Kosovo Parliament Demands Probe of EU Law Mission

23 Jul 15

Kosovo Parliament Demands Probe of EU Law Mission

The Kosovo parliament passed a resolution asking for an investigation into alleged corruption inside the EU’s rule-of-law mission in Kosovo, EULEX.

Una Hajdari


The Kosovo parliament. Photo: Una Hajdari.

MPs voted for the resolution on Thursday calling for EULEX’s work to be reviewed and alleged abuses within the mission investigated.

“The Kosovo parliament invites the president of the republic, Mrs. Atifete Jahjaga, to ask the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs to initiate an institutional investigation for every case mentioning EULEX staff in the official EU report,” said the resolution.

EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs Federica Mogherini commissioned a report last year after the allegations of bribery involving EULEX judicial staff were made public, to find out if they had been covered up.

The report published in April concluded that the mission delayed dealing with the allegations for what appeared to be “administrative errors” but did not try to cover them up.

The bribery allegations were initially made by a EULEX prosecutor, Maria Bamieh. Bamieh also alleged that EULEX tried to stifle her complaints.

A team of local and international investigators is still probing her allegations.

The resolution passed on Thursday also accused the EU mission of “arbitrarily taking on cases from local prosecutors” even though EULEX was supposed to have downsized last year and only to be working on ongoing cases.

“We request that the Head of the Judicial Council of Kosovo and the Head of the Prosecutorial Council of Kosovo report on… the arbitrary takeover of compentences from the justice organs [of Kosovo] by EULEX,” the resolution said, accusing the EU mission of taken over new cases without the right to do so.

EULEX argued in a statement before the vote however that it was legally allowed to take on new cases in “extraordinary circumstances” decided by Kosovo’s chief prosecutor and the chief EULEX prosecutor.

Thursday’s resolution comes into power immediately after its ratification but according to Kosovo law, the government is not obliged to follow its instructions.


The bullies who run Kosovo

Stavros MarkosumSManalysis – vor 2 Tagen
 hashim Thaci
Hashim Thaçi and the rest of the Kosovar political elite are frustrating investigations into murder, kidnapping, and trafficking in human organs. By Chuck Sudetic 21/7/15, 4:14 PM CET Updated 21/7/15, 5:41 PM CET The Albanians of Kosovo — the Kosovars — revere the United States of America. They also gaze with longing eyes upon their richest near-neighbor, the European Union. And with good reason. The United States and its European NATO allies, after all, carried out the 1999 bombing campaign that wrenched Kosovo from Serbia, and effectively gave it to the 1.7 million Kosovars who com… mehr »

Die Show des Clint Williamson, der angeblich den Organ Handel im Kosovo ermitteln will

Genau 33 Milliarden € sind in diesen Verbrecher Raum Kosovo seit 1999 geflossen, und das dürften dann die Deutschen Politiker wohl 3-4 Milliarden unterschlagen haben, denn im Kosovo ist Nichts angekommen.

Spiegel 17/2008 ab Seite 128

update: 5.8.2016 Es wird solange erpresst und abgestimmt, bis die EU und US die richtige Abstimmung haben,was man Demokratie Modell nennt.

Thaci hit with a bottle: KLA veterans attacked their war comrade

Dissatisfied with the parliamentary debate on the establishment of the court for the crimes of the KLA, a group of veterans…»

Junior Ruling „Malok“ Party DUI Official Killed in Kumanovo: Xhemail Rexhepi

 Tageszeitung “Fakti” beklagt drastische Zunahme der Gewaltkriminalität in den Albanergebieten Mazedoniens!
Die Westliche Wertegemeinsschaft und ihre Morde Weltweit: Anfang Februar im alten CIA Muster:
Iin einem Shoot out in der Partei Zentrale der Verbrecher Partei des Ali Ahmeti DUI, schoss der aktuelle DUI Vorsitzende Bajram Limani, den Terroristen Xhemail Rexhepi, eine Legende des Verbrechens als UCK Kommandant nieder, angeblich in Notwehr erklärt hier Bajram Limani. Andere Terroristen, Verbrecher mit US Pass, wurden Anfang Mai in Kumanova erschossen rund um Beg Rizaj.

Bajram Limani, president of the local branch of the DUI party in Kumanovo, Macedonia, has surrendered to the police.
Source: Beta
Limani is a suspect in the murder of Xhemail Rexhepi that took place on Thursday afternoon.
The Democratic Union for Integration (DUI) is an ethnic Albanian party that is a member of the ruling Macedonian coalition.Albanian language media are reporting today that the armed incident in Kumanovo was „a showdown between the former and the current DUI leadership in the town after Rexhepi – former ‚Commander Shqiponja‘ of the disbanded National Liberation Army (ONA) – became a candidate for president of the DUI Kumanovo branch.“Before turning himself in to the police, Limani told Albanian language TV station Alsat-M that he was „sorry about the murder but that the pistol was used in self-defense,“ and that he and his colleagues „came under attack and acted in self-defense.“Macedonia’s media are quoting police sources to report that eight persons took part in the shooting incident in Kumanovo on Thursday, and that security cameras recorded the whole event.

FOTO-HISTORI: Xhemail Rexhepi, komandant “Shqiponja”, në vitin 2001
Foto 2001: Xhemail Rexhepi: Kommando: Terrorism organisation: Shqiponja

Maqedoni:Vritet Xhemail Rexhepi-komandant Shqiponja

Sot pasdite është plagosur pretendenti kryesor për kryetar dege Xhemail Rexhepi-Komandat Shqiponja me dy shokë të tij, njoftojnë për “Lajm” dëshmitarë okularë.

News 24 Jul 15

Junior Ruling Party Official Killed in Kumanovo

A member of Macedonia’s junior ruling ethnic Albanian party, the DUI, was shot dead on Thursday in Kumanovo – scene of a shootout in May between Albanian militants and police.

Sinisa Jakov Maruisc


Kumanovo | Photo by: MacedonianBoy / Wikimedia Commons

The Democratic Union for Integration, DUI, condemned the killing on Thursday of Xhemail Rexhepi, aka Commander Sciponja, a candidate for the post of head of the party’s local branch.

Police said one of the suspects for the killing that apparently followed a brawl between two groups of DUI members had surrendered.

Bajram Limani, acting head of the DUI in Kumanovo, surrendered after telling Alsat M TV that he and his supporters acted in self-defence and had been attacked by Rexhepi’s group in his office.

„We were at our work posts, I as temporary head of DUI’s branch… this group barged in and attacked us, they wanted to tear up the documents and files I had before me. They attacked us with chairs and fists… We were forced to defend our dignity and pulled out our guns to scare them,“ Rexhepi said.

The killing follows other violent incidents within DUI ranks over the past two years. The animosities are seen to be linked to a clash between the party’s so-called intellectual and military wings. Brawls intensified last year when the party announced elections for the leading positions in the local branches.

In October 2014, five people were wounded, one seriously, by a gun fight in the DUI branch in Saraj, near Skopje. In December 2014 a fight between DUI members in Struga left several people in hospital.

The DUI was formed in 2002, soon after the armed conflict between Albanian insurgents and the security forces ended, mainly by leaders of the former insurgents.

Clashes in Kumanovo between ethnic Albanian militants and the security forces in May left 22 dead, including eight police.


Freude Freude Freude NATO Secret Report, english
Der NATO Geheim Bericht 47 Seiten, über den Super Verbrecher Xhavit Halili und Hashim Thaci, bis Ekrem Lluka

14 Feb 2011 / 08:12


Ali Ahmeti’s Chaoten Truppe

Muster Beispiel auch die Deutsche Botschafterin Christine Altmann in Skopje, welche nicht genug hat, als Geistes Wissenschaftlerin, einmal nur den Mund zuhalten, was ihrem Dienstherrn der Inkompetenz Frank Walter Steinmeier auch unbekannt ist.

NATO secrets: The Mafia family: Hashim Thaci and his brother in Law: Bajrush Sejdiu: Kumanova: Drug and cigarett schmuggler, from Durres to Macedonis, Kosovo, Balkan, Bulgaria and Europa

Bajrush Sejdiu, Hashim ThaciHashim Thaci,
Bajrush Sejdiu, Hashim Thaci


Wirtschaft: Stillstand, oder Rückschritt

Ekonomia në stanjacion apo në regres?

Postuar më: 18 Korrik, 2015 tek Kopertina

Ekonomia shqiptare në rastin më të mirë është në stanjacion e në rastin më problematik ajo ka hedhur hapa pas. Gjatë kësaj kohe është folur për një sërë projektesh, ligjesh, reformash që janë ndërmarrë në ekonominë tonë, por duket se kanë mbetur ende larg reflektimit në ekonominë reale. Mbledhja e të ardhurave në buxhet vijon të mbetet larg realizimit të tyre.

Tatimet dhe doganat nuk po realizojnë dot mbledhjen e tyre. Madje këto të fundit vetëm para pak ditësh u kritikuan ashpër nga Ministri i Financave, duke e konsideruar situatën si të patolerueshme. Treguesit e vetëm që po ecin mirë në “mbushjen” e buxhetit janë ato të mbledhjes së të ardhurave nga Operatori i Shpërndarjes së Energjisë Elektrike (OSHEE).

Mbeten disa tregues shqetësues të ekonomisë tonë që nuk po dalin dot nga rrethi vicioz. Fondi Monetar Ndërkombëtar (FMN) në misionin e fundit në vendin tonë, theksoi se ekonomia po ecën drejt ritmeve të duhura, por nevojitet konsolidim fiskal.

Tezë që është ndeshur dhe në raportin më të fundit të Komisionit Europian, ku theksohet se financat tona janë të brishta e ku borxhi publik nuk mban më. Po kështu Instituti i Statistikave tona flet për një rënie të konsumit në këtë periudhë, por duke pretenduar se ekonomia jonë do të ecë sipas parashikimit në fillim të vitit.

Degë të rëndësishme të ekonomisë po vijojnë të shënojnë deficite në të ardhurat e tyre, kjo dhe për shkak të ndikimit të faktorëve të jashtëm tregtar. Investimet vijojnë të jenë nën potencialin e tyre, ku e vetmja dritë jeshile shihet projekti TAP, që në të vërtetë do të shënonte një hap tjetër për ekonominë, si në përfitimin e drejtpërdrejtë ashtu dhe në afatgjatë.

Por për momentin tregu ynë vijon të ketë mungesë likuiditeti, mos realizim të ardhurash dhe financa të brishta. Kjo jo e thënë prej nesh, por nga vetë evidentimi i ekspertëve të huaj financiarë.

Paratë e qarkulluara jashtë bankave..


Der EU Berichts Erstatter für Mazedonien: Ivo Vajgl , hat festgestellt, das die Terroristen direkt für den Islamischen Tschiad kämpften, ebenso in Syrien und Irak und zugleich die Gross Albanien Politik von Hitler vertraten. Die US finanzierten Terroristen und Mord Schwadronen, dessen Schutzherr auch hier Frank Walter Steinmeier ist, der seine üble Comedy Show im Gefolge seiner eigenen totalen vermurksten und korrupten Persönlichkeit erneut zelebriert mit Presse Konferenzen und Sinne der übelsten Welt Verbrecher:

Sie haben jedoch mit dem radikalen Islam verbunden?

Vajgl: Vieles spricht für diese Annahme. Einige der Personen, die in der Kumanovo teilgenommen und hat eine Profi Ausbildung, kämpfte in Syrien und dem Irak. Sie wussten, welche Art von Idee kam in Kumanovo. Dies ist Jihad und Verteilung des radikalen Islam auf europäischem Boden. Ich leugne nicht, dass es auch andere Gründe – Großalbanien oder Verbindung mit lokalen politischen Szene, obwohl es kaum glauben, in ihm, daß, wer bereit ist, die Verantwortung für die Tötung von acht Polizisten nehmen.

Slowenisch MdEP: „Jihad“ und „Großalbanien“ hinter Kumanovo!

Veröffentlicht am: 25. Mai 2015, um Aktualität


Slowenisch, MdEP und Berichterstatter für Mazedonien im Europäischen Parlament Ivo Vajgl


Schön geschrieben, die Realität sieht Anders aus! Eine weitere der unsinnigen Plauder Institutionen, Steuer finanziert


Vor allem die Albanischen Führer, haben das Albanische Volk auch in Mazedonien verraten, weil man nur Straffreiheit für Verbrechen haben will und sich als Prostituierte der jeweiligen Regierung etabliert. Ali Ahmeti der Budalla Führer der DUI, ist besonders peinlich. Mehmut Taci, ist Partner der Gangster Ilir Meta und Ramuz Haradinaj.

Offizielle Lobby Politik, des AACL, gekaufter US Politiker u.a. Jo Biden. Die PDUI Partei ist ein anderer Ableger der US Albanischen Faschisten Mafia, welche Drogen und Waffen Schmuggel damit tarnen.


Wappen des AACL, mit echten US Insider Infos von damals: einem Bekannte von dem CIA Chef Georg Tenet. Der Start Schuss, für die Bewaffnung von Faschisten und Kriminellen im Balkan: US Kongress Resolution Nr. 150 von 1985, von Bob Dole, Partner von H.D. Genscher und Franz Josef Strauss.

Kongress Resolution 150 von 1985 von Bob Dole organisiert war der Start Schuss für die Kosovo Krieg und dann kam Franz Josef Strauss auch nach Albanien, für Waffen Geschäfte
Kongress Resolution 150 von 1985 von Bob Dole organisiert war der Start Schuss für die Kosovo Krieg und dann kam Franz Josef Strauss auch nach Albanien, für Waffen Geschäfte

US Gambino – Albanische Mafia, wo das FBI als grössten Gefahr in 2003 warnte.

Luft Nummern, von Hirnlosen und gekauften Politikern, den sogenannten Transatlantikern, wie NeoCons,wie man an Steinmeier sieht in der Ukraine. Im Gefolge der US Desaster und Berufs Betrüger wie Mörder:

Unruhen werden in Mazedonien, aber auch Demonstrationen in Albanien von den gut bekannten Verbrecher Organisationen wie NED; Georg Soros, Open Society und den Fullbright und German C. Marshall Centrum Gestalten finanziert.

Das Drehbuch, eine ORF Doku.

Identisch wie die Erfolgs Lügen Betrugs Story der Weltbank, mit der Gangster Braur: Jane Armitage. * unten

Amis zu doof Irakis auszubilden ?

Iraks stellvertretender Ministerpräsident Saleh al-Mutlaq zeigt sich überrascht, wie das irakische Militär von Ausbildern aus den Vereinigten Staaten vorbereitet wurde gegen die militante Gruppierung „Islamischer Staat“ in der Stadt Ramadi zu kämpfen.

Artikel lesen


American Policy</a> Center

Obama: YES WE CAN change democracy in despotism

ObamaTheKing Obama: YES WE CAN change democracy in despotism
Obama: YES WE CAN change democracy in despotism

Immer dabei Frank Walter Steinmeier, wie Westerwelle sowieso auch mit den Kiew Mord Faschisten.

Transatlantische Kriegsverbrecher bedrohen Russland

Die USA haben die NATO zu ihrer sklavischen Interventionsarmee degradiert, für die Durchsetzung ihrer (!) geostrategischen Interessen. Henry Paul hat es zusammengefasst: „Die Welt sieht zu, wie ein Teil-Kontinent sich als brutale Verbrecherbande gegen die restliche Welt stellt und versucht, diese Restwelt komplett zu unterwerfen. Die Krankheit besteht in dem Wahn, sich einzubilden, unfehlbar zu sein, aus absolutem Recht zu handeln, die Führungsnation der Erde zu sein, niemandem Rechenschaft zu schulden – noch nicht einmal den nationalen, eigenen Bürgern. Diese Krankheit ist gefährlicher als jeder Virus. Ist gefährlicher als jede Seuche – ihr Verhalten ist das höchste Verbrechen, weil es das Verbrechen an der gesamten Menschheit ist.“

Foreignpolicy, schreibt einen Bericht über das kriminelle Treiben der US Botschafter im Kosovo: Christopher Dell

Wo die Amerikaner mit ihren kriminellen Mord Partner auftauchen, verlassen die Einwohner das Land. Deutlich zusehen an Albanien, die aktuelle Kosovo Flucht, Afrika mit Libyen, oder eben die

Die Realität sieht so aus, wenn eine Deutsche Ministerin gut dokumentierte Verbrecher empfängt, der kurz gesagt viel Geld haben will.

IPG Logo

Erschreckende Parallelen

Drei Leitlinien, damit der West-Balkan nicht zur Ukraine wird.


Druck über den Geldhahn

Ohne Rechtsstaatlichkeit keine wirtschaftliche Entwicklung. Ohne Rechtsstaatlichkeit keine dringend notwendige Aufarbeitung der konfliktreichen jüngeren Vergangenheit. Es zeugt leider nicht von funktionierender Rechtsstaatlichkeit, wenn Kosovo sein Sondertribunal zur Untersuchung von Verbrechen der kosovo-albanischen Befreiungsarmee UÇK mit europäisch-amerikanischer Hilfe außerhalb der Landesgrenzen abhält. Das Kosovo hängt stark am ausländischen Geldhahn. Das sollte ein probater Hebel sein, um von der Regierung Rechtsstaatlichkeit im eigenen Land zu fordern.

Hier kommt die zweite Leitlinie in Spiel: EU und USA müssen einig sein. Andernfalls werden wir gegeneinander ausgespielt. Manchen politischen Akteuren in der Region ist gar zuzutrauen, dass sie bewusst ethnische Konflikte provozieren, um durch einen weiteren gewalttätigen Konflikt den westlichen Geldhahn wieder zu öffnen. Gegen solche Methoden hilft nur geschlossenes Auftreten.

Die Konsequenz aus einer Hinhaltetaktik und Nichteinhaltung des Versprechens wäre der totale Vertrauensverlust bei Bevölkerung und politischen Eliten des Westlichen Balkans.

Für die dritte Leitlinie müssen wir in unseren eigenen Parlamenten streiten, um außenpolitisch mit einer Stimme zu sprechen. Unser Beitrittsversprechen muss absolut verlässlich und glaubwürdig sein. Die Konsequenz aus einer Hinhaltetaktik und Nichteinhaltung des Versprechens wäre der totale Vertrauensverlust bei Bevölkerung und politischen Eliten des Westlichen Balkans. Das Beispiel haben wir vor Augen: Die antieuropäische Argumentation der pro-russischen Ukrainer sollte als Signal ausreichen.

Es bleibt die Frage, mit welchem „Dann“ wir argumentieren können, wenn Bedingungen nicht erfüllt werden. Wir wollen die Länder des Westlichen Balkans ja in der EU haben. Wir wollen – wie von Frank-Walter Steinmeier in Sarajevo angekündigt – den „Compact for Growth“ begleiten. Die Beitrittsperspektive zu entziehen ist keine Option. Eine politische sinnvolle Option ist hingegen der rigide Umgang mit finanzieller Unterstützung. Daher ist es richtig, dass Bosnien 2014 deutlich weniger Mittel aus dem Instrument für Heranführungshilfe (IPA) erhält als bisher und dass der Internationale Währungsfonds (IWF) seine Tranchenzahlung an die Republika Srpska aussetzt. Noch effektiver dürfte die Verknappung von Budgethilfen wirken. Von diesem Kanal profitieren auf Umwegen nämlich auch Parteien. Nur wenn diese die neuen Bedingungen zu spüren bekommen, kann das Wenn-Dann-Schema funktionieren.

Natürlich ist es im Sinne von Planbarkeit unumgänglich, dass Mittel nicht sofort wieder entzogen werden können. Die Aussage muss jedoch gelten: Unsere finanzielle Unterstützung wird unglaubwürdig, wenn sich in den Gesellschaften die substanziellen Probleme nicht ändern. Dann heißt es von der Bevölkerung: „Die EU überweist Geld an unsere Politiker, unsere Gesellschaft bleibt genauso undemokratisch wie bisher und am Ende kommen wir nicht einmal in die EU.“

Beim Europäischen Rat am 27. Juni könnte Albanien den EU-Beitrittskandidatenstatus erhalten. Das wäre jetzt der richtige Schritt. Damit schafft die EU Vertrauen in ihr Versprechen aus Thessaloniki und kann anschließend nach strikter Konditionalität weiterverfahren.

Der Westliche Balkan liegt mitten in Europa. Seine Stabilität sollte uns aus ureigenen und solidarischen Interessen sehr am Herzen liegen. Diese Botschaft ist noch nicht überall angekommen. Als Parlamentarier wünsche ich mir dazu einen Dialog mit Kollegen aller Parlamente der EU. Wir können diese Diskussion nicht nur in Deutschland führen.

Der Vorgänger Mafia Boss, Umwelt Minister: Fatmir Mediu hat 140 Millionen € erhalten von der EU, ohne das eine Fisch, Wald, oder sonstige Behörde oder Gesetz implementiert wurde. (landet direkt bei Franz Jung, mit dem Gangster Boss: Agron Duka)

Nun taucht Lefter Koka mit einer Delegation bei der Deutschen Umwelt Ministerin: Barbara Hendricks in Berlin auf, weil er Geld will, natürlich ohne Projekte und Geld Kontrolle

Barbara Hendriks, Lefter Koka Delegation
Barbara Hendriks, Lefter Koka Delegation
Lefter Koka, Barbara Hendricks
Lefter Koka, Barbara Hendricks

und dann die Umwelt Ministerin Barbara Hendricks mit Lefter Koka,
einer Super kriminellen Familie, Lefter Koka, welche gerade wegen
Firmen Erpressung in Albanien auch juristisch bekannt wurde.

— Lefter Koka: Representing LSI from Durres, Koka is a
member of perhaps the most notorious organized crime family
in Albania, with ties to narcotics and human trafficking and
other illicit activities.
Lulzim Basha: According to one SP source, FM Basha, who
represents the DP in Elbasan, was involved in facilitating
the release from prison of a notorious criminal in Elbasan in
return for support from the criminal’s family. Relatives of
the criminal promised to “organize” people in Elbasan to
support Basha. The criminal was released on June 29, the day
after the elections.


Mit dem Gangster Lulzim Basha, trafen sich viele CDU Grössen in den letzten Monaten, wobei auf der Website der KAS schon steht, das man
entgültig in der OK angekommen ist, das zum Programm erhoben hat.

“”Ein Kernelement der Zusammenarbeit der Konrad-Adenauer- Stiftung in Albanien ist die Kooperation mit der Demokratischen Partei, unter
Führung des Partaivorsitzenden, Lulzim Basha.””


George Soros, , CIA, Freedom House, NED, NATO and the Western Color Revolution in Macedonia

CIA, Georg SorosGangsterZoranZaev, mit Martin Schulz, als „Rumpelstilzchen“ derEUbekanntundbeijederAntiDemokratischenAktionmitKriminellendabei.

PES Budapest 2015: Ganster Treffen der Korruption: Zoran Zaev Ma
PES Budapest 2015: Ganster Treffen der Korruption: Zoran Zaev Ma

George Soros, NATO and the Western Color Revolution in Macedonia


© Unknown

With tensions heating up between the United States and Russia over a number of issues – Ukraine, BRICS, sanctions, and NATO encirclement to name a few – the West continues its move in toward Russia’s borders. The latest target in the Anglo-American destabilization campaign has now come forward – Macedonia.

In the attempt to destroy the elected government of Macedonia, George Soros, NATO, and the Western Color Revolution apparatus have all come together to ensure that the will of the Macedonian people is denied as is the will of populations in all Western-style democracies.

As informed observers might well suspect, any color revolution taking place in Eastern Europe will involve the heavy hand of George Soros.

George Soros is most well-known for playing a major role in the funding and facilitating of the „Bulldozer Revolution“ in Serbia that overthrew Slobodan Milosevic in 2000, Georgia’s „Rose Revolution“ of 2003, the 2006 push to move Turkey toward a more Islamist governing structure, and even the Occupy movement in the United States among a great many others – none of which brought anything other than greater misery, impoverishment, and police state mechanisms to bear on the general public. The Occupy movement, being the only exception, still brought nothing to its participants except the opportunity to burn off excess anger and energy along with a few cracked protester skulls. It was otherwise an incredible waste of time.

In addition, George Soros has been heavily involved in the social unrest and movement-wrecking activity that has taken place all across the United States in recent months. From Florida to Ferguson and then on to Baltimore, George Soros‘ Foundations have been involved in making sure that not only are American citizens unable to overcome racial divisions with mutual cooperation but that even the racially isolated participants are unable to accomplish anything of substance.

In Macedonia, like in the United States, Soros organizations work under the pretense of left cover. In other words, Soros NGOs fund and operate organizations and movements that are seen as Left in nature but are, in reality, revolutionary organizations designed to push a political agenda, change Macedonian culture, install puppet regimes, and ultimately serve the purpose of the Anglo-American oligarchy.

George Soros‘ most well-known NGO is the Open Society Institute, is highly active in Macedonia and itself works with a plethora of „civil society organizations“ throughout the country that function as the OSI (and hence the West’s) tentacles in Macedonian society. This is what has prompted some in Macedonia to say in regards to Soros that „Soros came into Macedonia like a Trojan horse, and now he is an octopus.“

The OSI has been active in Macedonia for some time, with Vladimir Milcin heading the organization for nearly twenty years. Milcin was a former police informant in the days of Communism. Milcin was instrumental in ratting out a dissident actor Risto Siskov.

The Soros networks in Macedonia are extremely powerful. As Jay Nordlinger reported for the National Review after having traveled to Macedonia,

In America for the past many years, we have had a plethora of Soros-funded groups: MoveOn.org, Media Matters, the Center for American Progress, etc. Macedonia has its rough equivalents. But they mean more in Macedonia than the Soros-funded groups do in America. Back home, we have a zillion conservative groups to counter the Soros groups. The Left has its billionaires, we have ours. You hit me with Soros? Okay, I’ll hit you with a Koch or two. In Macedonia, I’m told, there is no tradition of donating money to a cause. There aren’t think tanks and activist groups and the rest on the right. So, the „Sorosoids“ own the field.

While this may be a bit of an exaggeration – the Right clearly has its own agents of control and dissemination – it is clearly true that the Soros influence extends far beyond being able to drive public opinion through clever networking ideas. Indeed, through a much tighter grasp upon media outlets themselves, Soros is vastly more influential in the way that news and events are reported than in other locations, even those located in Eastern Europe.

That being said, it should be pointed out that Macedonian news outlets like Telma and 24 Vesti are both major players in promoting the anti-government protests (in addition to other operations). Both of these outlets are funded by George Soros.

Indeed, even „opposition leader“ Zoran Zaev is a notorious Soros-funded agent with close connections to the CIA. Not only Zaev, but his entire Social Democratic Union of Macedonia (SDSM) party (the former Communist party) has been entirely taken over by the Soros machine. As Wayne Madsen writes,

Zaev and [Radmila] Sekerinska are said by Macedonian insiders to be nothing more than fronts for former Prime Minister and President Branko Crvenkovski who continues to head up the SDSM and accept large amounts of largesse from such CIA NGO laundry operations as the National Democratic Institute (NDI), National Endowment for Democracy (NED), Freedom House, and Soros’s Open Society Institute (OSI) to foment a themed revolution against Gruevksi’s right-of-center VMRO-DPMNE government.

It is also a known fact that the OSI receives are large amount of money from the US State Department’s USAID.

Interestingly enough, Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, Victoria Nuland, has been charged by Macedonian intelligence of conspiring with Zaev of the SDSM.

Wayne Madsen further describes the role of Victoria Nuland by writing:

The unapologetic foul-mouthed Nuland met on the side of the 51st Munich Security Conference in Germany with Macedonian Foreign Minister Nikola Poposki and President Gjorge Ivanov to express her displeasure at Gruevski’s insurrection charges against her friend Zaev and his SDSM co-conspirators. Earlier, Nuland had offered to mediate a long-standing dispute between Greece and Macedonia over the latter’s use of the name Macedonia, which some Greeks consider to be a solely Greek name. Macedonian observers viewed Nuland’s interest in the name dispute to be a trap that would enable a pro-U.S. government, along with the Zionist and global banker baggage that comes with any such «themed» coup d’etat, to seize power in Skopje. Nuland and her co-conspirators were hoping for a replay of Kiev in what can be termed «Kiev Version 2.0.»

Nuland and her co-conspirators in Skopje are alarmed over the speed at which the Macedonian security services rounded up the coup plotters. Macedonian police, in raids conducted in Skopje and Veles, seized five laptop computers, three desktop computers, 19 mobile phones, 100 CDs and DVDs, 17 hard disks, and 9 savings deposit books used by the coup plotters, including a number linked to Soros-financed NGOs. The bank accounts of the plotters reportedly were flush with healthy cash deposits from the CIA as the date of the planned coup approached.

The use of social media by the Soros/CIA coup plotters should come as no surprise. Social media served at the very core of the themed revolutions sponsored by the CIA and Soros twice in Ukraine (Orange Revolution and Euro-Maidan uprising), Jasmine Revolution (Tunisia), Lotus Revolution (Egypt), Rose Reviolution (Georgia), Tulip Revolution (Kyrgyszstan), and Green Revolution (Iran). In the case of Macedonia, there are clear indications that the Deputy Assistant Secretary of State in the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor (DRL) Thomas Melia, responsible for DRL’s work in Europe, including Russia, as well as the Middle East and North Africa, conspired directly with Zaev to mount a coup against the Gruevski government. Melia is the former deputy director of Freedom House, a Cold War-era neoconservative bevvy of U.S. war hawks based in New York. Although founded in 1941 by such progressives as Eleanor Roosevelt, Ralph Bunche, journalist Dorothy Thompson, novelist Rex Stout (creator of Nero Wolfe), and Republican presidential candidate Wendell Willkie (who would be considered by today’s Republicans in the U.S. as a stark-raving liberal), Freedom House has devolved into a neoconservative chatter source having employed as their board members in recent years such war hawk cretins as Paul Wolfowitz, Ken Adelman, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Donald Rumsfeld, and Otto Reich. Freedom House has been caught red-handed funneling CIA money to opposition groups in Iran, Sudan, Russia, and China. In essence, Freedom House, like Soros’s NGOs, serves as a conduit for CIA support for rebellious opposition forces in dozens of countries around the world, countries that now include Macedonia, as well as Hungary, Venezuela, Syria, Egypt, Serbia, Jordan, Mexico, and Cuba.

In addition, it has been reported by a number of media outlets, most notably the Russian and Macedonian press, that George Soros has tapped into the Canvas network, enlisting the organization to „help“ in Macedonian protests. ….

500.000 Tode gab es mit den kriminellen Umtrieben des CIA, der Rand Gruppe in Indonesien, vor 50 Jahren.
Wie im Balkan heute, wurde damals das liberale Indonesien in ein Construct von Islam Terroristen und strengen Islame Ritten umgewandelt. Genau das Chaos versuchen die Amerikaner vor allem mit einer Bildungs Sabotage mit Kriminellen, die sich Politiker nennen zu beschleunigen. Die Flucht Welle aus dem Balkan spricht für sich. Auch wurde wie in Chile, durch die CIA Partner der Generalstabs Chef in Indonesien ermordet, identisch was man geplant hatte, in der Ukraine, den Staatsspräsidenten zu ermorden. Damals war der Mi6 auch schon unterwegs, bei dem Morden von loyalen Regierungs Militär.

U.S. academics and policy intellectuals with connections to the CIA and RAND Corporation publicly urged their contacts in the Indonesian Army “to strike, sweep their house clean” (Guy Pauker), while “liquidating the enemy’s political and guerrilla armies”