Einer der schlimmsten Bestechungs Orgien der OMV mit Zsolt Hernadi

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MOL Chief Sues Croatia Over ‚Illegal‘ Arrest Warrant

MOL Chief Sues Croatia Over ‚Illegal‘ Arrest Warrant

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Zsolt Hernadi, CEO of Hungarian energy company MOL, has filed a lawsuit against Croatia before the European Court of Human Rights, claiming its arrest warrant against him was ‚illegal‘.

Illustration. Photo: MOLCroatian daily Jutarnji list reported on Monday that Zsolt Hernadi, chairman of the Hungarian energy company MOL had filed a lawsuit against Croatia before the European Court of Human Rights.

Croatia filed an arrest warrant against Hernadi for his alleged role in paying a bribe of 10 million euros to the former Croatian Prime Minister Ivo Sanader in 2008-09, which resulted in MOL acquiring a share in Croatia’s energy company INA.

Quoting procedural errors, in 2015 Croatia’s Constitutional Court squashed Sanader’s previous verdicts for allegedly receiving the bribe from Hernadi.

Hernadi claims that Croatia’s arrest warrant against him – which Interpol made public in 2013 and removed in 2016 – breached his freedom of movement.

After a court in Budapest refused to order Hernadi’s extradition to Croatia, acquitting him of all charges, Austria and Germany suspended the validity of the arrest warrant against him, saying no one can be tried twice for the same case.

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