Schwerer Schnee Sturm im Süd- und Ost Balkan


Most disruptive snowstorm so far this winter targets southern, eastern Balkans this weekend

By , Senior Meteorologist
January 15, 2016; 2:40 PM ET

The most disruptive snowstorm so far this winter will target the southern and eastern Balkan Peninsula this weekend.

A winter storm complete with blowing snow, heavy rain and strong winds will spread across the Balkan Peninsula into Ukraine this weekend.

For most of the southern Balkans, this will be the biggest snowstorm so far this winter.

While substantial snow has already fallen in the eastern Balkans, AccuWeather Meteorologist Tyler Roys anticipates that this weekend’s snow will be more impactful, as it will be blown around by strong winds.

As the storm tracks from the Ionian Sea to the Black Sea, snow will expand from the Dinaric Alps to Bulgaria, Romania and northeastward to Ukraine this weekend. Rain will pour down south of the snow zone with a brief period of wintry mix in the transition zone between the rain and snow.

„I would not be surprised for thundersnow to also be reported in eastern Bulgaria and eastern Romania during the height of the storm from early Sunday morning into Sunday evening,“ Roys said.

The storm will produce a widespread swath of snow in excess of 15 cm (6 inches) in the Dinaric Alps and from southern Serbia and eastern Macedonia to eastern Romania and central Ukraine.

Sofia and Plovdiv lie within this zone. Around Bucharest, the heaviest snow totals are expected to the city’s south and east rather than to the north and west.

„The highest snow amounts will be in the mountains of Bulgaria,“ Roys said. „For northern Bulgaria and southern Romania, rain will mix with the snow early before becoming all snow.“

A transition from all rain to substantial snow will occur in south-central Bulgaria.

Travel will become difficult where the substantial snow will fall, which includes Sofia and Plovdiv. Roads will turn treacherous, flight cancellations are very likely and residents should prepare for disruptions to planned weekend activities.

Travel conditions will worsen as the storm reaches the Black Sea and gusty winds begin to howl along the western coast.

Europe weather center
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„Blowing snow will then become a concern from eastern Bulgaria to Moldova and nearby parts of Ukraine later Sunday into Monday,“ Roys said.

Blowing snow will dramatically reduce visibility for motorists and create whiteout conditions at times that are nearly impossible to navigate through. Snow drifts also threaten to clog some stretches of roads further.

Outside of the substantial snow, heavy rain will spread eastward across the far southern Balkan Peninsula this weekend as strong Bora winds threaten to cause damage along the western slopes of the Dinaric Alps.

„Flooding and mudslides are a threat from Albania to western Greece with 50-100 mm (2-4 inches) expected and 150 mm (6 inches) locally,“ Roys said.

The torrential rain will inundate Tirana and its neighboring mountains. The arrival of colder air will cause the rain to change to snow in the mountains but will likely not be able to catch up to the rain in time to cause snow to fly in the city.

Localized flooding may ensue in northeastern Greece and eastern Bulgaria, where Roys anticipates rainfall to be on the order of 25-50 mm (1-2 inches) with locally 100 mm (4 inches).

In addition to the rain, strong winds will be kicked up across the Aegean Sea from Saturday night into Sunday. Gusts of 65-95 km/h (40-60 mph) will threaten to cause sporadic tree damage and power cuts, as well as dangerously rough seas.

SCARY: Flying ice sheet smashes car windshield

Gusty winds will continue to whip the Aegean Sea on Monday as frigid air pours across the entire Balkan Peninsula on the storm’s backside, holding temperatures well below normal. While rain showers will dampen places along the Aegean Sea, snow showers will linger to the north.

The worst of the storm on Monday will instead focus on Ukraine.

„On Monday, central Ukraine looks to be the area that will get the heaviest snow and even blizzard conditions,“ Roys said.

Similar conditions may continue to impact Moldova to begin the new week if the storm is slower to depart to the northeast than currently expected.

Kosovo und Albanien: AIDS, Korruption, Betrug, Raub, Mord und Prositution brachte „Westliche Wertgemeinschaft“


The Sex Worker and Albania’s Highest Court

Lindita Cela

Pamela (a pseudonym to protect her identity) was arrested in January last year in a well-known hotel in Tirana, in bed with two businessmen and a substantial quantity of cocaine.

A bar in Blloku, the upmarket Tirana entertainment district where some pimps and prostitutes work. Photo: BIRN/Ivana Dervishi

She is 18 years old. She started working as a prostitute when she was 14.

As a child, Pamela was abandoned by her mother and maltreated by her grandmother. She felt she had no alternative but to run away from home. She left in January 2011, not looking back once, wearing little more than slippers and a sweater.

She did not realise then that the price of her freedom would have to be paid in bed, with men of very different standing, from those with an air of sophistication to hardened drinkers. A close friend gave her shelter — but then explained she would have to earn her keep, by working as a prostitute.

A tall brunette with big black eyes, full lips and a seductive girlish smile, Pamela sold her body in different cities and towns — in Tirana, Durres, Vlora and Saranda. Bouncers, waiters, coffee shop owners, hotel receptionists and taxi drivers took care of providing clients.

She normally charged between €200 and €300. In a country where the average wage is around €260, only members of Albania’s economic elite could afford such prices.

Pamela doesn’t remember how many clients she had but knows they called her „the MPs‘ escort lady“ because she was rumoured to sell sex to politicians or „cocaine girl“. The police operation that resulted in her arrest was codenamed Model Girl. An unimaginative choice, but perhaps an indication of whom the police considered their main target. Not the two businessmen who had paid €300 to have sex with Pamela. They were not charged with any offence. Even their names were not made public.

Pamela, on the other hand, was sent to trial and convicted of working as a prostitute. She is serving her 18-month sentence at a rehabilitation centre for trafficking victims in Linza, on the outskirts of Tirana.

„Every day more and more girls work the streets,“ she says. „I might have met 300 of them. They’re as young as 13.“

There have been several attempts to decriminalise prostitution in Albania but all of them have failed. Politicians claim public opinion would not support such a change.

In 2013, parliament rejected a petition from the country’s anti-discrimination commissioner to strike prostitution from the criminal code. Some female members of parliament argued in vain that most sex workers were victims of human trafficking and should not be treated as criminals.

Last year, both the government and parliament campaigned against a similar proposal from the national High Court. On June 25, the Constitutional Court sided with the politicians. It ruled in favour of keeping Article 113 of the criminal code, which specifies that prostitution is an offence punishable by a fine or up to three years in prison.


Innenminister Mafia des Fahrudin Radoncic, Bakir Dautbasic – Bosnia and Herzegovina: Government Official Accused of Aiding Kelmendi

2 neue Verhaftungen (mit Bakir Dautbasic, Bilsena Sahman) im Innenministerium der Fahrudin Radoncic Gang, welche vor Morde nicht zurückschreckt. Fahrudin Radoncic ist ein Mann, Partner des Georg Soros, womit das System wie überall deutlich ist, nur Kriminelle zu installieren.#

Izebegovic Mafia: Aus dem Nichts zu reichsten Mann von Bosnien, wie in Russland, Ukraine, Bulgarien, Albanien eben durch Mord und als Partner der Westlichen Wertegemeinschaft, inklusive dem üblichen Georg Soros Medien Imperium.

Der Gott Vater der Bosnischen Mafia: Fahrudin Radončić, hält eine 100 Personen Anti – Korruptions Show Konferenz


Erich Rathfelder: Schnittpunkt Sarajevo. Bosnien und Herzegowina zehn Jahre nach Dayton, Seite 19, Verlag Hans Schiler, 2006, ISBN 3899301080 [1]
/en/file/show//Images/Images.New/Places/Bosnia/dautbasic 660.jpg Bosnian Politician Nominated as Minister Despite Arrest The Alliance for the Better Future of Bosnia and Herzegovina party proposed Bakir Dautbasic for a ministerial position despite his recent arrest for allegedly interfering in a drug-trafficking and murder trial.

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Government Official Accused of Aiding Kelmendi

State police today arrested a government official who they say has obstructed the investigation against Naser Kelmendi – an alleged drug kingpin who is being tried in Kosovo for planning a murder and leading an organized crime group that moved a variety of drugs through a network linking Afghanistan, Turkey and the European Union.

Bakir Dautbasic, photo: Security Ministry websiteIn 2012, Bosnian authorities launched a police operation targeting Kelmendi and his alleged associates, codenamed “Doll.” Twenty-five people were arrested, and police raided a number of locations, including Casa Grande – a restaurant and hotel owned by Kelmendi, who evaded arrest.

Bakir Dautbasic, secretary of the Ministry of Security, was arrested with former government official Bilsena Sahman. Prosecutors say the two have  been pressuring witnesses to provide false testimony at the trial against Kelmendi. Dautbasic’s arrest is a continuation of the “Doll” police operation, and is codenamed “Doll 2”.

Kosovo authorities arrested Kelmendi on May 5, 2013. He is accused of running an organized crime syndicate involved in drug, tobacco, weapons, and human trafficking, as well as money laundering and extortion. The controversial businessman is also subject to United States sanctions under the Kingpin Act for his suspected role as a major drug trafficker into Europe via the Balkans.

Kelmendi is also charged with planning the 2007 murder of Ramiz “Celo” Delalić in Sarajevo – an organized crime figure who rose to power following the Bosnian war in the early 1990s.

The indictment says that Kelmendi plotted the murder alongside former Minister of Security and candidate for the Bosnian presidency, Fahrudin Radoncic, who leads the SBB political party.Dautbasic is a member of the SBB. Following government reconstruction in 2015, Radoncic and his party have entered the ruling coalition.

According to state television BHRT, Dautbasic was rumored to be SBB’s candidate for deputy Minister of Transport and Communications.

According to the N1 news portal, Radoncic told reporters this morning that he believes Dautbasic is innocent, and that he will continue to be SBB’s candidate for the government position.

Godfather of the Bosnia Mafia and Security Minister: Fahrudin Radončić and his Partner Mafia Boss: Naser Kelmendi

Fines Report über die Bosnischen Regierungs Gangster mit Innenminister Fahrudin Radoncic:

Heute gilt Radončić als reichster Mann seines Landes und wird auch „Bosniens Donald Trump“ genannt.

Bosnia: Radoncic Poised To Be A New Player In Bosniak Politics


Therefore, Radončić has tried to discredit and eliminate any politician on the Bosniak political scene who hindered him on this path and presents a hindrance to the realization of this plan – except Zlatko Lagumdžija who heads the multiethnic SDP and by his habitus cannot be considered a Bosniak leader.


The SBBBiH’s initiative to carry out lustration represents another attempt to “clean” and moralize individuals from the party, especially its leader Radončić. However, it is too late now for any lustration, because more than 20 years after the implementation of a multiparty system lustration can only be used for liquidation, discrediting and false accusations against the present actors on the political scene.

MAFIA-STYLE GANG responsible for killing of deputy minister of internal affairs of Bosnia


He told us that Celo advised the gang that they would get 500,000 German marks for the murder of Jozo Leutar. During the meeting, Bakir Izetbegovic telephoned Celo and talked about the murder of Leutar. Celo put Bakir on speaker phone to confirm the amount of money and Bakir Izetbegovic said that he would get 500,000 German marks for the murder. Bakir said: “Get this guy off my dick.”


Mafia Boss von Sarajevo: Ismet Bajramovic-”Celo

 Even though he has spent much time in Montenegro and BiH, Kelmendi is still remembered in Kosovo.
Rrahman Sylejmani, aide to the police commissioner of Kosovo, told CIN reporters in the spring of 2008 that, according to his information, Kelmendi would likely be detained if he returned to Kosovo. Sylejmani said he also had information that Kelmendi owed money to Ekrem Luka and other businessmen in Peć.

„We had information that he was not feeling safe in Kosovo because there are criminal organizations here who are rivals,“ explained Sylejmani.

Sarajevo investigators also looked into complaints from rival crime gangs that Kelmendi conspired with Muhamed Ali Gaši in June 2007 to kill Ramiz Delelić (Ćelo)*, a long-time organized crime figure who had clashed with members of the Albanian mafia in Sarajevo for years.


Im Solde der Privatisierungs Mafia und schon ist man Weltweit Straffrei, damit sich die Westlichen Raubzugs Banden des Betruges austoben können.


Residents of Sarajevo have been expressing anger about the closure of one of the most important public hospitals in the capital as part of efforts to save money on healthcare provision.