Pyschopaten des Mordes, Krieges kamen zur Einweihung des MIlliarden teuren NATO Baues in Brüssel

Niemand braucht die NATO, aber man sucht als kriminelles Enterprise Selbstbestätigung, weil es dumme Pyschopaten sind, schlimmer wie Hitler und Co.! Wo die NATO im Balkan ist, wurden die dümmsten Kriminellen als Regierung gekauft, für oft private Privatsierungs und Lobby Profite. Deutschland finanziert bekanntlich mit 7 Millionen € im Jahr, im System des Verbrechers Frank Walter Steinmeier sogar die Kopfabschneider „White Helms“ * und organisiert in Syrien erneut Ethnische Säuberungen, inklusive Terror zum Vertreiben der Bevölkerung, wo die selben SPD Ratten dann Millionen mit Asylanten Heimen verdienen, oder als Anwälte und mit dubiosen Mafiösen NGO’s.
Nur weil bestimmte verbrecherische Mächte Angst verbreiten, um damit ihre Geschäfte zu machen, müssen wir uns nicht in die Hose scheißen. Wenn etwa dieser Trump mit seinem Reptiliengehabe alle für blöd verkaufen will, und die Propaganda ebenfalls alle für blöd zu verkaufen versucht – wenn wir´s nicht glauben, beißen die sich die Zähne aus.
Afrikas Wohl liege Deutschland am Herzen. Beteuert die Bundesregierung. Jedoch: Mit ihrer Handelspolitik produzieren EU und Bundesregierung Wirtschaftsflüchtlinge am Fließband… Wer mit dem Westen handelt, darf mit keinem anderen.
BOOM: HILLARY CLINTON Transfers $1.8 Billion to QATAR Central Bank „STUNNING“ Western Bankers !
Blick auf das neue Nato-Hauptquartier in Brüssel
Nato-Gipfel in Brüssel:  – Der protzige neue Glas-Palast der Nato

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Trump pushes prime minister of Montenegro – Me First!


US President Donald Trump found himself as the subject of Twitter humour again when he pushed aside the prime minister of soon-to-be NATO annexed state of Montenegro during a photo-op of leaders of member nations.

The incident took place at the brand-new NATO headquarters in Brussels where Trump was walking with other leaders. In an apparent attempt to be at the centre of the group photograph, the US President “pushed” Prime Minister Dusko Markovic aside and stood in front, just in time for the photo-op.

Video of the incident spread on social networks in multiple languages. “It seems Donald Trump did not want that anyone overshadows his presence at the summit,” said the Montenegro newspaper Vijesti.

Other Balkan websites ran headlines such as “America First” and “Where do you think you are going?”

  • Yet Another Video Shows U.S.-Funded White Helmets Assisting Public Executions in Rebel-Held Syria

    By Ben Norton, a reporter for AlterNet’s Grayzone Project and Max Blumenthal, senior editor of the Grayzone Project at AlterNet, and the award-winning author of Goliath and Republican Gomorrah. His most recent book is The 51 Day War: Ruin and Resistance in Gaza. You can follow Norton on Twitter at @BenjaminNorton and Blumenthal at @MaxBlumenthal. Originally published at Alternet

    Syria Civil Defense, popularly known as the White Helmets, can be seen in a new video assisting in a public execution in a rebel-held town in Syria. It is at least the second such execution video featuring members of the Nobel Prize-nominated group.

    The White Helmets have received at least $23 million in funding from the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), a wing of the State Department. The British Foreign Office and other European governments have pitched in as well.

    Frequently cited as an invaluable source of information by major Western media outlets, the group was the subject of an Academy Award-winning 2016 Netflix documentary, The White Helmets.

    Endorsements from A-list Hollywood celebrities like George Clooney and Justin Timberlake, as well as Hillary Clinton and British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson, have followed.

    Large corporate media networks have yet to report on the dark side of the White Helmets, however, and films like the widely celebrated Netflix feature function as uncritical commercials for the group, helping to keep the public in a state of ignorance about the domination of the Western-backed Syrian armed opposition by extremist Salafi jihadist groups, and about the civil conflict in general.

    While CNN and other outlets rely heavily on footage taken by White Helmets members, not one major Western media outlet has reported on the latest execution video starring the group’s uniformed members.

    The video, which Syrian opposition activists uploaded to Facebook, shows three men from the White Helmets rushing into the center of a crowd, mere seconds after an alleged criminal was shot in the head, and removing the body on a stretcher. A member of the White Helmets can be seen celebrating along with the crowd of onlookers.

    WARNING: This video features violence that may disturb viewers.

    The men in the video were clearly identified by their signature white helmets, along with vests embroidered with the Syria Civil Defense logo.

    The public execution took place in the small city of Jasim, in Syria’s southern Daraa province — which is often described as a hub for “moderate” rebels. Activists posted the video on May 16 on the Facebook page Coordination of the City of Al-Harra, Mother of the Martyrs, a site for the opposition in the neighboring city of Al-Harra.

    Two days later, Syria Civil Defense released a carefully crafted statement admitting its members were involved in the execution. The statement noted that a tribal council in Jasim had asked the White Helmets “to humanely dispose of the body of a person that had been sentenced to death, by the local court, for murder.” The group said it had “conducted an investigation” into the execution, and in response dismissed a White Helmet leader, while temporarily suspending two other team members.

    Executing an Oscar-Worthy Performance

    This is not the first time the White Helmets have appeared as participants in a public execution.

    A jarring execution filmed in 2015 in the rebel-held town of Haritan shows two members of Syria Civil Defense waiting just off camera while a member of Syria’s al-Qaeda affiliate, Jabhat al-Nusra, reads out a death sentence, before shooting a man dressed in street clothes in the head. Seconds later, the White Helmets team tosses the man’s body onto a stretcher and scrambles away.

    WARNING: This video features violence that may disturb viewers.

    The 2015 video prompted a carefully worded statement by the organization, condemning the killing and claiming its members were simply fulfilling their task by performing “the emergency burial of the dead.”

    A British public relations outfit called the Syria Campaign was hired by an influential British-Syrian billionaire, Ayman Asfari, to market the White Helmets to the Western public. As Max Blumenthal has reported for AlterNet, the Syria Campaign was itself the creation of a slick New York City- and London-based public relations firm called Purpose. Among the PR group’s greatest achievements was fundraising for the widely celebrated Netflix documentary.

    This year, the makers of the film were awarded with an Oscar for Best Documentary Short. As he received the honor before millions of viewers around the world, director Orlando Einsiedel read a prepared statement from Read al-Saleh, the director of the White Helmets: “Our organization is guided by a verse in the Quran: ‘To save one life is to save all of humanity.’”

    But the execution videos call into question the White Helmets’ claims to act as an impartial, life-saving rescue organization, and raise serious questions about the motives of its funders and promoters within public relations firms and mainstream newsrooms.

    ‘Hidden Soldiers’ of Al-Qaeda and ISIS?

    The White Helmets operate exclusively within the armed Syrian opposition, working closely with al-Qaeda’s local affiliate, Jabhat al-Nusra, and even ISIS. The British journalist and ISIS hostage John Cantlie inadvertently exposed the group’s relationship with ISIS when he referred to a White Helmets team as “the Islamic State’s fire brigade” in a propaganda video he was forced to participate in.

    Videos and photos of White Helmets members posing triumphantly on the corpses of Syrian soldiers and joining fighters in accosting an alleged political opponent have circulated throughout social media.

    In March 2015, the extremist-sympathizing opposition media outlet Sarmeen posted a video featuring the White Helmets gleefully joining a chant with Salafi jihadist fighters in Idlib, as they fire a fusillade of bullets into the air.

    A member of Syria Civil Defense grabs a flag from one of the militants and begins waving it: a black flag with the shahada in white letters, a common Salafi jihadist symbol, emblazoned with the name of Jaish al-Sunna, an extremist Islamist militia that is allied with Syria’s al-Qaeda affiliate and that has reportedly recruited child soldiers with the help of the al-Qaeda-linked fundamentalist Saudi warlord Abdullah al-Muhaysini.

    Another upload to YouTube, posted the same day by the rebel media outlet, shows White Helmets joining the extremist militants in songs and chants.

    Al-Muhaysini, the ideological leader of Syria’s Salafi jihadist rebels, has repeatedly praised the White Helmets. The Saudi warlord, who has been implicated in numerous war crimes in Syria, including mass executions of captured Syrian soldiers, insisted in an interview that there is no difference between the “mujahideen” (Salafi jihadist fighters) and the White Helmets. He even favorably described Syria Civil Defense members as mujahideen.

    In May 2015, a White Helmets member named Muawiya Hassan Agha posted a grotesque video to Facebook (since deleted) that showed extremist Syrian rebels torturing two captured soldiers they later executed. Agha had also been filmed celebrating the capture of Idlib by al-Qaeda’s Syrian affiliate. Rumors circulated that Agha was dismissed from the White Helmets when his involvement in the atrocities came to light.

    This March, a leader of Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham, the powerful newly rebranded al-Qaeda-led rebel coalition in Syria, hailed the White Helmets in a special video message as the “hidden soldiers of the revolution.”

    For more coverage of the White Helmets scandal, read Max Blumenthal’s two-part investigation here and here, and Gareth Porter’s expose of White Helmets misinformation.

Islam Anarchisten bauen eine illegale Moschee in Belgrad

Überall das selbe Problem, weil diese Leute überwiegend „functional illerate“ sind, Nichts kapieren, keine Bildung haben, kann man auch nicht legale Grundstücke erwerben, eine Baugenehmigung beantragen. Deshalb gibt es das Wild West Bauen auch im Kosovo, Mazedonien, Albanien, was das Land jeweils mit enormen Umweltschäden ruiniert.

Belgrade: Demolition of illegally built mosque prevented

(Screen capture)
The demolition was planned for Thursday of a religious structure built illegally in Zemun Polje in Belgrade by the Islamic Community.


However, due to a large number of citizens who gathered to prevent it, the demolition was not carried out, N1 is reporting.

Previously, representatives of „all utility services“ as well as a large number of regular and traffic police gathered at the site, along with heavy equipment and a tow truck.

Representatives of the Islamic Community spoke with those of the municipality of Zemun and the local police in order to agree on removing a large number of children, women, and youths who opposed the demolition from the building, and implement the local authorities‘ decision.

However, this did not happen, „so it was decided to postpone the action and continue conversations at a higher level.“

Members of the Islamic Community earlier in the day parked a large number of cars in front of the structure, preventing the police and municipal representatives from approaching it. The police managed then to move the cars aside and allow passage.

The building of the mosque started in 2014, the report said.

Believers were gathering around it in recent days as well, while Mufti of Srem Zejnulahu on Wednesday called on Muslims to „respond“ and „together, peacefully and in a dignified manner, use legal and legitimate means to protect the building from demolition.“

He addressed those gathered today, urging them „to remain calm,“ and saying they would stay there „as long as possible awaiting an agreement with a higher level of authority.“

Die Internationalen werden immer absurder im Balkan: Der Kampf für freie Wahlen als reiner Betrug in Albanien

Am 25. Juni 2017 sind Parlamentswahlen in Albanien, wo sich praktisch nur noch Profi Kriminelle Clans einkaufen und erneut Regierungs Ämter übernehmen im Lande ohne jede Justiz, seitdem die Betrugs Lobbyisten und Privatisier rund um den Georg Soros Müll kamen.

Nette Titel Story: Perverse Albanische Politik im EU System, wo viele Politiker rund um Georgs Soros nur noch korrupt und fast immer inkompetend sind. Die EU und Internationalen werden immer absurder: Wenn Al-Capone noch ein Ehrenmann war: Regierungs Beteiligung der DP Verbrecher und am 25. Juni gibt es nun Wahlen

Der Kampf für freie Wahlen als reiner Betrug

Beleidigung des Albanischen Volkes, durch die Selbstbeweihräucherung und Lügen der US Vertretung und korrupten EU Botschaft



PPP: Reine Betrugs Systeme, von Deutschen Lobbyisten, Politikern propagiert, obwohl Weltweit, in Italien, in Deutschland auch per Gerichtsurteile immer Bestechung, korrupte Beamte, Politiker, und Offshore Firmen festgestellt wurden, so auch in Albanien. Alle Ratten der EU, rund um Georg Soros kommen zum abzocken.

Concessions Increasingly Owned through Dutch Tax Evasion Constructions

Concessions Increasingly Owned through Dutch Tax Evasion ConstructionsThe „offices“ of Arimo BV on Paasheuvelweg 16, Amsterdam.

For the third time in a year, a public–private partnership of the government has come into the hands of unknown owner through a tax evasion construction know as a “Dutch postbox company.”

The construction involves international companies registering their main offices in the Netherlands because of the low corporate tax rate, without developing any activity in the country itself. Because of Dutch privacy regulations, it is impossible to find out the final beneficiary of these companies. Albanian partners in public–private partnerships, also known as concessions, increasingly use this construction to hide the real owners of the company that holds the concession, which could mask both tax evasion in Albania, conflict of interest, and corruption.

Dutch artist and activist Tinkebell recently produced a short documentary on postbox companies, which have to prove their “activity” in the Netherlands by maintaining a house plant on their premises.


Reporter has published an investigation revealing that the hemodialysis concession, with a value of 8.6 billion lekë (~€64 million) for a total period of 10 years, has again changed hands. In September 2016, 85% of the shares in concession holder Dia Vita shpk was sold by Evita shpk to Rasim Hamzaraj (72.5%) and Ertel Kërçeku (17.5%) for 30.1 million lekë (~€224,000), or 0.35% of the total value of the concession.

In turn, Hamzaraj has recently sold his shares to Dutch postbox company Arimo BV for 21 million lekë (~€156,000). This company now owns 72.5% of the 85% share in concession holder Dia Vita, in other words, the majority of the shares.

Arimo has its offices on Paasheuvelweg 16 in Amsterdam, in the building of Crowe Horwath Foederer, an accountancy firm that offers “specialist tax services that can manage your tax risks and exposure.”

Medical laboratories

Last month, it was announced that the concession of hospital laboratories was won by a consortium of three companies, including another Dutch postbox company, AB Laboratory Solutions BV, which owns 33.3% of the shares in the consortium.

Incinerator in Tirana

In December, the Rama government decided to approve the construction of an incinerator for urban waste in the neighborhood of Tirana. The decision was made after a Dutch postbox company called Integrated Energy BV presented an unrequested proposition at the Ministry of Energy and Industry for a thirty-year concession worth €140 million. The Council of Ministers decided to give Integrated Energy a bonus of 8% in the future public procurement procedure.

Two of the board members of Integrated Energy work for SGG Group, a company specialized in financial holdings and convicted under the UK Bribery Act for fraud.