die korrupte und inkompetende EU Banden haben Angst!

Die Angst das die korrupte Banden ihre Jobs verlieren. Geld stehlen, für die Banken, Finanz Mafia und für Korruptions Projekte. Die EZB Mafia kaufte für über eine Billarde € faule Banken und Firmen Kredite, der grösste Bankraub aller Zeiten, neben dem FED Desaster des wertlosen Dollars.

Investitionsfonds der EU Viel Geld, wenig Wirkung

Über einen Mega-Fonds pumpt die EU 116 Milliarden Euro in die Wirtschaft, Kommissionschef Juncker will das Programm jetzt verlängern – und kräftig ausweiten. Den Beweis, dass das etwas bringt, bleibt er schuldig.


Korruptions Capo: Junckers
Korruptions Capo: Junckers

Jean-Claude Juncker

Die Zahlen, die Jean-Claude Juncker am Mittwoch dem EU-Parlament präsentiert, erscheinen beeindruckend: In den vergangenen zwölf Monaten seien Investitionen in Höhe von 116 Milliarden Euro angestoßen worden, sagte der EU-Kommissionschef. Mehr als 200.000 kleine Unternehmen und Start-ups in ganz Europa hätten Darlehen erhalten. Mehr als 100.000 neue Arbeitsplätze seien geschaffen worden.



EU-Parlament blockiert Anti-Lobby-Initiative (Nachrichten)

Warnung vor Zerfall

Juncker: „EU befindet sich in einer existentiellen Krise“

EU-Präsident Jean-Claude Juncker am Mittwoch in Straßburg. (Foto: dpa)

EU-Präsident Jean-Claude Juncker am Mittwoch in Straßburg. (Foto: dpa)

EU-Präsident Juncker hat in einer Rede im EU-Parlament offen von der Gefahr des Zerfalls der EU gesprochen. Junckers ernüchternde Diagnose wirkt nicht taktisch, sondern deutet darauf hin, dass die EU tatsächlich in ihren Grundfesten erschüttert zu sein scheint.

Carrefoure (Greece) Insolvenz: Albania To Get First Spar Hypermarkets and Supermarkets


Albania To Get First Spar Hypermarkets and Supermarkets

Published on Sep 13 2016 11:35 AM in Retail tagged: Spar / Albania

Albania To Get First Spar Hypermarkets and Supermarkets

Albania will soon get its first Spar supermarkets following a licensing deal with local private investment group Balfin (through its Almark unit).

Work is currently underway to convert Carrefour branded stores to Spar, focusing first on the launch of two Interspar hypermarkets and thereafter on rolling out the conversion of supermarkets.

By 2017, Balfin Group plans to open over 100 supermarkets and 10 hypermarkets, creating the largest retail network in Albania and investing over €50 million in the project.

Almark has also invited all potential partners who have stores and operate in the retail sector to join the Spar network via sub-franchising agreements.

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Die Insolventen Super Markt Ketten im Balkan: Carrefour Albanien wird teilweise beschlagnahmt

Carrefour France Signs Full-Fat Milk Agreement With Normandy

Hollande warnt Balkan Länder vor dem Missbrauch der Visa Freiheit

Hollande: I’ve discussed free movement of seconded staff; France will not tolerate abuses

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Bucharest, September 13, 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency France’s President Francois Hollande said Tuesday that in his conversations with Romania’s President Klaus Iohannis he approached the free movement of seconded workers and the European directive related to it, emphasising that France will not tolerate abuse. “The freedom of seconded workers was a matter I’ve discussed with […]

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EU-Albania Stabilisation and Association Council, Joint press conference

Check against delivery !
Edi, Mr Prime Minister, first of all, it has been really a pleasure for me to welcome you and all the delegation here in Brussels for what I found an excellent meeting we had today. It was not coming as a surprise, because we worked so much and so well together in these last months in particular. It was very important to have this common exercise of assessing where we are today.
First of all, we have commonly underlined that we both remain committed to Albania’s EU integration process. On the European Union’s side, this is a commitment that also translates into the determination to accompany and support this process and it is very clear to us, the European Union, that Albania remains firmly committed to its EU reforms agenda.
We have welcomed and commended the adoption last July of the constitutional amendments on the justice reform. One of the most important, if not the most important reform, carried out in the enlargement countries. This reform is a milestone on Albania’s EU path. I had the chance of saying at your Parliament a few months ago and obviously for me those words stay in my memory and also in the practice of our daily work.
We are convinced that this reform will be transformative for other areas too. It will contribute to creating a more predictable and transparent environment for business and investors. In this way, it will help us increase our economic relations that are already very intense, very good but, we believe, have still a potential that can be exploited.
It is for this reason that for the European Union it is so important that this priority, these reforms, started and also why we see that these reforms enjoy high level of popular support in the country. I believe Albanians see very well that it is in their interest and the interest of the country to move forward.
We believe that political parties have now the responsibility to ensure a swift implementation of the justice reform they, themselves, adopted by unanimity in Parliament, by approving now  the relevant implementing  legislations and by launching the procedures for the vetting process. And we are willing and ready to support Albania in the implementation phase.
Today, we also had the opportunity to discuss important steps forward on others issues, in particular other issues related to rule of law, starting from the fight against organised crime and corruption. And all these positive developments that we recognised, welcomed and commended will be reflected in the work ahead of us in the coming months, in particular in view of the upcoming progress report – not only these positive developments that have already taken place, but also the determination we have seen today to continue on the implementation of them.
Let me also say, two last points that are equally important for us. First of all that Albania is continuing to play a very important, constructive, regional role, promoting cooperation in the Western Balkans. This is something we appreciate a lot and that we encourage a lot and we discussed also the regional situation. I commended the full alignment of Albania on all foreign and security policy issues which is something that all EU Member States appreciate enormously.
We have good outcomes on our talks on the EU integration process, we have also good work that is ongoing on the foreign policy files, on the regional files. This is why I started by saying that today we had a really excellent meeting and Edi, and all your delegation, I would like to thank you very much for that.
Link to the video: http://ec.europa.eu/avservices/video/player.cfm?ref=I125800

Q & A

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