The G20: Is the West Governed by Psychopaths?


The American Spectator has explored how George Soros and his Open Society Foundation staged a friendly takeover — friendly because the U.S. Government was a willing target — of U.S. foreign policy institutions in the Balkans from Skopje, Macedonia to Tirana, Albania to Athens, Greece.

Deliberate Political Dysfunction?

Instead of offering dispassionate advice, like an influential older brother eager to see a younger sibling mature, the U.S. Embassy in Sarajevo regularly hectors the country’s leaders and citizens; promotes new rights for sexual minorities while chastising constitutionally-recognized minorities for running (constitutionally-recognized) schools; and plays a dangerous game of favoritism, advancing the Muslim community over Croatians and Serbs, to the detriment of all.

As a result of U.S. and European Union (EU) policies, radical Islam has burrowed into BiH, Croats are being driven out, and Serbs are increasingly allying with Russia.

Evidence that some Bosniaks have become dangerously radicalized — living, please note, in the heart of “New Europe” — came last week when Turkish authorities interrupted a suicide bombing planned by an Islamic State jihadi carrying a BiH passport.

With potentially tragic consequences, the Trump administration has given a failed foreign policy more oxygen by leaving Obama diplomatic hands in place.

And indifference toward a turbulent place is unwise, especially when jihadi terrorists, now being disbursed from Iraq and Syria, are looking to blend into the proverbial woodwork and existing safe havens in BiH put them on Europe’s doorstep.

BiH Cardinal Vinko Puljic has long pointed to the Dayton Peace Accords, as the source of the country’s problems: “Divide the country and then pretend it is one nation? This is deeply illogical.”

He bluntly told an Italian newspaper two years ago, “This state does not work.”

Political dysfunction might have been baked into the recipe from the start: observing Clinton administration machinations in BiH, Alfred Sherman, an adviser to Margaret Thatcher, concluded that U.S. policy relied on “lying and cheating, fomenting war in which civilians are the main casualty, and in which ancient hatreds feed on themselves.

President Donald Trump promised something new, so an anatomy of the Bosnia and Herzegovina status quo is in order.


“Welcome to Hell!” is the slogan with which G20 protesters greet the self-appointed leaders of the world to the Hamburg G20, under Madame Merkel’s auspices to discuss the calamities of our globe and how to resolve them……………………………………

Nobody has elected the G20, nor the G7. ‘G’ stands for Grand or Great. That’s how they see themselves. Everybody takes them for granted, the self-appointed megalos. Nobody seems to question their legitimacy. People only protest against what they stand for. That the G20 are sidelining the official body, the United Nations, is of no concern. Perhaps, because the UN has itself become a puppet of the invisible Masters, manipulated by their executioners, the US of A. So, has any international court that otherwise could hold them accountable for the crimes they committed over the century, or longer and keep committing. The G7, embedded in the G20, are the aggressing driving force for wars, destruction, merciless killing and perpetual chaos.

The G7 – Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, UK and the US – all western nations (Japan follows the western game plan), are also the main creators of terrorism. They fund, feed, train and arm such reputed Islamic terror groups as ISIS / IS, Al Qaeda, Al Nusra – and others that fit the model of their war strategy (sic) of the moment.

Yet, it just emerged – would you believe – that the number one item on the rather fuzzy Hamburg agenda was fighting worldwide terrorism. How hypocritical: you create them, fund them, and you fight them. Lying to the people. How much longer will they swallow the lie?

This reminds of the prominent former German Chancellor, Helmut Schmidt’s words, shortly before his death, in an interview on terrorism to the German paper “Die Zeit”, on 30 August 2007: “I suspect that all terrorists, whether they represent the German RAF, the Italian Brigate Rosse, the French, the Irish, Spanish or Arabs, are relatively modest in their disdain for humanity. They are largely surpassed by certain forms of state terrorism.” – When the journalist asked back, „Are you serious? Whom are you referring to?” Schmidt: ”Let’s leave it at that. I really mean what I say“

( – in German).

Only western megalo-psychopaths could have thought of ‘creating’, of nominating themselves into an alliance, of which the ultimate goal is to forge a New World Order (NWO), at times also called, One World Order, referring to an unspoken One Anglo-Zionist Government. That’s where we are headed; towards military oppression and financial subjugation of a small Zionist-headed financial and military elite.


Never mind that NATO has nothing to do with South America, or with Asia, or the Middle East, for that matter. The atrocious NATO killing machine will do their work in the process of subjugation anywhere in the world, while most people just close their eyes and ears, and remain mute. As the illegitimate G20 and G7 – NATO is just taken for granted. But be aware – it’s a criminal institution made for killing societies and subordinating sovereign nations. Washington’s current plan is controlling Russia, via NATO’s eastern European border aggressions, and China, by constantly provoking and threatening North Korea’s sovereignty.

That’s why the G20 will not miss talking about NATO prerogatives in war and conflict resolutions and, of course, in fighting terrorism. Surely, Russia and China will not fall for it.


for the stupid’s EU People: EUSTAR project will bring a safer future to BiH

The G20: Is the West Governed by Psychopaths?

Who cane believe all the stupids things from EU?

EUSTAR project will bring a safer future to BiH

EUSTAR project will bring a safer future to BiH

European Union support a safer environment in BiH through various activities and one of the most important is the project EUSTAR, which officially begun on Friday, on the ceremony of signing the contract with other international organizations.The ceremony took a place at the EUFOR HQ in Camp Butmir, near Sarajevo. EUSTAR is acronym for “European Union Assistance to Stockpile Management, Technical Support, and Ammunition Surplus Reduction”. The project represents the second phase of European Union’s support to the establishment of sustainable stockpile management in BiH. The project is the successor to the EXPLODE project which witnessed the disposal of more than 1,800 tons of ammunition over its life cycle. According to BiH Ministry of Defense,  ammunition is located in 12 storage sites throughout the country. It is expected that it will be necessary to dispose around 6 000 tonnes of unsafe ammunition for further storage in order to reach the desired and final stage of a sustainable stockpile management system in BiH. The mission is to reduce risks and threats concerning peace, stability and development in BiH, by contributing to the improvement of a sustainable stockpile management system in the country…………………..

Wie viele deutsche Ökonomen irren: Bankenrettung ein Betrugs Modell der Angela Merkel

 Angela Merkel versprach die Banken Regulierung in 2008, eine Lüge und es wurde noch viel Schlimmer.

Mit Berufsbetrüger wie Josef Ackermann, Debelius, Jörg Asmussen zig Angela Merkel durch die Lande, als Berater und so wird es weiter gehen, denn inzwischen sind weit grössere Finanzblasen im Betrugs Banken System aufgeblasen worden. Aktiv dabei bei damals wie heute die KfW, welche allein Zinsgewinne in Griechenland einfuhr von fast 400 Millionen €, im Erpressungs- und Betrugsfall Griechenland, was enorm den Balkan destabilisierte.   Barroso’s Gold-plated revolving door, landete gleich bei Goldman & Sachs, Junckers ist Motor der Finanz Mafia.

„Der kapitalistische Produzent wird nun durch den Finanzspekulanten ersetzt: Während ersterer persönlich das Risiko einging und das Kapital ansammelte, so riskiert der zweite ein Eigentum, das nicht ihm gehört, und erwartet auch noch, dass „andere für ihn sparen“.“
Diego Fusaro, 1983 in Turin geboren, lehrt  an der Mailänder Universität.In seinen Büchern beschreibt er die Widersprüche des Systems und des Lebens des postmodernen Menschen. Fusaro betreibt die Website

Simpel. Transparent. Standardisiert: Oder baut sich in der EU eine neue Finanzblase auf?

Von Barbara Eisenmann

zu korrupt und inkompetend für Alles: EU Spinner

Einfachere Kredite für den Mittelstand und günstige Darlehen für Immobilienkäufer, das verspricht sich die Europäische Kommission von einem neuen Instrument auf dem Finanzmarkt. Ein Label für simple, transparente, standardisierte Verbriefungen soll so schnell wie möglich eingeführt werden. Doch wer wird am Ende davon profitieren?

Doku, wie die EU schlimmer wie die Mafia operiert mit Null Transparenz

 Die Autorin wurde hellhörig bei den enormen Kraftanstrengungen mit vollmundigen Versprechen, mit denen Lobbyisten in Brüssel den Weg für ein Regelwerk namens „STS-Verbriefung“ frei räumten. Hatten denn nicht gerade verbriefte und damit leicht handelbare Hypothekendarlehen die Krise in den USA ausgelöst? Sie geht der Frage nach, ob mit dem Ankurbeln des Verbriefungsmarktes in Europa statt kleinen und mittleren Unternehmen nicht vor allem der krisengeschüttelten Bankenindustrie auf die Beine geholfen werden soll. Und ob statt Wirtschaftswachstum neue Immobilien- und Finanzblasen produziert werden, mit den nur allzu bekannten Folgen vor allem für die Bürger.

Das Feature steht nach der Sendung befristet zum kostenlosen Download zur Verfügung.

Simpel. Transparent. Standardisiert. EU mit neuer Finanzblase?

WDR 5 Dok 5 – Das Feature | 09.07.2017 | 53:50 Min.


Krieg, Flüchtlingswellen ohne Kontrollen sind Alles Kriegshandlungen, für Wirtschaftswachstum inklusive Drogen und Frauen Handel im Sinne der Deutschen Regierung. Der unendliche Betrug der Entwicklungshilfe und KfW Verbrecher Banden, mit Dubiosen Krediten und Projekten an Kriminelle, Regierungschef welche total korrupt sind, gehört zum System

Die Betrugs Show der angeblichen Wirtschafts Weissen, die immer falsch lagen.

Wirtschaftsweise: vollkommen von der Wirtschaft bezahlte korrupte Professoren: Beispiel „Bert“ Rürup
Posted 24.8.2016

Zu Professor Bert Rürup:

Bei Wikipedia steht zu lesen (Auszüge):…

Nach Beendigung seiner Tätigkeit als Chef-Ökonom beim AWD etablierte Rürup gemeinsam mit dem AWD-Gründer Carsten Maschmeyer eine unabhängige und international ausgerichtete Beratungsgesellschaft für Banken, Versicherungen wie auch Regierungen: die MaschmeyerRürup AG.

Die selbst ernannten Experten in Deutschland, der realen Inkompetenz sind eines der grossen Probleme in Deutschland, das solche Nonsens Leute, ihren Hirn Müll verbreiten können. Die Italienischen Mafiösen Systeme, hat man in allen Bereichen in Deutschland kopiert.

Dumm Leute, wurden Professoren, konnten jeden Murks verkaufen, im Sinne der Banken Mafia: in 2008

Prof. Dr. Dirk Schiereck der dümmste neoliberale Wissenschaftler zum Thema: Banken- und Finanzkrise Posted 16.9.2008

Wie viele deutsche Ökonomen irren
14. Juli 2017
Von Heiner Flassbeck

Forscher bestätigen, dass Menschenopfer im Altertum die Eliten an der Macht hielten – genau wie der Krieg gegen den Terror

Neue Kaukasus Terroristen entsenden die Amerikaner nach Syrien

North Caucasian group highlights training in Syria

Member from the Nogai Jamaat training with an M16 assault rifle