Wird der Massenmord der KLA – UCK Terroristen an Albanern geahndet?

Alles gut bekannt, das die Terroristen und Mord Banden rund um den Verbrecher Clan „Shala“, Hashim Thaci, Geci, Haradinaj, Agim Ceku eigene Todesschwadronen hatten, welche nicht nur Terror Anschläge unter der Anleitung von der Brittischen SAS, 2 Delta Force Ausbildern, 400 Islamischen Terroristen verübten. Allein 1.500 Albaner, wurden ermordet, darunter auch Leute, welche zu Buhoshi’s Farc gehörten, der Ur-UCK und auch in Tirana (Ahmet Krasniqi) und Durres ab August 1998. Die Amerikaner finanzierten mit Millionen Krimnielle, um durch Anschläge, Mord und Terror: Hass im Balkan zusäen, ein uraltes CIA System, wo korrupte Deutschen Politiker wie Joschka Fischer eifrig mitmachten, mangels IQ. siehe CIA Offzier Robert Baer und Professor Krsymanski

Nun wird vom Gross Verbrecher Clan: „Shala“  — der Mörder Remiz Shala vor Gericht gestellt, für seine willkürlichen Morde

„Terrorist“ und Mörder: Ramuz Haradinaj, wurde in Basel verhaftet

Gangster Treffen von Ramuz Haradinaj mit Tom Duhani

16 Jan 17

Kosovo Indicts KLA Ex-Guerrilla for War Crimes

Kosovo’s Special Prosecution has filed an indictment against former Kosovo Liberation Army guerrilla Remiz Shala, accusing him of abducting an ethnic Albanian civilian suspected of collaborating with Serbia.

Naim Krasniqi


Remzi Shala during wartime.

Remzi Shala, known during wartime as ‘The Red Apple’, has been charged with committing war crimes by detaining a Kosovo Albanian civilian for several days; the man was later found dead in the village of Dulje in the southern Suvareka/Suha Reka municipality.

Shala allegedly committed the crime alongside other KLA fighters.

The indictments says that Shala and the other fighters, who were armed and wearing masks, detained Haxhi Perteshi at his house at around 11pm on June 26, 1998 because they suspected him of collaborating with Serbian forces.

“After keeping him locked up for several days in an unidentified location, on July 1 1998, the dead body of Haxhi Perteshi was found near a road near the centre of the village of Dulje,” the indictment says.

The indictment accusing Remzi Shala of war crimes against the civilian population dates from October 19, 2016, but its existence was not known to the public until now.

The prosecution was launched after Agron Perteshi, the son of the late Haxhi Perteshi, gave a statement saying he witnessed what happened on the night of June 26, 1998 in the courtyard outside their house in the village of Dulje.



13 Jan 17 Kosovo MP Fatmir Limaj’s War Crimes Trial Opens Former guerrilla commander turned Kosovo MP Fatmir Limaj pleaded not guilty at the start of his trial to accusations that he was responsible for the murder of two Kosovo Albanian civilians in October 1998.

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-die Aktivitäten von CIA, FBI, NSA, Secret Service, und der Militärgeheimdienste;

Albanian Mafia the Single Biggest Threat to Europe

No „Freedom Fighters“, Just Criminals and Thugs

On the preceding pages, the latest Drugs & Crime UN report offers a rarely accurate analysis of the situation among the ethnic Albanians (both next door to Serbia, in neighboring Albania, and in Serbia itself, mainly in the southern Kosovo province), which led to formation of the Albanian terrorist KLA (UCK) and to the terrorist attacks in Serbia — an unusually honest glimpse at the root-causes of Albanian insurrection and occupation of part of Serbia, impossible to find in the tons of worthless junk produced daily by the Western mainstream media.

The following excerpt effectively dismantles the pompous claims of heroic „struggle for freedom and independence“ and disingenuous references to the „self-determination“ of an ethnic group which has already exercised its right to self-determination with the formation of state of Albania.

No, it has nothing to do with „freedom“, „independence“ or „self-determination“, it is all about illicit trade, crime without punishment, lawlessness, thuggery and insatiable greed.
Criminals, Terrorists or Politicians? In Kosovo-Metohija, all Three.