Weltbank, IMF Theater in Mazedonien, wo die Inkompetenz der Profi Gangster um ihre Posten fürchten

Verantwortlich bei der Weltbank: Jane Amitrage, Ehefrau von Richard Amitrage, dem Welt Drogen Gangster im Langzeit Turn des  CIA und Haupt Figur auch in der Iran Contra Affärre rund um Waffen- Geldwäsche und Drogen Geschäfte..

Weltbank-Insider packt aus über Korruption und die Federal Reserve

Alex Newman

The New American

22. Mai 2013 (Übersetzung von we-are-change.de, vielen Dank dafür)

Karen Hudes


Voll Time Super Idiot: Robert Kagan, Ober Hühner Falke des Krieges.

Deutschland finanziert und ist Partner im Verbrecher Spektakel, über das Georg C. Marshall Centrum in Garmisch Parten Kirchen.


, wo man Kriminelle Weltweit anheuert, für Sabotage Aktionen, Drogen Schmuggel und Betrug ohne Ende. Secret Operation = George C. Marshall Center.

Ehefrau Victory Nuland der Hirnlosen Deppen Familie, weiß ebenso nie was sie tut.

World Bank Insider Blows Whistle on Corruption, Federal Reserve By Alex Newman, May 26, 2013

How Neocons Banished Realism

Comedy Show of Incompetenz: IMF

31 Mar 17

IMF Will Not Give Up On Macedonia, Mission Chief

IMF Mission Chief Jesmin Rahman said that reforms need to be among the new Macedonian government’s top priorities.

Aleksandar Janev


IMF Mission Chief for Macedonia Jesmin Rahman. Photo: BIRN

The International Monetary Fund, IMF, decided last year to discontinue its Resident Representative in Macedonia. However, that does not mean that it is “giving up” on the country.

On the contrary, IMF is very much engaged in Macedonia and is closely monitoring the situation in the country, IMF Mission Chief for Macedonia Jesmin Rahman told BIRN in an interview.

– See more at: http://www.balkaninsight.com/en/article/imf-will-not-give-up-on-macedonia-mission-chief-03-29-2017#sthash.z8QdxjTH.dpuf

Jesmin Rahman (PhD ’98)

Why did you join the PhD in Economics Program at AU?

I completed by BA in economics and political science at Smith College, with a regional concentration on the Middle East. I was looking for graduate programs in international business and economics that had a multidisciplinary twist. I was also looking forward to being in a big city where there were lots of internship opportunities to get hands-on training in development/international economics. While AU was perhaps not my first choice, its location and the generous financial aid eased my decision.

Could you tell us about some of your experiences while at AU?

I particularly enjoyed the opportunity to teach classes. Graduate students at AU have the possibility to teach not just introductory micro and macro economics, but also specialty courses. In my case, this was the course on History of Economic Thought. I immensely enjoyed that teaching experience. It provided with a burst of fresh air in my otherwise conventional graduate student’s life. I also had some flexibility in designing the course material (for example, I introduced my students to the economic thought of 13th-century Arab philosopher Ibn Khaldun). I am grateful to professor John Wisman for the seminars he organized to help students become effective teachers. I was surprised at how long it took me to settle on a dissertation topic. My initial interest was in researching child labor. Unfortunately, I was not able to narrow my interest down to a „researchable“ topic. So I listened to the informal wisdom regarding dissertation work: there are essentially two kinds of dissertations, those that are completed and those that are not. I was grateful when Professor Feinberg suggested that I continue work on exchange rate pass-through, an area where I had done some research for him previously. Later, this topic proved to be very helpful in my job search.

How did your career evolve after completing your PhD at AU?……..



SDS Loses BESA MPs, DUI Not Sure what to do, Jess Baily is in the US
Friday, 31 March 2017
DUI-Pretsedatelstvo-640x341DUI’s leadership wrapped up their meeting, where the main topic on their agenda was to decide whether to quit the technical Government, however no decision has been made. Jess Baily’s phone must be unavailable as the US Ambassador is in Washington where he is questioned on giving millions of Americans‘ taxpayers money to Soros to finance Macedonian protests and the destabilization of the country.

During the past year, it became very obvious DUI is under complete control of the US Ambassador, so much so Ahmeti would change his mind for just about anything after receiving a phone call from Baily’s office.

DUI’s leadership is split and have had heated debates whether they should still obey Jess Baily and Soros considering the change in the US leadership. DUI’s wing of Teuta Arifi, Nevzat Bejta and Izet Memeti believe the US democrats would overwhelm Trump and should continue their loyalty to Baily and Soros after which they will be rewarded.


In unrelated news, Zaev’s support in Parliament has been reduced by 5 MPs  getting their total MPs down to 62, after the radical islamists in BESA withdrew their support for SDS led Government. BESA believed SDS‘ nomination of Talat Xhaferi for Parliament Speaker was wrong, but not for the reasons you think.

In 2001 Talat Xhaferi deserted the Macedonian Army and joined UCK where he was known as commandir Forina. However, BESA is ok with this, their problem is that Xhaferi may not be radical enough for them.

Russian Oligarch in Election Probe Linked to Drug Cartel

F44444New evidence indicates that Oleg Deripaska, the Russian billionaire who paid $10 million a year to Paul Manafort between 2004 and 2009, has been in business since 2004 in Guyana with a politically powerful crime family involved in international drug trafficking whose most famous member is a drug pilot who had also been the chief pilot of the owner of the flight school in Venice Florida that taught Mohamed Atta to fly.

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Oleg & Me

Publishing a story called “Oleg & Me” the day after the “Oleg” in question runs a half-page ad in the New York Times ad offering to sue the Associated Press is probably a little foolhardy for someone who’s not even—you know—associated. But it has to be done.


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The Brassington Files


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