Christian Schwarz-Schilling und die Bosnien Kriminellen wie: Alija Delimustafic

Jedes Kind im Balkan weiß es das die Amerikaner mit Morden und Anschlägen den Hass im Balkan schürten, um Jugoslawien zuzerstören und wie der CIA Offizier Robert Baer erklärt.

Den früheren Innenminister von Bosnien Alija Delimustafic , hat man nun nach Bosnien ausgeliefert, wo der Sohn von Izbegovic, bis heute von Internationalen Ratten hofiert wird.

Das Bill Clinton 4.000 Terroristen nach Bosnien, später für den Kosovo Krieg einfliegen liess, ist im US Senat behandelt, dokumentiert, aber man brauchte korrupte Deutsche Politiker für die Massenmorde ebenso, die daran verdienen wollten.

Die Verachtung des Balkan, wenn Deutsche Politiker, wie Christian Schwarz-Schilling, im Solde von Kriegs Verbrechern stehen

Croatia Extradites Former Bosnian Interior Minister Delimustafic

Croatia extradited Bosnia’s former wartime interior minister Alija Delimustafic on Thursday, local media reported, after he escaped the country last month while facing organized crime charges.

ktsarajevo copyThe Sarajevo prosecutors‘ office building (Photo: Delimustafic’s was first detained in a police operation in November that has since seen at least 16 other alleged members of an organized crime group, including municipal clerks and lawyers, rounded up. The group is alleged to have used fraudulent court rulings to gain control of abandoned properties and resell them via proxy companies.

Another suspect in the case, former judge Lejla Fazlagic, is currently believed to be on the run in Croatia. She is accused of having issued rulings that transfered the ownership of roughly 70 properties.

Delimustafic vanished in December along with Juso Skrijelj, a former presidential bodyguard, after they were released from a month-long pretrial detention. The decision was denounced by prosecutors, who had demanded an additional two months’ jail for Delimustafic, who was found with a fake passport and a plane ticket to Thailand when he was first arrested.

Delimustafic was captured in the central Croatian town of Karlovac on Dec. 21. Skrijelj is still on the run.

Croatian authorities handed Delimustafic to Bosnian police near the town of Velika Kladusa.

Bruder: Ban Ki-Sang, Neffe der vollkommen korrupten Familie des „Ban Ki-Moon“ verhaftet

 Vollkommen korrupt in Tradition der UN General Sekretär und Vertreter der Faschistischen Welt Eroberungs Sekte „Moon“ als United Church bekannt.  Die korrupte Deutsche Politiker sind überall dabei, auch heute bei MOON, einer Sekte, wo der Gründer Einreise Verbot nach Deutschland einmal hatte.
Die MOON Sekte entsandte in 1997, ihre Missionare wie in einer Gehirnwäsche in den Balkan und nach Albanien, kaufte Verbrecher ein wie Salih Berisha, oder Hashim Thaci.
Beim Massenmorden, stand die UN an vordester Stelle in Syrien, bei Betrug und Inkompetenz im Kosovo und heute immer noch in Albanien. Man fordert sogar für die Banken Mafia eine neue Welt Währung.

United States: Nephew and Brother of Former U.N. Secretary-General Indicted on Corruption Charges

The brother and nephew of former U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon were charged Tuesday with trying to bribe a Middle Eastern official into a real estate deal worth US$ 800 million, according to the Department of Justice.

ban ki moon copyFormer U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon (Photo: Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs CC BY-SA 2.0)But instead of obtaining a multi-million commission and bolstering the ailing South Korean company that owned the skyscraper complex in Hanoi, Vietnam, the two were allegedly double-crossed by the third suspect who stole the initial payment.

According to prosecutors, Ban Ki-Sang and his son Joo Hyun Bahn planned in 2013 to bribe an unnamed Middle Eastern official US$ 2.5 million to make his country’s investment fund buy a 72-story office tower and two 48-story residential towers from the South Korean construction company, Keangnam Enterprises Ltd., where Ban was senior executive.

At the time, Keangnam Enterprises Ltd. was experiencing a liquidity crisis and the US$ 800 million sale would have brought the company much needed capital as well as a multi million-dollar commission for Ban’s Manhattan real estate broker son.

Father and son agreed to pay US$ 500,000 upfront and US$ 2 million after the completion of the sale.

The fourth suspect, Sang Woo, obtained the money for the initial payment, according to prosecutors.

However, middleman Malcolm Harris, a New York blogger who claimed he could persuade the Middle Eastern official to buy the property, kept the US$ 500,000 and allegedly spent the entire amount on luxury restaurants, hotels, and a penthouse in Brooklyn, Bloomberg reports.

Neither son nor father knew that Harris never had the claimed relationship with the Middle Eastern official.

As time passed without the deal being closed and Keangnam’s liquidity crisis getting worse, Bahn allegedly began forging e-mails from the Middle Eastern official and other documents to make the sale of the complex appear imminent to Keangnam and its creditors.

The indictment said Bahn also stole US$ 225,000 of the brokerage expenses Keangnam paid in advance before it was forced into receivership.

UN rügen Financial Times: Ban Ki-moons Aussagen zu Syrien und Russland falsch wiedergegeben