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NATO: ITCY Mafia: Karadzic Lawyer May Face Contempt of Court

23 Jun 16

Karadzic: War Criminal or Poet?

To the media in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the arrest of Radovan Karadzic, indicted by the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, ICTY, for genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity, was a true sensation, and one to be exploited day after day.

nato imperalismus

Karadzic Lawyer May Face Contempt of Court

The Hague tribunal has opened an investigation into a member of the defence team of the former Bosnian Serb leader, Radovan Karadzic, for alleged contempt of court.

Justice Report


Radovan Karadzic at court. Photo: BETA

Theodor Meron, president of the UN Mechanism for International Criminal Tribunals, MICT, on the request of the Prosecutor’s Office, has launched an investigation into a member of the defence team of former Bosnian Serb leader, Radovan Karadzic, for contempt of the court.

The prosecution said it suspects that the lawyer, whose name has not been given, revealed the contents of a confidential submission from April in which Karadzic sought brief release to attend a commemoration ceremony for his late brother, Ivan, in Serbia.

In the request sent to Judge Meron, prosecutors allege that “a member of Karadzic’s defence team submitted confidential information to the media, revealing that Karadzic requested a temporary release to attend a commemoration ceremony for his brother, and that the Government of Serbia gave the necessary guarantees.”

According to Meron, “this person may have committed the offence of contempt of court by publishing confidential information, including the fact that Karadzic requested a temporary release to attend a commemoration ceremony”.

Although the member of Karadzic’s defence team is not named in the submission, many believe the complaint relates to statements given by Goran Petronijevic, one of his lawyers, to the Belgrade newspaper Kurir.

Petronijevic told Kurir that Karadzic had requested “temporary residence” in Serbia to attend a commemoration ceremony in Obrenovac and said that the Belgrade authorities had given guarantees that he would return to The Hague.

Petronijevic also said the decision on the request would be made “next Tuesday”, that is, May 31, which duly happened. The Appeals Chamber that day rejected Karadzic’s request.

Petronijevic was the first to reveal the contents of the confidential request, submitted on 28 April.

Karadzic’s defence lawyer, Peter Robinson, has refused to comment on the allegations against the team.

“Considering that the investigation is ongoing, it would not be appropriate to publicly comment on the charges,” Robinson told BIRN. He also said: “Karadzic’s defence will cooperate fully with the investigation”.

Disclosure of confidential documents is punishable as “interfering knowingly and willfully with the enforcement of justice”.


NATO Country: Dukanovic Mafia :: Faces Grilling Over Unpaid Taxes

Einzige Voraussetzung für die NATO Mitgliedschaft ist: möglichst kriminell, korrupt und für jede Art von Geldwäsche, Betrugs Geschäft aktiv dabei, inklusive Drogen- und Waffenhandel aller Art. Frank Walter Steinmeier wird gut geschmiert, von der übelsten Mafia der Welt, inklusive den Terroristen Staaten, Katar, Dubai, VAE, Riad.

Einzige US und Deutsche Aussenpolitik
Einzige US und Deutsche Aussenpolitik

Neues NATO Mitglied Montenegro: 2015 MAN OF THE YEAR IN ORGANIZED CRIME: Award: Milo Djukanovic

Deutsche Politiker und Medien: Dumm Lügner und Täuscher
Deutsche Politiker und Medien: Dumm Lügner und Täuscher

Was kostet ein Deutscher Aussenminister? extrem wenig, wenn man Montenegro als Leuchte der Demokratie verkauft

Einfach lächerlich, wenn der Steinmeier Murks umgehend auf der Website des Montenegro Regierung verkauft wird.

Germany: Steinmeier wants EU and NATO membership for Montenegro

gekaufte Berufs Idioten an die Front: Montenegro und die korrupten AA Idioten

nato mafia

lt. Willy Wimmer einem Insider:

news 20 Jun 16

Montenegro Minister Faces Grilling Over Unpaid Taxes

The opposition in Montenegro said it had sought a hearing with the Finance Minister over hundreds of millions of euros in unpaid taxes, which the minister is trying to recover.

Dusica Tomovic


Photo: Pixabay.

As the war against tax debtors continues by enforced collection of millions in unpaid taxes and by blocking the accounts of some of the largest companies, parliament’s Committee on Finance and Budget on Monday will grill Finance Minister Rasko Konjevic and the Director of Tax Administration.

The hearning was set after the State Audit Institution gave a negative opinion of the tax authorities‘ operations and efficiency.

The hearing was requested by the opposition, which has accused the tax authorities of failing to collect taxes from companies close to Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic.

„The audit gave the opinion that the Tax Administration has not created the necessary conditions for the effective implementation of measures of collection of tax debt, and it does not have the human resources to provide for their effectiveness,“ the committee chair, opposition MP, Aleksandar Damjanovic, said.

In the last few days, the tax authorities have intensified controls and enforced collection from several of the largest companies in the country. Citing a tax debt of about 900,000 euros, the tax administration has blocked the account of the Alliance of Independent Trade Unions.

The state-run railways, which is also one of the largest debtors, is being pushed to pay off its debt. The management said on Thursday that it had launched the sale of assets that are not directly linked to railway traffic to repay the 3.6-million-euro debt.

The Finance Ministry is moving to finally collect unpaid taxes of about 230 million euros, after an opposition politician, Rasko Konjevic, took the post three weeks ago………

Montenegro to Expel Alleged Members of Japanese Cult

Montenegro will deport more than 50 Russian and four Japanese citizens suspected of being members of a Japanese religious sect Aum Shinrikyo, which attacked the Tokyo metro with sarin in 1995.

Dusica Tomovic
A protest against Aum Shinrikyo in Japan in 2009 | Photo: Wikimedia/Abasaa.

A group of Russian and Japanese nationals detained in Montenegro will be expelled by midnight on Monday after it was found that they had no temporary residence permits allowing them to stay in the country for more than 30 days.

In a joint raid by police and the National Security Agency, the 55 Russian and four Japanese nationals were arrested on Friday in the capital Podgorica and the nearby town Danilovgrad.

“Detention was based on the information available by Montenegro’s police about their possible involvement in the international organised crime,” the Russian foreign ministry said in a statement on Saturday.

They were all released after questioning on Saturday and no charges were filed, but they will now be deported.

“Taking into account the fact that the foreign citizens’ stay in Montenegro had not been registered in accordance with standard procedures, they must soon be expelled from the country,” the Russian ministry said.

According to media claims, the detained foreigners are members of the Aum Shinrikyo sect, a Japanese doomsday cult founded in 1984 and banned in a number of countries around the world.

Aum Shinrikyo gained international notoriety when it carried out the deadly Tokyo subway sarin attack in 1995 and was found to have been responsible for another smaller sarin attack the previous year.

The 1995 attack left 13 people dead, and more than 6,000 others suffering the effects of the nerve gas. More than 20 years later, many of the survivors say they still suffer from vision problems and fatigue.#Media in Montenegro quoted senior police officials as saying that none of detained foreigners participated in the Tokyo attack in 1995.

During their court hearing, they said that they came to Montenegro as tourists.
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Albania’s Appeals Court Judges Asset Disclosures Raise Red Flags

Die Berisha, Bujar Nishani: Richter Mafia mit Fatri Islamin, Arjan Aliaj, Mandija Suzana, Gjin Gjoni, Fatmir Hajdari usw. und Skandale ohne Ende

17 Jun 16

The Integrity Gap: Albania’s Appeals Court Judges Asset Disclosures Raise Red Flags

Nearly 80 per cent of Albania’s appeals court judges have apparent financial discrepancies and cannot justify their wealth in one or more years during their judicial careers according to a BIRN analysis of asset declarations.

Besar Likmeta


Gjin Gjoni, appeals court judge and member of the High Council of Justice, was investigated by HIDAACI, but the case was closed on technical grounds by the Court of Elbasan | Photo by : LSA

Since 2004, judges, like all mid-to-high-level public officials in Albania, have been legally required to annually disclose a full-accounting of their assets.

The High Inspectorate of Declaration and Audit of Assets and Conflict of Interests, [HIDAACI] administers those assets declaration disclosures.

BIRN has obtained from HIDAACI, through a freedom of information request, all the annual asset disclosures forms filed by appeals court judges through 2015.

With the help of three experts, BIRN entered the financial data recorded by the judges in each annual disclosure in a database and analyzed the information using a plausibility check, a form of control used by HIDAACI to investigate the wealth of public officials.

The plausibility check compares previous asset disclosures, family disclosures and other financial information to  “identify indicators of hidden illegal income” in a politician’s “incoming and outgoing cash and asset flows” according to the Council of Europe’s manual for analyzing the income and assets declarations of public officials.

In other words, does the money a politician claim to take in match the assets on hand and the amount of money spent?

BIRN’s analysis shows that for most appeals court judges in Albania the answer is no: 64 of 81 appeals court judges in Albania, or 79 per cent, had at least one year in their career with an unexplained negative difference between the wealth they acquired and their disclosed financial resources at hand.

These discrepancies are part of a larger pattern.  Plausibility checks raised red flags on 131 asset declarations out of 879 filed by appeals court judges from 2004 to 2014.

Of the judges whose plausibility checks signaled inconsistencies in that ten-year period, 16 per cent have four to six problematic annual disclosures, 31 per cent have two to three problematic disclosures and 53 per cent have one disclosure that raised a red flag.

In total, the sum of unjustified money in the declared financial resources from the appeals court judges reaches $2.7 million.

After the data analysis suggested that a large number of the judges’ asset declarations were questionable, BIRN sought an opinion from the Albanian Union of Judges.  The head of the union, Gerd Hoxha, declined to comment citing his absence on an international business trip.  ‘

The discrepancy between the asset flow in and the asset flow out is not necessarily illegal; however, it is a red flag that would normally warrant a full investigation from HIDAACI.

Unjustified Judicial Wealth

The law on asset declarations legally requires elected officials and members of the public administration to disclose their assets.

HIDAACI is an independent institution created in 2003, tasked with preventing the accumulation of illegal wealth among public officials and the prevention of conflict of interest in public administration.

According to HIDACCI’s 2014 annual report, 4,987 public officials declare periodically their wealth and private interests. The asset disclosure includes the official’s wealth and that of family members, the source of the wealth and his/her financial obligations.

Out of that number of public officials, 387 are judges from the three instances of the Albanian justice system, accounting for 7.8 per cent of the total.

Focusing only on appeals court judges, BIRN received 959 appeals court judge’s annual assets declaration forms dating 2004 to 2014 from HIDAACI through a freedom of information request.

Together with experts, BIRN carried out a thorough plausibility check of 879 of those declarations.

The percentage of appeals court judges that do not justify their wealth in at least one year of their career, distributed by court. | Graphic by : BIRN

Article number 25 of the law nr. 9049 states that “the plausibility check is carried out for every annual asset declaration in order to verify the accuracy of the disclosed wealth, the accuracy of the financial sources and the availability of financial sources to cover acquired wealth.”

The control process is carried out within a year after the annual asset declarations of officials and related individuals are filed with HIDAACI.

This control is documented in the so-called “yellow form,” where information is generated whether the net income of the period justifies the changes of net assets in the disclosure period.

Expenditures are classified as confidential data in the asset disclosure form. For this reason, HIDACCI uses the family subsistence cost statistic, generated annually by the National Institute of Statistics, INSTAT, in its plausibility check.

If the minimum subsistence cost for a family is added to judge’s disclosures the number of declarations with red flags in the period 2004-2014 jumps to 189 out of 879 or 21.5 per cent of the total. The value of the unjustified wealth also increases.

With the addition of the minimum subsistence, the number of judges that cannot justify their wealth in at least one year jumps from 64 to 68, out of a total of 81 appeals court judges.

The percentage of judges distributed through the number of declarations with ‚red flags‘ during the last ten years | Graphic by : BIRN


Over the past decade, HIDACCI has filed criminal charges against three appeals court judges whose declarations raised red flags in the plausibility check: Gjin Gjoni, Alaudin Malaj and Petrit Aliaj.

The plausibility check carried out by BIRN, shows that a current member of the High Council of Justice, Gjin Gjoni, has one annual declaration that raises a red flag. If the expenditures for the minimum subsistence are added, Gjoni’s problematic declarations jump to three.

The former head of the Tirana Appeals Court, Alaudin Malaj, has four annual declarations with a red flag and if the subsistence expenditures are added the number jumps to five. The Vlora Appeals Court judge, Petrit Aliaj, has four years of problematic annual declarations in both scenarios.

The courts and the prosecutor’s office have dismissed the charges filed by HIDACCI against these judges by claiming that accusations of hiding their wealth and money laundering are without merit.

Integrity Through Reform

The publication of these data comes as Albania’s political class is fiercely debating a thorough constitutional reform to fight widespread corruption among judicial ranks by radically changing the process of vetting the integrity of judges and prosecutors.

The reform foresees the creation of a number of new institutions to eradicate corruption and political interference in the judicial system.

One key institution expected in the reform is an Independent Qualification Commission– a temporary institution that will operate for nine years after the law’s passage – that will be tasked to thoroughly vet the current troupe of judges and prosecutors.

An independent monitoring mission of international observers will be created as part of the Independent Qualification Commission. The commission will vet judges and prosecutors based on three criteria including the integrity of acquired wealth.

The Showdown on Judicial Reform

The debates on justice reform are now reaching a crescendo.

On Tuesday the ad hoc parliamentary commission created for the reform approved the package of constitutional changes and is expected to send them for a vote on the assembly floor in the coming weeks.

However, the Democratic Party-led opposition did not back the article-by-article vote on the reform in the commission. The opposition has asked for reserved seats for political parties in the new institutions.

The constitutional changes require 94 votes in Albania’s 140 seat single chamber parliament in order to pass – numbers that mandate support from at least some opposition MPs.

Prime Minister, Edi Rama of the ruling Socialist Party and Lulzim Basha the head of Democratic Party, met for hours last Monday but couldn’t agree on the reform draft despite intense international pressure. A meeting on Sunday between Basha and speaker of parliament Ilir Meta also failed to yield a breakthrough……………….

Die Dreistigkeit der Albanischen Mafia Richter, die nicht einmal Gesetze kennen, ist einmalig in der Welt. 80 % der Richter, können nicht ihre Vermögen und Villen erklären, wobei das System vor 15 Jahren gegründet wurde, die Politiker wie Ilir Meta als Vorbild dienten



Integriteti i munguar: 80% e gjyqtarëve të karrierës nuk e justifikojnë pasurinë

Të dhënat e deklaratave të pasurisë së gjyqtarëve të Apelit në Shqipëri, të analizuara nga BIRN, zbulojnë se një përqindje e lartë e tyre nuk e justifikojnë dot burimin e pasurisë së deklaruar në një ose më shumë vite gjatë karrierës në sistemin e drejtësisë.

80% e gjyqtarëve nuk e justifikojnë pasurinë

June 15, 2016 11:59

80% e gjyqtarëve nuk e justifikojnë pasurinë

Të dhënat e deklaratave të pasurisë së gjyqtarëve të Apelit në Shqipëri, të analizuara nga BIRN, zbulojnë se një përqindje e lartë e tyre nuk e justifikojnë dot burimin e pasurisë së deklaruar në një ose më shumë vite gjatë karrierës në sistemin e drejtësisë



Nga Besar Likmeta, BIRN


Që nga viti 2004, si të gjithë zyrtarët e nivelit të lartë dhe të mesëm në Shqipëri, gjyqtarët kanë detyrimin ligjor që një herë në vit të deklarojnë shtimin ose pakësimin e pasurisë së tyre, për vitin e mëparshëm kalendarik.

Deklaratat e pasurisë administrohen nga Inspektoriati i Lartë i Deklarimit dhe Kontrollit të Pasurive dhe Konfliktit të Interesit, ILDKPKI. Nëpërmjet një kërkese të bazuar në ligjin për të drejtën e informimit, BIRN administroi nga ILDKPKI të gjitha deklaratat e depozituara nga gjyqtarët e gjykatave të Apelit deri në vitin 2015.

Të dhënat e plotësuara nga gjyqtarët në secilën deklaratë vjetore u hodhën në një databazë dhe iu nënshtruan analizës aritmetike dhe logjike, e cili bazohet në një nga format e kontrollit të përdorura nga ILDKPKI për të hetuar pasurinë e zyrtarëve dhe është e njohur si një nga praktikat më të mira ndërkombëtare……..

Përqindja e gjyqtarëve sipas numrit të deklaratave problematike në 10 vitet e deklarimit të pasurisë. Grafik:BIRN

Përqindja e gjyqtarëve, të ndarë sipas numrit të deklaratave problematike në 10 vitet e deklarimit të pasurisë. Grafik:BIRN

Në total, shuma e pajustifikuar e përmbledhur tek 64 gjyqtarët e Apelit me probleme është 332,426,031 lekë ose rreth 2.7 milionë USD.

Ish kreu i Gjykatës së Apelit të Tiranës, Alaudin Malaj ka 4 deklarata vjetore me probleme, dhe në qoftë se shtohet minimumi jetik, numri i deklaratave me probleme shkon në 5. Ndërkohë, gjyqtari i i Gjykatës së Apelit Vlorë, Petrit Aliaj ka 4 deklarata me probleme dhe kjo shifër mbetet e njëjtë edhe nëse shtohet minimumi jetik.

Paditë e bëra nga ILDKPKI kundër këtyre gjyqtarëve janë hedhur poshtë nga gjykatat dhe prokuroria, sipas të cilave në të tre rastet, akuza për fshehje pasurie ose për pastrim parash nuk qëndron.

Die EU und US Kanal Ratten finanzieren Putsche in Serbien und Mazedonien

Einfach peinlich, wie tief die sogenannte „Westliche Wertegemeinschaft“ inzwischen gesunken ist. Immer mit Kriminellen, Nazis, Mördern, Verbrechern, Kopf Abhackern, angeblichen Islamischen Terroristen, werden Putsche organisiert.

Nichts gelernt aus der Geschichte

Der US Botschafter aus der NeoCon Lügen und Kriegs Verbrecher Organisation: German Marshall Fund in Washington

US Multitasking with simultaneous Coups in Serbia and Macedonia
Monday, 13 June 2016
What MINA has been reporting over the past three months is coming to fruition much faster than even we could anticipate.

Massive protests are underway in Serbia, and Washington and its vassal Brussels are behind it, reports Serbian media. US Ambassador Kyle Scott and EU representative Michael Davenport have been involved in radicalizing the Serbian opposition for the past four months, particularly after Vucic won the recent elections in a landslide and paid an official visit to Moscow. The Empire didn’t like Vucic’s meeting in the Kremlin one bit.


As we’re writing this article, Serbia’s Prime Minister is meeting with the US Ambassador and the EU representative behind closed doors. Vucic has also cancelled his planned trips to Washington and Brussels.

The meeting was organized several days after the European Commission was forced to officially deny Scott and Davenport were sponsors of a conspiracy against the Serbian government. Local media as well as MINA has published dozens of articles alluding to the fact a coup is underway in Serbia.


MINA reported literally on the eve of the Serbian elections, when the US Ambassador Kyle Scott found himself in the offices of the opposition (At Midnight) making phone calls to the State Electortal Commission in an attempt to bully them into proclaiming the elections ‚invalid‘ simply because the American financed puppets lost.


Belgrade based Informer reports that great deal of bribing for journalists and opposition members is well underway including a Brussels paid trip for the editors of several Belgrade based newspapers to visit the EU capital where they’ll receive training+cash in support of the protests and coup. It’s the identical scheme as in Macedonia.


Serbia’s PM Vucic has repeatedly stated he will not allow a Macedonian style coup in Serbia… the reality unfortunately shows the coup is already underway and Vucic may not be able to do much about it. The fact Vucic has not been able to form a Government more than two months after he won fair and square should give him some food for thought.


Similarly to „Protestiram“ in Macedonia, „Ne Da(Vi)mo Beograd“ protesters are financed by the US, UK and the EU says Cvijanovic of daily „Novi Standard“.


According to Novi Standard, the Americans cannot allow strong leaders in the Balkans who enjoy the backing and support of their people. „For this reason both Gruevski and Vucic have been targeted“, reports the daily, adding in the eyes of Washington, both leaders committed the same „sin“ by doing business in the energy field and infrastructure with Russia and China, which creates a multi-polar geopolitical environment, something Washington vehemently opposes as they consider themselves the world’s hegemon.


It is interesting to note the protests have significantly picked up both in attendance and frequency days before the visit of the Chinese president to Belgrade. Needless to say, this isn’t accidental. //Gorazd Velkovski

Kyle Randolph Scott

Ambassador Kyle Randolph Scott

Ambassador Kyle Randolph Scott

Kyle Randolph Scott, a career member of the Senior Foreign Service, class of Minister-Counselor, presented his credentials as Ambassador to Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic on February 5, 2016.Mr. Scott has extensive knowledge and background in European issues, built up through numerous assignments in Europe and various international organizations.

Previously, Mr. Scott served as a State Department Senior Fellow at the German Marshall Fund in Washington, D.C. (2014-2016), Consul General at the U.S. Consulate General Milan, Italy (2011-2014), and as Director of the Office of Russian Affairs in Department’s Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs (2009-2011). He also served as Deputy Chief of Mission at the U.S. Mission to the OSCE (2005-2009), Political Minister Counselor at the U.S. Mission to the European Union, Brussels, Belgium (2003-2005), as Political Counselor at U.S. Embassy Budapest, Hungary (1999-2003), and as Political Officer at U.S. Embassy Moscow, Russia (1996-1998). Prior to that, Mr. Scott was a National Security Fellow at the Hoover Institution, Stanford, California (1994-1995). He also served as Political Officer at U.S. Embassy Tel Aviv, Israel (1991-1994), Economic Officer at the U.S. Mission to the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland (1987-1990), and Political and Economic Officer at the U.S. Mission to the United Nations in New York (1984-1987). Other assignments since joining the Foreign Service in 1980, included serving as an International Economist in the Bureau of International Organizations, and as a Consular Officer in Zagreb, Croatia.

Mr. Scott earned a B.A. from Arizona State University in 1979. His foreign languages include Serbo-Croatian, Russian, Italian, Hungarian, Hebrew, German and French.

Den Kosovo haben US Kriminelle übernommen

Kosovo minister quits following health bribery probe

PRISTINA: Kosovo’s environment minister resigned on Friday after a prosecutor filed charges against him for allegedly channelling illegal payments to private hospitals while he was health minister in the previous government.

He was among 64 people, including 44 doctors, who were charged on Wednesday in connection with a scandal in which some took bribes to refer patients – some of them already dead – to two private clinics. Doctors received up to 500 euros (US$560) for the referrals.

„I ask you to release me from my duty as a minister until the moment I am declared innocent,“ Ferid Agani wrote in a letter to the prime minister, Isa Mustafa.

Agani, who is accused of signing documents which resulted in 4.5 million euros (3.48 million pound) being paid to the clinics, said he would cooperate fully with authorities.

Kosovo’s crumbling health system ranks among the worst in Europe, driving those who can afford it to seek treatment abroad. Bribery is rife in one of the poorest countries in Europe.

Albania Watchdog Accuses Top Judge Alaudin Malaj of Corruption – US partner and of the german IRZ – Stiftung

Ohne jedes Konzept, Inkompetenz und auch vollkommen korrupt, hat die EU identische „Camorra“ Organaistion die EURALIUS Justiz Missionen schon 150 Millionen € verpulvert, was in die Taschen der Pseudo Experten ging und in Reise Tourismus, einem Mafiösen System der Deutschen, was zur Kultur wurde.

EU Pleite

„This seeks the scrapping of four of the 11 planned new justice institutions that are projected in the reform, under the argument that the structure of the justice system needs to be simpler.“

27 May 16

Clock Ticks For Albania to Pass EU Reforms

June is the last month when Albania’s squabbling parties can pass judicial reforms needed to open the way for EU accession talks – and fears are growing that the deadline will be missed.

Fatjona Mejdini


Ilustrative picture of Ivana Dervishi/BIRN

The deadline for Albania to complete judicial reforms needed to open European Union accession negotiations is close to expiring, with only one month left before the constitutional changes required for the reform can pass through parliament.

June is last month when parliament – before the recess in July – can vote to pass the amendments that require 93 out of 140 MPs to vote and so open the way for EU bodies to assess Albania’s request to open membership negotiation.

However, the political situation remains in deadlock.

Although a cross-party „ad hoc“ parliamentary commission in mid-May started to pass the first amendment on changes regarding the Prosecution, Constitutional and District courts, the consensus broke down on May 18, when the main opposition Democratic Party presented a new draft to the commission.

This seeks the scrapping of four of the 11 planned new justice institutions that are projected in the reform, under the argument that the structure of the justice system needs to be simpler.

This sudden twist in the negotiation process was condemned by the ruling Socialist Party, which called the proposed changes a move to derail the reform.

On Wednesday, the Prime Minister and Socialist leader Edi Rama on Top Channel TV complained of „a big lack of responsibility in bringing in a new draft after we worked on one for a year that has also been confirmed by the Venice Commission.

„I don’t mind begging the Democratic Party not to undermine this process and lock Albania in a grey zone that can turn into a black hole in the [EU] integration process,“ Rama said.

Passage of the reform is considered crucial for Albania’s path to the EU, and has the potential to block the whole process for at least three years.

This is the opinion of EU representatives, reportedly said behind closed doors, as the head of EU delegation in Tirana, Romana Vlahutin, warned on May 5 that: „If this momentum is lost, this country will lose not only one but several years [in the integration process]“……………………….

Harte Kritik gegen die Justiz Aufbau Mafia der IRZ-Stiftung – EURALIUS, wegen Inkompetenz

Alaudin Malaj, he had accumulated 1.7 million euro in asset, same of the super crime judge: Gjin Gjoni

Motor der kriminellen Justiz Mafia mit Gjin Gjoni, wo die Hintergruende ebenso direkt nach Deutschland fuehren, zum Visa Skandal, Drogen Geschaeften und Rezzo Schlauch, oder Ludgar Vollmer.

Das absurde EU und US Theater der Albanischen Justiz – Albanian Judges’ Wealth Escapes Scrutiny

Folgen eines EU Schwachsinns, das Albanische High Council of Justice – von der dümmsten Mafia kontrolliert

Vor wenigen Monaten: Der Justiz Missions Leiter mit Alaudin Malaj, denn in Albanien gibt es viel Geld zu verdienen.

Rainer Deville - Alaudin Malaj

Rainer Deville – Alaudin Malaj

Tradition, der Deutschen IRZ Stiftung – nur mit Kriminellen und korrupten Richter: Der Fall: Rainer Deville – Alaudin Malaj

Immer dabei: die USA Mafia mit Gavin Weise hier mit Alaudin Malaj. Andere Organisationen machten bei der Millionen schweren Geld Vernichtung fuer einen angeblichen Justiz Aufbau ebenso mit.

Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe

Albania Watchdog Accuses Top Judge of Corruption

Stavros MarkosumSManalysis – vor 11 Stunden
An anticorruption watchdog has referred the Chief Judge of the Appellate Court of Tirana to prosecutors for investigation, claiming he has accumulated assets of 1.7 million euros in a suspicious manner. Gjergj Erebara BIRN Tirana Alaudin Malaj. Photo: LSAThe High Inspectorate for the Declaration and Audit of Assets and Conflict of Interests, HIDAA, on Monday said it had referred Judge Alaudin Malaj to prosecutors, claiming he had accumulated 1.7 million euro in assets in a suspicious way and had set up a network of construction companies to launder the proceeds. The Inspectorate, c… mehr »

15 Sep 15

Albania Watchdog Accuses Top Judge of Corruption

An anticorruption watchdog has referred the Chief Judge of the Appellate Court of Tirana to prosecutors for investigation, claiming he has accumulated assets of 1.7 million euros in a suspicious manner.

Gjergj Erebara


Alaudin Malaj. Photo: LSA

The High Inspectorate for the Declaration and Audit of Assets and Conflict of Interests, HIDAA, on Monday said it had referred Judge Alaudin Malaj to prosecutors, claiming he had accumulated 1.7 million euro in assets in a suspicious way and had set up a network of construction companies to launder the proceeds.

The Inspectorate, created in 2003 to monitor the wealth of high officials, on Monday said suspicions had arisen due to the large number of transactions conducted by Malaj family members.

“In its first declaration of 2003, the subject (Malaj) had total assets of just 60,000 euros but at the end of 2014, his wealth totalled 1.7 million euros,” HIDAA said.

Contacted by BIRN, Malaj refused to comment on the allegations.

HIDAA’s audit of assets, reviewed by BIRN as part of an investigation into the wealth of judges, showed that his family wealth increased sharply after 2010, when his wife left her job at the national postal service to work as a manager in two construction companies, Rigers Construction sh.p.k and Algan shpk.

At the same time, the Malaj family increased its wealth by declaring a 100,000 euro apartment in Tirana and another worth 35,000 euros on the seaside. Malaj’s wife obtained two more apartments as gifts in 2012.

The justice system in Albania is perceived as highly corrupt. A previous investigation by BIRN showed that no corruption cases filed with the prosecutor’s office over the past decade concerning the judiciary ended in a conviction.

The review by BIRN of the assets declarations of the 25 judges of the Appellate Court of Tirana showed that over the past 10 years, these judges had collectively carried out real estate transactions worth more than 5 million euro. (Click here to read our previous investigation).

The assets declarations reviewed by BIRN also show that their net wealth grew exponentially from year to year.

BIRN discovered that over the eight years, the 25 judges spent over 840,000 euro on cars alone. Only four of the 25 judges from the court do not own cars, despite having an annual salary of just 1.58 million lek (€11,200).

Albania’s parliament is currently working to reform justice system as part of the obligations for the EU integration process.

However, the process is slow due to disagreements between political parties, while the opposition says that behind the reform plan, the ruling coalition is trying to take control of the justice system.

US, EU, Berlin Mafia: Why are Macedonian authorities negotiating with Terrorists?

Why are Macedonian authorities negotiating with Terrorists?

Saturday, 21 May 2016

With whom and why is the legitimate Macedonian Government negotiating? Who are these so called „diplomats“ who have systematically destroyed the country’s sovereignty, authority and engaged in terrorist acts.


The self appointed „mediators“ from the US and the EU which have been active since the begining of the crisis did everything in their power not to mediate, but instead to deepen the crisis. From the Przino agreement, to ad-hoc solutions which served only the geo-political interests of the US, by financing SDSM and Sorors bots they have attempted to replicate the Ukrainian crisis to Macedonia so they can have complete control over the country’s foreign policy, economy, natural resources and infrastructure.


In their battle for regime change, the American and EU „mediators“ organized a terrorist act in Kumanovo by way of sending over 60 terrorists from Kosovo into Macedonia. The goal was as much as civilian bloodshed as possible for a quick regime change. One of the jailed terrorist calling himself „commandir Malisheva“ has already admitted to the authorities the involvement of the American, British Embassies and NATO’s base in Kosovo in the terrorist attack in Kumanovo.

When terrorists admit of US Ambassador Bailey’s involvement in a terrorist act, then by default the Macedonian Government is negotiating with terrorists, or in best case with sponsors of terrorism.


Once we add the absolute fact that Bailey and the United States are the primary supporters of Macedonia’s protests who are directly financed by USAid and Soros with assistance from radical islamic groups from Kosovo and the Muslim Brotherhood (Besa), why are then Macedonian politicians allowing these terrorists and supporters of terrorists dictate how we should all live?


Objectively, EU’s Johannes Hahn was the only honest mediator who actually tried to help. However he was quickly replaced on US orders as Hahn was adamant about Macedonia having elections. This of course contradicted US plans for regime change as elections meant VMRO-DPMNE would continue to govern. As a result, Hahn was swiftly replaced by German stooge and US vassal J. Haindl.


The Macedonian authorities welcomed the German stooge with open arms, however forgot to tell the nation what sort of role Haindl played in the Ukrainian fiasco. The US brought Haindl in Ukraine to represent the Nazis (Right Sector, Azov Brigade, Svoboda), these are the same nazi groups who today control large swaths of Ukraine in parallel with the puppet Government. The US uses these nazi groups to shake up Ukraine as it sees fit.


Hoyt Yee and Jess Bailey are just an extended hand of Victoria Nuland. Both state department employees have history of violent regime changes in Greece, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Serbia, Lybia, Turkey and now Macedonia. Yee and Bailey are sent in tandem to prevent the processes of nations who are strengthening their independence.


This scenario is known to not just every single Macedonian, but the entire world over.  The schock remains why are Macedonian authorities seating at the same table with these fascists? Why are they seating at the same table with sponsors of terrorism at the same time promising these maniacs that Macedonia wants to integrate with NATO and the EU!?


No! Macedonians do not want EU integration, nor membership in NATO, particularly after the truth came about Gruzia and Ukraine – both of which were utterly destroyed in the process. Lets take a look at Ukraine after the US coup there: (gold reserves stolen immediately after coup, taken to US in unmarked plane (you know, for safekeeping), salaries & pensions slashed 60%, unemployment 38%, energy companies and millions of acres of land gifted to US corporations…).
Lastly, Macedonians have felt western „diplomacy“ and its utter toxicity on their own skin. Macedonia has plenty of alternatives and with each it will only solidify its independence. The Macedonian people are fed up with the blackmails, lies and terrorism from the United states and its vassal states in the EU. //Gorazd Velkovski


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US Embassy via Zoran Trajcevski Censors Macedonian TV show
USAid and Soros payments to „journalists“ in Macedonia to support protests and SDSM
Monday, 23 May 2016


New York Times

How Kosovo Was Turned Into Fertile Ground for ISIS

Extremist clerics and secretive associations funded by Saudis and others
have transformed a once-tolerant Muslim society into a font of extremism.

EU, GMF, Georg Soros Money Laundering Party SDSM in Macedonia: (Zoran Zaev) and NGO „MOST“ from Lebanon, Albania, Kyrgistan, Jordan

Foreign Policy: „Sexual favors, bribes and corruption dominate the current Albanian Foreign Ministry“e

Der neue Albanische Botschafter in Ankara: Gent Gazheli ein berüchtigt korrupter Ex-Zoll Direktor, Geldwäsche Experte für Edi Rama, wurde neuer Botschafter und sofort bestätigt durch den Staatspräsidenten Bujar Nishani, obwohl er keinerlei Erfahrung hat als Diplomat, führt nun zu einem weiteren Artikel bei Foreign Policy, so auffällit ist nach vielen Skandale der Albanischen Botschaften rund um Drogen Schmuggel, Urkunden Fälschung, Erpressung und Klientel Wirtschaft.

Nepotismus – Klientel System des Edi Rama – Ilir Meta in alter Tradition
Edi Rama

Foreign Policy News
einige Ausschnitte jüngst von Foreign Policy: „Mr. Rama’s recruitment of inexperienced apprentices and corrupt loyalists „ —„Mr. Edi Rama’s government is incompetent and a prey to a significant influence of Islamic State; it must be emphasized that Albanian National Intelligence Service has been infiltrated by Islamic State agents and its well trained officers“ ——Mr. Rama’s Government members who constantly pressure foreign investors for huge bribes and expensive vacations abroad.„—- came to power thanks to his deep connections with criminal factions„– drug barons, money laundering

Foreign Policy: Sexual favors, bribes and corruption dominate the current Albanian Foreign Ministry“

Mafia Syndikat Edi Rama and Albania: Amidst relentless oligarchy and European Union integration

Jede Regierung hat so seine Geldwäsche Experten, wofür man sich bezahlen lässt, wenn man mit den Top Drogen Bossen auftritt, denn Edi Rama war schon vor 10 Jahren Geldwäsche Experte Nr. 1, für die Albaner Mafia und alle bekannten Gross Verbrecher und Mafia- Drogen Clans waren damals schon seine Partner auch bei dem Grundstücks Raub in Tirana von 500.000 qm.

Man erkauft sich in Washington erneut, die Duldung der kriminellen Geschäfte, inklusive Foto Termine bei Obama: Der „Frankenstein“ der Albanischen Politik: Chef der Skrapari Bande, kauft US Politiker, über deren Lobbyisten Consults

Geldwäsche mit den Gross Drogen Händlern als „Pablo Escobar“ des Balkan: bei Polizei Behörden bekannt.
KLement Balili - Edi Rama / Rhodos 2015 Edi Rama mit dem Super Drogen Boss: Experte für Geldwäsche: Klement Balili in Rhodos in 2015
Mafia Familie Balili: mit Ilir Meta, Arben Ahmeti, Koko Kokodedhima, Florine KokaMafia Familie Balili: mit Ilir Meta, Arben Ahmeti, Koko Kokodedhima, Florine Koka, bei der Einweihung des vollkommen illegal gebauten Luxus Hotels „“Santa Quaranta”“

„Paplo Escopar“ des Balkans: Klement Balili, als Distrikt Vertreter, des LSI Mafia Partei des Ilir Meta

Das Mafia Transport Ministerium, mit „Klement Balili“, der in Griechischen Medien als „Paplo Escobar“ des Balkans erwähnt wird

Selbst Bedienung mit 150 Tender, in Folge verliert der Edi Rama Gangster Koço Kokëdhimë, sind Mandat

Der vollkommen korrupte Ex-Zoll Direktor Genti Gazheli, wurde Botschafter in Ankara (das Präsidenten Dekret des Bujar Nishanizur Ernennung Nr. Dekretit 9416 Tiranë, më 08.02.2016 , obwohl Genti Gazheli, keinerlei Erfahrung hat im Diplomatischen Dienst, was auffällt), um die Geldwäsche Geschäfte mit Türkischen Firmen und der Erdogan Calik Gruppe zu organisieren und immer dabei der vollkommen korrupte Arben Ahmeti, der nun Finanzminister ist und wie auch Foreign Policy schreibt, gerne Geld erpresst. Wie das Zoll System in Albanien funktioniert mit Klientel Wirtschaft, wo die Zöllner xy pro Monat an den Chef abgeben muss, die Posten verkauft werden, ist in Details lange bekannt.
Genti Gazheli, doganieri që u bë ambasador për interesa korruptive

Gent Gazheli – Edi Rama mit seinem Geldwäsche Experten als Botschafter in AnkaraDen Bock zum Gärnter gemacht. als zuständiger Chef im Finanzministerium, gegen die Korruption: der Super korrupte Langzeit Zoll Direktor der Millionär wurde und Gangster: Gent Gazhelli mit dem US Botschafter Donals Lu.
Fakten im Falle Klement Basili: Edi Rama, Ilir Meta, Finanz Minister Arben Ahmeti, die Bürgermeisterin von Sarande: Florine Koka, sind Alle sichtba rund mit vollen Wissen, wie vor 10 Jahren, Chefs der Geldwäsche und Schutzherrn der Drogen Barone und Motor bei dem illegalem Bauen an der Küste. Grinsen des US Botschafters Donald Lu ist nicht zuverstehen, denn jeder Idiot weiß, das es meistens Kinder Theater ist, besonders, wenn ein Profi kriminelle Betrüger aus dem Zoll solche Positionen erhält. Korruptions Experte des Edi Rama, für Geldwäsche und Betrug. Der Britische Botschafter im Schmieren Theater der selbe peinliche Idiot, denn die Gestalten verdienen soviel Geld, das man auch Idiot sein darf, wie die EU Botschaft.
Political appointees, impunity harm Albanian foreign service

Political appointees, impunity harm Albanian foreign service

By Peter Tase In 2001, the government of Albania under the leadership of the Socialist Party, nominated Mr. Fatos Tarifa as Ambassador to the United S… Read more

„Paplo Escopar“ of the Balkan: King of the drugs, money laundering system in LSI Ilir Meta „Skrapari“ Mafia

Again a great judicial scandal of the Albanian mafia government, which protects criminals, equipping with new identities and running.

All laws were as Ilir Meta Mafia system in late 1999, turned to January 2002, ignored: especially around illegal building, land theft on the coast, environmental destruction, money laundering and Ilir Meta is again as Edi Rama, Ministry(Arben Ahmeti the patron of criminal networks , A Greek Interpol manhunt was simply re not processed in Tirana, which is reminiscent of many scandals.



more than 300% increase in exports drugs already existed in the government Ilir Meta, 15 years ago, the judiciary has been completely shut down and all laws
Hekumar Hoxha Drogen Shiak
Hekuran Hoxha drug scandal for years

16 May 16
Ilir Meta, Klement Balili, Arben Ahmeti

Albania ‘Ignoring’ Suspected Drug Baron’s Greek Arrest Warrant

Greek police documents seen by BIRN shows that Athens suspects an Albanian official and prominent businessman of heading a major drugs trafficking ring – however, Albanian police have yet to arrest him.

Gjergj Erebara


Some of the drugs seized in Greece. Photo: Greek Police

An Albanian businessman who until last week, also held a directorial post in the regional administration, has had a Greek arrest warrant under his name since Monday May 9.

Klemend Balili, an Albanian businessman and director of Transport Services in the Region of Saranda, part of the Ministry of Transport, is suspected in Greece of financing a drug trafficking ring that has exported marijuana from Albania to several Western countries.

Greek police carried a massive anti-drug operation during the last few days, arresting a dozen people and confiscating about 687 kilos of marijuana that was found hidden on an islet off the coast of northern Greece.

According to the scheme discovered by Greek police, traffickers used speedboats to transport marijuana from Albania to Greece and then created bogus transport companies to send it by road to other European countries.

They suspect Balili was heading the gang.

Since the news broke on Wednesday in the Greek media, Albania’s opposition centre-right Democratic Party has highlighted Balili’s political connections and accused the Minister of Interior, Sajmir Tahiri, of protecting the alleged kingpin. Tahiri has denied the allegations.

Greek media reports also complain of a lack of collaboration and inactivity on the part of the Albanian police in the case.

They have also noted the suspect’s political connections in Albania. Greek CNN reported on a meeting between Greek and Albanian police at which an Albanian officer told Greek colleagues that they were unable to carry out an arrest “because of [the suspect’s] very high level political protection”.

Greek police have not identified the suspect by name in their press releases, however, noting only “a 44-year-old suspect”, causing uncertainty about whether they actually mean Balili, named in the Albanian Civil Registry as Kelmend Balili, not Klemend Balili.

Balili has denied the allegations in a quote in, a news website based in Tirana, claiming they are politically motivated.

Albanian police, meanwhile, have declined to confirm whether Balili was under an arrest warrant and have not arrested him. Officially, the police say only that an “operation is ongoing and due to that, [we] cannot provide more details”.

Documents seen by BIRN show that Balili has been under an arrest warrant in Greece since Monday, May 9.

Map of the route used to transport drugs from Albania to Greece. Photo: Greek Police

“Accused under the law N433/13 “Narcotics” and Article 187 of the Penal Code about Organized Crime and the Article 8 of the Penal Code “Crimes Committed in a Neighboring Country”, accused but nor arrested are three persons, among whom, Klemend Balili [son} of Sabaudin and Naze, born on 20/03/72 in Albania and resident in Saranda”, the Greek police document reads.

Family with political connections:

The Balili family has multiple political connections. The mayor of Delvina, a small town near Saranda, Rigels Balili, is a nephew of the suspect, for example.

Rigels Balili won election last year after gaining 72 per cent of the local vote under the nomination of the Socialist Movement for Integration, the Socialist-led government’s junior coalition partner.

Klemend Balili’s own political connections were also highlighted in a 2015 news report from Ora News, an Albanian television station.

This showed the speaker of parliament, Ilir Meta, head of the Socialist Movement of Integration, along with the Minister of Finance, Arben Ahmetaj, and Koco Kokëdhima, an important MP from the Socialist Party, cutting the ribbon in an inaugural ceremony* for a luxury hotel built by Balili family in the coastal town of Saranda.

During the ceremony, the multimillion-euro investment was hailed as a model example of tourist development.

Following reports of the Greek arrest warrant, a local news website from Saranda questioned the timing of the operation, suggesting a possible Greek plot to damage local tourism and lamenting extensive media coverage of the issue.

In the meantime, Koco Kokedhima, the socialist party former MP that appears in the inaugural ceremony, later stated in a Facebook posts that attempts to link Balili family with his name were purely a smear campaign. “Balili’s were never supporters of the Socialist Party,” Kokedhima said. “Before 2013 [general elections] they were known supporters of the Democratic Party and turned over to the Socialist Movement of Integration after,” Kokedhima claimed.

“Worth hundreds of millions”

Greek police say their investigation into the drugs ring started about two years ago when large quantities of drugs were seized that evidently belonged to the same trafficking ring.

In the first arrest, on January 25, 2014, in the town of Patra, they arrested a Bulgarian citizen and confiscated 451 kilos of cannabis.

In April 2015, they seized about 678 kilos of cannabis on the border with Macedonia. Also in April 2015, police in Bulgaria seized 531 kilos of cannabis.

Greek police closed in last Sunday and arrested five suspected members of the group on the island of Zakinthos in northern Greece and seized another 678 kilos of cannabis hidden in an islet nearby. In Patra, they arrested two more members of the group and confiscated a speedboat.

Meanwhile, Albanians wonder why Balili is still free.

Top Channel, the biggest TV station in Albania, reported that “well-placed sources” in the Albanian police told them that officially, the reason is that Greece had not yet sent a request for Balili’s arrest – and that, although accused of leading a drugs trafficking ring, he “has not conducted any known illegal activity on the territory of Albania”.


Balili Family, District (south albania) chief of LSI Party and Ilir Meta in August 2015

(on right: Koko Kokodedhima, Albanian old „Sigurime“ Gangster.) background. the corruption minister: Arben Ahmeti (SP Party)

The next Super Scandal of LSI Mafia group of Ilir Meta, and in this time: judge ministry: Nasic Naco a high crime person. Now same LSI Party: judge Ministry Ylli Manjanj

Hotel „Santa Quaranta“Sarande: a illegal construction of the Albanian Mafia

Wastewater directly into the sea, on the illegal heaped Mole, with drainage pipes, which documents all governmental declaration nonsense area.
Displayto: prosecuting attorney: of the mayor of Sarande: Stefan Cipa on March 5, 2014, that this whole building is Balla Ballili completely illegally and without documents and permits.

Mafia Hotel Sarande:“Santa Quaranta“

16/05/2016, 12:21 Nga: Alba Kepi j

15/05/2016, 11:05

The Constitutional Court of Albania, removes the mandate of Koco Kokëdhima, PS` MP

Edi Rama’s Gangster Syndikat:

Einzige Regierung Aktivität: Geldwäsche, Betrug, Grundstücksraub , Rauben, Plündern, Stehlen und Fälschen wie illegal errichtete Appartments zu legalisieren und andere Mafia Bauten, während der Edi Rama Bürgermeister Zeit in Tirana legalisieren im kriminellen Enterprise von Hirnlosen Banditen. Beispiel: die Hawai Appartment Häuser der Ägyptischen Mafia.
einige Ausschnitte jüngst von Foreign Policy: „Mr. Rama’s recruitment of inexperienced apprentices and corrupt loyalists „ —„Mr. Edi Rama’s government is incompetent and a prey to a significant influence of Islamic State; it must be emphasized that Albanian National Intelligence Service has been infiltrated by Islamic State agents and its well trained officers“ ——Mr. Rama’s Government members who constantly pressure foreign investors for huge bribes and expensive vacations abroad.„—- came to power thanks to his deep connections with criminal factions„– drug barons, money laundering

The Constitutional Court of Albania, removes the mandate of Koco Kokëdhima, PS` MP

The Constitutional Court of Albania, has removed Koço Kokëdhima`s Socialist Deputy mandate, which was sent at this court by the Democratic Party’s.

Kokëdhima, accused of illegal profit of public funds, benefiting approximately for 150 tenders being in clear conflict of interest.

A few weeks ago, the Constitutional Court accepted the request of the Democratic Party to be an interested party in the matter. PD accused Kokëdhima for benefit public funds in a time that has been the Deputy.

Democratic Party told the court that Mr. Kokëdhima violated the Constitution by public funds benefited from contracts concluded by the company, which he owned until several months after receiving the mandate.

MP Koco Kokëdhima talking to the media after the hearing in the Constitutional Court decided not expressed on the issue of its mandate, which it said has left to the court to whose decision has full confidence.

„On this issue I think should not pronounce on me and I want to quit completely in the hands of the court, since I have full confidence in the justice system and that this issue will take a final solution,“ said Kokëdhima.