last night a few hours after they were seized by Iraqis during the worst riots in Iraq’s second city in two years.


 Troops free SAS men free from jail

British soldier escapes burning Warrior


Image 2 of 3

Just before the team were about to end the surveillance mission, they were confronted by several plains-clothes Iraqi policemen. A gunfight ensued during which at least one Iraqi policeman was wounded.The SAS men tried to reach an emergency rendezvous point (ERV) but were stopped by uniformed Police who were investigating the gunfire. The SAS chose to surrender at this point. They identified themselves as British military and they were taken into custody.

capture undercover british operatives

Photo released to the media showing the 2 captured British soldiers and their weapons.captured sas weapons

Kein Interesse an Verhandlungen

USA und deren Verbündete in Europa lehnen Atomgespräche mit Iran ab. Artikel lesen

Morden, foltern, vergewaltigen

Neue Berichte über Verbrechen der NATO-Hilfstruppen in Afghanistan. Artikel lesen

Massaker über Massaker, durch die NATO Geheimdienste: Die NATO schweigt!

December 11, 2011

The Tripoli Massacres: The Yarmouk Mosque Dump


22 Black Men, Found Near the Yarmouk Base
December 11, 2011

<< The Tripoli Massacres
<< The Khamis Brigade Shed Massacre

Bodies Found on a Dirt Road
I was started on this by a not-so-new video which I haven’t seen yet. Peet73 tipped me off to this amateur, sideways-filmed video of several bodies found in late August in Tripoli/al-Furjan, apparently executed and scattered along a small stretch of road. At least many of them are not bound (now), but they were clearly taken there and killed. They appear to be exclusively black men.
جثت أمام معسكر 32 خلة الفرجان 27-8-2011 [auto-translate: “Knelt in front of Camp 32 trait Furjan”]
Uploaded by 17022011libya on Aug 29, 2011
I’m pretty sure this is the one I downloaded, original sideways format, encoded UTC Aug 28 16:12:16. There are other versions that fix the rotation (like this). The light angle seems about right for thattime of day, so I’m considering this the time of filming. 4pm on August 28.

The Yarmouk base and its attached shed massacre was in a neighborhood called by some Khalet al-Ferjan (Furjan), among other names. It was in a farm compound just behind the Yarmouk military base, a headquarters of the 32nd battallion, Khamis Katiba (see here for precise location). As Peet73 confirms in a comment below, it’s all the same district, in which these and several others had been found not charred to the bone. Though they’ve been around for the same time, these victims don’t seem to be mentioned among the earlier reports from the base, bar one that I’ve run across, from CNN, August 29:

Rebels advancing on Tripoli discovered the bodies charred beyond recognition in a warehouse next to the military base. In addition, a resident who lives nearby told CNN that at least 22 bodies were found in a ditch near the base, but it was not clear whether those remains were connected to the killings at the warehouse.

CNN cannot independently verify the claims.

I saw twelve on first count, but now I see at least 13, probably 14, perhaps as many as 16 bodies are there, depending on what’s under certain things (a blanket, a plastic sheet, etc.). I trust the count of 22 in this “ditch” or dirt road, but the others must be off-frame somewhere,or perhaps already hauledoff for burial. I was helped by the camera pans from two different positions, which I compiled into two single panoramic images. One view is here split into two, and the other fits into one image, with an odd section – a head area – enhanced. No verdict what that shows. Another upsetting body,l eft of center, top image,seems to both naked and smaller than average, again dark skinned.

In at least a few cases, blood-soaked dirt around the heads indicate on-site execution of living captives, by gunshot. They aren’t bound, but might have been until just before killing. Only a close-up exam of their wrists could say.


Kosovo: Mafia and a primitiv corruption of education

Sonntag, Oktober 9th, 2011

Kosovo’s education sector questioned


The murder of Pristina Education Director Remzi Salihu last week has sparked a debate on how Kosovo’s education system is run.

By Muhamet Brajshori for Southeast European Times in Pristina — 08/10/11



photoPristina Education Director Remzi Salihu was shot and killed in his office. [Laura Hasani/SETimes]

The October 3rd murder of Pristina Education Director Remzi Salihu has raised serious questions about Kosovo’s education system and the process by which employees are promoted and hired.

Salihu was allegedly shot and killed in his office by Biology Teacher Gani Sahiti, who was a candidate for school dean at the Aferdita primary school.

He did not get the job, and on October 3rd, he went to complain to Salihu.

Lindita Kosumi, an education expert told SETimes that the ministry of education and all municipalities should advance their hiring methods.

“It is clear that corruption and nepotism play a key role in getting a job in the education sector in Pristina and all other municipalities around Kosovo, so Pristina is not the only case. The way the call is done, the criterias and the selection are suspicious,” Kosumi said.

Kosumi said that having familiar links or being member of political parties that run the cities is an important factor to get a job as teacher or school director.
“In each city, the political party which runs it employs their militants as school directors and teachers sometime unfortunately. This cause lack of professionalism and lack of quality, which has an long-term impact on having an undeveloped education sector, and children who will not get an adequate education. We are now paying the bills for that,” said Kosumi.

Kosumi said that having familiar links or being member of political parties that run the cities is an important factor to get a job as teacher or school director.

“In each city, the political party which runs it employs their militants as school directors and teachers sometime unfortunately. This cause lack of professionalism and lack of quality, which has an long-term impact on having an undeveloped education sector, and children who will not get an adequate education. We are now paying the bills for that,” said Kosumi.

Aferdita Bahtiri has two children who go in the Emin Duraku primary school in Pristina. She says that the latest incidents worry her about security in the city and the school especially.

“Imagine when one of the highest city officials is murdered in his office, what safety have our children in the schools or we all in the city,” Bahtiri told SETimes.

Council for Defending Human Rights and Freedoms Executive Director Behxhet Shala tells SETimes that this tragedy could have been prevented if a better process was implemented.

“This murder could be avoided — [it shows] to what level insecurity in Kosovo [has reached], and there are no preventive mechanisms for these crimes,” said Shala.



4.10.2011: primitiver UCK Voll Idiot, der sich Biologie Professor: ermordet den Phristina Schul Direktor Remzi Salihu

Kurdish Mafia: International terrorism thriller in Thessaloniki

Freitag, Oktober 7th, 2011

International terrorism thriller in Thessaloniki

A thriller with potential political implications has taken place in Thessaloniki, after an explosion in a basement apartment in Triandria.

Information speaks of potential Kurdish residents planning an attack on Greek soil. As such, a meeting between the Secretary of Citizen Protection, the Head of National Intelligence and the Director of the Counter-Terrorism Unit is taking place since this afternoon.

Investigations have been undertaken by the CTU, in an effort to determine who and why was hiding their arsenal in a specially hidden cache. The first evidence points to Kurdish armed groups. This case is complicated further by the element of a fatally injured man, who has been identified as a 32 year-old Kurd, of Turkish nationality, suspected of belonging to the organization DHKP-C.

The apartment was rented by two other Kurds who had been implicated with a Turkish couple with a terrorist agenda, while the woman had a pending German arrest warrant.

During the investigation, a hidden cache within the apartment’s kitchen revealed:

-An anti-tank weapon, armed with a projectile (M80 64mm)
-An AK74 Sub-machine gun
-An AK assault rifle
-Two anti-personnel mines
-One Scorpion SMG
-One automatic rifle
-Two cases of 600 rounds of various calibers
-14 grenade detonators
-Five kilos of unknown substance
-Four assault and nine defensive grenades, without detonators
-Also found in the apartment were pieces of an exploded grenade, a grenade without a detonator and other items.

The case is classified as top national priority by Police officials since it concerns the actions of a foreign organization on Greek soil, and as such Secretary of Citizen Protection Christos Papoutsis has been meeting with the heads of the National Intelligence Agency and the Counter-Terrorism Unit since this afternoon.

The possibility that Turkey might requests explanations makes the Greek side cautious and careful in handling the affair so that there is no further backlash between the two countries’ relations at this time.


Abdullah Baybasin, einer der grössten Kurdischen Drogen Bosse wurde verhaftet

1 Tonne Heroin for germany! Albanians politic gangsters und Mister Turgut

 Wurde das Deutsche BKA zum Partner der Drogen Mafia? Abdülselam Turgut kam wieder frei

Serbia: “Good plan opens chances for partition of Kosovo”

Donnerstag, Oktober 6th, 2011

James Ker Lindsey, expert

“Good plan opens chances for partition of Kosovo”
T. Spaic| 03. 10. 2011. – 00:02h |

‘Although some of the world most powerful countries are strongly opposing changing of borderlines, there are two realities in the field. One is that Kosovo is independent and the second one is that Serbs in the north are opposing authority of Pristina. It seems that it is possible to find a compromise. If Serbia has to accept independence of Kosovo, then Pristina has to accept that the north is a part of Serbia. Direct consequences of refusal of compromise shall have to bear both Serbia and Kosovo and not the USA or Russia’, James Ker Lindsey, British expert in international relations in the Southeast Europe says in his interview with ‘Blic’.

Professor at the London School of Economics and Political Science was in Belgrade several days ago where he promoted his latest book ‘Kosovo – The Path to Contested Statehood in the Balkans’, explains for ‘Blic’ that only countries not suffering direct consequences from their decisions can take hard stances.
‘Russia may have strong stance towards refusal of Kosovo independence but it does not have to pay for that by its relation with the EU as Belgrade does. The USA also can insist on its stance but that shall not cost it the UN membership or participation in sports competition, or having a postal code or the Internet domain. If that is underst

If that is understood then Belgrade and Pristina may try to reach a compromise’, Lindsey says.

What are the consequences of deployment of Kosovo policemen and customs officers in the north of Kosovo? Is that not a change of reality in the field?
– Pristina says clearly that it intends to establish the sovereignty in the whole territory of Kosovo. However, that need not mean that the last chance for negotiations over the Kosovo north has been lost. However, Serbian Government has to be very open towards the population and say that Serbia can no longer fight for the whole Kosovo. If we want to take the north, then we have to put some plan on the table. That has to be done very soon.

In what way can Belgrade do it?
– The key supporters of Pristina independence know that it shall not be easy and that it would cost them a lot that Pristina takes over control in the north because of strong hostility by the local Serbs towards authorities in Pristina. That is what Belgrade should use and put concrete proposals on the table offering solution. Presenting clear plans by Belgrade can open new possibility for negotiations over the north.

Who might support Belgrade’s plan?
– The authorities in Serbia first have to get support of the people in Serbia to accept one huge change. I do not believe there is an alternative. Campaign against recognition of Kosovo independence was incredibly successful, but prevention of recognition does not mean solution to the problem. Large number of countries that have not recognized Kosovo can be a good stake in negotiations. It is necessary to reach a solution that both sides would be able to live with.


NATO PR – side: setimes

Can the Pristina-Belgrade dialogue be saved?


Serbia said it will not continue talks on technical issues with Pristina unless the northern border gates are discussed.

By Muhamet Brajshori and Linda Karadaku for Southeast European Times in Pristina — 05/10/11



photoSerbia wants to revisit the topic of the northern border crossings. [Reuters]

Given the most recent clashes at the northern border crossings in Kosovo, the ongoing dialogue between Pristina and Belgrade is in jeopardy. The talks — which were scheduled to continue on September 28th — came to a screeching halt after Serbian representatives said they were no longer willing to participate unless the topic of the crossings in Kosovo’s north were revisited.

Security Studies Professor Avdullah Hasani tells SETimes that the current situation is unstable and benefits no one. “Innovative models of how the North can be governed must be found. The possibility of an EU interim administration might be a good solution, which would last until Kosovo and Serbia join the Union,” he says.

Arber Gashi, an EU policy researcher at the Kosovo Institute for Public Policy and Good Governance, says that the dialogue began wrong and ended wrong.



“Partition possible solution for Kosovo problem”

BELGRADE — Erhard Busek says that “when the crisis in the north eases”, Priština, Belgrade and the international community should consider possible solutions for Kosovo.


The former Austrian vice-chancellor and coordinator of the Stability Pact for South Eastern Europe specified in an interview for Belgrade’s Večernje Novosti daily that one of those solutions “could be a partition of Kosovo”.

Although there are few advocates of the idea in the EU at the moment, as most member-countries claim that “there can be no more change of borders in the Balkans”, Busek expressed his belief that in time, and with the crisis going on, things could change and that could become the prevailing stand in the union.

“Additional complications are of no use to anyone, and it is obvious that the current tactics do not give results. I agree that the dialogue is the only path, in scope of which issues which seem to be impossible at the moment should also be discussed, such as the division of Kosovo,” Busek told the newspaper.

The Austrian politician is convinced that the delineation of new frontiers in Kosovo and Metohija would not pose new problems for the region, but, as he put it, if everyone agrees on the matter, it would additionally and permanently stabilize the Balkans.

“I do not see why the international community would not agree on the division if Belgrade and Priština reached an agreement on the issue. All details of such resolution of the Kosovo stalemate could be agreed at some kind of ‘Kosovo Dayton’, with the international community as the guarantor of the accord,” Busek concluded.

FBI – Interpol: over the world terrorism mafia group of US Senator Eliot Engel, with Salih Berisha, Bajraktari, Bytyci – Sahit Muja

Montag, Oktober 3rd, 2011

15 years NATO Reports over the most criminal enterprise Albania: “Albanian politicians have signalled a rare willingness”

1.10.2011: Albania – Salih Berisha’ s partners: crimes, terrorist, top mafiosi

since 2003, all americans criminals in Albania: Immunität with a illegal Immunität contract, signed with the Albanian Mafia Boss: Fatos Nano.

In Durres US Mafia: Car plate

Typische Mafia Limousine der US Mafia Nr. 1 in Albanien, dem Gambino Clan (der Luchese und Genovese Clan ist in Albanien und im Balkan auch gut vertreten, als neue “Cosa Nostra) Typisches Phantasie Auto Nr. Schild. Man kann sie sehr oft an bestimmten Stellen im Raum Durres und Tirana sehen.

City investigators shut out of Rep. Eliot Engel’s illegal apartment building

Sunday, July 17th 2011, 4:00 AM

Congressman Eliot Engel is a part owner a Bronx home with an illegal basement apartment.


Enid Alvarez/News

Congressman Eliot Engel is a part owner a Bronx home with an illegal basement apartment.

Rep. Eliot Engel and a business partner have repeatedly ignored city efforts to shut down an illegal apartment at a Bronx building they own, the Daily News has learned.

One city agency cited the owners of 1142 Metcalf Ave. in early 2009, and since then inspectors repeatedly tried to investigate complaints that the illegal unit never went away.

Again and again, Engel and his business partner ignored them, and the initial violation remains open, records show.

Six times since 2009, Buildings Department inspectors door-knocked the six-unit building owned by Engel, (D-Bronx/Westchester), and his partner, local businessman Harry Bajraktari.

Each time they couldn’t get in, so each time they left notices instructing the owners to contact the agency to arrange an appointment – six notices in all since 2009. The latest visit took place last month.

Each time, city officials say, the owners ignored the request.

Engel’s involvement with the Metcalf Ave. apartments began in mid-2008 when Bajraktari, his friend and benefactor, suggested over drinks that Engel become a 24% partner in a six-unit building he was thinking of buying.

Bajraktari, who manages more than two dozen properties in the city, says he’s been friends with Engel for more than 20 years. Since 2005, Bajraktari, one of his other partners, and their families have contributed $72,200 to Engel’s campaigns.

“We were discussing one day, you know, I’m buying this little piece of property, would you want to take a piece of it?” Bajraktari said.

Engel said he agreed, sight unseen, and paid $30,000 for his stake in the company set up to buy the property – E & J Realty Group LLC.

“My mother had passed away [in 2007] and left me some money and I decided that I wanted to invest it,” Engel said.

Though they bought into the property in December 2008, Engel did not reveal his ownership on either his 2008 or 2009 disclosure statements to Congress.He revealed the arrangement for the first time in May on his 2010 statement, then amended the earlier filings last week, after The News asked about it.

He claimed he “neglected to list” the property earlier because he’d made no money off it. The forms require Congress members to report any business interests.

The city began cracking down on illegal apartments in April, after fires in two such apartments killed five people.

The city Department of Housing Preservation and Development first cited Engel’s building for an illegal basement apartment in February 2009.

After that citation, which remained open as of Friday, the Buildings Department began visiting the property to check out subsequent complaints the illegal apartment was still there.

Last week, Engel acknowledged knowing about the complaints, stating, “I think they have been cleared.”

He said his partner was managing the property and he didn’t know the details, adding, “I’m not getting involved.”

“That was one of the reasons …I didn’t buy a piece of property, I would have to manage it myself, and do plumbing and repairs and whatever,” Engel said.

“This was a way of having somebody else manage it while I had part ownership in it. I only have minority ownership in it. I only put in 24%, so this was my way of not having to worry about that kind of stuff.”

Bajraktari blamed the problem on a tenant he said he’s been trying to evict since taking over the property. He said he hopes to get the tenant out by the end of the month.

“When we bought the building the guy was there and we tried to get him out,” Bajraktari said. “We took him to court and the end of this month he’s leaving.”

He said they haven’t charged the basement tenant rent since taking over the property, but could not recall whether he responded to the city’s inspection notices.

Read more: und letter to Agron Kulici

 Die US-Albanische Handelskammer: FBI verhaftet erneut einen der sogenannten US Investoren in Albanien:: in Zypern



Mafia Report in Albania

 pdf investigin :

FBI Salih Berisha Interpol

SHBA, kongresmeni Elliot Engel, lobist i Berishës, nën akuzë për mashtrim biznesi

Kongresmeni pro-shqiptar Elliot Engel akuzohet për aferra korruptive dhe mashtrime në Shtetet e Bashkuara të Amerikës. “Nju Jork Daily Njuz” ka zbardhur një nga skandalet ku është përfshirë kongresmeni që mbështet kryeministrin Sali Berisha nëpërmjet lobit që drejton në Amerikë. Në një artikull të gjatë dhe të detajuar, gazeta e përfshinë kongresmenin demokrat në deklarime të rreme pasurie dhe në pazaret që ka bërë me biznesmenin shqiptar Ramy Bajraktari në Bronks, një nga lagjet më të njohura në Amerikë.

Flitet për një sipërfaqe apartamenti, ku autoritetet shtetërore kanë tentuar të investigojnë, por nuk u është përgjigjur njeri. Dhe pas këtij apartamenti qëndron pikërisht kongresmeni Engel, i cili në të ardhmen nëse ky skandal zgjerohet, atëherë rrezikon shumë. Engel është mbrojtës i interesave shqiptare dhe i mbështetur nga komuniteti shqiptar në këtë zonë gjatë fushatave në këto vite. Por lidhja me Bajraktarin e hedh në dyshime tepër të forta dhe për faktin se aktualisht Engel mbështet kryeministrin Berisha në Kongres dhe më gjerë në afera korruptive për shkak të interesave që kanë biznesmenët e tij miq në SHBA si Bajraktaredhe Muja (Sahit Muja, Miliarderi Shqiptar, Bytyci Company)

siehe auch Frankenstein des Balkans und Tirana Terrorist beim Töden und Kinder entführen: Shaip Muja Beruf Organ Händler und Mörder

, bosi i mineraleve dhe që e heq veten si President i Mineraleve Shqiptare, por që në fakt ka dhjetëra marrëveshje me qeveritë e Rusisë, Kinës dhe në Afrikë, duke zhvatur dhe arin shqiptar me koncesione jo transparente.

Sipas gazetës amerikane, Engel është partner në biznes me Bajraktarin dhe figuron pronar i një ndërtese gjigante në 1142 Metcalf Ave në Bronks. Prej vitit 2009 dhe ditët e sotme inspektorët shtetërorë duan ta investigojnë, por nuk janë lejuar. “Herë pas here Engel dhe partneri i tij e kanë injoruar këtë kërkesë dhe e kanë kundërshtuar hapur jo ligjërisht nismën”, shkruan gazeta bazuar në fakte dokumentesh. Më pas edhe Departamenti i Ndërtesave ka tentuar të investigojë dyshimet rreth kongresmenit dhe Bajraktarit. Por edhe këta dështuan, pavarësisht 6 njoftimeve që u bënë. Dhe sipas dokumenteve rezulton se Engel zotëron 24 për qind të ndërtesës gjigante, që ai e pretendon me trashëgimi, por nuk arrin ta argumentojë ligjërisht dhe me dokumente. Për këtë shkak i shmanget detyrimeve dhe së shpejti mund të shkaktojë një skandal jo vetëm në Kongres, por edhe në Senat dhe në Shtëpinë e Bardhë. Sipas gazetës, Bajraktari zotëron dhjetëra investime apo aksione në biznese të ndryshme, përfshi dhe ndërtimin në SHBA. Prej 20 vitesh është mik personal i kongresmenit dhe e ndihmon në fushatat elektorale me mbledhje fondesh tek komuniteti i shqiptarëve në Bronks, që është i madh.

Vetë Bajraktari ka shpenzuar 72 mijë USD për Engel që prej vitit 2005 e deri tani, në ndihmë për fushatën elektorale. Më poshtë linku i plotë i shkrimit që ka tronditur jo pak Bronksin dhe kongresmenët.

Publikuar më: 1 Tetor, 2011

Flash / Politikë | nga AMA-News

Immer dabei: Der PR Mann, der Kosovo Killer Schwadrons rund um Xhavit Halili, Sabit Geci: Ferdinand Xhaferrie, ein Versager als Minister!

Kokalari- Engelit: A e ka blerë Berisha mbështetjen tuaj me interesa biznesi?ë një letër të aktivistit shqiptaro- amerikan, Geri Kokalari, drejtuar kongresmenit Eliot Engel, i njohur gjerësisht si një mbështetës i kryeministrit Sali Berisha, hidhen dyshime mbi arsyet e vërteta pas këtij suporti.

Në fillim të letrës, Kokalari, vlerëson kontributin e Engel për të parandaluar pastrimin etnik në Kosovë dhe rrëzimin e diktatorit Sllobodan Millosheviç. Kokalari thotë se edhe ai ka kontributin e tij në pavarësinë e Kosovës, kontribut që është modest në krahasim me atë që mund të ketë bërë Engel. Por Kokalari thotë se nuk e kupton se përse Engel mbështet Berishën.

“Ndershmërisht, kjo është një çudi pasi gjithkush që është familjar me Shqipërinë, e di që Berisha së paku është një autokrat i korruptuar, dhe në rastin më të keq një diktator, i vërtetë për rrënjët komuniste,” shkruan Kokalari, që thekson se ka ndihmuar Shqipërinë postkomuniste, për shkak se të afërmit e tij janë torturuar, ekzekutuar e burgosur pa gjyq në komunizëm, ndërkohë që Berisha ishte një anëtar me kartë i këtij regjimi.

Kokalari i shkruan Engel, duke i dërguar raportin e ODIHR, e duke i thënë se Berisha ka vjedhur e ka dhunuar principin kryesor të demokracisë, zgjedhjet e lira e të ndershme. Më pas Kokalari përmend të gjitha metodat e përdorura nga Berisha për të manipuluar zgjedhjet.

“Në një tjetër denoncim të qeverisjes autokratike dhe korrupsionit endemik të Berishës, The Economist e quan së fundmi Shqipërinë një ‘demokraci hibride’, diçka mes demokracisë dhe totalitarizmit. Raporti e vendos Shqipërinë të fundit në Ballkan si më pak demokratike dhe thekson: përhapja e demokracisë në Shqipëri ka ndaluar,” shkruan Kokalari.

Po ashtu Kokalari i përmend Engelit sulmet e Berishës ndaj medias dhe përpjekjet e tij për të mbyllur gazetën e mirënjohur Tema, e cila kritikon qeverinë e tij.

Më pas Kokalari i përmend implikimin e djalit të Berishës në aferën e trafikut të armëve, dhe i thotë Engel që të pyesë gazetarin e Nju Jork Tajms më mirë për këtë gjë. Ndërkohë që në SHBA është kryer një hetim i plotë, në Shqipëri nuk është hetuar për këtë gjë. “Pyetja që kam është se përse qeveria amerikane nuk i ka bërë presion Shqipërisë që të hetojë për këtë abuzim me paratë e taksapaguesve amerikanë? A ke ndërhyrë ti për të mbrojtur Berishën? A kanë ndërhyrë Patton Boggs dhe Podesta Group për të mbuluar Berishën? Si kongresmen ju duhet të jeni të shqetësuar për abuzimet me paratë e taksapaguesve amerikanë,” shkruan Kokalari.

“Berisha dhe horrat e tij po vazhdojnë të përdhunojnë Shqipërinë, ekonomikisht dhe politikisht,” shkruan Kokalari, që në fund të letrës së tij hedh dyshimet mbi arsyet se përse Engel e mbron Berishën.

“E di që kosovarët, që kanë ofruar dollarët e duhur për fushatën tuaj elektorale, po përpiqen të bëjnë biznes në Shqipëri me ndihmën e Berishës. Në përpjekje për të avancuar interesat e tyre të biznesit në Shqipëri, a ka përdorur ndonjë nga këta biznesmenë marrëveshjen me ty për të ndikuar Berishën?

Në mënyrë anekdotike, kam mësuar se ju jeni partner i E&J Realty Group LLC, një kompani që ka në pronësi një godinë në 1142 Metcalf Avenue në Bronks, dhe partneri juaj është Harri Bajraktari, një biznesmen kosovaro- shqiptar. E njoh Bajraktarin dhe e di që ka shërbyer si mbledhës fondesh për ju në të kaluarën dhe po ashtu ishte me ju kur ngritët dolli me Berishën (shih në foto). Të dhënat tregojnë se ju keni një apartament ilegal në këtë pronë dhe sipas gazetës The New York Daily News, ju keni injoruar përpjekjet e inspektorëve për të hetuar këtë çështje. Të them të drejtën, këtë lloj sjellje pres nga një politikan shqiptar i regjimit famëkeq e të korruptuar të Berishës. Kam mëdyshjet e mia për rrethanat në të cilat jeni bërë partner në këtë marrëveshje dhe për deklaratën tuaj se morët një vendim të shpejtë për të investuar në pronë. Pavarësisht pretendimeve se keni përdorur trashëgiminë për këtë pronë, një rishikim i deklaratës suaj të pasurisë ngre disa pyetje, dhe numrat duket se nuk përputhen,” shkruan Kokalari.

Më poshtë Kokalari thekson se Harri Bajraktari, sipas raporteve të medieve shqiptare, ka takuar Sali Berishën me objektivin për të bërë biznes atje. Kokalari thotë se nuk ka asgjë të keqe me atë që bën Bajraktari, por ai duhet të kuptojë mospërputhjen mes rregullave të financimit të një fushate në SHBA dhe Aktit për Praktikat e Jashtme Korruptive.

“Në çdo rast, shpresoj se nuk po e përdorni investimin tuaj tek E&J Realty me Bajraktarin si model investimesh në Shqipëri,” thekson Kokalari.

Aktivisti shqiptaro amerikan e mbyll kështu letrën: A nuk do ishte mirë më mirë që të kujdesesh për elektoratin tënd në Bronks, me një papunësi shumë të lartë, në vend që të pastrosh emrin e një banditi të korruptuar të Ballkanit?

Senator Engel, mit den Krasniq Brüder, der Brooklyn Mafia, inzwischen als Mord und Drogen Gang verhaftet, in einer grossen FBI Aktion.


Politikë | nga AMA-News

Sekreti, 30 lobistë mbështesin Berishën për bizneset e tyre, DASH nis hetimet

Një lob i fuqishëm me shqiptaro-amerikanë, ku janë rekrutuar senatorë dhe kongresmenë, është krijuar në SHBA aktualisht me idenë për të mbështetur në ditët e këqija kryeministrin Sali Berisha. Një pjesë sepse kanë investimet në vendin tonë, si”Bechtel”, një pjesë sepse vjelin miliona në vit për reklama si “Patton Boogs” dhe “Podesta Group”, një pjesë sepse janë në tratativa dhe sapo kanë marrë disa koncesione, naftë dhe minerale, si “Tirex” apo “Sky Petroleum”, kurse pjesa tjetër sepse tenton të hyjë në këtë biznes, kryesisht në energjetikë dhe ndërtime, si Rramy Bajraktari, miku personal i kongresmenit Elliot Engel.

Që të ketë një lob që punon për Shqipërinë, nuk ka asgjë të keqe, aq më tepër me ndikim në Kongres, Senat dhe deri tek presidenti i SHBA-ve. Por e keqja është se ky grup ka në përbërje në 90 për qind të tij vetëm kosovarë, shumë shumë pak shqiptarë. Dhe çfarë interesi kanë kosovarët tek shqiptarët?. Asgjë përveç biznesit dhe investimeve që kërkojnë. Për t’ju bërë qejfin, Berisha në vizitën e fundit premtoi se do u heqë koncesionet firmave që ua ka dhënë për hidrocentrale dhe do ia japë tipave si Bajraktari, që kanë ndikim te kongresmeni Engel e më gjerë. Burime të rezervuara i thanë agjencisë AMA se është krijuar një grup me rreth 30 persona të njohur në fushën e biznesit, krimit dhe politikës, me qëllimin e vetëm që të mbrojnë Berishën dhe nëpërmjet tij investimet e tyre të paligjshme.Por tronditja që i është bërë kongresmenit Engel me skandalin e mashtrimit, pasi figuron 24 për qind aksioner te kompania e Bajraktarit, duket se po e shkund keqani edhe politikën e mazhorancës në Shqipëri. Duket se ky ka qenë edhe mesazhi që i është dhënë Berishës në Nju Jork, se grupi do përpiqet, por kohët janë më shumë se të vështira. Departamenti Amerikan i Shtetit, Kongresi, Senati dhe Shtëpia e Bardhë, nuk mund të mbajnë më kurrsesi në kurriz një skandal të tillë, që duket se po prek pak nga pak edhe ambasadorin amerikan në Tiranë. Ky i fundit ka shfaqur mbështetje të hapur ndaj Berishës, duke vënë në rrezik edhe karrierën personale, teksa mësohet se në DASH janë vënë në dijeni nga një grup tjetër shqiptarësh për pazaret në kurriz të politikës amerikane të bëra nga disa pseudo senatorë apo kongresmenë, vetëm që të mbronin një kryeministër që akuzohet se me dorën e Gardës vrau 4 vetë në bulevard më 21 janar 2011.


The most criminal is Salih Berisha


30.9.2011: Gegen den Oel Betrugs Geschaeftsmann: Hajri Hajredin Elezaj, wurde Interpol Haftbefehl ausgestellt

Kurthi i Berishës për Ramën dhe ambasadori “Kalë Troje”

Der übelste Verbrecher der Welt, Georg Soros, muss auch zum Thema was Sagen.

Implementing integration criteria


Implementing integration criteria

Before the publishing of the European Commission report for Albania, the Soros Foundation announced a detailed study for the country’s fulfillment of these obligations.

The study doesn’t include the two priorities related with the elections, but however, it notes that Albania’s weakest point is the failure to implement the political criterion, in which there has been less progress than one year ago.

“This is mainly and essentially due to the underestimation the efforts needed for the fulfillment, which are indispensable in the areas where they are required. And the progress depends from the political consensus. Compared to one year ago, the reforms have slowed down. Only 20% of the 102 measures planned for 2011 have been implemented, 76% are partially implemented and for 4% the work hasn’t started yet, declared Andi Dobrushi, representative of the Soros Foundation.

But the Foundation has not found full cooperation with the entire administration chain for monitoring the 12 priorities fulfillment, since most of the times their requests have been ignored. This happens when the progress report is planned by consulting the civil society systematically, as the EU representative in Tirana declared.

He added that they sent 50 requests for receiving information from the respective authorities, but received answer for 48% of them, and the information is complete only for 34% of the cases. 20% of the institutions have given no answer at all.

“Albania should mobilize all resources for progressing with the EU integration. This means mobilizing the government, the opposition, the media, academics, citizens and the civil society, because the civil society has a special role for bringing expertise and alternative perspectives in reforms”, declared the EU representative, Clive Rumbold.

After the publishing of the European Commission report on 12 October, the Soros Foundation will undertake a series of activities for discussing the further steps for progressing with the reforms.

The Gangster Georg Soros, immer dabei, wenn es um Geldwäsche aus dem Drogen Handel geht, wobei sein Partner Mark Rich, eine Art Sonder Nummer ist und war.

Die Super Gangster von Georg Soros und Bill Clinton bauten Drogen Netze und Geldwäsche Systeme Weltweit auf.

Marc Rich and then-wife Denise in a 1986 photo


The Secret Financial Network Behind “Wizard” George Soros

Soros und Muja interessiert am Bergbau in Kosovo

Der weltbekannte Geschäftsmann George Soros hat Interesse am Bergbau in Kosovo gezeigt

image de l'articleDie Zeitung „The Wall Street Journal“ schreibt, dass der Milliardär George Soros zusammen mit dem in New York lebenden albanischen Millionär Sahit Muja in Kosovo in den Kohlebergbau investieren wollen. Es wird geschätzt, dass die Kohlereserven einen Wert von 300 Milliarden Euro haben. Beide Geschäftsmänner haben Kosovo diesbezüglich mehrmals besucht.

Kohlereserven und die rund 15 Milliarden Tonen an Lingit werden schätzungsweise die Rohstoffquelle der Energieerzeuger in der Region bilden.

US Lobbyisten only gangsters, for robbering the Kosovo and serbien property!

Member of the U.S. House of Representatives

from New York’s 17th district


Washington D.C. Today, Rep. Eliot L. Engel, Co-Chair of the Congressional Albanian Issues Caucus, announced that ten U.S. Representatives have urged Nicholas Lambsdorff, U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan’s deputy special representative in Kosova, to rescind a freeze he ordered that brought a halt to all U.N. privatization in Kosova……….§iontree=6,64,66&itemid=513


Eliot L. Engel

“Geheimes” NATO Dokument, dokumentiert nochmal die Top Verbrecher im Kosovo: Hashim Thaci und Xhavit Halili
Zerschlagung Jugoslawiens: Die CIA Operation “Roots”

in english: Killer swadron: Xhavit Halili and Hashim Thaci together with Ramuz Haradinaj

KLA is financed by Bin Laden

Albanian Secret Service Chief Fatos Klosi in 16.5.1998 in der “Albania” durch den Albanischen Geheimdienst Chef Fatos Klosi: KLA (UCK) is financed by Bin Laden und oben links: Ferdinand Xhafferie, war der Kommunikator, für den Super Verbrecher der Todes Schwadrone: Xhavit Halili, einem Salih Berisha, bestens bekannt, wie dieser Artikel gut beweist, und besonders peinlich.

Xhaferri: „Rugova i sherben Milloshevicit = „Rugova steht in Diensten von Milosevic“

Die Mord Aufrufe, des Ferdinand Yhafferie, gegen Ibrahim Rugova im Auftrage der Hashim Thaci – Xhafit Halili, Terroristen Mord Bande am 20.5.2000, vor den ersten Wahlen im Kosovo und im Auftrage des damaligen US Botschafters Josef Limprecht, dem Bin Laden Partner in Albanien, wie die Vorgängerin Mariza Lino.

Xhaferri: „Rugova i sherben Milloshevicit = „Rugova steht in Diensten von Milosevic“

Ein klarer Mord Aufruf in 2000 von Ferdinand Xhafferie (heute Minister in Albanien), uralt Verbündeter von Salih Berisha in Albanien (und Binde Glied zur Banken Mafia mit der AIG (aeuch Holbrook), zur US Drogen Politik Mafia um Frank Wisner und anderen CIA Verbrechern), der Mord Banden des Hashim Thaci, des Coordinators der Todes Schwadronen der „DRENICA“ Terroristen, rund um Xhavit Halili, und den BND Berichten usw.. und dem Dick Marty Bericht für den Europarat.

aus Balkanblog

Xhavit Halili, Hashim Thaci und die Fatos Nano und Berisha Mafia

UCK – KLA killer swadron

300 Nah-Ost Terroristen und Islamische Terroristen, waren in Nord Albanien unterwegs und sind noch heute Ehrengäste im Kosovo. der spiegel brachte auch hier den Artikel.

Defense & Foreign Affairs Daily | Mar.17,2004 | Gregory R. Copley,
Defense & Foreign Affairs Daily
Volume XXII, No. 50 Friday, March 19, 2004
© 2004, Global Information System, ISSA
Exclusive Special Report
“During the first half of August 2003, 300 Albanian-trained guerillas
— including appr. 10 mujahedin (non-Balkan Muslims) — were
infiltrated across the Albanian border into Kosovo, where many have
subsequently been seen in the company (and homes) of members of the
so-called Kosovo Protection Corps which was created out of Kosovo
Albanian elements originally part of the KLA. In fact, the Kosovo
Protection Force seems almost synonymous with the Albanian National
Army (ANA), the new designation for the KLA. The guerillas were
trained in three camps inside the Albanian border at the towns of
Bajram Curi, Tropoja and Kuks, where the camps have been in operation
since 1997.”

Das weltweite Drogennetzwerk der CIA

von Redaktion @ 18:05. abgelegt unter Kriminalität, USA, CIA, Drogenhandel, Barack Obama

Dass die CIA mit Billigung der Regierungen der USA einen gewichtigen Anteil am internationalen Drogenhandel verantwortet, ist spätestens seit dem Bekanntwerden der Geschichte von Barry Seal nicht mehr plausibel abzustreiten. Die Rolle der CIA-Tarnfirma Air America beim staatlich organisierten Heroinschmuggel kann man bereits seit 1972 in Alfred McCoys Buch “Die CIA und das Heroin. Weltpolitik durch Drogenhandel.” nachlesen und lässt sich selbst in der sonst alle missliebigen Informationen schnell wegzensierenden Wikipedia nachlesen. Wie auch im Iran-Contra-Skandal deutlich wurde, finanzierten die Regierungen mit den Drogengeldern der CIA in großem Stil illegale Aktivitäten der Regierung. Hintergrund hat vor ein paar Wochen außerdem einen mit vielen Namen und Quellenangaben gespickten Artikel von Peter Dale Scott übersetzt (Teil 1, Teil 2, Teil 3), der im Detail erklärt, wie die CIA ihre Drogengelder in den 60er Jahren gewaschen hat. Alle Anzeichen sprechen dafür, dass dieses kriminelle System bis heute fortbesteht.

From the U.S. Attorney’s Office Press Release (37 ALLEGED MEMBERS AND ASSOCIATES OF AN INTERNATIONAL ETHNIC-ALBANIAN ORGANIZED CRIME SYNDICATE ARRESTED: Defendants Charged with Trafficking Cocaine, Marijuana, MDMA and Prescription Drugs, and Laundering Tens of Millions of Dollars in Narcotics Proceeds) we see that the syndicate is referred to as “the Thaqi organization.” Appropriately, the same name as the criminal Kosovo state’s prime sinister Hashim Thaci (alternately spelled Thaqi or Taci, and pronounced ‘Tachi’) — and of course other familiar last names, such as Berisha (Albania’s prime minister), also pop up:

Wikileaks cables

03/09/2011 08:46

Kabllogrami,15 ditë pas zgjedhjeve të përgjithshme: Kryebashkiaku Lulzim Basha, ministri Sokol Olldashi, numri 2 i PS, Gramoz Ruçi, deputetët Tom […]

Law Breakers Turned Law Makers

¶2. © Some of the more noteworthy MPs with ties to organized
crime are:

– Tom Doshi: An SP MP from Shkoder, Doshi, singled out in
the Human Rights Report for physically assaulting a
journalist in the Sheraton Hotel, was a key figure in
financing SP electoral efforts. He is known as the richest
MP, with a declared fortune of more than $15 million and is
also suspected of trafficking narcotics. Doshi served in the
previous parliament as a DP MP, before switching sides to the
SP shortly before the election.

– Lefter Koka: Representing LSI from Durres, Koka is a
member of perhaps the most notorious organized crime family
in Albania, with ties to narcotics and human trafficking and
other illicit activities.

– Sokol Oldashi: Olldashi, the current Minister of Public
Works, Transport, and Telecommunication and DP MP from Fier,
is suspected of smuggling goods and narcotics.
Circumstantial evidence links Olldashi and Fatmir Kajolli in
Fier to Minister of Justice Enkelejd Alibeaj in a scheme to
release prisoners from jails to act as electoral bullies.

– Lulzim Basha: According to one SP source, FM Basha, who
represents the DP in Elbasan, was involved in facilitating
the release from prison of a notorious criminal in Elbasan in
return for support from the criminal’s family. Relatives of
the criminal promised to „organize“ people in Elbasan to
support Basha. The criminal was released on June 29, the day
after the elections.

– Paulin Sterkaj: The 48 year old DP MP from Shkoder is a
former professional wrestler with little to no formal
education. Sterkaj was previously in the SP and has been
accused by a former friend of murdering a politician in
Shkoder a few years ago. Sterkaj claims to have business
interests in oil, restaurants, and construction, but little
is known about his activities.

– Gramoz Ruci: SP MP and party General Secretary, Ruci has
long-standing ties to narcotics traffickers and organized
crime. Ruci has also been banned from entering the U.S.
since 2005 due to a permanent visa ineligibility.

TIRANA 00000552 002 OF 002

transparency or tradition of small donors supporting their
favorite candidates, criminals are an easy source of campaign

Albanian Mafia fueling Al Qaeda terrorist activity in US: Kosovo schools and orphanages open


The FBI Seal where the circle of stars represe...
Chief perpetrators of drug and people smuggling, human body part and weapons sales, sex slavery, passport theft, forgery, abductions and murder, the Albanian Mafia remains to be domineering in their criminal activity both domestically and abroad.
“The Albanian criminal enterprises, operating largely in New York and other Eastern seaboard cities, represent a major challenge to federal agents because of their propensity for violence and brutality,” FBI officials indicate.
“They are a hardened group, operating with reckless abandon,” said Chris Swecker, the FBI assistant director for the Criminal Investigative Division according to a CNN report.
Interpol stated that “Kosovo Albanian Mafia hold the largest share of the heroin market in Switzerland, in Austria, in Belgium, in Germany, in Hungary, in the Czech Republic, in Norway, and in Sweden.”
The head of Sweden’s anti drug unit believes that the gangs supplied “hundreds, maybe thousands, of kilos of heroin” to the Scandinavian countries. The Albanian Muslim Mafia clans are dispersed in Kosovo and Macedonia as well as Albania proper.
The Italian Mafia and the Albanian Mafia
“I hate these f**** Albanians,” a captain in the Genovese crime family was captured saying on tape. The captain continued,
“If you have a beef with them you have to kill them right away. There’s no talking to them.”
Reports indicate that the Albanian Mafia including immigrants from Kosovo has replaced the Italian La Cosa Nostra Mafia, an offshoot of the Sicilian Mafia.
To understand the capacity and how far the arms reach of the Albanian Mafia is to understand briefly the magnitude of La Cosa Nostra aka The Italian-American Mafia:
There are five main New York City Mafia families, known as the Five Families: the Gambino, Lucchese, Genovese, Bonanno and Colombo families.
The Italian-American Mafia aka La Cosa Nostra dominated organized crime in the U.S. It used this status to maintain control over much of the organized crime activity in Chicago, Detroit, Boston, Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Philadelphia, Providence, New Jersey, and New York City, as well as in other cities in the Northeastern United States and across the country, such as Las Vegas, Tampa, New Orleans, Miami, Kansas City, Milwaukee, and many others.
La Cosa Nostra often referred to as the “original Mafia,” was at one time thought to be one of the largest organized crime groups in the United States and held dominance of the National Crime Syndicate.
The Albanian Mafia has been thought to greatly exceed this dominant power and poses as an outstanding figure as one of the most violent crime organizations in operation particularly with their strong connections in Europe union.
Replacing La Cosa Nostra in its rank, size, power and figure in organized crime, the Albanian Mafia holds itself as a domineering force in the Mafia underworld.
Further, a predominant Catholic Mafia is being replaced by a predominant Muslim Albanian FIS.
The Gambino crime family recruits ethnic Albanian assassins
In the 1970s, the Italian Mafia, more specifically the Gambino family recruited and employed Albanians as couriers, transporters, and more significantly assasins as a result of their proficiency.
By 1996, ethnic Albanians were the main assassins for the Gambino family.

At least two of the Gambino Family’s major players or “high level associates,” including Zef Mustafa  were of Albanian enthnicity. Mustafa allegedly made over $700 million for the Gambino family, was later arrested for a $19 million dollar internet heist, and subsequently released on a $5 milliion bond disappearing from the United States.
“The ethnic Albanian mafia is very powerful and extremely violent,” said Kim Kliver, chief investigator for organized crime with the Danish National Police.
“If you compare them to the Italian Mafia, the Albanians are stronger and not afraid of killing.”

“The Albanian criminals were special from the beginning,” said Francesca Marcelli, an organized-crime investigator for the Italian government.
Marcelli continued:
When they started appearing here in 1993, they were much different than other immigrants. They have strong motivations and are very violent. Some of them actually pulled machine guns on the son of an Italian Mafioso. To do that in Italy is unbelievable.”
In the north of Italy, the Albanians have taken the prostitution racket away from the country’s toughest Mafia branch, the ‘Ndrangheta.
A representative from the Polish Mob in 2002 was found saying:
“I’m willing to do business with just about anyone. Dominicans, Blacks. Italians. Asian gangs. Russians. But won’t go near the Albanian mob. The Albanians are too violent and too unpredictable.”
Ties to Kosovo Liberation Army and Al Qaeda
Alleged ties to Al-Qaeda, the Albanian Mafia, one of the most powerful criminal organizations in the United States and Europe stretches throughout the United States, Canada, Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Serbia.

The FBI believes largely that the Albanian Mafia could be involved in “terrorist financing,” adding more specifically, “ties to organizations suspected of involvement in terrorist financing.”
Even more so, support of Al Qaeda prove notable in the following:

Even more so, support of Al Qaeda prove notable in the following:
Yossef Bodansky, former Director of House Task Force on Terrorism, committed to saying,
“The Albanian mob will not commit acts of terrorism…but will aid Al Qaeda..The role of the Albanian Mafia-tightly connected to the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA a declared terrorist organization) is laundering money, providing technology, safe houses and other support to terrorists within this country.”
Most if not all of the KLA has been trained and financially supported by Al Qaeda.
(Kosovo was marked as a potential recruiting ground for Islamic extremists. The large numbers of young Muslims living in abject poverty in Kosovo plays ideally into the hands of terrorist recruiters. Al-Qaeda is extremely interested in the region because the Muslim families are large and teenagers make up half of Kosovo’s population, making Kosovo a prime reservoir for the recruitment of young Mujahedeen.)

  • 24 Wahhabi mosques , 14 orphanages and 98 primary and secondary Wahhabi funded schools have been built in Kosovo since 1999. Wahhabism Islam across the spectrum from revival and reform to global jihad is thought to be the chief spiritual source of the Al Qaeda terrorists.

(Chairman Kyl, Senate Subcommittee on Terrorism, Technology and Homeland Security on Thursday, June 26, 2003 stated: “I come before this body to describe how adherents of Wahhabism, the most extreme, separatist, and violent form of Islam, and the official sect in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, have come to dominate Islam in the U.S. “)


1.10.2011: Albania – Salih Berisha’ s partners: crimes, terrorist, top mafiosi

The lie of salih Berisha: first he steals weapons in 1997 and then sold weapons from 1998
Photos of OSCE NATO observers, about the arms trade in his home near Tropoje, there was already the beginning of 1998 and media reports, such reports

Dummerweise gab es NATO und OSCE Beobachter Anfang 1998, in Nord Albanien, die Fotos machten, wie Berichte schrieben, das direkt aus dem Hause von Salih Berisha, Esel und Maul Tier Kolonnen starten, mit Waffen in den Kosovo. Also hat er wie sowieso bekannt, auch Waffen in 1997, in erheblichen Ausmasse gestohlen aus den Militär Depots, wie Tausend Andere.

Albania’s Berisha denies allegations of weapons dealing


TIRANA, Albania — Prime Minister Sali Berisha on Monday (December 27th) rejected allegations published by the Serbian newspaper Politika, describing them as “racist slander which are part of the anti-Albanian hysteria orchestrated by Dick Marty”. In its article, Politika described Berisha as one of the main weapons dealers of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) during the 1998-1999 war. According to the newspaper, Belgrade prosecutors have testimony from four Kosovo Albanians who say they purchased weapons in Berisha’s house in the northern village of Prifc. “Politika is the mouthpiece of Serb ultra-nationalist circles and a blind advocate of the genocide committed by the Serbs in Bosnia and Herzegovina and in Kosovo,” Berisha said. (Politika, Balkanweb, Lajmfundit, Sot, Zeri, B92, Beta – 27/12/10)

Snake Bites Back

Thaci’s first response was the same as two years ago: he dismissed the report as “scandalous… filled with defamation and lies and is recycling propaganda from certain people that do not want the best for Kosovo.” The allegations, he told the press, were “construed to damage the image of Kosovo and the war of the KLA.” By Thursday, when the report was adopted by PACE, he was threatening legal action against Marty and the Council of Europe, accusing them of libel.

KLA’s Imperial patrons have also awakened to the danger of the report to their reputations, and are already pressuring Marty to “provide evidence.” Never mind that the evidence was contained in the actual report, or that they hardly offered any evidence for their claims against Milosevic, or Saddam Hussein, or Julian Assange… The EU bureaucracy is waffling on the issue, since they stand to lose the most. After all, it is their “law and order” mission currently supervising the “independent” Kosovo.

Das Welt Terrorismus Mafia Kartell, des US Senators Eliot Engel, mit Salih Berisha und seiner primitiv Tropoje Idioten Mafia

Rund um die Verbrecher Kartelle, des US Senators Eliot Engel, der Krasniqi, Bajraktari, Bytyci – Sahit Muja, Almir Rrapo Ilir Meta Mafia, welche Weltweit operieren. Man nennt es dann Aussenpolitik!


Letter of Gary Kokolari, an  Senator Eliot Engel!


03/10/2011 08:16

Letër kongresmenit Engel


Nga Geri Kokalari

30 Shtator, 2011

Shkëlqesia Eliot Engel

SHBA Dhoma e Përfaqësusesve


Kongresmeni Engel: Gjatë viteve unë i kam admiruar përpjekjet tuaja për parandalimin e spastrimit etnik të shqiptarëve të Kosovës. Është e sigurt që puna juaj gjithashtu ndihmoi në heqjen e diktatorit të pamëshirshëm Slobodan Milosevic nga pushteti dhe dërgimin e tij në Gjykatën Ndërkombëtare të Drejtësisë në Hagë atje ku i takonte të ishte………………….

 Hitler and Al-Quida Terrorist Lobbyist: Eliot Engel

kosovo A giant poster on the side of a building in the center of Pec notes that the street was renamed for Congressman Engel in July 2005. His Bronx district includes many Albanians. Enlarge this image.


Kosovo’s man in the Bronx

Posted By Lucy Moore

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I figured something was up when Congressman Eliot Engel (D-NY) kept calling Kosovo “Kosova” (the Albanian pronunciation) at the most recent House Committee on Foreign Affairs hearing on the Balkans. Turns out Engel’s swapped the last “o” in Kosovo for a central boulevard in the heart of Pec, a majority Albanian city in western Kosovo that was once the seat of the Serbian Orthodox Patriarch (back in the 15th century, that is).

Sewell Chan, NYT:

 Europa verlangt von Albanien, das es den illegalen geheimen Immunitäts Vertrag von 2003 mit den USA für ungültig erklärt

 Freie Fahrt für Verbrecher: Die Immunitäts Gesetze, für Investoren in Albanien

Noch krimineller geht es halt nicht mehr, wenn man sieht, was sich in Albanien tummelt, seitdem es schon in 2003, Immunitäts Gesetze, für Kriminelle mit US Pass gibt. Nun versucht man noch mehr Kriminelle nach Albanien zu bringen, wie ja der Geheimdi

 Die Drogen und Bau Mafia der Familie Salih Berisha

Teacher for the drug buseniss, for Eliot Engel, Salih Berisha, Brooklyn Mafia


Daut Kadriovski: Tarn Name Mehmet Haidini und die Albanische Muslim Mafia


Ex-NATO Chef: Lord Roberston: “the KLA were responsible for more deaths in Kosovo than the Yugoslav [Serb] authorities had been.”

Diplomaten des Todes und des Geldes: Holbrook, Bush, Kissinger


Diplomat des Geldes – Zum Tod von Richard Holbrooke


Von PAUL SCHREYER, 15. Dezember 2010 –

Ein Riss in der Hauptschlagader beendete das Leben einer der schillerndsten Figuren in der amerikanischen Außenpolitik. Der Stress, unter dem Richard Holbrooke bis zuletzt stand, muss gewaltig gewesen sein. Als Sonderbeauftragter der US-Regierung für Afghanistan und Pakistan spielte der 69-Jährige eine Schlüsselrolle. Präsident Obama, der noch in dieser Woche dem Kongress eine lange angekündigte Bilanz zum Einsatz am Hindukusch vorlegen will, trifft die Todesnachricht damit zum denkbar ungünstigen Zeitpunkt. Denn in den USA sinkt der öffentliche Rückhalt für den nach 9/11 begonnenen Krieg immer weiter.

Die Ratten des Georg Soros / William Walker, rund um die Organisation des Albin Kurti “Vetevendosje” im Wahlkampf


Was sich Viele seit Jahren fragen, uns lange bekannt ist: Die US Ratten um Georg Soros, finanzieren Albin Kurti im Kosovo, was nicht verwundert. Wie in Albanien (G99), Ukraine, Georgien, Serbien usw.. kommen die erst aus ihren Löchern, wenn man über Regierugns Beteiligungen, Privatisierungs Profite machen kann. “Vetevendosje”, ist der normale US Betrug, von kriminellen Ratten aus den USA.

 William Walker.png
am 12.12.2010: William Walker im Kosovo Wahlkampf für die “Vetevendosje”, eine reine PR Show, der alten CIA-Georg Soros Methoden: CIA “Rote Abteilung” finanziert die Mord und Todes Schwadronen rund um “Hashim Thaci”, Abteilung “Blue”, finanziert Albin Kurti und die “Vetevendosje”!

Nichts Neues, also über die CIA Methoden, Länder zu destabilisieren um Profite zu machen.

ab 2:35 taucht direkt der Profi Verbrecher William Walker als Sprecher der Albin Kurti Organisation “Vetevendosje”, nun im Kosovo auf: Die Financiers des Albin Kurti und seine “Vetevendosje”, sind die Welt weit bekannten Ober Privatisierungs Profiteure, was ja schon durch Martti Ahtisaari bewiesen ist, der im Board ebenso des ICG von Georg Soros sitzt 

Patton Boggs, Frank Wisner Mafia und Rezart Taci mit Salih Berisha

Russian Mafia and Rezart Taci & ARMO & drugs & arms

Baze, Taci & ARMO

Profi Hedge Fond Betrüger aus dem Betrugs Real Estage Mega Ponzi Betrug aus den USA tummeln sich in Albanien.



Michael D. Granoff

Chief Executive Officer, Pomona Capital


Albanian-American Enterprise Fund to Return
$15 Million to American Taxpayers

January 19, 2011
Press Office: 202-712-4320
Public Information: 202-712-4810

US Mafia Hotel Bel Conti in Golem bei Durres und davor noch eine weitere übergrosse Limousine
Der Super Mafia Boss Fatos Nano, erkaufte sich damit sein “Freies Schaffen” auch im Drogen Handel nach Griechenland mit seiner Frau bei der NATO und unterzeichnet wurde der Vertrag, von den Super Lügner dem US Aussenminister Powell (dessen Betrugs Show vor der UN unvergesslich ist) und Fatos Nano als Geheim Papier am 2. Mai 2003! Es war die grosse Geschäfts Zeit in Albanien, mit und im Auftrage der Al-Quida Terroristen,

FBI – Interpol: over the world terrorism mafia group of US Senator Eliot Engel, with Salih Berisha, Bajraktari, Bytyci – Sahit Muja

15 years NATO Reports over the most criminal enterprise Albania: “Albanian politicians have signalled a rare willingness”

Bujar Nishani bei Eliot Engel was zum Reise Zirkus gehoert

Albania – Salih Berisha’ s partners: crimes, terrorist, top mafiosi

Samstag, Oktober 1st, 2011

Salih Berisha Mafia Clan PD 

Spy Book Reveals Operational Details of 1998 CIA Balkan Counter-Terrorism Operation
February 4, 2011

A Special Report by Director Chris Deliso in Skopje

Buried deep within a comprehensive history of the CIA’s technical wizardry from the Cold War through to today’s war on terrorism are some intriguing, but overlooked disclosures: previously unknown details regarding a sensitive CIA clandestine operation against Islamic terrorists in the Balkans.

Although the country’s name is not specified in the book, an analysis of available data within the larger historical context indicates beyond doubt that the operation occurred in Tirana, Albania in October 1998, in a joint effort with a CIA station in Western Europe, and probably the one in Rome.

The story becomes even more pertinent today considering the ongoing upheaval in Egypt against the longtime government of President Mubarak, and mass escapes of Islamists imprisoned by him. The prominent CIA role in some of those detainments could conceivably provide a motivating factor for future terrorism against American interests. In any case, the implosion of the Mubarak regime means that decades of sensitive intelligence cooperation could be undone, should the country’s security services be infiltrated by hostile parties.

During the 1990s, Albania became a safe-haven for members of Egyptian Islamic Jihad and al-Qaeda. Their members – some of them fugitives wanted by the Mubarak regime – were drawn to Albania for its proximity to Europe, weak institutions, and the existing presence of a large Islamic charity network which could provide them with “legitimate cover.” Albania thus represented a place of perceived escape; however, the CIA also came to have concerns that American interests in the country were about to be targeted as well- hence the need for an urgent operation.

This CIA Balkan operation is recounted in a fascinating and highly-recommended recent book, Spycraft: The Secret History of the CIA’s Spytechs, from Communism to Al Qaeda (Plume, 2009). It details for the first time how the obscure but effective Office of Technical Services evolved, becoming a vital part of the US intelligence apparatus, with its ever-expanding array of unorthodox spy gear, technology and reconnaissance teams. For the authors, former OTS director Robert Wallace and noted intelligence historian H. Keith Melton, it took several years and much administrative wrangling in order to get permission from the agency to publish this insider’s account of what went on behind the scenes.

While the vast majority of Spycraft is devoted to other matters, the anecdotes concerning Albania make fascinating supplementary reading for those interested in the Balkans, counter-terrorism and understanding the covert tactics of terrorist organizations. The following analysis discusses the revelations that come from the book in both historical context and in terms of the value that can be derived, for pure intelligence understanding, from the episode. Finally, a chronology of key events happening before and after the CIA operation is provided.

Time for prison, like IVO SANADER too.


Setting the Stage: Key Context for the Operation

The CIA anti-terrorism operation chronicled in Spycraft was just one among many others conducted in Albania since 1995, when several foreign terrorist suspects were arrested and secretly rendered out of the country. These actions had ultimately been necessitated by the reckless and opportunistic policy of the Albanian government in the early 1990s, when then-President Sali Berisha allowed foreign Islamic radicals to establish a foothold in the country, under the tacit support of the then-intelligence chief Bashkim Gazidede. (Following the March 1997 riots and the toppling of Berisha’s government, Gazidede fled to Syria and then Turkey; he returned to Albania several years later and died of natural causes in 2008).

The first round of joint operations occurred in 1995, however, when the Berisha administration was still in power. At the time, the CIA cooperation with a special branch of the SHIK that had been set up to deal with Islamic terrorists infiltrated into the country. A SHIK officer involved at the time, Astrit Nasufi, would years later tell the Chicago Tribune that the unit was essentially run by a US intelligence officer they knew simply as “Mike.”

Among several important developments was the detainment and (temporary) recruitment of Hassan Mustafa Osama Nasr, an Egyptian living in Tirana. Commonly known as Abu Omar, this man would in 2003 be kidnapped off a street in Milan by a CIA team- an audacious abduction caused an outcry among the Italian public, legal threats and, possibly, ruined a surveillance operation that was being conducted by the Italians.

Before apparently leaving Albania and discontinuing his cooperation with the SHIK, Abu Omar provided a few precious bits of intelligence. These included information on Egyptian Islamic Jihad figures in Tirana, and terrorist branches in the UK, Germany, and Italy; in the latter, most significant was Milan’s Islamic Cultural Institute, at the time a base for mujahedin operations in Bosnia. (Soon after these revelations, Italian police raided the premises).

The second major round of CIA-SHIK operations occurred in 1998, a year after the country had descended into anarchy following the collapse of crooked pyramid schemes. The Berisha government was toppled and the rival Socialists took power in July 1997. At the same time, tensions between ethnic Albanians and the government in neighboring Yugoslavia were being felt, as a new militant group – the “Kosovo Liberation Army” – stepped up its operations. The Albanian diaspora in America and elsewhere intensified lobbying efforts, eventually winning the support of diplomatic figures such as Madeleine Albright, then Secretary of State, and diplomat Richard Holbrooke.

However, the intelligence community was more skeptical. For example, an October 1998 report from the Office of the DCI Interagency Balkan Task Force noted that “…US mass media propaganda vociferously attacked Milosevic and Serbs… [is] so blatant that it evoked letters to the editor from uninvolved readers for the obviously slanted coverage”.

For the CIA, politics was secondary to the business of providing security. In June and July 1998, several months before the operation documented in Spycraft, two raids on foreign extremists were conducted with the help of the SHIK and Albanian police. According to a subsequent Washington Post investigation of August 12, 1998, these raids netted “…a bag of faked documents and official Albanian government stamps needed to get past customs and police checkpoints [and] certify legal documents” at the home of a foreign “religious scholar,” Maged Mostafa. For the CIA, a prime security danger in Albania had always involved forgery and misappropriation of official identity documents, and these developments only reinforced this understanding.

The Post article noted that several suspects arrested in June and July 1998 were employed by Islamic charities associated under an umbrella network, bankrolled by the Kuwait Joint Relief Committee. Funded by private Kuwaiti citizens and interests through a Kuwaiti bank, the KJRC managed several charities including the Islamic Revival Foundation, which ostensibly aided “poor Muslim families and orphans in Albania.”

Headquartered in Tirana, it had established a strong presence in 1994. Since that year it had been led by Muhamed Hasan, one of the men arrested in the July 1998 operations. In late 1998, then-intelligence chief Fatos Klosi would attest for media that Osama bin Laden himself had visited Albania to organize his charity network in 1994.

Following the arrests, Muhammed Abdul-Kereem, director of the IRF’s orphan assistance program, stated for the media that “we are not taking advantage of the humanitarian assistance to make some other things.” After Hasan was detained, he was replaced at the IRF by Sudanese national Ibrahim Meki, who had “directed the [charity’s] educational institute for several years.” This institute was described in the August report as comprising four buildings “…surrounded by a high wall topped with barbed wire, [with] a sign on its guardhouse stating that only five cars are allowed to pass the gate, including four listed as holding Kuwaiti diplomatic license plates.”

In 2008, Meki (in his same job capacity) would be expelled from Albania, along with Egyptian national Abdulaziz Muhamed, director of a charity called Goodness of Kuwait, and Mamun Awad, director of the Islamic Vakf Society. Taken together, this would seem clear proof that together with bin Laden, Kuwaiti groups during the 1990s and at least until 2008 have directly sponsored extremist activities in Albania.

Further, for the Post report in August 1998, the institute’s general secretary, Sulejman Kurani, attested that its teaching staff hailed from Sudan, Syria, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, adding that $80,000 had been donated by the charity to help “refugees” in the northern town of Tropoje- “a town that also is a key locus of arms stockpiling and smuggling by members of the Kosovo Liberation Army, the guerrilla group fighting to win Kosovo’s independence from Serbia, Yugoslavia’s dominant republic,” according to the newspaper. This mountainous region was (and is) the stronghold of Sali Berisha, then leader of the opposition Democratic Party.

However, when in July “euphoric” SHIK agents told the local press that the CIA had been involved in the terrorist round-up, al-Qaeda and its supporters were enraged. Several of the men had been rendered to Egypt, where they were reportedly tortured by the authorities. On August 5, a statement co-signed by al-Qaeda promised retaliation for the Albania raids. Two days later, terrorists attacked US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, killing 224 people and injuring over 5,000.

Balkan CIA Operation „Roots“


Nicht nur Bob Dole, war der Ur-Zerstörer von Jugoslawien, sondern sein enger Politischer Partner Reagon gab die Order Jugoslawien zu zerstören und zu zerstückeln

Reagan’s NSDD 133 (1984) „Secret and Sensitive“


November 1988. DioGuardi with President Regan, Congressman Rinaldo and National Security Adviser Poindexter in the Oval Office discussing U.S. foreign policy in Balkans.

aus der Mafia Website AACL

Agim Zogaj, Kron Zeuge im Prozess um Fatmi Limaj, wurde tod in Deutschland aufgefunden

Donnerstag, September 29th, 2011

Kronzeuge im Prozess gegen Ex-Verkehrsminister tot
28. September 2011 17:33

Laut EULEX-Mission wurde Leiche von Agim Zogaj in einem Park in Deutschland aufgefunden

Prishtina – Der Kronzeuge in einem im Kosovo bevorstehenden Kriegsverbrecherprozess gegen den früheren Verkehrsminister Fatmir Limaj ist tot. Wie die Tageszeitung “Zeri” unter Berufung auf die EU-Rechtsstaatsmission EULEX auf ihrem Internetportal berichtete, sei die Leiche von Agim Zogaj in einem Park in Deutschland aufgefunden worden. Weitere Details waren zunächst nicht bekannt. Die Todesursache soll von den deutschen Behörden untersucht werden. Zogaj war geschützter Zeuge der Anklage und war bisher unter dem Tarnnamen “Zeuge X” bekannt.…hrsminister-tot

Kosovo War Crimes Witness Found Dead In Germany
Kosovar member of parliament Fatmir Limaj is facing war crimes charges.

Kosovar member of parliament Fatmir Limaj is facing war crimes charges.
September 28, 2011
A European Union official said on September 28 that a key witness in a war crimes trial in Kosovo has been found dead in a park in Germany.

EU rule of law mission spokesman Nicholas Hawton said German police are investigating the death of Agim Zogaj, known as “protected witness X” in the war crimes trial against a former ethnic Albanian rebel commander who is now a senior politician — Fatmir Limaj.

Hawton gave no further details.

Zogaj had been granted protected witness status in return for his testimony in the Limaj trial.

24.12.2010 Opinion: Kosovo under Siege. By Prof. Dr. Agim ZOGAJ/ University of Prishtina
“The Defamatory Report”
(gm) While the Republic of Kosovo as an independent and democratic state is treading new paths in establishing the rule of law and a functional state, Serbian propaganda does not shun any means to deter and damage the processes of state building of its neighbour, Kosovo. In its refusal to recognise Kosovan independence, its territorial integrity and the sovereignty of the Republic of Kosovo, the neighbouring state, Serbia, uses all means at its disposal to interfere in the affairs and internal developments of our country. Serbia, exploiting institutional means, quite openly and without being impeded by anyone, is using the community of the Serbian minority, especially those in the northern part of Mitrovica, to obstruct the advancement of the Kosovan state. Serbia, in close cooperation with its historical friends and allies does not cease to use propaganda as a manipulative campaign tool in its political war against Kosovo for its own hegemonic purposes. The fabrication and and execution of political propaganda against the Albanian nation, not only against the state, but against our leadership and the former Kosovo Liberation Army, has always been part of Serbian tradition and is well known historically. As an illustration of Serbian tradition and the affinity of Serbian governments for fabricating anti-Albanian propaganda, we quote the ideologist of modern Serbian nationalism, the academic Dobrica Cosic, who writes: “The lie is a form of our patriotism and the testimony of our innate intelligence. We lie in a creative manner, with imagination and invention.”


28 Sep 2011 / 15:29
Key Witness in Kosovo War Crimes Trial Found Dead

Agim Zogaj, a key witness in the Klecka war crime case against former Kosovo Liberation Army, KLA, Commander Fatmir Limaj and nine others, has been found dead in a park in Germany.
Fatmir Aliu
agim zogaj
Blerim Krasniqi , a spokesman for the European Union rule-of-law mission in Kosovo, EULEX, told Balkan Insight: “EULEX can confirm that Agim Zogaj, known as the Witness X, in the Klecka case, is found dead in a park in Germany”.

Agim Zogaj is understood to have been a former KLA fighter who was under the command of Fatmir Limaj, the ruling Democratic Party’s of Kosovo, vice-president and a member of the Parliament. Codenamed “Witness X” while alive, it is not clear whether he was afforded any special witness protection programme.

Former government transport minister Fatmir Limaj was placed under house arrest for one month on September 22.

Last month, an indictment against Mr Limaj and nine other defendants in the in the so-called Kleçkë/Klečka case was confirmed and a main trial is expected to follow. The indictment charged the defendants with various counts of war crimes allegedly committed in 1999 at an improvised detention center located in the village of Kleçkë/Klečka.

Limaj handed himself in to the District court last week to attend a detention hearing.
The hearing took place after Kosovo’s Constitutional Court ruled earlier in September that parliamentarians are not immune from prosecution if sought by the law. The ruling came into effect two days later and made it possible for the former minister to be arrested.

EULEX prosecutors questioned Limaj in March but did not arrest him. Limaj is currently a member of parliament for the ruling Democratic Party of Kosovo, PDK, which is led by Prime Minister Hashim Thaci.

Limaj, who remains a popular figure in Kosovo, has already faced a war crimes trial before the International Criminal Tribunal for former Yugoslavia, ICTY. He was charged, along with Isak Musliu and Haradin Bala, with committing war crimes against Serbs and Albanians suspected of collaborating with Serbia during the Kosovo war.

But in November 2005 the ICTY acquitted him and he returned home to a hero’s welcome, with street celebrations in Kosovo’s capital, Pristina.

Prishtinë ( PLOTËSUAR 17:32) – EULEX-i ka konfirmuar se dëshmitari kyç në rastin Kleçka është gjetur i vdekur në një park të Gjermanisë. Zyrtarë për informim të misionit evropian nuk kanë dhënë detaje tjera, por vetëm kanë thënë se hetimet janë duke u bërë nga policia gjermane.

Në foto, që publikohet ekskluzivisht dhe për herë të parë nga Portali, është i shumëpërfoluri Dëshmitari X, alias Agim Zogaj, i njohur si protagonist kyç në Rastin Kleçka. Fotografia është bërë nga xhirimi i videos, gjatë dhënies së dëshmisë për Tribunalin Ndërkombëtar të Hagës, në cilësinë e dëshmitarit të mbrojtur në Rastin Kleçka. Në video është regjistruar data 19 Janar 2004.

Wikileaks: Albania “Too Corrupt” for Substantial Aid – The protracted death of democratic Albania

Sonntag, September 11th, 2011

 8.9.2011: European Council on Foreign Relations: The protracted death of democratic Albania

Wikileaks: Albania “Too Corrupt” for Substantial Aid
Tuesday, 30 August 2011 12:54
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Cables leaked from the U.S. Embassy in Albania written in 2009 reveal that concern about corruption at all levels of Albanian government led officials to withdraw substantial portions of aid money.

A cable penned by US Ambassador in Tirana John Withers warned a U.S. aid agency, the Millenium Challenge Corporation (MCC), that Albania did not have the transparency nor the technical capacity to manage the potential hundreds of millions that could be disbursed under the program.

“Corruption in Albania remains endemic and entrenched at all levels of government and society,” he wrote on November 13, 2009.

Withers acknowledged an increase in trials for corruption, but said those were mainly for lower-level government officials, while Prime Minister Sali Berisha and his family, high level opposition figures, and numerous parliamentarians were perpetrating large scale corruption without punishment.

He said he had serious doubts that the money would be spent according to the MCC’s aid priorities.

“Without a tight oversight mechanism, the Embassy cannot be sure that substantial

amounts of US taxpayer money would not go to wrongful and illegal uses,” he cautioned.

He also warned that the Albanian “lacks the necessary expertise and bureaucratic structures necessary to manage its money in all but the most elementary ways.”

The MCC made two grants to Albania for $13.8 million and $15.7 million in 2006 and 2008 respectively, but becoming a “compact member” would have made it eligible for hundreds of millions of dollars in aid. However, that aid was never extended even though Albania met the criteria, possibly because of Withers’ cable.

Original wikeleaks cabel Albanien

USA: Concerned for Albania
09/09/2011 19:00

USA: Concerned for Albania

The United States expressed their concern for the consequences of the political stalemate in Albania after the May 8th local elections, which are withholding the further reforms that Albania needs to receive the EU candidate status.

The declaration came by the US ambassador at the OSCE, Ian Kelly, during a meeting at the Permanent Council of OSCE in Vienna.

“The United States greets the decision of the Socialist Party for returning in Parliament. Washington appeals the Socialist Party to fulfill its commitment for a complete and active participation in the Parliament, and at the same time appeals the ruling coalition to create a more inclusive political climate”, ambassador Kelly declared.

Kelly expressed the concern of his government regarding corruption in Albania, which according to him is still problematic.

“We have taken some steps in the right decision, such as the accordance of the Albanian legislation with the international one against corruption, and the establishment of the electronic system in tenders. But war against corruption can succeed only if political parties will not use it for their own benefit”, he underlined.

As for the organized crime, Mr. Kelly declared that Albania has reached progress in the war against this phenomenon and the traffic of human beings.

For the US ambassador in Vienna, US and Albania have excellent relations and both countries are committed to strengthen the connections of the governments with other peoples.

Ex Regierungs – Aussenminister bestätigt die Echtheit, über das verrottete und kriminelle Politiker System in Albanien

Donnerstag, September 8th, 2011

Man muss die Peinlichkeit der wikeleaks cables, über die dumme und kriminelle Kaste der Albanischen Politiker und Regierung nicht extra bestätigen. Wir bringen und brachten vor Jahren noch viele weitere Details und Fakten, auf der ältesetn Albanien Website und noch viele andere Namen, inklusive NATO, BKA, BND Papiere und viele Zeugen. Wir zitierten aus Gesprächen mit höchst rangigen Leuten, aus dem Sicherheits Bereich, bereits vor sehr vielen Jahren u.a. auf (seit 1994)

2.9.2011: EU finanziert: der Top Polizisten Mafia Club in Albanien u.a. mit Fatos Nano, Ilir Meta, Salih Berisha und Agron Kulicaj 

Das vollkommen verrottete System der dummen Politiker in Albanien, welche schon den UN Embargo Bruch vor über 16 Jahren organisierten, bis zum NATO Geheimnis Verrat,  ist in der Welt einmalig, genauso wie die noch dümmere Zerstörung der Albanischen Umwelt und des Tourismus, durch vagabundiertende Verbrecher Clans, welche überall Grundstücke besetzen, Bäume umschlagen und abfackeln und die Küste zubetoniert haben mit irgendwelche Hirnlos Beton Bauten.

Mustafaj: Wikileaks cables, true


Mustafaj: Wikileaks cables, true

The former Foreign Minister, Besnik Mustafaj declared in Top Channel’s program “Top Story” that the materials published by Wikileaks are true and should not be seen as distortion of facts.

He underlined that after he read the cables that mentioned him, all of them resulted true.

“It is an arsenal of materials that should be seen very carefully by everyone. The reports of a diplomat, whether American or Albanian, the diplomatic report has two parts. One that reports facts which he is not allowed inventing. And for his opinions is has his own responsibility”, declared Mustafaj.

“After reading the cables that involved my name, I never saw my speech being distorted. I consider this as a very serious damage for the political class. This is a mirror that is never 100% true to reality, but the essence is always the same”, Mustafaj declared.

Enver Hoxha men – Salih Berisha: European Council on Foreign Relations: The protracted death of democratic Albania

Zu blöde, als Minister, in der Administration – wie ebenso wikeleaks festhält u.a. für Verteidigungs Minister Fatmir Mediu, vor Jahren.

“Secret Service law undermines democracy”
05/09/2011 21:20


Secret Service law undermines democracy

The case of the State Secret Service has been a concern not only for the US Embassy in Tirana.

This concern was raised in Brussels, in NATO-s headquarters. A cable shows the dialogue between the US ambassador in NATO and the Albanian ambassador.

The latter was asked to give the message that the passing of this law would undermine democracy in Albania.

US: Berisha wants Secret Service Control

A cable classified as “secret” sent to the US Department of State, expresses the concern of the US Embassy in Tirana for Berisha’s attempts to control the Albanian Secret Service, also including the stance of the President Bamir Topi for this draft law.

The cable sent on 27 January 2010 says that this law turns the Information Service into a political instrument for the Albanian Prime Minister Sali Berisha for intimidating political rivals.

Such amends would change the cooperation with other institutions, including ours, by damaging the international confidence in Albania’s opportunities for monitoring the Guatanamo prisoners that have arrived or that will arrive in the country.

The cable continues with the concern that the US Embassy and EU legal experts have expressed for this law that opens way to abuses.

By analyzing the Berisha’s past relations with the Secret Services, the cable underlines that it is not the first time when the Berisha government tries to control the Secret Service for giving it another role, while the Secret Service is one of the only institutions that has been able to preserve its independence, despite its unpleasant relations with the Prime Minister.

The cable continues to list Berisha’s attempts in 2006, when he proposed the law for merging the Secret Service with the Interior Ministry, but he withdrew this request after an intensive opposition by the international community. In 2006, Berisha orchestrated an unsuccessful campaign for discharging the Secret Service Director, Bahri Shqiri, with whom he didn’t have good relations. According to the consultation law, they are supposed to meet once a year, but they have never faced each other for many years.

Shaqiri has only sent a copy of the yearly report to the Prime Minister.

After failing to discharge Shaqiri, the Prime Minister has tried to weaken the Secret Service by giving more rights and privileges to other agencies and also by decreasing its funds.

The cable also mentions a meeting of Ambassador Withers with the President Bamir Topi, saying that the head of the Albanian state has expressed his deep concern for this law that reminded him the frightening communist institution, the State Security Service.

Quoting many other sources, the US Embassy says that these are clear attempts by Prime Minister Berisha for taking under control the remaining independent institutions.

The same sources have declared that Bahri Shaqiri, a friend of the US government, is a professional figure whose chances are to leave his duty for being replaced by someone handpicked by Berisha. This would create a negative effect to the employees of the Albanian Secret Service, many of whom are trained by the United States and who will be replaced by other inexperienced people.

The cable concludes with the comment:

“For this reason, the international community has only a few days to warn the Albanian government for the danger of this law”.

Kabllogrami-bombë: 6 politikanët VIP të lidhur me krimin

30.8.2011: 15 years NATO Reports over the most criminal enterprise Albania: “Albanian politicians have signalled a rare willingness”

Mit Vorsatz, hat Salih Berisha und seine kriminelle Bande, die Polizei ruiniert! Man muss das ja nicht mehr kommentieren, was klar war, als Lulzim Basha Innenminister wurde. Das hinter den Polizisten Morden in Durres, mit Dritan Dajti, viel mehr steckt, ist total bekannt. Die gesamte Mafia Prominenz in Durres, war mit Dritan Dajti verbunden, also auch der Polizei Apparat, was jedem bekannt ist in Durres, seit dem Mord an Polizei Präsident Gani Malushi in 2004, wo die Partner und Kollegen beim Mord, die Söhne des Paten von Durres “Spartak Braho”, identisch mit der Nard – Lefter Koca Mafia (Schwager von Agron – Armando Duka).

Partei übergreifend und Dritan Dajti (der gesuchte Mörder), war ja ein Unter Capo bei Sokol Kociu, was der ja selbst im TV sagte. Dritan Dajti, steht vor Gericht, als Mörder der 4 hohen Polizisten von Durres am 9. August 2009.


4 hohe Polizisten werden bei Durres erschossen ( 1 2 3 4)


Engste Verbindungen sind zu den Gangsters rund um die Skrapari Bande, gut dokumentiert, u.a. zu den Ex-Staatssekretär Eduard Belegu, oder zu dem Super Mafia Boss in Tirana: Tan Lepuri, der auch als Chauffeur der Gangster Braut und Ehefrau von Ilir Meta: Monika Monika Kryemadhi, diente! Wir berichteten schon vor Jahren, über diese Gangster Braut.

USA: Kulicaj, crime connections
02/09/2011 15:10


USA: Kulicaj, crime connections

The promotion of Hysni Burgaj as General Chief of the Albanian Police and the changes he undertook only one week after taking duty, by replacing almost every police chief in Albania, has been treated in a US Embassy cable that was published on Wikileaks.

“The surprising changes in the Police show that he is untouchable”, says the title of the cable sent on 25 November 2009, referring to the promotion of Agron Kulicaj. The sudden changes in the police, even to that of the Albanian Border, have been criticized by international donators, such as PAMECA, which had trained the police agents that were discharged.

Some of the donators believe that the changes were in full accordance with the rules, but they expressed their concern for the Director of Intelligence, Agron Kulicaj, who remained immune to Burgaj’s changes. Quoting other sources, the US Embassy says that Mr. Kulicaj is corrupted and the international donators had refused to help the Albanian Police when he was on charge.

The writer of this cable underlines that Ambassador Withers has expressed his concern for the corruption in the highest ranks of the Albanian Police, including even the Interior Minsiter Lulzim Basha, quoting the concerns of ICITAP regarding Mr. Kulicaj and the Police Chief, Hysni Burgaj. But Burgaj had declared that Kulicaj had strong ties with the Prime Minister Berisha, and every attempt for removing or transferring him should come from the Prime Minister himself.

The cable has other scandalous details, if they are true, for high rank police leaders such as Mr. Kulicaj.

“We have reasons to believe, same as other US Intelligence Agencies, that Kulicaj’s corruptive practices are known by now, but there are voices in the Police who say that Kulicaj himself has helped Dritan Dajti to escape from the Police operations that aimed to arrest him.”

Quoting sources from the Albanian Police, the US Embassy has transmitted their concern for Kulicaj to the US State Department, saying that the police undertook the operation for arresting Dritan Dajti in August, exactly when Kulicaj were outside Albania, leaving him no chances to help him escape”.

The concluding comment of ambassador Withers in this cable shows the difficult position of the Police Chief in front of his dependent Agron Kulicaj:

“Burgaj declared that he has his own problems with Kulicaj and others who have been suspected for corruption and connections with the organized crime. Mr. Burgaj has been intimidated by Kulicaj, since he has close relations to the Prime Minister, as his former bodyguard. Burgaj suggested that the concerns of the US Embassy for Kulicaj should be presented to the Prime Minister Berisha, who is the only one who can decide where his former bodyguard should work”.

Original Dokumente über Albanien bei wikeleaks, wo im Moment die Website nicht funktioniert.

Wir haben vor einem Jahr, schon auf die Verbindung von Agron Kulicaj, mit den Polizisten Morden hingewiesen, das hohe Polizei Offiziere darin verwickelt sind, die Prominenz der Durres sogenannten Geschäftsleuten und Agron Kulicaj, der den Treibstoff schmuggel und Betrug ebenso organisiert, wie Dritan Prifti outete.

Heute machte der Ex-Minister Dritan Prifti seine Aussagen bei der General Staatsanwaltschaft, über den Treibstoff Schmuggel von Italien in den Kosovo durch den 2.höchsten Polizisten in Albanien: Agron Kulicaj und Ex-Chef Leibwächter von Salih Berisha! Es wurden weitere Dokumente und Beweise übergeben, wo bereits Etliches an Unterlagen beschlagnahmt wurde. Normal Geschäft von kriminellen Banden, welche im Polizei Dienst sind und eine Art Tradition! Und weil die Staatsanwaltschaft, in die Regierung hinein ebenso ermittelt, boykottierte die DP Partei, in Fiere den Besuch des Staats Präsidenten Bamir Topi. Im Geiste der Parlaments Präsidentin Topalli eben, welche eine stroh dumme Betrügerin ist, wie Andere ebenso im Klientel Apparat der PD!

Unsere Meinung zu dem Fall Dritan Prifti und Agron Kulicaj! Dritan Prifti ist ein kluger Mensch, einer der wenigen klugen Politiker sogar, aber auch so eine Art Berufs Betrüger. In diesen Kreisen erfährt man ungeheuer Viel, so das die Sache mit Agron Kulicaj, sogar sehr typisch ist, weil ja auch die Firmen ARMO usw.. wie bekannt in diese Betrugs Schmuggel Ringe um das Albanische Öl, Auslands Importe seit 20 Jahren verwickelt ist und es eine Politische Tradition ist, was auch der Weltbank gut bekannt ist, wie das läuft. Es gehört zu den Standard Betrugs Geschäften der Albaner Politischen Mafia.

15 Tetor 2010 – 13:32 | Shqiperi

Kontrabanda e naftës Prifti: Kam provat, do jetë hetimi i dekadës
Kontrabanda e naftës Prifti: Kam provat, do jetë hetimi i dekadësTIRANE- Ish-ministri i Ekonomisë, Tregtisë dhe Energjetikës, Dritan Prifti i përgjigjet thirrjes së prokurorisë dhe paraqitet pranë prokurorëve të njësisë Task-Force për të dhënë dëshminë e tij për kontrabandën e naftës së papërpunuar ose siç njihet ndryshe, ‘virxhine’.


Rund um Agim Pepa, das Fake Opfer für den Mord am Polizei Präsidenten Gani Malushi, weil direkt wichtige Fatos Nano Freunde, die wirklichen Drahtzieher sind und waren.

Bereits aus 2004, über die Spartak Braho Geschichten.

wikileaks: Seit Jahren bekannt: die Salih Berisha Regierung ist ein krimineller Idioten Club

Alles seit langem bekannt, nicht nur durch die Salih Berisha Regierung ist stroh dumm, primitiv und hoch kriminell (Albanian government’s poor administrative capacities), wo dann die Frage auftritt, über die kriminellen Orgien und Falsch Informationen des Lobby Vereines DAW (Deutsch Albanische Wirtschafts Verein), was man als gezielten Betrug richtig bewerten muss und Mafiösen Auftreten, mit Partner der Albaner Mafia. Der Visa Skandal lässt grüssen.

Wikileaks: SHBA dyshime per Agron Kuliçaj. Burgaj: Ka lidhje me Berishën

Agron KulicajEmërimi Hysni Burgaj si Drejtor i Përgjithshëm i Policisë Shqiptare përfshi ndryshimet që ai ndërmori vetëm një javë pas marrjes së detyrës, të pothuajse të gjithë shefave të…

Sep 2 2011 / Lexo me Teper »

Bereits aus 2004, über die Spartak Braho Geschichten.

wikileaks: Seit Jahren bekannt: die Salih Berisha Regierung ist ein krimineller Idioten Club

Alles seit langem bekannt, nicht nur durch die Salih Berisha Regierung ist stroh dumm, primitiv und hoch kriminell (Albanian government’s poor administrative capacities), wo dann die Frage auftritt, über die kriminellen Orgien und Falsch Informationen des Lobby Vereines DAW (Deutsch Albanische Wirtschafts Verein), was man als gezielten Betrug richtig bewerten muss und Mafiösen Auftreten, mit Partner der Albaner Mafia. Der Visa Skandal lässt

NATO Geheimpapiere, über die Xhavit Halili, Hashim Thaci, Salih Berisha, Ilir Meta, Fatos Nano Mafia

Salih Berisha: is little more than an international criminal conspiracy

Samstag, 27. August 2011

Wikileaks: Die primitive Gangster Familie des Salih Berisha und Jamarber Malltezi Mafia Syndikat

10.8.2011: NATO schränkt den Geheimniss Zugang für die Mafia Regierung in Tirana ein – Sekreti, NATO rrit vëzhgimin ndaj Shqipërisë

Das FBI hat den Inhaber der Commonwealth Albanian Hydro Ventures, Inc. (CAHV), Paul John McMann, in der Geldwäsche Metropole Zypern verhaftet, welcher 7 HEC Wasser Kraft Lizenzen in Albanien hat.

11.8.2011: FBI nimmt einen US-Albanischen Investor fest und Albanisch Geschäftsleute, betrieben ein Heroin Labore

Der Gangster Boss Ilir Meta, Chef der berüchtigen Skrapari Bande, ein Thema ohne Ende in Albanien. “Persona non Grata” in der Welt, und bei dem Dumm Taxifahrer Joschka Fischer der grosse “Reformer”, was der korrupte Ostausschuss der Deutschen Wirtschaft und sein mafiöser Ableger DAW dreht, das der Kerl überhaupt je nach Deutschland eingeladen wurde, bis hin zum Ludgar Vollmer, Visa Betrugs Skandal, rund um die Bundesdruckerei.

Salih Berisha, erhielt in diesen Tagen, höchsten Sicherheits Besuch, streng geheim, wo er schriftlich mitgeteilt erhielt, das es verboten ist: das Ilir Meta, nochmal ins Kabinett zurückkommt, weil diese Betrugs Verbrecher Gestalt, ohne Bildung und Beruf, dies gerade versuchte. Er soll zur Rechenschaft gezogen werden.

Ilir Meta, der “Frankenstein” der Albanischen Politik ( 1 2)

corruption – Daily: Oman, Guinea Bissau to withdraw Kosovo recognitions and more?

Donnerstag, September 8th, 2011

Daily: Oman, Guinea Bissau to withdraw Kosovo recognitions

BELGRADE — Oman and Guinea Bissau have withdrawn their decisions to recognize Kosovo’s independence, daily Blic writes.


This is the first time since Kosovo unilaterally declared independence that some country has decided to make such a move.

Serbian officials were informed about the decision during bilateral meetings at the Non-Aligned Movement summit in Belgrade.

According to Blic, Oman delegation head informed the Serbian officials that Oman had never recognized Kosovo even though Priština had celebrated it.

“(Serbian Foreign Minister) Vuk Jeremić told Oman’s delegation chief that he was dissappointed with the country’s decision to recongnize the independence despite the promise he was given earlier that it would not happen. His interlocutor was surprised and convinced the minister that it had never happened. Also, Guinea Bissau started the recongnition process, but the MPs were against it so the procedure was suspended,“ the daily quoted a source from the Non-Aligned Movement summit organizing committee.

The daily’s source assessed there would be more such decisions.

“Two more countries have annnounced withdrawal of their decisions and it should be announced soon, and there is an investigation in an African country against a top official who took money from an Albanian businessman to push for the decision about the recognition,“ Blic pointed out.