US, EU, Berlin Mafia: Why are Macedonian authorities negotiating with Terrorists?

Why are Macedonian authorities negotiating with Terrorists?

Saturday, 21 May 2016

With whom and why is the legitimate Macedonian Government negotiating? Who are these so called „diplomats“ who have systematically destroyed the country’s sovereignty, authority and engaged in terrorist acts.


The self appointed „mediators“ from the US and the EU which have been active since the begining of the crisis did everything in their power not to mediate, but instead to deepen the crisis. From the Przino agreement, to ad-hoc solutions which served only the geo-political interests of the US, by financing SDSM and Sorors bots they have attempted to replicate the Ukrainian crisis to Macedonia so they can have complete control over the country’s foreign policy, economy, natural resources and infrastructure.


In their battle for regime change, the American and EU „mediators“ organized a terrorist act in Kumanovo by way of sending over 60 terrorists from Kosovo into Macedonia. The goal was as much as civilian bloodshed as possible for a quick regime change. One of the jailed terrorist calling himself „commandir Malisheva“ has already admitted to the authorities the involvement of the American, British Embassies and NATO’s base in Kosovo in the terrorist attack in Kumanovo.

When terrorists admit of US Ambassador Bailey’s involvement in a terrorist act, then by default the Macedonian Government is negotiating with terrorists, or in best case with sponsors of terrorism.


Once we add the absolute fact that Bailey and the United States are the primary supporters of Macedonia’s protests who are directly financed by USAid and Soros with assistance from radical islamic groups from Kosovo and the Muslim Brotherhood (Besa), why are then Macedonian politicians allowing these terrorists and supporters of terrorists dictate how we should all live?


Objectively, EU’s Johannes Hahn was the only honest mediator who actually tried to help. However he was quickly replaced on US orders as Hahn was adamant about Macedonia having elections. This of course contradicted US plans for regime change as elections meant VMRO-DPMNE would continue to govern. As a result, Hahn was swiftly replaced by German stooge and US vassal J. Haindl.


The Macedonian authorities welcomed the German stooge with open arms, however forgot to tell the nation what sort of role Haindl played in the Ukrainian fiasco. The US brought Haindl in Ukraine to represent the Nazis (Right Sector, Azov Brigade, Svoboda), these are the same nazi groups who today control large swaths of Ukraine in parallel with the puppet Government. The US uses these nazi groups to shake up Ukraine as it sees fit.


Hoyt Yee and Jess Bailey are just an extended hand of Victoria Nuland. Both state department employees have history of violent regime changes in Greece, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Serbia, Lybia, Turkey and now Macedonia. Yee and Bailey are sent in tandem to prevent the processes of nations who are strengthening their independence.


This scenario is known to not just every single Macedonian, but the entire world over.  The schock remains why are Macedonian authorities seating at the same table with these fascists? Why are they seating at the same table with sponsors of terrorism at the same time promising these maniacs that Macedonia wants to integrate with NATO and the EU!?


No! Macedonians do not want EU integration, nor membership in NATO, particularly after the truth came about Gruzia and Ukraine – both of which were utterly destroyed in the process. Lets take a look at Ukraine after the US coup there: (gold reserves stolen immediately after coup, taken to US in unmarked plane (you know, for safekeeping), salaries & pensions slashed 60%, unemployment 38%, energy companies and millions of acres of land gifted to US corporations…).
Lastly, Macedonians have felt western „diplomacy“ and its utter toxicity on their own skin. Macedonia has plenty of alternatives and with each it will only solidify its independence. The Macedonian people are fed up with the blackmails, lies and terrorism from the United states and its vassal states in the EU. //Gorazd Velkovski


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