Oliver Borg: Schrotthaufen der Internationalen im Kosovo

Bei dem Schrott Hauen der UN im Balkan, vor allem im Kosovo, hat man natürlich kein Interesse an Aufklärung, wobei es die merkwürdigsten Vorgänge um den UN Chef Ankläger, Brahimi gibt, Alexander Borg-Olivier, der Millionen für seine Kosovo Aktivitäten abkassiert, hat natürlich kein Interesse, das es einen UN Sonder Gerichts Hof gibt, wegen den Verbrechen der UCK – KLA und vor allem auch um die vielen Morde schon in 1998 und die Todesschwadronen vor allem gegen die Rugova Morde, weil Hashim Thaci, einer der Auftraggeber mit der „DRENCIA“ Gruppe war. Vollkommen unterwandert, wie übernommen ist das Büro von Alexander Borg-Olivier, bezahlt von der UNDP UN Organisation, wie es die IEP Militär Studie Kosovo 2007, festhält, wo dokumentiert ist, das alle Institutionen inklusive der NATO Stäbe von der Albaner Mafia kontrolliert und übernommen wurdne. Die OSCE, als korruptester Haufen sowieo, ebenso Alles wo EU und US Politiker das Sagen haben. Alexander Borg-Olivier, schwafelt auch nur dummes Zeug über die Privatisierungen, welche der absolute Korruptions und Bestechungs Motor ist.

Like his father, Alexander Borg Olivier is playing a key role in bringing about independence for a small nation.				 Photo: Jason Borg.

Like his father, Alexander Borg Olivier is playing a key role in bringing about independence for a small nation. Photo: Jason Borg.

As UNMIK Chief Legal Adviser for 8 years (Borg Olivier oversaw the entire legal operation of.

Borg Olivier: Special court against KLA will damage Kosovo

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Borg Olivier: Special court against KLA will damage Kosovo (Koha Ditore)

In a front-page interview, Alexander Borg Olivier, former head of the UNMIK Legal Office, says that Kosovo has no obligation to accept or to assist in the establishment of the special court for crimes allegedly committed by the Kosovo Liberation Army. Borg Olivier admits that the court is aimed exclusively against the KLA and that Kosovo institutions should not agree on its establishment, even if there is pressure from international friends. “The special court is directly and exclusively aimed against the Kosovo Liberation Army for alleged war crimes committed by Kosovars during the Kosovo conflict. Such a selective approach on war crimes that focuses only on alleged crimes committed by one side in the conflict is unprecedented,” Borg Olivier said.

Borg Olivier, who also served as advisor to Kosovo Prime Minister Hashim Thaci, said Kosovo’s judicial system should address war crimes identified in investigations by U.S. prosecutor Clint Williamson. He also said that files could be put under the supervision and responsibility of EULEX. In another interview for Tribuna, Borg Olivier said Kosovo does not have to agree on something that will damage national interests. “The United Nations Security Council can decide to establish the court even without Kosovo’s consent according to Chapter 7 of the UN Charter, but this idea lacks support and it cannot be implemented,” Borg Olivier said. – See more at: http://www.shqiptarja.com/kosova/2736/borg-olivier-special-court-against-kla-will-damage-kosovo-209679.html#sthash.XCt591Vh.dpuf……….

AKM-ja e kohës së UNMIK-ut ka katër vjet që ia ka kaluar kompetencat Agjencisë Kosovare të Privatizimit, por vazhdon të ftohet si palë ndërgjyqëse nga gjyqtarë “neutralë” ndaj statusit të Kosovës. Kjo po krijon telashe dhe pengesa procedurale, thotë Ylli Kaloshi. Ish-shefi i Zyrës Ligjore të UNMIK-ut, Borg-Oliver, fajëson Rezolutën 1244 për gjendjen. Ilmi Bajrami thotë se gjyqtarët vendas mbivotohen nga ndërkombëtarët që e duan AKM-në. UNMIK-u s’ka as kapacitete për ekzekutimin e aktgjykimeve.

UN’s Borg-Olivier, Warned for Pro-Kosovo Quotes, Is Paid Through UNDP to Advise Kosovo

Byline: Matthew Russell Lee of Inner City Press at the UN: News Analysis

UNITED NATIONS, September 3 — In Kosovo, the just-retired chief legal officer of the UN Mission, Alexander Borg-Olivier, is now being paid through the UN Development Program to be an advisor to the Kosovo government. This despite the UN’s admission Wednesday to Inner City Press that Borg-Olivier was previously warned by UNMIK for publicly bragging about his position in favor of Kosovo independence. His new position not only directly calls into question the impartiality or so-called status neutrality of the UN in Kosovo, it also appears to violate applicable UN post-employment rules.

   „Mr. Borg-Olivier earlier this year gave an interview to the Times of Malta which was considered to be inappropriate by UNMIK and the previous SRSG who brought the interview to his attention and gave him an oral warning,“ a written response provided Wednesday to Inner City Press by the Office of the Spokesperson for the Secretary-General acknowledged. It went on to say that „on 30 June Mr. Borg-Olivier retired from the UN and it is our understanding that he is currently assisting the Kosovo government on legal matters. He is no longer employed by the UN so there is no conflict of interest.“

  But the UN Secretary General’s Bulletin on „post employment restrictions“ provides

2.2 For a period of two years following separation from service, former staff members who have participated in the procurement process for the Organization before separation from service are prohibited from knowingly communicating with, or appearing before, any staff member or unit of the Organization on behalf of any third party on any particular matters that were under their official responsibility relating to the procurement process during the last three years of their service with the Organization.

  As UNMIK’s chief legal official, Borg Olivier participated in the procurement process. Under his watch, funds from the privatization of state-owned enterprises were transferred to the Kosovo government.  Now, the UN tells Inner City Press, „UNMIK is doing its outmost to secure the Kosovo Trust Agency funds until all outstanding issues including claims can be dealt with.“

Borg-Olivier, at right, as UNMIK OIC, before going to work for Kosovo (DPI/UNMIK)

  It seems clear that Borg Olivier was preparing to go work for and with the Kosovo government while still in the employ of UNMIK. This would violate Rule 2.3, which provides

2.3 While in service, staff members participating in the procurement process shall refrain from soliciting or accepting, directly or indirectly, any promise or offer of future employment from any contractor or vendor of goods or services, regardless of location, which conducts business with the Organization or seeks to do so and with whom such staff members have been personally involved in the procurement process during the previous three years of service with the Organization. Should a staff member participating in the procurement process receive a promise or offer, the staff member shall immediately report the incident to the head of office and to the Under-Secretary-General for Internal Oversight Services and recuse himself or herself from any further dealing with such contractor or vendor until instructed to do so by the head of office.

   Later on Wednesday, the plot further thickened, when UNDP Spokesman Stephane Dujarric chimed in that



Die Kosovo Befriedung, scheiterte an der Inkompetenz der Internationalen

Rückblick auf einen 10 Jahre alten Artikel, über die Inkompetenz der Deutschen, US, EU Diplomatie, welches sich heute bis in die Ukraine fortsetzt, wo nur noch Pyschopaten und Kriminelle das Sagen haben, welche keine Geschichte kennen.