Korruptions Land Deutschland hat den teuersten Haushaltsstrom in Europa

Schweden ist wie Bulgarien besonders guenstig im Strompreis, wobei Deutschland mit Abstand den teuersten Haushaltestrom in Europa, weil man praktisch alle SPD Politiker vor allem schmiert, ein System, was in NRW gekocht wurde, fuer die korrupten SPD Banden, welche alle von RWE geschmiert sind, wie von der Betrugsfirma: VW, oder bei Rheinmetall sind alle dabei.

Um 450 % ist der Strom teurer als in Bulgarien in Deutschland, was nur durch die enormen Bestechungsgelder erklaerbar ist, denn die Politikratten sitzen ueberall in den Aufsichtraeten, schlimmer wie „Camorra“ organisiert. Und dann wird es peinlich, wenn die korrupten Berliner Ratten, Balkan Politiker wegen Korruptions kritisieren.

Bulgaria (9.9 Eurocent/kWh), while households had to pay the most in Germany (34.0 Eurocent/kWh).

Electricity: Who’s paying the price?

Electricity: Who's paying the price?

Wholesale electricity prices in the EU in the fourth quarter of 2017 were generally higher compared with the previous quarter.This was caused by higher seasonal demand at the beginning of the winter period and increasing use of fossil fuels in power generation, as significant nuclear capacities were taken out of use, either due to maintenance works or to safety inspections.

Retail electricity prices for household customers were also up by almost 5% in December 2017 in EU capital cities on average in a year-on-year comparison.

Changes in retail electricity prices were mainly driven by increasing energy and supply costs and energy taxes, whereas changes in network costs had slightly downward impact on the final retail electricity prices.

But, do we know that the electricity bill for households in Greece increased more (+64 %) over the last seven years (2010-2017) than in any other EU country?

In the case of industrial customers with low annual consumption in December 2017 Italy was the most expensive country (with a price of 18.2 Eurocent/kWh), while Sweden was the cheapest (7.9 Eurocent/kWh).

At the same time in the case of households with low annual consumption retail electricity prices were the lowest in Bulgaria (9.9 Eurocent/kWh), while households had to pay the most in Germany (34.0 Eurocent/kWh).

Bulgaria remains the most greenhouse gas-intensive country in the EU.

It is also the most energy-intensive economy in the EU and, while its energy efficiency has improved, continued energy savings will be needed to achieve its 2020 target for energy efficiency.

Bulgaria is on track to meet its renewable energy target for 2020.

In December 2017 the highest retail electricity prices paid by households could be observed in Copenhagen and Berlin (31.5 Eurocent/kWh and 30.9. Eurocent/kWh, respectively), while the cheapest capitals in the EU were Sofia and Bucharest (10.9 Eurocent/kWh, and 11.0 Eurocent/kWh, respectively).

Compared with December 2016, a significant price increase could be observed in Tallinn (24.2%).

Prices also went up in Warsaw (9%), and Zagreb (8.5%).

Retail electricity prices decreased the most in Vilnius (10.2%) and in Bucharest (7.3%).

Energy taxes increased measurably in Madrid and Bratislava, (by 6.6 Eurocent/kWh  and 2.9 Eurocent/kWh, respectively).

New energy market reports show surge in wind energy

More energy from wind was generated in the EU than ever before: 41 TWh (terawatt hours), equivalent to 16% of the EU’s electricity mix, according to EU’s electricity market report.

Electricity consumption in the EU over the last few years has clearly been decoupled from economic growth.

The EU’s GDP increased by almost 12% between 2010 and the end of 2017; over the same period, electricity consumption decreased by 4%.

The three goals

On 30 November 2016, the European Commission presented a new package of measures with the goal of providing the stable legislative framework needed to facilitate the clean energy transition.

With a view to stimulating investment in the clean energy transition, the package has three main goals:….


Putting energy efficiency first

Debakel in Tradition: Kosovo Faces Judicial Dilemmas as EU Law Mission Ends

Im Solde der Albaner Mafia mit Frank Wisner: Frank Walter Steinmeier immer dabei

Steinmeier und Ilir Meta, ein Profi kriminelles Konstrukt


Wird die Milliarden teure EU Justiz Mission beendet im Juni, ist die aktuelle Frage? In 2014 und die Ratten der Justizbringer Mafia, machte ruhig weiter, zu feige etwas zutun, aber hohe Millionen Summen fuer Nichts abkassieren, was man als „Camorra“ System kennt.

EULEX: Europäischer Rechnungshof Vernichtendes Urteil über EU-Mission im Kosovo


Kosovo Faces Judicial Dilemmas as EU Law Mission Ends

„Im Griff der Kriminalität“ Spiegel Ausgabe 45 in 2012

Schöne Pleite Veranstaltung der NATO im Kosovo!

Robertson Underlines NATO Commitment to Kosovo



    • Roberston stressed that the people of Kosovo must oppose organised crime and extremism and promised that the alliance will remain committed to helping them. He said the international community

was not prepared to give up Kosovo “to organised criminals and those who use brutality in the name of ethnic nationalism”.

    • ………..


„Ethnic Albanian organized crime groups have established themselves in many European Union Member States and beyond… ethnic Albanian crime groups are found to extend their role from facilitators to achieving full control in certain crime areas. They adapt without difficulties to local or changing situations.“
No „Freedom Fighters“, Just Criminals and Thugs

On the preceding pages, the latest Drugs & Crime UN report offers a rarely accurate analysis of the situation among the ethnic Albanians (both next door to Serbia, in neighboring Albania, and in Serbia itself, mainly in the southern Kosovo province), which led to formation of the Albanian terrorist KLA (UCK) and to the terrorist attacks in Serbia — an unusually honest glimpse at the root-causes of Albanian insurrection and occupation of part of Serbia, impossible to find in the tons of worthless junk produced daily by the Western mainstream media.

The following excerpt effectively dismantles the pompous claims of heroic „struggle for freedom and independence“ and disingenuous references to the „self-determination“ of an ethnic group which has already exercised its right to self-determination with the formation of state of Albania.

No, it has nothing to do with „freedom“, „independence“ or „self-determination“, it is all about illicit trade, crime without punishment, lawlessness, thuggery and insatiable greed.
Criminals, Terrorists or Politicians? In Kosovo-Metohija, all Three.

Excerpt from the UN Office on Drugs and Crime report for March 2008

[pg 52] According to an Interpol statement made before the U.S. Congress in 2000:


ARD Doku von Allan Little, wie die UCK durch Terror und Mord den Kosovo Krieg provozierte

vom Westen und Steinemeier finanziert
Steinmeier Demokratie Modell in der Ukraine

IRZ Stiftung, Europa – EURALIUS, US: Justiz Missionen: „ohne jedes Konzept“

Der EU „OLAF“ Chef: Giovanni Kessler wurde versetzt, wegen der “Systemkriminalität” der EU Botschaft in Albanien

Eine Deutsche Doku aus 2015, wie kriminelle und korrupte Deutsche Politiker nur Verbrecher in Stellung brachten und finanzierte.

In alter Tradition: Hirnlos, Inkompetend, Camorra identische Abzocker des Betruges: die EU Justiz Mission EURALIUS, geleitet von der IRZ-Stiftung