Greek politicians may be ‚hidden‘ in Lagarde list, Falciani says

Greek politicians may be ‚hidden‘ in Lagarde list, Falciani says

First entry: 14 September 2015 – 23:30 Athens, 20:30 GMT
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Greek politicians may be 'hidden' in Lagarde list, Falciani says
Political figures may well be „hidden“ behind the dummy companies and money routes revealed by the „Lagarde list,“ whistleblower Herve Falciani said in an interview with the Greek newspaper ‚Vima‚ published on Sunday.
„I am certain that all the mechanisms that were followed by the list’s system will show that behind the companies and front men and all the circles of money are hidden political figures,“ he was quoted as saying, adding that the new government presented a „unique opportunity“ to deal with the major problem of corruption.
The former HSBC employee had testified to four Greek prosecutors in Paris on Friday, as part of their investigation into Greek bank account holders revealed in data stolen by Falciani in 2008, regarding 130,000 of the bank’s customers.
The list, which in Greece is referred to as the „Lagarde List,“ was passed on to Greek authorities from the then finance minister and current International Monetary Fund head Christine Lagarde.
Falciani’s testimony and his interview with ERT on Saturday were also seized upon by SYRIZA, who stressed that the parties that had dominated politics in the last 40 years were unlikely to allow much progress in the investigation.
„If the next government lets the prosecutor work, we will succeed [in uncovering the truth],“ the party added.
Speaking to ERT, Falciani had described the prosecutors who interviewed him in Paris as „tense“ and thanked them „because what they did was very courageous“.
„And I see the same thoughts, the same effort that I witnessed in the Tsipras government. It was very difficult for the Tsipras government to move on but also for the prosecutor,“ he said, noting that they had also discussed ways to uncover new leads. „We agreed that if the next government lets them work, we will do that,“ he added.

Die Familie Papandreau galt immer schon als vollkommen korrupt in Griechenland und warum EU Politiker mit diesen Gangsters Geschäfte machten, ist die nächste Frage. Die Lagard Liste, verloren die Gestalten im Finanzministerium auch noch !?

Kosovo Betruegerin Atifete Jahjaga, besucht den CIA Chef John O. Brennan in Washington

Solche Besuche sagen Alles, ueber das Produkt der kriminellen Pyschopatin Hillary Clinton. Spazialaet, sind illegale Operationen im Ausland (siehe Immunitaet fuer die Pentagon Verbrecher Organisation MPRI durch Joschka Fischer in 2001, oder die Angriff Operationen der Amerikaner von Deutschen Boden aus). CIA Vertraege sind im Balkan Standard, aber weder mit EU Recht, noch Landesrecht konform.
Eine Strategische Partnerschaft für was? für Drogen und Waffen Handel und mit den extremsten Nationalisten in Europa, was dann Victory Nuland konform ist, wie in der Ukraine.
Der selbst Unfug, wie der vom US Department of State erfundene „Kampf gegen den Terrorismus“, der der beste Feind ist der Feind, den es nicht gibt – was die einzige US Politik ist.
2 korrupt Dumme Treffen sich: und mit dem Kosovo geht es bergab.
Ein Aussenminister darf lt. Albanischer Verfassung keinerlei Verträge unterschreiben.
Nënshkruhet deklarata e Partneritetit Strategjik me SHBA<br />
2 Dumme unterschreiben Verträge die für den Papier Korb sind,
Ditmar Bushati, Aussenminister ein Georg Soros Mann, also ohne Bildung, wie Erion Velaj, dafür spricht man Sprachen und ist willig, damit niemand die eigene Dummheit und Inkomptenz merkt, wie bei Victory Nuland.
Die Kosovaren verlassen das Land, weil man von der dummen und korrupten Frau, wie von Hashim Thaci und den US installierten Verbrechern genug hat.
Die Kosovo Betruegerin, menschliche Muell Halde und durch Erpressung von dem Gangster Alexander Dell installiert, der fuer Bechtel als billiger Betrueger operierte, als typischer US Botschafter, besucht in Washington den CIA Chef: John Brennan, eine menschliche Ratte, Welt Verbrecher fuer Mord als Tradition. Frank Walter Steinmeier organisierte mit vollen Wissen das kriminelle Construct eines Kosovo Staates, im Auftrage der US Verbrecher wie Frank Wisner.

Presidentja Jahjaga u prit nga drejtori i CIA-s

Presidentja e Republikës së Kosovës, zonja Atifete Jahjaga është pritur nga drejtori i Agjencisë Qendrore të Inteligjencës (CIA) të Shteteve të Bashkuara të Amerikës, zotëri John O. Brennan, në selinë e kësaj agjencie, njofton kumtesa presidenciale, transmeton

Presidentja Jahjaga dhe zotëri Brennan kanë diskutuar për zhvillimet në fushën e sigurisë në Kosovë dhe rajon, kontributin e Republikës së Kosovës në koalicionin global kundër terrorizmit dhe përkushtimin e institucioneve të vendit për të thelluar partneritetin me SHBA-të.

Businesses continue to shut down in Kosovo


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Pristina, 10 September 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency By Elton Tota Number of businesses that go bankrupt in Kosovo within a year is worrying. According to the data from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MCI), 1,022 businesses have been shut down until the end of July this year. The head of the Directorate for the […] Read More →

Exodus from Kosovo: Why thousands have left the Balkans

Kosovo has lost an estimated 50,000 people in the past two months – most of them on buses bound eventually for Germany. What is going on in this tiny corner of the Balkans?

Kosovo still without armed forces

Armed Forces

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Pristina, 15 September 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency By Elton Tota More than a year has gone by since the government of Kosovo recommended the creation of the Armed Forces of Kosovo, but up until today, these armed forces have not yet been set up. This process is facing great challenges now, as, besides the fact […]

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Published on 21st October 2015

John Brennan Draft SF86

„National Security Position“ form for John Brennan. This form, filled out by Brennan himself before he assumed his current position, reveals a quite comprehensive social graph of the current Director of the CIA with a lot of additional non-govermental and professional/military career details. (17 November 2008, Author: John Brennan)

Download PDF or view HTML version.

The Analysis Corporation

FAX from the General Counsel of the CIA to the Goverment Accountability Office about a legal quarrel between the CIA and „The Analysis Corporation“. TAC seems to have lost a tender for a US watchlist-related software project to a competitor. Issues seem to revolve around „growth of historical data“ and „real-time responsiveness“ of the system. (15 February 2008, Sender: CIA, Office of General Counsel, Larry Passar)

Download PDF or view HTML version.


Der Bericht stammt aus dem Jahr 2008, wurde von einer Gruppe Senats-Analysten erstellt und enthält ein Memo von Louis Tucker, Mitglied des Geheimdienstausschusses des Senats und Vize-Obmann Christopher Bond.

Besonders heikel ist darin die Feststellung: „Wenn wir weitermachen wie bisher, werden wir scheitern.“ Der Bericht merkt auch an, dass es nach dem Afghanistan-Krieg völlig an einer Strategie gefehlt hat, um das Land nach dem Angriff nachhaltig zu stabilisieren.

longtime a crime, corruption Enterprise: Leaked OSCE Document Names ‘Corrupt’ Albanian MPs


15 Sep 15

Leaked OSCE Document Names ‘Corrupt’ Albanian MPs

The OSCE admitted that a leaked report that accused Albanian politicians of corruption and ordering murders was genuine, but said it was not the organisation’s official view.

Gjergj Erebara


OSCE Head of Mission in Tirana Florian Raunig. Photo: LSA

The OSCE said on Saturday that the report alleging wrongdoing by 36 Albanian MPs, prepared in October 2014 and leaked last week to the website, “contained information circulating in the country and was not the official view of the organisation”.

The report claimed that the MPs, including Prime Minister Edi Rama, the speaker of parliament Ilir Meta and the former Prime Minister Sali Berisha, had accumulated hundreds of millions of euros through corrupt practices.

According to the report, Rama has an estimated wealth of 200 million euros hidden in offshore accounts, money allegedly accumulated through bribes in exchange for construction permits between 2000 and 2011, when he was mayor of Tirana.

The former Prime Minister Sali Berisha, currently an opposition MP, is described in the report as someone who used his power to enrich his family. The report quotes BIRN investigations about his daughter’s businesses.

The speaker of parliament and Rama’s junior coalition partner, Ilir Meta, is described as being suspected of having mafia links and of ordering at least two murders. 

The OSCE Head of Mission in Tirana, Florian Raunig, confirmed the authenticity of the report but stressed that it was only for internal use.

He said it was not intended to be seen as proven fact, but “simply a collection of information obtained by Albanian media and allegations that circulate in public”.

“I wish to express my regret that this information has become public – without authorisation – and subject to misinterpretation and political manipulation,” Raunig said in a press statement.

“The information made public doesn’t represent OSCE policy or our official views and it is not an evaluation or a judgement and has not served as the basis for other reports,” he added.

The perception that leading politicians are involved in corruption or have mafia links is widespread in Albania. However, no high-level public official had been been convicted so far.

The current head of the opposition, Lulzim Basha, was put under investigation by the prosecution in 2007 for alleged abuse of power, which allegedly cost the state about 230 million euros.

In April 2009, the Albanian supreme court closed the case against Basha, arguing that the prosecutors had exceeded the investigation’s time limits under the statute of limitations.

The current speaker of parliament Ilir Meta was charged in 2011 but was acquitted by the high court a year later.

Prime Minister Edi Rama had never been charged or put under investigation.

Berisha had his daughter Argita Malltezi put under investigation for money laundering in 2008 but this investigation was later closed.