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Albanian’s „failed state“: Experts Doubt Benefits of Institutional Reform

financed by the EU, Worldbank, KfW Mafia

Edi Rama: Drogen Boss in Tradition

CIA fact book: 2017

increasingly active transshipment point for Southwest Asian opiates, hashish, and cannabis transiting the Balkan route and – to a lesser extent – cocaine from South America destined for Western Europe; limited opium and expanding cannabis production; ethnic Albanian narcotrafficking organizations active and expanding in Europe; vulnerable to money laundering associated with regional trafficking in narcotics, arms, contraband, and illegal aliens

01 Sep 17

Albania Experts Doubt Benefits of Institutional Reform

While Edi Rama’s new government pledges to undertake deep reforms to the public administration, slashing the number of central and local institutions, experts are sceptical about the likely benefits.

Fatjona Mejdini



The Albanian government’s new plan to restructure the public administration, drastically cutting the number of central and local institutions, has drawn criticism from experts who say they doubt it will deal with the administration’s real problems.

On August 27, former vice prime minister Niko Peleshi presented the plan that Prime Minister Edi Rama’s new government will pursue when it officially takes office in mid-September.

In his presentation, Peleshi announced that a study conducted by the government had found that many agencies and directories in the country were too small and inefficient, did not offer digitalized services and often duplicated each other’s services.

„We want to do more and better with less resources,“ Peleshi said.

The plan aims to eliminate 37 agencies at the central level while dividing the country into four big administrative areas, with only four big offices for crucial services like health, education, social affairs and the treasury.

Currently, around 12 offices provide these services all over the country, while the number of treasury agencies is 36.

One big change will be the creation of a National Agency for Income, which will include the General Directorates of Taxation and of Customs, the two biggest institutions when it comes to budget revenues.

When it comes to property issues, a new big property titles agency is expected to be created, merging the Agency for the Legalisation, Urbanisation and Integration of Informal Areas, ALUIZNI, the Immovable Properties Registration Office and other nine institutions operating in this field.

The presentation did not make clear how much money the government was about to save by this restructuring, or the effect on those employed on the existing agencies.

Zef Preci, director of the Albanian Center for Economic Research, told BIRN that the plan for these big changes is not based on any solid analysis.

„It is important to understand that every rushed numerical decrease [in the number of state agencies] damages the quality of services offered by this administration,“ he said.

Preci emphasised that in countries without a consolidated tradition of state formation, like Albania, the government also needed to be careful about structural changes also because the stability of the administration was one of the key criteria set by the EU for integration.

He said the real problem with Albania’s administration was its politicisation. Too often, the key positions were given to party stalwarts without obvious merits – and reorganisation would not help address this problem.

Law professor Jordan Daci, in an analysis published in Panorama newspaper on Thursday, said the initiative was dangerous because experience had shown that gathering power into a few hands made institutions less democratic and more inefficient at the same time.

„It is clear that the institutional centralisation that the ‚Rama 2‘ government expects to implement has its as objective the consolidation of his absolute power, whereby he and his close collaborator can control everything,“ he wrote.

Fatos Nano Drug Allegations

Date: Friday, December 01 @ 15:03:04 GMT
Topic: Albania News

ACL – 01 December 2006

aus 2005 CIA fact book

powerful organized crime networks with links to high government officials, and disruptive political opponents

FBI Weighs in on Balkan Organised Crime


An FBI statement before a US Senate Committee in October assessed the organised crime situation in the Balkans………………….

Albanian organised crime has reached the United States, creating partnerships with the Gambino, Genovese, and Luchese families to facilitate specific crimes………………..


EU Albanischen Todes System in Skopje: SDS&DUI doctors with bought diplomas = 3 newborns dead at Skopje Clinic

SDS&DUI doctors with bought diplomas = 3 newborns dead at Skopje Clinic


The Gynecology Clinic informed on Wednesday that a triplet of babies have died after a C-section delivery on Monday. The mother was admitted to the hospital with sharp abdominal pains and a burst amniotic sac.

Doctors opted for C-section delivery, even though the mother was in the 27th week of pregnancy, in order to prevent the cut of oxygen supply to the babies. Re-animation was attempted to all three babies, who were admitted for intensive neonatal care, but died on the following day.

Health Ministry informed that it has a committee to examine the case in detail and to see whether the mother and the babies were handled according to protocol. A similar committee was formed by the State Sanitary and Health inspection.

Macedonia’s Health Minister Arben Taravari who is in Amsterdam for 22 days has not issued a statement. Taravari has replaced over 50 doctors at State Clinics with questionable doctors who have received their diplomas in Tirana and Prishtina, where it’s said you can purchase one for 8,000 euros.

Anti Mafia Italien: The Evolution of Albanian Crime in Italy

The Evolution of Albanian Crime in Italy

By Piero Innocenti, 6 hours ago

The Evolution of Albanian Crime in Italy

Already seventeen years ago, the concerns of our security services about Albanian crime in the country had been expounded in an articulate report of the Investigative Anti-Mafia Directorate (DIA) entitled “The Albanian Hazard.” At that time there was talk of gangs but also of “clans that had a mafioso character” and it was shown that they had taken root in territories left behind by Italian crime. It also warned of “signals that bring us to believe that Albanians are beginning to occupy spaces even in the strongholds of organized Italian crime.” Likewise, in the specific chapter on narcotics, in a section of “conclusions,” the report spoke of an “evolution towards genuinely mafioso models of Albanian criminal organizations involved in drug trafficking” with the consequence of making police activities in general more difficult.

In short, the weakening of the clan and family affiliations, always very strong in Albania, which characterized the first Albanian criminal cells settled in Apulian territory as the volume of “business” increased, was the signal that Albanian crime would evolve into more developed criminal organizational structures.

The analysis was definitely valid and today Albanian crime “turns out to be consolidated” in various Italian regions, starting from Puglia, a territory that “still represents a compulsory entry point for illegal traffic from Albania and the Balkan area in general. ” In this regard, the most recent DIA report of 2016 shows that there were 280 Albanians detained in the Italian prisons for mafia-type offenses such as drug and contraband trafficking, coming in second after the Romanians.

The experience gained in narcotics trafficking, in particular marijuana and heroin, has allowed Albanian criminal groups to become major providers of such drugs in relations with Italian organized crime. In some cases, they also managed to carry out the processing and refinement (in 2016, the police forces identified three laboratories, one in the province of Bergamo, one in Padua, and one in the province of Bari, destined for the refining of the narcotics).

The most recent Balkan drug operation of the police of Dubrovnik and the Guardia di Finanza of Como who, the investigations for which started in 2012, resulted in the seizure of one ton of marijuana in Catania, and the investigation of 60 people for international drug trafficking, including 37 Albanians.

The other area of criminal interest for Albanians, according to the DIA, is the exploitation of prostitution, which “continues to be accomplished through established schemes following the general tendency to autonomous management of the whole chain, without completely precluding cooperation with other groups or criminals, especially Romanians.” Numerous police operations have highlighted the trend toward more and more organized and “industrial” management of this phenomenon, which begins with direct recruitment in Albania by the same people that take care of the exploitation in Italy and continuing with the logistic predisposition to follow aggregation and control the activities of the women who are constantly “turned over” in various cities, with frequent displacement from city to city. There is frequent use of coercive and violent means to set “examples” and to suppress any “insubordinate” behavior.

This is on the whole a rather bleak picture destined to get worse due to an “evolution of the criminal policies of Albanians toward increasingly complex forms of crimes also with the collaboration of Italian criminals,” even in the arms and explosives trade.

Previously published by Antimafia.

Das Auswärtige Amt, mit ihren Kopf Abschneidern, Kinder Mördern den „White Helms“

Der Sprecher des Auswärtigen Amtes: Breul lügt herum rund um die White Helms – Terroristen Organisation, welche vor laufender Kamera, köpfte und viele Kinder folterten für ihre Medien Show: Immerhin besser, als die Vorgängerin Cheblis, was mehr an ein Klein Kind erinnerte, was noch keine Allgemeinbildung hat.

Erklärungen des Sprechers des Auswärtigen Amts in der Bundespressekonferenz vom 14.08.2017

ab 0:48 die ordinärsten Lügen, weil man mit Millionen die Verbrecher Organisation, finanziert, welche vom Britischen Geheimdienst geschaffen wurde.

Eliminierte White Helms Terroristen der übelsten Art

Von ARD und ZDF als „Rebellen“ verharmlost: FSA-Folterer aus Aleppo steht in Münster vor Gericht

Der FAKE-Chloringas FAKE-Propagandist von HRW, AI, der UNO, der OPCW, etc…

UCK Terroristen mit Tschetenischen Mord Banden im Kosovo

Wer sich nicht von verbrecherischer Lügenpropaganda für dumm verkaufen lässt, der weiß, dass vom Westen unterstützte Terroristen auch im Ostteil Aleppos ein islamistisches Terrorregime errichtet hatten, bevor die syrische Regierung mit russischer und iranischer Hilfe die Stadt befreien und einen Großteil der Islamisten in ihr neues „Kalifat“ nach Idlib verfrachten konnte. ARD, DLF, ZDF sowie transatlantische Konzernmedien haben der deutschen Öffentlichkeit jahrelang Lügen von demokratischen „Oppositionellen“ und „Rebellen“ vorgesungen, die gegen ein „Regime“ kämpfen würden, während die Islamisten in den von ihnen mit Gewalt eroberten Gebieten ihre Scharia-Herrschaft errichteten, folterten und Kindern die Köpfe abschnitten.

Während ARD und ZDF der deutschen Öffentlichkeit Lügen und Desinformation über vom „Regime“ verfolgte „Rebellen“ oder „Oppositionelle“ auftischten, errichteten diese unter dem Schutz westlicher Propaganda und Politik islamistische Terrorregimes

Längst sind einige dieser Terroristen nach Europa eingesickert, begehen hier weitere Verbrechen, beantragen „Asyl“ oder landen vor Gericht. Letzteres kann von der Propaganda nur schwerlich unterdrückt werden, auch wenn sich zumindest die GEZ-Sender hierbei alle Mühe geben.

Einer dieser „Rebellen“ steht derzeit in Münster vor Gericht. Was ihm vorgeworfen und durch Zeugenaussagen belegt wird, bestätigt letztlich das, was die syrische Regierung immer wieder gesagt hat, dass es sich bei den Bewaffneten mehrheitlich um Kriminelle und Terroristen handelt.

In Syrien nannte er sich Abu Dieb, «Vater des Wolfes», und führte 150 Männer an, die in den Wirren des syrischen Bürgerkriegs zwischen 2012 und 2014 ein ganzes Stadtviertel von Aleppo terrorisierten, plünderten und folterten. Jetzt steht er als Ibrahim A. (42) vor dem Oberlandesgericht Düsseldorf – und sein früheres Opfer sitzt im deutschen Zeugenstand. (

Ibrahim Al F. hat laut Anklage im syrischen Aleppo von September bis Dezember 2012 – nur diesen Zeitraum kann die Anklage belegen – eine 150-köpfige Stadtteilmiliz befehligt. Diese Miliz war Teil der Freien Syrischen Armee und beteiligte sich am Kampf gegen das Regime des syrischen Machthabers Assad. Die von Ibrahim Al F. – Kampfname Abu Dhib, „Vater des Wolfes“ – angeführte Miliz kontrollierte laut Anklage einen Stadtteil in Aleppo. Gemeinsam mit seinen Milizionären habe der Angeklagte die Kriegswirren genutzt, um seine Herrschaftsgewalt auszubauen und sich durch Plünderungen und Erpressungen zu bereichern. (

So habe die Miliz, die der Freien Syrischen Armee angehört habe, Leute auf der Straße entführt, an Ketten gefesselt an die Decke gezogen und tagelang mit Eisenstangen, Knüppeln, Kabeln und Schläuchen zum Teil bewusstlos geprügelt. Messer und Elektroschockstäbe hätten bei den Opfern bleibende Narben hinterlassen. Dabei sei auch ein klappbarer Foltertisch zum Einsatz gekommen, der „Fliegender Teppich“ genannt worden sei.

Einzige US und Deutsche Aussenpolitik

Den Opfern sei vorgeworfen worden, vom Islam abgefallen, ungläubig, Kurde, ein Spion oder Unterstützer des syrischen Präsidenten Baschar al-Assad zu sein. Die überlebenden Opfer seien freigelassen worden, wenn Angehörige ausreichend Lösegeld gezahlt oder sich verpflichtet hätten, für die mit Kalaschnikows bewaffnete Miliz zu arbeiten. Die Wohnungen der Opfer seien geplündert worden.

Im Fall der beiden Folteropfer, die starben, sollen diese so schwer misshandelt worden sein, dass der ganze Raum voll Blut gewesen sei und die Männer tagelang nicht hätten sprechen können. (

Der Spiegel, der in dieser verbrecherischen Kriegspropaganda eine führende Rolle eingenommen und jahrelang den gewaltsamen Sturz der syrischen Regierung propagiert und angekündigt hatte, versteckt seinen Bericht über den „Der Folterer von nebenan“ hinter einer Bezahlschranke. Die Desinformation und Kriegshetze von Rania Salloum, Christoph Reuter und Christoph Sydow waren zuvor zumindest für die deutschen Opfer „kostenfrei“ – in Syrien kostete sie Tausenden das Leben.

Für die Verbrecher in ARD und ZDF, die bis heute das Lied von den syrischen „Rebellen“ und „Oppositionellen“ singen oder islamistische Terroristen als „Die letzten Männer von Aleppo“ verkaufen, und damit dem islamistischen Terrorismus bessere Dienste geleistet haben als jedes „Hochglanzmagazin“ des IS, sind die laufenden Verhandlungen gegen diese religiösen Fanatiker, Folterer und Banditen kein Thema. Wenn überhaupt berichtet wird, werden Hintergründe verschwiegen und nur die notwendigsten Informationen abgehakt. Die GEZ-finanzierten, rechtmäßigen Erben von Joseph Goebbels echauffieren sich lieber über jene „rechtspopulistischen“ Entwicklungen, die sie mit ihrer Kriegstreiberei und Propaganda selbst in Gang gesetzt haben.

Dumm regiert Deutschland, ist Firmen Chef, oder Bank Vorstand

Clubs in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria. Photo: stephan_e/Flickr

Valeri Simeonov, deputy prime minister in charge of the economy and the social sector from the nationalist United Patriots coalition, who staged a series of nocturnal raids on noisy discos in Sunny Beach at the weekend, warned on Monday that he will extend his personal crackdown to other tourist resorts.

Simeonov told a press briefing in the coastal city of Burgas that he has “waged a war on noise on the Black Sea coast”.

On Friday and Saturday night, teams of police, tax and health control authorities, led by the deputy prime minister himself, raided two night clubs, Oxygen and Bedroom in Sunny Beach, carrying out checks and confiscating sound equipment on charges that they had exceeded sound limits.

During the Friday night checks, the popular hip-hop DJ Stanislav Peev, known as DJ Stancho, was arrested at the Oxygen club for refusing to hand his personal laptop to the police officers, which sparked outrage.

Peev told Bulgarian National Television on Monday that he will probably seek to defend his rights in court.

Tourist agencies have for years used Sunny Beach’s low prices for accommodation and services to attract as many holidaymakers as possible.

The low prices brought in tourists excited by the idea of cheap alcohol, while poorly-regulated and hasty construction work turned this once calm and green Communist-era family resort into an overdeveloped, noisy and polluted destination.

After a surge in tourist visits in recent years, state institutions and local businesses have mulled different ideas aimed at polishing up the image of the country’s largest seaside resort, including establishing a tourist police force and introducing fines for drunken tourists.

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Elena Ivanova, president of the Union of Owners in Sunny Beach, expressed concerns however about Simeonov’s hardline approach.

“What I can say for sure is that business is not comfortable [with the nocturnal raids], she said.

“This is not how things should be done. Such checks are a job for the relevant supervising institutions. We, the owners, would never back violators,” Ivanova added.

She called the raids “a strange PR stunt”.

She also said that the state had left the market to regulate Sunny Beach’s development and image without imposing any of its own regulations for over 15 years, “for better or for worse”.

“Now, when everything is ready and functioning, imposing radical measures is, to put it lightly, unprofessional… Let’s not kill the resort by trying to turn it into a destination for pensioners,” she added….

Ein der übelsten Frauen Händler wurde hingerichtet: Ja kush ishte Dilaver Bojku, bosi që u vra sot në Strugë



PROFIL: Ja kush ishte Dilaver Bojku, bosi që u vra sot në Strugë

PROFIL: Ja kush ishte Dilaver Bojku, bosi që u vra sot në Strugë GazetaExpress E hënë, 14 Gusht 2017 19:33

Si i ri, pas një qëndrimi në Zvicër, ku punon në ndërtimtari, në vitet e vonshme 80-ta kthehet në Maqedoni. Këtu ka hapur klube nate, ku janë ofruar edhe shërbime joligjore pothuajse në të gjitha qytetet më të mëdha, si në Shkup, Ohër, Strugë, Gostivar, Manastir, si dhe në disa fshatra.

Sipas medias ballkanike, por edhe atyre botërore, ka qenë një nga personazhet më të njohura ballkanikë në fushën e krimit të organizuar dhe transnacional, i specializuar për tregtinë me të ashtuquajturat “skllave të bardha” dhe kontrabandimin e emigrantëve, sidomos në vitet 90-të dhe në fillim të viteve 2000. Ka operuar në linjën Ballkan-Evropë, duke sjellë prostituta nga shtetet e ish-Jugosllavisë, Ukraina, Molldavia… dhe duke kontrabanduar në vendet e Bashkimit Evropian shqiptarë, kurdë, pakistanezë, afganë…

Me punë operative dhe me bashkëpunim të FBI-së (dega në Budapest) me policitë evropiane, Bojku identifikohet, grumbullohen dëshmi për punët kriminale dhe shpallet fletarrest ndërkombëtar, shkruan Expressi.

Në shkurt të vitit 2003 arrestohet nga policia e Maqedonisë, me ç’rast në klubet e tij zbulohen dhjetra vajza që kanë qëndruar ilegalisht në vend. Gjykata e Strugës e dënon me 6 muaj burg për mbajtje të një femre pa dëshirën e saj, gjë që në opinion pritet me habi të madhe, për shkak të dënimit të butë që i është shqiptuar. Pas ankesës së prokurorisë dënimi i rritet në 3 vjet.

Më 20 qershor 2003, derisa transportohej nga burgu me siguri të ulët, i ik policisë. Marshallët amerikanë madje shpallin shpërblim prej 10.000 dollarë për atë që do të ndihmojë në zënien e Bojkut.

Për arratisjen e tij nga burgu, së shkruan Expressi, kanë shkruar edhe mediat botërore, si The New York Times, Guardian etj.

Rreth dy javë pasi ik nga burgu i Strugës, arrestohet në Ulqin të Malit të Zi, prej nga kishte planifikuar të braktiset, fillimisht për Itali, e më pas për Brazil.

Sidoqoftë, Bojku kthehet në Maqedoni ku e vuan dënimin, ndërsa pas daljes nga burgu humb edhe nga fokusi i publikut dhe mediave dhe për të dihet se i është rrekur biznesit me hotelieri dhe turizëm.

Bojku, alias Leku, u vra sot me armë zjarri në në plazhin e Strugës që ishte në pronësi të tij. Sulmi ndodhi në rreth orës 16:45 në kafiterinë „Aqua Bluesky“ që ishte gjithashtu pronë e Bojkut. Sipas raporteve të medias, një person i panjohur deri në këto momente, i është afruar Bojkut përderisa ai ka qenë në plazhin e tij Akua Blu, në bregun e liqenit rreth orës 16:45, dhe ka shkrepur disa plumba në drejtim të tij. Sipas dëshmitarëve okularë, sulmuesi me shpejtësi është larguar nga vendi me motoçikletë.

Nga policia deri më tani nuk japin detaje, ndërsa në proces është formimi i ekipit hetues policor që do të punojë në zbulimin e rastit./Gazeta Express/

US Medien fordern Haftstrafen für Petraeus, Obama and Brennan und die Deutschen Berufsverbrecher wie Volker Perthes

Über die Verbrecher des Auswärtigen Amtes, des Volker Perthes und seiner lächerlichen Schallplatten Truppe des Krieges und des Mordes, spricht in der Bananenrepublik Deutschland niemand. Die sind so verblödet in Brüssel und Berlin, das man nun erst langsam merkt, das die Amerikaner Verbrecher sind und Dumme suchen, welche bei jedem Müll und Verbrechen mitmachen, was man auch in 1999 wusste, etliche Jahre zuvor über die kriminellen Machenschaften in Balkan ebenso.

Überall von Ruanda, Konga, Nigeria, Albanien hat Deutschland seine korrupten und kriminellen Finger drinnen.

UN reports `ethnic cleansing` in DR Congo
The report detailed butchery, „ethnic cleansing“ and 251 targetted killings in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
August 03, 2017

Why Petraeus, Obama And Brennan Should Face 5,000 Years In Prison

California CEO Allegedly Smuggled Rifle Scopes to Syria – Daily Beast, August 1 2017

Rasheed Al Jijakli,[the CEO of a check-cashing business who lives in Walnut,] along with three co-conspirators, allegedly transported day and night vision rifle scopes, laser boresighters used to adjust sights on firearms for accuracy when firing, flashlights, radios, a bulletproof vest, and other tactical equipment to Syrian fighters.

If Jijakli is found guilty, he could face 50 years in prison. Jijakli’s case is being prosecuted by counterintelligence and Terrorism and Export Crimes Section attorneys. An FBI investigation, in coordination with other agencies, is ongoing.

Under Trump, a Hollowed-Out Force in Syria Quickly Lost C.I.A. Backing – NY Times*, August 2, 2017

C.I.A. director, Mike Pompeo, recommended to President Trump that he shut down a four-year-old effort to arm and train Syrian rebels.

Critics in Congress had complained for years about the costs […] and reports that some of the C.I.A.-supplied weapons had ended up in the hands of a rebel group tied to Al Qaeda

In the summer of 2012, David H. Petraeus, who was then C.I.A. director, first proposed a covert program of arming and training rebels

[Mr. Obama signed] a presidential finding authorizing the C.I.A. to covertly arm and train small groups of rebels
John O. Brennan, Mr. Obama’s last C.I.A. director, remained a vigorous defender of the program …

When will the FBI investigate Messrs Petraeus, Obama and Brennan? Where are the counterintelligence and Terrorism and Export Crimes Section attorneys prosecuting them? Those three men engaged in the exactly same trade as Mr. Jijakil did, but on a much larger scale. They should be punished on an equally larger scale.


* Note: The NYT story is largely a whitewash. It claims that the CIA paid „moderate“ FSA rebels stormed Idleb governate in 2015. In fact al-Qaeda and Ahrar al Sham were leading the assault. It says that costs of the CIA program was „more than $1 billion over the life of the program“ when CIA documents show that it was over $1 billion per year and likely much more than $5 billion in total. The story says that the program started in 2013 while the CIA has been providing arms to the Wahhabi rebels since at least fall 2011.

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Frank Schirrmacher, Chef Redakteur der FAZ, fuhr nach Syrien, schrieb einen Artikel über die reale Situation in Syrien, die vielen Lügen und verstarb im Stile (2014),der Hillary Clinton Morde plötzlich. In der Branche nennt man es Tod durch die „Israel Tablette“! Steinmeier, die EU Banditen, Angela Merkel wurden Anhänger des Bill und Hillary Clinton Mord und Verbrecher Clans.

Wie in Libyen, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Bosnien, Irak: Alles billige Lügen, welche mit korrupten Politikern, schlimmer wie Hitler und Co. verkauft werden.

EU, NATO, USA: Massenmord, Staaten Zerstörung als Politik und System

Volker Perthes SWP Terroristen Mentor, der nicht einmal Minimal Bildung hat.
Willy Wimmer über diese Leute: die verkaufen jeden Unfug als Politik.

John Bolton

Kurzmitteilung:Die „Volker Perthes“ Kopf Abschneider. Die „friends of Syria“ Terroristen Mafia und eine ehemalige Terroristen Geisel erzähltEU Sanktionen, Forderung von Flugverboten um die Verbrechen: Ultimativ in Ethnische Säuberungen umzuwandeln in einem der grossen NATO Massakern mit Kopf Abschneidern und Verbrechern.

6 Jahre Krieg und Propaganda gegen Syrien

Idiotie Verein des Verbrechens und der Lüge: Westerwelle, Hillary Clinton, Ashton.

Kurdische PKK Verbrecher Clans, erhalten in Deutschland und Österreich Demonstration Genehmigungen

PKK Demo in Frankfurt
AWO in Frankfurt, Steuer finanziert ist 100 % von Kriminellen unterwandert, welche eine Demonstration von 30.000 Kurdischen Verbrecher Clans mit PKK Fahnen am 18.3.2017 in Frankfurt finanzieren.

Frank Walter Steinmeier lebt seine kriminelle Energie aus, indem er dem Nepotismus Verbrecher Clan: Barzani ein Völkerrechts widriges Generalkonsulat in Berlin gab, damit der Drogen und Migranen Schmuggel von Kriminellen besser klappt.

25 Fires throughout Albania – Albania Only European Country with Netto Deforestation

„State Caputure“

25 Fires throughout Albania

25 Fires throughout Albania

Overnight the number of fires throughout the Albanian territory has increased from 16 yesterday to 25 today. In total 15 fire trucks, 114 firemen, 20 Republican Guards, 130 military personnel, as well as other…

Profi Betrugs Kartell Firmen: VW, Audi, Porsche, Mercedes: Kartel jo konkurencë

Gut geschmiert in Tradition der SPD: Niedersachsens Ministerpräsident Stephan Weil (SPD)

Regierung Neuer Ärger für Stephan Weil: VW prüfte Regierungserklärung dpa

  • Ministerpräsident Weil ist ohnehin gebeutelt, weil Abgeordnete Elke Twesten von den Grünen zur CDU wechselte und damit die Einstimmen-Mehrheit seiner rot-grünen Regierungskoalition zerstörte.
  • Nun setzte es einen zusätzlichen Hieb: Medien berichteten, Weil habe sich im Oktober 2015 seine Regierungserklärung zum Abgasskandal von VW frisieren lassen.
  • Nach SZ-Informationen unterwarf sich der gesamte Aufsichtsrat inklusive Weil damals einer Clearingstelle, über die der Konzern öffentliche Aussagen auf falschen oder gerichtlich anfechtbare Inhalte prüfen wollte.

Kartel jo konkurencë

Postuar në 30 Korrik, 2017 12:22

Duket epoka e konsumizmit po i jep të drejtë postulatit se partitë vetëm qeverisin, ndërkohë që kastat sundojnë. Media rend pas deklaratave të kryeministrave dhe ministrave, ndërkohë që standardi i jetës sonë, cilësia e saj dhe e ardhmja është vendosur tashmë nga ata që dominojnë dhe përcaktojnë tregun.

Gjermania po brohoritet si një demokraci liberale, ku tregu funksionon në mbrojtje të konsumatorit. Ku konkurenca është e siguruar etj.. Fabula që fshehin një fluks miliardash që në sektorin e industrisë së makinave ka përmbysur parimet e tregut dhe ka gjeneruar Kartelin.
Këtë fjalë gjen revista e njohur “Spiegel” për të përshkruar atë që ka ndodhur poshtë të ashtuquajturës konkurencë mes kompanive gjermane të prodhimit të makinave. Në një shkrim të gjatë kushtuar këtij sektori e që merr shkas nga skandali i Volkswagen me parametrat e emetimit të gazrave, “Dieselgate”, revista zbulon se parimi i konkurencës është zëvendësuar nga parimi i koordinimit.

Kompani të tilla si Volkswagen, Daimler, Audi, Porsche kanë koordinuar vepromet e tyre në disa takime të niveleve të larta. Një shembull është dakordësimi për shpejtësinë maksimale kur mund të bësh hapjen e kabriolet, një tregues por edhe vlerë në marketim.
“Nuk ka konkurencë kur vjen puna te shpejtësia”, citon revista një takim të mbajtur në Bad Kissingen. Kjo pasi gara në këtë drejtim prodhojnë kosto më shumë, risqe teknologjike dhe shton numrin e përplasjeve. Tjetër gjë i duhet industrisë. Rezultat i këtij takimi është fakti se të gjitha automjetet e prodhuara nga këto kompani lejojnë hapjen e kabriolet deri në shpejtësinë 50 km/h. Revista shkruan se ka patur marrëveshje për sistemin e sediljeve, ajrit, motorrit etj.. Pra disa grupe bien dakord dhe mandej hedhin në treg markat e tyre duke shitur atë që duket dhe duke qenë të qetë se konkurenca është vetëm një aspekt formal që mendohet se ekziston duke patur në mendje klientët.

Në fakt ajo nuk ekziston më aspak dhe këtu ai shteti që brohoritet kaq shumë. Duke se thjesht ka futur hundën brenda, por nuk ka vepruar. Kompanitë duket se janë zbuluar në këtë lojë dhe kanë pranuar diçka. “Spiegel” citon një deklaratë të lëshuar nga Volksëagen sipas të cilës praktika e koordinimit ka nisur të paktën që në fund të viteve ’90 dhe ka vazhduar pa ndërperje.

Në shkrim theksohet se kjo që ka ndodhur ka vendosur klientët përpara një mashtrimi masiv, pasi logjikisht nëse kompanitë bien dakord, angazhimi inxhinierik për të risi, nuk është më domosdoshmëri.
Cilësia pra nuk është ajo që pretendohet dhe imazhi i pacenuar si markave gjermane është përherë e më shumë një iluzion. Një tjetër goditje vjen nga fakti se poseduesit e makinave me naftë nuk lejohen më të lëvizin në qytet dhe këtë politikë kompanitë e kanë ditur më parë. Shitja e një makine të tillë patjetër që sjell humbje, pasi bëhet me çmim të lirë, ndërkohë gjobat që parashikohen ndaj kompanive në këtë rast godasin aksionerët e tyre, aksionet e të cilëve zhvlerësohen. Një reaksion zinxhir, pasojë e një mashtrimi që nxjerr kokë në formën e një piramide edhe në këtë sektor. Komisioni Europian ka nisur vendosjen e gjobave miliardëshe ndaj praktikave të këtilla dhe nuk është çudi që të shkhim zhvendosje kompanish jashtë BE-së, siç ndodhi në ShBA.…