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Mogherini reads Macedonian Constitution to Ivanov, a Law Scholar

Friday, 03 March 2017
Federica Mogherini, an Italian communist, one of Soros‘ useful idiots in the EU, and a High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs, today lectured president Ivanov by reading passages from the Macedonian Constitution to him and the press!?

The thing is, president Ivanov is a famous professor and a legal scholar who in addition to his own PhD in Law and Political Theory, was awarded additional 7 Honorary Doctorates from prestigious law schools.

We can expect literally anything from the eurocrat idiot leftists who visit Macedonia, but Mogherini took it to the next level, and yet didn’t manage to surprise us – we have been following her career „rise“ from complete obscurity to being (shockingly) named High Representative, and we can confidently say she has the brain power of Zoran Zaev. She does what she is told, puts not a single brain cell to work how foolish she would look, and simply does it. This is why Soros selected her, and it’s why she read the Macedonian constitution to a Law scholar, and a president.

While reading the passage „that the winning party or the parties who form majority can form a Government if they meet the criteria“ the current criteria being „you can’t be insane and give up the country to Albania“, the genius Mogherini at no point in time mentioned the Tirana platform devilishly introduced after the elections by PM Edi Rama who is so close to Soros, he attended his wedding. Why would she, she was told not to mention it.

Ivanov, being the master he is, told Mogherini to seize this rare opportunity and make the EU look somewhat professional and not like the complete imbecils and saboteurs they are and send a clear message  that this sort of behavior and meddling by foreign nations in Macedonia’s internal affairs is not acceptable as tomorrow the very same thing will be done to another country – „a very bad precedent is created“ Ivanov told her.

Did she respond? Of course not, she continued to read out few sentences written for her how „she understands, acknowledes and knows the situation is difficult and the EU will be looking very closely“.  This is a sentence she will read out in Bosnia, Albania, Croatia, Serbia and the protectorate of Kosovo.

And we want to be part of the EU, even when the poor Bulgarians tell us that it will be the single biggest mistake we can ever make? //Gorazd Velkovski

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NATO Willing to See ‚Blood in Streets of Macedonia‘ for Greater Albania Project

 People walk across a street in front of the Parliament building in Macedonia’s capital Skopje, Thursday, April 7, 2016

© AP Photo/ Boris Grdanoski
EUROPE Sputnik
16:54 02.03.2017

The EU and NATO are putting pressure on Skopje to accept the demands of neighboring Tirana and change its constitution, which would have a destabilizing effect on the Republic of Macedonia.

On Wednesday, President of the Republic of Macedonia Gjorge Ivanov refused to give Social Democratic Union of Macedonia (SDSM) leader Zoran Zaev a mandate to form a new government, following parliamentary elections in December.

The ruling center-right VMRO-DPMNE party led by former Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski won 51 seats in the election, the largest proportion of any party in Macedonia’s 120-seat parliament.

In a tight-run affair, SDSM came second with 49 seats, followed by the country’s largest Albanian political party, the Democratic Union for Integration (DUI), which got 10 seats.

Gruevski had expressed willingness to support the SDSM in government if Zaev pledged to reject the „Tirana Platform,“ an initiative sponsored by the Albanian government to increase Albanian influence on Macedonian politics.

In late December, Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama invited the leaders of four Albanian parties in Macedonia to Tirana for a meeting at which they formulated a so-called „Albanian Platform,“ under the auspices of Tirana.

The four-pronged platform calls for the Albanian language to be granted official status in Macedonia, judicial reform, EU membership and NATO membership, DUI leader Ali Ahmeti told

Ex-Macedonian PM Gruevski Accuses Soros, Foreign Actors of Creating Country’s Political Crisis
Tirana’s meddling was criticized by the Macedonian foreign ministry, which called on Albania to refrain from stoking division in the region, reported.

Tirana’s attempt to destabilize Macedonia has been echoed by US politicians too. In February, chairman of the US Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Europe, Eurasia and Emerging Threats Dana Rohrabacher told Albanian TV Channel Vizion Plus that the country should be portioned, and „Kosovars and Albanians from Macedonia should be part of Kosovo.“

Albanians are the largest minority ethnic group in Macedonia, and are a majority in some western regions. Their population has increased rapidly over the past century. According to a 1953 census, there were 870,000 Macedonians and 163,000 Albanians in the Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. In 2002, there were 1.3 million Macedonians and 509,000 Albanians.

Opposing the Tirana Platform as a step towards the partition of Macedonia „along ethnic lines, via cantons and federal units,“ Gruevski’s VMRO-DPMNE called on the SDSM to reject a political alliance with Albanian parties who are implementing Tirana’s plans for the eventual carving-up of Macedonia.

Meeting with President Ivanov on Monday, SDSM leader Zaev had gained the backing of 67 deputies in the Macedonian parliament, 13 of them from deputies of the Albanian parties.

They reportedly agreed to back him after Zaev agreed to support a bill making Albanian the country’s second official language. However, this and other ambitions contained in the Tirana Platform are unacceptable to the VMRO-DPMNE, which is close to Ivanov and holds a plurality of parliamentary seats.

Ivanov’s refusal to give Zaev a mandate to form the government was criticized by EU Commissioner for European Neighborhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations Johannes Hahn, who tweeted that the President should „respect the outcome of recent elections.“

Aleksandar Pavic of Belgrade’s Center for Strategic Alternatives told Sputnik Srbija that the EU’s call is a demonstration that the EU „still behaves like an appendage to globalist Washington, and is working hand in hand with NATO.“

Earlier, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg called on „the authorities in Skopje to fulfil the next step in the democratic process,“ and said the alliance „remains committed to the membership of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia in the Alliance.“

Pavic told Sputnik that NATO’s interference is testament to its support for the partition of Macedonia and the furthering of Tirana’s „Greater Albania“ project.
Given its desire for the Republic of Macedonia to join NATO, the country’s destabilization would be an acceptable outcome for the alliance, Pavic said.

„That’s not a bad outcome as far as NATO is concerned. Even if blood runs through the streets of Macedonia, that would be just fine and acceptable for NATO. Of course, they want to prevent NATO’s biggest fear, that is leaving a vacuum for even a shred of Russian influence to enter,“ Pavic said.

„This open interference shows that they are in a hurry to do as much as they can and present the new administration with a fait accompli wherever possible. In Ukraine, Macedonia, Montenegro … here we see the globalist project that has tried to rule for the last 25 years.“

Pavic commented that the destabilization of the Republic of Macedonia would cast doubt on any possible involvement in the Turkish Stream gas project, or China’s plans to build a fast train between Thessaloniki and Budapest.

„An unstable Macedonia prevents either of these projects,“ Pavic said.