EU und US System wie in Kiew, Kosovo, in der Welt: WikiLeaks: Terrorists in Kumanovo were in communication with SDSM

Georg Soros, EU, US und Berliner finanzierte Terroristen eine Einheit mit Zoran Zaev, SDSM

„Rumpelstilzchen“ des EU Parlaments: Martin Schulz, der auch Schwarz Geld aus Bestechungs Kassen schon an Kollegen wie Dritan Pfriti der Tirana Mafia verteilten

WikiLeaks: Terrorists in Kumanovo were in communication with SDSM


WikiLeaks just confirmed MINA’s reports from 2016 that SDSM structures were in communication with Kosovo terrorists who entered Kumanovo. Although our sources went pretty high up the chain in the DBK, it was Zoran Zaev who practically admitted on SDSM’s collaboration and planning with the terrorists when he announced “There will be blood in May if Gruevski doesn’t step down”.

The terrorists struck on May 10th, although were prevented by police to carry out their original plan which was to attack malls, open markets and police stations on May 15th which would have resulted in many civilian casualties.

In correspondence between State Department officials and the US Embassy in Skopje, Wikileaks published the following communication:

“The Bravo team confirms at least 20 members entered from Kosovo, at the moment they are concentrated in the hills around Kumanovo. Even though they see themselves as islamic radicals, this group uses criminal and terrorist methods” says the correspondence.

The State Department goes on to say: “This group is close to Haradinaj in Kosovo, and has already established communication with politicians in Skopje. They have met at least twice in Prishtina. Members of these radicals in Kosovo and Macedonia are communicating with political movements (SDSM) who wish to see the fall of the Government” says in the document obtained by WikiLeaks.

A day after the incident in Kumanovo, SDS leader Zoran Zaev instead of visiting the injured policemen, he opted to visit individuals with close ties to UCK who assisted the terrorists with logistics and real-time information on the movement of Macedonian policemen in the area.

We had also reported that Zaev’s right hand Zahir Bekiri (currently in jail for producing 35,000 fake Ids) had 80 bullet proof vest hidden away in an SDSM office meant for the terrorists in Kumanovo, but were never delivered as the police took action several days before the scheduled terrorist attack.

Die PR Maschine der Lügen, Massenmorde und Staaten Zerstörung des CIA: Bernard Henri-Levy erhielt eine Torte ins Gesicht in Belgrad

Der übelste Lügen PR Verbrecher des CIA und für Massenmord Bernard Henri-Levy, wurde in Belgrad mit einer Torte beworfen. Er promotete alle Kriegs und Greuel Lügen der NATO, USA, des CIA gezielt von Bosnien, Jugoslawien, Kosovo, Libyen, Syrien, Ukraine als billiger bezahlter Schmieren Intellektueller, der sich „Philosoph“ nennt. Millionen Tode gehen auf sein Konto und Ethnische Vertreibungen bis zum Promoten von Kopf Abschneidern und Terroristen, wie Mord und Raub Clans.

Der Lobbyist Bernard-Henri Lévy in Tunis ausgebuht 3. November 2014
31. Oktober abends versuchten Demonstranten sich gegen das Kommen nach Tunesien des hochkarätigen Franzosen, Bernard-Henri Lévy (BHL) zu wehren, Förderer der Kriege in Europa und dem Nahen Osten. Der Mann wird von der französischen Presse als „großer Humanist und Intellektueller“ angesehen, sie präsentiert ihn sogar als „Philosoph“.
„BHL raus!“ und „Nein den zionistischen Interessen in Tunesien!“ waren die häufigsten Parolen auf dem internationalen Flughafen Tunis-Karthago, nachdem sich die (…)

Bernard Henri-Levy gets cake in the face in Belgrade

Bernard Henri-Levy gets cake in the face in Belgrade

The members of youth communist group SKOJ threw a cake in the face of French philosopher Bernard-Henri Levy at a showing of his film “Peshmerga” in Belgrade on Wednesday evening. The leftists have been shouting: „Murderer, leave Belgrade“ and „This bastard has urged Yugoslavia to be bombed eight years before NATO intervention“. Shortly before Levy started to talk, a girl threw eggs at him.In 1990s, Levy strongly criticized Serbia over its role in the Yugoslav wars.

A young man appeared in the podium with transparent: „Bernard Levy supports imperialistic murders“; another tried to attack him. The cameramen who were near stopped him from causing a more serious incident.

Serbian director Goran Markovic got a little bit of the cake on his jacket. Markovic admitted that he was „very surprised“ by the incident.

Levy claimed that those who attacked him were „fascists“. At first, he left the audience; he came back 10 minutes later saying that the attackers were not anti-imperialists but rather „fascists“ who tried to stop his dialogue with the public.

Furthermore, Levy claimed that since 1990s Serbia has not been changed „as much as its friends have been hoping“. „Democracy did not win in Belgrade yet. The truth is not acceptable by all in this city. Long live Europe and long live democratic Serbia in European Union! I am proud today because I am defending in the front of you the achievements of anti-fascism in Europe“, Levy concluded.

Levy’s film about the Kurds’ battle against the Islamic State group was being shown at the Beldocs documentary festival in Belgrade. The organizers of Beldocs demanded from the City of Belgrade and government to punish the attackers./ΙΒΝΑ