Die Balkan Öl Mafia: Romania: $2 Billion in Lukoil Assets Seized in Tax Probe

Lukoil and the Albanian Mafia: Roksped and the Stanaj Clan in Montenegro

Lukoil Partner:

Montenegrin Crime Figure Assasinated

Tuesday, 12 March 2013 17:42


By Bojana Jovanovic and Stevan Dojcinovic

Durres: Porto Romana: “Firma “Roksped (auch VW-Audi Vertretung)” in Durres,

Montenegrin Crime Figure Assasinated: Anton Stanaj – Partner of VW / Roksped

Romania: $2 Billion in Lukoil Assets Seized in Tax Probe

17.July 2015

According to Reuters, this comes after “Romanian prosecutors, police and customs inspectors raided the offices of Lukoil near the city of Ploiesti in an investigation into alleged tax evasion and money laundering concerning an estimated €230 million” in November 2014. Individual employees of Petrotel Lukoil S.A in Romania are also being investigated by authorities.

Assets held in British and Dutch banks were included among those seized, Romanian media reports say.

OilVoice, a trade publication, reports that Lukoil “has strongly denied accusations of money laundering and tax evasion” and “is a prompt payer to the state budget and a supplier of quality products to the Romanian consumers.” Lukoil says it will appeal the action.

CIA Agent Carl Bildt and First Anniversary of the ODESSA MASSACRE of 2 May 2014

MURDER and Terror Club: Carl Bildt


The murder swadrons of Carl Bildt

The Far Right in Ukraine During the “Euromaidan” and Beyond : University Ottava


AB fascml - Englisg translt


Carl Bildt talks about the New World Order on February 22, 1992

First Anniversary of the ODESSA MASSACRE of 2 May 2014

The massacre of over 100 workers and their families at the Odessa Trade Union Building in Odessa, perpetrated by fascist formations.

[A republication from Swedish Doctors for Human Rights “Three Reports on the Odessa Massacre of 2 May 2014

horrifying fascist Odessa masacre 2 May 2014The Odessa massacre of 2 May 2014


maidan-activists-from-fiev-sabotage-eu-parliament-hearing-on-odessa-massacreOdessa massacre hearing at EU Parliament in Brussels sabotaged by Maidan activists brought from Kiev.


carl bildt on odessa massacre -arson-attack-on-odessa-unions-building-left-over-100-dead-all-burned-corpses-of-young-women-and-men-all-anti-fascists-activistsEx Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt commented the Odessa massacre and the use of force against “pro-Russian thugs” in Ukraine



Why Arming Ukraine Extrapolates War Versus Russia

By Prof. Marcello Ferrada de Noli I Any informed person starting by President Obama, understands that a NATO escalation by means of arming Ukraine is equated with serious risk of a military response from Russia. My point being that a war-scenario of such dimension it has not been experienced since the missile crisis in Cuba…

swetv explais

Sweden’s Russophobic press & TV lobbying for war

A main feature of Swedish media could be illustrated by a saying we have in Spanish, “Ser mas papista que el Papa” (Trying to be more Pope than the Pope himself” . The term indicates a phenomenon of extreme cultural subservience, and by which an individual’s or organization’s exaggerated defence of the interests of the…

gunilla carlsson

Carl Bildt, SIDA, exposed in despicable using of humanitarian-aid money. On Sweden’s foreign policy, Ukraine, US State Dept., & THE OIL INDUSTRY INTERESTS.

The Professors’ Blog has  excerpted and translated  these extraordinary exposures in Aftonbladet by journalists Johanes Wahström and Lisa Röstlund. Texts below excerpted from the publication in Aftonbladet 20 January 201. Aftonbladet has revealed that 95 million kronor of SIDA’s humanitarian aid money since 2007 have gone to three American organizations: the National Democratic Institute, NDI,…

AB fascml - Englisg translt

Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt acussed of corruption

Editor’s Note: According to the Aftonbladet investigation, the deal between KREAB and Georgia consisted of providing international support to the Saakashvili regime. Task that Bildt, for his part, has served both as Sweden’s Foreign Minister and in his blogging and Tweeter. KREAB is a company significantly composed by, and strongly associated to, the Swedish main…

Partner der Westlichen Wertegemeinschaft: Report: Azerbaijan, 3 Others Most Corrupt Countries in Europe and Central Asia

Menschenrechte Null, Gesetze Null, Gangster Paradies, Geldwäsche ohne Ende und US – EU Partner. Jeder OSCE Beobachter erhält Kavair und ein Geschenck aufs Hotel Zimmer usw.. Gangster Paradies, bis zur TAP Gas Pipeline, in Griechenland und Albanien. Obwohl man China, Russland schwer kritisiert, ist es in Aserbeischan  100 mal schlimmer, denn Recht ist auf dem Null Stand. Die Moral der Politiker mit diesen Gangster Syndikaten ist längst verloren gegangen.
Korrupter Gangster, trifft den Lehrmeister des Betruges und der Gangster Kartelle

Herrscher Alijew (mit Bundesaußenminister Steinmeier, 2014): Sechs Milliarden Zur Großansicht

Herrscher Alijew (mit Bundesaußenminister Steinmeier, 2014): Sechs Milliarden

Albanische ID Karte des Ali Evsen!


Wenn Merkel schweigt: Menschenrechte, Demonstrationen in Aserbeidschan
Weltweit bekannt, wie die OSCE, ihre Berichte frisiert, zuletzt gegen die Russland Wahlen, oder jeden Menschenrechts Bericht!

Albanien und der Internationale “Schwarz” Waffen Ring mit Aserbeidschan 

Report: Azerbaijan, 3 Others Most Corrupt Countries in Europe and Central Asia

A new report places Azerbaijan in a four-way tie with Russia, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan as the most corrupt countries in Europe and Central Asia.

Image: PEN America: A Journal for Writers and ReadersThe annual report, released Tuesday by democracy watchdog organization Freedom House (FH), gave each of the four a score of 6.75 for corruption on a scale of one to seven- with one representing the highest level of democratic progress and seven the lowest.

The watchdog group assessed the democratic progress of 29 Eastern European and Central Asian countries in 2014 based on electoral processes, status of civil society and independent media, democratic governance, judicial systems and corruption.

Its corruption score is based on public perceptions of corruption, business interests of top officials and anticorruption laws and mechanisms.

In addition to its abysmal corruption rating, Azerbaijan received a poor overall democracy score of 6.75 on the seven-point scale, outdone only by Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan who both received the lowest scores of 6.93.

FH defines all three countries as consolidated authoritarian regimes.

Last month, Azerbaijan hosted the first ever European Games in an attempt to boost its international profile, but the event was marred by widespread reports of corruption and human rights’ violations by President Ilham Aliyev’s regime.

In its analysis, FH also mentioned imprisoned Azerbaijani OCCRP reporter, Khadija Ismayilova, “whose investigations into the Aliyev family’s finances had made her a target of informal reprisals for several years.”


Europaspiele im Verbrecher Staat der Familie: Aliyev in Aserbeischan

Lobbiysten gibt es dort auch, denn die Ratten gibt es ueberall, wo man mit Bestechungs Geld Geschaefte machen kann. Wie in Katar, gab es Bau Auftraege, technische Ausstattung fuer Deutsche Firmen und schon sind Menschenrechte, Demokratie ein Schimpfwort fuer Politiker.

Europaspiele Sinnsuche in Baku – Sport

11.06.2015 …Stunden werden viele Athleten kurz ihre Zweifel darüber vergessen, was genau sie hier eigentlich sollen, in Baku, Aserbaidschan. Alle wollen gewinnen, klar, nur mit welchem Einsatz und Risiko? Ungewiss ist bei vielen auch, welche Form sie… sueddeutsche.de

On the eve of the European Games in Baku…

Europaspiele in Baku Ein Fest für den Autokraten – Sport

09.06.2015 Der Sport bereitet erneut einem umstrittenen Regime die Bühne: In Aserbaidschan beginnen die ersten Europaspiele. Erwartet wird, dass sich in dem Land vieles ändert – zum Schlechteren. sueddeutsche.de

Europaspiele in Baku Amnesty muss draußen bleiben – Sport

10.06.2015 Die Menschenrechts-Organisation wird an der Reise nach Aserbaidschan gehindert. sueddeutsche.de

Europaspiele in Baku Schneller, höher, anrüchiger – Sport

10.06.2015 …in Form züngelnder Flammen. Aserbaidschan bietet gewaltige Amplituden, nicht…sich niemand gerissen hat außer Aserbaidschan. Im nächsten Jahr zieht der Formel-1-Zirkus nach…Kasachstan, in Usbekistan oder Aserbaidschan eine aufflammende öffentliche Debatte, ob… sueddeutsche.de

Azerbaijan’s First Family is Big in Banking

Azerbaijan hopes to dazzle the world when the first-ever European Games open on Friday, June 12, with a lavish ceremony in Baku.As journalists from across Europe descend on the oil-rich state, President Ilham Aliyev is banking on them to show the ancient city’s transformation to a 21st century playground.

As it happens, banking is something the Aliyevs know a lot about, according to documents unearthed by reporters for the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP).

A story posted today on OCCRP’s new Khadija Project website reveals that behind the scenes and through a maze of corporations, the Aliyev family controls assets worth more than US$ 3 billion in at least eight of Azerbaijan’s 45 banks, including three of the top four.

And banking is only part of their empire………………………………

Das Deutsche Politik System, wo Demokratie, Menschenrechte und Justiz nur noch Schlagworte sind, was den Absturz in eine Kopie der „Nghradeta“ dokumentiert, welche sich deshalb wohl fühlt in Deutschland.

Man kann nicht glauben, das ein Eduard Lindner einmal im Innenministerium höchste Positionen hatte.



Nachdem er bei den Wahlen 2009 nicht mehr für den Bundestag kandidierte, übernahm Lintner die Leitung als Geschäftsführer der „Gesellschaft zur Förderung der deutsch – aserbaidschanischen Beziehungen mbH“.

Eduard Lintner (2013)

Eduard Lintner ist ein deutscher Politiker. Er war von 1991 bis 1998 Parlamentarischer Staatssekretär beim Bundesminister des Innern und von 1992 bis 1998 Drogenbeauftragter der Bundesregierung. Wikipedia
Geboren: 4. November 1944 (Alter 69)
Partei: Christlich-Soziale Union in Bayern

A new ESI report – Disgraced – Azerbaijan and the end of election monitoring as we know it – examines how this happened, what it means for the future of international election monitoring in Europe and the world, and what might be done to prevent it from happening again.

Scandal in Baku – The parable of the weathermen