Demokratie Betrug der Georg Soros Mafia, welche „Alexis Tsipras“ in Griechenland installierte

Mit Alexis Tsipras, wurde nur ein weiterer vom CIA, Georg Soros eingesetzter Betrüger an die Macht gebracht, durch die Finanzmafia der übelsten Art, wie Junckers sein Partner ebenso zeigt.

Alle Versprechungen im Wahlkampf, jede Moral wurde längst über Bord geworfen, denn Alexis Tsipras, ist ein typischer Betrüger, wie fast alle diese Gangster von Georg Soros und seinen Betrugs Institutionen gekauft, wie das halbe EU Parlament ebenso von: Martin Schulz, Elmar Brok, Knut Fleckenstein, alle Grünen und Roten Hirnlosen Gangster, welche sich nach Georg Soros Gehirnwäsche austoben dürfen, ebenso alle Grünen in Österreich wie Lunacek, Peter Pils und Co.. Aus Konkurrenz Gründen, lies der CIA über Peter Pilz in Österreich den EADS Konzern auffliegen

4/2017: Georg Soros Korruptions System mit Alexis Tsipras: Greece: George Soros’ Trojan Horse Against Europe
Yanis Varoufakis: Gekauft von der Banken Mafia: „Alexis Tsipras“ in Griechenland

Regime Change

It’s not sufficient to provoke anger against a national policy; you need to influence (ideally, control) the national leaders with power to change it.

George Soros began cultivating Alexis Tsipras, 42, leader of the Coalition of the Radical Left, a political party known as Syriza for their shared social agenda as much as their conviction that austerity was bad for Greece.

Syriza started in 2004 as a big tent of extreme left-wing entities — with caricature-like names such as “Renewing Communist Ecological Left” (AKOA) — but burst on the national scene in 2012 as the only political party consistently standing against the painful austerity measures imposed on Athens by “the troika”: the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the European Commission, and the European Central Bank.

Tsipras’s youth benefited the party. His political provenance as a teen communist was ignored.

Soros sponsored a trip to the United States for Tsipras in February 2013 through a think tank he founded in 2009, the New York-based Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET).

In meetings with the State Department and Treasury, the IMF, the Brookings Institution, and not to mention the New York Times editorial board, Tsipras reinforced his message that despite his extremist pedigree, the West could do business with him.

But he also put on his angry face at Columbia Law School declaring, “We have become the guinea pig for barbaric, violent neoliberal policies,” and insulted Germany, while warning about rising neo-fascism.

Back in Greece, Syriza won big, first in European parliament elections in May 2014 then in parliamentary elections called in January 2015………………..

Tsipras the Globalist Puppet

The DCLeaks hack of OSF documents last summer confirmed Soros’s engagement on and enthusiasm for illegal migration, especially the version playing out in Greece.

It was revealed that Open Society-Brussels created the Xen Fund — for Xenophobia — to identify and support proponents of “diversity migration” among NGOs, academics, journalists, and even elected officials beginning in 2012.

Last May, in a nine-page memo, OSF’s International Migration Initiative described the Mediterranean crisis as the “new normal,” congratulating OSF for having actors in place to take advantage of “new opportunities”: “Events in the Mediterranean… present new opportunities for reforming migration governance at the global level…. Our longstanding interest and investment… means we have many of the right partners and are positioned to help others navigate this space.”

WikiLeaks revealed on July 10, 2015, Bill Clinton’s former chief of staff, John Podesta, contacted the former president on behalf of the White House, asking Clinton if he would try to persuade PM Tsipras to make a deal with the EU for a debt relief package — despite Greek voters having voted “no” in a referendum on such a deal held just five days earlier. Similar calls to other elite also went out from the White House.

Within days of the U.S. charm offensive, Tsipras caved.

In fact, almost from the minute he was elected, Tsipras turned his back on his electorate to negotiate with the troika.

Syriza’s first finance minister, Yanis Varoufakis, recently revealed Tsipras threatened him to concede to international bankers in July 2015, so he resigned instead.

Last week, Tsipras convinced the Greek parliament to endorse pension cuts and tax increases — inspiring street riots — to unlock a $7.5-billion financial package from EU lenders, an amount that almost matches payments due to international creditors of $7 billion when “bonds mature” in July.

Seven years into this “crisis,” Greece is groveling for a loan to repay creditors.

Greek journalist Petros Arguriou notes Tsipras has done a 180 degree turn away from the positions he advocated in 2015 — the defiant anti-austerity platform that won his election.

“He is trying to make alliances with practically everyone — the Greek Orthodox Church, which was supposed to be the enemy of every committed Marxist, with each and every compromised businessman, with drug dealers… he’s not even being selective,” Arguriou said.