Die vollkommen korrupten EU Mafia Geschaefte rund um „Nabucco“ heute TAP und IAP Gas Pipeline

The Left Pushes for Probe into Bribery within the Council of Europe

By: Aida Čerkez

A group of EU parliamentarians is calling for an investigation into allegations that Azerbaijan bribed EU officials in return for nice reports about the country’s elections and human rights record.

Institutions_europeennes_IMG_4300Institutions_europeennes_IMG_4300, CC BY-SA 2.0 FRIn cooperation with Berlingske and other partners, the OCCRP uncovered that Azerbaijan’s elite was buying silence and praise from influential European figures while throwing around 90 activists, journalists and opposition politicians into prison on politically motivated charges.

Among the recipients were former Council of Europe members. The body is tasked with upholding human rights, democracy, and rule of law in member states.

Azerbaijan joined the Council of Europe in 2001 but kept a poor human rights record among independent observers.

Initiated by the Greens, a group of EU parliamentarians has tried three times to table amendments to the body’s report on corruption and human rights in third countries with the Azerbaijan scandal in mind.

They never had the support of the political majority.

However, the publishing of the ‘Azerbaijani Laundromat’ on September 4 has given the initiative a new momentum.

The number of parliamentarians asking for a probe and for measures to prevent such corruption now rose to 95 and they

Damian Gjiknuri, der Energie Minister mit vielen Skandalen wieder in Aktion, denn es soll nochmal uber 600 Millionen Euro geben, fuer die Weiterfuehrung der Gas Pipeline ueber Montenegro nach Split

Meeting for the Ionian-Adriatic Pipeline to be held in Tirana tomorrow
By Edison Kurani / Published on: 07-09-2017, 18:33


Albania, Montenegro Eye EU Funding for Gas Pipelin… Albania’s Energy Ministry on Friday presented a feasibility study for a 618-million-euros gas corridor between Albania, Bosnia and Croatia, which it h…

Die EU Botschafterin auch bei diesem Betrugs Geschaeft dabei, wo wohl nie Gas durch die Pipeline aus Aserbeischan laufen wird

Aserbeidschan und die Kaviardiplomatie

Dirk Eckert

Das Land in der Hand einer Familiendynastie kämpft mit dem Preisverfall des Öls und hat mit Milliarden Lobbyarbeit bei Politiker und Journalisten gemacht

Alles hell erleuchtet, vom Flughafen bis in die Innenstadt. So präsentiert sich Baku den Besuchern. Das Land des Feuers nennt sich Aserbaidschan traditionell, wegen der Erdöl- und Erdgasvorkommen im Lande. Deswegen sind die großen Häuser an den Hauptstraßen der Stadt hell erleuchtet, ebenso wie die Altstadt. Schlendert man die Promenade entlang, sieht man auch die Baku Crystal Hall leuchten, wo 2012 der Eurovision Song Contest stattfand.

Aber nicht nur Lampen setzt Aserbaidschan ein für den schönen Schein. Jetzt an die Öffentlichkeit gelangte Bankdaten zeigen, wie die Regierung in Baku Lobbyarbeit in Europa macht. „Kaviar-Diplomatie“ heißt das inzwischen. Die Daten hat das internationale Recherchenetzwerk OCCRP veröffentlicht. Demnach wurden rund 3 Milliarden US-Dollar aus Aserbaidschan über vier britische Unternehmen gewaschen. Das Geld wurde dann verwendet, um westliche Politiker und Journalisten gewogen zu halten….


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  1. Kaum zuglauben, das die Fakten ignoriert werden, das die Asbeischaneer nie genügene Gas liefern können, wo Uni Studien zeigen und man wild herumbaut.

    Alles Phantom Projekte, mit falschen Versprechungen, wie 20 Jahre Balkan zeigen, oder die Ukraine

    IAP pipeline, Albania demands support from the US and EU
    By Edison Kurani / Published on: 08-09-2017, 15:39
    IAP pipeline, Albania demands support from the US and EU
    Albania has completed the drafting of the Gas Master Plan and has built good cooperation with Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and the Energy Community to realize IAP project, alongside TAP project, which is underway.

    Meanwhile, Albania is confident that this project is also supported by the United States of America and the European Union.

    This was announced today by the Albanian minister of Energy, Damian Gjiknuri in the meeting held in Tirana on the Adriatic-Ionian Pipeline project between representatives included in it.
    IAP Gas Pipeline
    Meanwhile, the US ambassador to Albania, Donald Lu said during this meeting that Europe must be relieved from its dependence on Russian gas. Therefore, according to him, projects such as TAP and IAP, which Albania is part of, have a special importance.

    On the other hand, the EU ambassador to Albania, Romana Vlahutin said that the gasification of the Balkans makes countries not only more connected, but also brings them closer to the EU.

    “Energy reform not only brings benefits for Albania, but it also offers opportunities for transfer of technology. We welcome cooperation between EU countries and increases the investors’ interest”, she added. /balkaneu.com/


    In der Türkei finanziert man korrupte Baufirmen ebenso, ohne Liefer Garantie von Gas. Aserbeidschan, kann nicht soviel Gas liefern, um die Pipeline zufüllen

    Briefing for the EIB Board of Directors for the EIB
    , September 2017

    Why the EIB should not finance TANAP?
    Dear Board of Directors,
    We are writing to you in regards to the Trans Anato
    lian Gas Pipeline (TANAP) which is part of the
    Southern Gas Corridor (SGC) that is supposed to bri
    ng gas from Azerbaijan to Italy. Azerbaijan just
    recently hit the news when an investigation by a co
    nsortium of journalist revealed facts about the
    “Azerbaijani Laundromat” in early September
    TANAP does not guarantee energy security
    Additionally, the Southern Gas Corridor fails to ge
    nuinely contribute to European energy security. The
    Energy Union, a priority project of the current Com
    mission, has among its objectives a) the diversific
    of energy sources, b) the EU becoming less dependen
    t on energy imports, c) making the EU the world
    number one in renewable energy and leading the figh
    t against global warming. Building the SGC does not
    help on any of these objectives: just replacing one
    gas supplier (Russia) by another (Azerbaijan) upho
    the dependence on energy imports. It is no diversif
    ication of energy sources, especially since the Rus
    company Lukoil owns 10 percent in the Azeri Shah De
    niz field which will feed the SGC. A real
    diversification would be to replace gas as much as
    possible by increased energy efficiency and renewab
    Especially Eastern Europe, which depends very much
    on Russian gas, still has huge potential for gains
    In addition, a study from the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies from July 2016 found that the gas reserves of Azerbaijan are not sufficient to feed the pipeline for its lifetime and more gas will have to be im ported from other countries
    . Ironically in the light of the diversification-away-from-Russia argument, one of these countries is likely to be Russia: Turkey and Greece have both signed bilateral agreements that a llow Gazprom gas to be transported through the Southern
    Gas Corridor. In addition the deal signed in October 2016 between Turkey and Russia on the Turkish Stream shows that one section of Turkish Stream will be in a position to connect to the planned junction at
    Ipsala-Kipoi of the Trans Anatolian pipeline (TANAP) and Trans Adriatic pipeline (TAP). Ultimately this would mean that the Southern Gas Corridor might bebuilt with strong public support to diversify gas supply away from Russian gas, only to allow Russian gas into the pipeline once it is readily built.
    Dear Directors, as Board members you should ensure that those concerns are being seriously addressed. Therefore, we call on you to suspend the appraisal process of TANAP and not to enter into a deal which is likely to become a black hole for EU public finance and a threat to EIB’s reputation.


    Caspian Gas, TANAP and TAP in Europe’s Energy Security
    by Ariel Cohen*

    Caspian Gas, TANAP and TAP in Europe’s Energy Security
    by Ariel Cohen*

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