GlaxoSmithKline – Mafia : Pharmaceutical giant ‚plotted to destroy cancer drugs to drive prices up 4,000%‘

Von GlaxoSmithKline gekauft: Die Ex-Gesundheits Ministerin Ulla Schmidt

Korruptions Capo: Junckers

Glaxosmithkline vom Deutschen Bestechungs Skandal der Politik nach China

Pharmaceutical giant ‚plotted to destroy cancer drugs to drive prices up 4,000%‘

Price rises for generic cancer drugs are estimated to cost the NHS in England around £380m a year

Leaked internal emails appear to show employees at one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies calling for “celebration” over price hikes of cancer drugs, an investigation has revealed.

Staff at Aspen Pharmacare reportedly plotted to destroy stocks of life-saving medicines during a price dispute with the Spanish health service in 2014.

After purchasing five different cancer drugs from British firm GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), the company tried to sell the medicines in Europe for up to 40 times their previous price, reported The Times.

In 2013, the price of one pack of a generic chemotherapy drug called busulfan, used to treat leukaemia, rose from £5.20 to £65.22 in England and Wales, according to the newspaper.

The other four drugs, including Leukeran, also used by leukaemia patients, and melphalan (trade name Alkeran), for skin and ovarian cancers, also became up to four times more expensive.

Price rises for generic cancer drugs, such as those acquired by Aspen, cost the NHS in England around £380m a year for prescriptions dispensed outside hospitals, the European Cancer Congress has estimated……

‘A handful of companies can’t be allowed to dominate the market’

European Commissioner for Competition, Margrethe Vestager, gave a warning in the Europa Lecture on 14 June about large companies that abuse their power. ‚An honest society begins with honest markets.‘

Price-gouging by drugs manufacturers

The European Commissioner started her lecture in the Academy Building with a worrying example from the pharmaceutical industry. A fews weeks ago Verstager initiated an enquiry among pharmaceutical companies that shamelessly hike up the prices of medicines. She mentioned the example of Aspen Pharma that raised the price of cancer drugs by several hundred per cent, while the lives of many people are dependent on these drugs. ‘A honest society starts with honest markets.’………….

Die Absurdität, von angeblichen Waffen Embargos der EU, UN, USA mit der Balkan Mafia über die Saudis, an Terroristen

Wenn man zu blöde und korrupt ist, dann wird es schwierig: Seit 25 Jahren wird über Waffen und sonstige Embargos berichtet, über Jugoslawien, über Syrien durch die korrupte EU und real machen die Pentagon, Regierungs Mitglieder und UN Leute ein Bomben Geschäft daraus. So auch EU Länder erneut.

Der Russiche Verteidigungs Minister, über die vielen Idioten die im Pentagon tätig sind.

Russian DM curious why Pentagon hires so many idiots


Russian DM curious why Pentagon hires so many idiots


In a statement published on Saturday morning, the Russian Defense Ministry theorized why so many blowhard windbags are employed by the Pentagon.

The Ministry is particularly amazed by US Special Operations Command General Raymond Thomas and his recent testimony before the Senate, during which he proclaimed Russia “one of the five main threats for the USA”.

The Russian Defense Ministry asked a question that everyone already knows the answer to: Is ‘intelligence’ a prerequisite for commanding US Special Operations Forces? Because all signs point to ‘no’:

Separate generals of the Pentagon are limited by stereotypes of the “cold war” and their incomprehension of real threats should not surprise.

We are often asked what the difference between the officers of the Russian Special Operations Forces and their American colleagues is.

We always say that the main traits of the Russian officers are intelligence and decisiveness.

It can easily be understood from the speech of General Thomas that the Pentagon puts forward some other requirements for the servicemen of the US Special Operations Forces, to put it mildly.

May be therefore they try to compensate them by hawkish anti-Russian rhetoric according to the best traditions of the cold war.

Did the Russian Defense Ministry just call Raymond Thomas and his majestic Special Operations Forces a bunch of knuckle-draggers? Probably.

Welt Terror Zentrale in Brüssel: NATO Haupt Quartier Welt Terror Zentrale in Brüssel: NATO Haupt Quartier

Identisch mit der Albaner Mafia und Josef DioGuardia.

Hilfsgelder für Afghanistan Amerikas verlorene Milliarden

Marode Straßen, Minenkrater, Korruption: Der US-Kontrolleur für den Wiederaufbau Afghanistans stellt der dortigen Regierung ein vernichtendes Zeugnis aus. Milliarden Dollars versickern offenbar in dunklen Kanälen. mehr… [ Forum ]

US Has Killed More Than 20 Million People in 37 “Victim Nations” Since World War II By , April 01, 2017

„Open Society“ – Georg Soros und die neue Betrugs Masche mit AVAAZ – Aktionen


About half of Detroit can’t read

The Coyote’s Trail: A Machine Gun’s Path from Serbia to Syria
by Ivan Angelovski, Jelena Cosic, Lawrence Marzouk and Maria Cheresheva
09 May 2017

Wearing high-top basketball shoes, faded jeans, and a sweater emblazoned with the word “Life,” a young rebel soldier posed online in February 2016 with his latest kit – a heavy machine gun on a tripod. The gun had just been delivered to his battalion, which was fighting President Bashar al-Assad’s forces in Aleppo in northern Syria.

Within weeks of his Facebook post, images and videos of identical guns started to appear on Twitter and YouTube from across other Syrian battlefields, often in their original crates and with instruction manuals.

The Training: An FSA fighter explains how he was sent to Saudi Arabia for training.

The soldiers gave the gun a nickname – “dushka” – after a similar Soviet-designed weapon known as DShK. “It was light and effective and it was the newest weapon we ever received,” one of them later said.

But its distinctive shape and pristine condition soon aroused the attention of online weapons analysts. It was an M02 Coyote – a weapon produced about 1,600 kilometers away in the state-owned Zastava Arms plant in Kragujevac, Serbia.

What route did the Serbian weapons take and how did they end up in Syria?

Reporters for the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN) and the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) spent a year following the Coyote’s trail. What they discovered was the willingness of the Serbian government to turn a blind eye to the systematic, illegal diversion of Serbian weapons from their “intended” destination of Saudi Arabia to combatants on Syrian battlefields.

They found that the powerful weapons were sold to Bulgarian Industrial Engineering and Management (BIEM), a Sofia-based arms broker, for export to Saudi Arabia in 2015 and 2016. From there, the weapons were likely shipped to Turkey, from where arms often cross into northern Syria.
Photos provided by an anonymous FSA fighter show him posing with a Coyote gun which was manufactured in Serbia, purchased by Bulgarian arms dealer BIEM, sold to Saudi Arabia, and eventually found its way to Syria. (Credit: FSA fighter)

Reporters were able to trace the unique serial number of the weapon in the rebel fighter’s Facebook post from the Serbian factory where it was built to BIEM, then to Saudi Arabia, and ultimately into his hands in Syria.

The route taken by the Coyote provides the clearest evidence to date of the €1.2 billion (US$ 1.3 billion) arms pipeline uncovered last year by BIRN and OCCRP – a pipeline financed by Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Jordan, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).
Training Camp in Saudi Arabia
A Coyote instruction manual seized from rebels in Aleppo by Syrian government forces in July 2016 and posted on Twitter by journalist Khaled Iskef. Credit: Twitter

In early 2016, about 150 soldiers of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) crossed the border from Syria into Turkey. Handpicked and vetted by Turkish and Saudi Arabian commanders, they were following a well-rehearsed routine that has operated for years. First they spent a week in Ankara undergoing medical checks and obtaining identification documents. From there, they boarded a military plane – an Ilyushin, one soldier said – which took them to Saudi Arabia.

From the airport, they were taken by buses into the Saudi desert. The base was “well arranged” and guarded by members of the Saudi military, said one of the soldiers, who attended the training camp and agreed to speak to BIRN and OCCRP: “You have a lot of facilities for training and other things.”

Soldiers were told not to use their cellphones.

“There were a lot of different officers [at the training] – from the UK, US, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia. … There were American intelligence officers [too]. They are highly experienced and most of them had fought in Iraq,” he said.

The Coyote Arrives: An FSA fighter describes how the Serbian-made Coyote machine gun was delivered to Syria.

The fighters spent three weeks in Saudi Arabia. It was at this training camp where they were first introduced to the Serbian Coyote.

“I saw [a Coyote] with my own eyes in Saudi Arabia, and there the Americans used it for practice,” the soldier said.

After the training, the trainees returned to Turkey and then on to the battleground. The Coyote was right behind them.

“My gun arrived from Turkey after the training was finished,” he said. He explained that all of his battalion’s weapons passed through the Military Operation Command (MOC) center in Turkey, one of a number of such centers set up in the Gulf, Turkey and Jordan, and operated by Arab, Turkish and Western intelligence agencies. They are used as logistical and training bases.

“I don’t know exactly how many weapons there were, but several pieces arrived and my group got one,” he added. “It was in a box, separated into pieces, and we opened it and assembled it. It was new, there was even a catalogue.”

The new weapon was soon deployed by the fighters in their war against President Assad and the Islamic State.
A screenshot captured from a Free Syrian Army video by Twitter user @ruffthecrimedog. The photo depicts a Coyote with the Free Idlib Army in November 2016. Credit: Twitter
The Deal and the Tycoon

In July of 2016, BIRN and OCCRP reporters asked the Serbian Ministry of Defense about the new machine guns that were showing up in battlefields in Syria. A Ministry spokesperson provided a written statement saying that Zastava had sold “a number” of Coyotes to the Bulgarian arms broker BIEM for export to Saudi Arabia – not Syria – in 2015 and 2016.
On April 5, 2016, twitter User @bm27_uragan, who monitors the spread of weapons in the Syrian conflict, posted a photo of the a Serbian-made Coyote heavy machine gun in Latakia, Syria. Credit: Twitter

In September, BIRN and OCCRP sent photos of a Coyote in action in Syria along with the serial number of a specific gun in use in Syria to the Serbian Ministry. Initially, the ministry said it could not trace the weapon. After several follow-up emails and calls, a spokesman said that a Coyote with that serial number had been sold to BIEM in 2015.

In 2015, BIEM placed a large order with state-owned Zastava Arms, which produces its own version of the Russian AK-47 as well as the Coyote heavy machine gun. While the details of the contract remain confidential, fragments of official information, including Zastava’s 2015 accounts, indicate that BIEM paid €2.75 million ($3 million) for 205 Coyotes. An expert says the figure matches the typical price for such a weapon – about €12,000 ($13,000) per piece.
Bulgarian business tycoon, arms dealer, and Communist-era security agent Petar Mandjoukov. Credit:

The arms broker BIEM is majority owned by the Bulgarian businessman Petar Mandjoukov, 74, who is a long-time arms dealer, a media tycoon, and a former agent of State Security, the country’s Communist-era secret service. Mandjoukov is one of Bulgaria’s most prominent tycoons, with financial interests in construction, media, and wine production. Until 2015, he was a co-owner of the country’s second-biggest football club, CSKA Sofia. His company, BIEM, has been connected to other controversial arms deals. (Read more about Petar Mandjoukov and BIEM.)

A spokesman for BIEM said in a written statement, “We strictly follow national and international legislation.”

“You make connections and draw conclusions based on your own thoughts and assumptions and expect explanations which are neither our right nor our obligation [to give].”

Syria ‘Sucking up’ Weapons

BIEM’s export license for the Coyote deal was granted by the Serbian Ministry of Trade based on a legal document called an “end user certificate,” which guarantees that the weapons will be used by the purchasing party, in this case Saudi Arabia’s security forces.

His Hopes: An FSA fighter asks the world for help in ending the war.

Although any re-export of the equipment requires Serbia’s approval, the Coyotes seen in Syria appear to have been illegally diverted to Syria by the Saudis.

This might not be a surprise to the Serbian officials responsible for issuing arms licenses. Saudi armed forces do not use such guns themselves, relying instead in large part on more modern and sophisticated Western-made weapons. Furthermore, Saudi Arabia has a history of diverting weapons to Syrian rebels….

Natoeinsatz in Afghanistan: „Konflikt verschlimmert“

Britischer Historiker: Stammesführer nutzen westliche Militärs für Clankämpfe aus

NATO Mafia Staat Kosovo: Wieder wurde eine Journalistin zusammen geschlagen: Arbana Xharra

Das alle Gelder zusperren, Einreise Verbote für die Kriminellen zu verhängen, macht das korrupte Gestrüpp der USA; EU, in Berlin so weiter und überhäuft Verbrecher mit Milliarden, welche spurlos verschwinden. Die „Werte“ der Angela Merkel und EU eben, man ist Partner nur noch mit Verbrechern, finanziert Terroristen.

Wenn man Frauen zusammenschlägt, vergewaltigt das finden Angela Merkel,

Ratte: Steinmeier schweigt, als Peter Sutherland von Umvolkung von Kriminellen nach Europa als UN Plan spricht

Frank Walter Steinmeier normal, deshalb holte man Hunderttausend von primitiven arachische Kriminelle nach Deutschland, obwohl man die Vorstellungen dieser Kultur und Bildungslosen Chaoten aus einem Spiegel Artikel über die Zustände in 1956 in Frankreich und in Schwimmbädern schon kannte.

Arbana Xharra: Am Parkplatz vor der Wohnung in Phristina gezielt abgefangen und zusammen geschlagen, nicht der erste Vorfall gegen seriöse Journalisten im Albanischen Raum.

Jetta Xharra – GazetaJnK gegen den Tschetschenischen Terroristen: Sami Lushtaku im Kosovo

News 13 May 17

Former Journalist Brutally Assaulted in Kosovo

Arbana Xharra, who recently resigned as editor-in-chief of the Kosovo-based newspaper Zeri, was the victim of a savage beating on Friday night in the Kosovo capital Pristina.



Arbana Xharra. Photo: Facebook

As yet unknown perpetrators attacked Xharra late at night at the parking lot in front of her home. She is now in a stable condition. Police say they are investigating the attack.

Kosovo’s President and Prime Minister, Hashim Thaci and Isa Mustafa, as well as media and civil society groups, have all condemned the assault and called on police to arrest those responsible.

Xharra, a journalist since 2001, joined Kosovo’s biggest ruling party, the Democratic Party of Kosovo, PDK, on May 9.

She has often been the target of attacks and of threats for more than a decade because of her penetrating investigative stories and articles on the dangers of religious extremism.

The most recent act of harassment in April involved unknown vandals painting a cross in blood-red paint next to the apartment where she lives with her husband and child.

“The public lynching of journalists is becoming a normality in Kosovo,” she then told BIRN.

“Threatening families and terrorising kids crosses every red line” – but still occurs, she added.

– See more at:

Kosova Der Sturz der Regierung reicht nicht

Heute wurde der Regierung Kosovas im Parlament das Misstrauen ausgesprochen. Die Regierung Mustafa ist Geschichte. Es herrschte bei vielen das Prinzip- „ Der Dieb schreit haltet den Dieb“. Abgeordnete der Regierungspartei PDK führten sich auf wie eine oppositionelle Kraft. Mit diesem Trick versuchen die kriminellen Millionäre in den schnell anstehenden Neuwahlen durchzukommen. Der Organisationsleiter der „Bewegung für Selbstbestimmung“ VETËVENDOSJE (VV) Dardan

Read more …

Abteilung Lüge und BOT von Georg Soros: Steinmeier – Federica Mogherini über Albanien: FT: EU cannot ignore Albania’s descent into disorder

Verbrecher Kartell der EU und USA, mit korrupten Internationalen Organisationen, der absoluten Hirnlosigkeitkeit und Inkompetenz und Korruption. 50 % GBD nur aus Drogen, real beträgt die Geldwäsch noch wesentlich mehr. Für private Profit Geschäfte, lügt Steinmeier (Fortschritte in Albanien, aber nur für Geld, schwafelt Steinmeier, die EU Leute so herum, fälschen Berichte) seit 20 Jahren herum, wo konkret man dann Milliarden überall im Ausland stiehtl, für angebliche Aufbauhilfen, Phantom Projekte, damit das eigene Klientel, die Hirnlosen Banden wie Martin Schulz, Heiko Maas, Ralf Jäger, Jörg Asmussen, aber auch die Grünen Bande wie Rezzo Schlauch sich hemmunglos bedienen können. Heute gibt es wieder schwere Demononstrationen in Tirana, wo kein Staat in der Welt, Demonstrationen direkt am Sitz des Premierministers duldet, nur um Georg Soros Korruptions Murks in Mazedonien und Albanien.

Albanians Corruption Mafia Nr. 1: Romana Vlahutin: The EU Delegation in Tirana, A History of Maladministration

FT: EU cannot ignore Albania’s descent into disorder


Proceeds from the business have been estimated at around half of Albania’s GDP.

Allegations of high-level collusion with the drugs cartels have been levelled at some people in the government, and not just by the opposition. Ylli Manjani, the former justice minister sacked in January, claims that his efforts to clamp down on cannabis production were blocked by government colleagues. The prime minister’s deputy made light of those accusations. What we do know is that the government’s strategy for dealing with the problem has been largely ineffectual. There have been dozens of low level arrests, but as the EU has noted, the mafia bosses driving the trade remain apparently untouchable.

America Super corruption, blackmailing system:


A special investigation into the diplomacy of doing business abroad.

One of Europe’s poorest countries wanted a road, so U.S. mega-contractor Bechtel sold it a $1.3 billion highway, with the backing of a powerful American ambassador. Funny thing is, the highway is barely being used—and the ambassador is now working for Bechtel.

Story by Matthew Brunwasser
Photographs by Matthew Lutton

It isn’t every day that a U.S. ambassador inspires a character in a comic strip. But that’s exactly what Christopher Dell, a former ambassador to Kosovo, did in 2011 — and his likeness wasn’t flattering. Dell was satirized as the “Chief Pimp” in “The Pimpsons,” a Simpsons-like strip created by local artist Fisnik Ismaili that depicted the local political elite commandeering Kosovo’s democracy and selling the country off to the highest bidder. Published on Facebook, the comic portrayed Dell as a monarch, and in one edition, he was shown taking cash from Bechtel, an American construction and engineering corporation, in exchange for helping the business win a $1 billion road contract seen by many as a very bad deal for Kosovo taxpayers………………….

Mogherini must remove Vlahudin, yesterday!

BOT of Georg Soros Mafia: Federica Mogherini in front of Georg Soros’s European University Institute.

EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs Federica Mogherini gestures during the State of the Union conference organized by the European University Institute at Palazzo Vecchio in Florence, Italy, 05 May 2017.

Albania is before a very crucial political election that will determine not only the composition of the next government, but also the future of democracy and democratic liberties in this remote Balkan country.

Elections were scheduled for June 18, but the opposition decided to abstain as there are no accepted guarantees that the election process will be fair. Thanks to the mediation of the European Parliament, the leaders of the government and the opposition started long negotiations into the matter. In this context, the government agreed to postpone the election by one month. This was a great achievement as the Albanian society is deeply divided and the political climate is heavily polarised.

A parallel problem of Albania is that the country is full of narcotics and there are serious allegations that some of this money is being used to influence the election.

According to sources close to EU institutions, a couple of years ago the export potential of Albania was estimated over 250 MT per year.

However, some sources estimate the real figures are much higher. Considering that in the wholesale market the product, for average quality, is quoted around €400 per kilo, it is easy to understand how important this business is for certain Albanian quarters.

Under these circumstances, it is imperative for the driving political forces of Albania to combine their efforts to fight against this absurd situation that is keeping Albania in the margins of Europe.

In this context, we learn that the European Commission has little knowledge of the matter. Curiously enough, the EU Ambassador in Tirana systematically refrains from reporting such matters to his service (EAAS). On the contrary, it seems that most of the information on the Albanian drugs issue, which come to the attention of the European Commission, originate from EuroJust.

In this context, Albanian opposition officials have criticised the EU Ambassador in Albania, Romana Vlahudin – not only for failing to report the drugs trafficking, but for openly taking sides in the Albanian election process. Indeed, she often appears in pre-election events next to the Albanian Prime Minister, thus directly implying that the European Commission favours one specific party in Albania, at the expense of all others.

This discriminatory behaviour of the EU Ambassador in Tirana is strongly criticised in Albania, not only by all oppositions parties but also by most diplomatic missions.

Discussing the matter with a foreign banker in Albania, who spoke to New Europe on the condition of anonymity, he said the European Commission should immediately recall, not only its Ambassador in Tirana, but also all EU diplomats of the mission. This is the most urgent action the European Commission must take and certainly before the Albanian elections.

Finally, it is highly controversial to have, on the one hand, the European Parliament spending time and efforts to bring government and opposition of Albania to agree for a fair election and, on the other hand, have the Head of the EU Diplomatic Mission in Tirana, openly campaigning in favour of the ruling Socialist party.

New Europe – Mogerinit: Vlahutinin duhej ta hiqje që dje, nuk e besojnë as kolegët perëndimorë