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World Bank and EU Mafia: the winner is pre-selected by making sure that other competitors clearly violate the eligibility criteria.

HDZ Mafia in Tirana with EU Ambassador: Romana Vlahutin: Overcharged or corrupted?

Vlahutin’s agenda and Rama’s entourage

More research into Ambassador Vlahutin, shows that Vlahutin has made statements to the press contradicting the European Commission’s official position as regards the progress made in the accession process of Albania – which was significantly more clear as to the steps Albania is required to make.

Analysis: EU pays double by By Kassandra

<h3class=“entry-title single-post-title“>EEAS Refuses to Reveal Offers for Vlahutin’s Villa

EEAS Refuses to Reveal Offers for Vlahutin’s VillaThe residence of the EU Delegation Head of Mission in Tirana.

In response to a freedom of information request of Exit, the European External Action Service (EEAS) has refused to disclose the offers received by the EU Delegation in Tirana.

As Exit reported previously, the pre-selection procedure for the acquisition of EU Ambassador Romana Vlahutin’s residence at a total cost of nearly €2 million, produced five “possible” properties, two of which turned out not to be sale, one of which was not finished, while a fourth was very expensive. Even without any expert evaluation, the EU’s preferred choice in Rolling Hills already turned out to be the “best option.”

In other words, the pre-selection procedure hardly produced a level playing field in which the EU could acquire the best option for the best price. Moreover, this situation resembles the common “straw man” public procurement strategy often witnessed in Albania, in which the winner is pre-selected by making sure that other competitors clearly violate the eligibility criteria.

The EEAS refused to disclose the documents because this would “undermine the protection of commercial interests.”

I hereby confirm that releasing the list of offered properties (part of the market survey) would indeed undermine the protection of commercial interests of a natural or legal person, as per Article 4(2)1st indent of the abovementioned Regulation [(EC) No 1049/2001]. Therefore, I cannot grant you access to such list.

So while in Albania all offers in a public procurement procedure need to be public and are published on a weekly basis, the EU can withhold such order citing “protection of commercial interests.”

European Parliament Budget Control Committee Chair Ingeborg Gräßle previously stated that the affair “heavily damaged the image of the EU.” Without full openness from the EEAS about the procurement procedure, this damage cannot be undone.

How much longer will the U.S. continue to support a socialist network in artfully criminal Albania?

How stupid and corrupt European Politicans and from Berlin?

The Albanian villa saga is not over

As a result of facing “international factors which were multiple and conflicting,” the professor says, Albanian politicians “started playing a double game: Cooperate by day, undo it by night. Every law that was passed, included a lot of ‘back doors.’”

April 18, 2017, 12:04 am


In Tirana: McCain hails head of anti-Iran terrorist group, MKO

Bildergebnis für john mccain syrien

USA Johm McCain

Bildergebnis für john mccain syrien

Sat Apr 15, 2017 4:50PM
US Senator John McCain met the head of the terrorist Mujahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO), Maryam Rajavi, in the Albanian capital of Tirana on April 14, 2017.
US Senator John McCain met the head of the terrorist Mujahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO), Maryam Rajavi, in the Albanian capital of Tirana on April 14, 2017.

Republican US Senator John McCain has praised the head of the terrorist Mujahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO), Maryam Rajavi, in a meeting in the Albanian capital, Tirana.

McCain, who is on an official visit to Balkan states, met Rajavi and some other members of the notorious MKO group in Tirana on Friday.

He congratulated the terrorist group’s “successful transfer” from Iraq and praised its members for what he described as “sacrifice.”

“There is no doubt that people in this room have suffered not only themselves, but in the loss of their loved ones,” he said.

“You have stood up, fought, and sacrificed for freedom, for the right to live free, for the right to determine your future,” he added.

The MKO has carried out numerous terrorist attacks against Iranian civilians and government officials over the past three decades.

Out of the nearly 17,000 Iranians killed in terrorist assaults since the victory of Iran’s 1979 Islamic Revolution, about 12,000 have fallen victim to MKO’s acts of terror.

Massoud Rajavi (L), Maryam Rajavi’s husband and the former ringleader of the anti-Iran terrorist group, Mujahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO), meeting with the executed Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein. (File photo)

In 1986, the terrorist group’s members fled Iran for Iraq, where they received support from the then Iraqi dictator, Saddam Hussein, and set up Camp Ashraf, now known as Camp New Iraq, in Diyala Province near the Iranian border.

The terrorist group also sided with the former Iraqi dictator, Saddam Hussein, during Iraq’s eight-year imposed war against Iran in the 1980s. The terrorist group also helped Saddam in his brutal crackdown on his opponents.

A file photo of, Massoud Rajavi (L), Maryam Rajavi’s husband and the former ringleader of the anti-Iran terrorist group, Mujahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO), shaking hands with the executed Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein. (File photo)

In December 2011, the UN and Baghdad agreed to relocate some 3,000 MKO members from Camp Ashraf to Camp Hurriyet. The last group of the MKO terrorists was evicted in September 2013 and relocated to Camp Hurriyet to await transfer to third countries….

Mit enormen Millionen Summen, finanzierte ebenso die Kurdischen MEK Terroristen den Wahlkampf von John McCain, brachte diese Verbrecher Gruppe von der Internationalen Terroristen Liste, mit John Bolton, Tom Ridge, Hillary Clinton u.a.

MEK Terroristen in Tirana und John McCain

Nun wird diese Verbrecher Gruppe, welche viele Inneren Morde ebenso kennt, auch in Tirana besucht, wo man 3.000 dieser Langzeit US finanzierten Terroristen unterbrachte.

Es wird zum Sturz von Assad aufgeruen durch Maryam Rajavi, obwohl jede Politische Aktivität in Albanien verboten ist mit dem US Vertrag
2 CIA Terroristen, Johm McCain und MEK Terroristen Chefin: Maryam Rajavi

NATO Protektorat Kosovo: Ehrenmorde, Frauen Morde, Kinder Handel: National Shame: Kosovo and its Murdered Women

Pristina wants UN mission in Kosovo shut down

Stavros MarkosumSManalysis – vor 5 Stunden
[image: (Getty Images, file)] The Kosovo government is demanding from the international community to change the mandate of UNMIK, UN’s mission in Kosovo. SOURCE: B92, TANJUG FRIDAY, APRIL 14, 2017 Pristina wants UNMIM to be given the role of a political mission, „so that Kosovo can start negotiations to join the UN.“ But the message from UNMIK has been that they will continue within their current mandate, „as the mission was reconfigured“ after ethnic Albanians in Kosovo unilaterally declared independence in 2008. „Only the UN Security Council can make decisions about the mandate of… mehr »

Kosovars protest the sentence for Zejnepe Berisha murder. | Photo: Atdhe Mulla.

National Shame: Kosovo and its Murdered Women

Until our institutions climb out of their current state of dysfunction, Kosovo’s abysmal treatment of its women and girls needs to become a constant, never-ending source of national shame.

Zejnepe Berisha was stabbed to death by her husband, Nebih, in their home in Suhareka in 2015. Zejnepe was battered throughout the course of her marriage, and had reported her husband to the police no less than 16 times. It beggars belief that the police allowed abuse in this home to continue, after 16 individual reports of abuse confirmed by both her children and other family members. According to information released by Gazeta Express, in one such report Zejnepe told the police that her husband had tied her up and tortured her with a knife while she was pregnant with their second daughter. According to Zejnepe’s sister, she had also attempted suicide three years before her murder.

On Wednesday, April 12, Nebih Berisha was sentenced to twelve and a half years in prison, barely above the legally required sentence for murder (which, according to the Penal Code, varies from 10 years to life imprisonment, as per the discretion of the judge). Nebih’s lawyer, Esat Gutaj, apparently argued that his client suffered from “limited mental capacity.” Hajrije Thaci, Zejnepe’s sister, was one of the last people to see her alive. Thaci said she had been invited to act as a witness by the prosecutor in the case, but said she wasn’t interviewed once during the course of the trial.

You may have been seduced into thinking that things in Kosovo are bad, but they’re getting better. That gender inequality in Kosovo is “cultural” and requires gradual change. You need to stop this thinking immediately.

On Friday, April 14, Kosovars marched again in Prishtina to protest the murder of yet another woman failed by the police, the legal system and our government. If you’re reading this on Prishtina Insight, chances are you’re a foreigner here to “observe,” “monitor,” “report” or otherwise “assist” Kosovo. You may have been seduced into thinking that things in Kosovo are bad, but they’re getting better. That gender inequality in Kosovo is “cultural” and requires gradual change. You need to stop this thinking immediately.

What Kosovars need from you is unsparing criticism, because there’s only one of two ways progressive feminist politics happen here: feminist activists push an issue for years, organizing protests, writing articles, publishing research and lobbying the government. Or, the international community says they want a law passed or a new policy, after which it becomes, at the very least, a topic of national conversation.

Kosovo’s hatred of its women should be one of those priorities. This is a country where police will ignore a woman’s 16 individual reports of abuse and torture at the hands of her husband. This is a country where police allegedly participate in the rape and trafficking of teenage girls. This is a country where a woman with a restraining order gets shot dead by her husband in broad daylight. This is a country where women who want rape investigated get beaten. This is a country where doctors allow women to to give birth unassisted on the floors of hospitals. This is a country where 80 per cent of women don’t work. This is a country where girls get pulled out of school to get married. This is a country where women and girls are told that constant street harassment is a joke. This is Kosovo, outside of Prishtina’s bourgeois core.

And to my fellow Kosovar compatriots, those of you with bourgeois status, those of you who maybe have jumped at the chance to shill an image of a progressive, youthful Kosovo upon the offer of an “advisorship” or a cushy job spent going on official trips abroad: you are the worst. Rita Ora, Majlinda Kelmendi and #KosovoinUNESCO are all fine and dandy, but you help no one by pushing an idea of Kosovo that simply does not exist. Kosovo’s institutions are in need of radical change, and that can only happen when the people inside them are able to take a long hard look at themselves.

Right now, it’s precisely the government, the courts and the police that stand in the way of the advancement of our women and girls, and this needs to be yelled out from the rooftops. I probably don’t need to remind you, but here’s a brief list of the ‘Greatest Hits of Feminism’ by the Kosovo Government: Comparing feminists to cows. Telling a woman MP to “suck it” and then giving a speech to women entrepreneurs. Getting arrested for groping Japanese schoolgirls while on official state business. Calling an opposing government official a “fag.” And this is just the stuff that gets reported.

If this is Kosovo’s highest levels of government, how can it be any surprise that judges encourage women who are abused to reconcile with their partners? Or that prosecutors fail to pursue men who beat their wives? Or that restraining orders are next to meaningless in this country? Or that police dismiss women’s stories and might even participate in their abuse? Or that all the data on sexualized violence, failures of justice and systemic inequality collected by the Kosovo Women’s Network are not used to draft policy? Is it any wonder that I’ve almost never bothered to call upon the authorities when I’ve been followed down the street or kicked or threatened or pulled by the arm by men in Prishtina, our little bourgeois bubble?

I’m at a loss at how much more data needs to be collected, how many more deaths need to happen and how many more marches need to be organized in order for things to change. Which is why I humbly suggest public shaming, the deepest cut in the Albanian playbook. Until our institutions climb out of their current state of dysfunction, Kosovo’s abysmal treatment of its women and girls needs to become a constant, never-ending source of national shame.

NATO „Drug“ Government Albania: Great footage of Hellenic CG showing helicopter & fast boats firing at drug dealers

Monday, April 10, 2017

Great footage of Hellenic CG showing helicopter & fast boats firing at drug dealers

 Warning shots were fired

Greek helicopter on hot pursuit of drugs traffickers!
A hot pursuit took place at the Ionian Sea in Greece. In the very impressive footage that was released by the Hellenic Coast Guard (HCG) it can be seen the HCG Dauphin helicopter and the HCG fast assault crafts pursuing a fast boat with drug dealers that attempted to enter the Italian waters.
When they were located by the Italian Coast Guards they entered the Greek waters where the HCG took over the pursuit.
At some point the HCG operatives fire warning shots which can be clearly seen.

From cannabis to corruption in Albania

Stavros MarkosumSManalysis – vor 1 Tag
EPA/ARMANDO BABANI Albanian police patrolling in downtown Tirana, Albania. New Europe By Beata Stur UP NEXT Spain gathers the Mediterranean countries to discuss Brexit Apr 10, 2017 PUBLISHED 16:40 APRIL 10, 2017UPDATED 16:40 APRIL 10, 2017 From cannabis to corruption in Albania By Beata Stur Share on FacebookShare on Twitter+ For a tiny country in South Eastern Europe, Albania has one of the biggest reputations for corruption and is widely known as a major drug trafficker. According to the 2017 International Narcotics Control Strategy Report by the US State Department, Albania … mehr »

Fatmir Xhafaj, der neue Innenminister von Albanien

Priorities of the new Interior minister in Albania

After assuming his new duty as minister of Interior of Albania, Fatmir Xhafaj presented today (27.03) for the public, the priorities of the ministry that he leads until September 2017.Xhafaj said that the fight against drug traffic and the preparation of a normal electoral process are two priorities of his work for the months that he will hold this position.

Drug as a major problem

“Fight for the prevention of any activity that relates to the cultivation of cannabis in particular and the traffic of narcotics in general, will be the top priority of my work as head of this ministry”, Mr. Xhafaj said.

It is clear that the cultivation of narcotics has turned into a cause for concern in the country and Mr. Xhafaj says that “my challenge is to take Albania once and for all off the list of countries which cultivate cannabis”.

The minister warned that there will be no compromise with traffickers, with offenders and corrupt police officers.

Albania is a small country with a relatively small area, nonetheless it is a difficult terrain with poor infrastructure in most of the country.

Under these circumstances, according to Mr. Xhafaj, police cannot afford to stay behind a desk, but it must get out on field and tackle this phenomenon as soon as it starts.

“There will be more people on field than on the ground in the fight for the prevention and cultivation of cannabis. We will fight this battle with zero tolerance against traffickers, offenders and corrupt police officers. There will be punishment for every cultivated cannabis plant”, he promised.

Here, the minister launched another warning: “And this punishment will not only befall those who attempt to cultivate it, but also those who allow it, who do not inform and who do not fight, thus taking the taking their side. I can publicly assure you that for all those police officers who take the side of crime, there will be severe measures. They will leave the force and they will be criminally prosecuted”.

The delicate issue of elections

It is not known if the June 18 elections will be held and if the opposition will participate in them. However, minister Xhafaj says that efforts are being made to achieve standards.

“Another priority of my work as Interior minister is to make sure that all procedures concerning the elections are up to the deadline and the law”.

In fact, the international community and public opinion is expecting the ministry of Interior to act within the boundaries of the law in this process.

The minister is clear on this expectation: “Any involvement or other role assumed by Police, which exceeds the boundaries of the law, will be punished. The elections belong to the people and police is at their service. We will not allow police to interfere in this process. We aspire to hold free and fair elections”.


Fatmir Xhafaj comes in this post after leading the commission for the Judicial Reform. Earlier, he has also been a Justice minister and he has never been accused of corruption affairs.

But when he was proposed as minister of Interior, many accusations were addressed against him about his past an investigator. Many people publicly declared that he had been responsible for tortures during the communist regime.

But, Xhafaj distanced himself from these accusations and only made one public statement dismissing everything that he was accused of.

Meanwhile, today he said that those who attacked him are individuals and political forces who do not want the judicial reform and its implementation. /

Albanian Mafia Thug Prime Minister Edi Rama Warns Of New Balkan War, Blames Russia And Serbia !

Just a Mafia Idiot: „Albanian PM: Trump nomination would harm America“

Orginal CNN Interview: Albanian PM: Trump nomination would harm America

a corruption Idiot, like Frank-Walter Steinmeier

June 3, 2008 — Soros’ destabilization of the Balkans: Creating a haven for drug trafficking
publication date: Jun 3, 2008
Soros’ political and economic interference results in growth of organized crime in Europe drängt.


TOP 1 Mafia US Clan: Gambino, Janes Traficant jun. Hillary and Bill Clinton’s ties to the US Mafia


Albanian Mafia Thug Prime Minister Edi Rama Warns Of New Balkan War, Blames Russia And Serbia !

Albanian Mafia Thug Prime Minister Edi Rama Warns Of New Balkan War, Blames Russia And Serbia !

The “political temperature” in the Balkans has risen significantly, Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama told a Swiss newspaper, citing tensions in Macedonia over the country’s ethnic Albanian minority.

Balkan states Albania, Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia, Kosovo and Montenegro all hope to join the European Union, but political feuds, ethnic strife and lingering misgivings over the wars of the 1990s complicate this process.

Rama, the Socialist Party leader whose role in helping organize ethnic Albanians in Macedonia has been criticized by some there as inappropriate foreign meddling, told the Tages-Anzeiger newspaper in the interview published on Thursday that things could get worse.

“In Macedonia, the situation could spiral completely out of control because the head of the country’s second-biggest political party has denied the Albanians’ mandate to help build the government,” he said. “We are demanding only that the government in Skopje respect the rights of the Albanian minority.”

Rama, a former Tirana mayor, accuses Skopje of blocking Albanian as an official language even though ethnic Albanians comprise a quarter of Macedonia’s 2 million population.

“It is inconceivable for us that Macedonians reject Albanian as an official language at national level,” Rama said.

He said other factors contributing to heightened emotions include what he called Serbia’s provocations against Kosovo, including sending a train emblazoned in Serbian colors and the phrase “Kosovo is Serbia” to its former province.

Ethnic Albanian-majority Kosovo, in turn, is seeking to turn its security force into a national army, a plan opposed by the Serb minority and widely panned by NATO and the United States.

European Union leaders said earlier this month that Balkan states could still join the EU but must stick to a path of economic and democratic reform to reach that goal.

Likewise, the prospect of EU membership has for years been the main driver of reform in the Balkans following decades of communist role, economic hardship as well as ethnic bloodshed associated with Yugoslavia’s 1990s disintegration.

“When you consider this inheritance, the only way for Balkan countries to develop into mature democracies is to do so within the European Union,” Rama told the Swiss newspaper.

“As long as the people and political elite of the Balkans do not lose faith in EU membership, they’ll stay calm. The borders will be in danger when the European Union sits on its hands and, in doing so, abandons us to the Russians.”

Russia, a traditional ally of the Serbs, denies accusations of political manipulation in the Balkans to reassert its influence in the historically volatile region. Link

CIA illegal arms smuggler Viktor Bout

Coinciding with Bout’s “mysterious/magical” prison transfer yesterday, this report notes, was Hillary Clinton’s money laundering Clinton Foundation transferring $137.7 million to the Socialist Party of Albania (SPA) controlled by that nations Prime Minister Edi Rama—who is not only the head of the Xhakja Clan (known in the West as the Albanian Mafia) but who was, also, and shockingly, put into power by the Obama-Clinton regime over the protests of the Albanian people who did not want a “mafia government” controlling them.

Hillary Clinton (left) and Albanian Xhakja Clan mafia crime leader Edi Rama (right)With Hillary Clinton’s international arms merchant Prime Minister Rama having turned the entire Balkan region into one of the world’s largest areas for arms smuggling that now threatens its very security, this report warns, she has been aided in this effort by what many are calling her “puppet master—the Hungarian-American billionaire George Soros that recently released, and shocking, secret emails show him ordering Hillary Clinton to install this mafia criminal as the leader of Albania.

Surprize nga Amerika

siehe neue Reports von Foreign Policy: „Mr. Rama’s recruitment of inexperienced apprentices and corrupt loyalists „ —„Mr. Edi Rama’s government is incompetent and a prey to a significant influence of Islamic State; it must be emphasized that Albanian National Intelligence Service has been infiltrated by Islamic State agents and its well trained officers“ ——Mr. Rama’s Government members who constantly pressure foreign investors for huge bribes and expensive vacations abroad.„—- came to power thanks to his deep connections with criminal factions„– drug barons, money laundering

Foto Termin: Barack Obama -Edi Rama Di: 19.2016
Foto Termin: Barack Obama -Edi Rama Di: 19.2016


Mafia Syndikat Edi Rama and Albania: Amidst relentless oligarchy and European Union integration

Kosovo, Bosnia, Albania: The Terrorists the Saudis Cultivate in Peaceful Countries

Deutsche Waffen für Arabiens Autokraten

The Terrorists the Saudis Cultivate in Peaceful Countries

Der Mazedonische Präsident Ivanov, lädt die gekauften Georg Soros EU Gestalten aus: „keine Notwendigkeit für ein Treffen“

Johannes Hahn, ist ein gekaufter Spiel Casino Mafia Mitglied der EU Mafia und von der Firma Novomatic. Das ist vollkommen identisch mit Geldwäsche, Betrug, Bestechung und der Prominenz der Balkan Mafia.

 Es gibt noch Ehrenwerte Balkan Politiker, wie Ivanov, welche diese Theater Show der korrupten EU und US Kader nicht mitmachen. Ein Leben lang korrupt, macht Johannes Hahn, in Spiel Casino Geschäften in Mazedonien und so wird er heute empfangen in Skopje.

Johannes Hahn, lädt sich selbst ein in Mazedonien, aber die gesamte EU ist ein Trauer Spiel.


Our favorite banner: Mr Hahn, Casino Rules: House Always Wins!

Betrugs Kommissar Johannes Hahn, Niki Lauda, auf Flügen zu den Novomatic Mafia Hotels nach Mazedonien

Februar 6, 2017

Johannes Hahn, arbeitete auch mal für diese Verbrecher und Geldwäsche Firma aus Österreich, heute fälscht er EU Berichte, hat ein Diploma auf dem Niveau eines Klein Kindes ist volkommen korrupt und in Mazedonien hat das Konkurenz Casino natürlich ständige Kontrollen und Probleme mit den Behörden, weil die Schweden nicht soviel schmieren. Eine Firma, welche überall […]
Lukas Holub outed as Jess Baily’s Agent in EU’s Office


Gerade in Mazedonien, sind diese Banden sehr aktiv, mit Niki Lauda ebenso.

The man with dignity: Ivanov cancels meeting with Hahn

Tuesday, 21 March 2017
President Gjorge Ivanov cancelled Tuesday his meeting with European Commissioner for Neighbourhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations, Johannes Hahn. Why? Because Ivanov is a man with dignity, unlike the rest of Macedonia’s politicians.

According to the President’s Office, EU Ambassador Samuel Zbogar was informed on Friday that a meeting with Commissioner Hahn and the three Members of the European Parliament was not on the President’s agenda.

No need for a meeting

„President Ivanov has already presented his positions to Commissioner Hahn at their last meeting on February 10 and they remain unchanged. President Ivanov said clearly and unequivocally that he would not assign a government mandate unless there is public condemnation and rejection of the Tirana platform“, reads the press release.

Since the meeting will not materialize, the Office says the President gives up the scheduled meeting slot to representatives of civil movement „For Joint Macedonia“, who have asked for a meeting with Commissioner Hahn.

Meet with the people

„It is good for the Commissioner to get acquainted with the arguments and reasons for the protests of Macedonian citizens over the past three weeks“, adds the press release.

Place your bets!

Kassandra visited Skopjie briefly on Wednesday and had lunch with two good old friends. Both former Foreign Ministers of the Republic of Macedonia, FYROM according the Greeks, but this does not make any difference to the story although the Greeks, not Greece, have a leading role in the play.

What is the story and what the Greeks have to do with it? Gevgelija Casinos is the main issue of the story and the Greeks happen to be the gamblers. There are two big casinos in Gevgelija, a town on the Greek-Macedonian border. In both casinos (which are on the FYROM side) the clientele is Greeks who are not allowed (by law) to play in the Greek casinos and spend their week-ends (and their money) in Gevgelija to gamble and be entertained – a decompression from the ongoing Greek crisis.

The Flamingo Hotel is touted as the top casino, owned by Novomatic which is managed by former Formula One driver Niki Lauda. The other is owned by Swedish interests but is seems it has some kind of problems as is subject to all kind of daily controls by the authorities.

The Flamingo has top quality management and has, according to sources, never had any serious government audits or controls; “obviously it is impeccable in every aspect” said the source ironically.

Perhaps Austrians are experts in casinos and always do things right. Indeed, thanks to the Austrian expertise, the understanding of the government of VMRO in Skopjie and the Greeks donors, The Flamingo has proved to be a great investment!

During Kassandra’s lunch in Doirani restaurant (which serves top quality grilled meat) we learned that the Friday before, Commissioner Johannes Hahn arrived in Skopjie on an official visit, in a flash trip of 6 hours. Hahn concluded that everything is fine and the country can go to elections; easy and safe. Hahn’s statements provided important support to the stability of the country which was welcomed by most foreign investors.

By the way, in a nearly unbelievable coincidence, according to Kassandra’s source, Niki Lauda was on the same fight that brought our Commissioner to Skopje. Lauda left from the airport directly for Gevgelia, contrarily to our Commissioner who went directly to the offices of the EU delegation.

On this occasion Kassandra should add that the Representation office must be heavily understaffed as there are several stories in the local media about the casinos “of Brussels interests” which are not translated from Makedonski because of the lack of translator. It is a pity, because the stories are often also accompanied by pictures.

According to the official biography of Commissioner Johannes Hahn, from 1997 to 2003 he worked as a member of the board of directors of Novomatic and one time served as CEO of the company.

The shareholders of the Flamingo Casino and Novomatic are currently not known to the public.