Mazedonische Polizei Operation gegen Albanische US – IS Terroristen um Terroristen Ortschaft „Arcinovo“

Die EU finanzierten Schwulen Banden und NGO’s, werden mit den Georg Soros NGO’s gezielt als Schleuser eingesetzt, ein Haupt Geschäft Kurdischer und Albaner Banden mit Terroristischen Hintergrund.
Beg Rizaj: US-Kosovo Terrorist
Beg Rizaj: US-Kosovo Terrorist
FYROM police arrested several ISIS / ISIL rats and supporters 
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Police action in FYROM (macedonia) – Police blocked several albanian villages near the border with Serbia.

True victims of war

Refugees – Sorry for terrorist attack in Brussels

Bosnian muslims support terrorist attack on Belgium capital Brussels

Radical muslims attack imam who refused to work for ISIS / ISIL

Macedonian police launched an action tonight checks several locations in the majority albanian villages on the FYROM-Serbian border.

Police have cordoned and raid the villages of Slapcane, Matejce and Arcinovo, then the blockade expanded to several other resorts.

With this map, refugees illegally crossing the border

Russian are terrorists, they murdered Poland president Kaczynski

Erdogan – I will destory all kurdish terrorists

War in Syria enter in fifth year

Local news reported and confirmed that police start anti-terrorist action, as well as more radical muslims connected with local criminal groups were arrested and detained.

Police also raid mosqu in Arcinovo. Mosque was according to source from police used as recruitment center from from which recruits are later sent to Syria to support Islamic state (isis / isil).

During the search of mosque, police also found stash of weapons.

George Soros – Russia is bigger threat than Islamic State

Putin decide to overthrow Merkel

Biggest refugee camp in Europe

Violence at Greece border – Angry refugee mob use battering ram to break border door !!

Previously, some media reported that in Macedonia, from the direction of Kosovo has entered an armed terrorist group.

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Solun prosecutor looks for Soros activists who led migrants across Macedonian border
Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Greek prosecutor Efterpi Kotzmani ordered the Solun prosecutor’s office to begin investigation in the deadly attempt for a mass illegal crossing of refugees into Macedonia. Three Afghans, including two sisters, drowned in a border river while attempting to by-pass the fence near Gevgelija. 

MIA correspondent in Athens reports that Kotzmani ordered finding the persons responsible for printing an Arabic language leaflet that prompted nearly 2.000 from the 10.000 people camping on the Greek – Macedonian border to make a night march around the border fence and into Macedonia. Most of the group crossed into Macedonia by way of a swollen river that was falsely marked as a dry river bed on the map, only to be returned to Greece after facing Macedonian security forces. Three people drowned during the river crossing.


The leaflets, likely prepared by leftist open border activists that are active in the camp near the Greek village of Sehovo (Idomeni), included a map of the terrain. A dozen of activists were briefly detained in Macedonia, fined and slapped a ban to enter Macedonian territory.


The Solun prosecutor can simply make a phone call to her Macedonian colleagues and will receive a list of the activists that were detained in Macedonia. The Greek consular office in Skopje also has the same list as it paid the activists‘ fines for illegally crossing the border.

über 20 Jahre Destabilisierung von Mazedonien, mit Morden, Attentaten, Albaner Terroristen im US Solde

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Glyphosat in kalifornischen Weinen und Deutschen Bier entdeckt

Korrupte Deutsche Politiker stimmten für „Glyphosat“ Gift Einsatz von Monsanto in Deutschland

Glyphosat in kalifornischen Weinen entdeckt

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In Weinen aus Kalifornien, die auch aus Bio-Trauben hergestellt wurden, hat man Glysophat entdeckt.

Kurz nach der Veröffentlichung eines Berichts, dass in Deutschland 14 Biere positiv auf Glyphosat getestet wurden, kommen beunruhigende Nachrichten von einem betroffenen Wein Fan auf einem Kongress von „Moms Across America“, berichtet

Laut ihm sollen Testergebnisse von Microbe Inotech Lab of St.Louis in 10 verschiedenen Weinen, einschliesslich Wein aus Bio-Trauben, von grossen und kleinen Weinbergen, die Chemikalie Glyphosat angezeigt haben, den Wirkstoff im Roundup Unkrautvernichter. Die Kontamination von konventionellem Wein war 28-mal höher als in Bio-Wein, mit einem Gehalt von 0.659 ppb in organischen bis hin zu 18,74 ppb in herkömmlichen Wein, heisst es bei

Die Weine, die getestet wurden, kamen aus den Grafschaften Napa Valley, Sonoma und Mendocino in Kalifornien. Die Markennamen der Weine wurden nicht bekannt gegeben.

Sep 16, 2015 Glyphosate is the most widely used herbicide in the world and is the main ingredient in the Monsanto’s weed killer Roundup, which is applied …
2 days ago Test results from Microbe Inotech Lab showed 10 different wines contained glyphosate, the active ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup weedkiller …
Oct 26, 2015 Scientists have found glyphosate, the key ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup, in cotton products like gauze, swabs, wipes, tampons and …