Spezial Einheiten der NATO und Ermittler aus Deutschland und den USA kommen nach Albanien

Das FBI entsandte schon im September eine kleine Vorhut, die Deutschen ebenso und die Italiener sind schon länger vor Ort, gelten als die Besten.

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Prime Minister Edi Rama admits in Parliament that special forces will come from NATO to Fight the Albanian Mafia

Edi Rama Show: Die Qualifikation der Administration untersuchen, die Analphabeten rauswerfen.

Minister Ultimatum Rama: Scannen Personal, Analphabeten in Ministerien Posted: 14/10/2017 – 9.31!

Wie sehen es Insider dieser teuren Justiz Missionen:

EU Justiz sieht so aus: “He noted that some Eulex prosecutions might have failed due to “innocent incompetence”. But he added: “If you don’t want the [Kosovo] PM to go to jail, then you give the case to an idiot”.”

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Rama accepts capitulation over crime: In November, they will deploy US agents as well as special forces from Italy and Greece.

He announced today in Parliament that in November, US agents will come to Albania to assist in the fight against drugs and organized crime.
„US and German foreign agents will be coming in November to cooperate to crack down on criminal groups,“ Edi Rama declared today in Parliament.

With these words, the PM has finally acknowledged that the country’s situation in terms of organized crime has gone so far as to force the United States, Greece, Italy and Germany to intervene with specialized agents in terrain as well as special forces.

Several days ago, former President of the country, Bujar Nishani, stated that „The dirty money and the Albanian mafia investments pass the state budget in Albania“.

Himara is the mafia bastion and criminal groups supported by the government and the entire Albanian state, giving access to all institutions to build on the territory of Himariot, a compact Greek community, who are experiencing Ethnic Cleansing.

Italy and Greece maintain the airspace of the Republic of Albania, a country that joins NATO with the help of Greece, while Albania is using methods to expel Greeks from their lands in the South of Albania.