Dyncorps US General: General James Grazioplene, wegen 6-facher Kinder Vergewaltigung vor einem Militär Gericht

Wegen Kinder Vergewaltigung musst der US General vo nDyncorps von das US Militär verlassen, organisierte in Bosnieni auch Kinder Bordells und Handel. 190.000 Deutsche Frauen wurden nachdem 2 WK in Deutschland von den Banden vergewaltigt, wie eine ZDF Doku zeigt. Zum Spaß machen wie dokumentiert diese Söldner, welche wie die MPRI auch im Balkan hausten, Jagd auf Zivilisten und erschiessen diese Leute mit diesem Demokratie Modell.

ZDF Doku, über die Verbrechen der US Armee vor allem in Deutschland

DynCorps: mit dem Sex Kinder Sklaven Bordells, Kinder Handel in Bosnien und Afghanistan


Former Dyncorp VP Charged With Rape Of A Minor

Published: April 17, 2017
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On Friday, April 14th, the Military District of Washington announced that General James Grazioplene (Ret.) was being charged with six specifications of rape of a minor on multiple occasions between 1983 and 1989. The Army said that the investigation remains open.

There were no further details released about the case and it is unclear why the charges are only now being brought against Mr. Grazioplene. NY Daily News reported that Grazioplene retired in 2005 after serving as the director of force development in the Pentagon’s Joint Warfighting Capabilities Assessment. Grazioplene’s Linkedin page revealed that he served as the Vice President of Dyncorp from 2012 to 2015. He also acted as the CEO for Mission Readiness LLC, a joint venture run by private military groups DynCorp International, Force Protection Industries, Oshkosh Defense and McLane Advanced Technologies which worked to provide U.S. and Coalition forces with vehicle maintenance in Afghanistan, Iraq and Kuwait.

The conviction of their former Vice President is the latest in a string of sexual misconduct cases that have plagued Dyncorp over the years. Disobedient Media has previously highlighted a number of these incidents, including scandals in Afghanistan and the Balkans, where Dyncorp employees actively facilitated abuse of minors and even worked with organized crime groups to engage in human trafficking.


90.000 geheime Dokumente dokumentieren das Mord der Amerikaner in Afghanistan, wobei Kinder Morde, Kinder Entführung ebenso schon dokumentiert wurde.
27.03.2015 Kolumbien / Militär

Press TV berichtete am heutigen Donnerstag unter Berufung auf Iran Newspaper on Network, dass amerikanische Besatzungssoldaten in der westafghanischen Provinz Farah Mädchen und Frauen in eine US-Basis verschleppt und dort mehrfach vergewaltigt haben. Eines der Mädchen starb einem medizinischen Bericht zufolge an Genitalverletzungen, die durch die Vergewaltigung hervorgerufen wurden.

US-Militärs vergewaltigten Kinder in Kolumbien

US-Militär in Kolumbien

US-Militär in Kolumbien

UNO beendet inmitten von Kritik Blauhelmmission Minustah in Haiti

Der Sicherheitsrat der Vereinten Nationen hat die in Haiti und international massiv kritisierte Blauhelmmission Minustah für beendet erklärt. Der Einsatz in Haiti soll nach 13 Jahren und zahlreichen Skandalen eingestellt werden. Während die UNO eine positive Bilanz zieht, kritisieren soziale Organisationen und Menschenrechtsgruppen die Arbeit der Blauhelme. Sie weisen zugleich eine Folgemission von Polizeikräften zurück. Die Minustah hatte in den vergangenen Jahren immer wieder für Proteste gesorgt, weil sie als Besatzungsmacht nach dem Putsch gegen Präsident Jean-Bertrand Aristide im Jahr 2004 gesehen wurde.

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How stupid and corrupt European Politicans and from Berlin?

The Albanian villa saga is not over

As a result of facing “international factors which were multiple and conflicting,” the professor says, Albanian politicians “started playing a double game: Cooperate by day, undo it by night. Every law that was passed, included a lot of ‘back doors.’”

April 18, 2017, 12:04 am


EU Mafia: EU approves 100 million in assistance for Moldova


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On 12 April 2017, EU ambassadors agreed the Council’s negotiating position on a macro-financial assistance for the Republic of Moldova.

Up to €100 million is proposed in EU assistance, of which €60 million in loans and €40 million in the form of grants. It would supplement resources provided by the IMF and other multilateral institutions.

The assistance would be aimed at supporting the country’s economic stabilisation and structural reform agenda, helping to cover its external financing needs over the coming two years.

Ambassadors asked the presidency to start talks on the proposed decision with the European Parliament, as soon as the Parliament has agreed its own stance.

The Republic of Moldova’s economy was affected by political instability during the period between elections in November 2014 and January 2016. It has also been affected by a banking fraud scandal, weak economic activity and import bans imposed by Russia. Since early 2016, the authorities have adopted a number of reforms, but need to undertake further efforts in implementing them, whilst those responsible for banking frauds need to be brought to justice. Reforms in the financial sector and in the management of public finances have been undertaken in the framework of negotiations on an IMF programme.

In July 2016 the Moldovan authorities and the IMF agreed a three-year extended credit facility and extended fund facility arrangement for $178.7 million. The Republic of Moldova requested complementary assistance from the EU in August 2015 and renewed that request in March 2016.

The EU assistance would be subject to a memorandum of understanding (MOU), including precise and specific conditions, to be agreed by the Republic of Moldova with the Commission.

A precondition would be that the Republic of Moldova respects effective democratic mechanisms, including a multi-party parliamentary system. It would have to respect the rule of law and guarantee respect for human rights. Objectives also include the efficiency, transparency and accountability of public finance management, an effective prevention of corruption and money laundering, and financial sector governance and supervision.