Juncker’s und seine Nicht reformfähiger Idioten Club der EU Commission und der EU

Die korrupten Kriminellen, rund um Georg Soros und Berufslose Spinner sabotieren Alles, denn wo erhält man soviel Geld, für gefakte Berichte und Nonsens, was auch den Balkan ruiniert hat.

Junckers Wutausbruch im EU Parlament

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Korruptions Capo: Junckers

It took president Juncker more than a year to propose new ethics rules for Commissioners after ex-President Barroso had shocked Europe with his new job at Goldman Sachs International. Hundreds of thousands of citizens, NGOs, the European Parliament and the EU Ombudsman had asked for ethics rules to be tightened and for the revolving door between the highest levels of the Commission and the business world to be closed. A year of inaction later, the Commission is now in a hurry to implement a lackluster reform that does not actually take into account citizens’ concerns.

In his latest State of the Union address President Juncker promised to reform ethics rules in the Commission and “strengthen the integrity requirements for Commissioners both during and after their mandate”.

This reform is an attempt to draw a line under the controversy after Barrosogate in July 2016. Following the Barroso scandal there were serious questions whether the code was fit for purpose. Even the European Ombudsman declared that “[i]t is not enough to say that no rules were broken without looking at the underlying spirit and intent of the relevant Treaty article and amending the Code to reflect precisely that.”…..

Juncker’s proposal is to extend this period to two years for ex-commissioners and five for ex-presidents of the Commission. While an improvement, this is still below the three years requested by MEPs in the 2016 JURI report penned by MEP Pascal Durand, and amplified again this year in the AFCO report authored by MEP Sven Giegold. It is also below the three-year notification period demanded by the 63,000 petitioners who asked the Commission to block its revolving doors with big business.

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