121 Bergwerks Lizensen werden in Albanien widerrufen

Teilweise dienen Bergwerke dazu, als Geldwäsche Unternehmen für die Gross Drogen Mafia zuarbeiten, vor allem für den Muja Clan.

“Fiks Fare” enttarnt die Chrom Mafia der Polizei, des Zolls, der Staatsanwälte und der Hafen Direktion Durres

Die Chrom Mafia kontrolliert Bulqize und Feuer in Albanien


Top Chrom Mafia verhaftet: die Bytyci Mord Bande mit dem Sohn von Sahit Muja (Elez Muja ) und Veli Muça


Rauben, Plündern, Erpressen, Stehlen: die Übernahme des Zolls, durch die Tropoja Banditen des Ridvan Bode und Salih Berisha


Die Kultur der Idioten aus Tropoja, ist allgemein bekannt bei den Albanern, auch als Schafshirten Regierung bekannt. Ebenso die Mängel in der Ernährung, wo das Gehirn geschädigt wird. Einzige Kultur, auf Unbewaffnete zu schiessen, wie auch Dritan Berisha.

Tropoje, ist auch das Land der Phantom Chrom Bergbauten, wo die Drogen Mafia des Salih Berisha, und des US – Albanischen Milliardärs’s Sahit Muja, angebliche Chrom Bergwerke haben, welche der Geldwäsche dienen, denn auch der US Albanischen Gangster Sahit Muja kommt aus Tropoje, schreibt auch Briefe direkt an Agron Kulici, der einer der wenigen gut ausgebildeten Polizei Direkoren ist, allerdings mit einem üblen Ruf.

http://sahitmuja.wordpress.com und letter to Agron Kulici

121 mining rents revoked


121 mining rents revoked

The Ministry of Energy has revoked 121 mining licenses for the subjects that have not fulfilled their obligations towards the state.

After an audit ordered by Minister Damian Gjiknuri, it showed that 16% of the total permits do not implement the requirements and don’t complete the financial obligations.

“There are obligations for the environment and financial ones for the rent. There was a 2 million USD damage, part of which has been paid. There are 1 million USD that the subjects owe to the Albanian government”, Gjiknuri declared.

The audit process will continue for subjects that operate in the bitumen mines and copper. In parallel with this audit, the Ministry will inspect the concessionary permits of the hydropower plants and the implementation of projects in terrain.

“The concession of the law is clear. The agreements that violate the essential effects will be canceled”, Gjiknuri declared.

For cases when projects have not been implemented yet, Minister Gjiknuri declared that they will create an open race for interested investors.

“A good part of the agreements are simply on papers, by creating a black market that has no perspective, since the terms of these agreements have expired and there are no more buyers. It would be more normal for the state if these licenses would be revoked and start an open race for all interested operators”, Gjiknuri declared. http://www.top-channel.tv/english/artikull.php?id=11218

Yanukovych Ally Opens Romanian Business

Yanukovych Ally Opens Romanian Business

Wednesday, 05 March 2014 16:18
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R_IBy Matt Sarnecki

As Kiev burned last month, the upheaval didn’t stop a prominent Ukrainian businessman close to now-deposed President Victor Yanukovych from establishing a new business in Romania.

The Rise Project and bivol.bg, two Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) partners, investigated firms connected to Yanukovych’s former regime, and discovered that Rinat Ahmetov, a prominent billionaire and supporter of Yanukovych, recently opened a company in Bucharest.

Ahmetov owns numerous companies and one of Ukraine’s main football clubs, Shakhtar Donetsk. He was a major backer of the Yanukovich regime and has been seen numerous times in the company of the former president who treated him as a close friend.

The ownership structure of the newly established Romanian business is connected to companies owned by the fugitive president’s son, Oleksander Yanukovych.

AHMETOVOn Jan. 27, Ahmetov established Metinvest Carpathia SRL in Bucharest, the capital of Romania. What the company does is unknown. Ahmetov owns the Romanian company via two of the main companies in his business conglomerate: Metinvest BV Netherlands and Metinvest International SA Switzerland.

Metinvest Switzerland was run for a while by Swiss citizen Felix Blitshteyn. According to company records obtained by OCCRP, Blitshtein is now the manager of Mako Trading, a Swiss company belonging to Oleksander Yanukovich that was raided on Feb. 28 by Swiss law enforcement as part of a money-laundering investigation.

Blitshteyn’s place in Ahmetov’s Metinvest was taken by a Swiss consultant, Joseph Eric Riedweg, who is also currently associated with Blitshteyn in another Geneva-based company, Partifina SA. Partifina shares offices with Mako Trading, which is part of a business holding dealing primarily with trading coal from east Ukraine.

The Kyiv Post, an OCCRP partner, reported that Oleksandr Yanukovych is a majority shareholder of Mako, a business holding made of 16 enterprises in Ukraine, Switzerland and the Netherlands. Employing four people, the Swiss branch, Mako Trading, had $5.4 million in operating revenues in 2012.

Authorities in Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Austria announced several days ago that they would freeze assets owned by Victor Yanukovych and his family.

Metinvest: Yanoukovich Jr – Rinat Akhmetov links



Romania: Eight Top Football Officials Jailed for Corruption
The Bucharest Court of Appeal Tuesday handed down jail sentences for eight executives and management officials, who were

Serbia: Gendarmerie staff digging at Gamzigrad to steal gold


Gendarmerie staff digging at Gamzigrad to steal gold

T. M. Subota | 13. 02. 2014. – 02:00h | Foto: O. Bunic | Comments 0

Extortion, threats, illegal securing of night clubs and criminals… All of these are abuses found by the SUK (Internal Control Sector) of the Home Ministry in the investigation over illegal activities by the Nis Gendarmerie.

Bratislav Dikić

Those deals were led by Dragan Dikic, brother of former Gendarmerie commander Bratislav Dikic, and four members of anti-terror unit – Acting Commander Dejan Nikolic, Nenad Maksimovic, Predrag Mitrovic and Igor Arsic.



The list of criminal activities that the staff of Nis Gendarmerie might face criminal charges for includes eight cases of extortion, threats and illegal securing. The SUK has collected sufficient pieces of evidence for all of these illegal activities.
The first criminal activity, according to the SUK report, began in February of 2012 when Nikolic, Mitrovic and Maksimovic organized securing of night clubs in Nis, Prokuplje and Krusevac. They were hired by Dragan Dikic who used to pay them 30 to 35 Euros per night. As per Nikolic’s order, they were released from their duty and they used official jeeps going to secure night clubs.
– The most disputable is securing of the Kastelo Night Club in Prokuplje owned by Vasa Ivanovic. In October of 2013 he was arrested together with Mirko Ajkovic from Nis because of extortion against a couple from which they requested to hide drug in clothes made for export to Switzerland – a source from the Home Ministry says for the Blic.
Dragan Dikic and Nenad Maksimovic had a deal with Ivanovic. They knew that Ivanovic was involved in criminal activities and that there was drug dealing going on in the night club.
The SUK has also collected evidence that at the end of September of 2012 Commander Nikolic with nine jeeps and 30 police employees organized an exercise in Gamzigrad which was actually to mask digging for and stealing of gold. The evidence includes audio footage of Nikolic-Bratislav Dikic conversation………………..