17 Jahre unterwanderte EU Mafia und Botschaft des Betruges in Tirana, wo man Alles kaufen kann

HDZ Mafia in Tirana with EU Ambassador: Romana Vlahutin: Overcharged or corrupted?

Mafia Government Albania: US Embassy, Albanian Prosecutor Row Over Judicial Reform
NATO Mafia State: Albania: On the verge of state bankruptcy

EU Ambassador Romana Vlahutin visits Vlora. Jan. 31, 2017. Source: RTSh.

Protests in Romania against the anticorruption law.

Breaking: EU Won’t Open Accession Negotiations with Albania

Breaking: EU Won’t Open Accession Negotiations with AlbaniaEU Foreign Ministers meeting.

Today a draft report (PDF) of the conclusions of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the European Union confirmed that Albania has to fulfill five conditions before the EU will decide to open accession negotiations:

  1. Implementation of the judicial reform and the vetting law;
  2. Fight against corruption, especially high-level corruption;
  3. Fight against organized crime, especially cannabis cultivation and trafficking;
  4. Implementation of the decriminalization law;
  5. Electoral reform according to OSCE-ODIHR recommendations and free and fair elections.

As such, the Ministers of Foreign Affairs affirmed the same conditions mentioned a few weeks ago by Chairman of the EU Affairs Commission of the Bundestag Gunther Krichbaum and German Chancellor Angela Merkel…… http://www.exit.al/en/2016/12/13/breaking-eu-wont-open-accession-negotiations-with-albania/

Austrian Deputy Hammer: Drug Cultivation and Traffic Obstacle for Negotiations

Austrian Deputy Hammer: Drug Cultivation and Traffic Obstacle for NegotiationsFollowing harshly formulated comments from the Bundestag’s EU Affairs Commission Chairperson Gunther Kirchbaum yesterday, the Austrian ÖVP Deputy and chairman of the parliamentary Austrian–Albanian friendship group, Michael Hammer, stated in a press release that the accession negotiations with Albania “will be started, when certain requirements and conditions have been fulfilled. In general one sees positive developments in […]

Germany’s Seven Conditions for Albania

Germany’s Seven Conditions for AlbaniaAfter visiting Prime Minister Edi Rama today in Tirana, chairperson of the EU Affairs Commission in the Bundestag, Gunther Krichbaum, has given a press conference in which he announced that the CDU/CSU parliamentary majority will vote against the opening of EU accession negotiations with Albania, in spite of the recommendation of the European Commission (EC). According to Krichbaum, […]


Overcharged or corrupted?

The European Commission has recently purchased a €1.65 million villa in the area of Rolling Hills on the outskirts of Tirana, Albania.

The villa houses the head of the EU delegation there, Ambassador Romana Vlahutin, who news website ‘Exit’ reports took over the negotiations for the purchase of the villa from the law firm that was previously handling the negotiations. Most curiously the report notes that the EU spent €4,700 per square meter, whereas the prices advertised for villas in Rolling Hills range from €1,000 to €2,000 per square meter.

Twice the size for half the price

What is even more impressive than the new €1.65 million, 345 square meter villa of the European External Action Service (which oversees the Delegations’ work), is the intense research project that buying this villa must have been.https://www.neweurope.eu/article/eu-pays-double/