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Die halbe EU korrumpiert : Serbia President Holds Cordial Meeting With Soros‘ Son

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Alex Soros, Georg Soros, Edi Rama

Alex Soros, Georg Soros, Edi Rama

Nigel Farage calls on EU to investigate George Soros funding, collusion

0 Nov 17

Serbia President Holds Cordial Meeting With Soros‘ Son

Despite a continuing campaign in Serbia against rights groups linked to George Soros, Serbia’s President held an apparently friendly meeting on Monday with his son, Alexander.

Maja Zivanovic


Alexander Soros. Photo: Facebook: Alexander Soros

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic on Monday met Alexander Soros, the son of billionaire philanthropist George Soros and Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Open Society Foundations.

The meeting comes at a time of continuing agitation in Serbia – and other countries in Eastern Europe – against Soros-linked groups, which Vucic’s ruling party, the Serbian Progressive Party, has been accused of encouraging.

The website of the Serbian President said that Vucic had discussed regional cooperation, the Soros-backed Foundation for European Integration of Serbia, reforms in the media and the rule of law in Serbia.

“President Vucic pointed out that the strategic goal and main priority of Serbia is full membership in the European Union, and that Serbia is ready for further reform of society and achieving European standards,” the President’s official website said.

It added that the President told Soros that “despite occasional negative processes in the region, Serbia remains committed to resolving all open bilateral issues with its neighbors through dialogue”.

According to the report, Alexander Soros encouraged Serbia to continue to play “a constructive role in the stability of the Western Balkans”, and added that his Foundation was ready to support reform processes and the development of entrepreneurship, as well as the program of Roma integration in Serbia.

“The two interlocutors agreed that Serbia needs to continue to implement reforms, especially those related to the rule of law”.

Since the Progressive Party came to power in Serbia in 2012, Soros-backed groups have been often accused of financing anti-Vucic and anti-government campaigns.

Soros is often mentioned as the sponsor of those intent on „destabilising“ the Serbian state.

Vucic himself in March told Pink TV that he believed Soros was linked to anti-government protests both in Serbia and Russia.

“If we look at their [Russian] information, we see the same financiers, from Soros to some others,” he said.

In the same month, a Progressive Party MP, Vladimir Orlic, said be believed that Soros was “the father of the opposition” in Serbia.

Earlier, on January 28, Aleksandar Vulin, Serbia’s Labour Minister claimed that opposition candidates in the upcoming presidential election – which Vucic won – were in the pay of Soros.

Also in January, the right-wing Nasi movement called for a new law that would outlaw the work of Open Society Foundations, following the example of Russia.

Last year, a newspaper sympathetic to the government said Soros was trying to cause “chaos” in the country.

“For the chaos in Serbia, Soros gave almost four million euros,” the tabloid Informer claimed in August 2016. More recently, in November this year, it wrote that “Soros and USAID are hitting Serbia”, adding: “The US is giving 2 million dollars to bring down Vucic.”

This is not first meeting of Vucic with Soros, however. In September this year in New York, Vucic met both George and Alexander Soros, which Vucic later said had been “very interesting”.


Soros and his ‘226 EU friends’ thrust into spotlight by Farage – so who are they?

Europa s Parasit Nr. 1:Valentin Inzko: – Inzko from Washington called on politicians in BiH to cooperate

Inzko from Washington called on politicians in BiH to cooperate

Inzko from Washington called on politicians in BiH to cooperate
The International community High representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Valentin Inzko, is in Washington from where he stated that the progress towards the EU remains the main goal of BiH leaders from all ethnic communities.“Recently, we have seen some significant initial steps in that direction but much more needs to be done,“ Inzko sais at a panel discussion in Washington titled „BiH – Towards its European future.“ The panel was hosted by Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) and the Center for Transatlantic relations.

The office of the High Representative announced that Inzko, in his remarks, outlined the issues that need to be addressed, including the respect for the Dayton Peace Agreement, in particular Annex 4, which is the Constitution.

„Bosnia and Herzegovina is a decentralised country and will remain so, barring constitutional changes agreed to by all ethnic groups. But to say that there is no state of Bosnia and Herzegovina or to deny the authorities of the state in areas like foreign policy and inter-entity law enforcement is false and harmful to reconciliation and future reform,“ emphasised High Representative.

He also highlighted a deterioration in respect for the rule of law as one of the challenges. Inzko said that the Dayton Peace Agreement defines Bosnia and Herzegovina as a state governed by the ‚rule of law‘. Inzko stated that the international community needs to re-engage and re-invigorate efforts to buttress the rule of law, including stronger anti-corruption efforts. This, Inzko emphasized, would help to re-energize the processes of the Euro-Atlantic integration.

„The elected leaders who have declared their commitment to EU integration need to step back from polarised positions and intensively search for compromises needed to adopt the necessary reforms. From the side of the international community, we can and should support all those who demonstrate a true commitment to making BiH a stable, functional and prosperous country, irreversibly integrated into European structures,“ the High Representative concluded.

But, Inzko will have to convince the politicians in BiH that this is the way they must follow if they really want to get a step closer to the EU. The meeting he organized for the beginning of December, as it seems righ now, has already failed because most of the leaders he called to participate, refused to attend.

Inzko called leaders of the parties which make the majority in the BiH Parliament but the first cancellation came from Fahrudin Radoncic, leader of the Party for a Better Future for BiH, who said that his party is not the member of the ruling coalition any more.

After him, leaders of parties from the Republic of Srpska gathered in Alliance for Changes, also refused to go to Sarajevo and sit at the same table with Inzko.

One of them, the leader of the Party of Democratic progress Branislav Borenovic, explained that he does not want to go before Inzko to apologize for the comparison of RS with WWII Naci-established-state „Independent State of Croatia“ (NDH), when spoke about January 9, RS Day. For Borenovic, that statement is debatable the whole year round but Inzko (has) never apologized…/IBNA

Albanische Offiziere fliehen aus dem Mafia kontrollierten Militaer

Britische Artikel bestaetigen auch dieses NATO Desaster, krimineller Verteidigungsminister seit langem und dem NATO Betrug. Identisch wie im Auswaertigem Amte im System Steinmeier, der es „bunt“ und dumm haben wollte. Hubschrauber Ausbilder Sokol Feka, des Albanischen Militärs stürzte in Spanien ab, beim Drogen Schmuggel:  die hoch kriminellen Pentagon Banden, haben mit „Gerdec“ Alles korrumpiert mit dem groessten NATO Munition Betrug aller Zeiten. Andere erhielten auch in Frankreich Aysl, in den USA

Alte Tradition: Beförderung mit gefakten Prüfungen auch für den Generalstab des Albanischen Militärs

* Verantwortlich die US Ausbildung, das man Kriminelle überall einsetzt!

Schuld haben die Amerikaner auch hier, wie der Super NATO Betrug rund um die AEY Firma /? Gerdec zeigt, andere Skandale des Pentagon zeigen.

Eine dumme Frau, erhielt den hoechsten Marine Rang (ohne Ausbildung und Kommando), schmuggelte dann Drogen mit ihrer Familie, bis die Tuerken die Frau Militaer Attache rauswarfen.
Sohn der Vorzeige Militär Familie: Razije Mehmeti, Colonel mit dem höchsten Marine Rang: Kapitän 1 Klasse (hatte nie ein Kommando auf einem Schiff, wie vorgeschrieben und entsprechende Dienst Jahre), denn die Frau geschenckt bekam. Sohn im Auftrage der Familie mit Diplomaten Pass, im Drogenhandel aktiv.NATO: Direkt im Drogen Handel aktiv, die Erste hochrangige Frau im Albanischen Militär ebenso.

Wenn die Besten aus den Sonder Kommandos auf Ausbildungskursen fliehen, ebenso in Deutschland,in den USA, kann man von einem Debakel sprechen.



Fluchtwelle gut ausgebildeter Militaers, aus dem NATO – Mafia Murks des Albanischen Generalstab Murks


Four crack Albanian squaddies vanish from army training mission in Britain

The men — identified as Reni Ajazi, Ylber Kotri, Aleksander Shkulaku and Klevis Lamkaj — are thought to be lying low in the close-knit Albanian community

FOUR crack Albanian commandos are feared to be in hiding after vanishing on a training mission in Britain.

Details of last month’s disappearance were kept quiet while police and the MoD launched a hunt.

 Reni Ajazi, above, is one of the four Albanian soldiers who've vanished while on a NATO training exercise in Mid-Wales

Reni Ajazi, above, is one of the four Albanian soldiers who’ve vanished while on a NATO training exercise in Mid-Wales

But the men — identified as Reni Ajazi, Ylber Kotri, Aleksander Shkulaku and Klevis Lamkaj — are thought to be lying low in  the close-knit Albanian community.

They face up to five years in jail for desertion.

They were among 11 Albanians on the Nato exercise in mid-Wales whose flights and accommodation, including a final night in London, were paid for by the MoD. A source said: “They were supposed to return to barracks and fly back the next day.”

A military source in the Albanian capital Tirana said: “Top Brass are fuming. The families of the missing men have been questioned and the investigation is proceeding in Britain and Albania.”

 Aleksander Shkulaku is another of the crack fighters who are thought to be lying low within Britain's Albanian community

Aleksander Shkulaku is another of the crack fighters who are thought to be lying low within Britain’s Albanian community

The exercise, run by the Brecon-based 160th Infantry Brigade and Headquarters Wales, saw 139 teams from around the world compete in challenges. They  included a 60km march across the Black Mountains.

The missing Albanians — Afghan veterans said to be among their commandos’ elite — earned £220 a month.

Dritan Demiraj, former head of the Albanian ­Special Forces, wrote on Facebook: “I consider their behaviour unacceptable.

“I know they are not paid well and work in difficult circumstances but what they did was totally unjustified.

“They travelled to Britain to represent Albania in a military exercise and I ask them to return to their country as soon as possible.’’

 The exercise, run by the Brecon-based 160th Infantry Brigade and Headquarters Wales, included a 60km march across the Black Mountains

eidigungsministerin, schlimmer wie die Vorgaengerin:

Ex-Gatte: Artan Gaci, mit der Boutique „Florence“ in Tirana, war eine der Geldwäsche Stellen des Edi Rama. Deputetja e PS, Olta Xhacka, duke folur gjate nje konference shtypi, ku ka komentuar ne lidhje me pjesmarrjen e gruas ne politike./r/n/r/nLawmaker, Olta Xhacka, speaks during a press conference, where she commented on the participation of women in politics.Olta Xhacka, Typsiches Georg Soros Produkt des Betruges über „Mjfat“ und korrupter EU Kreise mit G-99, wie auch Bosch Stiftung, Erste Stiftung. Olta Xhacka, ist uralter Kommunisten Hochadel, ebenso Ex-Schwieger Tochter des Super Betrügers, Gangsters. der Pyramid Firma: von Gani Kadrise und der Ehefrau: Shemsije Kadrisë, Pyramid Firma “Gjallica”, ein ganz übler Betrugs Laden vor 20 Jahren. In Folge Betrugs Firmen, des Shmesje Kadrise, war Olta Xhacka, Managerin, Teilhaberin, bis Shemsije Kadrise zuletzt 2013 verhaftet wurden, wegen Betrug. Letzte Verhaftung 2013 (letzte Verurteilung: 2017), Ihr Ehemann und Vater sind ein Langzeit Gangster, der Schmuggler Boote als System ansieht und promotete, als Vlore Gangster.

Das Albanische Militär gilt als vollkommen verrottet und zerstört, wie letzte Skandal mit dem abgestürzten Hubschrauber zeigte mit den Piloten, welche keinerlei Erlaubniss hatten, noch eine Ausbildung für den neuen Hubschrauber Typ, wo der zuständige Chef, eine eigene Privat Helikopter Schule aber hatte und nie anwesend war. Die US Mafia, neue Schmuggler Routen, wo das Albanische NATO Personal, die Radar Stationen ausser Funktion setzten

General Brigade: Vladimir Qirjazi i.R. beschuldigt den Albanischen Generalstabs Chefs Xhemal Gjunkshi und Minister Arben Imani der Korruption

Die Bande, mit Petri Koci, Mimi Kodheli und dem Pseudo Flotten Kommandanten Ylber Dogjani, der keine Nautische Ausbildung hat.

Links: Generalstabs Chef: Jeronim Bazo, ebenso (bis 28.8.2017) zu 100 % Verantwortung. Spaziergänger im Solde der Mafia.

Die Pentagon - CIA Ratte in Zivil
Die Pentagon – CIA Ratte in Zivil

Dann die Ratte Petro Koci, Mimi Kodheli, Pseudo Flotten Kommandant: Yiber Dogjani.

NATO Militär kontrolliert von der Mafia: 10 Jahre System Übernahme und Betrug von Kriminellen mit „Mimi Kodheli“

2017 presidential election in Slovenia

Slovenian political structures have very close ties with the West Balkan political-criminal structures – interestingly those regimes enjoy strong support from Slovenia.

2017 presidential election in Slovenia: Pahor – a test for Slovenian right-wing parties

The International Institute for Middle-East and Balkan Studies (IFIMES) in Ljubljana, Slovenia, regularly analyses events in the Middle East and the Balkans. IFIMES has analysed the situation in Slovenia in view of the upcoming runoff presidential election scheduled for 12 November 2017. The most relevant and interesting sections from the comprehensive analysis entitled “2017 presidential election in Slovenia: Pahor – a test for Slovenian right-wing parties” are published below.
2017 presidential election in Slovenia:

Pahor – a test for Slovenian right-wing parties

In the second round of presidential election scheduled for Sunday, 12 November 2017, Slovenia will get its fifth democratically elected president since the country proclaimed its independence in 1991.


The run-off will be held between Borut Pahor (Dejan Židan and a group of voters) and Marjan Šarec (Marjan Šarec List). In the first round Pahor received 47.21% of votes and Šarec 24.76% with a rather low turnout (44.23%). There are altogether 1,713,762 eligible voters in Slovenia.
The phenomenon of political start-ups
The political instability in Slovenia caused by Pahor’s government during the period 2008-2011 led to early election in Autumn 2011 whose winner was Positive Slovenia (PS) led by the Mayor of Ljubljana Zoran Janković Nevertheless, after the election Janković did not manage to form the government. Another political party appeared at that time – the Citizens‘ List (DL) led by Gregor Virant. 2014 saw the rise of the Party of Miro Cerar which was later renamed into the Modern Centre Party (SMC).


All these parties represent political start-ups: they are newly-established political parties with innovative ideas and (usually) a short-term strategy created under uncertain circumstances, which ensures good election results. They offer great potential and a shiny future, but they soon disappear from the political scene. This is a similar process as with start-up companies (accelerators) – they are also newly-established companies with an innovative idea (product or service) created under uncertain circumstances and offering great potential and global plans, but they usually do not survive on the market in the long-run. As a rule, start-up companies are backed by investors, while political start-ups are backed by “hidden” investors. Janković’s Positive Slovenia and Virant’s Citizens‘ List have already experienced this scenario, while analysts anticipate the same for Cerar’s Modern Centre Party (SMC).


The phenomenon of political start-ups has revealed the vulnerability of Slovenian not-so-very-young democracy. Political parties that were established practically overnight, i.e. a few months before the election, won strong support among voters. This means that democracy in Slovenia is still in a very vulnerable period of adolescence. Nevertheless, once elected those parties (co)decide about the future of Slovenia, EU, NATO and many other organisations that Slovenia is related to or connected with.


Slovenia is a country characterised by normative idealism and creative interpretation of laws and rules. The legislation is full of grey spots that should be eliminated because they enable various forms of manipulation.


Slovenia needs political stability and professionalism instead of political amateurism that has already placed too many burdens on Slovenian tax-payers. A part of the leading political actors still haven’t stopped with romantic nationalism. Political start-ups have not ensured the kind of future that Slovenia needs. Slovenia does not need insecurity – it needs a reliable future. Many other nations also have their historical divisions, but they rarely stress the past at the expense of their future, as has been the case in Slovenia. This kind of politics has led the country to a “silent” civil war and permanent debt slavery due to irresponsible borrowing decisions taken by the incumbent and past governments.  Many political parties have profited from these ideological divisions, therefore this permanent conflict suits their interests.


In the past, it was the social elites that plundered the state, but now the state is plundering itself through its institutions: the Slovenian Sovereign Holding (SSH) for managing state shareholdings in companies, and the Bank Assets Management Company (BAMC), popularly called the Bad Bank, whose task was to relieve companies from the credit burden and to write off and transfer bad debts. Basically this system serves as a new model for plundering the state. After Slovenia gained independence a part of social elites plundered the state through “tycoonisation” and appropriation of a part of socially owned assets. Paradoxically, now the government itself has established the institutions that enable further plundering of the state. By introducing foreign managers and experts in BAMC the interest groups established control over the economy and economic flows.

Foreign policy in a state of confusion

The arbitration decision on the border dispute between Slovenia and Croatia adopted in June this year revealed all the cracks and crevices in Slovenian foreign policy. Although the EU was the guarantor of the arbitration agreement signed in Stockholm on 4 November 2009, Slovenia was left on its own after the arbitration decision was announced on 29 June 2017. The arbitration agreement that was signed by the former Slovenian Prime Minister Borut Pahor and Croatian Prime Minister Jadranka Kosor (HDZ) actually represented the agreement on Croatia’s accession to the EU………………………………
Slovenian political structures have very close ties with the West Balkan political-criminal structures – interestingly those regimes enjoy strong support from Slovenia. The new Cerar’s government was expected to change this relationship in line with the morality and ethics that the new Slovenian Prime Minister has been stressing and advocating. Unfortunately, relations with the regimes in the region have not only strengthened, but even become “brotherly”.

The state of confusion in Slovenian foreign policy is also reflected in the fact that Slovenia has unofficially supported Catalonia’s independence while all EU states have remained reserved and even strongly opposed the creation of new states within the EU. The question is what image Slovenia is creating in the EU, bearing in mind that the EU institutions and the USA oppose Catalonia’s independence.

Die Schande der korrupten Berliner und EU Banden: US Department of State kritisiert die Foto und Konferenz Show mit kriminellen Balkan Politikern

US Department of State Diplomat „Hoyt Yee“: „Schande, die ständigen Foto Termine der EU“ mit kriminellen und korrupten Balkan Politikern

2 vollkommen korrupte Gestalten, vor kurzem in Berlin!

Nato-Experte Hamilton: „Deutscher Trend zur Scheckbuch-Diplomatie macht Sorgen“

Steinmeier und Ilir Meta, ein Profi kriminelles Konstrukt

Titel Geschichten, welche deutliche sagen, was die Welt, das Albanische Volk von den korrupten EU Raten denken, wo schon Obama in 2009: die Ratte: Frank-Walter Steinmeier auslud, ihm „Scheckbuch Diplomatie“ vorwarf, sprich systematische Bestechung von Regierung.

Unglaubwürdig, sind die korrupten Narren, Betrüger der EU und Deutschen Aussenpolitik, was in 2000 auch schon bekannt war. Ihre ständig gefälschten Berichte, der EU Botschaft, früher der OSCE, sind eni Verbrechen, vollkommen korrupter und krimineller EU Banden, wie Wolfgang Hetzer ja im Detail als Insider auch vor über 10 Jahren schon festhielt.

Europa, Frontex, Berlin verhindern und sabotieren jede Art von „Kampf gegen die Schleuser und Drogen Mafia“, oder Geldwäsche

US Dep. Ass. Secretary Yee Calls for Boycott of Balkan Leaders

2 hours ago

US Dep. Ass. Secretary Yee Calls for Boycott of Balkan Leaders

US Deputy Assistant Secretary Brian Hoyt Yee has called upon European countries to be tougher on the corrupt leaders of the Balkans:

It is shameless how political leaders of the Balkans, despite violent acts, are welcome in many European capitals, as if their acts are nothing bad. When the citizens of these countries see their leaders in high-level meetings in Europe and Washington, they will draw conclusions. If these leaders are not allowed in meetings and certain circles and the reasons why are clearly communicated, that would have a positive influence on the developments in those countries.

The comments of Yee come at a moment that EU Commissioner for Enlargement Johannes Hahn has shared the stage with Prime Minister Edi Rama, known for his recent attacks on the media, a praised his government despite the consistent allegations that several former ministers are linked to drug trafficking.

The deputy assistant secretary, who is rumored to become the next US ambassador in Macedonia, also addressed the judicial reform in Albania, stating that only a full implementation and full independence of the judiciary would be considered a success:

We will not be satisfied as a partner of Albania with a partial implementation or the absence of implementation, so we will continue to require from the government, political parties, deputies, to keep their commitments to implement the amendments. The aim is not to please the US or EU, but to impose the rule of law, and arriving at an independent judiciary.

unckern, Barosso, Ashton, sind und waren sowieso ein Motor des Verbrechens. Und so geht es weiter im Steinmeier und Clinton Stile, die ständigen Treffen für den Diebstahl von Milliarden durch angebliche Projekte und Konferenz und Reise Tourismus

Wenn Hirnlose und korrupte ein Land regieren, denn der Profit ist hoch.

Angela Merkel y Edi Rama en Tirana.

Edi Rama: Immer den Verbrechern hinterher: Angela Merkel

ikileaks Cables aus 2007, sprechen deutliche Worte und dann gibt es eine NATO Konferenz mit total KriminellenLinks: Generalstabs Chef: Jeronim Bazo, ebenso (bis 28.8.2017) zu 100 % Verantwortung. Spaziergänger im Solde der Mafia.Die Pentagon 4 mal kriminelles Enterprise der Inkompetenz, die Militär Führung in Albanien Mitte: Petro Koci im Hintergrund, Mimi Kodheli, und der Flotten Kommandant: Ylber Dogjani,

Standard Wissen, was auch UN Sonder Gesandte haben: Die EU und Weltbank finanzieren die Verbrecher Kartelle in Albanien.

Deutsche Botschafterin: Susanne Schütz, bei ihrem sinnlosen Foto Termin mit Taulant Balla: Elbasan Vertreter, der dortigen Mafia Kartelle, inklusive Mord, Gross Drogenhandel, Geldwäsche, Frauen und Kinder Handel, Umwelt Zerstörung und Betrug.

Koko Kokedhima: Regierung Rama arbeitet für die Mafia. Die Polizei hat Cannabis gehandelt, die Mafia kaufte die Wahlen.

Lefter Koka, Barbara Hendricks Umwelt Minister unter sich

Edmond Panarti – Christian Schmidt denn in Bayern ist auch Wahlkampf wo man Geld braucht

Martin Schulz, besitzt wohl eine Liste, wer am korruptesten und kriminellsten ist im Balkan, so lange ist die Liste seiner Partner,des Profi korrupten Martin Schulz, inklusive illegaler Finanzierung von Mafiosi in Albanien rund um Dritan Prifti, Ilir Meta.

Leonhard-Beqiri : Martin-Schulz: Tief versunken mit Kriminellen

Sarande Bürgermeisterin Florjana Koka: Phantom Infrastruktur Projekte mit System und die KfW ebenso aktiv dabei

Auf Tour, die Prominenz der Verbrecher Clans zu besuchen und die Verbrecher Kartelle zu finanzieren: Susanne Schütz, denn in Sarande identisch, bei Betrugs Projekten. Es gibt viel Reise Spesen, aber so schlimm war wohl noch nie jemand aus der Deutschen Botschaft. Fiere ist aber Umschlagplatz, für Heroin aus Afghanistan, wie Schlagzeilen zeigen.

In der Mafia Stadt Fiere am 7.11.2017, Susanne Schütz, mit dem Mafia Boss und Drogen Boss: Edi Rama, Daimian Gjiknuri, Deutsches EBRD Projekt usw.. Die Verbrecher Clans, müssen gefördert werden, wo schon das nächste Haus link, illegal gebaut wurde, weil per Baugesetz, ein 6 Meter Abstand zum nächsten Haus bestehen muss.

Anweisung der Verbrecher Clans, wo die KfW, die Deutschen, ihre Landraub und Geldwasch Aktivitäten finanzieren sollen, wie auch in Dhermi usw.. Man ist eine Einheit und Partnerschaft im Bauschrott Betrug, auch bei Phantom Projekten.

Edi Rama, Gjunshi, Sussane Schütz (versteckt) 7.11.2017

Der nächste Schlag gegen die „Mafia-Familie“ in Fier … Details

Bestechungs und Betrugs Experten in Hamuburg: 10.10.2016:Hamburg: Hans Jürgen Müller (DAW), Edi Rama

Der berüchtigte Frank Walter Steinmeier, muss natürlich auch noch den Gangster Ilir Meta nach Berlin einladen, was ja System hat wie der Visa Skandal zeigte.

In Tirana war der Betrug bekannt, denn die Staatsaufsicht und der Rechnungshof, übergab diese Betrugs Maschine, von der Sarande Bürgermeisterin F. Koka , (wo dann die Deutsch Botschafterin, wohl aus Naivität mitmachte), der Staatsanwaltschaft. Zu dem System, gehört der geduldete Wahl Betrug durch die EU,

Und wieder Foto Termin, mit 2 schwer von der Staatsaufsicht kritisierten Verbrechern, wo die Staatsanwalt in vielen Projekten des Betruges ermittelt. Der Ksmali, Sarande, KfW Betrug in Tradition.

Botschafterin Susanne Schütz bei der Einweihung der Wasserinfrastruktur in Saranda

Bild vergrößern Botschafterin Susanne Schütz bei der Einweihung der Wasserinfrastruktur in Saranda (© Deutsche Botschaft Tirana) Am 6. April wurde noch weiter südlich, in Saranda, die fertig gestellte Wasserinfrastruktur eingeweiht, die mit Unterstützung Deutschlands und der EU in den vergangenen eineinhalb Jahren errichtet wurde.

Rigel Balili, Florjana Koka, KfW Partner des „Pablo Escobar“ des Balkans: Klement Balili: Finanziert durch die Deutsche Botschafterin

29.6.2016: Einweihung: Osman Gazi Brücke, eine Brücke, über den Golf von Izmir : Recep Erdogan, Edi Rama
Manipulation und Lügen:
Fatmir Mediu, Dr. Fatmir Mediu, Franz Jung. Agron Duka, Geht direkt zu Rheinmetall als gekaufter Politiker
Vertrautes Gespräch im Außenministerium der Republik Albanien zwischen Außenminister Edmond Haxhinasto und DAW-Präsident Hans-Jürgen Müller

Ex-Vorstand, der Spiel Casno Mafia „NOVOMATIC“, welche überall mit Mördern, Drogen Bossen, Verbrechern, gigantische Geldwäsche Systeme aufbaute und in Österreich schon ein Skandal war. EU Kommissar: Johannes Hahn. Zoll- und Steuerbetrug überall inklusive.

Yanis Varoufakis : Lesbos’s Ghosts, Europe’s Disgrace

Lesbos’s Ghosts, Europe’s Disgrace

In September alone, another 2,238 refugees arrived in Lesbos, despite Turkey’s attempts to cut the flow. A camp designed for 2,000 people now “houses” three times that number, behind rows of barbed wire, in a magma of mud, refuse, and human excrement.

ATHENS – In 2015, hundreds of thousands of refugees landed on Greece’s island shores. Many had perished at sea. Today, the international public has been lulled into believing that Greece’s refugee crisis has abated. In fact, it has become a permanent scourge blighting Europe’s soul and brewing future trouble. The island of Lesbos was, and remains, its epicenter.

The story of Shabbir demonstrates how starkly reality clashes with Europe’s official storyline. Shabbir, 40, lived with his wife and two young children in a midsize town in Pakistan, where he ran a car rental business. One night in December 2015, a local group of Islamist extremists petrol-bombed Shabbir’s neighbor’s home and waited outside for the fleeing family.

Shabbir’s neighbors were Christian, and the extremists were keen to evict them and convert their home into a madrasa (religious school). Instinctively, Shabbir rushed to his Christian neighbors’ defense. Designated an “apostate,” his business was burned down, his brother was brutally murdered, his wife and children fled to neighboring villages, and Shabbir, together with his elderly father, took the long, cruel road, via Iran and Turkey, to imagined safety in civilized Europe.

Along the way, Shabbir’s father died of exhaustion on some snow-covered Turkish mountain peak. Months later, after managing to board a trafficker’s flimsy vessel on Turkey’s Aegean coast, he found himself shipwrecked, surrounded by dozens of drowned fellow refugees. Picked up off the coast of Lesbos, he was brought to the Moria camp. That is when his next ordeal began.

No Westerner who saw Moria during the winter of 2016/2017 could do so without feeling dehumanized. Mud, refuse, and human excrement formed a magma of misery, a hellscape surrounded by barbed wire and the official indifference reflected in the puny resources provided by the European Union and Greek authorities.

Refugees like Shabbir faced a minimum of nine months before their first encounter with any official who would receive their asylum application. Within the camp, a small makeshift office, surrounded by more barbed wire and hundreds of despairing refugees, would admit one or two per hour for their first interview. “If you are a little ill, Afghani or Pakistani, it may take 12 months before you speak to an official,” one refugee told us. “We are ghosts roaming around without anyone noticing,” he remarked: “I wish we had died in the war instead.”

Wandering around the camp, segregation was in plain sight. Some families were afforded the luxury of containers, guarded behind tall fences. Despite the absence of running water, heating, or any facilities to speak of, they were the privileged ones.

Walking northwest up the hill was like experiencing the ascent of inhumanity. First there was the Afghanis’ shantytown, enveloped in mud and an unbearable stench. On the hilltop were Pakistanis in the same dire conditions, burning anything they could find in order to cook. Next to them were Algerians, feared by all the others and caged behind a triple row of barbed wire. At the foot of the slope, just next to the appalling semi-open-air toilets, were the “Africans,” amidst whose tents runs filth from up the slope.

A year after Shabbir arrived on Lesbos, and three months after his first interview, his asylum application was refused and a deportation order was issued. His appeal was unceremoniously rejected and, when he tried to seek refuge with supporters in a nearby village, the police mounted a manhunt. Eventually, he surrendered, before being taken back to Turkey. We have not heard from him since.

Shabbir had imagined, he told one of us, that, “despite being Muslim,” Europe would give him asylum, “not least because I thought that defending Christians at my family’s expense would mean something here.” But “Europe” had other ideas. The EU deal with Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, negotiated in 2016 by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, had a single purpose: To stop the flood of refugees from Turkey to Greece at all cost. If that meant that the EU would end up bribing Erdoğan with several billion euros in order to violate international legislation protecting refugees like Shabbir, so be it.

In September alone, another 2,238 refugees arrived in Lesbos, despite Turkey’s attempts to cut the flow. A camp designed for 2,000 people now “houses” three times that number. In early October, the first autumnal storms turned the Moria camp into a mud field again.

Europe pretends to itself that this crime against humanity is no one’s fault. The Greek authorities blame the EU for not providing funds, the EU blames Greece for not doing enough with available funds, and large NGOs are preoccupied with maintaining their own line of command and funding. The only survivors in this moral shipwreck are the local grassroots teams – comprising volunteers from all over the world and smaller NGOs – that have been keeping the spirit of humanity alive.

Meanwhile, the West in general, and the EU in particular, perpetuates the economic, environmental, and military factors driving the unfolding humanitarian disaster.

Galrim, another Pakistani refugee in Lesbos, explained to us Europe’s blunder: “The Islamist extremists have a plan. By spreading fear and loathing,” he says, “they wish to ghettoize refugees in Europe, to cut them off from European societies, to make them victims of European xenophobia. It is their recruitment strategy by which to stoke the fires of East-West hatred and render them significant players.”

Galrim should know. A democrat who opposed ballot rigging in his town, his body was broken by mafia networks in “safe” Turkey, in a succession of torture sessions for ransom. On one occasion, he was dragged behind a speeding truck. Galrim’s asylum application was also turned down, placing him on the deportation list.1

Some 2,500 years ago, Sappho of Lesbos wrote:

Their heart grew cold

they let their wings down

To prevent that from happening to humanists across Europe, we need a new movement to campaign for refugees’ release from odious conditions and a swift asylum process. Beyond that, we need to end the policies that are contributing to their desperate flight.

Yanis Varoufakis, a former finance minister of Greece, is Professor of Economics at the University of Athens.

USA verbieten Serbien, in Syrien Minen zu räumen – Washington Forbids Serbia from De-Mining Syria

Washington Forbids Serbia from De-Mining Syria

EDITOR’S CHOICE | 24.10.2017

Washington Forbids Serbia from De-Mining Syria


This may be one of the cruelest and most cynical moves of Washington in its entire dark „regime change Syria“ chapter. Serbian media sources are reporting, based on quotes from US Embassy Belgrade personnel, that the United States has sought and been given assurances by the Serbian government and military that Serbian de-mining experts will not be deploying to Syria to assist in removing the ubiquitous horrific mines and other explosive devices left behind by a retreating ISIS.

As the rout of ISIS forces continues in Syria, the civilian population begins returning to their homes and their lives that had been disrupted by the Islamic State, al-Qaeda, and other extremist groups. According to the United Nations, more than 600,000 Syrians have returned to areas liberated by the Syrian government with the assistance of Russia and Iranian forces.

But that is where the tragic problems often begin. As the Economist reportedearlier this year, the joy of returning to a life where the scourge of ISIS has been eliminated can be cut short in an instant by what ISIS leaves behind:

‚The first explosion killed our neighbour and his sister-in-law when they entered their house,‘ said Ali Hussain Omari, a former fighter from the city. ‚Three days later another mine killed my cousin. His 11-year-old daughter’s leg was amputated and their house was destroyed. A week later another mine in an olive tree exploded. My neighbour lost his leg.‘

Georg Soro’s, EU Mafia: SDSM used 1994 tactics to commit massive elecotral fraud in Macedonia

Former SDS official: Brutal Electoral Fraud in Macedonia, 120,000 VMRO votes removed


Thursday, 19 October 2017

SDSM used 1994 tactics to commit massive elecotral fraud in Macedonia

Macedonia’s local elections are turning into a complete farce as every passing minute more fraud is discovered literally in every city. After Skopje and Bitola, massive electoral fraud is now uncovered in Ohrid, Veles, Karposh and Strumica. Kurir reports that the popular “Bulgarian train” tactic of ballot staffing widely used by SDSM in 1994 was now uncovered in both Ohrid and Strumica.

Namely, voting ballots from Veles after being ‘counted’ there somehow found their way in Strumica and were ‘counted’ there as well. To be precise, Veles ballots with SDS candidates already circled found themselves in ballot boxes at polling station 1718 in Strumica. This would explain the huge delays by the SEC in displaying the results. Same ballots were traveling from one to another, and in many cases to a third city.

Similarly, voting ballots in Karposh, were transferred and found their way into ballot boxes in Ohrid. At polling stations 1310/1 and 1262 in Ohrid, voting ballots from Karposh were uncovered similarly to the example above. A classic “Bulgarian train” of ballot stuffing.

In Prilep, residents who went to vote were told they’ve already voted, were even shown fabricated evidence that someone has already submitted a ballot in their name!

In Resen, at polling station 1631/16 ballots with identical serial numbers were discovered, all of whom were votes for the SDSM. This is impossible to happen unless the ballots were made multiple copies of for ballot stuffing purposes, which is precisely what happened. This is a major criminal offense.

The State Electoral Commission which is ironically run by the SDSM is complicit in this massive electoral fraud. The SEC has already received hundreds of complaints from political parties to nullify the voting across the country due to massive fraud. The SEC (SDSM) has certainly no intentions to do so.

In Skopje, the DPMNE on Monday submitted multiple cases of electoral fraud to the SEC where the voters lists at local level do not match those sent to the SEC. The SEC stated the voter list fraud is not a good reason to nullify results! Actually, you can’t get a better reason to make the vote invalid. But the SEC is not independent, far from it. The SEC head and SDSM official Aleksandar Chachikovski disappeared for 7 hours during last year’s (December 2016) general elections. When he came back, he said he needed a ‘nap’ while the election results were coming in! In reality, Chachikovski was meeting with the US Ambassador Jess Baily discussing how to turn the results in SDSM’s favor. For 7 hours!

Now, Kurir just reported that the SEC has refused to hold a session live on camera (as it has always done) to discuss the SDSM election fraud.

What is even more remarkable is that the fraud continues unabated for the second election run in municipalities where the SDSM ran out of time to stuff ballot boxes. SDSM officialls are visiting Roma neighborhoods and give them cash, cooking oil and flour in exchange for a vote and they do this in front of the cameras because, as they put it: “it doesn’t matter, we control the police and prosecution”.

And they are right, not a single person has been detained or questioned during the elections.


„failed state“ Albania: Special Report: The drug routes through Greece to Europe

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