Terrorist: Carl Bildt: Sweden NOT prosecuting top-politicians on serious allegations of war crimes in Libya

Sweden NOT prosecuting top-politicians on serious allegations of war crimes in Libya, but capriciously detain four years leader of the war crimes-denouncing org. WikiLeaks

NIemand soll wissen, das man für die selben Auftraggeber arbeitet. Deshalb die Hand vor dem Mund!

Bildt and Richard Holbrooke before peace talks in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina in October 1995.

1992 wo er sich selbst als CIA Agent, NeoCon outet und kurz danach war Olaf Palme tod

Safe in the arms of
Uncle George: The
daughter of Carl Bildt
and her father on a 1994
visit to the White House
of former CIA Director
Goerge Bush.

Betrüger, CIA Agent Carl Bildt: „Keeping the Balkan Ghosts at Bay“

By Prof. Marcello Ferrada de Noli


libya1A fact-based denounce for war crimes allegedly committed by Swedes in Libya was drastically dismissed by the Swedish Prosecution Authority. Among the accused were former foreign minister Carl Bildt and several prominent members of the previous government. The events have been exposed by highcrimes.lege.net/en/ and posted in the following links:

Click here for a list of the suspects.
Click here for an overview of the process.
Click here far a background article on Libya.
Click here for an article on the UN.

What caught particularly my attention among the interesting material above, it was to learn that in Sweden, politicians members of the government are NOT subject to swe pol not prosec - questionprosecution, as ordinary citizens are supposed to. The document showed here at right [in Swedish, click to enlarge] from the Swedish General Prosecutor office, states that accusations against these politicians are not to be dealt by Swedish prosecutors, but have to be filed upon the Constitutional committee of the Swedish parliament, in other words an extension of the same political body (the parliament, or Riksdagen) to which the eventual accused commonly belong. This is a praxis repeated in the case of complains against the police for abuse, etc., as I analyze down below in this article.

In other words, those in power abusing power also abuse it by judging themselves for their abuse!