War crime: Tony Blair Winds up Operations in Albania

1] “Smoking gun emails reveal Blair’s ’deal in blood’ with George Bush over Iraq war was forged a YEAR before the invasion had even started”, Glen Owen & William Lowther, The Daily Mail, October 18, 2015.

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23 Sep 16

Tony Blair Winds up Operations in Albania

After the former UK Prime Minister said he was closing down his business empire, his office confirmed to BIRN that his dealings with Albania, which were never made public, are also complete.

Fatjona Mejdini


Edi Rama and Tony Blair during a government meeting in October 2013. Photo: kryeministria.al

Tony Blair Associates, which is closing down, has completed and finished its tasks with the Albanian government, ending a period of collaboration that started in 2013.

„Tony Blair Associates has completed its project with Albania and were very pleased to have assisted the Prime Minister [Edi Rama] and his government in their efforts to deliver greater prosperity for the people of Albania,“ Benedict Macon-Cooney, a Blair media adviser, wrote to BIRN in an email.

„As you will know, Mr Blair has often said how much the country and its people mean to him,“ he continued.

On Tuesday in a public announcement, the former Prime Minister and UK Labour leader Blair said he was close down his hugely criticised lobbying and consultancy operations in order to focus on non-profit and charity work.

Tony Blair Associates, founded in 2007  and at one time employing around 200 people, worked in more than 20 different countries around the world.

Blair’s work in Albania has always remained a mystery and never was truly revealed. The collaboration started in September 2013, the same month that Rama took over as Albanian Prime Minister.

After meeting Blair in New York and London, Rama co-directed a meeting with Blair in October 2013, when he explained that the former UK Prime Minister would help the new centre-left government in Tirana to prioritize its reforms, and make them have a real impact on people’s lives.



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Spike in ‘Special Merit’ Citizenships Raises Eyebrows in Albania

Recent award of citizenship to six Kosovo politicians has triggered a debate over the Albanian President’s discretionary right to hand out these important privileges.

Fatjona Mejdini


Tirana. Photo: BIRN/Ivana Dervishi

A BIRN investigation can reveal that the number of foreigners – mostly from Kosovo – who gained Albanian citizenship based on the criteria of “special interest” has spiked since Albania obtained visa-free travel to the EU in 2011.

After six members of Vetevendosje – the third party in Kosovo’s parliament in terms of size – recently obtained Albania citizenship, the case was seen as highlighting the lack of clear criteria by which the Albanian President exercises his right to granted such citizenships.

BIRN can also reveal that while some Kosovo Albanians obtained citizenship without meeting any obvious criteria, many foreigners – with an equal or even better right to it – have to wait far beyond the legal deadline to resolve their status.

President Bujar Nishani granted the six main leaders of the Vetevendosje [Self Determination] party in Kosovo Albanian citizenship on August 8.

The decision was not announced on the official web page of the President’s office, as other decrees on citizenships usually are.