Council of Europe Calls on U.S. to Let Snowden Have a Fair Trial


Council of Europe Calls on U.S. to Let Snowden Have a Fair Trial

The Council of Europe, the self-proclaimed “democratic conscience of Greater Europe,” urged the United States on Tuesday to allow NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden to return home and make the case that his actions had positive effects. The call for Snowden to be allowed a “public interest defense” — something not available to whistleblowers charged under>>

Europas einzige Aussenpolitik: überall müssen Homosexuellen Demonstrationen finanziert werden

Pädophile, Homosexuellen Kultur Verbreiter und Financier: EU Parlament, Westerwelle bis Michael Roth, man macht sich lächerlich.

Macedonia Gays Charge Govt With Homophobia

As part of Gay Pride Week in Skopje, Macedonia, gay activists are protesting in front of the government headquarters, accusing officials of ignoring homophobic violence.
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Clashes in Montenegro during gay pride march


June 28, 2015 15:18
Riot police use a water cannon to disperse LGBT rights activist before a Gay Pride Parade in central Istanbul, Turkey, June 28, 2015.(Reuters / Kemal Aslan)
Police fire water cannon & rubber bullets at gay pride Istanbul parade (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)
Turkish police fired water cannon and rubber bullets at people gathered for the annual gay pride parade in central Istanbul, Reuters reported, citing its journalists there. Images of the dispersed LGBT crowd also emerged on social media. 60

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überall identisch, wo EU und Deutsche Diplomaten sind!


Der perverste Kriegs Lügner Daniel Cohn – Bendit als Ober Pädophilen Lehrmeister im Sumpf der Grünen

IMF und Weltbank sind kriminelle Organisationen unter Kontrolle der USA

Erneut falsche Beratung durch den IMF im Balkan, was 1990 zum Bürgerkrieg führte

IWF: Eine kriminelle Organisation unter Kontrolle der USA?! #iwf #bank #usa #schulden #macht

Nachdem korrupten Desaster der Weltbank, IMF in der Welt, lädt Russland Griechenland ein, Mitglied der BRICS Staaten zuwerden

Das Versagen der EU in Bosnien, was ein Privatisierungs Opfer der Weltbank und IMF Banden ist

Zu blöde und korrupt für Alles: IMF, Die EU Aussenpolitik, EULEX und die Albaner KLA Mafia im Kosovo

Chávez geht voran: Austritt aus dem IMF und den Weltbank Institutionen

Weltbank und EBRD finanzieren die Zerstörung des Balkans, durch Mafiöse Bestechungs und Privatisierungs Zirkels

IMF, die EU „TROIKA“ Mafia ruiniert Europa und Griechenland

Der Privatisierungs Betrug des IMF, im Kosovo macht vor Nichts mehr halt

Verantwortlich bei der Weltbank: Jane Amitrage, Ehefrau von Richard Amitrage, dem Welt Drogen Gangster im Langzeit Turn des CIA und Haupt Figur auch in der Iran Contra Affäre rund um Waffen- Geldwäsche und Drogen.

Jane Armitrage

20 year partnership
Albania – World Bank: 20 Years of Working Together


Man feiert ein Erfolgs Story, wo Alles in einer Privatisierungs Kathastrophe endete.

The World Bank celebrated the 20th anniversary of its activity in Albania… Learn more >

Neue Peinlichkeit der korrupten World Bank: “Doing Business”, Albania moves 40 spots up

Privatisierungs Betrug ohne Ende, Deutsche Ministerien und Minister aktiv dabei:

Edmond Spaho: Die Weltbank hat die Verantwortung für das Energie Debakel, durch ihre falsche Beratung bei dem CEZ Desaster

US Banken sind Gangster! Alan Greenspan

Bankers Jumping Ship as Corrupt Banking at the Highest Levels Exposed……
I want to thank a good friend for an article she sent over that led me on this rabbit trail. Jill Thanks! It will boggle the minds of most of you but everyone should see it and make themselves read and understand it.
I am going to go over this piece that will leave one with a greater understanding of why so many CEO’s of banks or financial institutions are resigning. This is but one story of who knows how many that are or have gone on out there either in the past or currently. Most importantly we have to ask — where is all the money going?
This will not be a short piece but I assure you I will make it fun and very easy to understand. It is a true labyrinth in the creation of monetary instruments and shenanigans that the elite go through to make it and use it. While you may not think this is important or that you can do anything about it, understand that just us understanding what they are doing exposes the corruption and that alone will cause the end game. Soo with out further ado, I will start.
I would like you all to watch this 11 minute video. It is a man in parliment in London bringing the scheme to the attention of the chamber and asking for a delegation to be set up to look into it. It appears that 15 Trillion is in a void of non compliance and England or two of its banks are on the hook for it. He is genuinly concerned — He is the whistleblower if you will. Here is the piece but please watch the chamber fill until it starts (about two minutes) and then fast forward the thing to 17:20 where Lord Blackheath speaks and notice the attendance then and listen then for the next 11 minutes. This is important but I will talk about attendance later. I am going to ask you to read the transcript of this after you watch it. If you have the ability of two screens, you can watch and read the transcript below at the same time.
I would like you take the time to read the transcript now of that same speech verbatim. There is not trickery here but the more you digest the facts, the more it will come together. When you are done reading this, I will then go over it with my edits or notes and it will all come home.