Die Pentagon: Schweizer Waffenhändler des Todes erneut: Heinrich Thomet, Marc Morales mit ihren Betrugs Waffen Geschäfte an die IS

Alles bekannt, auch aus der US Kongreß Untersuchung in den früheren Betrugs Waffengeschäfte mit der Firma AEY, der Gerdec Kathastrophe, korrupten Ministern und dem Bestechungs System über eine Zyprische Firma von Heinrich Thomet. Einfach eine neue Firma aufmachen, die Global Ordnance!
Waffentransporte vom Balkan über Saudi-Arabien nach Syrien

Kriminelle des Pentagon, des US Department of State, schützten solche Leute, weil man daran beteiligt ist. Diesmal wurden die Waffen über Ramstein geliefert.



Germany Probes BIRN’s US Weapons Transfer Revelations

Heinrich Thomet – Serge Muller: Schweizer Waffen Händler des Todes und billige Betrüger

Der grösste Betrugs Waffen Skandal der NATO und der vollkommen korrupten US Beschaffung inklusive 4-Sterne Generäle: Schweizer Waffen Händler in grossen Betrugs Geschäften und tiefen Wurzeln zu den korruptesten Balkan Regimen, was im Super Skandal mit dem Munition Betrug mit der Albaner Mafia, zu einer US Kongreß Untersuchung führte, auch zu Urteilen,

Heinrich Thomet
Heinrich Thomet: Profi Betrugs Gangster und Experte für Betrug und Geldwäsche

aber Heinrich Thomet, der Haupt Organisator mit Zyprischer Firma, läuft frei herum, selbst Fotos sind nicht zufinden. Zuletzt lieferte man Scharf Schützen Gewehre an die Verbrecher Organisation dem Ukrainischen Geheimdienst. Die Schweizer Firma RUAG, liefert Muntion in die Islamischen Terroristen Gebiete in den Irak ebenso.

Immer gut im Geschäft, sind Schweizer Waffen Händler auch im grössten Betrugs Geschäft mit uralt Munition, Zyprischer Phantom Firma und der Albaner Mafia mit Salih Berisha und Fatmir Mediu. Verbindungen in hohe korrupte CDU Kreise, hat die verantwortliche Albaner Drogen und Waffen Lobby Mafia bis heute.

Mafia Treffen: Fatmir Mediu, Dr.Franz Jung, Agron Duka in Berlin: 2015

Durch die Gerdec Kathastrophe flog entgültig dieses US Betrugs Geschäft auf, wo höchste Pentagon Stellen und Generäle beteiligt waren, wie die CIA Ratten.

Firmen Angebote: www.bt-ag.ch: Offizielle Webseite des Herstellers Brügger & Thomet

Due Diligence

Heinrich Thomet, one of the men at the centre of a scandal which rocked the Pentagon and the Albanian government in 2008, is again supplying the US government, OCCRP and BIRN have discovered.

The latest deals relate to Washington’s equipping of the Afghan army, but nonetheless raise questions about the vetting of contractors, particularly as the Pentagon scrambles for more munitions for Syrian rebels.

Thomet, although never charged with an offence, was named in Albanian prosecution papers and a Congressional report as a key broker in the Albanian affair, which later inspired the 2016 Hollywood film War Dogs.

The movie was based roughly on the true story of how a tiny firm from Miami run by a 22-year-old landed huge contracts in 2006 to supply the Pentagon with ammunition for its operations in Afghanistan…

But a leaked end user certificate and shipping material analysed by reporters show multiple deliveries of military products for Soviet-style helicopters in 2016 and 2017 from Thomet’s Montenegrin factory to Afghanistan’s army through the Pentagon’s Picatinny Arsenal and Chemring. Chemring, the Pentagon and Thomet declined to comment.


Die Internationale Waffen Zentrale, welche an jeden Verbrecher Staat liefert und an die übelsten Verbrecher Regierungen. Kongo, Liberia, Zimbabwe. Eine Tarn Firma von Heckler & Koch, der gut bekannten Auslands Bestechungs Firma, welche in kriminelle Staaten Waffen liefern.

Afghanischer Grenzpolizist mit Maschinengewehr des Typs PKM. © Philippe Kropf

Afghanischer Grenzpolizist mit Maschinengewehr des Typs PKM.

 Der Schweizer Waffenhändler aus Wohlen BE

Philippe Kropf / 11. Apr 2011 – Heinrich Thomet ist seit Jahren im internationalen Waffengeschäft. Gerichtsakten und Recherchen haben Zwielichtiges aufgedeckt.……

Die Jüdische Waffen, Betrugs und Rabbi Mafia in den USA

In den USA ist es ein ungeheurer Skandal inzwischen und es wurden nicht nur in Albanien Verantwortliche verhaftet. Ebenso in den USA, weil hier eine umfangreiche Kongreß Untersuchung läuft, wie man 40 Jahre alte Uralt Chinesische Munition und Waffen an das Afghanische Militär verkaufen kann und ebenso in den Irak. Teilweise fielen die Patronen dann beim Laden auseinander, wodurch viele Soldaten in Kampf Handlungen umkamen.

Der Jüdische Milliardär Yoav Botach der mehrere Rabbiner in seiner Familie hat, ist der Drahtzieher dieses schweren Betruges, wo nun die Kongress Untersuchung läuft und mit ihm verbundene Rabbiner der USA, mit guten CIA Verbindungen und weil er u.a. auch Ausrüster für die Los Angelas Polizei ist…………………………………….


Pentagon Hires Scandal-hit Brokers for Syria Arms Buy-up

The Pentagon’s battle against ISIS relies on an Eastern European arms supply-line operated, in part, by firms and executives linked to fraud, foreign bribery, Bulgarian organised crime and the death of a contractor.

Ivan Angelovski, Lawrence Marzouk, Roberto Capocelli BIRN Washington, Belgrade“You just gotta be smarter than the government,” boasted arms dealer Marc Morales to an undercover FBI agent in 2008. He was explaining how he had secured lucrative arms deals abroad by giving so-called commissions — including armoured cars — to intermediaries.

Following the sting, Morales was indicted alongside 21 others for bribing a foreign official but the trial in Washington DC collapsed in 2011 as a series of juries struggled to reach verdicts.

Marc Morales uploaded photos on January 29, 2015, of him testing weapons at the Zastava factory, Kragujevac, Serbia.
Photo: Facebook

Today, his new firm, Global Ordnance, is one of the most important players in the Pentagon’s supply-line arming Syrian rebels fighting the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, ISIS.

He and 13 other US contractors are competing to secure a slice of up to US$ 2.2 billion worth of Soviet-style arms and ammunition to be delivered to the rebels by 2022, sourced mostly from state-owned arms producers based in the Balkans and Eastern Europe and often negotiated over drinks and dinners in the restaurants and bars of Belgrade, Budapest and Bucharest [see gallery].

The firms were selected, vetted and contracted through two channels: the Picatinny Arsenal, a New Jersey military base, and the Pentagon’s Special Operations Command, SOCOM.

But Morales is not alone in facing or having faced questions about his past, according to an investigation by the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network, BIRN, and the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project, OCCRP.

Senior executives for other two contractors – Vose Technical Services and Purple Shovel – and a major sub-contractor, Regulus Global, have been accused of fraud, providing dangerous ammunition that exploded causing the death of a SOCOM instructor and bribery respectively.

Leaked flight cargo documents also reveal that SOCOM accepted direct deliveries from a Bulgarian firm Algans, which was investigated for its involvement in the deadly blast and whose owner is the former business partner of a notorious organised crime figure. One set of deliveries was received by the Pentagon after the fatal explosion.

And Heinrich Thomet, a businessman at the centre of a scandal involving the Pentagon’s supply of ammunition to Afghanistan from Albania in 2008, is again involved in providing the US government with munitions through one of its blue-chip contractors, UK defence giant Chemring.

The findings raise questions about the Pentagon’s vetting process, according to an expert interviewed by BIRN and OCCRP.

But while the Pentagon can decide to bar companies from bidding for contracts based on previous convictions and, in some circumstances, allegations of wrongdoing, it is not obliged to do so.

Pentagon spokesman Mark Wright said contractors were subjected to a “rigorous vetting process.” This includes checking the quality and source of the arms and ammunition to avoid supplies from “unapproved sources” such as North Korea, Iran and Syria.

However, he acknowledged, “mistakes are still possible,” adding that the vetting process does not routinely include checking the criminal records of company executives.

“They [contracted firms] have to follow the rules in hiring people that are eligible,” he said.

Paying the ‘Commission’

In 2010, Morales was among 22 arms executives indicted by the US Department of Justice on charges of trying to bribe Gabon’s Minister of Defence to secure a $15 million arms contract. The Gabon deal was, in fact, a work of FBI fiction, set up to root out bribery of foreign officials in the arms industry.

Two undercover FBI agents posed as representatives of Gabon’s Ministry of Defence and explained to Morales and his partner, John Gregory Godsey, that they would inflate the price by 20 per cent and call it a “commission”. Half of this was to go to the defence minister and the other half was to be split among intermediaries, according to court files.

This is an abridged transcript of a wiretapped conversation between Marc Morales and FBI informant Robert Bistrong from a 2010 court case. Charges were eventually dropped against Morales. For the full conversation click here.

“If somebody says to me, I need twenty per cent … I … [say] is the twenty per cent gonna guarantee me the business?” Morales was recorded saying to the agents in an unnamed Miami restaurant in 2008, prior to the proposal being put to him. “Nobody wants to violate the FCPA [Foreign Corrupt Practices Act] … but everybody knows it happens.”

During the meetings, Morales described “creative” ways he had previously paid “commissions” to foreign agents to secure weapons deals, such as justifying the gift of a $100k armoured car for an Egyptian middleman as a business expense.

“I mean, that was a $100,000 vehicle. That’s a very creative way of paying a rep’s fee,” Morales bragged.

After learning that he had won the first contract to procure 30,000 rounds of ammunition from Gabon, Morales and his partner Godsey wired the “commission” to the undercover FBI agent.

This is an abridged transcript of a wiretapped conversation between Marc Morales and FBI informant Robert Bistrong from a 2010 court case. Charges were eventually dropped against Morales. For the full conversation click here.

Twenty-one other dealers agreed to pay “commissions” as well. It was the biggest ever case of its kind.
Three dealers – Jonathan Spiller, Haim Geri, and Daniel Alvirez – pleaded guilty to bribing a foreign official, while the 19 others denied the charges, arguing that a “commission” was not the same as a “bribe”.

In February 2012, charges were dropped against all 22 after juries failed to reach a verdict on seven defendants – including Morales – during two separate trials. Three defendants – Godsey, Stephen Giordanella and Patrick Caldwell – were cleared and trials against nine had not even started.

The US Department of Justice took the unusual step of withdrawing all charges because of criticism by the judge in the second trial, who pointed out “structural deficiencies” in the case.

Morales’ set up Global Ordnance in 2013, after the collapse of the bribery trial. His new company has gone on to secure nearly $72 million in munitions as part of SOCOM’s contract supplying Syrian rebels with arms, including machine guns, mortar rounds and other weapons and ammunition from mostly state-owned producers in Serbia and Bulgaria………….

One of their executives, Jeffrey Howard Stayton, was sentenced to five years jail in 2008 for fraud and obstructing justice. In 2011, his fraud conviction was overturned, after it was ruled the original judge had misdirected the jury, and a retrial ordered. This has never been held “given the age of the case”, a spokesman for the DOJ explained.

Court papers reveal that Stayton, then a Pentagon employee, helped award a $4.7 million contract to supply and refit Russian helicopters to a company owned by his long-time friend, William Curtis Childree.  Stayton approved the final payment to the company although it didn’t complete the work. Subsequently, Childree wired $61,000 to Stayton…………………………………