Europa, Deutschland: Hitlers Massenmord Politik inklusive Folter und Ethnische Säuberungen in Fortsetzung

Die Amerikaner betreiben reine Welteroberungs Politik, mit Mord, Zerstörung, Betrug und das mit Hilfe eines wertlosen Dollars und die Deutschen machen bei diesen Verbrechen mit werden benutzt, was man auch mit dem Kosovo Krieg und den Sabotage Aktionen in Jugoslawien schon wusste, wo Mord zum US Geschäft gehörte, wie der CIA Offizier: Robert Baer erklärte. Grund: „Hass“ säen, um Ethnien gegenseitig aufzuhetzen, wie der Jeffrey Feltman – Prinz Bandar Plan aufzeigte, und Volker Perthes ist mit seinen Partnern der KfW, der Deutschen Entwicklungshilfe bis heute nicht in Haft, mit seinen Plänen: „The Day After“, Drehbuch für die Plünderung von Syrien und Betrug ohne Ende, denn Infrastruktur konnte die Deutsche Entwicklungshilfe in keinem Land der Erde verbessern, denn es geht um Diebstahl von Milliarden mit Kriminellen Partner der eingesetzten Verbrecher Clans.

Brigadegeneral Günzel: über die Verbrecher der Politik, mit ihren Kriegs Verbrechen vom Kosovo bis heute im Jemen

Die US Pläne von Obama und Victory Nuland, zur Eroberung der Welt, von Russland, weswegen die Demonstrationen mit Kriminellen und viel Geld auf dem Maidan finanziert wurden, ebenso Todesschwadronen und die Ermordung des legititimen Präsidenten. Identisch in Libyen, Syrien, Irak, usw.

The Reason Behind the US Government’s Secret Hatred of Europeans

Eric ZUESSE | 21.06.2017 | WORLD

The Reason Behind the US Government’s Secret Hatred of Europeans

The reason for the US government’s hostility — at least since 4 February 2014 —toward Europeans, has been a mystery, until now.

This hostility wasn’t even publicly recognized at all, until it leaked out, on that date, from a tapped phone-line of arguably the most powerful person at the US State Department, the person whom American President Barack Obama had personally entrusted with running his Administration’s most geostrategically sensitive secret foreign operations (and she did it actually throughout almost the entirety of Obama’s eight years in office, regardless of whom the official US Secretary of State happened to be at the time): Victoria Nuland.

Her official title was «Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs» and she was appointed to that post by the President himself, but nominally she reported to him through the Deputy Secretary of State William Joseph Burns, who reported to the Secretary of State, who, in turn, reported to the President.

She ran policies specifically on Ukraine (and, more broadly, against Russia). In the famous leaked phone call that she made on 4 February 2014 to the US Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt, she instructed him to place in charge of Ukraine’s government, once America’s coup in Ukraine would be completed (which then occurred 18 days later and overthrew the democratically elected Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, entirely in violation of Ukraine’s own Constitution), «Yats» or Arseniy Yatsenyuk. He did, immediately after the coup was completed, receive this crucial appointment — basically, the power to control all other top appointments in the new Ukrainian government. With this appointment, the coup, which had started by no later than 2011 to be planned inside the US State Department, was effectively completed……………

SAS, MI6: Kosovo, Bosnia, Al-Queda until Jemen
Die Terroristen Finanzierung der Amerikaner: immer an der Seite eines Banditen Clans: der Jemen
Millionen protestieren gegen die Finanzierung der Massenmorde im Jemen, wo Deutschland wie in Mali, mit den Saudis, Datar, VAE seit Jahren eine führende Rolle spielt.

Millionen protestieren gegen den NATO, US – Saudi Bomben Terror im Jemen

June 22, 2017

U.S. Torture, A Saudi Coup And ISIS Crimes – „By, With And Through Allies“

The U.S. military and/or the CIA outsourced parts of their ongoing torture campaign in Yemen to the United Arab Emirates, reports AP. Some „interrogations“ are done in the presence of U.S. personal and on U.S. ships:

MUKALLA, Yemen (AP) — Hundreds of men swept up in the hunt for al-Qaida militants have disappeared into a secret network of prisons in southern Yemen where abuse is routine and torture extreme — including the “grill,” in which the victim is tied to a spit like a roast and spun in a circle of fire, an Associated Press investigation has found.Senior American defense officials acknowledged Wednesday that U.S. forces have been involved in interrogations of detainees in Yemen but denied any participation in or knowledge of human rights abuses.

At one main detention complex at Riyan airport in the southern city of Mukalla, former inmates described being crammed into shipping containers smeared with feces and blindfolded for weeks on end. They said they were beaten, trussed up on the “grill,” and sexually assaulted. According to a member of the Hadramawt Elite, a Yemeni security force set up by the UAE, American forces were at times only yards away.

There have long been rumors in Yemen that detainees were transported to U.S. ships off the coast for intense „interrogations“:

@BaFana3 – 3:42am · 6 May 2016
All on #Yemen now : US aircraft carrier, 2 naval destroyers, amphibious ready group & Marine expeditionary unit. That’s near 15,000 troops
Now I know whose ships the captured AQAP militants are being ferried to from Al Mukalla, Hadhramaut.

AP now:

A Yemeni officer who said he was deployed for a time on a ship off the coast said he saw at least two detainees brought to the vessel for questioning. The detainees were taken below deck, where he was told American “polygraph experts” and “psychological experts” conducted interrogations.

Two senior Yemen officials, one in Hadi’s Interior Ministry and another in the 1st Military District, based in Hadramawt province where Mukalla is located, also said Americans were conducting interrogations at sea, as did a former senior security official in Hadramawt.

Former detainees and one Yemen official provided the AP with the names of five suspects held at black sites who were interrogated by Americans.

The UAE had been part of the CIA’s „black sites“ torture apparatus. Its agents are thereby well trained. The U.S. military and/or the CIA now seem to have outsourced (vid) most of the „dirty“ stuff to them. That does not make them less culpable.

The Obama administration has called this acting „by, with and through“ allies. The Trump administration continues with the scheme.

The tortured „militants“ were most likely not al-Qaeda chaps. Al-Qaeda in the Arab Peninsula held the harbor city of Mukalla in Yemen. The UAE „liberated“ the city in April 2016 by making a deal with AQAP and letting them go. It is allied with the group while fighting the Yemeni Houthi. If the U.S. torture crews believe that they are „interrogating“ real „al-Qaeda“ they are hoodwinked by the UAE operators.

The U.S. military is, of course, denying all torture accusations and the CIA is, of course, not commenting, but denigrating the accusers. We have heard such denials before.

Yesterday an al-Saud family clown prince replaced another al-Saud family clown prince to replace the old al-Saud family king who will be offed soon. This in a country named after the al-Saud family. It is change you can believe in. The soon to be dictator-king Muhammad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, the guy who has debt-to-GDP, is fawned over in U.S. media. That is no wonder. He has lot of money and no idea of its value. He paid €500 million for a used ship that had cost only €300 million when it was build six years earlier. Some of his money will drop here or there when a journalist writes a pretty piece about him. If the journo is really good at it s/he will get payed off in some CIA endorsed weapon deal with the Gulf sheiks. Bin Salman is not very bright. He visited Israel and is in constant contact with Israeli officials. His development program for Saudi Arabia, based on austerity, was written by McKinsey consultants and is thereby likely to fail. With his extreme anti-Iranian stand he looks like a mere U.S.-Israeli puppet.


The 26 million people he rules over will not like either. Many Arab peninsula citizens will want to see his head on a pike. The House of Saud is now a house of cards destined to fall.

Cont. reading: U.S. Torture, A Saudi Coup And ISIS Crimes – „By, With And Through Allies“

Inside Experten über den Schutzherrn der EU Betrugs Mafia: „OLAF“ works exceptionally fast on Albania villa

Bauschrott, Betrug, gefakte Ausschreibungen auch rund um die EU Finanzierung neuer Gerichtsgebäude (case (2450/2008/(VL)BEH))wurden schon schwer kritisiert in 2001 (Ilir Meta Regierung), was die EU Botschaft treibt, Nichts geschah bis heute. Die Zustände, Mafia Partnerschaften, Ausschreibungsbetrug mit den in der EU Botschaft installierten Profi Verbrechern, Regierungs naher Gestalten ist uralt bekannt, also ein Profi Verbrecher System der EU, was EU Kommissar Patton ebenso in 2002 schon schwer kritisierte auch mit OSCE Projekten.

Wenn man den Ausführungen von „OLAF“ folgt, erinnert man sich nur noch an eine Bananenrepublik, aber das ist Europa schon lange geworden. Man verweigert jede Art von Ermittlung, unternimmt nicht einmal einen Versuch, inklusive der Sprecherin der EU Commission und obwohl die EU Leute vor Ort in Tirana, keinerlei Kompetenz, noch Berufserfahrung haben. Klientel Politik, was die Albaner Mafia dann kopierte, wo man Straflos rauben und plündern kann.

Wer Billiarden Betrüger an die Spitze der EZB setzt, wie Mario Draghi, kann sich im Ansatz vorstellen, was für Berufsverbrecher heute Geld stehlen, wenn die identischen Leute, den „Monte Pascha“ Betrugs Kauf persönlich genehmigte, 7 Milliarden € Provisivion auf ein Konto in London gingen bei JP Morgen, der mit der Deutschen Bank gefährlichsten Bank der Welt, nachdem BCCI Skandal. Selbst ernannte Bankexperten, Profi Betrüger, wie Josef Ackermann, Debelius, Jörg Asmussen, wurden bekanntlich Berater der Angela Merkel

Die Betrugs Ermittlungs Behörde OLAF, antwortete auffällig blitzschnell, über das Betrugs Geschäft der EU Botschaft in Tirana.
OLAF schützt vor aller Augen die aufgeblähten Betrugs Apparate der EU, wo sich jeder selber bedient, mit Phantom Projekten, wie der damalige OLAF Vize- Chef Wolfgang Hetzer sehr deutlich erklärt.
Der Europarat Ermittlungen fordert Ermittlungen in andere Betrugs Projekte, wie die TAP und EBRD Finanzierungen, und warum es immer Bauschrott und ohne jede Ausschreibung ist. 56 % der Europäer halten die EU Commission (von niemanden gewählt), Skrupelloser als „Camorra“, oder „Nghradeta“.für vollkommen korrupt und von Großkonzernen und der Bankenmafia geschmiert. Heute vertuscht die unnütze OLAF Organistion nur das jedes Jahr Milliarden Straffrei gestohlen werden in Europa.
TAP: Die Mafia-Gas-Pipeline, wo Milliarden gestohlen werden, über die „Ngradheta“ Vertreter wie Raffaele Tognacca
Schon die Adresse der EU Botschaft in Tirana mit dem ABA Zentrum, zeigt das man in einem illegal errichteten Hochhaus, des Gangsters Baskhim Ulaj: Betrugs Baufirma: GENER-2, aus Tropoje, Geldwäsche Rechte Hand, des Capo der Albaner Mafia: Salih Berisha, was vor Jahren schon zeigte, das man engsten mit den Regierungs Kartellen zusammenarbeitet, identisch wie die Weltbank, von diesen Leute unterwandert, und übernommen ist. Allgemein das der Real Estage Markt in Albanien der Geldwäsche dient, in Hand prominenter Verbrecher Familien ist, die meisten Dokumente gefälscht. Der Betrug beginnt, wenn man Regierungs nahe Verwandte und Freunde in der EU Botschaft, oder in Institutionen beschäftigt, was die EU Botschaft, als Mafiösen Construct zur Grundlage erklärte, wo die IEP Militär Studie Kosovo 2007, schon feststellt, das alle Institutionen von der Mafia unterwandert sind, inklusive des Generalstabes der NATO – KFOR.

Der Verkäufer: Laert Duro, ist kein Vertreter der Samir Mane Projektes, sondern fingiert als Schein Verkäufer und Strohman um erheblich zu teuer zuvermieten, einen höheren Verkaufs Preis abrechnen zukönen.

siehe Verkaufs Prospekt, ist die Balfin Gruppe der Investor von Samir Mane: Heute verweigert die  Website, jeden Hinweis auf die Adminstration. Die email adresse, verweist auf eine Pornosite unter Gehört wie andere domains, Alles zum Samir Mane Firmen Betrugs Imperium, sagt die Domain Auskunft:: EU finanziert seit über 15 Jahren.

Millionen Pfändungen, auch von Bankkonten, gab es bei dem EU Partner Samir Mane Partner in 2013 und der das Real Estage Projekt inzenierte, wo die EU Botschafterin sich einkaufte, zu einem 2,5 fach höheren Preis, wie in den Verkaufs Prospekten.

Titel Storys über das Samir Mane Desaster der Finanzen, mit den Chrom Lizensen, einem Betrugs Pleite Projekt der Familie des Österreichischen Consul Depisch, der einen 250 Millionen € hohen Kredit bei der Raiffeisenbank nicht bedienen konnte, was dann Samir Mane übernahm.
Rolling Hills – Projekt

Spurlos verschwunden: Emon Sila war der Offizielle Verkaufs Chef, der Chef Konstruktion Phantom Firma des Projektes, wo die Website, Domain gelöscht wurde. US Betrugs Immobilien erneut dabei.

Es dürfte dann noch einen zweiten Vertrag geben, der wahre Geldsumme nennt, mit der Firma „Rolling Hills“ von Samir Mane.

Mit dem 37 jährigem Gangster Laert Duro, schloss man weit 100 % überteuerte Miet Verträge ab, Kauf einer Luxus Villa Nr. 34, für 1,6 Millonen € ca. 20 km südlich Tirana in der Nähe der Antiken Burg Petreles

 17 Jahre unterwanderte EU Mafia und Botschaft des Betruges in Tirana, wo man Alles kaufen kann

Der Insider Experte, Ex-Vize OLAF Chef Wolfgang Hetzer schrieb genügend über diese Dumm Banden der EU. „Das endet in Gangster-Wirtschaft“

Die offiziellen Verkaufs Chefs des Bauträgers, ebenso eine Italienische Firma, sind spurlos verschwunden, waren nie aktiv im Geldwäsche

siehe Verkaufs Prospekt, ist die Balfin Gruppe der Investor von Samir Mane: Heute verweigert die  Website, jeden Hinweis auf die Adminstration. Die email adresse, verweist auf eine Pornosite unter Gehört wie andere domains, Alles zum Samir Mane Firmen Betrugs Imperium, sagt die Domain Auskunft:: EU finanziert seit über 15 Jahren.

Rolling Hills – Projekt

Spurlos verschwunden: Emon Sila war der Offizielle Verkaufs Chef, der Chef Konstruktion Phantom Firma des Projektes, wo die Website, Domain gelöscht wurde. US Betrugs Immobilien erneut dabei.

In solchen Kreisen, wenn Verantwortungslosigkeit Kultstatus genießt, warnt der EU– Korruptionsbekämpfer(Zitate nach „Kontext“), “geht es nicht mehr darum, was du verdienst, sondern darum, was du dir holen kannst, und wie du am einfachsten reich
wirst”. Und das sei soziales Dynamit. Hetzer spricht ausdrücklich von einer sogenannten Finanzkrise, von einer “Systemkriminalität” und von “Systemkorruption”.
Willy Wimmer über diese Leute: die verkaufen jeden Unfug als Politik.

Wolfgang Hetzer: Zu den EU – Beamten, der EU Commission und Deutschen – und EU Politikern: aus Polizei News Letters: Wolfgang Hetzer
Nicht die erste Betrugs Ermittlung rund um die EU Botschaft, EU Justiz Missionen: EU’s Albania Delegation Probed Over Justice Tender Im Leit Artikel wird die gesamte Justiz Reform jetzt schon kritisiert, weil die EU Idioten, mit der EURALIUS Justiz Mission, nun als Berater erneut auftreten.
Generalsekretär des Europarates: fordert unabhängige Ermittlungen in das Mafia Projekt der TAP Pipeline auch gegen die EU-Commission
By Kassandra

Letters to Kassandra on Albania

OLAF works exceptionally fast on Albania villa

In the past months, New Europe’s Kassandra has opened a dossier on the purchase of the residence for the EU head of delegation in Albania. Following our coverage, the EEAS has requested we publish the following letter. We publish it below, along with our response.

Letter from the EEAS

The stories in New Europe regarding the work of the European Union’s Delegation in Albania EU as well as Ambassador Romana Vlahutin (ex. EU pays double, The powerful Allies of Edi Rama, Vlachudin under investigation) are factually incorrect, contain fabrications and slander.

This is particularly obvious in your writings about the purchase of the EU residence in Tirana – a purchase that was a result of a process that included a comprehensive analysis, including a market survey and an independent expert estimate, and that started before the current head of delegation was even appointed. In fact, the purchase is in line with the approach of the European External Action Service (EEAS) to increase the number of owned properties, when buying offers a better value for money than renting, and when other arguments like security prevail.

All rules were followed. Your claims and insinuations are simply not true, and seem to be an attempt to deflect the focus away from the work the EU is doing in support of a difficult, but very necessary justice reform in Albania. We fully support and have full confidence in Ambassador Vlahutin and the entire team at the delegation who work with dedication and professionalism.

With regards,

Maja Kocijancic

Spokesperson for EU foreign policy and enlargement negotiations

A response on the behalf of Kassandra

Dear EEAS,

Kassandra is very happy to correct what we wrote about Ambassador Romana Vlahutin and we regret having misled our readers. Indeed, the EU did not pay double for the purchase of the notorious villa in Tirana. According to the EEAS’ own responses to questions by the European Parliament – the 345 sqm surface area we initially referenced was incorrect, and the actual living area of the residence is 585 sqm (Not bad at all for the EU Ambassador in Albania).

Indeed, our comparison on our cover story entitled “EU Pays Double” was with another villa in Rollin Hills, the area of which was 783 sqm for a price of 850,000 Euro.

(( Tirana Luxury Residence – Villa Bordeaux No 85 – Villa for Sale – 783 m²

  • Total Villa Size: 600m2
  • Parcel Size: 783m2



Tirana Luxury Residences will be a gated luxury residential community; best in class and first of its kind in Albania. The complex will have 122 top luxury villas, a club house, park and other communal recreation areas.))

That would mean, running the numbers again, that the EU paid not double, but just over 2.5 times as much. 2.59819005 times to be exact?

Now to justify this purchase, the EEAS made several arguments to explain why purchase and not continue to rent a building. The specific choice of residence however, was backed up by three documents – referred to by the spokesperson of the EEAS in the letter above, and in previous statements:

(i) a market survey carried out prior to the purchase of the residence,

(ii) an evaluation carried out by the independent expert

(iii) a report of the Regional Security Officer of the EEAS in relation to security aspects.

The New Europe editorial team requested these documents through a standard information request but was denied access. New Europe’s Editor subsequently filed an official application for the documents through the ‘Access to Documents’ procedure of Regulation 1049/2001. The request was initially rejected in its entirety. Following an appeal, known as a ‘confirmatory application’, Document (iii) was supplied nearly fully redacted. Documents (i) and (ii) were again not supplied.

The highlight of the refusal of the EEAS to provide document (ii) is that the ‘evaluation’ of the ‘independent expert’ could not be provided because this would contravene with the confidentiality clause included in the document. A confidentiality clause for a real-estate evaluation! The EEAS also claimed that they were also “not able to identify an overriding public interest” for providing the documents – as if the determination that taxpayer money was indeed well spent is not in the overriding interest of the public when doubt has been created – whether in the media or otherwise.

The only enemy of mis- or dis- information is the truth, it is not obscurity and hiding behind confidentiality clauses in documents that should not have them in the first place.

It is not that we, at New Europe, do not want to believe that there is nothing wrong with the purchase of the residence in Albania. It is that we are not given the hard proof that this is the case and have been asked to have blind faith in purchasing and procurement processes which have historically been problematic around the world.

As watchdogs for an accountable society and accountable political institutions, it is our duty to be ever more cautious, and ever more vigilant in our pursuit of transparency and truth.

Releasing the documents mentioned above in their entirety – barring certain parts of the security report which can create danger, is a much more transparent, democratic, and accountable exercise. If the EEAS believes we can be convinced, we will also accept one of our team members seeing them behind closed doors after signing a confidentiality agreement.

Finally, in the letter above from the EEAS, we are told that our articles “are factually incorrect, contain fabrications and slander.”

New Europe is in its 25th year of publication. We have been intimidated through letters and law suits, by heads of state and government, and this week by the EEAS. Not one law suit has succeeded, not one act of intimidation has made us step back from doing our jobs to uncover the truth.

Indeed, to allege that an article contains slander, is an indirect threat of legal action by the EEAS, and we consider that the above letter that we are being forced to publish under indirect threat of legal action is in itself slanderous, defamatory, and an abuse of power.

The EAAS has an army of lawyers, the support of the Legal Service of the Commission (besides its own Legal Unit), all on the clock and paid by the taxpayer, while New Europe has only one in-house lawyer dealing with such issues.

In fact there are probably more lawyers working for the EEAS, than there are staff in our organisation.

If the EEAS considers that we have indeed slandered the Institution, we are looking forward to seeing the EAAS in Court. We are not quite clear as to who the plaintiff against Kassandra will be, but we look forward to the opportunity to questioning them on the stand.

For Kassandra,

Basil A. Coronakis

Vlachudin under investigation

Verbotene Wahlkampf Hilfe nach der Genver Konvention: Europa Tag in Gjorokastre 8.5.2017: Edi Rama

Romana Vlachudin, the ambassador of the European Union in Albania, is under OLAF investigation for purchasing a 350-square-metre house in Tirana for €1,6m. This is rather crazy since local experts say this specific house is not worth even a third of the selling price.

At the time of the sale, similar houses in the same area and bigger ones were priced at least €1m less than what the Commission paid.

This investigation is of particular significance because it was opened four weeks ahead of Albania’s general election on June 23.

On more than one occasion, Vlachudin has openly supported Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama’s ruling socialists. The fact, however, that the Rama-friendly EU Ambassador was placed under investigation before the election, may signify that given the circumstances, the European Commission does not wish to take sides in the electoral process of Albania.

Nevertheless, the good ambassador’s pick has few chances of winning the election – and no one wants to be associated with a loser, especially not the European Commission.

Albanians Corruption Mafia Nr. 1: Romana Vlahutin: The EU Delegation in Tirana, A History of Maladministration

Kompetenz Null, der Ehemann der Botschafter, einer der Hunderttausend Nonsens Georg Soros Leute: keinerlei technische, kaufmännische oder sonstige Erfahrung und Ausbildung, der Rest ist bei 100 % Fake Ausschreibungen gefälscht, vor angebliche erfolgreiche Projekte, welche man zuvor geleitet hat: Die Balkan Mafia, hat das identische EU, Camorra, Nghradeta System nur noch kopiert.

Vlahutin Ehe-Mann,ein vermurkster NATO Politologe, der 100 % Lügen und Betrugs Gestalten, wo dann IBNA noch mehr Details auch des korrupten EU-Kommissars: Johannes Hahn erklärt.
Alles normal und Standard, wie bei allen NGO’s wie bei Atlantik Brücke und Co.: Bestechung, Betrug, Projekt Mafia Betrug:
Bildergebnis für Vlado Azinovic
Vlado Azinovic ist an zwei Großprojekten in Albanien beteiligt, mit der alten Erpressungs Methode des Super Betruges wie bei der CEZ: „Auf der einen Seite Bahnlinie Albanien-Montenegro und auf den anderen Sicherheitssystemen an den Staat.
Offensichtlich, Albanien falsche Versprechen der EU-Mitgliedschaft im Gegenzug für finanziellen Gewinn durch Großprojekte bieten. So kommen dann die gefälschten Berichte uralter krimineller Familien zustande, und an Sicherheits Kozepten, war höchste Deutsche Politiker, mit eigenen Firmen ebenso überall vor Jahren beteiligt, inklusive dem EADS Murks. Wer war Lehrmeister auch in Korruptions und Betrugs Geschäften rund um Erpressung in Kroatien: die USA und Deutschland. Identisch bei der OSCE u.a. mit Wolfgang Grossruck: geschönte Berichte, für private Geschäfte.

Altin Goxhaj: die Mafia, Immoblien Betrugs Geschäfte der EU Botschafter Romana Vlahutin: 1 Million € gestohlen

Mogherini takon Kryeministrat e vendeve të Ballkanit Perëndimor

Zwei Dumme im Wettstreit, wer den Preis für Korruption und Inkompetenz erhält. Edi Rama – Federica Mogherini

Die dubiosen Mafia Verkaufs Verträge der Villa, nicht vom Bauträger, mit einem Strohmann denn niemand kennt, Einer der Phantom ID Karten Verkäufer! Laert Duro.

vlahutin qiraja 2


vlahutin qira 8