Black Mailing EU System: ‚Secret Tapes‘ on Piran Gulf Dispute Shock Croats


„Pirangate“ entfacht Grenzstreit zwischen Slowenien und Kroatien

Grafik aus dem Jahr 2010.

Zagreb sucht nach Ausweg aus Schiedsverfahren, Ljubljana empört wegen Spionagemethoden der anderen Seite

23 Jul 15

‚Secret Tapes‘ on Piran Gulf Dispute Shock Croats

After Croatian newspaper published audio tapes of secret talks held between the Slovene judge on the arbitration panel over the Gulf of Piran and the Slovenian representative, Croatia has demanded an investigation.

Sven Milekic


Vesna Pusic (left) holding an urgent press conference. | Photo by Croatian Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs

Croatian officials have responded angrily to claims made in a newspaper that judges on an arbitation panel concerning a territorial dispute between Croatia and Slovenia were ready to rule in Slovenia’s favour.

The Croatian newspaper Vecernji list on Wednesday published secret audio tapes of Jernej Sekolec, the Slovene judge on the arbitration court over the Gulf of Piran,  talking to Simona Drenik, the representative of Slovenia before the court, discussing confidential conversations between the judges.

In conversations recorded between November 2014 and January 2015, Judge Sekolec allegedly assured Drenik that the court would likely grant Slovenia up to 75 per cent of the maritime waters in the Gulf of Piran, as it wants.

The dispute between between Croatia and Slovenia over the maritime waters on the Istrian peninsula dates back to the break-up of Yugoslavia.

At one point, it resulted in Slovenia blocking Croatia’s EU accession talks in December 2008.

Croatian Prime Minister Jadranka Kosor and Slovenian Prime Minister Borut Pahor agreed in October 2009 to international arbitration before the The Hague after which Slovenia withdrew its blockade.

The arbitration panel comprises five judges. Besides Sekolec from Slovenia, Croatia has appointed one judge. The court appointed the other three judges along with the president.

Talks between a judge and the representatives of either of the parties in the dispute are forbidden.

Following the newspaper report, Croatian Foreign Minister Vesna Pusic called a press conference on Wednesday, expressing deep concern.

“If any of these allegations were true, it would be absolutely shocking and drastically change the situation in relation to the process,” she said.

She said Croatia had agreed to international arbitration in “good faith”, trusting the professional and impartial conduct of the judges and the court in general.

Pusic said Croatia had already felt doubts about the process this spring, when the Slovene Foreign Minister, Karl Erjavec, issued similar public statements, predicting how the court will decide.

“We will investigate the truth or untruthfulness of these statements,” she stated, adding that she would inform the arbitration court and the European Commission.

Map of disputed maritime territory of the Piran gulf. | Photo by Wikimedia Commons

A source from the Commission said it could comment on the work of the court, however, as Brussels is not a party in the dispute.

Croatian Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic on Wednesday said Croatia would use the methods for investigation at its disposal to protect the state’s interests.

“It is possible that this is some kind of error, but if not, we will know how to protect our national interests,” he said.

Tomislav Karamarko, head of strongest opposition Croatian Democratic Union, HDZ, said if the reports were true, it clearly meant “influencing the arbitration court’s decisions in an illegal manner”.

He called for unity “in defending national and state interests and Croatia’s right to keep its territory, which apparently some want to take”.

Slovene officials have responded coolly to the complains coming from Croatia. While on vacation in France, Erjaves dismissed the the row, saying it was all part of the pre-election campaign in Croatia. “It is obvious that in Croatia they are very nervous,” he added.

Slovene Prime Minister Miro Cerar said he could not comment on the issue before the court had finished its work, but said the complaints were “an obvious attempt to influence the decision of the arbitration court”.


Politicians blackmail, from China to Albania: the US Israel Casino mafia: CIA Operation with Sheldon Adelson, AIPAC,

CIA used Macau casino to trap corrupt Chinese bureaucrats – report

US intelligence may have used Macau casinos owned by an American tycoon to set a trap for Chinese functionaries who gamble with public money, in order to blackmail and recruit them.

The “highly confidential” report on the gambling industry exposing the possible CIA operation in Macau, was prepared by a private investigator in 2010 and remained secret until it was uncovered by the Investigative Reporting Program at the University of California, Berkeley, the Guardian reports.

The document dated June 25, 2010, was presented by Sands China Limited, the Macau branch of the gambling empire of Las Vegas tycoon Sheldon Adelson, as part of an ongoing lawsuit filed by Steven Jacobs, former head of Sands Macau casinos, who is suing the company for wrongful dismissal. The civil action hearing is being held at a Las Vegas court.

The report reveals that Beijing suspected CIA and FBI operatives of using Macau casinos belonging to gambling billionaire and Republican Party funder Adelson to entrap and blackmail Chinese officials.

“A reliable source has reported that central Chinese government officials firmly believe that Sands has permitted CIA/FBI agents to operate from within its facilities. These agents apparently ‘monitor mainland government officials’ who gamble in the casinos,” the report said.

READ MORE: World’s biggest gambling hub in China sees revenues down record 49% in February

The report says: “According to China’s internal Central Government agency, some US$2 billion is annually gambled away by serving Chinese government officials visiting Macao.” It must be noted that officially it is illegal for mainland Chinese to transfer sums over $50,000 a year to Macau to gamble.

Of particular concern to Chinese authorities, the report claims, are those officials who lost a lot while gambling and were running up debts, making them an easy target for pressure from foreign intelligence.

Sands China initiated the report out of concern that the government of the former Portuguese colony was acting in an increasingly hostile manner towards the gambling industry in general and Sands casinos in particular, reports the Guardian. Both the Macau and mainland Chinese authorities are aiming to reduce the dependency of the enclave’s economy on gambling.

READ MORE: Macau surpasses Switzerland in GDP per person – World Bank

“Many of the (Chinese) officials we contacted were of the view that US intelligence agencies are very active in Macao and that they have penetrated and utilized the US casinos to support their operations,” the report said.

The report cites “well-placed” sources in Beijing, which claim they have proof of the Sands Macau casino resort becoming the stronghold of the US intelligence services in Macau.

“This source also reported that several PRC (Peoples Republic of China) government bodies have reported ‘evidence’ of ‘US agents’, operating from Sands, ‘luring’ and entrapping mainland government officials, involved in gaming, to force them to cooperate with US government interests,” the report said.

“There is a widely held perception amongst officials that Sands serves the interests of the US government in Macau,” the report concluded.

Sands has already described the report as “a collection of meaningless speculation.”

Among his sources, the unidentified corporate investigator mentions three officials from the government agency responsible for overseeing Macau and Hong Kong, two officials from the Chinese foreign ministry and a powerful businessman with close ties in the Chinese capital.

READ MORE: Macau magnate to bring first casino to Russia’s gambling zone

The idea that the Sands company served as a front for US intelligence efforts  sounds “like an idea for a movie script,” the Guardian said, citing Ron Reese, the company’s senior vice-president for global communications and corporate affairs.

According to the report, Beijing refused to allow the US to open a consulate in Macau, regarding it as an American attempt to interfere in the politics of the territory…………………………

Der Gangster, der die US-Republikaner kaufte

| Frankfurt (Deutschland)

Vorwurf der Geldwäsche

Adelsons Milliarden stammen aus dem Besitz von Spielkasinos in Las Vegas und Macao, einer ehemals portugiesischen, heute zu China gehörenden Insel vor Hongkong. Es ist allgemein bekannt, dass der Hauptzweck von Spielkasinos darin besteht, für das organisierte Verbrechen große Geldsummen zu waschen. Offenbar benutzt er diese Gelder, um sowohl in Israel als auch in den USA Politiker zu kaufen, die seine rechtsgerichteten, kriegsbejahenden Pläne unterstützen.

Wie einigen Leuten bekannt ist, besteht auch die Bevölkerung der Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika nicht vollständig aus Darmausgängen. Und unsere US-amerikanischen Mitstreiter für eine gerechtere Welt sind dort drauf und dran, einen großen Sieg für eine gerechtere Welt zu erzielen.


JPEG - 24.3 kB

Die Casino Mafia des Sheldon Adelson, welche US Politiker kauft

Wer regiert Israel? Natürlich Ministerpräsident Benjamin Netanjahu. Falsch. Der wahre Regent Israels ist ein Sheldon Adelson, 81 Jahre alt, amerikanischer Jude, Kasinokönig, der als einer der zehn reichsten Männer der Welt gilt und der wenigstens 37,2 Milliarden Dollar wert ist. Aber wer zählt die schon? Neben den Kasinos in Las Vegas, Pennsylvania, Macao und Singapur besitzt er die Republikanische Partei der USA und neuerdings beide Häuser des US-Kongresses. Er besitzt auch Benjamin Netanjahu. Von Uri Avnery.

Dual loyalist AIPAC praises U.S. Senate support for Israel. Resolution sponsored by Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell, the choir leaders for Israel’s „Amen Corner“ in Congress.

Activists protesting outside an AIPAC policy conference in Washington carry signs highlighting Israel’s rights violations.
Sat Apr 26, 2014 4:40AM
By Gordon Duff
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Yesterday, federal officials took into custody the reputed partner of gambling boss Sheldon Adelson, the chief financial backer for the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) and primary financier for America’s GOP or Republican Party.

Sources at the Department of Justice say Adelson is accused of laundering $364 million dollars, much of which went into the pockets of politicians in Washington “friendly” to Israel…………..


„Points Plus“ Phantom Media Institute with anti-Serb propaganda, financed by George Soros, NED and corrupt idiots

near Zero Information over Point Plus
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23 Jul 15

Balkan Countries See Police as Corrupt, Report Says

Only around 5 per cent of people in the Western Balkans see the police as an uncorrupt force, research by five civil sector organizations shows.

Filip Avramovic


Bojan Elek and Sasa Djordjevic, BCBP researchers | Photo by Beta

New research carried out by POINTPLUS, a civil organization network, shows that more than 90 per cent of people in the Western Balkan believe their police are corrupt.

The POINTPLUS network unites BIRN Serbia, the Belgrade Center for Security Policy, the Centre for Security Studies from Sarajevo, the Institute Alternative from Podgorica and the Kosovo Centre for Security Studies in Pristina.

The research was conducted in Serbia, Bosnia, Kosovo and Montenegro. The results for Serbia were presented on July 22 in Belgrade.

While people in the region see unemployment is the number one problem, corruption took second place as a problem on the list in all the surveyed countries.

Those polled also see the police in the top five most corrupt institutions in the region, according to the data.

The research shows people in Kosovo are the most inclined in the region to see the police as corrupt, although people from Kosovo paradoxically also perceive policemen as friendly and professional.

People in the region mostly perceive the police as arrogant, unprofessional and presumptuous, and some also fear the police.

In Serbia, on a survey of 1,205 adult citizens, the report says that 19 per cent of people do not trust the police at all. Younger and more educated people in Serbia trust the police least and people over 60 and with only basic education trust the police more.

Georg Soros Anti Serbien Propaganda with „Birn“, with the Bytyci Murder Clan.

Sahit Muja, the killer Clan: Bytyci and partner of the International drug and arm Mafia


Serbia’s Broken Promises Over US Albanians’ Murders

corruption US Albanien Lobby Mafia: Harry Bajraktari, Vehbi Bajrami: Eliot Engel


in the history: KLA / UCK was a terrorist group! British military attache: British colonel John Crosland 


FBI – Interpol: over the world terrorism mafia group of US Senator Eliot Engel, with Salih Berisha, Bajraktari, Bytyci – Sahit Muja

15 years NATO Reports over the most criminal enterprise Albania: Albanian politicians have signalled a rare willingness

Shqiptarët e Amerikës “Shqipëria e dytë” (Intervistë me ideatorin e ngritjes së flamurit shqiptar në Capitol Hill)

Rudina Hoxha

Postuar më: 22 Korrik, 2015 tek Lajme Flash

Vehbi Bajrami1

Ishte ideja e Kryeredaktorit të Gazetës “Illyria” në Amerikë, Vehbi Bajrami, që jeton dhe punon në Amerikë prej 24 vitesh, të ngrinte flamurin shqiptar në Capitol Hill në nder të shkrimtarit tonë, Ismail Kadare.

Gjatë një vizite private në Shqipëri, Z. Bajrami pranoi të ndajë mendimet e tij me lexuesit e “Dita” për këtë iniciativë të tijën personale, për Shqipërinë, komunitetin shqiptar në Amerikë, për vendlindjen e tij, Kosovën dhe Maqedoninë aty ku mendon se “Vota shqiptare mund të jetë kyçe dhe përcaktuese dhe ku duhet të shfrytëzohet jo thjesht për përfitime personale e partiake, po për përparimin serioz të gjendjes së gjithë shqiptarëve në Maqedoni.”


Ju lutem, si fillim, a mund të na bëni një prezantim të shkurtër rreth jush?

Unë jam nga Lugina e Preshevës. Kam lindur në vitin 1964. Kam studjuar për letërsi dhe gjuhë shqipe në Universitetin e Prishtinës. Gjatë kohës kur isha student, kam punuar si gazetar dhe redaktor i “Bota e re”, një gazetë shumë e mirë, ku një pjesë e madhe e figurave të sotme intelektuale, që janë në moshën time apo pak më të vjetër, kanë bërë hapat e parë në gazetari aty. Në kohën kur në Kosovë mungonte liria e shprehjes së mendimit të lirë, kjo gazetë me guxim kundërshtonte në mënyrë të hapur politikën serbe ndaj Kosovës dhe si pasojë u burgosën gazetarët e saj. Meqenëse gazetat tjera në fund të viteve ’80-të të shekullit të kaluar kishin censurë të rreptë, “Bota e re” u bë e vetmja tribunë e mendimit ndryshe nga politika zyrtare e asaj kohe.

Në vitin 1990, shkova për një vizitë të shkurtër në Shtetet e Bashkuara të Amerikës. Planet nuk shkuan siç i kisha menduar. Nga një muaj që kisha parashikuar të qendroja në Neë York, ndenja 9 muaj sepse situata në Kosovë filloi të përkeqësohej. Më pas, erdha në Prishtinë për të shkuar më pas përsëri në Amerikë ku po jetoj e punoj prej 24 vitesh tashmë. Kur shkova në SHBA, pata fatin që u hap gazeta “Illyria” (viti 1991) që vazhdon të botohet edhe sot e kësaj dite. Fillova punën këtu si gazetar dhe kryeredaktor ndërsa 9 vitet e fundit jam botues i saj (pas Ekrem Bardhës dhe Harry Bajraktarit që e themeloi). Kam botuar dy libra si “Shqiptarët e Amerikës” (u mora me të për 12 vite) me një parathënie të shkruar nga Ismail Kadare, që tregon për jetën e shqiptarëve në kontinentin e ri që nga 1886 kur erdhi shqiptari i parë në Amerikë deri në 2003-2004, periudhë kur ky libër u botua. Gjithashtu, kam botuar një libër në anglisht në Ëashington, të titulluar “Vizita ime në tokën e shenjtë” që flet për vizitën time në Izrael 6 vite më parë. Përveç gazetarisë, tani merrem edhe me një biznes në fushën e ndërtimit.

Ju ishit së fundmi në një vizitë në Kosovë dhe Maqedoni bashkë me kongresistin amerikan, Eliot Engel.

Së bashku me tim bir Ronin që është student në SHBA dhe disa aktivistë shqiptaro – amerikanë, ishim pjesë e delegacionit që shoqëroi kongresistin amerikan, Eliot Engel në vizitën e tij më të fundit në Kosovë e Maqedoni. Takuam udhëheqësit më të lartë të qeverisë së Kosovës, të opozitës, takuam liderët shqiptarë dhe maqedonas në Maqedoni. Ndërkohë që ditën e fundit e kisha të lirë dhe e shfrytëzova për të bërë një vizitë private në Shqipëri ku takova shkrimtarët Ismail dhe Helan Kadare.

Nga pikëpamja juaj, si shkoi vizita e Z. Engel?

Ishte një vizitë e suksesshme. Ndodhi në një moment të rëndësishëm për Kosovën siç është debati për Gjykatën Speciale. E vërteta është se kjo vizitë ishte planifikuar 2-3 javë më parë por korrespondoi me këtë debat që po zhvillohet aktualisht në Kosovë. Z. Engel, i cili u pyet nga gazetarët e shumtë, rreth kësaj çështjeje, dha mesazhin miqësor se Gjykata Speciale, megjithëse një gjë që s’e ka dashur as ai dhe as shqiptarët, është më mirë të miratohet nga Parlamenti i Kosovës dhe të funksionojë në Kosovë, se sa të formohet nga Këshilli i Sigurimit në Kombet e Bashkuara dhe të mbikëqyret nga Rusia, Kina e të tjera vende që nuk janë miqësore ndaj Kosovës. Ky ishte mesazhi kryesor. Ndërkohë që u prekën edhe problemet e korrupsionit, ekonomisë, ekstremizmit fetar dhe papunësisë.

Dua të shtoj se kongresisti Eliot Engel për më shumë se dy dekada ka qenë një zë i fuqishëm në Kongresin Amerikan për lirinë e pavarësinë e Kosovës dhe demokratizimin e Shqipërisë. Shqiptarët nuk kanë ndonjë mik më të mirë se ai në Kongresin Amerikan.

Vizitë në Prishtinë ku po ndërtohet Ambasada Amerikane. Nga e majta: Ron Bajrami, student në New York, ambasadorja amerikane në Kosovë, Tracecy Jacobson, Kongresisti Eliot Engel, aktivisti shqiptaro - amerikan, Harry Bajraktari, Vehbi Bajrami dhe Jason Steinbaum, drejor i stafit demokrat në Komitetin e Marrdhënieve me Jashtë në Kongresin Amerikan.

Ju takuat edhe liderët maqedonas gjatë kësaj vizite.

Mesazhi im për dy udhëheqësit kryesorë shqiptarë në Maqedoni ishte se nuk janë duke punuar në të mirë të shqiptarëve. Përcolla tek ata një opinion, të cilin e kanë pak a shumë, të gjithë shqiptarët në Amerikë, se respekti i tyre është ulur për shkak se nuk po bashkëpunojnë dhe si rezultat po përfiton Gruevski. Personalisht vërejtja ime për Z. Ali Ahmeti ishte se nuk e di se pse vazhdon të jetë pjesë e qeverisë kur kjo e fundit nuk zbaton Marrëveshjen e Ohrit, nuk zbaton dygjuhësinë, monton procese e probleme të tjera si këto. Vota shqiptare mund të jetë kyçe dhe përcaktuese në Maqedoni dhe duhet të shfrytëzohet jo thjesht për përfitime personale e partiake, po për përparimin serioz të gjendjes së gjithë shqiptarëve në Maqedoni. Më mirë të jesh një opozitë e fortë se sa në një qeveri ku më shumë i shërben Gruevskit se sa nevojave të shqiptarëve që vazhdojnë të jenë të diskriminuar …

USA protects Albanians because they are faithful to them

Many Western officials in their statements about violence in Macedonia are persistently avoiding to condemn Albanian terrorism. Instead, they are talking in general about „criminal groups“, or even about „inter ethnic conflict“.

EU, USA and NATO representatives are avoiding condemning Albanian extremists despite the dramatic fact that terrorist, mostly from Kosovo, provoked a small war with state of Macedonia.



The West acted in a similar way 2001. when Macedonia almost fell apart in the wave of violence, and also when OVK and OVPBM caused problems with their terrorist acts in Serbia.


Our interlocutors stated for „Blic“ that the West acts benevolently towards Albanian terrorists. Their opinion is that this attitude is caused by multiple interests.


Bojan Dimitrijevic, historian, thinks that Albanian elite has the power and money to influence certain circles in West. He also says that Albania is the most faithful alliance of the USA in this part of Europe.


– USA could never have such partner in Serbia or Macedonia. We shouldn’t forget strong Albanian emigration, which they use as blackmail asset, that violence could happen in the West if they don’t support them on Balkan. Also, experience with KFOR shows that Albanians blackmail and pressure the West when they show tolerance toward Serbs.  Everyone knows that Albanians do whatever USA tells them to do, and because of that EU and NATO are carefully choosing words when they are talking about Albanians – says Dimitrijevic.