EU Mafia plant mit Verbrechern Hitler’s Groß Albanien Staat: Is the EU a Cure for ‚Greater Albania‘ Syndrome?

Die korrupte EU und kriminelle US Kreise in voller Aktion erneut um Ethnische Säuberungen erneut zuorganisieren und immer mit Tradionellen Verbrechern im Balkan.

Wenn Al-Capone noch ein Ehrenmann war: Regierungs Beteiligung der DP Verbrecher und am 25. Juni gibt es nun Wahlen

Die Medien schreiben, das gegen diese Leute (Berisha, Basha, Meta, Edi Rama) selbst Al-Capone noch ein Ehrenmann war.

US Mafia CNN:CNN: The Great Albania, Myth, Reality, Future…

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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Is the EU a Cure for ‚Greater Albania‘ Syndrome?

 Kosovar Albanians walk under the EU and Kosovo flags in the main square of Pristina on May 4, 2016.


15:52 16.05.2017


Ramush Haradinaj, widely seen as Kosovo’s next prime minister, has warned that Serbia should „delete Kosovo from the Constitution“ or see “one-third third of the Serb land added to the Kosovo map.”

The scandalous statement by the leader of the opposition Alliance for the Future of Kosovo, invited a quick rebuke from Germany, which said that any talk about redrawing borders is “dangerous.”

„This project that I’m working on is meant for all Albanians in Kosovo, in diaspora, in Albania. I’m working on a joint project, on their unification.”

These words said last week by William Walker, former head of an OSCE mission in Kosovo, raised many eyebrows and invited angry backlash from Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic.

EU foreign affairs and security commissioner Federica Mogherini said last week that after the dust raised by Brexit has settled, the Balkan countries, which have long been knocking on the EU’s door, would have a chance to join in.

In an interview with Sputnik Serbia, Dragan Djukanovic from the Foreign Policy Center in Belgrade said that Kosovo’s joining the EU was the most realistic scenario that would cool passions and preserve the existing state borders.

He added that the EU could repeat the “Romanian-Bulgarian scenario” of 2007 when Brussels agreed to take in the two Balkan countries even though they didn’t fully meet the bloc’s accession criteria.

“The question is, however, whether EU membership is really what Kosovo now needs. Ramush Haradinaj recently said that he doesn’t believe that Brussels can resolve the problems existing between Kosovo and Serbia, that’s why he insists that Washington return to the Balkans.”

In an interview with Sputnik, Pyotr Iskenderov from the Institute of Slavic Studies in Moscow said that although the Kosovo leaders know that the Balkans do not top the list of Washington’s foreign policy priorities, they still hope that President Trump will help do away with what remains of Serbian self-rule in the country’s north.

“They think that once this has been done, the EU and the US should forget about Kosovo’s problems and concentrate exclusively on sending them money,” Iskenderov noted.

“The EU has seen its positions in the Balkans seriously eroded over the past couple of years, that’s why the Kosovo leaders are gradually shifting their attention towards Washington,” he added.

In April, Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama went on record saying that Albania and the self-proclaimed republic of Kosovo, also inhabited by Albanians, could reach a „union.“

Soon afterward, President of Kosovo Hashim Thaci said that if Brussels „closed [the] door on Kosovo,“ all Albanians in the region would unite into one state.
Ethnic Albanians constitute the majority of the population in Albania and Kosovo, and represent significant minorities in neighboring countries such as Serbia, Macedonia and Montenegro.

The Greater Albania concept means unification of all Albanians into one state.

In Kosovo, it all started with lies, Security Council told

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The justice minister has warned of Pristina’s unacceptable use of dialogue and the normalization process to blackmail the Serbian side and European partners.SOURCE: B92, BETA WEDNESDAY, MAY 17, 2017

Nela Kuburovic spoke before a UN Security Council session dedicated to the latest report of UN secretary-general on the work of UNMIK.

Kuburovic said that Serbia, despite numerous challenges, continues to play a constructive, responsible and committed role in the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue with the aim of resolving outstanding issues under the status-neutral framework, the Serbian government said on its website.

„Our country wants to contribute in this way to the stabilization of the situation and the creation of conditions for the smooth progress of the Western Balkan region towards EU membership,“ she said.

Kuburovic pointed out that such an attitude of Pristina culminated in early March when the Kosovo parliament adopted a resolution on the termination of dialogue, which is in fact linked to the fate of one person who is accused of the most monstrous crimes.

The problems which members of non-Albanian communities in Kosovo and Metohija are facing, as well as an intensive anti-Serb campaign have contributed, as she pointed out, to maintaining a constant level of ethnically motivated attacks on Serbs.

Kuburovic also pointed out that the crisis in Kosovo and Metohija started with lies that had been promoted by „people like William Walker“ who today does not even hide

„Arabs are Islamizing Kosovo before KFOR’s eyes“

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Deutsche Welle is quoting German press reports that are analyzing the influence of Saudi Arabia and Turkey in the Balkans.SOURCE: DEUTSCHE WELLE THURSDAY, MAY 18, 2017 | 09:41

Die Welt writes that all this is taking place „before KFOR’s eyes.“

In the article, published under the headline, „Arabs are financing Islamists in the Balkans,“ the daily said that „missionary organizations from Saudi Arabia are active in Kosovo, spreading the Wahhabi interpretation of Islam there, for example, by sending preachers.“

Sevim Dagdelen, a member of the German parliament from the Left Party, has warned that before the eyes of KFOR, Kosovo has developed into a center of Islamist terrorism in the region. „It is scandalous that, thanks to the presence of German troops, Saudi preachers of hate and violence have been able to, unimpeded, set up the ideological foundation for this,“ she stressed.

„The German government is asked not to sugarcoat the situation in Kosovo and do away with any ambiguity before the public when it comes to concrete numbers regarding the recruitment of people to Islamist terrorist networks such as Islamic State, and other organizations, in the area of KFOR,“ Dagdelen added.

According to the findings of the German government, the conflict between the Turkish ruling party AKP and the Gulen Movement has transferred „to the Balkan states Bosnia-Herzegovina, Albania, Macedonia and Kosovo.“

„Dagdelen is convinced that in Kosovo, in the field of KFOR’s activity, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has a free hand for his Neo-Ottoman imperial policy, and that he also uses the possibility of his influence in Kosovo for political purges,“ writes Die Welt.