Varoufakis klagt gegen EZB

Schlimmer wie bei der Mafia, die EZB, verweigert Einsicht in angebliche Rechtsgutachten über Griechenland, was Alles über die „Transparenz“ der EZB und der korrupten EU sagt.

Varoufakis klagt gegen EZB

21. Dezember 2017 / Aufrufe: 2

Yanis Varoufakis und Fabio De Masi erstatteten bei dem EuGH Anzeige gegen die EZB wegen der Banken Griechenlands.

Yanis Varoufakis und der deutsche EU-Abgeordnete Fabio De Masi verlangen von dem Europäischen Gerichtshof (EuGH), die Europäische Zentralbank (EZB) zu zwingen, die juristische Überlegung zu enthüllen, auf der die Entscheidung bezüglich der Einfrierung der Liquidität an die griechischen Banken basierte.

Griechenlands ehemaliger Finanzminister Yanis Varoufakis und ein deutscher Europa-Parlamentarier erstatten Anzeige gegen die Europäische Zentralbank um Zugang zu einem Dokument bezüglich des Beschlusses der EZB zu erhalten, im Jahr 2015 die Finanzierung der griechischen Banken einzufrieren.

Griechenland unter Druck setzend verletzte die EZB ihren Auftrag

Wie Reuters meldete, verlangen Yanis Varoufakis und der deutsche EU-Abgeordnete Fabio De Masi von dem Europäischen Gerichtshof, die Europäische Zentralbank zu zwingen, die juristische Begründung zu enthüllen, auf der ihr strittiger Beschluss. „Die Liquidität des griechischen Banksektors einschränkend um die Kürzungen bei den Renten, die Steuererhöhungen und die Privatisierungen zu außerordentlichen Preise zu erzwingen, überschritt die EZB ihren Auftrag„, merkte Herr De Masi an.

Nach der Abweisung ihres Ersuchens durch die EZB wendeten die Herren Varoufakis und De Masi such an den Europäischen Gerichtshof um Zugang zu dem Dokument zu erhalten. Ein Sprecher der EZB führte an, die juristische Bewertung sei dem Beschluss zur Einfrierung der Finanzierung der Banken Griechenlands um wenigstens zwei Monate vorausgegangen. Wie er anfügte, „beschloss die EZB, diese nicht zu enthüllen, um ihre juristischen Berater und die internen Beratungen zu schützen„.

Der Rechtsanwalt der Kläger führt dagegen in der Anzeige an: „Es existiert ein höchstes öffentliches Interesse daran, dass wir wissen, bis zu welchem Punkt die EZB zueinander unterschiedliche Ziele abzuwägen und wie sie selbst und ihre juristischen Berater den rechtlichen Rahmen interpretierten.

Der Vollständigkeit halber sei in Erinnerung gerufen, dass infolge des umstrittenen Beschlusses der EZB die griechischen Banken am 28 Juni 2015 per Präsidialdekret geschlossen wurden. Als die Banken drei Wochen später, sprich am 20 Juli 2015 ihren Betrieb wieder aufnahmen, wurden parallel unter anderem rigorose Kapitalverkehrskontrollen verhängt, die bis heute bestehen (siehe auch Restriktionen im Bankensystem Griechenlands).

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Polizei Proteste in Bosnien, wegen Kürzung von Pensionen und Versicherungen : Police officers protest in Sarajevo

Police officers protest in Sarajevo

Police officers protest in Sarajevo
A few thousands of police officers from several Federation BiH cantons gathered on Monday in front of the entity Government building to protest against the new draft Law on Pensions and insurance of persons with disabilities.They asked the agreement of the Government about police officers‘ retirement conditions, since the solution in the disputed Law is not suitable for a profession like the one of police staff. Police trade unions decided to call their members to the protest because there was no positive answer from the Government and due to the fact that both houses at the entity Parliament adopted the draft. It was an unusual situation that police officers appeared as protesters and security at the event. The delegation of trade unions went to the Government building but, after one hour they returned without any result. Sadly, nobody received them to listen to the protesters‘ demands. Mirza Hadžiabdić of the Sarajevo Canton Police Union said to the media that the Federation BiH Prime Minister, Fadil Novalić, did not appear at the office and did not receive representatives of the negotiating team of the police unions.

„That is the best explanation why we are here and why we are in a situation in which we need to protest today,“ said Hadžiabdić.

He emphasised that the gathering ended shortly after it began because they did not want citizens to suffer from the traffic jam caused by the protest. Moreover, participants themselves did not want to freeze more while standing outside in the cold.

„We will take all the measures that we are allowed to finally get what we demand. We waited for an hour, nobody received us. An hour was enough,“ said Hadžiabdić.

Federation BiH PM, Fadil Novalić said to the press that it was not true that he refused to hold a meeting with police trade unions‘ representatives.

„Like every (other) ordinary day, I was on duty but today I happened to be out of the Government building. Earlier, we had several meetings on this issue but, unfortunately, we did not reach an agreement. I am sorry because of that, but I must remind police representatives that they ignored my last call about the meeting so as to discuss the matter,“ Novalić explained to journalists.

The next step of their protest rounds will take tomorrow, Tuesday December 19, at the gathering scheduled in front of the Parliament building of the Federation BiH. Organisers are expecting a smaller crowd of police officers.

They gathered in Sarajevo and expressed their concern that, according to the new law, which is just a step before its adoption, their pensions would be lowered by 25 to 30 percent. What they demand is from the Federation BiH Parliament to manage and include just one sentence in the final version of the law in the governmental proposal -that pensions of police officers will be governed by a special regulation…/IBNA

EBRD Mafia, zerstört den Balkan, mit dubiosen Investoren und Wasserkraftwerken


Bau Schrott, Kredit Betrug ohne Ende, ebenso mit Zement Werken, Einkaufs Centren, jeder Betrug wird finanziert auch das ehemalige Medien Monopol von Bodo Hombach und der WAZ, immer ist Betrug dabei, gefälschte und falsche Gutachten überall, was vor 20 Jahren auch schon bekannt war. Die KfW, Deutsche Bank, ist und war ebenso sehr aktiv in diesem Betrugs und Bestechungsgeschäften.

Fraud System EU:

zu korrupt und inkompetend für Alles: EU Spinner

European-financed small hydropower plants damaging pristine Balkan landscapes – study

Eight hydropower projects in Albania, Croatia and Macedonia financed with European public money have damaged biodiversity and are in urgent need of increased monitoring and restoration measures.

20 December 2017

The intake of the Tearce 97 (Bistrica 97) hydropower plant deep in the Shar Mountain nominated Emerald site. Photo by Andrey Ralev.

Prague, Radolfzell, Skopje, Zagreb – Eight hydropower projects in Albania, Croatia and Macedonia financed with European public money have damaged biodiversity and are in urgent need of increased monitoring and restoration measures, finds a study by CEE Bankwatch Network released today (1).

See the full the study and available languages

The hydropower plants were enabled by support from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the European Investment Bank (EIB) and were built in 2013-2015. They are affecting endemic and endangered species, and in some cases they have also hampered local communities’ water use, the new study finds. In most cases, flagrant violations of national laws and international financial institutions’ standards are visible and include blocking fish passes, releasing insufficient or no water at all downstream, and creating significant erosion with access roads. National authorities appear to have imposed fines on the hydropower plant operator in only one of the cases.

“Our research shows that so-called small hydropower plants have large impacts. It is high time for financiers to stop investing in any industrial activity in ecologically sensitive areas”, says Igor Vejnovic, Bankwatch’s hydropower policy officer and the author of the study.

“Both European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and European Investment Bank will revise their lending policies in 2018. We expect them to introduce no-go zones for financing hydropower in line with the recommendations of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)” added biologist Ana Colovic Lesoska, from Eko-svest, Macedonia, one of the chief participants in the field research.

The study shows that it should have been reasonably obvious that projects in ecologically sensitive areas, such as national parks, would have significant impacts on wildlife. Nevertheless, the European public banks decided to proceed relying on environmental impact studies of dubious quality that had played down potential effects. As a result, these projects have caused the destruction of habitat of the endemic Prespa Trout in Macedonia and the filling of the glacial Black Lake in Albania with sediment, among other impacts. All this could have been prevented by excluding financing for projects in protected areas. The situation has been aggravated by governments’ inability or unwillingness to properly monitor and enforce legislation.

In three of the cases – Lipkovo (aka Kamena reka), Tearce 97-99 (aka Bistrica 97-99) and Ilovac – the sources of financing remained secret until recently. They were not directly financed by the European public banks, but through loans extended via local banks, who refuse to reveal which projects they finance.

“In the Mavrovo National Park in Macedonia alone,15 more plants are planned. Given the impacts the Tresonecka hydropower plant is already having, plans for additional ones must be abandoned,” says Theresa Schiller from the EuroNatur Foundation.

“The EBRD and EIB’s money is still public money even when channelled through commercial banks. Yet the names of such projects are not disclosed by the banks and the public is denied the chance to influence their decision-making. Three cases covered by the study show what kind of impacts even small projects can have and that greater scrutiny is needed,” says Pippa Gallop, Bankwatch’s Research Coordinator.


The study was produced as part of the campaign “Save the Blue Heart of Europe”
(1) The research covered the following hydropower plants

  • Rapuni 1-2, Albania. Owner: C & S Construction Energy shpk (Albania), financed by the EBRD
  • Ternove, Albania. Owner: Teodori 2003 shpk (Albania/Canada), financed by the EBRD
  • Ilovac, Croatia. Owner: Tekonet d.o.o (Croatia), financed by the EIB
  • Brajcinska reka 1 (also: Brajcino 1), Macedonia. Owner: Mali hidroelektrani DOO (Macedonia), financed by the EBRD
  • Brajcinska reka 2 (also: Brajcino 2), Macedonia. Owner: PCC HYDRO DOOEL (Germany), financed by the EBRD/KfW
  • Tresonecka reka (also Tresonce), Macedonia. Owner: Hidro Enerdzi Group (Macedonia), financed by the EBRD
  • Lipkovo (also: Kamena reka), Macedonia. Owner: SOL Hidropauer DOOEL (Italy), financed by the EIB
  • Tearce 97-99 (also: Bistrica 97-99), Macedonia. Owner: SOL Hidropauer DOOEL (Italy), financed by the EIB

Save the Blue Heart of Europe campaign:

About 2800 new dams are currently projected between Slovenia and Albania. In order to counteract this spate of destruction, ‘EuroNatur’ and ‘RiverWatch’ have launched the “Save the Blue Heart of Europe” campaign in cooperation with local partners in the respective Balkan countries. Find out more here:

EBRD, ContourGloba: Agreement signed for the construction of “New Kosovo” thermal power plant

Dreckschleudern mit Kohle Kraftwerken, mit Braunkohle extrem schlechtester Qualität, gehen in eine neue Betrugs Phase mit korrupten Mafia Balkan Regierungen mit Hilfe der EBRD, welche heute mit der KfW die wichtigsten Financiers sind, von Projekten ohne jede Kontrolle, wohin die Gelder fliessen.

Plötzlich kostet die Finanzierung nur noch 1/3 was man vor 1,5 Jahren verlangte, womit Alles gesagt ist, über eine US Firma, die keine Erfahrung hat in dem Bau von Kohle Kraftwerken, wo die erfahrenen Polen, oder Chinesen längst ausgestiegen sind. siehe Bechtel Betrug mit dem US Botschafter Alexander Dell, der 1 Million $ Bestechungsgeld erhielt, heute Afrika Beauftragter von Bechtel ist. A special investigation into the diplomacy of doing business abroad.

Bechtel Betrug, wie er vorbereitet wurde in Albanien und dem Kosovo: wo das Original bei dern Generalstaatsanwaltschaft in Tirana liegt, weil man Anklagen und Prozesse führte u.a.gegen dne Mitunterzeichner: Lulzim Basha  Fakt:beim Bau, wurde Zement, Stahl um 4-500 % überteuert abgerechnet, was zu einem Schaden von 248 Millionen € führte, weil das über Kredite auch bezahlt wurde.

Und Max Strauss hat am 26.7.2006 die entscheidende Absichts Erklärung – Letter of Intent unterschrieben, zusammen mit Minister Lulzim Basha und Minister Genc Ruli, für die Bestechungs und Korruptions Geschäfte im Auftrage einer angeblichen Berberi & Strauss Consult, nachdem er von Bodo Hombach den Tip bekommen hatte, das hier ein grosser Autobahn von der Weltbank und der EBRD finanziert wird. Und wie die Ratten, kommt man halt aus dem Loch, und denkt man könnte solche Bestechungs Geschäfte so einfach abwickeln.

Max Strauss: "Letter of Intend" Bechtel
Max Strauss: „Letter of Intend“ Bechtel

Reines Verbrecher Kartell, Weltweit unterwegs: Frank Wisner der eine gefälschte Bank Garantie zertifizierte, obwohl schriftliche Hinweise vorlagen, das die Bank keine Ausland Bank Garantien gibt, usw..

Chef der Drogen Kartell Frank Wisner ist wieder in Tirana und im Kosovo

Die Albaner Mafia, mit berüchtigten Gestalten, welche Mentoren des Gross Drogen Handels, der Erpressung des Betruges sind, erhalten auch nochmal 100 Millionen € von der KfW, welche Pyschopaten sind, wie TV Aufnahmen der Selbstdarstellung sind, wenn man normale Verträge mit einem Grinsen auch noch feiert.****

in 2015

News 12 Nov 15

Kosovo Says US Firm Will Build Power Plant

The Ministry of Development on Tuesday claimed it had reached an agreement with the US company Contour Global to build the new Kosovo e Re power plant.

Petrit Collaku


in 2016

Voint Venture – PPC and ContourGlobal


The two groups will initially each control a 50 percent stake.

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) [EBRD.UL] has also expressed an interest in being part of the joint venture as an equity partner and will probably join with a 10 percent stake by the end of next month, the source said.

10 Jahre Betrugs Spektakel, wo das neue Kosovo Kraftwerk von ContourGlobal nun 4,2 Milliarden € kosten soll

Agreement signed for the construction of “New Kosovo” thermal power plant

Agreement signed for the construction of “New Kosovo” thermal power plant

The government of Kosovo has signed an agreement with US company, Contour Global for the construction of “New Kosovo” thermal power plant.Based on this agreement, the power plant will have a bloc of 500 megawatts and will cost 1.3 billion euros.

Contour Global will secure 30% of the project’s value and the loans provided by international financial institutions, by making this the biggest investment ever made in Kosovo.

“New Kosovo” thermal power plant is expected to become functional in 2023, while according to the agreement, the government of Kosovo will own the plant after 20 years without any cost.

Present in the ceremony of the signing of the agreement were leaders of the institutions of Kosovo, the ambassador of the US, Greg Delawie and other diplomatic representatives. /

European-financed small hydropower plants damaging pristine Balkan landscapes – study

Press release | 20 December, 2017

Eight hydropower projects in Albania, Croatia and Macedonia financed with European public money have damaged biodiversity and are in urgent need of increased monitoring and restoration measures.

Read more

Energy lending at the EBRD: Fossil fuels up, renewables down

Blog entry | 11 December, 2017

What’s going on with the Green Economy Transition at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development?

Read more

What will it take to make Balkan leaders realise new coal plants are a liability, not a gold mine?

June 16, 2017

Almost all the countries in the Balkan region are planning to build new coal power plants, but there has been virtually no mention of the need for them to comply with new pollution standards.

Planned coal power plants in the Western Balkans versus EU pollution standards

June 14, 2017

The new reference document on Best Available Techniques for Large Combustion Plants (LCP BREF) and its implications for new coal. Available languages: ENG – download pdf BiH – Planirane termoelektrane na ugalj u zemljama Zapadnog Balkana nasuprot standardima Evropske unije za ograničenje zagađenja (pdf) SRB – Planirane termoelektrane na ugalj u zemljama Zapadnog Balkana nasuprot […]

Planned coal power in the Balkans will breach new EU pollution standards – analysis

Almost none of the new coal power plants planned in the Western Balkans will meet new, stricter EU pollution standards, according to a new analysis by CEE Bankwatch Network, released today.


Die Moral der Banden im historischen Rückblick, welche Drogen Handel, Waffen Handel, Folter und Mord förderten:

Identisch sein Kollege Felipe Gonzalezin Spanien (Baskenland), der Todesschwadronen unterhielt, inklusive Drogen Handel der Anti-Terror Chefs und Partner und in Folge: über 4.000 zu Tode gefolterte Opfer. Erinnert an Detlev Mehlis, dem Hariri Mord und Alles Anfang 2002, identisch wie mit Ilir Meta, Edi Rama: Super kriminelle Sozis und EU Modell.

Paten der Albaner Mafia: Frank Walter Steinmeier -Edi Rama auch schon im Visa Skandal

Albanischer Präsident Ilir Meta in Berlin 2017

Erfolgreicher Besuch von Staatspräsident Meta bei Bundespräsident Steinmeier in Berlin

Mit besonderer Freude empfing Bundespräsident Frank-Walter Steinmeier am 26.09.2017 Albaniens Staatspräsident Ilir Meta zu seinem offiziellen Antrittsbesuch im Schloss Bellevue. Steinmeier betonte, dass Albanien ein Stabilitätsanker in der Region sei und Deutschland die Perspektive eines Beitritts Albaniens zur Europäischen Union weiterhin entschieden unterstütze. „Albanien ist einer unserer engsten Partner unter den Staaten des westlichen Balkans. Mehr noch, in Deutschland leben beinahe 50.000 Menschen albanischer Herkunft. Schon das verdeutlicht die engen Beziehungen zwischen unseren Ländern.“, so der Bundespräsident.

Ein normaler Vorgang, mit Regierungs Chefs, oder Minstern, Regierungs Kredit Verträge zu unterschreiben, oder einen Bank Darlehens Kredit. Am freudigen Grinsen (ab 0:6), sieht man das der verantwortliche Björn Thies, eine Fehlbesetzung ist, als er den Auftritt eines Pyschopaten hat, der seine Profil Neurose befriedigt.

Börn Thies: KfW, Arben Ahmeti
“Santa Quaranta“ Ilir Meta, Arben Ahmeti, Klement Balili: Albanias Mafia und Koko Kokodhemi

Leider heute Standard bei den Foto Terminen der Selbst Darsteller.

Björn Thies KfW, Arben Ahmeti

Gestione dei rifiuti solidi, firmato accordo con KfW

Il Ministro delle Finanze, Arben Ahmetaj e il direttore di KfW per l’Albania, Bjoern Thies, hanno firmato l’accordo per il finanziamento del progetto „Per la Gestione dei Rifiuti Solidi“ per la regione di Valona. …

Datа: 19.12.2016

Qeveria gjermane vazhdon të jetë një ndër donatorët dhe financuesit kryesorë për zhvillimin e sektorëve të ndryshëm të ekonomisë shqiptare.
Në ministrinë e Financave dhe Ekonomisë u nënshkruan disa marrëveshje nga ministri Arben Ahmetaj, Ambasadorja e Gjermanisë në Tiranë, Susanne Schütz, Ministri i Infrastrukturës dhe Energjisë, Damian Gjiknuri, dhe kryetari i Bashkisë së Tiranës, Erion Veliaj. Ministri Ahmetaj u shpreh, se objektivi kryesor i tyre është përmirësimi i situatës së vetëpunësimit.
Qeveria gjermane ka financuar 6 projekte në sektorë të ndryshëm si energji, ujesjellësa dhe biznes, të cilat kapin një vlerë prej 107.5 milion euro.