Macedonia Parliament Approves New Gov’t in Georg Soro’s Mafia Style: „zero tolerance for corruption.“

Georg Soro’s Style:
31 May 17

Macedonia Parliament Approves New Gov’t after Prolonged Stalemate

Macedonia’s parliament has approved a new Social Democrat-led coalition government, headed up by Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, who has vowed economic prosperity, EU and NATO integration, and zero tolerance for corruption.

Sinisa Jakov Marusic


Macedonia’s new government. Photo: MIA

Macedonia’s new government was elected Wednesday night with the support of 62 MPs in the 120-seat parliament. Its establishment is expected to put an end to the prolonged political crisis in the country. The previous government, led by the right-wing VMRO-DPMNE party stood accused of allegations of wiretapping and corruption.

“I will be a prime minister [working] for everyone. I announce a responsible, reformist, European government!” the new prime minister, Zaev, said in his announcement to MPs.

Zaev said his government would be based on civic principles and focus on three key goals: Boosting the economy, enabling justice and the rule of law, and integrating the country into the EU and NATO. He also pledged to have zero tolerance for corruption.

Among other things, the new prime minister announced the formation of a special court wing that would solely focus on processing high-level corruption cases instigated by the Special Prosecution, and thorough reforms in the judiciary in order to remove party influence.

„I want no revenge and revanchism, but everyone will be held responsible acourding to their deeds“, Zaev said.

The bulk of the new cabinet comprises 17 ministers proposed by the alliance led by the Social Democrats, SDSM. The largest Albanian party, the Democratic Union for Integration, DUI, which controls ten seats, has appointed six and the Alliance for Albanians, which has three MPs, has appointed two.

Besa [Oath], the second-largest ethnic Albanian party, decided not to join the new government and not to vote for it despite initially supporting the new majority. However, Besa said it may support some of its policies.

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OSCE gets involved to save Zaev from Court Appearance


Zaev’s Court Appearance for accepting 163,000 euros in bribes by a Strumica businessman has been postponed for the ninth time.
This time, quite shockingly, it was OSCE who stepped in to save Zaev from appearing in Court.

It is as if this a Crime Syndicate network. Previously, multiple foreign Embassies have stepped in to prevent Courts from starting the bribery case against Zaev. It was the Italian, Swedish, US, French and German embassies who all made up meetings for Zaev to attend on the day the Court date was scheduled well ahead of time. Clearly, he is being assisted and this is very obvious even to those who don’t wish to see.

Today, OSCE officials from their office in Skopje sent a note requesting to meet with Zaev at 7am to discuss the Parliament incident, while his Court appearance was at 8am.
Using this ‘invite’, Zaev skipped yet another Court appearance.