A old cartel from the Albanians highly suspect Mafiosi: Rinas Robbery, Tahiri: Bank and Private Security to Blame


As Exit has written before, the behavior of private security firms in public procurement procedures is highly suspect, and is most certainly an indication of illegal cartels. But rather than investigating this matter properly, and making sure that tenders to private security firms are legally sound, Minister Tahiri has asked the private security business merely to improve the guards’ working conditions.

Rinas Robbery, Tahiri: Bank and Private Security to Blame

Rinas Robbery, Tahiri: Bank and Private Security to Blame

In a declaration today Minister of Interior Affairs Saimir Tahiri has shifted the blame for the robbery yesterday near the Tirana International Airport in Rinas to BKT Bank and the security firm it hired.…

10 Feb 17

Albanian Minister Blames Robbery on Lax Security

Thieves armed with heavy weapons attacked a private armoured car on Thursday and reportedly got away with 2 million euros – only the latest in a series of spectacular bank robberies in Albania.

Fatjona Mejdini


Illustrative picture by Pixabay.

Albanian Interior Minister, Saimir Tahiri, on Friday accused a private security force of failing to prevent the robbery of an armoured car that was transporting millions of euros from a bank in Tirana airport.

The exact sum of money stolen was not revealed but media reports said around 2 million euros was robbed on Thursday afternoon when a car with five private security guards on board was attacked by heavily armed men who also used an electric saw to cut the rear part of the car in order to get at the bags of money.

They escaped and two cars used in the robbery were later found burned a few kilometres from the airport.

Minister Tahiri said that they were working to find out the perpetrators of the crime, and blamed low level of security under which the money was being transferred for the robbery.

„It is intolerable that banks transport such a large sums of money with zero security. The incident would not have happened if the private police and the bank had ensured minimal security,“ he said.

On Thursday evening, the Tirana police also suggested the private police had underperformed in terms of their security duties, noting that the armoured car’s cameras had been switched off and no GPS inserted into the bags of money.

Minister Tahiri had earlier complained about the state of the country’s private police forces on Wednesday.

„Banks are being robbed and private police have not fulfilled their duties. There are a lot of security gaps in private police companies. People who work as police there are underpaid and this situation should not be tolerated any longer,“ he said.

Bank robberies have been a growing concern over the last two years in Albania. Five major thefts within this period have resulted in the theft of around 12 million euros.

Some 3 million euros were stolen from a bank in February 2015 in Tirana. In December 2015, near Tirana airport, robbers dressed as police stole another 3.8 million euros from a private police van.

In June 2016, another spectacular robbery happened inside the main airport where 1 million euros was being transported from a bank onto a plane. That August, again near the airport area, an armoured private police van transporting around 2 million euros of bank money was attacked and robbed.

The police have since identified some of these robbers but none of them have been arrested.