Volker Perthes, Westerwelle, Steinmeier die Nazi Verbrecher in Tradition: 250 Milliarden $ Schaden in Tradition in Syrien

Einzige Deutsche Politik:

Einzige US und Deutsche Aussenpolitik

Terroristen Bande aus Berlin und Washington:
So dumm war nie die Hitler Schergen, dann man gezielt ganze Regionen zerstört, die Industrie Anlagen plündert, Ethnische Säuberungen durch Mord organisiert, und das mit einer Lügen Propaanda Non-Stop verkauft, was mit dem Kosovo Krieg begann: siehe (Video) SWR Doku: „es begann mit einer Lüge“ Historischer Fakt ist, das Klaus Kinkel sogar das THW nach Nord Albanien Anfang 1998 entsandte, damit die Lager und Ausbildungslager der Nah – Ost Terroristen (400 genau gesagt, nach Dokumentionen von Beobachtern, welche später auch Botschafter wurden, und in Bosnien schon Erfahrung sammelten mit den Lügen aus Berlin und Washington), technisch aufrüstetetn, die Infrastruktur aufbauen sollten. Das ging nur schief, weil die Tropoje Banditen des Haklaj Clans die Werkstatt Wagen des THW klauten, eigene technische und finanzielle HIlfe von der Deutschen Botschaft in Tirana erpressen wollten.

UCK Terroristen mit Tschetenischen Mord Banden im Kosovo
Frank Walter Steinmeier IQ, Elmar Brok war mit den Ober Nazi Mörder ebenso auf dem Maidan

Fakten werden ignoriert, die KLA, UCK kam von der Internationalen Terroristen Liste

Who Will Pay the $250+ Billion Reconstruction Cost in Syria?

Who Will Pay the $250+ Billion Reconstruction Cost in Syria?

The United States Government says that Syria’s Government caused the U.N.-estimated „at least $250 billion“ cost to restore Syria from the destruction that Syria’s war produced, and so Syria’s Government should pay those reconstruction costs. That link is to a New York Times article, which explicitly blames Syrian “President Bashar al-Assad’s ruthless triumph” — which was won against all of the jihadist groups (which the US and its allies had brought into Syria to overthrow and replace Assad’s Government) — for having caused the devastation in Syria; the US and its allies say they aren’t to blame for it, at all, by their having organized and armed and trained and manned that 6-year invasion of Syria; and, so (they say, and the NYT article implicitly assumes it to be true), if the invaders-occupiers of Syria might ultimately agree to pay some portion of these $250B+ reconstruction costs, then this would be sheer generosity by the US and its allies — nothing that these governments are obligated to pay to the surviving residents in Syria. It would be charity — not restitution — according to them. The way that this NYT news-report presents this case is, first, to ask rhetorically, regarding the US and its allies in the invasion of Syria, “Can they afford to pour money into a regime that has starved, bombed and occasionally gassed its own people?” and then promptly to proceed by ignoring this very question that they have asked, and instead to provide a case (relying heavily on innuendos) for the immorality of the US and its allies to provide restitution to Syria’s Government to restore Syria. That’s how this Times’ news-report argues for the US Government, against Syria’s Government, regarding Syria’s postwar reconstruction: The Times news-report repeatedly simply assumes that Syria’s Government is evil and corrupt, and is to blame for the destruction of Syria, and thus shouldn’t receive any money from good and honest governments such as ours. It implicitly accepts the viewpoint of the US Government — a viewpoint which blatantly contradicts the actual history of the case, as will here be documented by the facts:

America’s Government (including its press, such as the NYT) simply refuses to recognize the legitimacy of Syria’s Government (even after the first internationally monitored democratic election in all of Syria’s history, which was held in 2014, and which the incumbent candidate Bashar al-Assad (whom the US alliance has been trying to overthrow) won, by 89%), and the US Government has, itself, evilly been trying to conquer Syria (a country that never threatened the US), ever since at least 1949, when the CIA perpetrated a coup there (the new CIA’s 2nd coup, the first one having been 1948 in Thailand — and here is the rest of that shocking history) and ousted Syria’s democratically elected President; but, then, in 1955, Syria’s army threw out the US-imposed dictator, and restored to power that democratically elected Syrian President, who in 1958 accepted Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser’s offer to unify the two countries (Syria and Egypt) into the United Arab Republic (UAR), in order to protect Syria against a then-imminent invasion and attempted take-over by NATO member Turkey (which has traditionally been hostile toward Syria). It was a peaceful and voluntary transfer of power, to Nasser.

However, Nasser became an unpopular President in Syria, as the nation’s economy performed poorly during the UAR; and, so, on 28 September 1961, Syria’s army declared Syria’s secession from the UAR; and it then installed-and-replaced seven Presidents over the next decade, until 22 February 1971, when General Hafez al-Assad resigned from Syria’s military and was promptly endorsed by the Army for the Presidency; and, soon thereafter, on 12 March 1971, a yes-no national referendum on whether Assad should become President won a 99.2%“Yes“ vote of the Syrian people. President Assad initiated today’s Syria, by assigning a majority of political posts to secular Sunnis, and a majority of military posts to secular Shiites. All of the Sunnis that he allowed into the Government were seculars, so as to prevent fundamentalist-Sunni foreign governments — mainly the Sauds — from being able to work successfully with America’s CIA to again take over Syria’s Government. Assad’s Ba’athist democratic socialist Party chose his son Bashar, to succeed Hafez as President, upon Hafez’s death on 10 June 2000; and, when Barack Obama became US President in 2009, Obama carried forward the CIA’s plan to overthrow Bashar al-Assad and to install a Saud-allied fundamentalist-Sunni Syrian government to replace the existing non-secular, but Iran-allied, Ba’athist Government. However, since Bashar had built upon Hafez’s secular, non-sectarian, governmental system, the old CIA plan, to apply fundamentalist Sunnis to destroy the basically non-sectarian state (which is the basis of the Assads’ political support), ultimately failed; and, so, America’s Government and media are trying to deal with the consequences of their own evil, as best they can, so as to have only Syria and its allies suffer the Syrian war’s aftermath. US President Donald Trump has been continuing President Obama’s policy, and he loaded his Administration with rabidly anti-Syrian and anti-Iranian people.

In the American Government’s view, the least that Syria’s Government should now do is to pay all the costs for the consequences of America’s lengthiest-ever effort against Syria — or, if Syria’s Government won’t do that, then the US Government will continue its occupation of Syria, and won’t help the Syrian people at all, to recover from the devastation, which they blame entirely on Assad (who never threatened the US).

However, the Syrian Government says that the countries which invaded it with their weapons and their jihadists and their organization — not only the United States and its weapons-supplies to the jihadists, but also Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Turkey, UK, France, and other US allies, the entire US coalition who organized and supplied the six-year international jihadist invasion against Syria — are to blame for the destruction of Syria; and, “If you break it, you own it, and need to replace it.” So, Syrians think that the invaders — and not the people of Syria — must pay the reconstruction cost.

The US Government blames Syrian President Bashar Assad for everything. That charge is, however, quite problematic, given the facts in the case. The US CIA was behind the “Arab Spring” movements to overthrow and replace Assad and other Arab leaders who dissatisfied the US regime, and it then fed into Syria the ‘rebels’ until now. Few of them are still remaining under US protection — which is mostly east of the Euphrates River, where America’s Kurdish proxy-forces are in control, after having finally defeated, with American air power, Syria’s ISIS.

That NYT article used the word “rebel” six times to refer to the jihadists who were fighting against Syria’s Government, and didn’t even once use the word “jihadist” or “terrorist” or anything like that, to refer to even a single one of them. However, almost all of the anti-Assad fighters were, in fact, jihadists (or, some people call them, instead, “radical Islamic terrorists”).

Western-sponsored opinion polls have been taken of the residents of Syria, throughout the war, and they have consistently shown that Bashar al-Assad would easily win re-election there in any free and internationally monitored election, and that the Syrian people overwhelmingly (by 82%) blame the United States for having brought the tens of thousands of foreign fighters into Syria to overthrow and replace their nation’s Government. Consequently, if Syrians will end up bearing the estimated $250B+ reconstruction cost of a war that 82% of them blame on the US, then the Syrian people will become even angrier against the US Government than they are now. But, of course, the US Government doesn’t care about the people of Syria, and won’t even allow in any of them as refugees to America; so, Syrians know whom their friends and enemies are. America’s absconding on its $250+B reparations-debt to them wouldn’t surprise them, at all. It’s probably what they’re expecting.

Some US propaganda-media, such as Britain’s Financial Times, have field-tested an alternative, a blame-Russia approach, in case the US team can’t get the blame-Syria story-line to gain sufficient international acceptance. For example, that newspaper’s Roula Khalaf headlined on 1 March 2017,  “The west to Russia: you broke Syria, now you fix it”, but most of the reader-comments were extremely hostile to that designation of villain in the case. Here were the most-popular comments:

COMMENTS, Most recommended:

Nomad_X Mar 1, 2017 What dreadful ‚analysis‘ …. Russia finished the Syrian war because they had to. Syria was an artificial proxy war instigated by the USA, Saudi Arabia and Turkey – the Iranians and Russians joined in after the west tried to remove Assad, and failed. The UN also said publicly that Syria was not a civil war – it was a war of foreign mercenary groups trying to overthrow the Assad regime. Russia had no choice but to be there – Putin said publicly there was over 500 Russian nationals involved, and they would be going home once they were finished in Syria. Syria is another US foreign policy disaster which someone else had no choice but to clean up – it essentially created and legitimatized ISIS and now we ALL have to pay for it ….

Reply Airman48 Mar 1, 2017 The usual Bogus Russian troll perspective that is devoid of the truth. Syria has been a Russian client state in the 1960s when Hafez al Assad invited the Soviets in. Russia took ownership of the Syrian Civil War the minute it intervened and deployed Military forces to that country and after waging a brutal campaign of indiscriminate bombing that killed many hundreds of innocent Syria Non combatants it now expects the West to pay to reconstruct Syria. Read the title of the article again „The West to Russia. You broke it, you FIX it”………….


In Deutschland verkauft man das dann als „Kampf gegen Terrorismus“, wo man vor aller Augen Partner ist.

Uraltes CIA Modell und vom US Department of State, das man Kriminelle und Terroristen einkauft, um durch Gewalt und Mord Randale in einem Land zu organisieren.
Die CDU erneut vorneweg, wenn man Langzeit Kriminelle Drogen- Mord- und Waffen Clans nach Deutschland holt und hat auch hier Namen und immer der Durchgeknallten Kaste des Hirnlosen Nichts aus NRW: Julia Klöckner, wo die Kurdischen Verbrecher Clans, dann ungehindert in Deutschland einreisen können. Bei Geschäften rund um Waffen, Morden, die verrottete Lügen Partei CDU immer dabei.

Julia Klöckner: Ms. Batul Soltani and Ms. Homeyra Mohammadnejad from Iran-Zanan association met Ms. Klockner in the “Landtag” building.
Julia Klöckner: Ms. Batul Soltani and Ms. Homeyra Mohammadnejad from Iran-Zanan association met Ms. Klockner in the “Landtag” building.
Millionen an US Lobbyisten, darunter wie immer: John McCain

Die Lobby Gangster Truppe, inklusive Wesley Clark, Tom Ridge. Bolton usw..der Mafia Vertreter:
Albanische Experten und Medien warnen vor der US finanzierten Terror Organisation MEK in Albanien

Wo Saudi oder MEK Terroristen sich einfach jeden Politiker kaufen können.
مزدور مریم رجوی و اربابان صهیونیست UANI, Joe Lieberman and the MEK (Mojahedin Khalq)

In Tirana: 16.4.2017

 MEK – Die Kämpfer der USA im Iran

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