Georg Soros – Clinton – EU – Zoran Zaev System: Zhurnal: SDS Selling Ministerial Roles for €60k

Zhurnal: SDS Selling Ministerial Roles for €60k
Tuesday, 28 February 2017
The SDS at the moment is without a leadership, their central committee cannot make a decision without approval from Zaev. At the moment, all decisions are made by Zoran Zaev and his brother Vice Zaev, also known as the „cash register“.Pay to Play system seen by the Clinton/Obama in the US where they were selling Ambassadorial posts to „donors“  is now adopted by the SDS

Accordiong to Zhurnal, there are two things that infuriated even the most hardened supporters of Zaev.

The first i is that the SDS leadership gave up the most important posts to DUI – including the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education and Science, Ministry of Environmental Protection, Ministry of Economy, the Secretariat for European Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Labour and social policy and director of the Public Revenue Office. Essentially, it is as if DUI won the elections, they will have 90% control of the Government and budget while having only 10 MPs.

The second thing that somehow caused an even bigger revolt was the price one has to pay for ministerial post. Two days ago prior to seeking a mandate from President Gjorge Ivanov, the SDS leader through his brother Vice Zaev conveyed a message to several people interested from SDS‘ central committee that ministerial positions in the government cost 60,000 euros in cash. The explanation was that these funds will be allegedly used for the election campaign for the upcoming local elections, adding that future ministers from SDS will certainly have incentives, opportunities and resources to reclaim (steal) their money during their tenure. Several of the possible candidates for ministers from SDS refused these conditions but for other ministers, the offer still looked attractive – reports Zhurnal.

The SDS hasn’t gotten to power yet, and are already commiting criminal acts.

Also, the SDS has a fee for a candidacy for a mayoral position, which cost 20,000 euros, also payable to Vice Zaev.  Zhurnal reports SDS‘ Muhamed Zekiri who wanted to nominate himself for mayor of Chair, now has second thoughts, the risk is too big to pay 20,000 euros just to become a candidate. The wealthier segment of the SDS, don’t mind paying the 20,000 euros fee knowing they can steal much more than that, reports Zhurnal.

Georg Soros’s Albanian Mafia with Edi Rama

Judicial Watch: US Embassy Financed the destabilization of Macedonia Macedonia Thursday, 02 March 2017

Macedonian Farmers block Roads: Ask for Traitors to be Jailed
Thursday, 02 March 2017
Kumanova Teroristen, 2015 aus Polizei Archiven und Albanischen Medien

Καζάνι που βράζει η Αλβανία - Συνεχίζονται οι διαδηλώσεις κατά της κυβέρνησης Ράμα (pics)

Macedonia, President Ivanov refuses to authorize Zaev, due to Albanian platform
Macedonia, President Ivanov refuses to authorize Zaev, due to Albanian platform

Macedonia, President Ivanov refuses to authorize Zaev, due to Albanian platform

The post-electoral crisis in Macedonia was escalated even further today.

President Djordje Ivanov refused to authorize LSDM leader, Zoran Zaev, to form a new government with the Albanian parties.

Ivanov made his decision public in a press released held in front of the media today at 16:30.

He claimed that the platform of the Albanian parties in Macedonia was drafted by a foreign country, and that it would undermine the independence and sovereignty of Macedonia.

The platform of the Albanian parties, led by the BDI, who represent one third of Macedonia’s population, is to have Albanian as the second official language.

Zaev agreed to this condition, but Gruevski has strongly opposed it, with his supporters claiming that it would bring to a federalization of Macedonia.

After this decision, the country may hold new elections.

OMV – MOL Mafia with Iso Sanander: Croatia’s energy minister to travel to Brussels on Friday for talks on INA

Croatia’s energy minister to travel to Brussels on Friday for talks on INA

By   /   30/01/2017  /   Comments Off on Croatia’s energy minister to travel to Brussels on Friday for talks on INA

Croatia’s Energy and Environment Protection Minister Slaven Dobrovic, who is travelling to Brussels on Friday for talks with the European Commission concerning Croatian legislation on the privatisation of INA, said on Monday that he hoped that the Commission would show understanding and offer dialogue.

In December, the EC requested Croatia to amend the 2002 law on the privatisation of INA on the grounds that it violates the free movement of capital and the freedom of establishment. The request was sent in the form of a reasoned opinion, a second step in EU infringement proceedings. If Croatia fails to bring the INA law in line with EU law within two months, the Commission may refer it to the EU’s Court of Justice.

Asked by the press about Croatia’s arguments, Dorbovic admitted today that this was a complex matter.

“We are determined to take steps. This means re-nationalisation of INA, the buyout of INA’s shares from our strategic partner (MOL) in INA. We believe that this is a new, important circumstance and we will try to explain the positions regarding the violation of the rights in connection with the privatisation of INA, ” Dobrovic added./IBNA

NATO Terrorism: Albania’s Participation in Islamic Games Causes Dissent


Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Einzige US und Deutsche Aussenpolitik

Albania’s Participation in Islamic Games Causes Dissent

Image result for albanian islam

Albanian athletes will be competing in May for the first time in the games organised under the auspices of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation – but some Albanians say a secular European country has no place in such an event.

Fatjona Mejdini

The closing ceremony of the 3rd Islamic Solidarity Games in Indonesia. Photo: Youtube screeshot
Albanian athletes will be participating for the first time in this year’s Islamic Solidarity Games, which take place Baku in Azerbaijan in May.
It is the first time that athletes from the country will be competing in the games, which involve athletes from member countries of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation, OIC, following a decision by the National Olympic Committee of Albania, KOKSH.
While most people in Albania are Muslim, many Albanians also believe that as a secular European state that aims to join the EU, membership of such an organisation is not appropriate.
Paskal Milo, a historian, politician and former foreign minister, told BIRN that he also disagreed with Albania’s involvement in the activities of the OIC.
He believes that while Albania should respect Islamic countries and collaborate bilaterally on certain issues, it should not be done under the umbrella of an overtly Islamic organisation.
„I have always believed that the decision to participate in the OIC is one of the worst ones that Albania took since the fall of communism,“ he said.
„Every action that includes Albania further in the organisation sends a wrong message to our European and American allies and partners, putting in doubt our affiliation and European orientation,“ he concluded.
Albanian athletes will be competing in seven of the 22 sporting categories of the games in Baku – the fourth such event to take place following the first one held in 2005 in Saudi Arabia.
„We have the approval of the Foreign Ministry and the Ministry of Sports,“ Stavri Bello, general secretary of KOKSH, told Top Channel TV on Monday.
„We are going to send our athletes there to contribute to collaboration between nations,“ he added.
Albanian President Sali Berisha took Albania into the OIC by presidential decree in 1992 but the issue remains controversial among politicians and most of the country’s intellectuals.
The organisation founded in 1969, which calls itself the „collective voice of Muslim world“, comprises some 57 countries with an overwhelmingly Muslim population.
Piro Misha, a prominent researcher on nationalism and culture, told BIRN that Albania’s membership of the organisation went against the country’s constitution, its secular values and the idea of religious coexistence [Albania has large Catholic and Orthodox Chriatian minorities].
„I see the participation of Albanian athletes in these games as completely inappropriate; I don’t understand why this invitation was accepted,“ he said.
He also believes that Albania’s membership of the OIC is not wholly valid, as MPs never voted on the issue.
„We never voted on this [presidential] decree in parliament and a country cannot be a member of an organisation of this kind and assume responsibilities if parliament didn’t vote on accession,“ he said.
„I see Albania acting as a schizophrenic state since some of the decisions that this organisation takes are against our Western aspirations,“ he concluded.

1994 entsandte der CIA Griechische Terroristen nach Albanien, dann nochmal in 1997

Identisch wie in Jugoslawien Zeitgleich mit Mord und Terror Gruppen, wie der CIA Offizier Robert Baer outete, um die NATO Osterweiterung zu orginieren im Hitler Stile. Mit Millionen $, wurden Kriminelle, Politiker und Militärs gekauft.

Schuldbekenntnis eines CIA-Agenten: Man gab uns Millionen für die Zerstückelung Jugoslawiens!

1994 wurden Albanische Soldaten erschossen in Albanien, als Griechische Faschisten mit CIA Unterstützung Terror Anschläge verübten. Fred Beleri, war der damalige Anführer, heute mit Gangstern der Griechischen Morgenräte zusammen

Der tpyische Hotel Besitzer in Albanien.

Immer auf gestohlenen Grundstücken, ohne Baugenehmigung, was der Drogen Verteilung dient an der Küste und der Geldwäsche.
Hotel Lukova Palace
Grand Hotel Lukova, immer leer, weil Albaner solche Hotels meiden.
Golden Dawn threatens with war

Der Lukove Mafia Boss: Roberto Chaidi, droht mit seiner Faschisten Verbrecher Banden Golden Dawn in Himari den Albaner mit Krieg

In Albanien kann Nichts mehr überraschen!
Auftritt Gestern in Himari, zum Todes Tag des Aristotel Guma, der von 2 Kriminellen aus Vlore mit dem Auto ermordet wurde, die mit gefakten Auto Kennzeichen herum fuhren.

Ein besonders üblen Verbrecher und Terroristen: Fredi Bejleri, hat man ein paar Wahl Plakate zerfetzt. Von der sogenannten Lukova Mafia Alles Griechisher Abstammung und Schwerst Verbrecher, welche in Terrorismus und Mord verwickelt sind schon in 1994.fredi
Fredi Bejleri

Zgjedhjet Vendore 2015
14 Qershor 2015 – 14:40 | përditesuar në 14:47

Grisen posterat e Fredi Bejlerit, PBDNJ:Të distancohen kandidatët

HIMARË – Partia Bashkimi për të Drejtat e Njeriut ka denoncuar aktet e vandalizmit të ndodhura në zonën e Lukovës dhe Vranishtit, si grisja e posterave elektoralë të PBDNJ-së dhe kandidatit të saj për Bashkinë e Himarës, Fredi Beleri.

Në një reagim për mediet, PBDNJ i bën thirrje të gjithë kandidatëve elektoralë të distancohen nga akte të tilla të shëmtuara, të cilat cenojnë atmosferën dhe standardet europiane zgjedhore, duke i ftuar të vazhdojnë garën elektorale në një mjed – See more at:–distancohen-kandidat-t-299034.html#sthash.BrT2Mwfh.dpuf

Die Lukova Mafia, dirigiert den Frauen Handel nach Griechenland, Drogen und Waffen Handel:

EU Menschenrechtshof, lehnt Ansprüche des Verbrechers „Fredi Beleri“ ab

Gjykata e Strasburgut rrëzon kandidatin e PBDNJ, Fredi Beleri
Beleri u dënua në 2003 me 3 vite burg

Die Griechische Faschisten Mafia aus Lukova im Wahlkampf: Fredi Bejleri, Vangjule Dule, Roberto Chaidi

CIA, suggests Albania, that a union of Greece, with Northern Epirus, may be among Shkumbini and Vjosa rivers. CIA προτείνει, την Αλβανία, ότι μια ένωση της Ελλάδα, με τη Βόρεια Ήπειρο, μπορεί να είναι μεταξύ Σκουμπίν και Βιόσα ποτάμια

.Intelligence Memorandum CIA

Relations between Albania and Greece have deteriorated sharply
following a violent border attack in April, the latest incident in three years of strained bilateral ties. Greece has stepped up accusations of Albanian „repression“of its ethnic-Greek minority, while Tirana fears Athens has designs on the Greek. Greek allegations that Tirana is systematically violating the rights of the ethnic-Greek minority with the aim of driving it out of Albania appear to lack

Mr. Tenet’s Trojan Horse

Date: Sunday, April 29 @ 11:32:26 PDT
Topic: Albania News

Inside: „Tenet Correspondence“ by Gary Q. Kokalari

With the events of September 11th, we have witnessed the greatest intelligence failure in history since the Greeks sent the Trojan horse to rescue Helen of Troy. Ironically, a “Greek” presided over the CIA on one of the darkest days in American history.


George Tenet – Ex Director of CIA

By Gary Q. Kokalari – Exclusively for ACLIS

In 1997, George Tenet, who presents himself as a Greek American, was nominated by President Clinton to be CIA Director. As required, his nomination had to be ratified by Congress. On April 27, 1997, I wrote to Senator Richard Shelby, then Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, requesting that the Committee require Mr. Tenet to disclose any relationships he may have with Greek radicals or organizations that support the concept of a “Northern Epirus”.

I also warned that a destabilized Albania had significant ramifications for U.S. strategic interests, and that political instability in Albania could lead to armed conflict in Kosova.

I copied George Tenet on my letter to Senator Shelby and also sent a separate letter to Tenet in which I wrote,

“It is my understanding that you represent yourself as a Greek American. It is also my understanding that your father was born in the Albanian village of Qeparo and that your mother was born in Himara, Albania. If this information is correct, it would indicate that there may be some confusion about your ethnic heritage due to the fact that the inhabitants of this area of Albania are ethnic Albanians….. Your comment on this matter will be greatly appreciated.”

Gary Q. Kokalari – Political Analyst

Not surprisingly, Mr. Tenet did not respond to my letter. Many Albanians would like to know if there is any truth to the speculation about Tenet’s ethnic origin, and due to his reticence to comment, anyone who can shed light on this matter is encouraged to come forward.

After sending letters to Senator Shelby and Mr. Tenet, I had the opportunity to discuss this issue with the staff of the Senate Intelligence Committee. Following a cursory investigation of the matter, in the end, Albania’s affairs were not deemed important enough to alter the judgment of the Committee. Unfortunately, my ultimate objective of blocking Tenet’s nomination was unsuccessful.

In March 2000, I wrote to Senator Shelby once again. But this time it was to protest a comment made by Mr. Tenet during a December 1999 speech at the annual conference of the Hellenic Medical Society of New York. Mr. Tenet’s speech included a reference to his mother’s migration from Albania as follows:

“My mother escaped from Northern Epirus on a British submarine a step ahead of the communist takeover and the closing of the border, never to see her family again.”

I explained to Senator Shelby that the term “Northern Epirus” is used exclusively by Greek radicals to describe what is in fact southern Albania, and that these radicals have as their common objective the annexation of southern Albania by Greece. I also informed him that the term “Northern Epirus” is not recognized by Albanians, Albania or for that matter, any other country. I expressed my outrage that Mr. Tenet, while a standing Director of the CIA, would behave so irresponsibly in using the highly inflammatory term “Northern Epirus” to describe Albania. By so doing he has acted in a belligerent manner toward Albania, insulted Albanians throughout the world and embraced the dangerous ambitions of Greek provocateurs.

If we assume just for the sake of conversation that there is some truth about Mr. Tenet’s Albanian origins, it would appear that we have a factually challenged CIA director with respect to his own ethnic identity and the existence of a sovereign country named Albania. If this is the case, we should not be surprised by the astonishing intelligence failure that led to the tragic events of September 11th.

Given his roots in the Clinton administration and the events of September 11th, why hasn’t Tenet been fired from his job as CIA director? Perhaps we can find a clue in Faik Konitza’s book “Albania: The Rock Garden of Southern Europe” in which he writes on the Albanian character and states:

“It is important to know that the greatest insult in Albania is to call a man i-pabese, that is to say, disloyal. By contrast, it is interesting to note that in modern Greece, the grossest insult is to call a person illiterate and unintelligent: the ideal of Albania’s southern neighbors is cleverness instead of character.”

Despite his glaring deficiencies in intelligence gathering, Tenet’s ability to hang on to his post may have something to do with the classic “Greek cleverness” referred to by Konitza. Tenet quickly moved to develop a warm working relationship with George W. Bush. In fact, several days after the attacks, the President visited CIA headquarters and in a show of support threw his arm around Tenet. But perhaps Tenet’s most cunning maneuver was to curry favor with the Bush family by naming the CIA headquarters building after George W’s father, ex-CIA Director and former President George H.W. Bush.

The bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993, and the subsequent bombings of the U.S. Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania and the U.S.S. Cole in Yemen should have been sufficient to convince Mr. Tenet that Binladin and al Qaeda were deadly serious about their intentions to inflict damage upon America. And just one day before their most recent attacks, according to The New York Times, intelligence officials intercepted a September 10th telephone call between Binladin and his mother when he told her, “something big is coming – you’re going to hear big news and you’re not going to hear from me for a while.” What was Mr. Tenet waiting for – an engraved invitation to Binladin’s next terrorist attack?

I remember what a beautiful day it was on September 11th when I arrived at my office in Manhattan shortly after 8:00 AM. Tragically, in less than an hour, that beautiful Tuesday would be violently interrupted by terrorists using modern day Trojan horses, this time in the form of airplanes laden with jet fuel, that would reshape the magnificent Manhattan skyline and all of our lives forever. It shouldn’t have happened. We should have known. But it did happen, and it happened on George Tenet’s watch. If Mr. Tenet was a man of character, he would resign. And if he doesn’t, he should be fired.

To All:
You may be interested in knowing that former CIA Director George Tenet will be interviewed on the CBS show „60 Minutes“ to be broadcast Sunday evening (today) at 7:00 PM EST. Tenet is appearing to promote At the Center of the Storm, his new book to be released Monday that he is using in an attempt to improve his badly discredited image. According to press releases, in this book he paints himself as the victim instead of the bungling sycophant/accomplice/weasel he was. It was bad enough that the greatest intelligence failure in American history occurred on his watch. But now we have to listen to this gomar’s Greek myths. To make matters worse he is Albanian (original family name was Koka – no relation), but fortunately for us, he calls himself Greek. They can have him, we have enough Albanian gomars like Sali Berisha and Fatos Nano – we don’t need anymore!

In honor of Tenet’s TV appearance, I thought I would use this opportunity to re-distribute Mr. Tenet’s Trojan Horse, an article I wrote after 9/11.

P.S. I don’t intend to waste money and time reading the book, but perhaps someone can let me know if Tenet gets South Eastern Europe’s geography correct this time if he discusses his family’s exodus from Albania.


Tenet correspondence

To all,
In light of all the attention – mostly negative – that publication of George Tenet’s book „At the Center of the Storm“ has brought upon him, I thought it might be of interest to some to revisit my correspondence to Tenet as well as my correspondence to Senator Shelby regarding Tenet’s nomination as CIA Director. A link to Mr. Tenet’s Trojan Horse provided by ACLIS also appears at the bottom of the page.

P.S. Charles K., a friend of mine who is Albanian by marriage, brought to my attention a song titled „Albania“ by Richard Summerbell from his album Light Carries On. Don’t know the genesis of this song and Summerbell is a relatively unknown performer, but he reminds me a little of Neil Young and lyrics have hints of Leonard Cohen and Warren Zevon. The song is pretty good and Summerbell appears to have some knowledge of Albania, possibly from direct experience. If you’d like to check it out you can access Albania via this link

April 22, 1997
Mr. George J. Tenet
c/o Central Intelligence Agency
Washington, DC 20505

Dear Mr. Tenet:
Attached herewith is a copy of my April 22, 1997 letter to Senator Richard Shelby concerning your nomination for Director of the Central Intelligence Agency.

As you will ascertain from my letter, I am deeply concerned about the allegations in the attached article and other reports that have circulated in the Albanian American community about your relationship with Greek radicals who are considered enemies of the Albanian people.

Please be advised, the Albanian American community will not tolerate the use of the office any U.S. government official as a tool of Greek radicals in their efforts to impose their doctrine upon Albania.

It is my understanding that you represent yourself as a Greek American. It is also my understanding that your father was born in the Albanian village of Qeparo and that your mother was born in Himara, Albania. I have been informed that your father may have changed your family name, possibly from Koka to Tenet, and that you may have relatives still living in Albania under the name Koka. If this information is correct, it would indicate that there may be some confusion about your ethnic heritage due to the fact that the inhabitants of this area of Albania are ethnic Albanians and the name Koka is undeniably Albanian in origin. Your comment on this matter will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


Gary Q. Kokalari

April 22, 1997
BY TELEFAX (202) 224-3416
The Hon. Richard C. Shelby
Senate Select Committee on Intelligence
U.S. Senate
Washington, DC 2051

RE: Nomination of George J. Tenet for Director of the CIA

Senator Shelby:
Attached herewith is an article that appeared in the March 23, 1997 edition of the Italian newspaper LA STAMPA. The article, titled “Role of the new head of the CIA in the revolt”, contains allegations by Bashkim Gazidede, then chief of Albania’s secret service, that George Tenet had a hand in provoking the current chaos in southern Albania. The article also alleges that Mr. Tenet may maintain relationships with members of the “Greek orthodox lobby” who may have an interest in destabilizing Albania with the objective of having southern Albania annexed by Greece.

What makes the allegations in the attached article particularly disturbing is that if there is any validity to Mr. Gazidede’s statements, it implies that Mr. Tenet has been conducting his own foreign policy, a policy that would have evolved from a hidden agenda that is in direct conflict with the policy of the United States toward Albania.

Given the chaos that has engulfed Albania and the potential for further conflict in regions of the Balkans inhabited by ethnic Albanians, and given the historical efforts by Greek/Serb factions in agitating the greater Albanian nation, it is imperative that Mr. Tenet be required to disclose any relationships he may have with individuals who have attempted to disrupt Albania’s internal affairs. It is also imperative that Mr. Tenet disclose any relationships he may have with any organizations that support the existence and legitimacy of the concept of “northern Epirus” since this has been a source of friction between Greece and Albania. Furthermore, Mr. Tenet should be required to clarify his position and intentions regarding Albania, the relationship between Greece and Albania, and the predicament of the repressed ethnic Albanians in Kosova, Macedonia and Greece.

A destabilized Albania has significant potentially negative ramifications for U.S. strategic interests. First, due to the current chaos the potential exists for Albania to retrogress into a communist dictatorship, and this would be a tragedy because the U.S. had a role in setting the stage for the Albanian debacle. Also, political instability in Albania could be the catalyst to incite the Albanians in Kosova and Macedonia into an uprising that could escalate into inter-regional armed conflict requiring military intervention by the United States. Therefore, it is crucial that you determine if there is any validity to Mr. Gazidede’s allegations of Mr. Tenet’s involvement in a concerted effort to destabilize Albania.

Mr. Tenet seems eminently qualified to run the CIA; therefore, I hope he can be cleared of Mr. Gazidede’s allegations so that his nomination will be approved by your committee. However, the security of the United States of America and its relationship with foreign countries cannot be jeopardized by any lack of vigilance by your committee in examining any potential conflicts of interest that may exist between Mr. Tenet’s personal motives and U.S. foreign policy.

I am at your service if you should require assistance in investigating any of the issues raised in this correspondence.

Thank you.


Gary Q. Kokalari

cc: The Hon. Samuel Berger
Suzanne Spaulding, Senate Select Committee on Intelligence
George Tenet, Central Intelligence Agency

March 3, 2000
The Hon. Richard C. Shelby
Senate Select Committee on Intelligence
United States Senate
Washington, DC 20510


Senator Shelby:
Attached herewith is a copy of an article from the December 11-12, 1999 edition of THE NATIONAL HERALD titled, “The Force of Family and Tradition”. This article includes excerpts from CIA Director George Tenet’s December 4, 1999 speech at the annual conference of the Hellenic Medical Society of New York. Mr. Tenet’s speech included a reference to his mother’s migration from Albania as follows: ……………..

As you are well aware, Kosova did indeed explode into armed conflict which required U.S. military intervention. Given the ongoing presence of U.S. military personnel in the Balkans, and given the continued political instability in the region, it is an outrage that Mr. Tenet, while serving as Director of the CIA, would act so irresponsibly in using the highly inflammatory term “Northern Epirus” to describe Albania. By so doing he has acted in a belligerent manner toward Albania, insulted Albanians throughout the world and embraced the dangerous ambitions of Greek provocateurs.

Because Mr. Tenet acted in this irresponsible manner while serving as Director of the CIA, I am requesting that Mr. Tenet provide your committee with an explanation of his actions. I am also requesting that he be censored with respect to using the term “Northern Epirus” in the future and that he issue a formal apology to Albania and to all Albanians.

Thank you.


Gary Q. Kokalari

cc: The Hon. Madeleine Albright
Mr. Ekrem Bardha, ILLYRIA
The Hon. Sandy Berger
The Hon. Sali Berisha
The Hon. William Clinton
The Hon. Jesse Helms
The Hon. Henry Kissinger
The Hon. Joseph Limprecht
The Hon. Rexhep Meidani
The Hon. Ilir Meta
Mr. Avni Mustafaj, NAAC
Mr. Ilir Zherka, NAAC

Click here for link to Mr. Tenet’s Trojan Horse article

Himariotes protest at front of Albanian Government Building

Himariotes joint the Albanian Opposite Protest, marching to the Central Boulevard of Tirana

Public opinion was surprised after seeing people of Himara Union, coming from Himara this morning, most members of Omonia and the Democratic Party, who have marched in the main boulevard of the city, even inside the tent of the opposition, with Nationalist Background, to be part of the protest for the removal of government Rama.

On the one hand,  the Prime Minister of Albania Edi Rama, has threatened they to destroy their houses and giving under concession the Dhermi beaches, to the oligarchs, on the other hand, the people of Himara surprising, demonstrating in front of the Prime Minister office in Tirana.

Omonia, has called The Prime Minister of Albania, that for any action contrary to the interests of Himara, will be responsible, but it is little to say, since Tourist Resorts and looting of properties, continues with high intensity in Himara Region.

However, against the people of Himara, more than ever, continues the violation of human rights and freedom, for which, the property, the historic territory and Ethnic Hellenic Identity, remains a  difficult challenge, to be resolved by the Albanian State, including opposition, which during 15 years in power of his leader Sali Berisha, does not share anything from the fascist Government of Edi Rama (together with Ilir Meta) for which, these parties, in the Name of National Albanian Interests, have signed an agreement, for the assimilation of The Himara Region.

Comedy Show of Milo Djukanovic’s Clan: Dukanovic: 2015 MAN OF THE YEAR IN ORGANIZED CRIME

Montenegro Opposition: Criminal Structures want to force Country into NATO

Montenegro, ‘a pawn in the Great Powers’ games’:: Dukanovic: 2015 MAN OF THE YEAR IN ORGANIZED CRIME

Milo Djukanovic’s Claims of Russian Assassination Plot Are a Desperate Ploy to Further NATO Bid

Milo Djukanovic’s Claims of Russian Assassination Plot Are a Desperate Ploy to Further NATO Bid

Reports surfacing in the British media of a Russian plot to kill Montenegro’s former prime minister Milo Djukanovic should be seen for the cynical ploy they are. To give just the smallest bit of defense to these British publications – yes, it is true Djukanovic is making these allegations. Is there any substance or proof to these allegations? No. The UK media has shown it is as politicized as its American mainstream counterparts like CNN by publishing such fake news.

Good reason to doubt these baseless charges starts from the fact that they come from Djukanovic, who has a stupendous reputation for corruption and is trying to move forward desperately with NATO accession for Montenegro which has stalled in the U.S. Senate for about two months. At this point if he were to say the sky is blue, it would be reason to disbelieve him and look for an ulterior motive.

Djukanovic transparently is throwing this red meat on the table in the context of hysteria that is going on in Washington concerning allegations of Moscow’s hacking the American election (“the Russians did it!”) and the open attack by the “deep state,” by elements of the intelligence community with their leaks, and by the mainstream media that just claimed the scalp of general Mike Flynn, President Donald Trump’s former National Security Adviser. Besides criminally seeking to overthrow the constitutionally elected government – as they have imposed “regime change” on other countries – they want to do anything they can to block any rapprochement from the Trump administration with Moscow.

Djukanovic has very artfully inserted himself into this narrative. His message is simple: you can’t let the Russians win. Nothing else matters. He is trying to use “the Russians are coming” meme as a way to jumpstart Montenegro’s stalled NATO bid. Let’s remember the debate in Washington isn’t about letting Montenegro into NATO because having it as an ally makes American more secure. Montenegro obviously does nothing for our defense. The question is whether the NATO door will remain open, particularly for Georgia and Ukraine.

It seems no one cares to ask why America should be allied with a nation that doesn’t particularly what to be allied with us. According to opinion polls, it is far from clear that most Montenegrins want to be in NATO and aligned to us in the first place. Most recent polls indicate a slight plurality in the “against” camp despite relentless government propaganda and the braying of Soros-controlled media. A recent survey indicated that some 84% of Montenegrins want a vote on the matter. Even a solid majority of NATO supporters favor a referendum. Djukanovic won’t hold a referendum because he knows he would lose it.

Djukanovic’s ploy is well timed. It both feeds and feeds off of the anti-Russian frenzy, which is the basis of what former Congressman Denis Kucinich has called an attempted coup to bring down the Trump administration. Calls are openly heard for “patriots” in the intelligence services to overthrow Trump for the “good of the country.”

It is uncertain whether Djukanovic will successfully ride the wave of Russophobia to get Montenegro into NATO. What is certain is that America is on the edge of turning into a banana republic. Trump has very little time to strike back, hard. One way for him to show who’s boss is to turn thumbs down on Djukanovic and his trickery.