20 years to late: EU gives green light for exports of dairy products from BiH

EU gives green light for exports of dairy products from BiH


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Sarajevo, June 23, 2015/ Independent Balkan News Agency By Mladen Dragojlovic European Union Food and Veterinary Office (FVO) informed the Veterinary Office of BiH that all actions proposed by BiH in its Action Plan to control the production and processing of dairy products intended for export to the EU are considered satisfactory in

one more corruption business: Telekom in Albania again

http://www.amc.al/ditapovjen/images/bg_b.jpgAMC Telekom

Deutsche Telekom present in Albania with AMC

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AMC-TelekomTirana, 9 July 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

German investments become more important in Albania as the first mobile phone operator in the country, AMC (Albania Mobile Communications), part of Cosmote, has become part of it and starting from this year, it will change the name and images.

AMC’s CEO, Dimitrios Blatsios, confirms that the company will hold the name that it has held in the market for 20 years now.

Present in the “8th Economic German-Albanian Conference” panel and general director of AMC, Dimitrios Blatsios, said that the company will operate under the brand of Deutsche Telekom Group, by bringing in Albania the values that this group embodies, which are innovation, competence and simplicity.

“Now, the company will be on the market with a new image, with a different logo, name and colors. We will represent a big name, we will be under the brand of Deutsche Telekom”, Blatsios said.

Albanian PM, Edi Rama sees the arrival of the new brand as good news. He’s very enthusiastic for the introduction of the world giant in the Albanian market. Rama used this example of the development in the market of telecommunications to encourage German businesses of this level to be present in Albanian markets.

“We’re ready to welcome German investments in any domain, like the numerous fans of the German national side are looking forward to the AMC t-shirt with the purple Deutsche Telecom uniform”, Mr. Rama says.

Chancellor Angela Merkel, who was yesterday in Tirana and participated in this conference, has mentioned telecommunication as one of the sectors with most of the potential for development.

“We are present with investments, such as Tirana Airport, car industry, textile and telecommunication industry for which we discussed today”, chancellor Merkel said.

For several days, the first mobile phone operator in Albania has launched a massive campaign where the “T” logo is shown.

Marketing Division Director says that the Deutsche Telecom Group brand will be present in Albania.

“It’s the best telecommunication brand throughout the world. Being part of a European leader in telecommunication for integrated services, we will establish standards in the market with innovative products and services”, Henri Vandre says.

The new brand is expected to be presented to the public by 23 July.

AMC was founded in 1996 as a state owned company. At that time, it used to offer services for contract customers only, mainly for high government official and business people. Its signal was limited to Tirana, Durres, in the airport and surrounding areas. IN 2000, AMC was acquired by the Greek group Cosmote and soon became a very popular mobile phone company spreading throughout the country. /ibna/  http://www.balkaneu.com/deutsche-telekom-present-albania-amc/

The phone company AMC will now become Telekom Albania, after merging with the Deutsche Telekom, joining this way the “T Mobile” netwrok in which Deutsche Telekom operates.

Video: Spectacular robbery of a bank in Albania

Video: Spectacular robbery of a bank in Albania

robbery ibna

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Tirana, 9 July 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency In Albania, the robbery of banks by masked and armed people is turning more and more into a “routine”. Recently, a number of banks have been targeted by robbers, especially Greek banks. This time, the focus of the aggressors was an Albanian bank, the only one where all […]

Islamic State Coming to Balkans – Not All Immigrants are Asylum Seekers

The Albanian – American Terrorist, over all in Balcan

Islamic State Coming to Balkans (II) (Not All Immigrants are Asylum Seekers)

Nowadays one can meet young people on the streets of Serbian cities who don’t speak the language and don’t look like refugees. Physically fit, respectful and polite, they normally walk in groups of three trying not to attract attention. According to local media, the majority of immigrants settling down in Serbia are men younger than 27. Muslims account for 94% of the immigrants. 56% of refugees remaining in Serbia are single. They don’t like being photographed. Many of them are men of means, in some cases the money is sent by relatives… 

Elena GUS’KOVA | 10.07.2015

A video clip is disseminated showing an Islamic State militant asking the Muslims residing in Bosnia and Herzegovina to fill the group’s ranks in the ancient land of Islam or start a fight in Bosnia and Herzegovina. “Plant sticky bombs under cars, explode houses, poison them, kill them everywhere – let it be Bosnia, Serbia or Sanjak. You can do it and Allah will help you!”, said Ridwan Khachifi, a Kosovo Albanian known for atrocities he committed in Syria. Retired General Momir Stoyaniovic, a former high standing security service official, said in June 25-28 that Kosovo terrorists planned to commit three terrorist acts in central and southern areas of the country.

Do the Balkan states realize how dangerous it is? To some extent they do. A collegium of Ministry of Internal Affairs took place on June 28 to consider the security situation, especially the problems related to immigration. In Macedonia they reacted more effectively by adopting a law in late June that forbids refugees staying in the country for more than 72 hours. That’s why around 600 people gathered by the end of last month at the border with Greece.

The Bosnia and Herzegovina security services are implementing an $800 billion project collecting biometrics data on foreigners staying in the country. The money came from the United States (?).

Combats of different intensity take place in Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Weakened, reformed armies and police find it hard to defend the territories of their states, especially Republika Srpska which is part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. NATO or new formations of Islamists come to manage the conflict. At all events the problem will never be solved in favor of Serbia, Macedonia and even Montenegro, which is on the way to NATO membership. We believe that the conflict will spark in late August – early September…

Mazedonien: Medizinische Gutachten damit Kriminelle frei kommen = Balkan Stile

Ein paar Verhaftungen gibt es jetzt, aber Mazedonien hat wie ein früherer Bildungs Minister sagte: das Problem der Nachbar Länder, das Kriminelle sich Diplome kaufen, Professoren werden und nur aus einem Buch vorlesen könnten. functional illerate denn in Mazedonien wurden durch kriminelle Orgien der Westlichen Staaten Gemeinschaft, ebenso die bürgerliche Gesellschaft ruiniert.

Typisch der vom Westen von den  westlichen Botschafts Ganoven finanzierte vollkommen korrupte Zoran Zaev. Im Volksmund genannt: „The six horsemen of the apocalypse“ so tief ist das Ansehen von ausländischen Botschaften schon gesunken, nachdem man 2001 Partner war, von Dumm kriminellen Terroristen, US finanziert.

Zaev: I don’t Recognize Macedonian Courts
„The basic requests were layered like a baklava, you know, the usual suspects, judicial reforms, protection for whistleblowers (I assume the same protection US granted Manning and Snowden?), political dialog and similar cr*p, but the Real Request Was for the Courts Not to Release the Name of the British Ambassador as Directly Ordering the Coup“ says Nedelkovski adding „Just as Important was to Hide the Names of 4 Americans and British Terrorists Killed in Kumanovo“ The four came from the US Base in Kosovo, BondSteel.
„The US Ambassador Jess Bailey, nicknamed by Macedonian media as „Jess (Himmler) Bailey was instrumental in the failed coup attempt in Turkey where several civilians died during months old staged protests. There too the coup started with a fabricated wiretapping scandal.“ says Nedelkovski.
„Now Himmler was sent here to do the same“ adds Nedelkovski.


Prilep judges arrested in police raid
Wednesday, 08 July 2015

The Public Prosecutor’s office from Prilep informs that they have received charges from the Interior Ministry against four judges from the Prilep Court and four prison doctors from Bitola and Skopje, all charged of allowing a person sentenced to over 10 years in prison for murder to avoid serving his sentence.
The doctors and the judges are charged with preparing false medical reports about the prisoner, who was sentenced for killing a 29 year old man in 2006 over a loan.
The judges and prison doctors are charged that between 2012 and 2014 they allowed the prisoner to stop serving his sentence, ostensibly to seek treatment, and eventually to stop serving the sentence completely. The group is charged of violating the law for serving sentences.


Six new Plants will open 5,000 jobs in five Macedonian cities